Plant thinking , animal thinking
- farmers Constitution and pastoralists Constitution -

Iwao Otsuka

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Plant thinking, animal thinking - farmers Constitution and pastoralists Constitution -
Comparison of the two
Comparison of the plant thinking and animal thinking
Pastoralists Constitution and farmers Constitution
It should be noted in the agricultural civil society understanding
Applications to be taken by the farmers
Farmers society, computer simulation of pastoralists society

Comparison of the two

Is a farming people is to live mainly cultivates the plant, is a nomadic, pastoral people is to live mainly in breeding animals.

Farming the people, Japan, East Asia, a nation such as Russia, pastoralists, Western, Arab, Jewish, is a nation such as Mongolia.

The Japanese, the main rice cultivation, belongs to a lineage of farmers, on the other hand, Europeans and Americans, but also farming, such as to some extent wheat cultivation, the point is often a scene to life in the pasture moves with the livestock , it belongs to a lineage closer to the nomadic-pastoralists.

In the following text, it explained that these two have contrasting social character, thinking of those of each of the people, the behavior, "plant thinking = farmers way of thinking," "animal thinking = it is proposed that is referred to as a nomadic-pastoralist way of thinking ". Alternatively, the "plants, animals specific values, framework, behavior" may be referred to as such.

Comparison of the plant thinking and animal thinking

Farmers is, while you are alive and growing plants, the thinking, behavior style, has become to those gradually according to the characteristics of the plant. On the other hand, nomadic, pastoralists, animal, while you are living and breeding livestock, the thinking, behavior style, has become to those gradually according to the animal's characteristics.

The difference of the two, was summarized in the following table.

Plant thinking (farmers) Animal thinking (nomadic-pastoralist)


Location, location aspects (Place, Position)


Fixing settled emphasis
rooted, to fixing, it is immobile, to emphasize that the omission or not or turn.
Considered desirable that the fixing motionless as rooted in one place.
The Toka company organization, Once in one of the company, does not move as it is, I think that it is desirable to have all the way without missing. Respect for lifetime employment at one of the company organization. Change jobs, the person who the Tensha, drop-outs, are alienated as Nenashigusa.
Once rooted one, where there is only spend a lifetime, not be undone life.

Movement emphasis
not like the remains, which were stopped in one place, think of to move around place to place and it is natural.
Given the across multiple company organization Tensha, a natural thing to change jobs.
At any time, from anywhere, you can challenge to move to the new world, start over the life.


Accumulation emphasis
settled in one place, property, stock of goods or the like is the good that the accumulation of a lot. It does not move, there is no need to carry stock.

Non-accumulation emphasis
and save up a lot of supplies, etc., because it is inconvenient to move, has only the minimum required property and tools, and the other as much as possible do not have, to not accumulate good with.


Weight importance
to massive heavy, not fly in a little of the wind, do not move, it does not come out, like to not fall. Earth to massive prefer to take root.

Lightness, mobility emphasis on
light and, here and there easily Tobimawareru, like to be move around. Rich in mobility.


A career-oriented
from the bud as new shoots in the same one place, who has continued to grow much think originally and should occupy its place. The way, overcoming various hardships to be missing so, to emphasize that it has been hard to not missing.
The Toka company organization, I joined as a newcomer to the organization, those who are continuing to work all the way is, should take the initiative in the company organization, and undesirable the organization dominated by a person that has been abruptly move in from another place to. A career is to become the president think that it is most natural.

Tolerance of the middle move in
the person who is to occupy a certain place, in particular, think even without the person who continued to have previously in place, and does not matter at all be a person who came from recently elsewhere.
The Toka company organization, consider that there is no particular problem for the organization governed by a person that has been abruptly move in from elsewhere.


Passive directional
order not move while stopped on the spot one position, with respect to environmental changes, it is impossible to escape move is passive one. With respect to environmental changes, unilaterally or patience, become the masochism way of thinking.

since it is possible to move around here and there, with respect to environmental changes, run away moving, can be or attack and conversely, the active.


Commitment to location and fields that are now
remain stopped in the place where had until now, does not move (not move).
Never to the new field will move proceeds from their own.

Expansion into new areas
does not stop where you are right now, going more and more jump out to new areas that has not been carried out until now.


Suppleness, emphasis on robustness
order to not break when you hit the wind and rain, respect suppleness and such as willow, the thickness of the stem, the robustness.

Quickness of importance
only of quickness outrun from the hit come predators, respect for mobility.


