Cranial nerve sociology - the brain and nervous system (neural network) and for the social and cultural -

1987 ( first edition ) , 1999-2006 (2 edition ) Iwao Otsuka

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◆ Summary
◆ Basics - nerve sociology -
◆ macro nerve sociology
◆ micro nerve sociology
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◆ Summary

This site, in order to explain the nature of human society and culture, the neural and physiological psychological perspective, we are newly introduced. The human nature, ( brain ) has proposed a view to capture as exchanges considered to be in the activity of the nervous system, integrated society of the nervous system, or neural circuits between the nervous system.

[Author Note: The contents of this site, 1987 circa ( author of the college ) is one that was created in the form of a once Essay on making it to the original. 1999 again put your hands from around, contents, sociological theory ( social structure, and communication theory ) in the form to have an association with, was changed to be more detailed.

◆ Basics - nerve sociology -

1987-2006 first appearance

◇ minimum unit of action

● synapses as behavior element

Human behavior, the function of the nervous system is the main. Brain death ( inactivity of the nervous system ) in the current of the idea to the people of death was spread, in considering the relationship between such as human behavior and social structure, considering only the nervous system is sufficient, it is considered.

The nervous system responsible for human behavior, neurons ( nerve cells ) chain-network of ( neural networks ) as well as, be captured. Human individual is regarded as a huge Neuro-computer.

Human psychology, can be regarded as a set of interaction of neurons with each other, that point, psychology, it can be said that the "sociology of neurons".

Action ( broad sense ) can be said in the central nervous system, on the statically linked neurons wiring by synaptic activity impulse to dynamically transfer a.

Action ( narrow sense ) , the sensory cortex - association cortex - a portion in contact with the outside world in the nervous system that is differentiated motor area, the neural network of sensory and motor cortex, activated by the transmission of the impulse, and movement on the appearance of the body It became one, seen as.

Thinking is said in the central nervous system, on the neuronal interconnection among activities impulses dynamically transmitted without being outputted to the outside through the motor cortex, minutes continue to persist therein, a.

Neural network, activation ( whether the passage of impulses ) from a side from,

(1) actively through the impulse, it corresponds to the occurrence act

(2) non-active manner not impulse pass, do not correspond to the generated action

It is classified in.

Human behavior, and capture and reduction in neural network activity, it is to determine the behavior, is the way of the chain of the binding of neurons with each other, human behavior, rougher decomposed by micro point of view root of place, certain neural networks, how bound by neural networks of other portions is determined, is considered to be the synapse.

Thus, "behavior element ( the behavior of the human-organisms, the minimum unit for determining within the nervous system ) ," hitting to can be considered a synaptic responsible for negative-coupling strength of the neurons to each other, and.

Then, the human nervous system is, these various genetic, hangout of acquired behavior, can be regarded as a pool (pool of behaviors).

◇ the context of the society

● social 2 different perceptions

Society, when combined perspective the work of individuals of the nervous system can be considered binding, coordination and solidarity by communications nervous system between each person, or as an interaction between the individual nervous system. Where the neural circuits inside nervous system each person is considered to be the state of the already copied from the nervous system of others around.

Apart from the above, society, it can also be regarded as a huge nervous system = super nervous system as the sum of each person's nervous system system. In this point of view, it is fused the individual's nervous system one of that great society as a whole in the "crucible". That is, the whole society, huge sensory area is not considered association cortex, one integrated neural network of the motor cortex, and a neuro-computer.

From the difference in this perspective, perceptions of society,

a. point of view is whether micro or macro

(1) how to catch the viewpoint is facing in the activities of the nervous system of every individual that make up the society

(2) how to catch the viewpoint to bird's-eye view of the whole society

b. Do not divide or separate the individual and society

(1) distinguish system to confrontation individuals and society as a different thing to each other

(2) individuals society ( huge nervous system that ) method to capture as inseparable by integrally-fusion of and into the

That 2 there are ways, and it can be said.

In the perceptions of the micro-society, thinking about the work of the individual of the nervous system, society is a case regarded as not only to have a consolidated function of the nervous system with each other, exchange-interaction between the individual's nervous system is performed further divided into a case of focusing on society as a state has.

The perceptions of macro society, culture can be considered as product of society as an integrated body between individuals of the nervous system. New cultural generation, of in huge nervous system of the entire society, seen as events that the new generation of the partial nerve circuit. Phenomenon created the culture dissemination and expansion, the neural corresponding to the culture in the society is enhanced ( thicker becomes stronger, the number of lines is increased ) in particular the corresponding.

◆ macro nerve sociology

1987 ( first edition ) , 1999-2006 (2 edition ) first appearance

● definition of society as a whole

Society as a whole, a neural network with each person, collapsing one by one person, the same site went overlapped each other, be regarded as the sum of the network.

Crush each person of the network, the task of adding the same site to each other, with relation to each other, by performing the neural network all over the earth human, one across, nearly complete for human environmental adaptation, to form a huge neural network. It is society as a whole.

