Japan male release Theory

- Towards the true father rights establishment -

Seventh Edition

Iwao Otsuka

table of contents
0. Introduction
The purpose of this document
1. Japan male release Theory
Japan male release declaration
Western of the need to deny the common sense and men release Theory
About the nature of male chauvinism (male priority)
Japan Men = "strong shield" theory - Japan man of the virtual image seeming of the strong -
The reason Japan men, its essence is that in spite of the feminine, look stronger (like a man)
The weakness of the Japanese men
Or Japan male Why bad?
Applications should take in the future of Japanese men
To criticize the men's liberation movement of Japan - Applications should take in the future of the Japanese men's liberation movement -
Mother of son, father of daughter
Japan Men = "Mother Man" (maternal male) theory
Man society real woman society of Japan
Japan man Why not do housework?
Work human beings, prone to company man Japan man
Break away from the "Ukai-based society."
For male gender scholar of Japan
"Behind the Spirit" of conservative Japanese man
Japan man on the palm of mother
Japan men who fear the rebellion of the mother
Japan men not raise the voice against domination by women
Winners men of Japanese society is, in fact losers
Cause of traditional rice farming Japan male weakening
A true gender equality society
The realization of gender equality of parenting
Japan, China, the real reason of the boys preferential treatment in Korea
Contradictory feelings men have for women
Western masculism and Japan
And men truly a dominant force, is to distinguish between men who have been raised from the periphery of the woman?
Scale for measuring husband and wife, the strength of the power of men and women
2. Paternity in Japan, strategy to the establishment of the father rights
Or Japanese family is said to be "patriarchy"?
The apparent only of patriarchal society Japan
The misunderstanding of the patriarchal image in Japan
Absence patriarch
About plans to patriarchal the Japanese home
Paternity has been swallowed by the maternal
Paternal defunct "male society" (was the) Japan
Kaminarioyaji and mother
Introduction and Japan male release of paternal religion to the Japanese society
Pros and cons of the introduction of natural climate and strong father of Japan
From the pseudo-patriarchy to a true patriarchal
"Nominal" the patriarch of Japan, or the school, which is taken the education responsibility
Snow and wet moist father
Husband to be snub wife, family, father
Company man, the generation of the "man society", (in the home) lack of father's whereabouts
Paternity in Japan, the method of the patriarchal establishment
How to take the household management authority from wife
It must not fall into the maternal absorption of the father of
Strengthening gender free thought and paternity
The method of paternity of revolution of Japanese society
In order to parenting the Japanese men
3. Summary
This book of the summary, summary


In this document, whether men and women of the sex differences in Japanese society has led to what effect, it has been discussed in a way that encourages a reconsideration of the conventional Japanese women's studies and Japanese feminism.

For example, the presence in the common belief of traditional Japanese women's studies and Japanese feminism, "Japanese society is male-dominated, is a patriarchal society," "women than men, anywhere in the world universally, to be released of weak subordinate It has been considered in that. "

In this book, I was wondering about this common belief is, or to investigate the Japanese society, on the basis of or as a result of the analysis, "wet, liquid specific Japanese society is stronger than women, moving at a maternal center Only mother rights society is "," Japanese men have is, we are developing women, claims such as' s existence should be freed from the rule of motherhood ".

By doing so, and imported the Western feminist thought mechanically, nothing of only being forcibly as it is fitted to the Japanese society without thinking, Japan women's studies, andrology of the status quo, has criticized the way of feminism . Western mechanical imported in theory completely wrong had toward Japan of women's studies, feminism, and is andrology, whether we should originally directed to what direction, collectively as a guide, and recommendations.

In this book, for true gender equality realized in Japanese society, it has recommended the strengthening of the release and the father of the maternal Japanese men. The men and women of power relations of Japan has a wide range of proposals for measures to peer into 50:50.

Sentence, each section, each independent reading materials, has become the essay, you can start reading from anywhere.


0. Introduction

The purpose of this document

The purpose of the work of this series, is described as follows.

(1) has become an established theory in the West Bachofen, Engels of al Matriarchy theory (traditionally been translated as matriarchal theory) is an object that break down. It turned over this dogma that the mother is a society that holds the power disappeared, the mother rights society, widely exists between the rice farming ethnic groups around the world even now, claiming to be a major force. Alternatively, Matriarchy concept of is, is inappropriate concept for the correct understanding of the mother rights society such as Japan, argue that should be eliminated. Matriarchy to stop that translated as matriarchal a.

(2) to break the Japanese feminism of the status quo. In other words, feminism of Japan, originally, and imported a paternal society facing social theory, such as Western Europe, mechanically, claiming that his mother has committed a mistake that forcibly apply to the strong Japanese society, the corrective Ask. Japan of feminism, women's studies, or andrology that such should be headed originally in what direction, collectively as a guide, the recommendations.

(3) the last ruler of the Japanese society demonstrates that it is a mother, a woman. Women of Japanese society, to break the rule of motherhood. Wife, claiming the men released from the mother or mother-in-law. Aiming the release of the father of the maternal in Japan, to strengthen the paternity in Japanese society, aiming to dry of moist Japanese society. The power balance of men and women in Japanese society 50:50 equality and to insist that the equal of.

To obtain a correct understanding and recognition of Japanese society, it is a copyright object of the present series.

(First appearance 2012 years 1 May)

1. Japan male release Theory

Japan male release declaration

[ Note ] ● sentence marked is the declaration text.

The contents of the declaration, in particular, is as follows.

[ declaration 1]

1-1 ● Whether more dry the heart. Men duty serving as dry air, get back into their own behavior. Individualism, liberalism, whether mastered the contract idea. Boss henchman and, represented by senior junior relationship, whether break away from the wet greasy human relations. Larger than themselves ( such as a company organization ) Do you try to Tayoro to.

1-2 ● was forced by her mother and personal belongings of the woman, collectivism, tuning-oriented, authoritarian, from the yoke of risk aversion, Tokihanate yourself.

1-3 ● because the man it does not matter because it strong Western model, you notice as soon as possible to what is true of masculinity. In Japanese society, dry = true recognition of the masculine value, that is, individualism, liberalism, aim to realize the importance of originality.

[ Description 1]

National identity ( social atmosphere ) from the terms, "Japanese = ( wet ) is a = feminine".

Japan men, mutual sense of unity, which is represented by "Naniwabushi", and collectivism, mutual tuning-cooperation represented by the "unity", authoritarianism, which enshrine revered the authority represented by the designation of "teacher", adventure fear or failure, seniority that values blindly the elders with precedent and tradition-rich ( senior junior ) has been unbalance the relationship, they are based on the original entirely feminine, maternal values. These values are those attached to the nature and the body under the control, the influence of the mother in the "Mother and Child adhesion" relationship in the growth process of the man, that point, men of Japan has turned into a "pickles of motherhood" , it can be said that.

Japan man, or came how forced the wet is by women, it was a yoke the condition that intensive rice farming society has brought.

In Japanese society, industrialization, urbanization, by the penetration of the meritocracy, is gradually released from the wet of, visible signs of dry of proceeds. If this direction continues in the future, eventually Japan men, women ( maternal ) will be freed from the control of. In the dry of Japanese society, it should be the trend of westernization in society to tailwind. However, to say that to westernized society, it must not end with a temporary authoritarian tuning to the traditional such as Europe and the United States. If this remains westernized it is underway, steady, dry of = men of Japanese society progresses.

[ declaration 2]

2-1 ● care-in that it is the socially vulnerable. Awareness event. Do not be fooled by the myth of the "Japan = male-dominated society", including the male chauvinism.

[ Description 2]

"Japan = male society ( male-dominated society ) discourse that" is all those fake. Even if the "male chauvinism", is a man respected apparent only, it is the strength of men. Helm of the actual society, women ( maternal ) at present, are held to. These "Japan = male society" myth, by the Japanese woman, was the original dry masculinity once watered down ( to wet the man ) later, help their own defensiveness "strong shield", and in order to obtain an income as the "labor" of, is a manifestation of the mind to be Kokitsukao and tool handling, this is the poison of Japanese women.

[ Declaration 3]

3-1 ● Do not be managed the life to women. Do not be trying to get to do anything that of personal belongings to the woman. Regardless escape the derogatory term "coarse garbage," "wet fallen leaves". Do you try to Tayoro in life face to his wife. So as not to reign as a home management to his wife, whether independence as much as possible living surface.

3-2 ● Unagase to work out of the home to women. Of women, eliminate the influence in the home ( to not be dominated by women ) to, of getting to work to get out is the best. Existing man overlooking the housewives, at this point, is a lack of awareness. It is as it is, is because the result is dominated the foundation of life in women.

3-3 ● women, especially Do not fawn to his mother. Do you try to dependence. Do you attempt to his wife to her mother instead. Whether independence from the mother.

[ Description 3]

Until now, Japanese men, the foundation of life in the home, women ( mother, wife ) came placed under the management of. Household management in the home, the main functions, such as children's education, female ( mother ) has a monopoly. In that respect, because "Japan's household = patriarchy" is actually not only a phenomenon of only apparent. To improve the position of Japan in men, it is necessary to break away from the status quo.

[ declaration 4]

4-1 ● Whether intervention in child-rearing. To convey to more children their own behavior and culture. Themselves hidden was dry masculinity within the out more. Children ( especially boys ) , and Do to Memeshiku to wet. Do not be monopolized by the mother of the child care authority. A woman is trying to abandon the parenting role and motherhood, now is what is the chance!

[ Remarks 4]

Japanese father ( husband ) , while to grow into an adult, the mother ( female ) by, have been killed paternity. Japan's father, a shortage, not be interrupted during the adhesion to mother and child. This is the cause of the re-production of mother-to-child integrity and paternity killing.

Japan's father is a Kkiri leave parenting to the mother. As a result, child care authority ( child care opportunities ) is mother to monopolize.

Father, can not be - do not intervene in the mother-child relationship. Children ( especially sons ) plus Mora wet reduction = feminization of personality.

This is a child care willingness of Japanese men, was removed in the children, the alienation from the Japanese men of child care opportunities, has been re-production between generations. This is because, in socialization of children, the child's personality to wet, a mechanism to eliminate the influence of dry paternity is considered because it is finished social.

Thin marital relationship, mother-to-child relationship ( not only the mother-daughter relationship, mother - son relationship as well ) is the dark, the effect of distancing father from children ( paternal isolation effect ) have. Mother and child adhesions is a re-production of the children of monopoly control by the mother. This situation must be changed.

[ declaration 5]

5-1 ● Do Ibar. Freely familiar from male chauvinism. Was made well of convenience to the woman, the strength of which was made as a shield throw away. The real strength is, individualism, there is a dry, such as liberal attitude to be acquired in their own power.

The real ruler of Japanese society, the care early on that rather than on their own men, are women. Do not be fooled by the apparent.

5-2 ● Whether rebel against the mother = mother-in-law. Do not follow the precedent that the traditional family tradition, make your own ( creation event ) . Do not rely on the "house", whether free-standing out of the house. To that end, should be considered a married couple separate surnames actively ( the marriage partner, Do not involve in your own home. Caught in the power struggle between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, because will end up being condemned from both the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law . ) .

5-3 ● Do not be taken to the wife of the house of wallet. Revenue management and expenditure use decisions, bring in the cooperative management of the husband and wife equal footing.

[ Remarks 5]

Japanese society, really female superiority, though it is feminine culture, male-dominated, why is why it is said that man society?

There are 3 there is a single hit walls, myths should be broken down.

(1) man swagger. Male chauvinism.

(2) man the center of the family system. Paternal inheritance. Male side need not be the last name instead too much.

(3) man earn an income. Reign as the family's breadwinner.

The reality is, respectively,

(1) In fact, been flattered by women, mere " ( woman, to escort the maternal ) strong shield," " ( woman, against motherhood ) only just willing to play the role of Mitsugu salary workers" .

(2) In Japan, real power of the home is located in the mother, mother-in-law, not to men to be treated "coarse garbage".

Yet, speaking of whether the woman why claim that "Japan's home is a patriarchy," women, themselves, because what precedent-oriented, the rule of precedent that family tradition rank ( mother-in-law → daughter-in-law ) a undeniable. Also, can not be rebellious to the mother-in-law is the same sex. Women = daughter-in-law, since directs the chagrin to be daughter-in-law bullying husband, become the target of accusations by the fact that her husband is the ruler.

(3) men only stay to bring income to the family. The result is income actually managed to hold the final authority, such as the allocation of expenditure side is the female side. Male side, unilaterally only be determined the allowance amount. Men, "One Coin husband ( the presence of only be paid one day a piece of pocket money of coins worth ) is a mere workers to be represented by the word", on the other hand, women, home management ( Finance Minister, Minister of Health and welfare ..) reigns as.

Japanese men, lifted the strong women, his is an illusion and really strong, are drunk on strong my appearance of fiction. Women, myself, have the illusion as if weak in comparison to men. From here, it began unfortunate history of Japan feminism.

Japan's household, substantially under the control of women.

Men, under the family system, is the cause of the advantage, comfort of being a paternal, it is not necessary to the last name instead ( it is not necessary to learn from the beginning of another house family tradition ) for, tend to integrate and themselves as "house".

And that the family is paternal, male ( paternal ) should not be confused with the rule. The often paternal system is, man is out on the table, it is better that a woman is hidden in the back, because it is convenient in order to respond to biological valuable of the woman. In this case, the woman is guaranteed the safety of himself by men, as the biological status and value, is above than men.

( Note ) novelty of Japanese men released Theory

The following 3 person ever to ties of one of the proposition did not notice. The first time I noticed was the will to this, a Japanese male liberation theory.

(1) Japanese society is feminine

(2) In Japanese society, women are strong, the predominant

(3) In Japanese society, it is a man of such should be released

The above ties, but went from theory it should be natural, "women, the whole world common to the weak, is the presence to be released" is dominated by the established concept, was not conceived to be disturbed.

This ready-made concept, but it should be concept-class only in the nomadic-based society, such as the strong Western and Arab of men, imperceptibly becomes a concept of international standard, is weak Japanese scholars to things like these international standards and authority, nothing forcibly without thinking, ( women are strong should originally ) had fitted to Japanese society.

Thus, it was born the first time be free from such stereotypes, Japan male release theory, enough novelty as a theory.

( note ) why the man released the theory is not Hiromara in Japan

Men release theory, or is attracting attention in Japan until now, had not been welcome, man himself is, is assume that strong person of yourself, in order to destroy the're immersed in the self-satisfaction, to men This is because an uncomfortable feeling.

In Japan, satisfied with the male status quo to be released originally, woman is the ruler is dissatisfied with the status quo, has advocated a "release".

Men, are satisfied with the superficial incentives such as no last name instead of the time of male chauvinism and marriage.

To achieve true of men released, there is a need to break against these superficial satisfaction of Japanese men. This is the raison d'etre of the above-mentioned Japanese man released declaration.

( First appearance 2000 year 07 January to )

Western of the need to deny the common sense and men release Theory

Though its essence is feminine in the wet, and introduction of the position of the US and Europe, the likes to the masculine pretend in dry is a bad habit of the Japanese.

For Japanese society, Western society, is acting as the correct supply base at the time of the new something. Considered as successful if as you say Europe and the United States. Japan, in order to determine that the unknown to something themselves, to try to Arise your ask sure to Europe and the United States. Europe and the United States, has played a role as a provider of correct criteria.
Europe and the United States, the strong have dominate the world society, a successful people, Japan can not win yet. If listening to what you say Western, go well if followed, thinking is on the Japanese side called.
Europe and the United States, is excellent to put out the innovations never before, it is a leading role, Japan is relatively weak and has put out a new shaft, and tries to follow the United States and Europe.

Affirms the common sense of Western as it is in the emperor treatment, rather than incorporate, or instead of trying to get admitted to the United States and Europe, flipping the common sense of Europe and the United States, denied the common sense of Europe and the United States, it is necessary to Uchitateru new ground is there. Worldwide men at the top, woman is assumed to be lower, that upset the common sense of Europe and the United States, which is one of the purposes of the authors of Japan male release theory.

(First appearance in August 2011)

About the nature of male chauvinism (male priority)

[1. Introduction]

Male chauvinism is in advancing things general, men ( than women ) is pointing to be respected, priority, ( Western in ) ladies first ( Female Priority ) believed pair concept.

