Two behavior patterns in order to understand the global world

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2014.10-2017.2 Iwao Otsuka

table of contents

  1. Two behavior patterns in order to understand the global world
    1. The basic pattern
    2. Illustration
      1. ■ (molecular physics, chemistry) physical gas / liquid molecular motion
      2. ■ (gender psychology, sociology) masculine / feminine personality, behavior (masculinity / femininity, paternal / maternal nature)
      3. ■ (Geography, History) nomads / farmers of behavior
        1. The difference of □ Westerners and Asians of behavior
        2. □ national of the differences between the American and Japanese
      4. ■ and (the main ideology of social science) individualism, liberalism, the difference of collectivism and anti-liberalism
      5. ■ (main ideology of social science) of the advanced and the reverse manner difference
    3. Correlation between different regions
    4. Extraction of Appendix Operation 4 pattern
    5. Correspondence between the appendix operation 2 pattern and Survey Results
    6. Table of Appendix pattern G / L pattern nature Summary

The basic pattern

The same two patterns where there is, in various areas and levels, can be found in common. The same two patterns that, a variety of areas, a fundamental of world importance, (of particles or individual) behavior, applies to movement pattern. Next it is to show you, is the two patterns.

Part 1

Part 2

The basic and important pattern is, is something the manner described below.
That is, typical individual particles, when the following two conditions are met motion looks like populations, the particle group move in a characteristic pattern distinctly different from each other.

Of its conditions,
· Speed is fast / slow
does not work is the attractive force between and mutual / work

Of these, no work is attractive force between the speed is high and each other, the pattern is one that.
In addition, that work is attractive force between the speed is slow and each other, the pattern is the 2.

The two patterns are, conventional, politics, society, in the fields of history, etc., represent features and principles of human beings and society, which has been taken up repeatedly, the assertion.
The two patterns are, in particular ethnicity, and exert a large force to the elucidation of the national character difference.
This 2 pattern, here, the pattern G, you named pattern L. (The reason is that come out later, the gas Gas, watching liquid Liquid molecular motion pattern, because thought the author that it would be possible different applications .Gas (gas), Liquid (liquid) each acronym taken, it has been named. in addition, the ideology of the gas principle to going to move in the behavioral patterns of the pattern G, has been named ideology liquid principle to be going to move in the behavioral patterns of the pattern L.)

Pattern G (gas principle)

Pattern L (Liquid principle)

Individual, represents the work of the forces between particles by the arrow.

In the pattern L, individual, large mutual work of the forces between particles, each individual in the pattern G, you can see that the high degree of independence does not act so much force between particles.


The following exercise, behavior style, pattern G, will be illustrative of the pattern L.

■ (molecular physics, chemistry) physical gas / liquid molecular motion

Gas molecular motion

Liquid molecular motion

 fast and molecular motion velocity (gas molecules) / Slow (liquid molecules)
 , intermolecular force does not exist (gas molecules) / there (liquid molecules)
due to differences in,
 Pattern G = gas molecular motion
 pattern L = liquid molecular motion
will be.

■ (sensation, perception psychology) Humidity sense (dry (dry) / wet (wet) individuals)

Dry (dry) individual

Moist (wet) individual

This is the
 pattern G = dry, dry sense of
 pattern L = wet, moist feeling
gives to humans.
Its cause is in analogy with physical gas / liquid molecular motion of the gas is dry, giving a dry feeling, liquid moist, it is to provide a wet feeling to the human skin.
Be air of the same gas, increasing humidity the number is a number of molecules of water present as a gas in the air will give a wet feeling to the skin, to provide a dry sensation and reduced humidity becomes less It will be.
By the way, the number of molecules of water that can exist as a gas in the air there is a limit. As the humidity increases, water is less likely to be vaporized, molecules of water was gas in the wake of the drop in temperature will change to liquid.
Here, a dry (dry) populations, will the interacting the damp (wet) populations as follows.