Society as a whole in this case, a huge sensory area, association cortex, which is one of the integrated neural network consisting of motor cortex.

The structure of the whole society of the nervous system in this case, a structure homologous to one of the human nervous system. This is because the total structure of each person's nervous system, because that shape the structure of the nervous system as a whole society.

Each person's central nervous system = the sum of the neural network, the whole society. For example, the sum of the visual circuit with the each person, will be referred to as "eyes" of the entire society. The world's population is 50 if the billion people, society as a whole, 100 is regarded as a "superhuman" with a billion pieces of eye.

Society as a whole, huge sensory area, association cortex, with the motor cortex, one of the major nervous system = hyper nervous system, or be regarded as an action person.

● population, the definition of the organization

Compared to the whole society, the more collection of small human beings, population or tissue likewise society, be regarded as the sum of each person's nervous system = neural network constituting it. In other words, the population of more than one person, organization, one person Similarly, integrated sensory area, association cortex, with the motor cortex, a large nervous system = hyper nervous system of human unity, seen as actors.

For example, company organization, number of employees is 500 , if people, 1000 is regarded as a "superhuman" with a single eye.

● stability of the social structure and neural circuit

Social structure in social relationships, hardly changes, refers to a stable moiety. This, in each person of the neural network of society, hardly changes, a constant part, matches that sum, considered.

● Social Change

Variation of the whole society, of the total sum each person of the neural network can be viewed as a change in the plasticity portion.

Variation in individual's psychological system interconnection of neurons each other, taking place in great change. The variation of the individual neuron wiring is considered to have led to changes in social levels.

When social change occurs, the pattern of each person of the neural network of society ( structure of the nervous system ) has changed significantly, is considered.

● dispute

Conflict, in a huge neural networks that make up the whole society, the promotion of a particular part / occurs when the neural network of the human beings that the containment relationships are reversed. We live together.

Conflict in society ( conflict ) is in a huge neural circuits constituting the whole society, there is a portion related promotion-suppression is opposite, portions between the opposite is inconsistent, each other's caused by transmitting impulses cancel out. It brings the whole of society inside, the consumption due to cancel each other out of impulse.

● supervisors and subordinates relationship in the organization

The bureaucratic organization, when viewed as one of the major nervous system, the relationship between supervisors and subordinates, to divergent branch, are connected. In this case, the neural circuit corresponding to the boss which is located in the center of the organization, corresponding to more job description of the far content from the abstract, comprehensive and field, on the other hand, the neural circuit corresponding to the subordinates to be located at the end of the organization , corresponding to the job description of close content to the site more specific, trivial manner. Therefore, the neural circuit, from the standpoint of social organization,

(1) center, core

(2) peripheral, end

Of 2 it can be divided into ways.

On the responsible for the circuit part to receive a stimulus coming from the outside world directly, is a network that corresponds to the human subordinates, the network part, which analyzes the stimulus came from the outside world, was to reduce the amount of information in, pass the impulse contents of the analysis already, the network portion corresponding to the interests of the boss of human beings. At his stake, is the amount of impulse information is sufficiently reduced, if it is determined that it is not necessary to particularly reported to his boss, where the transfer of the impulse stops.

If the information received by the neural network part of the subordinates stage, which is transmitted to the boss phase of the network,

(1) a large amount of information ( new than ever, rarely happens )

(2) a high degree of importance on the environment adaptation ( related to the life and death of people, involved in the survival of the organization )

If such can be considered.

● consideration of the isolated person

Society as a whole, depending on whether or not the addition of a lone person to a member of the human society,

(1) only adds the neural network among persons with interaction

(2) also include the isolated person of neural network with no interaction

2 perceptions of the ways is established.

In this case, the isolated person, almost no case is a wolf boy and girls that did not quite have the human society and the contact from the beginning, as in the story of Robinson Crusoe, the original is a member of the human society, the human culture for some reason sharing person who is, or has been isolated from the others, it is to think that was refused contact with society voluntarily normal. They isolated person, a man of culture has left in his nervous system, they isolated's own experience, that has the potential to spread after the re-contact with the rest of society again, capture the whole society the, who was captured as a member of the human society it is convenient time.

Alternatively, from among the many living collection, minority of the gang was come out to slip is also conceivable in the case of forming their own culture in a completely isolated form from human society that had until now. In that case, the sum of the whole society, will come out thinking that we should add minute course also of their own society.

These points, the whole society, (2) is better, including the isolated person, more convenience is considered to be good.

● The total of non-plastic-plastic part

The neural network, predetermined wiring by the genetic, non-plastic parts ( semiconductor ROM corresponds to ) and, postnatally ( culturally ) can alter the wire, plasticized portion ( semiconductor RAM corresponding to ) there is a door. Whole society, genetic ( non-plastic ) and cultural ( plasticizer ) none of the network, in a form including all believed to be present.