Traditionally, the concept of male chauvinism is, in East Asia such as Japan, intended to represent the actual situation of women dominated (patriarchal) by the man, or, (compared to men) women as a symbol that shows the low level of status, of women's liberation take a stand has been exposed to condemnation from the people.

Model On the other hand, the concept of ladies first in Europe and America, as an indication of the height of the status of women, society with the social convention of male chauvinism, such as Japan, should in advancing women's liberation, learn actively what the, the, female scholars and women's liberation advocates ( feminists ) have been claimed by.

Ladies first is, to name a familiar example, for example, refers to Toka'll open for women the car door men proactively, Toka I'll sit by pulling the chair of the women in the restaurant, the act. In this case, the look, men and women relationship, appears to be of the relationship between the Queen and the servant (though arrogant women, men are resigned to lower).

However, women 's movement that aims to women's liberation has begun in the ladies first Western. This may be accomplished, in the West, men are not in obedience only to the formal women, contrary to the apparent, effective control force, in terms of power, it does not indicate that it is higher than the female ?

At the same Applying to male chauvinism the same thing, women against men, shows that the subordinate apparently only, say that women who are in power basis is stronger than men, not necessarily women in vulnerable groups is not it?

The following is, to these questions in the wake, the concept of male chauvinism, from the point of view of fitness of the natural environment surrounding the society, in which describes the results of the re-examined again.

[2. Maladjustment and gender of the natural environment]

Agricultural society ( to request a wet behavior ) Women in ( with a wet behavior ascribed ) , and nomadic society ( to request a dry behavior ) men in the ( inherently have a dry behavior ) is beneficial behavior on to survive in the environment ( positive function ) have, is more adaptive. In other words, it is positive for the presence, with a strong force ( stand in the position of the strong, dark shadow ) .

On the other hand, agricultural society ( wet ) men in the ( dry ) , nomadic society ( dry ) women in the ( wet ) is, harmful behaviors on to survive in an environment ( minus the function ) have, cause adjustment disorder ( maladaptive in is ) . In other words, has a negative value in a society that has been built with the environment ( is denied the existence ) , power is weak ( stand in the position of the weak, the thin shadow ) .

For more information about the above contents, see page about the re-discovery of matriarchal in Japan.

Men and women, on the need to perform a reproductive as a biological, under the same environment, it is necessary to always exist in pairs. Thus, the social under the environment, as well as sexual adaptive side, the side of sex causing adjustment disorder must also be present simultaneously in situ. For example, agricultural society ( wet ) in, adaptive women ( wet ) and, man to cause the adjustment disorder ( dry ) and it must be in harmony in the same place. Expression of action at the genetic level side of sexual individuals causing adjustment disorder and if left, (1) society that result in inappropriate behavior for the survival under the environment, the whole society impaired significantly environmental adaptability, leading to disappearance of society itself, (2) sexual individual side causing adjustment disorder is so will die at the end of environmental maladaptation, impossible reproductive activities under the social next, thus leading to the disappearance of the society itself, the enormous damage such as, cause to society as a whole.

To prevent such damage,

(1) a maladaptive portion having sexual side causing adjustment disorder, socialization ( childcare and education ) in the course of, the portion corresponding to that of the side that is adapted to cancel ( neutralization patched, to neutralize ) there is a need.

(2) the side of the sex that cause adjustment disorder, constantly on the side of the sex that has adapted, over a period of life in general, as socially vulnerable, important to protect ( to support, look after ) there is a need.

These needs, in the agricultural society, (1) , the mother and child adhesions on the child care and education ( mother-led ) as, (2) is, men respect ( male chauvinism ) appears as a. In the nomadic society, (1) , the mother-to-child separation on the child care and education ( father-led ) as, (2) is, women respect ( ladies first ) and Shina' and, appear.

Adaptation to humans of the surrounding natural environment, the way of life that nature is required in an environment ( wet ( wet ) farming in the environment, dry ( dry ) in the environment, nomadic ) in accordance with the, of behavior "humidity" ( the degree of wet-dry ) taken as a process of adjusting the.

Humidity regulation of behavior is, sexual side to adapt to the environment, causing adjustment disorder to the environment ( humidity reverse ) of the behavior ( properties ) is performed in the form of relative unilaterally neutralized. Role of neutralizing possessed by each of the women ( genetic level = wet ) is liquefied ( wet reduction ) , men ( genetic level = dry ) is vaporized ( dry reduction ) is.

Agricultural society ( culture level = wet ) in respect women men unilaterally perform liquefaction, conversely nomadic society ( culture level = dry ) in respect men women, neutralization ( vaporized ) performing . The side that has received the patching, as a result, will not be able to use the behavior that had originally been powerless, to fall in a position of socially vulnerable.

The implementation of the wet-dry behavior of the cultural level, the gender differences at the genetic level, in order to positively use of the fact that already according to the wet-dry behavior, a unique behavior to their own sex, process of human socialization, big especially the behavior of plasticity, at the stage of the child care earliest, is to divert as it is directly to the children, it is effective, in reality, what is happening is diverted.

Diversion of way, for example [ Masuda 1964] In is depicted as follows. American society ( nomadic system : Note author ) In a work of are mostly male husband to look after the children, baby husband ( male ) or are being held in, her husband put in cradle ( man ) is faced ing. On the other hand, Japan ( farming system : Note the author ) in the mother ( female ) and will piggyback a baby, by the hand of the top of a child, a bonus ... in tone, such as, child care is the mother ( female ) of It has become a role. In childhood-specific behavior to their own sex, in the form of child care, to have the authority to be injected into the children, in the society of nomadic system, man, in the society of the farming system, women, scheme is established that.

To summarize the above contents, it is as follows.

1) In the agricultural society in which women have the initiative, men, women side is the de facto standard definitions, wet social behavior, can not live and you do not match forcibly. In an environment that agricultural society, because the personality things proceed in a more wet women of pace, must live according to it, there is so must reluctantly comply with the women of fashion, it is forced from childhood, in the place that is no longer Kobame, the weakness of the men are found. Men original individualistic, autonomous. . . Such is canceled properties, killed, it is suppressed. And, opposite to the male inherent characteristics, collectivism, the heteronomous. . Such, since it is allowed to act according wet feminine characteristics, social incompatibility who would settle for position as weak.

2) In the nomadic society where men have the initiative, women, men side is the de facto standard, dry social behavior ( individualism, hate tuning .. ) to, and not force the match, the natural environment surrounding not survive in. In the nomadic society, because the character progresses things at a pace of more dry men, it is necessary to live in accordance with it, woman originally of collectivism, the sympathetic. . . Such as the characteristics are subject to suppression and erasure. As a result, women, social incompatibility person, to fall in a position of underdog.

[3. Thought of weak protection]

Wet agricultural society (Japan) is, superficial respect for men ( priority ) society and real domination of women has occurred, dry nomadic, pastoral society (Western) is, superficial respect for women ( priority ) and social substantially domination of men has occurred, and are summarized.

Female Male and dry social wet society, the society and their running on heterogeneous (suitable opposite gender) principle is the are is forced adaptation. To them (Kanojora) in such a point, on a life to match the heterogeneous nature of the action principle is that their, coming caused any imperfect point or not enough. However, to compensate for such adaptation shortage, men priority (male chauvinism ), it is a female priority (ladies first), is considered. These are, priority is given to the sexual behavior of the more vulnerable in society, it can be summarized by the term "weak of priority".

Priority (priority) in, 1) the strong priority ( force a person is given priority. Authorities receive better treatment ) and, 2) weak priority ( such as the elderly and children, weak person, preferentially, meal or Aritsui to, such as or asked to hand over the seat, receive better treatment ) and, opposite 2 types are present. It is given priority, not necessarily because it is the strong man. Stated above, male chauvinism, ladies first ( weak of priority ) is considered as a kind of weak priority ( is of conventional feminism, the male chauvinism, are considered only with the strong priority, not aware of the choices of weak priority ) .

Alternatively, men in wet society, women are in a dry society, is not adapted to the society, the existence significance and reason in society, is as it is, deficiency is ( in society, are treated nuisance, contempt It is is ) . So, their dignity as human beings ( human rights ) is not maintained, morale ( motivation ) is expected to leave is a serious hindrance to such as the maintenance of. So, even if superficial, that their is a maladaptive person, respect and priority to, it becomes necessary I'll keep the self-esteem. Social mechanism to complement such a self-esteem, men priority (male chauvinism), is a female priority (ladies first), is considered.

To summarize this,

Male chauvinism = strong women, weak men, farming ( wet ) the adaptation shortage to society, to compensate

Ladies first = strong man, of the weak woman, nomadic ( dry ) the adaptation shortage to society, to compensate

It is.

Here, summarized the cause of the "male chauvinism", is as follows. Basically, it is based on the concept of "weak of priority" (13) is, deliberate rendition of "male-dominated" (4) , there are also terms.

1) "welfare" model ( not suitable for farming society ) do care support of men is incompetent person = weak preferentially. Weak welfare is an object. Vehicle is the same concept as the yield on a priority basis seat to the elderly and the like. Men of the farming community, does nothing to purr at home. It is surrounded by a heterogeneous wet human relationship with yourself, it must be impossible to adapt, tired mind unconsciously, does not occur willing to do anything ( a lethargy ) it is from. Therefore, women, like housework, washing, cooking, need to be results in a Kaigaishiku care. Alternatively, it is said the unreasonable men, with a generosity I'll hear that "crawl" ( behaves as comforting the weak children ) need is born.

2) to improve the "self-esteem, morale" model self-esteem, ( harmful for disabling has been for the agricultural society ) to men, themselves by "useful vision", to issue a labor and defense motivation. ( Individualism, freedom after killing a dry = harmful elements such as principle ) remaining capacity ( muscle-armed ) to effectively utilize. If it is with the things may be carried out in priority, it is likely to occur self-esteem.

3) to consider the human rights protection of "human rights" model socially vulnerable serving men. Women, if Kurere be handled with priority that of men, the human rights of men are more likely to remain. ( Farming ) without socially convince that it is a harmful or helpless, to preserve the dignity as human beings. Women to avoid being noticed that they are managing and controlling the whole life.

4) "precious" model biologically valuable women, to make a person who will protect yourself as a "shield", to'd look better as much as possible strongly if anyway. That it is, is because it is possible that scares predators. As of the agricultural society, when a woman is standing advantage is, in women, protect their man as a "shield" it is, look relatively weak. When's it, woman is the anxiety in carrying out self-defense and self-protection from predators, it is inconvenient, and the women themselves of the agricultural society felt. Therefore, in men, deliberately or not aggressively taken the scary attitude, or to thorns ( assume a coercive attitude ) . Men Tsuyoga' woman to intentionally been directed is the presence, such as a "paper tiger", women of ( the an attempt behave strong man ) and there is no psychological support, the strength of the apparent can not be maintained, would collapse, of the original, ( agricultural society of specific ) incompetent, it returns to the unreliable figure.

Cause of ladies first is, in the cause described in the "male chauvinism" of the above, and that the description of the man, was replaced by a woman.

1) "welfare" model ( not suitable for nomadic society ) do care support for women with incompetent person = weak.

2) the "self-esteem, morale" model women that honor superficially, women to give self-esteem, a pass oysters a willingness to do things, ( canceling the wet = harmful aspects such as collectivism, tuning-oriented after ) the remaining housework and vocational ability to work, to effective use.

3) of socially vulnerable people serving women in "human rights" model nomadic society, maintain the dignity as human beings.

4) men in the "precious" model nomadic society, a biologically valuable woman, worship as noble presence = "lady", by capturing the assumption that there is a more patron city, built himself , to satisfy the desire to try to protect the women.

Male chauvinism Lady First is, both, it can be said that the concept of "weak protection" to try to protect the weaker sex in society (a kind of weak protection). Dependent (lean, leaning) towards the gender (male agricultural society, women of the nomadic society) is, (women of the agricultural society, men of nomadic society) towards sex to receive the dependent than, there is no force, weak (not stand by yourself alone).

Sex of the person catch is, there is a force, precisely because strong, with a margin, it is possible to firmly support a dependent partner.

Male chauvinism (male priority) is the idea of ​​man protection (as in the common belief, not an indication of the strength of the man, is valued by the = woman from weak is opposite Rather, get to listen to the selfish ). Is the flip side of ladies first (female priority) (women 's movement is born in the ladies first Western. Social position of women in the United States and Europe is weak evidence.).

All anywhere in the world, (as appeal is feminism) woman is weak, it does not mean that. In force surface, the female is larger than the male society (matriarchal society) is present certainly a lot even now (is it, for example Japan and is such as rice farming community of East Asia). Conventionally, because such matriarchal society does not exist has become a dogma, it (confusion with matrilineal, male chauvinism confusion and patriarchal) discussion is insufficient for the matriarchal is because it is. For more information on this, refer to the item about the re-discovery of matriarchal in Japan.

In the society of male chauvinism (male priority), apparently men strong. Men, for the illusion that he is in the (than women) strong position, easy to self-esteem of men are satisfied, man is less likely to notice the weakness of its own position. Myth of male-dominated society, thus was born. In this case, the man, there is no awareness of the weakness, poor position that is placed of yourself (mistaking the true meaning of male preference, their own is strong and conceited).

Male chauvinism is, regarded as a behavior that symbolizes the strength of the man, the view of traditional Japanese feminism, must be denied. Because men priority, men strong, not be said to be dominant. Male chauvinism (male priority) is, in effect, a non-conforming to the farming environment, it is thought that vulnerable to a man who is (strong woman) to support and protection. In other words, men weak, the time-consuming minute environmental adaptation, strong ( adapted specific by farming environment ) is thought to take over women.

In Japan, even from before the Second World War, which is a feudal, it is observed evidence the woman was strong.

[Benedict1948] According to the, to run around killing the family purse paperwork in one hand was a mother-in-law (and woman).

Mother-in-law (and woman) is the son of the daughter-in-law was holding the authority to unilaterally is divorced (father-in-law did not do anything).

Home of the father (male), although children are rewarded in its favor doing all the obligations, has been was Yayamosureba "not respected very much the person", and. ( Only ostensibly it is priority, in effect, "psychological" status of the father was low ) .

Gender equality is cast, by naturally privilege = "male chauvinism" which can request the care and service as for the men of the women came to be stripped, the strength of women who are at the helm of society , I began to go out gradually to the front.

[4. The context of the feminism of Japan]

Feminism of Japan, appeal weakness of women, gender discrimination (the women disadvantage). This, the theory was born in the weak Western society of women, and women are strong Japanese society, nothing was imported without thinking, it is intended to force the Atehameyo. Rather, of the man, to satisfy the substantially unfounded self-esteem (above those of their own is position is, there should be women pity), it has led to a superficial understanding of male chauvinism. The real way (women-led, female domination) of Japanese society becomes the cause of invisible, it is harmful.

Male chauvinism is, the subject of criticism by Western-style feminism, not originally. The origin of the weakness of men, strong women to protect the weak man ( see to-care support ...) , because the idea is in the underlying that. Feminism that assumes the strength of the men is a weak nomadic society (Western) orientation of women, not amenable to the agricultural society (Japan).

Male chauvinism is the position of men and women both at least superficially to peer (apparent-table men strong, strong women virtually-back manner, So, combined front and back, just is balanced) for are not you still need to. In society where women dominate, self-esteem of men ( human dignity ) is considered necessary in order to maintain. Although motivation that want to live like a human being is one in which everyone has, man of the farming community, if there is no support by male chauvinism, is as it is, is plucked as a nuisance, a nuisance from the woman the mainstream of society, live like a human being than is not ( in the middle-aged man - elderly, that derogatory term such as "coarse dust" is attached is a good example ) .

However, for women, a weight men come leaning against trying to unilaterally dependent, it is necessary to take their own, it is true that the burden is large. Men, thinks the burden on women to take the for granted. Gender inequality in this burden surface (gender discrimination), even in Japan of feminism, in the form of housework burden is unilaterally pressed against the woman, it has been a problem, ( ignoring the part of Western imported Te ) only to be taken out this part, which makes sense in its own way, it is considered.

[ References ]

. Benedict, R The Chrysanthemum and the Sword: Patterns of Japanese Culture, Boston Houghton Mifflin, 1948 MatsuOsamu translation Hasegawa "Chrysanthemum and the Sword - the type of Japanese culture" society Shisosha 1948

Mitsuyoshi Masuda : the American family and the Japanese family , Japan Broadcasting Publishing Association , 1964

( First appearance 1999 years 08 May )

Japan Men = "strong shield" theory - Japan man of the virtual image seeming of the strong -

From before the war, Japanese men, though it is really helpless weak presence, has been glorified and mighty who by women. Feminism to produce a "weak woman to be discrimination" is also a part of this.