(It is wet individuals dry individuals that light blue is dry, that pink is moist. Arrow represents the direction in which the force is exerted.)

Moist pattern L (wet) individuals, dry the pattern G ( and is brought into contact with the dry) individual, you can see that show a closed directional inward. Because the arrow indicating the direction in which the oriented force swings inward.

This pattern, human dry, will be directly reflected in the difference of wet personality.
 Pattern G = dry, dry personality human behavior of the
 pattern L = wet, human behavior style of moist personality
To represent the humidity difference between the human personality in a computer simulation, it is the pattern G, may be expressed in a pattern L.

■ (gender psychology, sociology) masculine / feminine personality, behavior (masculinity / femininity, paternal / maternal nature)



In the above video,
 Pattern G = masculine personality, behavior
 pattern L = feminine personality, behavior
represents the.
In this way expressed reason is risk, because it is a fundamental difference between the difference of the degree of the men and women of behavior to avoid the danger. To take the risk in desperate men, women have to avoid the risk in self protection.
 Pattern G = take the risk, more and more diffuse = masculine advances in the area of the unknown darkness
 to avoid the pattern L = risk, already hit by the light, the same narrow limited known safe area to, gathered to concentrate at all, = feminine stay without moving as it
hits in.
Here, let's focus on the arrow of each individual in the video. These arrows, shows the work of the force applied to the individual. In the pattern L = feminine behavior, each individual is, and the attentive to others each other, so that it is not expelled from the safety area, you desperately errand care. Therefore, between each other, the force has been working constantly, located in the state of tension, can not be never relax. On the other hand, in the pattern G = masculine behavior, each individual is, to act freely, independently, is between each individual, rather than be constantly force continue to work, each individual has to relax normally.
To represent the gender of male and female behavior in a computer simulation, it is the pattern G, may be expressed in a pattern L.

Paternity is a side of as the parent of the men, produced the behavior of the pattern G, to determine the child's behavior to the pattern G.
Motherhood is a side of as the parent of the women, produced the behavior of the pattern L, to determine the child's behavior to the pattern L.

■ (Geography, History) nomads / farmers of behavior



In the above video,
 Pattern G = nomadic behavior
 pattern L = behavior of farmers
we represent.
The reason why the expressed is based on the difference between the two of lifestyle.
 - the difference of the dry / wet of places of residence of the climate (dry = nomads, wet = farmers). Dry climate, suitable for pasture growth eat livestock required to nomadic life. Wet (+ high temperature) the climate, it is suitable for the growth of cultivated plants need to farming life. This environment difference of humidity surface pattern G (nomadic), has produced a difference of pattern L (farming).
 - it is a non-moving agricultural rely on plants, is to rely on a moving animal is nomadic. Farming is settled (the plant does not move Put the roots in one place), nomadic is moved (animal to move in search of pasture).
In the pattern G individual is moving at a high speed. On the other hand, individuals in the pattern L hardly move, it has settled. This difference is pattern G (nomadic), it applies to the pattern L (farming).
 · Nomadic is that the are extensive effected at low density large area, farming, high density densely done intensive narrow area.
In the pattern G, each individual has distributed at low density in a wide area. On the other hand, in the pattern L, and individual has a high density distribution in a narrow area. This difference is pattern G (nomadic), it applies to the pattern L (farming).
To represent the nomads and the difference in the behavior of farmers in a computer simulation, it is the pattern G, may be expressed in a pattern L.
An example in which try to interact with nomads and farmers are listed below. This can be regarded as a simulation of historical contested each other with, for example, China's Han Chinese and the northern nomadic tribes.