◆ micro nerve sociology

◇ society concept of

1987-2009 first appearance

● society as a connector between the individual nervous system

Society, when the combined point of view the work of an individual's nervous system,

(1) each person of the nervous system coupling, coordination and solidarity by communication between systems, or interaction between the individual nervous system

(2) assemblies gathered each person of the nervous system to each other

It can be regarded as.

(1) From perceptions of, society hackers effective neural environmentally adapted spawned personal inside, ( the circuits do not already have ) properly circulated to a plurality of other human nervous system only it means for. Society, be regarded as a bridge-connector for connecting each individual of the nervous system = "heart" to each other independent of each other.

In other words, society as a microscopic viewpoint, the interaction between the individual nervous system, can be considered as a collection of interacting own neural. Human beings, in the engineering can be regarded as a kind of neuro-computer, all at once on the interaction forms a huge neuro-computer each other hordes, to communicate is the modern human society, and may be said.

Culture, when viewed as information that can be converted to a form of neural, communication can be grasped over the society as a passage, in a state where cultures come and go. Society, can be regarded as an integrated path of circulation of the neural = culture.

(2) In the perceptions of, society, individuals of the nervous system = be regarded as a collection of "heart". Society can not exist in the "heart" = no nervous system of the individual. In that respect, to the capture the social, neuropsychological point of view is essential. So to speak, " ( nerve ) psychological sociology" is required. In that case, such as the current of sociology, society, exist independently of the individual's psychology, is the presence of its own beyond the individual psychology, we view that the will not hold.

Further, (2) individual's nervous system activity, collection of psychology is society, from concept to, society containing the individual's psychology, and it can capture, society plurality ~ of numerous individuals of it can be said to be a higher-level concept to aggregate raised collectively psychology.

In that respect, sociology psychology, containing the cranial nerve science, it can be said that the higher level of learning. Frankly speaking, psychology is the servant of sociology, it would be to say that. Or, at the top of the nerve psychology, it is the nerve sociology comes.

This is, in Toka company, than the individual general employees, aggregate them, collectively towards the manager to manage is, rank in the organization is along the upper from.

Sociology, were excluded as in the prior art the internal psychology of the individual, so would get stuck in the Directions narrowing the point of view on the interaction between individuals, in order to meet new to the development of the future of neuroscience, individual psychology , enclosing the nervous system activity, intake, go up together, it should be reconstructed from the perspective of.

◇ socialization and nervous system

1987-2006 first appearance

◇ About circuit generation

● basic of circuit generation

Generation of a new neural network, 2 based on the co-occurrence of two different stimuli. For example, people who ate the apple, visual giving was held in the hand of the "apple", stimulation of tactile surface and, at the same time to rise to both the stimulation with taste surface referred to as "delicious". As a result, the neurons corresponding to the "delicious" and the neuron corresponding to the "apple" simultaneous onset and fire, between the two of neurons, leading to new bonds = circuit generation.

● basic circuit copy

Copying between human nervous circuitry, the media, 2 information to be simultaneous occurrence of different stimuli encode put in, sent into the opponent's nervous system decode is, as a result, the counterpart of the nervous system in the middle, the corresponding 2 is performed by coupling the neurons to each other which corresponds to one stimulus. For example, put to eat an apple person you feel arbitrariness ( the "apple" of the neuronal connections between "delicious", the person who was obtained in actually eat it ) will be communicated in words and to the other party "apple is delicious" ( through, the stimulation of "" apple "," delicious ", and the picture of the" apple ", to co-occur by the mouth-watering face ) . Then, in the opponent's mind is, "apple", "delicious" of 2 between the two are bonded neurons to each other, which corresponds to one of the stimuli to simultaneous firing, as a result, in his nervous system, the same as the transmission source of the people so that the circuit is copied.

In the above case, it attempts to transmit to others the taste of apple, active transmission intention, what motivated like must exist within the nervous system of the communicator. This transfer intention, necessarily conscious thing and not necessarily, is also considered the case to be transmitted to the other party or the like has occurred unconsciously look. In this regard, in the nervous system "decision ( decision ) field," "motivation to assume must have come out something like a field."

It is a diagram illustrating a neural copy .

● multi-stage theory of neural circuit generation ( development, which was the core of the seed )

In the generation of neural, first very basic elementary ( hitting the dictionary definition ) circuit is generated, these circuits as a springboard foundation, more sophisticated internal circuit corresponding to the information of the contents is generated. Already completed nerve circuits = corresponding understand, by a combination of plain information and symbols, more advanced thereby continue to generate neural.

When the primary and basic circuit is not completed, the circuit on the application capability is not possible generation.

In mathematics, Failure arithmetic operations, referred statistics do not know, four arithmetic operations are content composed of basic circuits, statistics, the basic circuit to build on, applied to building is a partial circuit to be believed.

In the process the generation of neural, first, seed ( seeds ) comprising a basic circuit ( species circuit ) has generated, then the beginning of some species circuit, it is found together will dock with each other form, believed to grow to more sophisticated circuitry.