Women, as a biological valuables, to trying to get to protect the men. To men, it requires that get a strong shield. To that end, his men are strong, it is necessary to ask to have the self-esteem that's useful human beings.

Japanese women, in order to keep the self-esteem of men, has become eager.

Men are strong, the origin of the myth that should not be strong is as follows.

A strong woman is biologically valuable properties, it must be protected from predators. To protect, than hit the incoming partner, it must be strong. It is separate from the male chauvinism (men do if there is no Eraku). Only, shield, the defense role, strong it is required. In the other side, strong it is not necessarily sought.

Process generation of men as "strong shield" is something like the following.

Men, dry with which originally has, as detrimental in nature culture under which require wet is such as rice agricultural society, in the process of growing stripped by women to monopolize the childcare authority, helpless one end user to become.

Men, is as it is because the luggage of society, taking advantage of the innate strength of strength, armed oriented and, even without survive in biological, a point that does not affect too much of the human offspring inheritance, ( If you do not survive, as "strong shield" to protect the conservation of species interfere with) women, exclusively been utilized, they are trained.

In Japan, because man is standing advantage is, to men, by women to be let become a strong shield, it is a deliberate pretense.

Japanese women, at the top of his palm, and swim the men. Japanese women, the real rulers of society at any time if in the mind it is possible to show off someone. However, when to do it, man, will atrophy to lose self-esteem, because no longer fulfill the function of defense and a strong shield, only not.

Strong self-esteem, men who were given pride by women, tends to be selfish, tyrants manner.

The reason Japanese father (especially pre-war) can be seen in the "patriarchal" is,

1) it is a pushy

2) that swagger intimidating -

3) severe, there is a dignity, a strict

4) scary angry

5) tyrannical, selfish

6) specifically assertive, take responsibility (me to take), there is a decision force

It lies in the fact such.

Both, in the human, it can not be said that never mature.

There are only aspects of as a woman wants "strong shield" has been enhanced.

In addition, it is just as independent of the dry is. Original masculinity, father-ness is either not there to dry is?

Individualism, liberalism, such as rationality, that has been deleted dry of, as men, they are mentally malformations.

On the other hand, strength, certainly. It is, muscle strength, such as attack power (anger), is used as a strong shield as a tool to protect the women.

Is a well-taking behavior of Japanese men, on behalf of the women take the responsibility, also because the decision, is lacking in women, is the qualities women coveted. When it fails, it is possible to Nasuritsukeru the responsibility to men.

For women, in performing their own self-protection, it is a good nature convenient.

Women, a strong wet is to men, while placed under the control of men, in order to achieve their own self-protection, when the master well, come in handy with the above properties the men have.

Wet men, how pushy, a despotic ... (highly visible) also, more have lost the original dry is, the psychological deformity, a disability, a social vulnerable groups.

Japan men, strong shield, to not, as a junior workers hold out the salary, women do not fulfill only conveniently limited the role to, is the incompetence in terms of otherwise. It is essentially a weak, the presence that is exploited by women.

Japanese women, that he is the ruler of society, trying to hide desperately.

Hurt the self-esteem of men, fear that no longer function as a strong shield.

Discrimination against women in Japan is also necessary in order to ensure the self-esteem of men.

Japanese society is, originally, because the female advantage, is as it is, self-esteem of men is difficult to secure in the inferior, becomes a human rights issue.

The views on men of Japanese women, men unique, individualism, such as liberalism, the dry side, but you want to erase because it is harmful (for the rice farming society), to say whether, in the presence of as a shield to protect themselves I want you to have, is that. Therefore, in the root, dry, denied the original masculinity, such as male chauvinism, and men respect for the apparent, it is considering Shinogo in artificially-made strength by women.

Japanese-style "masculinity" is different from the man originally of masculinity based on the dry of. Most of the Japanese men in that matter do not realize to be in trouble.

(First appearance 07 May 2000)

The reason Japan men, its essence is that in spite of the feminine, look stronger (like a man)

Japan men, its essence despite the feminine, summarizes the reasons that appear strong (like a man) below.

· Mother-in-law in temperament, and to fool the opponent to think position than their own is the lower, stronger, leaving the high-handed.

- whether it is found in the surrounding is very worrisome, pretentious, is rising strength.

· Fate community spirit of the fellow is strong, the enemy, to perish themselves whole, thorough Kosen, trying to commit suicide.

Japan men, basically, brute strength, muscle strength, is considered a strong woman equivalent of the armed.

(First appearance 04 May 2014)

The weakness of the Japanese men

Japan men, in the following respects, is in the weaker position than women, believed to have been the subject of domination by women. There is a need to break this situation. This is the essence of the male liberation theory.

(1) contrary to their innate tendency to "wet is", in the child care process, are to put to forced only by the mother. Men should have originally, individualism, have lost a dry of such liberalism.

(2) if it were in as if brought into the salary earned in the workplace attached the collar of "Ukai-oriented society" to women, it is fully managed by women life. There is no authority to determine the use for myself of earned wages. Is alienation from the self wages is happening.

(3) to the maternal dependent heart, there is an overreliance. Immediately try to Tayoro to the presence of the mother or instead.

(4) it has been alienated from child care . Children is not Natsuka to you, is a fool from children. Not convey the culture with the their children.

( First appearance 2000 years 07 May )

Or Japan male Why bad?

Japan men, generally, are said to be present in poor attractive in the world. Japan man, why a useless existence lacking in charm, what was or should we improve the point, I tried to enumerate the points to be considered in the following.

(1) to pursue the sense of unity with your organization, collectivism, stability-oriented, seniority ( to hear anything that says senior, swagger against junior ) consciousness is strong, with a feminine personality as such. Individualism, liberalism, lacking in personality should have men originally, such as active exploration of the unknown area.

(2) really in the society, though it is subordinate who are subordinate to the woman, I think superiors, swagger in a commanding tone.

Of the preferential treatment than women ( male chauvinism ) the optionally rightly convinced, it has been spoiled.

Only you are thinking of themselves as superiors, high pride, vulnerable. Partner or profusely noisy if rude against myself. A fastidious impatient, or angry immediately rampage or. It is a boisterous violent person is a tyrant.

Why, for one Japanese man is spoiled, a large influence of the mother.

Japanese men = son, spoiled by his mother, is placed in is Kashizuka, get to do anything state. Are all taken care of personal belongings, it has been burned.

Son, the one that is followed by a kind of state, imperceptibly become Komu I think that at the center their world is spinning, arrogant, in selfishness, yet are expected to be to have a vulnerable personality.

In addition to its underlying, cut rely on psychological to the mother, was completely spoiled, Iraishin are alive deep-rooted, even though superficially much swagger, is considered to have completely been psychologically dominated by the mother.

(3) with respect to women, when you Amaeyo to his mother instead. Women, regarded as Kannon, and Do not like Mary. Is a dependent for the woman, this time, leaned as a matter of course to women, becoming looms, Toka I'm sorry for it, Toka thank you, not going to say a word. Lack of compassion against women.

(4) lack of self-support and living ability. Can not be carried out taking care of the affairs on their own, everyone, and trying to get to do to women.

To sum up, Japanese men, lose the original male sex, it can be said that they become divert rely on women, is the presence poor human maturity. Moreover, it is blessed with bigotry that do not admit it.

Prior to recite the release of the woman, as long as you do not revised First, these drawbacks, there is no tomorrow Japanese men.

( 2007.4 postscript)

However, as far as the Toka writing of the Internet bulletin board, Japanese men, as until now, the mother and the mother instead of the woman (Toka woman wife Toka restaurant), to women instead of the organization (company, school, etc.) overreliance while, or swagger, to or through the selfish, seems to want to love unlimited.

In other words, while remaining within the framework of the mother of domination, to love all-you-can in that is as desired.

Even with the same woman, graces the "mother", "mother" - "sister", "elder sister", rely on, is not also be stopped worrying about being dominated, on the other hand, other than the mother woman and wife hit it, look down, View low, to see a tool to satisfy their own sexual desire is customary. Men are often the woman beat, but the men who hit the mother does not have little or less.

In addition, criticism of the status quo that his Amattare was, the painful words of the ear, even if it is as it constructive, all out anger is regarded as a malicious attack on their own, bares fangs, has a perverse heart .

A little, strong father rights, Western and Jewish, Arab, emulating patriarchal nomadic-pastoralist-based society, such as Mongolia, discard the dependent mind for the mother, is released from the mother, I wonder if that is mature as a man ?

What is worrisome for the author, in fact, "male liberation" in Japan, rather than the release from the mother, a woman (it is easy, delicious I think it is) have been socially preferential treatment of in order to eliminate " is a point that is to release ".

Is a problem sure to be preferential treatment just women, but men in general from such a situation is a clear need is to be released, on the other hand, the presence or of Mother women dominate in the underlying themselves, the insensitive to release from there, or will be those who do?

( First appearance 2003 years 06 May )

Applications should take in the future of Japanese men

Applications that can be Japan man of status quo takes are considered to be two ways are roughly.

The first is, as usual, by male chauvinism, superficially erected by women, satisfied by the good I think sitting in the Theravada, in effect, mother and wife strike a liquid social atmosphere in the wet placed under the mental domination of, it is developing settle to subordinate status. Or to the authority in the important home, such as child-rearing and home of the purse string to leave his wife and mother, remain in the state they were taken to the wife and mother, themselves are specialized only to transfer money salary to home working earnestly become human beings other does not work anything ATM (automatic teller machine), convenient in the handyman treatment, mother and, or a developing ending in only Kokitsukawa to the wife and children of mother-to-child coalition.

Second, to establish a gas specific patriarchal in his own dry, while making a wife and mother at the surface to ladies first, is developing to take control of a substantial home, such as child-rearing and household management authority.

From the viewpoint of truly strengthening the position of the Japanese man, it can be said that the second one is desirable. To that end, Japan men, and wake up as soon as possible from the effects of the anesthetic of pleasant maternal that exude by the mother or wife, do you need to wake up to paternity.

(First appearance 08 May 2012)

To criticize the men's liberation movement of Japan - Applications should take in the future of the Japanese men's liberation movement -

Men's liberation movement of the conventional Japanese, male chauvinism of thinking and patriarchal family system until now, by the like monopoly of social officers to bring the salary of at the corporate and administration man, came forced the resignation role , it is pushed by the protest of the female side to, review reluctantly sexual role came to take traditional male, so to speak, in passive form that has been pushed up to the woman, may be said to have come to progress.

Another, characterize the men's liberation movement of Japan, on the assumption that you are standing superiority to women, it is a compassion to try to help the weak woman. Was placed in a position of disadvantage, for the woman to be released, a position which is in their own superiority, and I'll hand over a little, be seen there is backed by kindness to the "margin of the strong." . To surrender the title of occupational surface to woman, that'll help a woman incurred in childcare and housework, etc., was a policy that came to take the traditional men's liberation movement.

The men's liberation movement of Japan, by matching their own pace to the release of Japanese women, which is to be in the inferior, their friendly of it to the woman, a person of character, and around ( especially for women ) impress the aim is also seen that there is.

However, people who push the men's liberation movement of Japan, on the premise of superiority of these men, is to be taking a calmly attitude, they are, is because it is ignorant to the true personality with the Japanese society.

Traditional Japanese society is, in fact, have a wet = feminine personality. It is, collectivism, such as tuning-oriented with the surroundings, interpersonal mutual checks and balances, are made up of regulations. Such a feminine personality, force of women in Japanese society, exceeds that of men, ie, established by women is standing advantage.

In addition, Japanese women, in society, play a management role such as the grasp of household management authority ( men merely have been Kokitsukawa as the labor force ) , also dominated the children in child care and education ( During this time, men automatically, has been placed out of the loop ) , even if the child is grown, by constantly controlled so as to continue to have spoiled and dependent mind against their own, a strong "maternal society" It has built a.

People involved in the men's liberation movement in Japan, these, values ​​of their "male-dominated" from the social fact to break thrust from the ground up, has turned away the eyes unconsciously. Weakness of men's liberation movement in Japan, just that substantial female superiority, not been able to correspond to the reality of Japanese society, there is at that point.

The future of Japan men's liberation movement, the way of thinking, from the traditional "male-dominated", and to those on the premise of "female advantage", 180 it is necessary to convert degrees. Such as "margin of the strong", it is no longer present.

Men's liberation movement of Japan is, at least, in order to stand on women and equal footing, conventional, wet = the nature of the feminine and was the Japanese society, it should aim to change the things dry = a truly masculine even a little . To do this, dry behavior, that is true of individualism, liberalism, etc., early even a little, better, I should cause a "dry of the spirit" movement for wear.

In addition, conventional, had come been coax such as "family of mainstay" is, in fact, as a mere labor force, only came been Kokitsukawa under the management of mother and wife, also the truth that, noticed earlier, the status quo It should break away as soon as possible from. To break away from the managed women, for example, household management authority, is considered such that the advancing movement to increase the proportion of each other have women jointly. Alternatively, a woman came to monopoly, also in parenting actively involved in their own sense of values, it will be the effort to tell the children even a little. In addition, in order to reduce the influence in the home with the woman, even a little, Kanojora the aggressive, should be advanced to the "outside world" that the workplace. Women and turnover to get away to the outside of the home, it may be placed in a home.

The biggest obstacle is, Japan man has unconsciously, "spoiled" to the woman, is a dependent mind. Men's liberation movement in Japan, a woman as the incarnation of "motherhood", such as the mother and wife, from tend to have Japanese men of the status quo to be mentally Tayoro, it must be elaborated the measures to break away and somehow the man.

( First appearance 1998 years 08 May )

Mother of son, father of daughter

Japanese men who feminists are convinced that the patriarch of Japan is a "son of the mother" of the only, is the presence of less than paternal. Protect women, such as economically earn, man, but is functioning as a husband, Toka to manage the family household, Toka to the children's education, as a father that it becomes the family's spiritual pillar are less function 're not.
Men of Japan, has a paternity, to achieve fatherhood, to become a true patriarch, wrapping yourself, to escape from the bosom of mother swallowing, be free from the mother, the release from the maternal, " it is necessary to break away from the mother of the son "state.
On the other hand, women in Europe and the United States, can not be disengaged from the strong dominated by paternal "father of the daughter" state, it can be said that is the presence of less than motherhood.

By the way, Japanese women, "the daughter of the mother", Western man, is represented as the "father of the son", and it can be said.

( First appearance 2012 years 06 May )

Japan Men = "Mother Man" (maternal male) theory

[Abstract] Japan men, can be regarded as a maternal men =, which is dominated by the maternal "Mother man". This is, Western women will not make it and the pair are regarded as the "father female" dominated paternal women = to paternity. Why "Mother Man", "father woman" is the problem? It is they, in common both, socially vulnerable, which is dominated by heterogeneous of the opposite sex and his own, the biological properties should have originally been scraped off by the opposite sex, because there has been turned into a killed socially incompetent person is.

Japanese men, rather than the paternal value in the dry, such as personal independence and freedom, mutual sense of unity, graces, importance of Natsuki, such as the importance of belonging to the group, maternal values in the dank, was sticky wet It is dominated by. In short, there is because it is maternal men who lost their paternity, "Mother Man" ( maternal male maternal male) called a. "Mother Man" has struck the anesthesia of motherhood by the mother, is a man who became a maternal of pickles.

On the other hand, women in Europe and the United States, personal independence and freedom, which is dominated by the paternal values such as self-assertion, mutual sense of unity, a paternal woman who lost the maternal to emphasize the mutual dependence, "the father female" ( paternal woman paternal female) called a. "Father woman" was struck by the anesthesia of paternity by the father, is a woman who became a father of pickles.

それに対して、日本女性は、本来の母性を保った母性的な女性であり、「母女」(母性的女性maternal female)と呼べる。

また欧米男性は、本来の父性を保った父性的な男性であり、「父男」(父性的男性paternal male)と呼べる。















For example, Toka promotion of co-workers, jealousy is strong, to try to pull a short insidious means the foot of colleagues. In short, their own is their own, others are not able to isolate and others.

In strong Western society fatherhood, his yourself, others are carved in indifference and others, savage, is in contrast to the filling in a dry atmosphere.

(First appearance 2011 years 10 May)

Japan man Why not do housework?