(If there is heavy strong farmers, also have attacked the nomads, not fazed)

(If there is lightly weak farmers, and nomads attack come, it will be easily scattered)

in this application,

The difference of □ Westerners and Asians of behavior

It will be represented.
Western Europe is the pastoralists, and the life that depends on both the nomadic and wheat raising farming. Although the climate is dry, not as much as the desert. On the other hand, not as wet as the East Asian monsoon. Moderately dry, and wet. Tetsuro Kazutsuji in the classification of "culture" is, you hit the ranch type. Western Europe, Arab, Jewish, Turkey, Mongolia as nomadic, instead, East Asia (oriental) about farming they do not. The intermediate type of nomadic and farming is characteristic of Western Europe (Westerners). Western Europe (Westerners), the pattern G (pure nomads), located in the middle of the pattern L (pure farmers).

- pastoralists of behavior

the West, when comparing the Orient, the West is relatively close to the pattern G, is the East is relatively close to the pattern L.
So, to represent the difference between Westerners and Asians of behavior in a computer simulation, it will be referred to as pattern G, may be expressed in a pattern L.

 · Relatively pattern G = behavior of Westerners (Western Europe)

 · Behavior of relatively pattern L = Oriental (East Asia)

It will be.
In this subset,

□ national of the differences between the American and Japanese

It will be represented. this is,

 · Relatively pattern G = American behavior

 · Relatively pattern L = Japanese behavior

It will be. Americans, pastoralists from Western Europe is the main of the country, the Japanese are rice farmers. Behavior of pastoralists is relatively close to the pattern G, since the behavior of rice farmers is close to the pattern L, Americans pattern G, the Japanese will be represented in the pattern L.
To represent the difference between the behavior of Americans and Japanese in a computer simulation, is the pattern G, may be expressed in a pattern L.
China and South Korea, Japan, both are farmers of rice or upland. Expressed this in behavior patterns, it will be common to the pattern L.
It should be noted that the move in the pattern G, more nomadic West (Western Europe, United States of America) men and women relationship between the people of the (assuming a monogamous) is, for example, will be represented as follows.

The couple may stick two people, it has been shown independently from the surrounding, like the move to independence.

On the other hand, it moves in a pattern L, more farming oriental (China, Japan) men and women relationship between the people of the (assuming a monogamous) is, for example, will be represented as follows.

It looks like stick is attracted husband to center a group of his wife.

Or more, and national resistance, movement pattern (pattern G, pattern L), which is a common parent is present, it can be regarded as a specific example.

■ and (the main ideology of social science) individualism, liberalism, the difference of collectivism and anti-liberalism

 Pattern G = individualism, liberalism style of action

 Pattern L = collectivism and anti-liberal style of action

It can be represented as.
There is freedom and independence of the individual is a pattern G, have no, is the pattern L. The opinion of the individual are respected is a pattern G, individual population precedence over, the individual is subordinate to a group is the pattern L. The private area of the individual is secured is a pattern G, of a non-secure is the pattern L.
To represent the difference between the behavior of individualism, liberalism and collectivism and anti-liberalism in a computer simulation, it is the pattern G, may be expressed in a pattern L.

■ (main ideology of social science) of the advanced and the reverse manner difference

 Pattern G = advanced behavior

 Pattern L = backward behavior style

It will be.
By jumping to move aggressively in certain regions of the unknown new risk, that obtained the new knowledge ahead is the individual of the pattern G. On the other hand, does not take the risk, forever had until now (precedent that is safe, show the tradition) remains in the area of the known light, in order to continue to stay, that becomes a catch-up in the knowledge surface, is an individual's pattern L.
That is,
Risk taking = advanced (pattern G) - do not take the risk, take the safety = reverse manner (pattern L)

Correlation between different regions

Further, for the above, in different regions, you can correlate the same pattern with each other as shown in the following table.