● nerve circuit coupled with the novelty

Human, binding of neural each other ( plastic synapses ) to generate is "learning". In this case, the neural bonds generated by learning, new Tadashisei ( until now, in someone, already whether they exist ) from the viewpoint of,

(1) data base already exists in someone of the nervous system, neural bonds that can be copied by communication from others who owns

(2) inventions and discoveries did not exist in anyone of the nervous system of the other until now, the person you've learned was the first generation, neural bonds

Of 2 can be divided into type.

(2) In the invention, the discovery of, and more distant, the more docking between circuits such that so tied by each other becomes larger invention, breakthrough.

Neural coupling corresponding to inventions and discoveries, from the moment it is copied to the others, (1) to precedents and of.

● derived from the socialization of neural circuits

Nerve circuit that corresponds to the human acquired learning behavior,

(1) External society from born human already internalize behavior = neural prescriptive existing externally society incorporated = not yet wiring generates brain "extrinsic form of copying in the and when it is formed ",

(2) individual internal origin in human individuals of the central nervous system system, if that is generated in the "intrinsic" as a new neural circuit = new ingenious behavior by chance in the course of trial and error,

Door can be considered. (1) the prior art, has been said in the concept of "socialization".

(2) new neural circuit that was inherently produced of is, will the newly one after another copy into the surrounding of the human brain, by replacing the circuit of old, is social change, such as innovation and revolution is produced considered.

Conventional social science, (1) already have been distracted only to the inner surface of the individual's extrinsic behavior patterns that exist in society, (of 2) New generated from the individual's brain of the endogenous behavior style = transmission to the surrounding nerve circuits consider the impact on society is considered that it would be not enough. Social → or to follow the only flow of the individual only by, or would not overlook the flow of the individual → society ?

Neural circuits that are distributed in society within exceed generation, is considered a copy from the brain over a long period of time to the brain it came repeated. Dating back to the circuit copying the first culture = acquired neural occur, apparently originate new synaptic connections, plasticity in a single individual brain. It Communication around the human being copied experimentally by emissions, the efficacy tested further and spread copies to a wide range of others in the brain if effective, more is performed copy between generations Te, now came been handed down to, and it can be said.

Culture that has been to extrinsic restrain the human being already in the outside society, a thing derived from the individual's psychology that the work of the central nervous system By following the copy source source is. New culture ( creative behavior ) is always born in the individual inside of the nervous system. The origin of culture in a new coupling between neurons in individuals nervous system. In that respect, culture is what is brought about by the psychological activities of individuals, it is impossible to extrinsic from the beginning to the society.

Social psychological activities of individuals ( the function of the nervous system ) it is not possible to generate their own culture not based on. Between individuals inherited neural circuit by the relay whenever we are, in each individual's nervous system which has received the neural, is performed applying a new circuit, the applied portion is copied to another person , statements in the form of reduction is going to develop. Culture is produced ( afterthought is carried out for a new neural circuit ) of is merely the proprietary of the psychological processes in the individual inside.

From perceptions of society as described herein, society hackers effective neural environmentally adapted spawned personal inside, ( the circuit already have not ) to a plurality of other human nervous system only it means for proper dissemination and. Society is, the more bridge-connector that connects the nervous system of the respective individuals independent of each other is not something. The society itself as a means of communication between the nervous system of the individual, not the ability to generate a new culture. To generate a new culture, only individuals of it is the nervous system system.

Therefore, the concept of "socialization" is more precisely, from the outside of the plurality others nervous system of surrounding his, off-the-shelf, plasticized generated by the learning neural circuit, the communication, their nerve I copied it into the system the system should be considered.

At first glance for individuals, "culture" that seems to be externalized in the form that goes beyond the individual's psychological, in fact, question individuals around surrounding the ( of society ) of people cranial nerve was dispersed in the systems in the form, it exists "in a living state" as a nerve circuit to take action of a particular pattern. Then there are dispersed, in a certain behavior neural circuit corresponding the communication between individuals among each other ( communication line ) through the establishment of, it is possible to freely wander between multiple human nervous system.

Required for socialization to occur 2 is one of the requirements, 1) is copied, dissemination of nerve circuits corresponding to the individual behavior, it is impossible to do in one person alone, the peripheral multiple corresponding to the others of the circumference that humans = requires the presence of nervous system, "multiple requirements", 2) to neural replication between two or more individuals is carried out, 2 for people communication with ( communication ) necessary to establish a , and the society, only the communication time ( communication ) regarded al as virtual connector group connecting line is a "communication requirements" referred to.

These requirements, continues to hold in a state where the living neural circuit corresponding to the behavior, cause circulated as needed to others around is the individual's psychological process is the activity of the nervous system, of society never not inconsistent with the idea that culture, which is held can be broken down into individual psychology in the middle. A framework that goes beyond the individual's psychological sociological view that not capture the "socialization" and do not be is wrong.

● reduction to the society of the nervous system

"Social is the individual's psychology is unique that can not be reduced" discourse that ( emergence assertion of society ) is, conventional, fundamental presence give the identity of the sociologist has worked as a standing reason.