In Japan, in recent years, a growing number of men and women double-income household. At that time, the is from the side of the woman with the issue, in Japan men home, cooking, not me help most of the household chores of washing, etc., is that it is just work straight to the workplace.

So, why, Japan men or will not try to most of the housework?

The author, the answer is, in fact, think that there is a cause in Japan of female side. In this case, because women refers to mothers and of man, the wife of full-time housewives.

Conventionally, in Japan, the mother of men, in their own without a social career directly, his son as a "piece of self-realization", school, in the workplace, career and take a good performance, to promotion, yourself that be their manager, from the inside of the socially Eraku became son, it had been indirectly controlled the Japanese society.

As such, a son, school, and take a good performance in the workplace, intently career, in order walked the way of promotion, the son of the mother, or study at the school, other than work in the workplace, in their various chores of the home, such as interfere is, without as much as possible son, myself and I'll do all in place. Whether you son, is imperceptibly accustomed to such attitude of the mother, my studying, I say if you do only work, so Komu think of me doing all the mother and wife the other things .

This is the son of man = mother in Japan, study, it can be said to be the number one cause no longer the housework outside of work. Cause, socially as much as possible efficiently career men, is there to the mother of the attitude of men to try to promotion.

The mother of the attitude of men, of men ( the housewife ) is also taken over by the wife. Wife, men socially career advancement, and promotion, will Eraku, along with it, or improved so as to treatment in their own society is said Toka, for example, "President Mrs.", the men or to get ahead an increasing number of income in accordance with the, wants to be like his can be a good living.

Therefore, the wife, the man, so devoted to work in the workplace, as it is not necessary to use the nerve to other things, show the all housework outside of work is the attitude that they cover. It is, to men, "Oh, yourself Do I say is do not do the housework, work and Do I wish if only" is the convincing.

Recently, young Japanese women, there is a story that has become not so much housework. This is also the daughter of the mother, her daughter as a "piece of self-realization", study, to concentrate on work, housework is nothing but to because they show the attitude that he entirely behalf. The background to this, with the introduction of the Toka Equal Employment Opportunity Law, women also, if the work very hard at work, and can get ahead in the same way as men, the development of the way of "direct domination of society by women." It is related to the fact that has been started.

Until now, daughter, himself does not perform direct social career, is married to the original men, instead of doing all the housework, men ( husband and son ) is devoted to the work in the workplace, single-mindedly man ( husband and son ) by hitting the ass, has been trying to get ahead. So to speak, we were going indirect social career that has passed through the husband and son of the (indirect promotion). It is, in turn, for myself opened the way to get ahead directly, as until now, the housework just women ( Men are not ) so as to appear to suddenly unfair, the voice of discontent it will be reality that is raising.

To resolve this problem, what to do? To do so, the man to try to get ahead by tapping the buttocks as a "piece of self-realization", so to speak "of society ( through the male ) indirect rule" that is the first to reduce the number of women to try . Men are studying, and just work, not to the housework, Kanojora of attitude because it is the root cause.

In such a point, the real enemy of women who raise the voice of the accused "is unfair to men do not do housework" is actually not a man, ( in order to work smb. Hard to limit the man as a "piece of self-realization." , you try to intercept all on behalf of housework men ) men of the mother or, it can be said to be the wife of a housewife-oriented. As long as the kind of woman who does not decrease, the work-oriented in the workplace women ( for the men ) feel will not go away is a sense of unfairness.

In short, the girls, not through a man, on their own, there is a need to be diverted in such a way that Eraku directly in society. In particular, the wives of men of mothers + housewives-oriented kind "without resorting to self-realization to men, do it yourself" there is a need to bring in direction.

To do so, to such women, other than housework, it is necessary to continue to grant the ability to go doing the work in the workplace. In short, it is to be the "vocational training" to women.

The problem here is the case for, she us, in addition to housework, is too this, such as professional capacity like that it is not attached to the body. So from being considered is the profession of the housework themselves. In short, in each household, it performs a full outsourcing of housework, is of significantly increasing the outsourcing of housework. In the consignment business, is to put the girls is a "professional of the housework." In short, cooking, washing the so external employees behalf, is always to say the job as its external employees and she we do.

It is also, not to act as a housekeeper, if cooking, to delivery to make a meal in the external large-scale catering company centers. If laundry, came the laundry collection and delivery to each household, as in the case of the conventional dry cleaning industry conduct an intensive washing at the factory, again, from that deliver the finished's laundry in each home, as a large company organization of doing it is by division of labor. Then, the main business of the company, is cause borne to women who are accustomed to them. And, in those companies, women themselves, their ( traditional male same ) dedicated to work in the workplace, promotion, it is to carry out the promotion competition.

By doing this, the company's work in the first place, how divided that the home of the housework itself disappears ( all is one of the company's work ) because, in the prior art, because "men do not do housework, unilaterally housework It will not hold tone that unfair "to women who come burden of. In short, the housework in a conventional home, cooking, by outsourcing as work in the workplace of washing company, "both men and women, ( other than work ) do not have to do housework," because do I like is there.

This is, parenting is also similar, work time-consuming, the nursery school, by active use of outsourcing by the kindergarten, it is possible to reduce the work burden has tended to bias in the conventional women, women in the workplace of it is considered to be able to concentrate on work.

Also for men, without the housework and child care, be devoted to work in as usual workplace until now, will that deserve in any way be accused no, "the man work" to maintain the values ​​that there is a merit that it is. However, "the woman home" values ​​that should not If you do not give up.

Alternatively, the men, women ( mother, housewife-oriented wife ) role as due to "piece of self-realization", that is released from the pressure, the mother like a Up to now, the wife of the ( social of the man himself promotion for ) is released from the mental pressure of expectation, it can be said that there is more freedom also benefits will be able to live with a mental margin.

( First appearance 2005 years 10 May )

Work human beings, prone to company man Japan man

Japan men, why work human beings, whether prone to company man?

Japanese men, dedicated to just work, have the easy constitution at the expense of the home.

Is it, would be why?

(1) from his mother, it is because are controlled so as to devote to work. Tool for the mother of self-realization, is because it has become a puppet robot.

(2) When you get married, his wife, household management, is to be occupied the center of the home features such as child-rearing. The results to be taken all the important function of the central to the wife, husband of function, not left only the salary only placed in the home. It is to think intently If you do not concentrate with their own raison d'etre is lost.

(3) in the home, it is to be left out to his wife and child. Mother and child is closely adhesion to mother-to-child coalition, to form a capsule, in order to eliminate the father from there, or husband is also in the midst of the house, is handling nuisance, as a convenient domestic labor providers is only Kokitsukawa. Well, want to spend outside the home, want to escape from the house, you want driving to work in government offices and companies, it is becoming to think that want to be free from the control of his wife.

To break down this situation is,

(1) man himself is, interference by the mother, it is necessary to be free from domination.

(2) at the time of marriage, household management, the central part of the household functions, such as raising children, it is necessary to strengthen the influence so that it can be fairly shared by his wife and upsides.

(3) psychological ties paternity, it is necessary to strengthen such competitive bond mother and child.

(First appearance 2012 years 1 May)

Break away from the "Ukai-based society."






















Gender theory of Europe and the United States, is a theory based on the assumption that the position of women is weak, when they are introducing it in Japanese society, be considered that women are weak in Japanese society can be successfully imported, of theory to Japan first consider state-of-the-art introducer and that it is convenient and it is delicious I think accustomed. So, that of Japanese women, according to the "correct" the "correct" Western theory that their is introduced, is to think in one of the mid-unconsciously trying to be socially that's weak presence.

Then, Japanese women is intended to collect exclusively the only evidence that the weak. At that time, in Japanese society, superficially male attention is paid to the Toka male chauvinism that swagger than women. Male chauvinism, since the phenomena that they had to conform to Western theory to be introduced, I look at it the correct Western theory to try to "still my introduction. Their is introducing the advanced theory, in Japanese society becomes the enlightenment's for, we gather everyone's attention is on the cutting edge of social reform. "and fall into narcissistic.

Then, in Japanese society, evidence to show that women are stronger than men, is to ignore one of the mid-or rather intentional unconscious.

As evidence, the papers and books what they write, Japanese society is between the mother-to-child ties, adhesion is strong, maternal society in which the mother has dominated the society in the form of a child moves move by drew voluntarily the meaning of mother Toka is, in the passive people of Japan meantime, which have strong feminine atmosphere that values the unity and oneness of each other, women Toka is an advantage, rather than to hold a string of household purse husband wife and mother-in-law ( mother of the husband ) Toka is, in the home, thin ties between the men and children, the right to education of children a woman has said that a monopoly, the side that women dominate the Japanese society, most It does not come out.

Japanese women ( daughters of the daughter-in-law or daughter-in-law will schedule ) they are, but I really want to criticize the mother-in-law, because it can not, in search of psychological outlet, even to the point of being criticized men I will not notice.

Brute force of the Japanese society of these Western theory, and mechanical direct import, itself carrying out the disregard of inconsistencies due to imports, it is regarded as the Western theory and authoritative answer, the same and psychological integration, of faith targeted, I thought it's okay if we attached to this theory, become a sympathizer of the theory, and to rely on theory, trying to psychologically dependent, is based on the feminine attitude to be Amaeyo, to motherhood it can be said that the proof of that is dominated. Yet, the person trying to direct import of the question theory, remain unaware of the fact, that it has been earnestly faith the Western theory that is inconsistent even for myself, psychologically inconsistent, enclosing a twist it can be said that.

They also, their propensity is passive, not Kaware from myself, to not Umidase a new shaft, and dressed in a Western theory, became themselves reformers, is are you with the intention of has changed. And, it is to try to appeal to their own as a reformer.

( First appearance 2007 years 11 May )

"Behind the Spirit" of conservative Japanese man

Japanese men, conservative in general, is unadventurous and adventure is hate.

The thing is, for example, in the employment selection of after school, appearing in the Toka be selected from now rather than in the previous what happens do not know venture, is already stable, and more priority to the government and large companies where there is authority .

Originally, men, destroy the existing order, to change, but it's supposed that specializes in the Uchitateru new ground original, Japanese men proceeds to reverse course from that, especially with Toka doubt on that thing and not be the case.

Japanese men, Japan of the Toka large companies, in research and development, are they not making a new product is not in the other companies, but there is also a story that, in fact, they are, because there are rival companies, rival other companies won the competition to be the challenge of new things reluctantly in order to win customers, it would be the correct one that he forced. If the oligopoly state rival, must not have, they also, as officials will select the Directions to live along the existing precedent without challenge new things.

Japan man, why, in such a conservative, or will to choose the way of life that emphasizes precedent, the tradition?

In fact, they behind the Japanese male, is are you the presence, such as behind spirits are destined to take such a way of life. It is, or a mother of men, such as or a wife of a housewife, a Japanese woman.

Women in general, their own self-protection, is safe sensitive and unadventurous, have economically stable, than fail to put out a hand to new things, to live within its framework to protect the existing order oriented to.

They are, in men, those of their own self-protection, safety, to request the highest priority that economic stability is ensured. On the other hand, Japanese men, a result that has been raised in a strong mother and child a sense of unity, to the mother and wife, and psychologically dependent, so that the spoiled, with respect to such women of request, oppose it There can not be psychologically. Or rather, unwittingly, it is of that it's such a way of life is desirable so that the think myself.

Japan men, is inherently feminine values, and employment in the central government and large companies that have already established a force, to get ahead in his, he may consist in economically stable and prosperous , deeply infected unwittingly to the values ​​that is the existing order, so as to avoid challenging masculine way of life that to destroy the authority Uchitateru the new order.

These, maintenance of the Japanese men, after all, the Japanese men, it can be said that it has become so because they are dominated by female values. In other words, it is possible that it is a manifestation of the strength of the social influence of Japanese women.

Japanese men regain the original masculine, it is required to overcome the conservatism of these women from.

As desired by the mother and wife, to adapt to the existing order, authority, or live within its frame, to destroy the existing order, whether the advance in men original direction Uchitateru new ground, the Japanese man is being questioned than is.

( First appearance 2008 years 03 May )

Japan man on the palm of mother

Japan man of images, mom = playing in the palm of your hand of Japanese women, is an image that selfish immature boy with naughty.

In short, within the scope of the mother, and remains within the influence, it is of the Japanese men do not get out of the middle people from there.

There are, Toka want to protect the mother, Toka want to be embraced, as such want to be spoiled, it is the visible "womb regression oriented" that want to be in the mother's bosom. Affiliation company organization is or has become a mother instead.

Children, such as the son for the mother is the most important presence, easily cherished treated. Therefore, Japanese men, within which so are important treated to the mother, to think about yourself and cute the most important, with women the same, tend to be self protection first of narcissist it can be said.

(First appearance 2010 years 7 May)

Japan men who fear the rebellion of the mother

In this document, the Japanese men, and cut off a lukewarm sense of unity with his mother, it is proposed to move away from the domination of his mother, independent.

However, a matter of fact, Japan men listen to in these proposals is that would be less unfortunately, is the author of the reading. Why not?

One is, the Japanese men, a pleasant sense of unity, such as the warm water of the mother, if you are completely immersed in empathy, there is the fact that it is difficult to get out there on their own. Though that is much trouble I think pleasant with his mother, what with all the way out from there or do I have to expose himself to the cold wind? It is a rejection that.

Another, proposed that the "Let's break away from the control of the mother" above, from against the mother is a benefactor to me brought up love yourself until now, the rebellious, out to Yumiwohiku Acts wind up it is. Nante Yumiwohiku it to "affectionate mother," "benefactor" is that there is no reason that can be psychologically.

Feelings of the Japanese men deny the rebellion to these mother, it's just, in Japan, a sense of unity between the mother and the child, that empathy is strong, powerful presence of mother-to-child coalition considered the mother and child as one of the capsule it appears that it is.

Of the release from the maternal Japanese men, mother and child a sense of unity, it is necessary to destruction of mother-to-child adhesions, question men, but could not get it by as possible immersed comfortably in intense maternal and child a sense of unity to create the mother but it can be said that the present situation.

( First appearance 2009 years 5 May )

Japan men not raise the voice against domination by women

Why Japan men, against domination by women, do not raise your voice?

(1) man is raised by a woman, it is because you are satisfied with priority to be, traditional weak priority of male chauvinism.

(2) myself, man is because since the break the pride that strong, do not want to admit that they are dominated by women.

(3) from being dominated by the mother, it is because you are thinking good feeling. Are satisfied with the pleasant sense of unity with the mother, it is because you do not want out.

(4) by women, for the purpose of fulfillment of domination responsibility avoidance and victim consciousness "Japan is a man society" is inspired not think in large chorus that, be persuaded, it is because it is swallowed.

(5) I do not want to offend the women who are sexually attracted (wife, lover), is because you do not want to be hated.

(First appearance 2012 years 1 May)

Winners men of Japanese society is, in fact losers

In Japanese society, to ensure the top in terms of income and status, men of the so-called winners, in fact really will of a winner at the?

To go up wins in Japanese society, its own way to adapt to Japan uneven society, it is necessary to adapt, that when The problem is, wet Japan uneven society, feminine (population-oriented, mutual sense of unity, is the emphasis...) of harmony, is that there is under the control of real motherhood.

That is to be successful in the Japanese society, is that the idea of ​​the things a woman, that do not If you do not match the mother. It can not be successful and not a female.

Life of the winner men in Japanese society, often in rather than a male person's life, or Mai there it is in a lot of that is in the life of the mother. At first glance while appeared to be moving at their own will, in fact, I wonder not than are moving in the will of the mother. Japanese social system is the system for the mother.

In short, to win go up in Japanese society, their male sex (personal independence, freedom of securing ...) to throw away, becomes a female, it is necessary to move to the street to listen to what you say mother, in that respect, it's become the losers in terms of loss of masculinity.

In contrast to this, women, it can be said that in the Japanese society of the female, is the winner in the mere presence.

(First appearance 2009 years 6 May)

Cause of traditional rice farming Japan male weakening

Traditional rice farming, in Japan, mother, resulted in a society dominated by mother-in-law, has become a major factor in the weakening of the position of men.

Rice farming, settled in one place, each other strongly depends on each other in Toka irrigation and drainage, to require a collective unison work. In that respect, free point move or transfer to another land of the members, the work of an independent pace based on individualism, and went, favorable behavior in gas molecular men is entirely limited by the dry, ambient of continual harmony with other settlement members, tuning, coordination, foster a sense of unity with the surrounding population-based principle, a favorable behavior in liquid molecules woman in the wet, such as, people engaged in rice farming is forced intake it's a give not.