Compare content Pattern G (gas principle) Pattern L (Liquid principle)
temperament dry Wet
Lifestyle Nomadic, pastoral Farming (rice, ...)
Sex difference Male-dominated Female predominance
The difference between the parent Paternal Maternal
Regional differences (global) West Orient
Regional differences (details) Western Europe, the United States East Asia
(Japan, China, Korea)
Social system Liberalism Anti-liberalism
Individualism Collectivism
Innovation advanced The reverse manner

For example, already in cultural anthropology, it said in Toka Eiichiro Ishida "mother of Momotaro," "East-West Extract" and Shigerutakashi Ichikawa "Mother rights and fatherhood of cultural history",
- farming - nomadic: Women - Men: maternal - paternal
ties, describes the correspondence. Farming - nomadic, women - men, in common both, is in the riding on top of the pattern G- pattern L, from the above,
the West - the East (Western Europe - East Asia) (the United States - Japan): masculine (male-dominated ) - feminine (female superiority): pattern G- pattern L
corresponding relationship that will be derived.
Alternatively, it is said in the Hayao Kawai "maternal social Japan of pathology", etc., Western Europe - Japan: paternal - maternal: correspondence between that pattern G- pattern L is derived.

The above correspondence, the answer applications resulting from the correlation, as one example, will be mentioned as follows.
- the nature of the people of nomads dry, farmers are wet.
And women is weak in the West, strong in the East. Men, weak in the East, strong in the West.
And women are fundamentally group advocates, it is anti-liberal. Men, fundamentally individualist, is a liberal person.
Japan society, fundamentally group advocates, is a society of anti-liberalism. China is a society of the same farmers, are the same as those in Korea. Society of rice farmers is collectivism basis, is anti-liberal.

· Japanese society is feminine. Women dominate the society. A woman society.
- nomads advanced, farmers is the reverse manner.
- men advanced, women are the reverse manner.
America, Western Europe advanced, China, Japanese society is the reverse manner.

Extraction of Appendix Operation 4 pattern

In the above description, we have described focuses on two patterns, originally, by taking out the two-dimensional velocity and mutual attraction between the operation pattern of the particles,

Compare content Fast speed Slow speed
Mutual attraction between acts. Move together in the organization. Pattern of typhoon-cyclone
pattern of fireball
Liquid molecular motion pattern
= pattern L
Mutual attraction does not work. Scattered. Gaseous molecular motion pattern
= pattern G
Chimura pattern

You can extract the four types of.

That is,
· The fast speed "pattern = pattern G of the gas molecules." Move freely in the individual does not work is the attraction between each other.
- "typhoon-cyclone or a fireball of pattern," speed is fast. Work is the attraction between each other, move together in the organization.
- "Chimura pattern" speed is slow. Attraction between each other interspersed not work.
· The slow speed "pattern = pattern L of liquid molecules". Work is the attraction between each other, move together in the organization.

The text on the comparison of this, we compared removed more basic gas molecules, the pattern of the liquid molecules first.

Correspondence between the appendix operation 2 pattern and Survey Results

2 pattern of the pattern G, the pattern L is, by the survey on the Internet by the author of around February 2006, a wide range of behavior, such as the following, the directivity of the operation, we found that the described principles at the same time. For those readers, I would like you grasp the whole picture look roughly roughly.

Compare content Pattern G (gas principle) Pattern L (Liquid principle)
Molecular motion Gas molecular motion pattern Liquid molecular motion pattern
The humidity dry Wet
Brightness vs darkness bright dark
Cold vs warmth cold warm
International Comparison American Typically Japanese
Sex difference Masculine Feminine
Paternal vs maternal Paternal Maternal
Nomadic vs farming Nomadic Farming basis
Urban vs rural Urban Rural basis
Flattery Flattery not Flatter
Tiny Not cute Tiny
Compare content Pattern G (gas principle)
Pattern L (Liquid principle)
Risk vs self protection Confront danger Directed self protection, safety, to be protected
expedition I prefer to explore Do not like the exploration
Originality vs imitation Creative Mimetic
Fight vs Wago I prefer the dispute Prefer unity
Free vs regulation Prefer the freedom Prefer a regulation
Protect vs break the rules Break the rules Protect the rules
privacy There is a privacy There is no privacy
Independence vs dependent Standing on its own It is dependent
responsibility take responsbility on Copping out
Open vs closed, exclusive Open Closed, exclusive
Active vs passive Active Passive
Mobility There is a mobility There is no mobility
Autonomy There is autonomy There is no autonomy
Merit (to emphasize the individual's ability) It is a meritocracy basis Not a meritocracy basis
Disparities acceptable vs side-by-side To tolerate disparities Prefer a side-by-side
Individual Individual It is not unique