Certainly, serves as a connector for connecting the nervous system with the society, only individuals of the nervous system is established to Eze, 2 between individuals of the people more than the communication relationship is established for the first time in the course of construction. In that sense, it is true that there is a point that can not be reduced to the psychology of the individual in society. However, it is exchanged through the connection connector Ru, culture to determine the specific movement of society ( = collection of human behavior ) the contents of the ( "Conte in the content business, such as, for example, books, movies, animation Ntsu contents " ) is, nerve is in belongs to the individual's nervous system as a circuit, than such a point, it is also impossible capture the social psychological removal from the individual believed to be.

In other words, content = cultural contents, all, individuals of the nervous system = is it exists dispersed in the "heart", society, connecting between the individuals of the nervous system = "heart", between the individual content transmission of - it is regarded as a passage of distribution.

Conventionally, or the function of the nervous system is going on, not been poorly understood, had been turned into a black box. Therefore, the conventional sociology, nervous system can not help thinking is removed from the framework of the theory construction, As a result, it is considered that theory to ignore the individual's psychological process has been completed. However, knowledge about the human nervous system to the Akatsuki, which saw has been sufficiently accumulated, reducing the contents of the movement of society in the work of an individual's psychological = nervous system, be regarded as a collection of individual psychology, sooner or Hayakare required for the one Mai there is become ?

● phenomenological sociology and neural network

In the phenomenological sociology,

· In everyday life, people, others certainly exist, and I have the same kind of consciousness that he, looking at the world in the same way. As a result, between people it is believe view (cross subjectivity) holds in common.

This people, each other, others similar to themselves correspond to believe, we have the nerve system having a common function or shape pattern. In this case, mutual subjectivity, common neural sites present between those of the nervous system, corresponds to the pattern.

- reality ( Reality ) and is not intended to present objectively, considered to be taken in conjunction with individual subjectivity. The relationship between knowledge and individuals create a "reality",

(1) externalization (externalization)  human works on the world, the course of realizing the self (the production of new knowledge)

(2) the subject of (objectivation)  product of human activity becomes extrinsic ones for the original producer, the process to be objective reality (institutionalization of knowledge)

(3) internalization (internalization)  institutionalized reality is is not taken Some of the individual's consciousness, (the inner surface of the institutionalized knowledge subjective reality to become the course of the individual reduction)

Is a step on the stage, such as.

This is, if try to replace the function of the nervous system,

(1) The externalized, in the nervous system with the a person wants to copy the person in question is outside the particular neural shape or pattern desired to be spread (the subjective content), using the locomotor, nerve It is stamped on the outside of the system of the media.

The (2) target, and the content of neural engraved on the nervous system outside the media, shape, taken as objective reality.

(3) The internalization, the contents of the external imprinted neural, shape, read by the sense organs of the nervous system, (to no reinforcement of existing neural circuits) new neural circuits the person read as, established in the person of the nervous system.

It can be said that shows the process.

◇ culture and nervous system

1987-2006 first appearance (2014 Supplement)

● plasticity of learning and neural

When the binding between neurons, as seen from the point of view of learning,

(1) fixed = instinct ( genetic )

(2) plastic = culture

Of 2 there are ways.

Instinct, the central nervous system, of the static interconnection between neurons, congenital, genetically can was not plasticized portion ( the portion not changed by learning ) said to.

In contrast, culture, in the central nervous system, of the static interconnection between neurons, postnatally portion Deki plasticized ( part made by learning ) said to.

Learning, it can be said that the neuron wiring is plasticized.

Individual's brain may be regarded as a gathering place = "neuron pools" of such neural. Society, can be considered as an interaction between them and the collection of these individual active neuron pools.

● neural network topology

In a person's nervous system, the overall shape of the neural network, geometry, topology (Neural Network Topology) = Giant (neural) network shape pattern caused by a number of chain coupling of neurons with each other, outside the recognition of the person and of the way, function of the nervous system, to determine the patterns of behavior, including social behavior.

Of the neural circuit for determining the human behavior pattern, a portion innate circuit are determined beforehand genetic, whereas, a portion determined by learning is learning circuit.

In view of the circuit, a conventional, firing of a neuron may view that its meaning is determined by the relative relationship between the firing of all other neurons (the principle of Mach). Alternatively, specific stimuli (color, shape, ...) which firing of each neuron is a outside there is view to correspond to the (reaction selectivity).

In contrast, the composition as a whole nervous system, in the constructed massive neural network composition material, relative to absolute positions occupied by each neuron, emphasizing sites, whole nervous system = occupied by the neurons in all neural networks position, depending on the site, meaning and possessed by that neuron, to whether the neurons respond specifically to any stimulation of the external world is determined is the concept of neural network topology.

● cultural content = neural geometric pattern

Culture as acquired acquired behavioral pattern by learning, neural 3 is considered can be represented as dimensional shape = geometric patterns.

In that case, perhaps, the basic neural circuit pattern is a finite number, every culture is considered or not is a of a possible representation by a combination of their underlying neural pattern.