That point, in order to strengthen the position of men, it is necessary to break away from the traditional rice farming. One is, animal husbandry, is to directly introduce a nomadic, is promising in the Toka Hokkaido. Another is, as California's rice farming, nomadic, was constructed from the pastoral point of view, a new large-scale, automated rice farming, is that also practiced in Honshu.

(First appearance 2011 years 8 May)

A true gender equality society

In the realization of the true of a gender-equal society, men and women, at home, participation is equal in the workplace 50:50 should aim for. Society of the only man, eliminating the society of the only woman, should aim of gender confusion.

Workplace in Japan, a large number of man, has become a so-called man society of man main, male to female ratio has become unbalanced. This is, mothers of men is a white-collar worker is, to control the son = man, is due to the fact that by using simultaneously the workplace as a place to compete with each other as the self-realization tool. Alternatively, the wives of the men, by yourself may not be the work of earnings, it is due to the fact that not get away from the point of view of a comfortable housewife. In short, wives, and we worked on her husband, deprivation who take sentence the salary, parasites, and than has been that it would be the Leisure class that does not work, the attitude is, and leave from the workplace of his wife, flood of men in the workplace I had been invited.

However, Japanese men of salary, as the Toka China has been Works, has been dropped to ensure, as a result, and his wife also have been forced out to work. This is said to be a desirable trend for the gender of the labor of earnings.

On the other hand, Japan's home, has become a woman society to the initiative of the mother and wife. Household management and has important home of authority, such as children's education is concentrated to the woman, the Japanese man has been alienated from it. In the future, it is necessary to the realization of gender equality in the home, also male, should divide such a privilege. Fortunately, with the progress of the recession in the Japanese economy, work of man is to spare time, while born afford to direct the force to home there. Men, to take this opportunity, home to enter the aggressive, household management that women are a monopoly, should take parenting privileges half.

(First appearance 2012 years 2 May)

The realization of gender equality of parenting

Grown woman parents have a responsibility to the girls, that the man parents raise responsible boy, child care, not biased to the conventional woman parent single parent, it can be said to be an effective way to achieve gender equality. This is, at the same time, children dominated by sex of child care in charge, that is, lead to the avoidance of unilateral dyed to the children of their own sex. When the woman parents raise Bettari, girls as well as boys, is from being steeped in a woman of color.

(First appearance 2012 years 1 May)

Japan, China, the real reason of the boys preferential treatment in Korea

Japan and China, in Korea, preferential treatment is a man of the children, are priority, woman of children is cold shoulder. Children of the ruler is the mother (father is in outcasts), but society dominated by women is what is penetration, has occurred is disadvantageous situation seemingly woman. If the mother-in-law of Mukohaha comes into bossy attitude than Yomehaha. Even with the same children, it is gender discrimination. Mother itself is to discriminate against girls. This is equal to discriminate against that of myself. Name ze, speaking of whether the man of the children is preferential treatment, is due to the family representative functions of men. Men, it is necessary to bear the brunt of the front of the family in case of emergency, those that stand in the table, there is a need for everyday attitude as representative. To realize that a representative is to pretend to respect surroundings purpose. Girls, myself hiding in a safe back parlor, is to avoid themselves bear the brunt. In order to stand the men brunt, it is're deliberately lifting preferential treatment. A woman that is supposed to protect in the back, that pulls the brunt men the same level, is a Western culture, which is disadvantageous for women.















(First appearance 2011 years 11 May)

And men truly a dominant force, is to distinguish between men who have been raised from the periphery of the woman?

And men truly a dominant force, or should I do to distinguish between men who have been raised from the periphery of the woman?

It is behavior that is man himself is taking it, can be judged on whether dry or wet. If dry, men are able to carry out a self-rule. If wet, is thanks to the men are arrogant is that us women to stand, it is really dominated women.

(First appearance 10 May 2013)

Scale for measuring husband and wife, the strength of the power of men and women

Husband and wife, is a measure to measure the strength of the power of men and women,

(1) to measure either the authority of household management is how much monopoly. The mainly with the household account book is ask either of the couple.

(2) or to measure both children of the education of the authority is how much monopoly. Mainly to school parents meetings ask either have attended.

(First appearance 10 May 2013)

2. Paternity in Japan, strategy to the establishment of the father rights

Or Japanese family is said to be "patriarchy"?

1. First

blood is a part of the mutual coupling which forms the most fundamental of society, those who win the power of the blood level is not an exaggeration to say that win the society.
Kinship society is specifically a family, a place is home to the life is Itonama. Who on the side holds the real power in the home is considered to dominate the root part of the society.

The "patriarch" system, father, (hold real power at home) that powers are being seized in the home state is spread on the society, refers to the fact that institutionalized mid throughout society.

Theory of traditional patriarchy is a universalist theory, anywhere in the world women were those to be weak is under the leadership of men. The idea is as it is mechanically acceptable in Japan, Japan is a typical patriarchal, it has been considered. Is this, it will really correct in?

In the following, to classify the type of power that is exercised in the home to some, for each, it can be said that in Japan the home, on which revealed whether the both men and women have, the Japanese men really the "patriarch" I want to consider whether.

2. Classification of domestic power

Domestic power is, and economic aspects, is considered to be divided into psychological and cultural aspects. Here, first, we look at the economic aspects.

2-1. For What is whether the origin at the economics of economics domestic power,

Description of two ways are possible. In other words, A. And income origin theory, B. It is a description of two ways with the management origin theory.

A. Revenue origin theory

This is because strong it is more right to speak, which brings revenue, is a concept to be.

That is, "I'm have earned, (family of'll's mainstay) appreciate and think" that, wield the power to the evidence that has led to revenue (as supported by the revenue side of the family), that it is intended. In Japan, the true in here, is considered to be a large side of the husband (father).

B. Management origin theory

This is more right to speak stronger to manage the entry and exit of capital in the household, is a concept to be.

In other words, "say nitpicking (and against me), I'll not raise pocket money" and the like, on the basis that you are holding the authority to make decisions for the entire household ends meet, refers to wield the power. In Japan, the true in here, is considered to be a large side of the wife (mother).

A. And income origin theory, B. With regard to the management origin theory, in the West, because often both husband is seized, husband of Western society (the father) is, it can be said that smoothly patriarch. However, in Japan, B. Since regard to the management origin has seized his wife (mother) is easy to do Mai because patriarchy is satisfied there than errors?

That is, in the case of Japan, because the income her husband has been obtained is perpendicular to the original full amount wife, is that is is (spending not only) the management of the revenue, instead of being a husband, wife it is considered to be appropriate. In addition, not only the mere cost of living, because if the wife asset management of the entire family such as the deposit is doing is considered to be almost, in that sense, power to wield the wife is considered to be large. In fact, for the wife, it is as it is often referred to as "Minister of Finance of home away from home". From the fact that the most power in the government organization of Japan are concentrated is considered to be the Ministry of Finance, it is at such a point, it is also conceivable that the family of power as "administrator" to his wife are concentrated.

A. In the income origin theory, even if the husband (father) has been earns how much, if not able to control the loading and unloading in the home of the funds on their own, to the power of a very real economic, tied not, after all, are forced to work under the management of his wife (mother), not only to workers who hold out to his wife (mother) was obtained as working salary without it taking anything (servant like a present), and also is likely to say. In other words, pick up the income from the husband wife has been working, there is put under their management, husband, in "Ukai", is said to owners (wife, mother) has taken the fish (salary) Te, If you come back to the ship, is forcibly discharged by the owner of the fish (fish (salary) is the owner (wife, be a thing of the mother)), and only the presence, such as the "cormorant of Ukai" also it is likely to say. That the family's mainstay, but might be to some extent respected by family members, a kind of "honor" or Mai color there is strong at as a profession.

In this connection, since the Japanese assets in the name in the home is often that is a husband (father), it is a strong power of men in Japan in the household (husband, father), the low status of women there is a view that as evidence. However, as mentioned above, in the Japanese home, men, management authority (of household management authority, the so-called wallet) of assets in many cases are deprived women. Nominal holder that does not have the management authority of the asset and the (man), virtually the holder to control the loading and unloading of the asset (the woman), Speaking of Which is power to strong, virtually possession who hold the purse Do Mai to think that a woman there than reasonable is. Also in this case, men are only respected superficially, what remains to have lost a substantial authority "honor" occupations or would not in the actual situation.

Property name is even husband (man) such as land, actually manages the certificate and notebooks of (are running actually the assets) are women. Therefore, whether in on the name, but on those of men are standing, in terms that are holding the authority of the actual operation, the woman is not of a top position?

In Japan, as a substitute for the words of the mother, but there is a word "mom", its etymology, there is a theory that the meaning of a person with a bag containing the family's property.

If it is correct this etymology, had managed the family property, not the men, now that it is a woman, and who have, such as the use is / was not the authority of the property is, than a person who is not so , if there is more on the status, more women, than men, so that the original high status.

In Japan, women, by, for example, create a bank account in her husband name, or not is almost the case for the case where the overall operation of the home of assets. By using the name Whether the name of the husband to the superficial, the face of her husband make (as a representative of the family) (not to crush the face) is a substantial asset management rights, women (wife) is firmly was seized, it does not try to pass is in the hands of the man (husband).

Women feminists of Japan, only victim consciousness in advance, how themselves on family life, not than do not have enough awareness about what wields tremendous authority?

In any case, in the West, wife of the loading and unloading of household assets (purse) under the husband (father) to hold in one hand, just do the chores got in each case the amount of money required for the housework (mother) is, "housework only to workers (housekeeper) ", because the status of in the home is low, why you would want accused the system" patriarch "is easy to understand the obvious. On the other hand, in Japan, my wife because of more of (the mother, including the mother-in-law) is holding the purse, its position is not just a domestic worker, control their lives standing on top of the other family members to "home management", "life manager" that it would be reasonable that regarded.

-Closing their eyes to the real economic power of Japanese women themselves possessed, for a nominal power with men to attack to say that system "patriarch" is, it will not be said to be unfair UGA (or whether such manifestation of the willingness of the want to get both the substantial power and nominal power)?

In Japan, women (to the management of the property), which holds the string of family purse of is to account for at least 60 to 70 percent of the national household. Appendix of the household account book is, may be seen as a manifestation of this that come attached to the women's magazines (Toka friend of the housewife) instead of the male magazine.

Wife, grasps the spending authority of the home finances. It does not have permission to manage the salary that has earned of yourself to her husband own. Is the presence of only put a salary in the house (not just a salary transfer machine). He long ago had passed the salary bag as it is to the wife. His salary is in modern perpendicular to the original wife gripping the passbook by bank transfer. Salary he has earned much trouble is, not remain in the hands of his own, everyone there so would go straight to the original wife, freedom to not be his own. He is what is alienated from the salary earned with their own.

Why, the Japanese men, (they use at no relation to the original home) the minimum required capital for me to, everyone will pass to his wife, how anew often get in the form of pocket money. In addition, the authority to determine the amount of husband own pocket money to finally be in the wife, husband himself is alienated from it. Husband (he gave the initiative of the decision to his wife) can not decide on their own that their own. Japanese man (husband) is, how to do things such as to purposely weaken his position? Whether the cause itself the alienation phenomenon from your own is much trouble-earned wages ( "alienation from the self-wages")?

Why, Western and whether the difference in gender to become a "Ministry of Finance" came out in Japan, cause elucidation of a future work (in Japan, my husband would whole pass as it is the salary earned with their own against the wife convention but how will was finished by?) when, as one way of thinking, the difference between nomadic society and the agricultural society is considered. According to the knowledge of the geography and cultural anthropology, nomadic society whereas men facing, farming are those women began, that are directed by women. Of rice, environmental adaptation of women facing (such as food security) in Japan, where action is the main, or the role of household management, which account for a strategic point of life came to be borne by women, was not a very natural course of events ?

Also expenditure in the home (such as pocket money) determine the authority of the (budget) to say that women are holding, to the men, not the inability of the budget (currently at the Ministry of Finance of Japan is mainly men budget is doing the organization) is, in the home, the past (as a result of losing to a power struggle in one day do not know), had long become a thing of the woman, it is considered.

2-2. Psychological and cultural aspects

(1) psychological dependence on the husband wife, mother of the (mother-in-law) 

In Japan, the husband, is said to tend to psychologically dependent and his wife to the mother instead of the usual. Graces mother when their mother is alive as a mother-in-law, mother after the death is fawn to his wife, is that. Considers these phenomena and one of culture, it seems some people referred to as a "mammy culture". In addition, "married, a large children increased one person" many voices of housewives say things like.

In addition, many occurring in the Japanese home "Yomeshuto problem" has a strong bond with her husband (son) and mother-in-law (mother), it is believed to occur in order to compete with bonds of the husband and wife. Japanese society is also seen as one of the evidence that is moving in the maternal dominance. If the husband is a real patriarchal, husband standing on the wife and mother-in-law, but immediate conflict is that the supposed can be resolved between the two, the Japan of the husband, in fact, swayed by both the wife and mother-in-law It is in, or if the which does not take only a half-hearted attitude of not stick is not of a majority? In addition, potentially a mother Complexion box (does not rise head against his mother), the amount of the husband, or Mai there is quite high for the compared to Western?

Woman (wife, mother) or Mai and psychologically dependent on does not increase the head man (husband) is, the woefully suspicious Speaking of whether it can be said that the patriarch of the true meaning is in reality?

(2) absence of the husband in the home 

In the Japan of the home, especially in the salaried workers home, her husband at work human beings, it is that it is often not reflect on the fact of home. As a result, the shadow becomes thin in her husband's home, it is happening a phenomenon that in turn is alienated from other family members. This is because his father was not at home, it is likely to cause that could not be observed learning of as household people of his own father. Husband, to be voluntarily alienated from → home so as not to have an interest in, such as in advance of the home and children child care, that the wife at home will automatically seize authority on the economic and education, in the family as ensue for generations, have been orchestrated to social, it is considered.

The absence of a person in the home, it is unlikely that came to power in the psychological aspects of the home. After all, as long as the "father helluva do it by" not have my stand Toka artificially by his wife, to see the power of the man (husband) does not hold, or not than reasonable?

(3) focus on the children's education rights of women

In the Japan of the home, raising children is the percentage of mothers (women) is monopoly, seen as higher than in Europe and the United States. In such a point, Japanese men, from the authority to the education of their own children, have been alienated voluntarily, and may be said. The results do the parenting, children Natsuki to myself, or is to listen to what you say yourself, can or convey the values ​​which you have to children, those who raise a child, is a major side benefit. Those who get the perks, but in Japan to focus on women, men, by the values ​​to separate the perimeter that the "man should not be swayed by home, we should concentrate on salary earn", the man from home, it's has lost the right to the education of their own parenting and children. As a result, it serves to substantially lead the children in the family, rather than the father, and often occupy mother (woman) is considered.

Wife as the administrator of the child, holds the real power in the education of children. Wife (woman) is, to work better as wages supplier to her husband, yo do so given the pressure (husband of hundred's next became a section chief, you also want you to become working hard , say, etc.), from the husband (man), not put your children to unconsciously (he or she monopoly). As a result, the husband (man), alienated from the children (deprived of the privileges of education, useless person from children, is coarse refuse treatment)

Phenomenon should also referred to as occurs.

Is the presence that has been disconnected from the home and their own children men of Japan, in the home, can lead to the mercy of their children as it is become smoothly to the "patriarch" is unlikely. Will not the current situation is that the actual power female side of the set the stage to hold (such as "Dad helluva do it by" lift in front of the children and) is not essential?

Sense of unity and the bond between the child and the mother (Western compared to the) strong, ties between the child and the father is weak if Uragaese, also the fact that his father is far removed from the central presence of the family for children ( or it will not be rather more of the mother is at the center of the family) to illustrate that?

After all, even in the psychological and cultural aspects, in Japan, man (husband) is, if the thing for women (wife) dependent in and shadow is thin in the home, that, patriarchy in Japan is established that is has to, conventional editorial in Japan of feminism, or Mai there should viewed as woefully suspicious?

3. Patriarchy and confusing practices

As patriarchy and misleading practices, male chauvinism and marriage, and the like.

3-1. Subjection of women

The male chauvinism, men are respected than women, is a submission to the male of female, believed to be the opposite of the phenomenon of ladies first in Europe and the United States.