For the above, the questionnaire results analysis data, and the like more information, refer to the different books of the author.

Others, from these operations pattern, the trend of the following visual you derivable.

(Pattern G / pattern L)
, separated from each other-oriented / mutual integrated-oriented
and independent, self-oriented / interdependence-oriented
, individualism / collectivism
, discrete-oriented / concentration-oriented
, liberal / mutual regulation-oriented
(and so on)
for more information, this document of Appendix, see the table of the following patterns G / L pattern nature together.

Table of Appendix pattern G / L pattern nature Summary

[Pattern L ]

Pattern G]

Liquid (liquid)

Gas (gas)

[Molecular motion type]
Liquid molecular motion Gas molecular motion
[Particles, the movement of the individual general]
kinetic energy, activity, speed
Kinetic energy is small. Not exercise. Inactive, is a non-active.
The kinetic energy is large. It is a movement manner. Active, it is active.
It is slow. It is slow.
It is a high-speed. fast.
Stop, pause, to stagnation. Settled, to fix. Do not move.
Activities to. Moving.
Scale is small move. Repeat a small vibration.
Scale is large to move.
Movement is weak. Movement is strong.
attraction, intermolecular forces
Attraction works. Attract each other.
Attraction does not work.
( Intermolecular force acts ) ( Intermolecular force does not work )
It is a constant volume. Expanding. Expanding.
Stick. Approaches.
Away from the Sararito. Away.
Continuous. Lead. Adhesions to.

( The relationship ) is cut.
Stick. Adhesive to.
Peel off.
Clinging. Become emotionally attached.
break up.
get together. Density is high.
Fall. Density is low.
Integrally-fusion of. It becomes one. Settled.
It is falling apart. They are independent of each other. Divided.

It is the same. Wrong. Walk another Applications.
Interval, gap, a small free. Interval, gap, a large free.
[Human beings, organisms of personality, behavior] ( Personal, individual level - social, organization, company level )
action speed
Slow speed high speed
static dynamic
passive active
Passive Active, behavioral
Of energy
Inefficient, high-cost Efficient, low-cost
Reception, receptor-oriented Transmission-oriented
Introduction, import-oriented Foreign conduction-missionary, export-oriented
(Opponent a) dissolving, digestion, absorption, taking in Put out, exhibitors, and output
(The opponent) swallow, including
Passive, instruction waiting, the other leaving to others, rely on external pressure, streamed basis
do not move from their own )
Voluntary, spontaneous (moving proceeds from yourself)
Dependent Subjective
Postponed manner
decision, to avoid the decision )
Decision, the decision
Elective Flexibly
Weak self-assertion, modest Strong self-assertion, strong push
(Projectiles) receive, cushion, and a buffer, relieve absorb the shock Fire, rushes, impact
It is something Do something
Eroded, are fucked Attacks, commit
The victim strong victim consciousness ( paranoid )
The perpetrators
Stop movement
Stop, sluggish Liquidity, fluctuating, flow-oriented
Immobility, fixed ( settled ) , indigenous-oriented Movement, diffusion-oriented
Nenashigusa )
Attachment to the land Indifferent to the land
weight lightweight
It descends, to subsidence To rise, fly
Earth ( downward direction ) directed to the
mother goddess faith )
Sky ( upward ) directed to the
faith the heaven of God the Father )
It sets up massive, sitting (such as liver), unfazed Blow off
( Over the weight ) crush, press ( Shoot skipping in space)
save, protect destruction, attack
Preservation, conservation, the compliance manner, if social
protect the rules )
Destruction, violation, the antisocial
Defensive, defensive
defensive, receiving )
Aggressive, challenging
of the attack )
Maintain the status quo, the conservative, the maintenance of order Transformational, reform, the (Current Status and order destruction) the establishment of a new order
Deduction principle
to emphasize the negative aspects of things )
Additional principle
to emphasize the positive aspects of things )
negative )
positive )
Passive positive
Failure, it does not allow the error Failed, allowing the error
micro macro
Micro Macro
Topical, local A global, global
Scale small
and small )
Of scale large
wide )
Fine-grained Rough, coarse
Delicate, timid bold
Little by little, progressive (small improvement)
pregnant nimble
A pregnant, the thing retention A nimble, does not have the thing
A cumulative, stock-oriented
Knowledgeable-oriented, multi-of the importance of the amount of knowledge memorization ability emphasis
You can do anything, the generalist, the all-round ( Good thing to ) specialized, specialists, to sift
action direction
Approaches Leave
Shorten the distance Widen the distance
constant volume volume expansion
It does not diffuse. Not expand. To maintain the status quo the size of the existing area. The surface area to a minimum (surface tension works).