It is, for example, Japanese culture, by a combination of a finite number of Japanese words, is the same concept as any number of which can be expressed a new content.

In this respect, washing out the geometric pattern of the basic neural circuitry underlying every culture, in order to clarify the relation nature of the nervous system and culture, very important is.

New culture is newly added deformed geometric patterns of existing neural, expressed as addition of new mutations, or unprecedented circuit.

The above idea can also be applied to elucidate the instinctive behavior pattern which corresponds to non-plastic neural.

Background of the above ideas can be summarized as follows.

Human beings to take (instinctively, and acquired) behavior patterns, can be represented by a combination of a finite number of basic behavior patterns, any behavior pattern can be reduced to the individual of the basic behavior patterns. The basic neural geometric patterns corresponding to such basic behavior pattern is in the nervous system, advance ( instincts) - by acquired learning (culture) is present. Whole nervous system, such a basic circuit patterns to each other, to be coupled to each other as blocks, are made up by stacking up.

● cultural element = plastic synaptic

The culture, and Ho' to the definition of a conventional sociology, "within a social group, patterns of acquired-formed behavior of each member ( behavior ) " If viewed as a "statement of element ( a posteriori the minimum unit of the behavior determined by learning ) hit by a "is a positive or negative-coupling strength of the neurons to each other, be considered a synapse that governs the plastic, and can be.

In neural circuits, it is plastic and static binding by synapses, a culture, that run on the impulse, born dynamic acquired learning behavior.

● the context of the "meme" concept

In conventional biology, gene, it captured as an object of selection by the environment. In this case, they have if they were selfish intention gene itself, its much as possible the duplication can be considered as if they have the property of an attempt to spread only in a wide range, and perpetuate. This property has been expressed in the word "selfish gene".

Nature of this gene has is, as it applies to the human culture, there is a theory think of. In other words, the smallest unit of human culture captured by the word "meme", this "meme" is, itself, allowed to replicate in as many as possible of human beings, the growth, and has the property to be to survive, and it shall be considered.

The description of the "meme" above, the concept of "culture device = plastically synaptic" Taken fitting, the entity of "meme" is not plastically synaptic to consider a neural containing it, and be able to.

● location of culture

Human culture is present and dispersed in each person's nervous system. If they were external to appear independent landscape, buildings, books, etc., in fact all, human beings inside of the nervous system activity ( information processing etc ..) is a product of, the point, the human culture, inside each person of the nervous system there only, not extrinsic, it can be said that. Same content ( text, music, etc. ) are also God when the individual with each other through system of way are different from each other saw and heard is, look to something different at all ( hear ) the possibility can not be denied the.

Human culture is present only in the brain. At first glance and human television seem to exist outside the body image, such as a mobile phone hardware, visual and tactile of all the human brain is for the first time captured by the action of sense.

● dissemination of culture

Human culture is, specifically, in the form of a neural network that shows the behavior, the inside of living more of the human brain, communication between human beings one after another by, for dissemination in the go wade form. In other words, culture as neural circuit corresponding to the predetermined pattern of human behavior, from one human brain other human into the brain, it will be copied. In modern times, in one of the copy from the brain of these neural patterns to the brain for a moment, mainly the communication and broadcasting media as an intermediary thousands adapted to be efficiently performed between the to hundreds of millions of human beings there. Distributed in a manner that traverses the plurality cranial nerve systems, culture as neural network, wiring individual's brain produces a commonality, the underlying empathy and psychological solidarity between humans.

Behavior, the contents of the neural circuit, which corresponds to the culture, outside the body of metal or plastic, is stamped, such as the electricity distributed in the market, in addition to the human brain to that received it Oite its stamp of content analysis and interpretation = performed a new construction of neural circuit corresponding to stamping, as a new neural be reproduced in human brain received. This is, ingeniously created a culture, a process that will spread through between a plurality of the human brain.

◇ circuit commonality, community and nervous system

1987-2006 first appearance

● commonality of similar consciousness and neural circuit

Owner of the same idea, each other, share the same neural, to no, and the structure of neural circuitry itself is built the same ( or approximates ) is considered.

One person, the other person, if you feel the likes awareness in behavioral, in both neuronal wiring is believed that there is a common part.

Between those who have the same idea, common neural circuit ( wiring of the nervous system ) is considered to have a.

● differences in the neural circuit

If comparing the nervous system between the plurality of human, nature of bond between neurons wiring = neurons,

(1) the same = Common

(2) difference = non-common

With 2 divided into ways.

Multiple human, in its nervous system, if they have different neurons wired together, they

(1) there is a mutually complementary relationship = the system relationship. Each other in the division of labor. The sum of each individual neuron wiring consists cooperation different parts between each other, the entire social system.

(2) it is mutually heterogeneous, each other to understand ( understand each other ) can not be, in the alienation relationship.

Between the others,

(1) If the neuron wiring is common, understanding, can sympathize with each other, live in the same living world. Each other there is a sense of unity, feel the warmth.