In traditional Japan, male chauvinism is, as a symbol that indicates a low of (the compared to men) status women, was a concept that has been given to make an example of feminist.

If the interpretation of Japan's feminism is correct that cause the opposition to women's liberation movement in the male chauvinism in Japan, ladies first (women are respected than men, men are subjected to female) in the Western, male liberation movement it should occur.

Ladies first is, to name a familiar example, for example, refers to Toka'll open for women the car door men proactively, Toka I'll sit by pulling the chair of the women in the restaurant, the act. In this case, the look, men and women relationship, appears to be of the relationship between the Queen and the servant (though arrogant women, men are resigned to lower).

However, women 's movement that aims to women's liberation has begun in the ladies first Western. This may be accomplished, in the West, men are not in obedience only to the formal women, contrary to the apparent, effective control force, in terms of power, it does not indicate that it is higher than the female ?

At the same Applying to male chauvinism the same thing, women against men, shows that the subordinate apparently only, say that women who are in power basis is stronger than men, not necessarily women in vulnerable groups is not it.

Male chauvinism, to the women men, apparently also, because refers to the state in which virtually also placed under the control, than the Western ladies first, because the problem for women is a serious of traditional Japanese feminist will view but, in Japan, in terms of effective control force, to be regarded as a woman is submissive to men, it is possible to several objections.

Japanese women, economically, the point is holding the authority of the household management in general in the home (such as the authority to determine the amount of pocket money to the husband), or as cultural aspects, hold the rights of children education in one hand and, the impact children under (especially male) results for which it is brought up, move according to the maternal principle than the (paternal Japanese national character (social character) has been feminized, respect for harmony in human relations, collectivism specifically a is, etc.) point, and, if not rather women have dominated the men in Japan, the evidence that seems to be considered no shortage.

As a basis for national character of the Japanese people are believed to be feminine, for example, it can be mentioned the following points.

- human relations the importance (better women, than men, since I was a baby, interest in human beings is as strong) → essence view of interpersonal relationships

· External pressure is not going to move from their own that there is no (diplomatic) → passivity

And large organizations (authorities and large companies), such as employment if depend oriented Taiki shadow → safety-oriented

· Precedent of not is that there is no (in the science field, less ingenious theory, are just additional test of Western theory) → lack of heart adventure 

- rather than rational, (in family theory of sociology, a leader in the emotional plane, is assigned to the woman) is an emotional → wet

And collective principle (more women, than men, have been prefer itself that gather each other)

In Japan, women (wife) is, look to follow the man (husband) in the home is because earns the apparent husband (for such as to motivate as revenue supplier of husband), When the wife ceases to make a husband, the authority of the husband originally do not have a firm foothold is considered would quickly fall to the ground.

In fact, the Japanese men in the home, be referred to as "coarse garbage" or "wet fallen leaves", an extreme that there is no presence. These are, it can be said that it is the word that indicates the low of the actual status in the home of the man.

Although I mentioned before, in a typical home life of Japan, women, household budgeting authority (such as the determination of the allowance amount of the husband) just not children's education authority (foster mother and child a sense of unity in economic because it is a based) to hold in one hand, Japan's home, or is substantially not surface only) is given to the ruling space and going on (patriarchy of women rather than men?

Of the four functions of the nuclear family say the Murdoch, in Japan, 2 function (economy, education) a woman is a monopoly. Two of rest is, that sexual and reproductive, which is an item not be said to be dominant.

Rather, Japanese women, particularly in the case of full-time housewives, from the strength of the authority, as "home management", "(family life) Administrator", are higher than the other family members such as husband and children is not What is appropriate to capture as exist? In other words, if you were considered the home as bureaucratic organization, in Japan, women per management of a position to manage the life in general of men, men as mere workers to live under it, working their own obtained and the salary, how are taking hold out in full action in women, not considered to be the current situation in Japan?

In Japan, that women take in management positions at such agencies and companies is a (than men) significantly less, it shows the low status of Japanese women, and of Japan of feminism criticism but it has been the subject, which is also, by applying the view of the above, husband, for any helluva position outside the home (for example Prime Minister), wife to manage the "life manager" ( "prime minister" the fact that "(domestic) administrator (job)"), or is not of a reasonable person who always thought that are in the position of one rank than her husband?

3-2. Marriage

Because obedience to the wife of the husband in the home, rather than obedience to her husband individual, should be considered a submission to the husband of the house of the family (Toka mother-in-law).

Or a conventional direct line (was newly marriage) in the family low status of his wife, it not than can be explained by the effect that even a "newcomer effect"?

In other words, the wife, as a member of the "newcomer" family, and from the outside to the husband of the house, will enter from the state of influence zero. Therefore, enter stand has a low status, will be weaker than the husband other family members. However, the thing that this "newcomer effect", as the wife goes with the ability accustomed, such as the customs of the home, will be soon disappear, wife of force is considered to gradually becomes stronger. And entered the house of her husband to measure the position in the recently point in time, but appears to be weak against the husband, at the time from the mother-in-law has been handed over and the authority of the household management, is greater than the husband in terms of status it is conceivable. In addition, at the couple separate surnames minute that submission is lost to the husband of the house, it is considered to be a visible strongly.

Living with her husband's family is a cause of atrophy his wife. Be strong and do not live as Mr. turban cartoon. Submission of the wife, obedience to the husband of the house, is a submission to the husband of the parent, is especially submission to the mother-in-law is a same-sex female. In this sense, becomes a problem between the woman (mother-in-law) and the woman (daughter-in-law) is the obedience of his wife. Submission to her husband is a part of a series of Kyojun to, such as family tradition of the house of her husband, not necessarily be said against her husband individuals. My husband is not necessarily follow So "patriarchal", it is considered. Taken out in the form of separating the husband individual from its belonging to the house, when the face-to-face one-to-one with his wife, whether her husband maintain the advantage, very doubtful.

4. Sad "patriarchal" - the real reason of the cry "patriarchal" by Japanese women

In consideration of the above points, it can not be said necessarily a woman is weak. In addition, it is not possible to say that there was a patriarchy of the correct meaning in Japan. Men (husband, son) better is weaker than women, or women (wife, mother) is that had entered under the control of, not the reasonable Historically?

Japanese feminist theory of the current situation, in the future, and direct import from the Western theory, as a case of mechanical fitting has failed to Japanese society, or Mai there than posterity to leave the stigma.

Men of Japan has sent a life to go out early in the morning return late in the household called for work, has led to father absence in the home. This is because they have no place, such as not able to have in the home have their own room, has been alienated from family members, is because it is unpleasant that at home. They are not able to have the initiative also for household management and children's education. All real power in the home are held for women, Japan's home is of substantially matriarchal.

Despite this way is very thin shadow of the man in the Japanese home, the women of the men to continue to cry "patriarch" is considered that there is a good reason and strategy.

In general, the role of people in the title stick of "long" in the organization, roughly divided into 1) representative, 2) responsibility, 3) it is considered that there are three of management. Representative function, as the face of the organization, role to expose yourself directly to the external environment, the responsibility function, role to social sanctions to take that responsibility when the organization members has committed a failure, management functions , it is the role of management and control with a compelling force the behavior of organization members.

In the Japanese home, the role of this out management women are almost exclusively. Woman (wife, mother) has the authority of household management and children's education, male (husband, son) be to psychologically dependent against yourself, man (husband) and children as they move their own way in, and directed to listen to what you say yourself. Administrators = from the idea regarded as a "long" is, Japan men are devoid clarify the status of "patriarchal".

However, representative and, for the role of responsibility, women will avoid having to carry out its role, trying to impose on men. Women intentionally "patriarchal" that men do not have the authority of the home management cried to is, all foreign to on behalf of the organization called home, the Yakumawari to take responsibility when the operation did not go well for men in from trying done has turned and trickery none other. So why women, or not to try to take their own representative and responsibilities role? It is, women have a fundamental, without trying to put in the dangerous position of myself, always based on the directivity of self protection to be no matter in a safe position.

Women, hate go out to external to the surface as a representative. It is better than the outside to be exposed to danger remained on the inner side of the world is because safety is easy to ensure. That represent the family in externally is to expose myself to the outside, it is to stand in a position that is applied directly attack or harm. For this reason, women, tailored to the representative role, which becomes an externally "shield" the man, myself will try to send a life that is guaranteed the safety in the inside. The tailor to the representative of the family "patriarch" men, exposing the man in the wind outside the house, their own is nothing but to because there is underlying motive to be comfortably spend in the inside.

Women, also, is take responsibility hate from receiving social control at the time of failure. By receiving sanctions, no longer Could help from anyone lose their social life, because the fear that threatened the safety of himself. Therefore, without a final decision on the action from their own, Yakumawari that the decision is going to impose on all men.

As a pretext of responsibility fled, and tailored the men in the "patriarch" to decide things in the home and finally me decide to say "you'll have to decide", was decided "at the time of failure by you. You because but said please this way, I'm up in accordance with it. gonna you this happens do not go. I not my responsibility. "and the clearance is so. If the man does not try to decide the things from myself, that the "indecisive man hate", blame the man.

Designation of "patriarchal" is, he is, is a manifestation of what has become a target, the target of the pressing responsibility by women, in that sense, it can not be said to compliment the welcome pepper. Japanese women, usually while handling a nuisance the man, trying to rely on the only man at a convenient time to smearing responsibility of action result, and of trying to use, it has real power of women is in the home How long that the men do not have is also the true reason to cry "patriarchal". Without knowing this, the men of Japan "is your patriarchal" from women have become feel good is flatter and is, it might be a no stupid existence salvation so.

(First appearance 08 May 1998)

The apparent only of patriarchal society Japan

The Japanese society can be seen in the patriarchy is only apparent.

Japanese women, when that failed, to their responsibilities escape, are pressed against the position of responsible men "long". In that respect, by women, director of male superiority is being carried out. Japan man is asked by thorns in women of courtesy, who had been considered is for the body.

If Japan really patriarchal social, national character, should be masculine = dry. However, the traditional national character of Japanese society is feminine in the wet (sissy). And national character Memeshiku, and do not than not be satisfied because patriarchy? That it is the Japanese society = matriarchal, should be suspected.

In true of patriarchy, such as Europe and the United States,

- father - children of ties is, mother - stronger than the children of ties.

Father is holding the final authority of parenting. Children grow up to dry = masculine is because the father of the impact force is large.

- incest is likely to occur between father and daughter.

On the other hand, in the matriarchal, such as Japan,

- mother - children of ties is, father - stronger than the children of ties.

Mother is holding the final authority of parenting. Children grow up to wet = feminine is because the mother's influence is large.

- incest is likely to occur between mother and son.

In Japan, husband to wife, degree of psychological dependence, wife to husband, than the degree of psychological dependence, much stronger.

As soon as a child is born between the husband and wife, husband, that of his wife, now referred to as "Mom" or "Mother", the graces for the real mother, shifting to his wife, it is.

Husband you are psychologically dependent to the wife, because a patriarch to dominate the wife, who is dependent, to dominate the person who dependent, is inconsistent with common sense.

(First appearance 07 May 2000)

The misunderstanding of the patriarchal image in Japan

What are the conditions that is true of the patriarch?

Patriarchal image in Japan is out with those of the original, it has been misunderstood.

(1) As of Japanese father, not anything from their own, such as "○○ white", "Bring me ○○", without doing anything while he had sat down, his wife, that of personal belongings the, swagger and to do it in a commanding tone to (get to do) is, it can not be said that the patriarch. And everyone should have him doing to his wife, in their own power, can do nothing. Originally, patriarch, dynamic, move themselves willing body, must be a leader that shows the behavior of the model of the family. There is a need for active resistance. In just a lazy and hedonist, the family is not considered a patriarch that of their own, only as troublesome "baggage", will not see.

(2) Japan's father has, a Naniwabushi, a relationship such as greasy boss henchman, not masculine. There is under the control of the maternal in the mental aspects, it can not be said that the patriarch. In serving as the patriarch, dry rationality, individualism, liberalism, etc., it is necessary to wear.

(3) Japan's father, as a stout (stout sitting), does not move even in leverage, it is a heavy presence, has been to be ideal.

Not move from one place is fixing oriented, a static (wet), a maternal. Originally, or those that patriarch, actively, here and there moving around, not of a dry exist?

(First appearance 07 May 2000)

Absence patriarch

Japan men, such as overtime until late at night, do not go home are attracted to the workplace to the home. This is called a "absence patriarch" phenomenon.

This phenomenon can happen, believed to be due to the following reasons:.

1. In the home, grew up without looking at the figure of the father (father absence of the home). Not learned the father image at home.

2. In the workplace, to the promotion competition, pressure is applied from the mother or wife. Husband title of (son) (figurehead) is made directly to the gills of the administrator serving as a wife (mother). Become one of the evidence was how well management.

Such a cause, men, let continues to have long in the workplace, will be absent in the home, leading to a shadow it becomes thinner.

(First appearance 07 May 2000)

About plans to patriarchal the Japanese home

Traditionally, Japanese home, which is under the control of motherhood, from the standpoint of men, regained the power of the father, even a little, fatherhood reduction, it is necessary to patriarchy of.

To do this, first of all, recent, in favor of social advancement, trying to break down the maternal love myth that motherhood is essential to raising children, it is desirable to use a female side of the movement to abandon the child care.

In other words, women's studies, is multiplied by the child care avoid or abandonment movement by feminism, "If mothers are not brought up, his father intends to subscribe child care on one hand" than is to exercise the "Making It Happen parenting paternal-led".

Up to 3-year-olds, a time when the foundation hardens the child's personality, to eliminate maternal, pressed by paternal side. And to maximize the father of the intervention, to prevent the children of monopoly by motherhood.

Traditional Japanese children, and adhesion with the mother, has turned into a "pickles of motherhood". Revised this, "dehydration," the maternal minutes from children, instead, is taken as the "father of the pickles."

To do so, Western patriarchal the (patriarchal) society in the model, it is important to bring the father of the wind in the Japanese home of the maternal overemphasis.

Do the parenting of the dry atmosphere of the father led. For example, it abolished the character Lying of the river, to prevent the adhesion of the mother and the children, the children, placed in a private room at an early stage. Children, to ensure that govern yourself alone made possible at an early stage. By doing so, children can wear a dry paternal wind, it is possible to parenting father led.

By doing so, children, become emotionally attached to the father, come to rely on his father, this time, on the contrary, it would be to feel towards the mother is alienated from children. One in which accounted if so. In the center of the home, the day is near his father is to be located.

True of a father in a patriarchal, as in the pre-war Japan of his father, in the home, one-man of the tyrant, as tyrants, does not behave like a wayward big children. Father of patriarchal is, with the rationality in the dry, with autonomous and clear self-assertion in a free and individualism, in the face of danger when necessary, take the neatly responsibility, like exploration, enterprising rich, which is a dry there.

True father, in the ladies first, superficial to make a mother, but in the back, her as a mistress and housekeeper, to rule in a way that stands on its. Of course, households managed by the father, the mother, is to pass pocket money needed for domestic work.

In Japan home, in order to realize such a patriarchal system of is, more than anything, Japan's fathers are, to break away from the wet presence of a conventional mother Bettari, it needs to be to take a dry idea of ​​Western par is there. To that end, his father is trained to take a dry attitude, the education program, while referring to the father of opinion in the West, there is a need to open in Japan.

In particular, in the school of Christian, Western people of the missionaries, in a patriarchal dry contact way, because the contact with the children and children, boys - fathers of Japan is to it as a reference, an early paternal the behavior can be considered to ensure that wear.

Father rights model, the United States and Europe because of the Caucasian, if that's a problem is away in Japan and racial, is a Western same nomadic, pastoralists, and may be in the Toka Mongolia is the same race as Japan.

The Japanese home, women, to eliminate in maternal domination of the field is, the home as "the kingdom of his wife," "Kingdom of the mother", a wife and mother who reigns there, out to the outside of the home, home women in the middle, maternal dominance, to reduce as much as possible the influence, by rapidly injecting a paternity instead, Japanese home the women, from the field of maternal domination, need to convert men, and to the place of paternal domination there is.

In that sense, in Japan, the women, outside the home, be social advancement, such as the company, in the home, which forms the foundation of society, in terms of increase more the influence of man, is an effective and important strategy.

To weaken the dominant force in the home of a Japanese woman, what that Japanese women to promote to advance workplace society away from the home, it is important for the current state of Japan male social status improve.