Spread. Expanding. spread.
Settled. Unity to. Discrete apart.
Missionary to. Spread. To the epidemic.
Is a local. It is limited. narrow.
Is a global (spread significantly to the world). It is without limit. Is the wide (spread widely around the world.)
It is local. Is a regional limited. Is a universal (spread far and wide around the world).
(The expansion) to suppress. Expanding.
The one side around colonize of their own.
Group alone
Population principle
population, prefer collective action )
personal, like a single action )
Dense, aggregation ( high density ) , concentration Dispersion, spreading ( low density ) , discrete
Of stuffing, crammed of Margin, with the comfort
A narrow distribution Wide distribution
Centralized center oriented (distinguish between the central and local, to differentiate) Decentralization universal oriented (there is no distinction between central and local)
Pole Multipolar
Mainstream, majority ( major ) oriented Respect for minority
Authoritarian Anti-authority
Expanded into different fields, to interact
affiliation, solidarity free
Importance of belonging-attribution
emphasis with roots, independent, free of repellent )
Free-oriented, belongs neglect (migratory birds, Nenashigusa)
Importance of petting
Solidarity, connection, emphasizes the link Cutting manner
Relationship, connection ( nepotism, factions ) oriented
essentially view of the relationship )
Unrelated oriented
means view of the relationship, tools vision )
To unite Fall to pieces
Others, Human manned-oriented Unmanned oriented
Communication, conversation, dialogue-oriented Communication, conversation, disruption of dialogue
Net, network-oriented Atom-oriented
Importance of dignity
limit free
Regulations and restrictions, management and control principles
limit, prefer a binding )
Freedom principle
I prefer the freedom )
To check, pull the foot
It stops in-determined within the framework Protrude a-determined frame, break
Non-competitive escalator basis (simultaneous rise in synchronization simultaneous subscribers)
Competitive (Advanced Placement, overtaking, acceptance of falling off)
Meritocracy basis
emphasis on individuals with ability in Toka personnel, show off the individual's ability )
Sharing of the results
outcomes of individuals and those of everyone )
focused on individuals who produce results, show off the results of the individual )
Synchronization and side by side, equally oriented (homogeneous, uniformly oriented)
Acceptance of difference
Market fundamentalism
Money, profit supremacist
truncation of the subject does not produce a profit )
Law of the jungle
truncation of vulnerable groups that can not be self-sustaining )
homogeneous heterogeneous
Common, same Of non-common, different
Uniform Respect for diversity
( Psychological ) position proximity of, assimilation ( Psychological ) isolation of position
Homogeneous Of heterogeneous, a disjointed
Force of homogenization
conspicuous person, pull the out-person of the foot, hitting the leaves pile )
To tolerate the presence of out-person
Depersonalized and not strangely inconspicuous Individual
Ordinary, general Unusual, special
Buried to the surroundings Remarkable
Of all together, together
Do you like uniforms
dropping the opponent to yourself the same level / catch up to the other party )
dependent, dependent independent, Domination
Dependent Independent
Dependent manner Self-sustaining
Our own
Other leaving to others, ( of others ) instruction waiting Self-judgmental
Listen to the obedient, to say Rebellious, do not listen to what you say, challenging
( The opponent ) is threatened. ( Opponent ) to intimidate.
Poor ( freshly ) appear to. Humility, humble ( incompetent, pretending to be helpless, reassure the opponent )