(2) On the other hand, if the wiring is non-common, it would be alive to the heterogeneous world with each other.

● values ​​of the differences and neuron wiring

In the nervous system during a plurality of human, the portion corresponding to each other, even if a same neuron wiring, the way of coupling between neurons,

(1) positive ( promotion )

(2) negative ( suppression )

When, it may show opposite logic. Physiologically, the promotion and inhibition 2 corresponding to synapses ways.

This is, in emotional

(1) pleasure

(2) discomfort

To be relevant.

For neuronal linkages is positive, for its binding, refers to that happy about, if not, it refers to think uncomfortable.

Positive-negative coupling between the neurons in the values

(1) Yes value

(2) No value

It is related to the judgment of the. If neuron linkages is positive, regarded as worth, if not, it is regarded as no value.

At a plurality of human beings, the differences in values,

(1) there is no circuit in common. This means that there is no common topic. It is indifferent to each other.

(2) but how attached the circuit are common, the comfort-discomfort in the relationship = emotional positive-negative, which is the opposite. Although interest has been shared, opinions clash, it is the opposite. Values that have indicates that it is in conflict with each other. Way of the connection of long-term memory circuit is common but, different is Tsukekata of promotion and inhibition of the way = synapse of the value granted by emotion.

Conflict ( conflict ) is in each person's neural, there are portions where relationships promotion and suppression is opposite, portions between the opposite occurs by activating simultaneously.

● interpersonal humidity ( dry-wet of ) a nerve circuit

Is among those who together with a common neural circuit, "Oh, yourself, partner'm the same as" and, feeling a sense of unity with each other, in each other attracted psychologically, it tends to be together. Integrated in Toka social movements, people who listed the same slogan, together to become a group, to act to integrate, they are, have a common neural circuit, and therefore feel the homogeneity of each other is a manifestation of that turned into.

In that respect, commonality neural people encapsulating the people, stick together, jointly and severally, integrated, it can be said that results in wet of interpersonal relationships.

On the other hand, neural circuits have is, if you feel that different from the others, feel that he is the presence of separate apart from the others.

In that respect, the difference in neural people enclosing the discrete apart from each other to the people, it can be said to result in the dry of interpersonal relationships.

● community formation and neural circuit

Have a common neural circuit, is among those with wet like consciousness, each other understand each other, is believed to form a community that can be grouped together is fellow each other Rikaishiaeru.

● Social Integration and neural

The same society, the same state belonging to person, common storage, is considered to have a common neural circuit. Commonality of their own got to have nerve circuit, identity, considered it and to enable the integration of society that is based on.

Or, it is that you have each other a common neural circuit, is considered to be a witness is a member of the society.

◇ social division of labor and the nervous system

1987-2006 first appearance

● function, occupation and neural circuit

People that play the same function, the person that is attached to the same profession, to each other, to have that, do not share the neural network of the same make, the neural network structure itself is built is the same ( it is or approximate ) is considered.

Owner of neural circuits that people in charge of an important function in terms of going to survive, more socially prized, it can be said that there is a high status.

● social division of labor and neural circuit

Among people who are for the division of labor, have a different neural circuit each other. However, just because we have a different neural circuit each other, they each other, not unrelated to each other.

Neural circuits of each person who is about the division of labor, each other, the other person is not ready, correspond to the behavior of the human environment adaptation. In that respect, each person's neural takes into account to ensure that they do not provide a circuit that is not others ready to each other, the point is complementary, are related to each other.

By adding the neural circuits of the people who are for each of the division of labor, human environment adaptation to all necessary ( in behavioral ) function is set, huge almighty nervous system of human unity is completed. This is the whole society.

● density and expertise of neuron wiring

Neuron wiring,

(1) high-density ( dense )

(2) low density ( crude )

Of 2 There are ways, this is the owner of neuronal wiring indicates the degree of specialization to specific areas.

If it is dense, the owner of neuronal wiring wiring for the corresponding fields, are familiar. Fine far, I have been to your stuff. It is fine-tuned response. It is an expert in the field.

If a rough, owner neuronal wiring, for areas where wiring corresponding not only known rough, can only roughly corresponds a layman.

Differences on the density of neuronal wiring will happen by human shows that the division of labor among the people is happening. The number of neurons with the individuals is limited, can not be dense neuronal wiring in all fields familiar = all areas alone. Therefore, for each person, with different high field of neuronal wiring density, the density lower areas of their neurons wiring, it is necessary to get help high others of neuronal wiring density.

Still in the growth process, when the child midst in basic learning, neuron interconnection is only critical ones, considered relatively rough. As the learning proceeds, in the form branches from the backbone neuronal wiring, more is considered to detailed wiring commensurate with professional competence is formed.

In addition, human social status is low, often to, not able to acquire the behavior = neural circuitry necessary to send a full social life, the point, lack the ability. Alternatively, the neural circuit that possession, even if much detail, even in the professional, fruitless, has become meaningless even if you do not stand too much on the role of other people ( like part-time workers of the Graduate School Dr. to ) .