Earth, land, horizontal-oriented
to direct the earth, and the downward direction. Directing horizontally without departing from the earth. Stick to land.

Sky, vertical-oriented
, such as sky, directed direction, the vertical upward direction away from the earth. Do not cling to one of the land.


The narrowness of the field of view
stopped much one place, here and there does not move, because there is no possible to experience a variety of places, narrow the field of view of the experience of things.

Breadth of the field of view, Is the global
moving here and there, in order to experience a variety of places, the field of view of the experience of things is wide. We have a global perspective.


Traveling direction, ambiguity of the target
for that usually, not move all the way stopped in one place, which is a weak point is to determine whether it advanced toward which direction the future. Is no sense of direction.

Traveling direction, clarity of objectives
usually, because you are always moving, or may be advanced from now toward in either direction, it is good at clearly determined. They are skilled in the sense of direction.


Time aspects (Time)


enough to take a year, useful accumulation of many, become a big tree, considered to be a fine. By the number of times it was around the year, when you Hakaro the value of such trees and people. Respected as an old person, it is great. Old man domination tends to occur.

reproductive ability, have the ability to move, respect a certain young individuals. An old person, Toka not filled the children, as will wearing foot hand movement Toka, is alienated.


Elders overtaking prohibition of juvenile
individuals took a year, than individuals not taking the year, there is a useful accumulation, always to great at the top. Certain qualifications (Japan of Career Toka national civil servants) juvenile (junior) is, the elders of the same qualification (senior) so that does not occur to overtake at Toka promotion.

Elders overtaking acceptance of juvenile
individuals took a year is considered that it is not necessarily useful than an individual who is not taking the year. Juveniles of certain qualifications (junior) is a commonplace that the overtake elders of the same qualification (senior) at Toka promotion.


Regular routine repeated
every year, season, according to the clock, exactly the same thing (budding, flowering, etc.) regularly repeated.
In farming (rice planting Toka), exactly the same routine tasks, (with Toka per seedling) in a continuous, repeated and repeated time and again.
The concept of things, and those addicted to type. Less likely to be able to change the pattern of thinking in response to rapid changes in ambient.

Occasional irregular non repetitive
animals (livestock) breeding, grazing, in comparison with the plants, regularity of treatment, fixed resistance, low degree of repetition.
The concept of things, unconventional, be something that worked as flexible. In response to abrupt changes in ambient, it can change the pattern of readily occur.


Precedent, emphasis on tradition
to continue are in much the same place, values that were in effect until now, precedent, tradition, tradition is effective continued, emphasizing their continuation. To devise new ideas from their own, lack of creativity. The concept is a conservative, it tends to be the reverse manner.

Originality of emphasis
in search of new pasture, etc., to move to a new location, in each case, it is necessary to cope with the new situation, it is necessary to create new ideas. Honor produce a never been thinking up to now from the new state nothing. Precedent, to challenge the conventions. You can have a progressive, forward thinking.


Long-term thinking
for stopping the persistent over time in one place, the concept of object, the span is long term.

Short term thinking
for stopping only a short time in one place, the concept of object, the span is short term.


Commitment to sync
every year, all at once or bud at the same timing, or bloom, or planted, respect the synchronicity.
A newcomer to enter the organization at the same timing. Or bud in the organization at the same time, to each other enters or of multiple person, to try to deal equally with no gap.

Sparseness of synchronization consciousness
not so much all at once timing to take action, not particular about too much in synchrony.


Other (etc)


Wet, fluidly
close together, like to fixing in one place.

Dry, gas manner
away from each other, like to move around.


Hahaken specific
woman, motherhood is strong.
Faith in Mother of God of the earth.

man, fatherhood is strong.
Faith in heaven of God the Father.


Animal killing contraindications
hate to kill the animals such as livestock. Unfamiliar.

Animal killing acceptance
are accustomed to killing the animals such as livestock. It is okay.


Regional = Japan, East Asia (China, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia ...), Russia, etc.

Region = Western, Arab, Turkish, Jewish, Mongolia, etc.

Pastoralists Constitution and farmers Constitution

The following description, the farmers Constitution, the purpose is to stipulate the pastoralists constitution as a comparison.
Farmers society Constitution exists as a common master, Japan village society Constitution as the one type is present implicitly.
Exist as pastoralists society Constitution common master, Western Europe as the one type, there is the Constitution of the North American country.