Good ( Wow is ) out to. make an appeal.
( Possessions) is exploitation dash. (Possessions) exploitation, to take. Vulture.
Is attacked, blamed (received). (Masochism)
Attack, blame (attack). (sadism)
Fucked. commit.
self-protection, safety Escort
Self-protection, the unadventurous (priority is given to protect themselves)

Shield, Escort basis (outside of someone shield, become protective wall, priority is given to protect the others than his own life) desperate of

Someone is guarded, helped and protected (be protected from one another) of the convoy scheme Self-defense, self-help
safety, priority is given to the peace of mind in the first place. To avoid the danger. )
to tolerate the risk. Danger to aggressively confront. )
To avoid failure To tolerate a failure
Safe, directing the no serious errors Oriented to take the risk
Convoy manner
( Safe, not attacked by a foreign enemy) inside, the back-oriented (Facing the enemies) outer surface exposed, representative directional
anti-privacy privacy respected
Of the anti-privacy ( lack of personal space ) Ensuring privacy
securing of personal space )
I prefer a large room (like to being together of the room and everyone)
Prefer a private room (like to have a separate room alone)
The line of sight of the others (to feel you are seen) anxious, embarrassed and feel. It is sensitive to the line of sight.
I do not care about the line of sight of others.
Reputation of others, is sensitive to the evaluation. It is going to be look good to others. Looks, makeup, care to clothing despatch. Tension the appearance. About to be liked by others. Flatter. About to be praised by others. Traveling in the direction to be praised by others.

Without worrying about the others, go my way (own courses, which I think should they advance).
integrated and interdisciplinary separation
Integrated and interdisciplinary-oriented Separation-oriented
Inclusion, inclusion, embrace being in a "bag"
External release, Tsukihanashi
Acceptance, receptive Truncation
Favor. agree. Oppose. to object. Recite the objection.
Yearns, keep up with
To try to ingratiate, flatter
Become emotionally attached, into the bosom, of nostalgia
Fawn on
rebellion that is unacceptable to have to root )
To forgive, forgive Not pardon, does not allow
Subjective objective
Cooperative, sympathetic Ambulatory basis
one person go my Applications )
Collusion of
To coalesce
Fashion, trend-oriented
sensitive to the epidemic around, to follow )
Responsibility is distributed, diffuse. Responsibility can be avoided. Responsibility can be passed on. ( Since all of the act, anyone of any blame, specific difficulties. )

It is take responsibility. Responsibility unavoidable. Passing the buck are not allowed. ( Since the unilateral act, anyone of any blame, found a pin point, can be specified. )