At present, Japanese men, women are social advancement, when earned a salary, their economic resourcefulness, feel to be denied the power to feed the women economically, to the social advancement of women opposite often.

However, what is important is not whether anyone earn, who is kana hold the string of finance. How much, also came earns, its earnings are taken up to my wife, not anything the like being in the "Coin husband" passed the pocket money from his wife. Men are that the "hold the purse strings," "wrest the purse strings from the woman" what is essential to the fatherhood of the entire family and thus society in Japan, patriarchy of (the realization of the rule of man). In that respect, Japanese men, the Who earned, so far without regard to the manner of, but rather, who is managing the (family) earned gold, so who is such should stick to the terms or to dominate the household is there.

The same is true for children's education. Mother of the children's education, and have to leave his wife, children heard to say of mother, father shadow of becomes thinner. This is, in Japan, has led to the re-production repeat the next generation of children who lack of paternity, for the strengthening of the father rights in the home and society, it is necessary to amend and to form his father to lead the children of education . At that time, the father should break the heart to be autonomous independent existence to disconnect the child from the mother. By doing so, for the children (it includes the children are integrated, the strong ties to try to maintain between the children) can be to weaken the influence of the mother.

Women by social advancement, to reduce the influence in the home, took advantage of the gap, function, which forms the home of the central (household management, child education) is what to take, and it is necessary for Japan's men .

(First appearance 08 May 2004)

Paternity has been swallowed by the maternal

Men of Japan, which at first glance swagger is undergoing control by motherhood. Paternity is swallowed up in the maternal, incorporated, weakened, has disappeared. As a result, Toka there is no paternity, it has created the phenomenon of father absence in the home.

In Japan, originally, man should be serving as a bearer of paternity has become a leading figure of motherhood. He is swallowed mentally mother, have lost a paternity.

Therefore, the yakuza, baseball coach, like a boss, such as the Society boss, if I were embracing force, such as the mother is important, come to be required in Japan of men. This is the world of Naniwabushi.

Alternatively, Japanese men, to try to commit only as a domestic labor force of the mother instead. Rather than a father, as a second mother, to try to Sesshiyo to children.

Alternatively, the first place to avoid raising children, running away from the role of father, and tries to stay only in Yakumawari as a son of the mother.

This situation should be amended.

For example,

Rather than a maternal tolerance, paternal judgment, decision, reasoning with, always try to move in the action force,

Instead of the same thing with her mother, adventure, Toka to do things that can not be only a father as exploration,

Toka be graduating from the mother of the son Yakumawari,

Will is not you need.

(First appearance in January 2012)

Paternal defunct "male society" (was the) Japan

Japan is the foundation of society motherhood is dominated, is a real woman society (society of typical farmers).

Japan men, to come in handy as an economical breadwinner, by women, have been erected. It has been flattered (and do not have the pride, would deflated, and for not to work).

Men, fatherhood is lacking, in spite of that there is no real power, has been arrogant. The apparent status was higher. (But substantially status was low, that thing has been hidden.) Is flattered a man society, it did not have any doubts.

However, under the influence of feminism that came from the West, it became a trend that should amend the current situation where men are arrogant.

Women will not make a man, it began to implement the handling of underdogs instead (assembly Toka Mitsugu Toka-kun).

Men lose the status of apparent, (return to status) that (original substantially status Street) has become socially vulnerable.

To start thinking how can be improved if the troubled current situation, should have the Japanese man, it is the awareness of the issues that should be shared (but, you have too much, reality is there are no men who are sharing).

This problem can be said in the recognition of the social status, the apparent position and a good example of what is necessary to distinguish between real status.

Men and women of the apparent position (apparent status), the substantially status (substantial status) had been divergence is, of that began to match is, it can be said that the change in Japanese society.

It should be noted that, by Michiyoshi Hayashi, but there was that advocated a "resurgence of paternity" in Japanese society, it is, the appearance of the pre-war men who had been arrogant erected to women and mistaken as a paternal, in the state was what was claimed that it Tachimodoro. In fact, in Japanese society, paternity sufficient to "rehabilitate" originally or not than it can be said that the correct view is that was little. In Japanese society, "rehabilitation" of paternity can be said to be established to Eze, the father of "New Creation" or "(from the patriarchal society of Toka Western) new learning, imitation" and deserves more word.

(First appearance June to December 2013)

Kaminarioyaji and mother

Russian Terrible, or there called Kaminarioyaji in Japan, hysterical, afraid, fierce, cruel, non-rational existence.

It is, rather than paternal, strict in everything, is the mother-in-law and the constitution that occurs immediately hysterical are the same, the mother-in-law of the male version, it can be said that the maternal presence.

In other words, it can be said that the mother by a boisterous violent's son planted extra Almighty feeling.

Yourself, that can do anything, almighty feeling is, it can be said that by the mother, the son of infinite receptor, have been planted by a cushion. In short, because the mother is us to receive anything, son, it is becoming to think things impossible to yourself and without.

Than such a point, the Terrible and Kaminarioyaji back that looks like a seemingly patriarchal, it can be said that with a strong mother.

(First appearance 05 May 2012)

Introduction and Japan male release of paternal religion to the Japanese society

Shigeru Matsumoto book "paternal religion, motherhood religion" According to the, Christianity, Islam, is the father of the force is a strong paternal religion.

In this regard, in order to release a Japanese man that has been dominated by the maternal, it can be said that the paternal Christian, is the use of Islam desirable. With the introduction of such a religion, because the paternity of the society can be realized.

As in the existing Christianity, it is considered to or something spread to educate the religious mind through the mission school in the Japanese society.

At that time, The problem, the appearance of the persons appearing in teaching aids and scriptures, design, they too rely directly on too Western culture, the existing Japanese accustomed to Toka Shinto strong sense of discomfort, accepted as it is is is that difficult.

Representation of Aids and the Holy Scripture, the design, in earnest, while maintaining the paternity is believed that it is necessary effort to worked Japan of rust apology.

After that, as a side note, it is necessary to prevent falling into the Virgin Mary faith. This is because lead to yearn honor the mother. It should avoid mother-to-child integrity also Toka faith that emphasizes Madonna and Child icon.

(First appearance 11 May 2011)

Pros and cons of the introduction of natural climate and strong father of Japan

Natural climate of Japan is suitable for rice farming provide a strong maternal. However, Hokkaido is a separate, but is also suitable for the pastoral bring a strong paternal.

In the land of natural climate suitable for rice farming, and the introduction of strong paternal, it will not go and does not change fundamentally the mechanism of the society on the premise of rice farming. This is what Hallam the risk of disrupting fundamentally the existing Japanese society, is also said to be hesitate of any good doing.

Therefore, the two developing is shown. The first one is a Directions to refrain from paternity introduction. That is, as before, to go in maternal superiority of traditional rice farming, it is a further stretch Directions traditional maternal feminism.

The other is alien to the traditional rice farming, strong even under the paternal think of Japan agriculture and Japanese society is properly well turn mechanism, a Directions that. As the author, I want to take here. Also has a possible North American California rice farming is carried out with a strong paternal leadership, rice cultivation is carried out properly, it is because as boasts a large yield and good quality. That is, in California rice farming, large quantities by aerial application with aircraft Jikimaki, or has been carried out management of extensive specific levee, and than is realized a gas specific rice farming in the dry, this method with the introduction in Japan, while maintaining the rice farming, it is the society's way is considered to be able to be changed to that of the gas specific paternal superiority in the dry.

(First appearance in October 2011)

From the pseudo-patriarchy to a true patriarchal

Japan up to now, was a pseudo-patriarchal. Although man has swagger out to the front, what is manipulated by the mother was a reality. Japan male release theory, this pseudo patriarchy and waste, claims the true patriarchal realized.

This is apt to be seen as traditional and stereotypical patterns that catch up to it in Europe and the United States as a model, in fact, the model may not be a Western, nomadic, such as the Jewish and Arab and Mongolia, pastoral society is wide model to become.

It is necessary to the society is shifted to the pastoral model from farming model.

(First appearance in August 2011)

"Nominal" the patriarch of Japan, or the school, which is taken the education responsibility

In Japan, the responsibility of raising children is, originally, their children remain in control to education Mom mother of meaning, but should his wife take, in fact, raising children, marginalized father from child care, is pressed against the husband. By his wife, the patriarch of the wording is conveniently used.

Japanese father and not a patriarchal, and not be called as the patriarch, the mother is troubled. It is, because raising children from being taken as it is the responsibility of the time that did not go well, because of the self-protection of a woman late, there is a contemplation that want to take others, the responsibility to his father.

Parenting is just because did not go well, do not go to reason parents dispense with irresponsible. Become a subject to be criticized as irresponsible parent is a certainty, without going to the translation to escape from there, either or father or mother, or both is not we have to be sure to take the responsibility.

For Japanese society is really the mother is strong mother rights society, as if the father is if it were a universal, why they are called patriarchy and profusely is, is there.

In Japan, whether nominal, patriarchy of the wording has been mainly by the mother, and socially necessary. It is a "nominal Patriarchy" to nominal patriarchal made by the mother. Nominal thing is, real is because it is the mother rights society. Japan's father, a strong tendency to not try to Kakawaro and aggressive children, in spite of not getting or subject of child-rearing, is being patriarchal treatment.

Meanwhile, Europe is said to be substantially patriarchal. To control his father in child-rearing is to intervene in the main, the mother is because they remain in the icing on the cake that is subordinate to his father.

In Japan, real prosecutor of child-rearing, but real ruler of the children is a mother, parenting results Officer is to become a father (is to take responsibility when you did not go well especially parenting).

Another consequence responsible for raising children in Japan is a school. School teachers children attend, the principal is to take the responsibility.

In Japan, it is handled teacher profusely clergy, there is a tendency to blame severely by the parent the fault of the little act. Although the responsibility of the teacher is to have become overweight, this is the original, has been imposed even minute of responsibility to the mother takes.

Originally, dominated the children, has become a subject of child-rearing, the mother should take the responsibility of raising children, because it avoided in the bottom of my heart to take the responsibility, it is cruel is cause women to take responsibility there also help social idea, mother (or father, school officials) around the is the is pressed against responsible.

The person responsible is that of the people of Yakumawari that are blamed on failure, there, is to join the conventional wisdom is that it is poor women are blamed, originally, the responsibility should the mother take in raising children, father and school There can be said to be taking over.

Whereabouts of responsibility tends to be unclear, everyone is reluctant to take the responsibility of irresponsible social Japan driving force behind can be said to be a mother.

(First appearance June 2012)

Snow and wet moist father

In snow country, when the snow removal, if it is dry snow, for the work that comfortable, that's wet snow, I often hear that the work in heavy snow becomes very.

Behavior is wet (wet) father and men, as compared to dry (dry) father and men, the minute the weight is increased, in order to more need that much power to move, apparently, more powerful of the one it will not appear in?

Men and fathers wet easy to take the action Japan and China, South Korea, it is considered a man and his father is the cause that is strong and misunderstanding. Moist father is a depressed father.

On the other hand, dry, dry father of Western Europe and North America, light (a light) is the father of the.

(First appearance 11 May 2014)

Husband to be snub wife, family, father

In the Japan of the husband and wife, husband, grasped the household to his wife, only be unilaterally passed a small pocket money from his wife, is happening is that there is not buy what you want.

Or, in your own home, there is no place, for example, noticeable Toka large room, to form a mother-to-child coalition (mother-to-child union) is occupied by a good wife and children of the relationship, they placed their furniture evicted which would be, my husband is, what is happening is the fact that only eliminated spend sitting in Toka chair of the kitchen.

Japanese man, husband, as a son, are various hospitality to mother is a mother-in-law can see the good eye. Husband, while you are the mother-in-law is a mother, it is that you are in good conditions and swagger to the wife is the daughter-in-law. However, after all is the mother = mother-in-law asked the problem, and no longer have their own mother, is the position becomes to leave worse.

(First appearance June 2012)

Company man, the generation of the "man society", (in the home) lack of father's whereabouts

In Japan, there is a "husband Genki the absence is good" like a proverb from ancient times, has been the say the way, such as if it is desirable to not have a husband or father in the house.

Why, that her husband (the father) is a company man, to stay only in the company, what it does not come so much back to the house is recommended by the wife (mother)?

It is, that is the case, her husband (the father) is, taking his wife (mother), is because they are continue to stay in the harmless presence does not come to challenge the power of the wife (mother).

Since the husband (father) has no place in the home, not only are in the company. Why, speaking of whether or not there is whereabouts of her husband (father), a place in the home wife (mother) and their children occupied, is because occupied.

In Japan, in the home, mother and child are strongly integrated, there has worked wet surface tension, has a mechanism that does not divided put in from outside. My father, to not let me in to such mother-to-child Union (mother-to-child coalition), is the presence that is flicked out of the home (Figure).

Since it does not put in a home, drift of each other put Could not a person in is a company, there not get put in is a man is the father, the company is a collection of such men "man society." it has become a.

In Japan, since the husband (father) is also a maternal wet, to form a closed, exclusive wet "Company" space with a surface tension. There are, another closed, is an exclusive unit wife (mother) and the children of the union is made so as not to put (Figure).

Japan husband (father) is, belong 24 hours to the company. As if it is as if they were present in the wet liquid that company, until it is restructuring from the company, not to go out of the company (which may be out, but there is no place else to go, the survival guarantee not).

Husband, have been incorporated into the whole personality to wet the company, can not escape from the psychological Company, in the morning and from the home of the whereabouts of provisional, going back to the company of the true whereabouts. In the home, can not be interrupted in the integrity of the mother and child, because the place in the home is not, reluctantly go back to the company, it is also the view that (figure).

On the other hand, in the home of dry Western society, the instruction of a father and son to father a child, has a strong ties due to the command, cut off by the ties of the father of the child, the mother of the place that has been barred from paternity no, in the state that. This is the home and the reverse of no whereabouts of the father Japan. In the society of his son center, for the father, also Toka company, is a place of temporary affiliation of provisional, it is desirable to have a free presence of away from the original company, ie, father of such should belong'm home it is considered that supposed to be.

In the Japanese home, originally husband (father) is, along with the predecessor of the mother (mother-in-law), occupies a place in the home, (have been alienated his father's predecessor), which has been occupied was the presence. However, there came daughter-in-law (wife) is, and between the daughter-in-law (wife) Children can be, her husband (the father) is, will be ejected from the daughter-in-law (his wife) and make children between mother and child Union, husband (father) is, for the time being to obtain caustic mother-in-law, but is to continue to ensure a place in the home, gradually mother-in-law is in proportion to going to decline with aging, becomes difficult to ask for Kase of the mother-in-law, gradually whereabouts it is going to disappear. Mother-in-law does not have (or, second son, mother-in-law, must not have from the beginning as Toka third son) and her husband (the father) is not able to have a place in the home, resulting in isolation. So, in search of himself and the likes of fellow, the company foot the orientation to, is home to hang out with each other who no whereabouts, is become to send the life of the company spree. This is the generation process of the "man society" of Japan.

If you look at this, Japan is a "man society" company is, in fact, it can be said is the presence similar to the pilgrims of the population. The company, which is alienated from home, is What gets close to households between the run-off castaway. And gets close to household of the and the root of the castaways each other pilgrims were protruding from the society is together.

Home to the place without drifting, sons of mother (mother-in-law) is, Yet in its percentage, is the contact with eyes from above for women to become a daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law candidate. In other words, it is he had entered earlier in the house, his is a man of senior rating to welcome the daughter-in-law, is a child of the mother-in-law, son (husband) also daughter (Kojuto) also, for position than the daughter-in-law is above it is the contact with the high-pressure with respect to women to become a daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law candidate. This is the man (mother-in-law of the son, husband) is Eraku, looks like a male chauvinism woman (wife) is that it is lower, it became the target of criticism.

Himself, is occupied home in daughter-in-law (his wife) and the children make maternal and child Union, in spite of being placed there is no place at a disadvantage, husband (son of the mother-in-law) is daughter-in-law a high pride (wife ) as shown against children is because he was there to be Pampered from the mother = mother-in-law in the mother-to-child union of former preferential treatment, together swagger of the root against indigenous new residents in rural Japan it is.