Constitution, the norms of the United States pastoralists, can be analyzed as one of the examples what happened and forcibly pressed against the top of Japan's farmers norms. In Japan, the Japanese Constitution, but the United States of superficial to the majesty it was accepted and willingly is an upper super you, a powerful woman, motherhood of resistance, is almost watered down, Naijitsu of Japanese society, previously It has been kept at the village society from.
Japanese Constitution, which was introduced in Japan in the United States-led, can be regarded as one type of pastoralists Constitution.

Now the Constitution of Japan of Japan is just a decoration, the Japanese village society law, the Japanese village society Constitution, which is true of the Constitution of the Japanese society. It is also a woman society Constitution. Which is one type of law of rice farmers society, which spread to the law = world of Japanese village society.
Case of the Constitution of Japan = pastoralists manner the Constitution of the United States-led, Japanese village society law, the rule as a case study of farmers specific constitutional, pastoralists manner Constitution from there, it is possible to stipulate the farmers manner Constitution .
On the other hand, in Japan, as part of obedience to the Super your top of the United States, the Constitution of the provisions of non-aggression, it is happening even deified.

East Asia, socialism of Southeast Asia and Russia, also norms of the farmers of the communist state, it should be noted that is the introduction from the top of the pastoralists norms of Marxism of Western origin. Socialism, ideology of communism is only apparent, reality is the Constitution of the farmers, it has become a Constitution of woman society.
Farmers specifically Constitution, nowhere initially become ready-made of pastoralists manner Constitution. For farmers is feminine, do not make so by yourself does not adventure too Constitution created Toka risky, easier to perform the internal concealment of social circumstances, to take advantage of the pastoralists specific constitution as the face of the table, not in fact been documented farming work with people specifically Constitution.
In the following are summarized in the global bullet format. North pastoralists are explicitly corresponding farmers specifically constitution with clearly per provisions of pastoralists aspects of establishing the Constitution. It is derived the farmers specific constitutional and pastoralists manner Constitution from there.
Relevant man society Constitution and woman society Constitution, it is possible to put together to go back to the sperm egg difference.

Pastoralists Constitution and the root of the difference of farmers Constitution is the presence or absence of the concept of "you up". "All up" is, by the unified power of a single, national for the population overall dominated the nation is put on a voluntary basis, their is an honorific title that indicates the intention is obedient to you, where is substantially one-party rule, Taisei Yokusan, one-party dictatorship is performed. This concept of "your top", while seen strongly to farmers Constitution, is sparse in the pastoralists Constitution. The behind it, is considered that there is a sex difference in the thinking of men and women with respect to power.

The strong, birth to freedom independence was the wish want masculine psychology pastoralists manner Constitution from the authorities, the strong man, attracted to the authorities, waving, honor, integrated the wish was want feminine psychology to follow in the It has given rise to farmers specifically Constitution. "All up" is produced by these women psychological, they are surviving.

"Super your top" is positioned to further the top of the domestic supreme power's population = "you on", in salutation to give the feminine farmers society against international powers force with a large influence from outside the country is there. Toka the United States to militarily effective control of Japan is illustrative.

In the following, farmers Constitution and pastoralists Constitution explaining that fundamentally different. Behind them, showing woman society Constitution, maternal Constitution and man society Constitution, that there is a difference of paternal Constitution.