Joint and several liability Personal responsibility
Unclear purpose, the goal, in the traveling direction A clear purpose, goals, direction of travel
heteronomous autonomous
Heteronomously Autonomously
Affected by the ambient, easy to shed Not affected by the ambient, hard to shed
Infection, contagious
unity, match dispute, differences
Wago-oriented Conflict-oriented
Settlement-oriented Litigation-oriented
Peace-oriented War-oriented
Harmonization and Kyowa-oriented Disharmony, dissonance, noise-oriented
Match-oriented The difference-oriented
unanimous Majority rule, acceptance of falling out
All at once-oriented
Corrective, friendly manner
Attentive )
Dogmatic, straightforward
not attentive )
Prior consultation, decision-directed
bid-rigging, consensus-building )
Real-time ( in-situ ) decision directed
Act according to the script of pre-prepared Resourceful in action
ambiguity clarity
Ambiguity-oriented Clarity-oriented
Prefer an indirect representation Prefer a direct representation
impressed cool-headedness
Emotional, emotional, be impressed No emotion, apathy of
Irrational, not divisible Rational, logical, divisible
Of humanism, caring, loving, merciful A cool-headed, brutal, I do not think a person a person
narrow wide
The narrow territory of each individual A wide territory of each individual
Field of view, the field of view is narrow Field of view, the field of view is wide
Contact manner, stuffing principle Gap, free, acceptable margin
closure open
Closed Open
there is no gap, the light does not enter )
light plugged, there is a gap to enter )
Distinguish between inside and outside
the presence of surface tension )
It does not distinguish between the inside and outside
Denial of the inner ring entry
at first glance, Mr. outsiders refuse )
There is no concept of the inner ring
Foreign covert, secret (inward)
Foreign exposure, the exposure, expressed (outward)
Inward (inner ring) limited, local, local-oriented Global, universal-oriented
Escape impossible
enter once the inner, not omission to belong, do not go out. Is a traitor to handle and to escape. )
imitation originality
Prefer imitative, imitate, the copying Stick creative, to the original
Number two-oriented
it is sufficient to use the first player of experience, it is easier )
Initially, the first player, top-oriented
a hard time because the first time a )
Guinea pigs, become the bench
To use the precedent has already been able to, proceed along the precedent Make himself a precedent, make developing the reverse advances
Protect the established theory. Break the established theory. Violation of the established theory. Overturn. Breakthrough
behavior speed × action direction
Slow × approaches Fast × away
existing unknown
Existing residence to a known area Uncivilized, foray into the unknown area
exploratory )
Directed to the area of light
already light is striking, look what is, directing someone there area )
Directed to the area of darkness
dark and invisible, the region that does not know what is waiting oriented )
Precedent, emphasis on tradition
Importance of senior junior relationship
existing experienced it is higher )
( Through the existing correct knowledge )
experts, scholars oriented
( Xintiandi ) develop, research ( discovery and invention ) oriented
not only be known in advance )
Real-time ( in-situ ) found oriented
in each case to be found )
reverse manner advanced
The reverse manner advanced
Pre-modern, modern Overcoming (Western Europe) modern
Feminine Masculine
Maternal Paternal
Matriarchal Patriarchal, patriarchy

Farmers basis
live in plant cultivation )

Nomadic-pastoralists basis
live animal breeding )

(Japanese, China, the South Korea, the Southeast Asia, the Russian manner) (Western Europe, Northern Europe, the North America, the Arab, the Mongolia basis )
not move )
moving )
Rural basis Urban
Oriental Western
not divisible, easily moved to tears, of kindness )
divide, bland, was lacking in fun )

[Nature of the material (color, pitch, etc.)]
Wet ( wet, wet ) , the sticky, wet Drying ( dry ) , dry
Approached, clung Distant
Heavy, low, descending, lower precipitation, ground-oriented Light, high rise, the upper float, sky-oriented
Thick, high-density Thin, pale, low density, easily
Continuity Separation, cutting, disruption, intermittent
analog digital
Slow, slow Fast, high-speed
dark bright
(In the humidification of the air in winter) warm (In summer removal of air in humidity) cool
Round, dull, sweet Pointed, sharp, spicy
Soft, deformed, catch Hard, not deformed, bounce back
Of the curve, curved Of the straight line, straight
Organic matter, the biological
clothing, food, wood ... )

Inorganic, physical
machinery, equipment, gear, concrete ... )