On the other hand, the company as a drift of the husband (father) who is a presence with large implications for the mother-in-law of its mother. The company, for the mother of the mother-in-law, son of nursery school, kindergarten, is the presence, such as the extension of the school. Mothers to compete a son to each other each other, their son, or joined in better company, and further by becoming the top more in it, if it were felt as if he had become a winner, achieve self-realization it is that possible. With the presentation of the son of the company, the recital and the same position in the kindergarten, mother = the mother-in-law is to be taken. In that respect, the company is a property of the mother-in-law who.

On the other hand, and for the the children of the next generation of mother-to-child Union daughter-in-law (wife), the company and its is the affiliation's husband (the father) is, automated teller machine (ATM) like a no curt, mere Uchidenokozuchi like a tool become such as the presence. Intently machine a cozy environment for the maintenance of the next generation of mother-to-child union, is to continue to provide to workers, it's they've become a role of husband (father).

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Paternity in Japan, the method of the patriarchal establishment

In Japanese society, so far paternity did not come to realize, the method of fatherhood established, can be considered some.

(1) achieves Maternal separation in parenting, prevents the formation of a strong Maternal coalition (mother and child Union), which by mother rights established. More specifically, as in Europe and the United States, the children in the infant stage, pulled away from his mother, to spend independently on all day separate room. To minimize the contact between the child and the mother. By doing so, along with cutting the ties of mother and child, at independence in children themselves, individualism, such as it is possible to make wearing a gas specific paternal specific ethos in dry, source opportunities for intervention in the child-rearing by the father of it can be increased in the manner.

(2) Household management authority, the purse strings, separated from the mother and wife, by to go to the man (father), the economic decision-making in the home, men (father) is to be able to. At least, by carrying out the Rota around the household management carried out in the Mawarimochi out of the monthly household management with his wife (mother) and her husband (the father), and Kirikuzushi gradually the string monopoly of the home of the wallet by the wife (mother) go it can be.

(3) atmosphere of Japanese society, dry the national character, by gas reduction, men to establish a foundation to help establish paternity, the Fatherhood. Wet of society, by changing the style of the traditional rice farming, which results in a liquefied, dry of rice farming style, to promote the gas reduction. More specifically, to study the method of Toka California-type rice farming that have been made in the Toka the United States, greatly reducing system the degree of need for members between interdependence and collective action in the water conservancy surface or the like of rice farming workers by introducing, promote a shift to paternal rice farming from conventional maternal rice farming.

(First appearance in August 2012)

How to take the household management authority from wife

What becomes of households now of my house, I say I want you to show me.

When you are told not to show, secret, would have had serious problems, they say that became more and more worried.

When it is shown a household account book, to find fault (as compared to the model example of a financial planner Toka which was obtained in advance). Here that's no good, the dissed. He says that it should can fix this.

Says I, if do better.

To say that I get to leave for a while one to two months, to get a passbook, a household account book from his wife.

In the meantime, to solve household problems.

Now also referred to as'll go much better better to leave it to myself.

(First appearance June 2014)

It must not fall into the maternal absorption of the father of

In the establishment of the father rights society in Japanese society, which is already effective to digest and absorb the paternal relics of society (Western Toka), which has established a patriarchal.

At that time, it is necessary not to fall into the maternal absorption of paternity.

In other words, the (Western specific) dry, the gas specific paternal cultural relics, (traditional Japanese manner) wet, by the liquid specific maternal spirit, because for the time being the world-dominant paternal cultural relics, attitude of trying to introduce because it is higher in, the authoritarian, integrated with a thing like a loving, accepting and, in the process of absorption in the form of maternal reduction, the paternity of should have been the original disappear, would be invalidated.

In the Western maternal absorption of the cultural relics in Japan, but are leaning to completely look Western values, it is a temporary attitude of only between Europe and the United States strong, paternal of the United States and Europe weakened, maternal If such China to rise again, it will be the frankly sect sort of absorption subject. In short, maternal absorption is only fluttering in the occasional strong person.

To be absorbed directly in paternity, on the side of the absorption also, it can be said that the difficult and to some extent of the father of the green body is not there. Whether to create the Japan Society of maternal full commitment to do its foundation is an issue.

(First appearance in August 2012)

Strengthening gender free thought and paternity

Conventionally, in Japan, gender free thought, feminist (feminist) has been pushed at the initiative. It eliminates the gender discrimination, masculinity, is a doctrine claim that let's focus on the individual's personality that does not fit in the femininity of the frame.
In fact, such as men and women mixing of the roster at the school, the view that it's innovative and excellent idea that remove from consideration as much as possible gender differences is spreading in Japan.
Here, Come to think of it and go back, such as gender-free thought, is each person, Directions prefer to fall apart been freed from belonging to category, close to the gas molecular motion pattern, it is a dry way of thinking, it can be said that.
It is a concept of man, fatherhood-facing prefer a free-standing independent (from the set) individual's, at first glance, while singing liberation from gender, in fact, men, are increasingly the father of the force. Individuals of mutual integrated fusion of, set to a common category, directed to the unity, motherhood, also as a way of thinking to weaken the women's force said.
Feminists of Japan, by introducing a gender-free thought, ironically, it can be said that has become hard to weaken the power of the maternal (female) in Japanese society.
In Japan, in order to strengthen the father of force, gender free thought can be said to be dressed as a tool. In short, individuals of personality-oriented, gender-free thought claiming independence from the set is, paternity strengthening in Japan, is help to men released from the maternal.
So, men of Japan, feminists are aware of their error, before to withdraw, should promote a gender-free more and more.
(First appearance 10 May 2005)

The method of paternity of revolution of Japanese society

What is the method of paternity of the effective Japanese society?

Roughly divided into a pair with a child measures, there is a pair mother measures. The following are described in no particular order.

The first is to perform the mother-child separation. At bedtime, etc., the mother of the children in a separate room, is the laying away significantly from the mother. By doing so, children can be mastered the dry state in which the people and the people were separated from each other is a natural. It is to teach the children. By doing so, the dry paternity, can be spread to the children. To coax his wife, children should not have to either free-standing, its timing, becomes smooth than sooner, and can be claimed. Since I was a baby, especially boys, make remember the taste of independence to the mind and body, be impregnated with feeling is preach to his wife to be important.

Second, the purse strings of households conventional mother hold, is to take away some extent. For example, the house of the purse is, by having the husband and wife each other instead perpetuity, better to each other to check the contents of each other and finances of the home is healthy, is the rounding his wife. By doing so, it is possible that her husband increase more the opportunity to have a purse of household, makes it easier to grasp the household management authority, it is easy to demonstrate the father of the initiative.

Third, at the time of marriage, gender equality, declared the husband and wife equality, the ratio of men and women of power, 50: to change the policy to equal of 50, committed between husband and wife, to his wife that the power to block the unbalance is encourage (his wife).

※ Then, since ( "a Japanese woman ethnic or" thread) writing on the net anonymous bulletin board 2ch there is a content separately would be helpful in, along with the summary, and described below with content expansion on the part of the author .

The fourth is to increase the length of the frequency and time to participate in the child's education at his father's home. His father is actually a figure which is doing the problem solving working or show it to children, to increase the presence in the household of a father, father, parents meetings of school, or attend actively in the Toka PTA, go home early from work every day children of the fundamental study policy (useless in a tutor to teach how to solve the mere learning problems), personality a child to reason the advice and children from the experience of the consultation of the profession that you want he occupied in the future Toka directly actively involved in education, it is necessary to increase the contact frequency and the contact of the quality of the children.

Fifth, under the strong influence of his mother, meantime emotional as it is, against the bias they tend to their children to women thinking of emotional likes and dislikes center, right or wrong decision based on logic and reason, masculine by assertive introduced the do mindset, or to think of how things from becoming why so reason, the cause on their own, when the children to do something things, the reason why perform, firm to a level where the ambient is convincing explanation by performing the Toka to, logic of the child's way of thinking, it is necessary to continue to paternity by reason of.

Six first is, after having survived considered on its own children, to make a decision, watch warm the decision and effort associated with it, is to teach you to take responsibility for the decision itself. Father of the feature, the direction of the order to lead the family in a certain direction, the determination of the policy, together with the decision, whether the decision is completed in success, about how to fail, and the best effort to be successful, emergency Once you have failed, admitted gracefully responsibility, himself wearing a responsibility, it can be said to be in place to accept pay cuts or the like. Dent teach this essence in children, it is to paternity of the child.

This kind of, in particular, but we believe that should be done for the boy is inherently actors of paternity, even for girls, is as it is in order to undermine and cut off the excess motherhood that would attached to the body in the mother EMPRESS I think also that it is necessary. As a result, as in the women's Europe and the United States, it will be men of, can not go and not to expect that the attractive as the original woman is lost.

For now, at least, as of now of Japan husband, father alienated from parenting, not get to even participate (ie, child care, education rights of children has become the mother monopoly) is a mechanism of Japanese society You do not have to change from there.

(First appearance 10 May 2013)

In order to parenting the Japanese men

Woman, man the authority of the wife household management, if you pass to her husband, also comes to raising children with the natural Japanese man.

The man of Japan is not a parenting is monopoly on household management authority to the wife, is treated like a child can not manage the money, because being placed out of the loop of household management.

(First appearance 10 May 2013)

3. Summary

This book of the summary, summary

Home, family relationships, roughly divided into,

(1) men and women relationship that the underlying marital home

(2) the parent-child relationship father and son, mother and child, in-law of the father and son, mother and child relationship

It can be said to consist of.

Japanese home, the men and women of power relationships in the family,

(1) If attention is paid to the marital relationship, in Japan, it is often the husband = men look strong. The reason is,

- daughter-in-law is marriage in the house of her husband, there is a need to hear what you say of the house of her husband.

• In the male chauvinism, it is arrogant husband.

Many can-make of is predominantly husband, wife, daughter-in-law is not so much earn, economically forced to depend on her husband.

These points to emphasize, Japan's family claim that it is patriarchal, but in between the Japanese sociologists have become the mainstream.

On the other hand, there are also aspects of his wife = women look strong.

Often the wife has a monopoly on authority of household management, it is seen many occasions to pass the pocket money to her husband. Pocket money is more of the Minister of Finance auditors to pass is the top position than those who get.

(2) when attention is paid to the parent-child relationship, in Japan, strong mother = women. Parenting of authority and monopoly, called Toka education Mamagon, are monster treats. It has completely succeeded in the manipulation robot that moves a child under the rule of their own motherhood. On the other hand, my father, do not try to have less children and involved, the thin shadow.

The magnitude of the influence of these mothers in mind, Japanese society claim that's maternal society, has become the mainstream among clinical psychologist of Japan.

In this way, and if you look at the marital relationship, in the case of looking at the parent-child relationship, and the current situation is views on force of men and women of Japan is divided, it must be well tie match integration theory the view of both it is.

The author, as an opportunity to integrate well with the view of both, propose that capture regarded as "husband = son of the mother (mother-in-law)".

Patriarchal husband that has been thought to strong presence as the length is, in fact, the mother, as a manipulation robot that is placed under the control of the mother-in-law, in fact, paternity has not been developed, claims to be maternal is a weak presence.

In Japan, parenting and the mother is a monopoly, from the time of the child's childhood, to form the children a strong exclusive mother-to-child coalition (mother-to-child Union) (mother in the ruler, the child is dependent person, mother of manipulation robot) , the mother and child one flesh state children and much more sustained even after becoming an adult, becoming the existing mother and child coalition is united, it has become composition that dominates the daughter-in-law of the newcomer. Of these, when viewed taken out only during the "mother of the son = husband," said daughter-in-law, the prior art that dominates the wife husband is a daughter-in-law, Japan = composition which has been claimed by the patriarchal society theory is visible. In practice, however, her husband, has been dominated by the mother-in-law is a mother, become the mother-in-law and together, merely suppressing the daughter-in-law.

To properly understand the power relationships in Japan of the couple, rather than see the only husband and wife (and his wife), the husband side of the husband and wife (and his wife), it is necessary to drive a wedge of the mother. Alternatively, mother and mother-in-law is a substantial center of the family, it is necessary to have a point of view of the "mother", "mother-in-law" center that to be true of the ruler.

The couple not to see only,

Mother-son (husband) ← (mother-to-child coalition not allowed to enter by dividing any person, Union)

· Mother-in-law - daughter-in-law (wife)

Husband (mother of the son) - wife (daughter-in-law)

There is a need to see three at the same time. Husband's father (father-in-law) is left in the state of the previous generation of the mother of his son, a thin shadow. Husband of the sister, as Kojuto, the same husband, as a member of the mother-to-child coalition of mother-in-law center, dominates the daughter-in-law, is the presence equivalent to the mother-in-law.

Husband, while visible to the seemingly strong patriarch for his wife, is a matter of fact, time to leave the big son of a mother even after, is dominated by the mother, is the recognition that it is a weak presence in the state that can not be mentally independence is necessary.

Husband is the son of a mother, father, unlike the mother is the family of the spiritual pillar, even while being patriarchal treatment, not accustomed to the family of the spiritual pillar continues to mentally dependent on the mother, Tomosureba contempt It is than it is present and fallen so low that looked down.

Husband is in, negative, the work has been to children and get separated, in fact, this work, or rather have done on behalf of the husband of the mother, it has become the surrogate mother of self-realization. Toka career promotion in the company, at first glance, her husband and appeared to be working hard for themselves, in fact, her husband own is incorporated into the mother, working hard for the mother to become a mother and one flesh and of that have gone is the actual situation. Mother is wavers between hope and fear in the career promotion of the son, for the husband, the success of his or her life, has it become to the success of the mother of life. In addition, the behavior of her husband take in the company, as a company man, a sense of unity with the company, emphasizing a sense of inclusion, the meantime tend to be ones maternal, to the men of the company organization to him, including adults it also shows that you are not able to get out from under the influence of the mother.

The author, these,

Mother (mother-in-law) by the son = whole personality domination of (husband for the wife)

And economic domination of the husband based on the authority monopoly of household management by wife

By combining the two, in the entire home-society of Japan, motherhood, and the rule of men is established by women, Japan is, in fact, the mother rights society, a women's rights society, and claims. Family center, the mother, is the mother-in-law.

Theory of the authoritative source of Western (Bachofen, etc.), the presence of the mother rights society has been denied so far, my claim is intended to be opposite from the front to this.

Taking the correlation between the national character and the men and women of the personality of the Japanese, the Japanese feminine (mutual sense of unity, be protected by the emphasis. Convoy type of affiliation, entrenchment safety of emphasis. Risk aversion, responsibility avoidance-oriented. conclusion that is moving in the wet ...) a liquid molecular motion manner comes out. This is, Japanese society, women's rights, is considered evidence irrefutable be a mother right society. Japanese, mother-in-law guts (around, for the junior Toka of the daughter-in-law equivalent of the current person, not allowed to talk back to all, with envy heart full, one-sided the entire personality, despotic to dominate) moving at cage, this thing itself, represents the mother in Japanese society, mother-in-law of influence, the strength of the dominant force. Therefore, Japanese society, the family analysis, mother-in-law center, it can be said that it is necessary to take the point of view of the mother center.

Traditional Japanese men, in an attempt to break the domination of mother and wife, boorish Butch, or become a Kaminarioyaji, but the section that has been opposition can be seen in the Toka domestic violence, only violent, scorn from more family is, it has produced a result that becomes the existence to be abandoned. Alternatively, but to try to escape to the outside of the household work, that work hard to work that directly becomes the self-realization of the mother, the psychological impact of the mother, it is impossible as it is to shake off the domination.

These women, maternal by Japanese society dominated, underlying the Japanese society, a woman facing, is thought to occur because it is made of water conservancy and joint work to bound rice farming culture. So, I, Japan men, to break away from the traditional traditional rice farming culture, new, nomadic home in which Western and Jewish patriarchal, Arab, such as Mongolia, dry, such as the father of pastoralists paternal by wear, you should be able to counter the mother and wife, claiming that they should be freed from the control of the mother and wife. This is the Japan male liberation theory. In short, to establish a fatherhood in parenting and household management, with dominance truly society as a father, but calling and would there be respected. The author, at that time, the rice farming, from traditional Japanese system, that amend the United States of California system of more dry manner, while maintaining the rice farming, and expect that it will achieve a dry patriarchal society there.

The author, in the end, power relations of men and women believe that equal of 50:50 is desirable. This is the claim to be equality ultimate of men and women. Western like a, think men, even if paternity is too strong, like a Japanese, woman, not good even if motherhood is too strong, moderate balance is required. The household management, husband and wife is Toka Tsukiban system introduced carried out in January replacement.

(First appearance June 2012)