Pastoralists Constitution Farmers Constitution
1. Global type classification
1-1 Or animal thinking or plant thinking Constitution of animal thinking (the Constitution is that people move around here and there was consistent with the social system of the premise. Corresponds to the dynamic sperm.) Constitution of the plant thinking (the Constitution that does not move settled in people is one place was consistent with the social system of the premise. Corresponds to the static egg.)
1-2 Or herding or farming Pastoralists Constitution (Constitution suitable for life of the alternate grazing of wheat raising and livestock) Farmers Constitution (rice farming, the Constitution that is suitable for life of upland farming)
1-3 Either masculine or feminine Man society Constitution (individual behavior priority, does not avoid the responsibility, take risks, progressive people in suitable Constitution. Kinds of forces extension direction of the corresponding to the owner of the sperm.) Woman society Constitution (collective action priority, responsibility dispersion avoidance, defensiveness first in risk aversion, it corresponds to the owner of the ovum of delay specific people constitution suitable for. Kinds of power-conserving direction.)
1-4 Whether paternal or maternal Paternal Constitution (acceptance of interpersonal relationship of separation and personal freedom) Maternal Constitution (priority of adhesion and mutual integrity of interpersonal relationships)
1-5 Or gas basis or liquid manner Gas molecular motion type of Constitution Constitution of liquid molecular motion type
2. Geographical distribution
2-1 Distribution areas of the world Western Europe, North America, etc. (Western) East Asia, Southeast Asia, Russia, etc. (Oriental)
2-2 Examples of distribution countries in the world Western European Constitution, the Constitution of the United States, (established under military domination of the United States, it has been operational) Constitution of Japan and South Korea Constitution China Constitution, Vietnam Constitution, the Japanese village society law, the traditional Korean society law, North Korea Constitution, the Russian Constitution
3. Nature of power
3-1 Ruling party number Two party - multi-party rule Substantially one-party rule, Taisei Yokusan, (dominated by a single unified authorities group = "you up") one-party dictatorship
3-2 Attitude to the people of those in power group The strong, the power's population infringe the freedom of their own, there insidious become an enemy for me. Authorities population monitoring so as not to be free, criticism, to stipulate the division of the social function of those in power group by law.
The strong, freedom independence was the wish want masculine psychology from the authorities is a prototype.
"All up" (the strong, those in power the population), without deviation in white, a warm presence, full of fair and compassionate. People are attracted to the "you up", waving, flattery, the ally of "our above", psychologically dependent on the "you up", trust, to leave it all in "you up". In other words, their entrust the decision to "your top" is determined avoiding responsibility, the judgment responsibility passed to the "you up". Pandering to the "you up", the deification of "you up".
And "your top" become dictatorship of the employees = officials.
Strong man, fluttering attracted to authorities, feminine psychology that wants to give birth to the child is a prototype.
4. Social control and order
4-1 Way of social control Liberalism (the degree of social control is small. The degree to which freely leave the individual is large.)
(Constitution of Japan Article 31)
Control principle (the degree of social control is large. The degree to which the freedom to let the individual is small.)
4-2 The priority of the public order Priority is given to the freedom of the individual from public order.
(Constitution Article 31)
Give priority to public order than individual freedom.
5. Way of discussion
5-1 Open degree of policy discussion I prefer an open discussion in the Houses
(Constitution Article 57)
Prefer to negotiate with the real intention by the secrecy in private places without saying only supposedly in public places
5-2 The degree of the majority introduction Majority rule (allow a falling out)
(Constitution Article 59)
Unanimous (avoidance of harmony-oriented and falling out. Assembly hall absence of hostile forces.)
6. Legislators and the rule of law
6-1 Who is the true legislator Select the members in the election, lawmakers will determine the legislation.
(Constitution Article 41)
Elections and lawmakers decoration. Diet lawmakers only read the document, which was written by officials of "you up". Substantial legislative, administrative is performed by the officials of "you up". Senator interest adjustment is the main.
6-2 The extent of the rule of law Rule of law (action of the country is in accordance with the law is compliant. Has been documented law.)
(Constitution of Japan 98 Article) 
Arbitrariness principle, people Osamu principle (rule of law is supposedly the only tailored to the Western powers of "Super your top." Laws and regulations, "you up" (the strong, those in power) and the officials arbitrarily flexibility to appropriately decide.)
7. Freedom and human rights of the individual
7-1 Respect for basic human rights To respect as permanent rights that can not affect the fundamental human rights of the people.
(Constitution Article 11)
Human rights of people, is recognized to the extent that people's behavior is consistent with the order of belonging population. It is in otherwise belong population expulsion treatment, is directly linked to the life and death of people ready to not get put in a population.
7-2 Freedom of the individual, the degree of human rights granted It gives you the freedom and human rights to individuals. Free behavior, individual behavior is observed.
Personal freedom, masculine psychology who prefer self-reliance is a prototype.
(Constitution Article 13)
Individuals of the population belonging and mutual integration is an assumption. Only simultaneous action of all, collective action is the main. Individual behavior is contraindicated. Of individual freedom, human rights is recognized only within a range that does not disturb the collective action.
Feminine psychology that prefer an integrated action in good friend population is a prototype.
7-3 The degree to which admit representation, press, the freedom of religion Freedom of expression of the people, freedom of religion, to guarantee the freedom of the press in Omoto.
(Constitution Article 19, Article 20, Article 21)
Freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of the press is limited to within the range of "your above" acceptable. Monitoring, there is censorship. (In Japan, on the free surface in the United States of the influence of the "Super your top" it is guaranteed.)
7-4 The degree of respect for the individual To respect the individual.
(Constitution Article 13)
It is an individual of a belonging population. It does not allow the free individuals who do not belong to the group. Than the individual, to respect the will of the individuals belonging to the population.
7-5 The degree of privacy respected To respect the privacy of individuals.
(Japan Article 35 Constitution)
Mutual monitoring, to respect the maintenance of collective order by informers.
7-6 Retention of individual rights Individual rights (dwelling, possession Hinto) is not affected.
(Japan Article 35 Constitution)
It is an individual of a belonging population. If the individual is out of the order of belonging to the population, the rights of the individual is limited.
7-7 Priority of individual rights and obligations Priority is given to the right than personal obligation.
(Constitution Article 11)
Priority is given to the obligations than individual rights. Priority is given to Messi apprenticeship.
8. Equality and social justice of the individual
8-1 Equality of the individual (In the political participation of the election, such as individuals) individuals is equality. (But substantially there is a social class, if the individual is of inequality in many cases.) There is free competition. Equality of individual opportunity is ensured.
(Constitution Article 14)
Individual is unequal. There is a member and over are not Identification of the wall between the other people of "you up" (Kansonminpi). There is a social gap between the population belongs's and free of those (non-regular employment discrimination, already graduated discrimination). Is equalized treatment among people with each other, which was the synchronization of age belonging to the population, equality of results is ensured (seniority of civil servants treatment).
8-2 Ensure the fairness of the society Human rights of individuals are equal, avoidance of unfair discrimination, fairness is ensured.
(Constitution Article 14)
Easy to obtain the adhesion to profit unfairly is Toka human enterprise of order taker cyber was a "you up". Convenience donor is likely to occur in the public and private confusion.
8-3 Contribution of public funds of the country Financial capital of the country, can not be directly contributed to the general organization other than the country.
(Constitution Article 89)
Financial capital of the country is free of contributions to the general organization other than the country if allowed "you up".
9. Political responsibility
9-1 Political responsibility of those in power Supreme ruler is responsible. "All over" does not bear the political responsibility. Tail cut of lizard, the interpolation up replacement of the head.
9-2 Dismissal of civil servants Public officials can dismiss the people.
(Constitution Article 15)
Civil servants = is a servant of "you up", to decide the dismissal is an internal organization of the "you up". People can not dismiss public officials. Door to civil service exam is often has been released fairly.
10. Concentration of power
10-1 The presence or absence of decentralization (separation of powers) Legislative, administrative, and judicial separation of powers. Power is divided, it is limiting the concentration. Legislative, administrative, and judicial of three branches fusion. Power institutions is integral to the "you up". Power is concentrated pole.
10-2 The relationship between the judiciary and the authorities The judiciary, the court is a power independent occurrences. The court dealing with the criminal case is to focus on fairness.
(Constitution Article 76)
The court is part of the "you up". The court issues a judgment in favor of "you up".
10-3 The degree of approval of local autonomy Local autonomy have been observed.
(Constitution Article 92)
Local is a local agency of "your top" of the center, according to the center of instruction.
11. The way of democracy
11-1 The degree of universality Democracy is the principle of humanity universal. Globally, also I think that should be true for anyone anywhere to go (global democracy).
(Constitution Preamble)
Democracy is established, at the local, their narrow relatives limited (local democracy, relatives limited democracy). Relatives have but very eager to be politically preferential treatment, cold to the distress of the outsider, indifferent. Outsiders think (non-regular Toka employers) and is not that learned be, no matter how infringement of human rights.

It should be noted that, "your top" in the farmers society,

Japan (Imperial family and officials is the servant)

And China (officials of the Communist Party and the country)

Vietnam (Communist Party and country officials)

And South Korea (officials of the ruling party and the country)

- North Korea (Kim clan, the party and the country of the official)

It is.

In addition, "Super your top" in the farmers society,

America and Western Europe (for Japan)

America and Western Europe and China (for South Korea)

It is.

It should be noted in the agricultural civil society understanding

Japanese, but is necessarily belonging to the lineage of farmers, in this regard, I would like to propose to modify the conventional of a number of wrong thinking.

[Part 1. opposite of farming nation is not a hunting ethnic]

conventional, view to contrast the Western people of "farming" ethnic Japanese and "hunting" ethnic (?) Is, in the editorial preached the characteristics of the Japanese come out much to, but this is a mistake. Correctly, it should be contrasted with the nomadic, pastoral ethnic groups and farming nation. It is why ?

First of all, the man had been living in the mainly hunting, or grow plants and animals, is a previous story that would like to or kept. In short, the development of human life, as evolution stage,

Previous stage of development
↓ (
primitive, backward manner)

The later stages of development
↓ (


┬ →

Farmers (plant cultivation)

└ →

Nomadic-pastoralists (animal breeding)

And turned to be than that, to compare by opposition to farmers and hunters would have compared historically removed before stage and rear stage. That's it, Europeans and Americans that will be a hunting ethnic groups, than Japanese agricultural ethnic groups, the development stage is the fact that before, late in the backward specific primitive state. This is, culturally there developed countries in Europe and the United States, apparently contradictory and that the chasing pattern after Japan pixels is large.

In addition, in the first place, the Japanese also, before you start farming is in was a hunting people, compared with the hunters and farmers, be captured by conflict, to deny that his roots were the hunters Become.

And Japan and East Asia, cultural comparison of the US and Europe is that the former is, farmers to be more main vegetable cultivation, such as rice, the latter is, sheep and cattle in comparison with the former, breeding animals such as horses it is appropriate will be described in more by the difference of being a nomadic-pastoralists to the main that.

This is because, as the development stage, the nomadic-pastoralists and farmers, is in the concurrent state, Ru Der because it can be said to be more suitable as a subject at the same time comparing, contrasting with each other. In fact, Western society, carnivorous by the animal breeding, the specific gravity of the dairy is high compared to such as Japan, the point is to say that more nomadic-pastoralist manner.

In the future, the comparison of Japan and the West, stopped to make a comparison that was wrong that the agricultural ethnic and hunting peoples, should be used the comparison of nomadic, pastoral ethnic groups and farming nation.

[Part 2. not only the farming ethnic Japanese]

something, and conventional have read the editorial preached the characteristics of the Japanese, is the only farming ethnic Japanese, China, South Korea Toka other than Japan of society, frequently encountered in case it is a like a writing it all pastoral peoples.

Indeed, China, Korea people, compared to the Japanese, the proportion that might high a carnivorous. So to say, if it said that they are either nomadic, pastoral people of Western par, not forced cocking his head might be a reality.

In short, people engaged in animal husbandry ( ethnic ) to be in,

Agricultural main Maki従certainly also to some extent animal husbandry, but the main is rice, is type the farming of field crops
Nushi Maki No従certainly Although farming is also to some extent, such as wheat cultivation, the main type is the herding of livestock breeding

is than there are, certainly the latter might be said that pastoralists, but the former is, speaking from a percentage of occupation I should say farmers. China, South Korea, of the above (1) is considered to be equivalent to. Do they, animal husbandry also to some extent, but is not say the same farming main ethnic and Japan in terms major.

Applications to be taken by the farmers

Currently, Western has been proposed in the initiative, emphasizing that globalism and move around beyond the boundaries of the region, the concept of mobile-oriented to be recommended, the concept of animal-herding people of Europe and the United States, trying to become established as an international standard It is a ploy to, Japan, East Asia, Southeast Asia, farmers such as Russia, should not be riding on it. If it is this way of thinking, it is advantageous pastoralists from the start point, farmers have poor mobility would lose.

Farmers such as Japan, determined to stay in place, every day, on that point, repeated improvements, by accumulating, more likely to live its location, go to those blessed. Position of the favorable conditions that become blessed by the accumulation of the improvement, protect place as in heaps, a monopoly, that to which repel others pastoralists such a strategy to be taken by farmers.

In addition, in order to counter the current prevailing Western pastoralists et al in the world we should also explore the middle of a solidarity of farmers each other around the world. They are, the place to live even though different, is because it is similar with each other the same plant thinking, values. (Writing in 2006)

Farmers society, computer simulation of pastoralists society

Farmers society, can be represented by a liquid molecular motion. In the video below, the movement of each one of the individual corresponds to the movement of individuals of each person. Individuals does not move to consolidate to settle in one place, we try to continue to belong to the group, try not to be ostracized constantly attentive to the surroundings, and about to enter the heart of the population.

Liquid molecular motion (computer simulation of the farmers society) ↑

On the other hand, pastoralists society, can be represented by a gas molecule movement. In the video below, the movement of each one of the individual corresponds to the movement of individuals of each person. Individuals self-supporting independent from the surrounding discretely to extensive to open each person is falling apart, try to move around in their own judgment, to try to expand into uncharted territory.

Gas molecular motion (computer simulation of pastoralists society) ↑