◇ communication and nervous system

1987-2006 first appearance

● copy of the communication and neural circuit

Communication is generally carried and Transmission of information and messages from one human to another human. This, when viewed from the perspective of the neural network, communication can be considered from one human copy of neural circuits to the other human, or a two-way exchange of neural. A person who has the information transmission ( sender ) and, among those that are ( receiver ) is believed to share the same neural networks to each other. 2 between or more people, the exchange of nerve circuit is the actual situation of communication behavior, are considered.

● outside of the media and neural contents "stamped"

Neural is only effective in vivo. Neuronal circuits with is human, to copy to another human, once the contents indicated by the neural circuitry, it is necessary to go outside of the living body. And one of the human, that are used to exchange neural and other human, is a media. Media are those materials, the 2 is to mediate the neural copy between users. One man, the contents of the neural ( content ) , and the other man, as correctly copied possible, "stamped" on the biological external substances. The other man is, on the basis of the contents of one of the human beings have been "stamped" to the media, in my head, or newly generated neural circuit corresponding to the marking content, ( If you already spent learning ) or to re-activation.

● information the concept of

Information was "stamped" on the biological external substances, which can be sensed by the senses of the living body is any pattern. For example, fruit of the apple, the human visual red, in the sense of smell, bring the smell appetizing. It is in many cases, have a content related to the life and death of a living body. Organism, a neural circuit corresponding to the presence information, each time generates and reactivation.

"Stamped" information to function effectively ( transmitted message from sender ) to the a side to "stamped" information to external agents, in the side for receiving the information content that is "stamped", the common it is necessary to have the nerve circuit. For example, if the "apple is delicious," the information that, to try to convey from one to the other, the sender nor the recipient, of the common for the Japanese hiragana character string "apple", "delicious" knowledge and consent = common do not have the nerve circuit ( for example, in the case of foreigners who do not know the Japanese ) and the meaning is not transmitted correctly, ie, it does not occur correct copy of the neural circuit that links between the "delicious" and "apple", and Conceivable.

Understanding, others, living body outside of the material ( such as paper notes ) indicating that the neural circuit that corresponds to your stamped on, was able to newly generated correctly and building in my head. In other words, understood, it can be said from one individual to the other individual, the exact copy of a specific pattern of neuronal wiring occurs, the. In the case of the wrong copy, it comes to misunderstanding.

● the context of the Mass Communication

Mass communication, such as television, the nerve circuit that built in the sender's own neural network, for the neural network of a large number of people, to be simultaneously infectious and Propagation.

◇ social movements and nervous system

1987-2006 first appearance

● social movements

Social movement, the neural network configuration of others around, the action to try and let's instead of the ones that I think that he is desirable, 1 is that the people - more than one person to do. In the in their nervous system, the partial circuit of the neurons is considered to be positive and its presence, spread into the surrounding as many others of the neural network, it can be said that behavior to try to infection.

● tuning action

Tuning, each person refers to their neural network configuration to match that of others, is changed to the same configuration.

◇ environment and the nervous system

1987-2006 first appearance

● neural and environmental adaptation

Neural network,

(1) ( necessary to carry out the environmental adaptation ) involved in the function generator

(2) involved in the function consumption

Of 2 divided into ways.

In this case, the function and the human is a generic term of work required in order to continue to survive and adapt to the environment. Man is divided into a circuit that is just for only consumption and circuit related to the function generating necessary to environmental adaptation, a function that others have made. Circuit corresponding to the ability required to draw a comic, is separate from the circuit needed to enjoy reading the comics. In the former case, it is necessary to have the ability to ability of drawing.

Nerve circuit, in the relationship between human beings and the environment,

(1) produce a valid action for the environment adaptation

(2) create an invalid action for the environment adaptation

Of 2 ways it can be considered.

◇ grasp of the macro society as a whole by the micro point of view

2006 first appearance

The perceptions of society at the micro point of view, it is possible to directly apply to the macro society grasp.

Each person of the nervous system to each other, which led in communication with each other, connecting to the micro, can by going to the chain, the mesh-like links of a huge nervous system, can be regarded as a society as a whole.

Society as a whole in this case, combined as it is connecting to each other without anything considered each person of the nervous system, it can be said that was network-like.

From this viewpoint, the perceptions micro society, rather than how to catch macro society in different things from each other, can be considered to be a continuum.

◆ Other

◇ thinking, knowledge and the nervous system

1987-2006 first appearance

● thinking field and the knowledge field

In conventional neuropsychological, the action of the nervous system, sensory areas to receive stimulation from the outside as an input, there is motor cortex to perform active output to the external, the 2 Union as causing a coalition between the two because it has been considered field.

However, in the author's idea, the idea of ​​this association area, simply merely to link the two fields of sensory-motor, the entity,

(1) part of the network database for storing "knowledge field" experience outside extracted from the sensory cortex, knowledge, and accurate experience and knowledge of good exercise fashion efficient

(2) performs a search, content verification and evaluation of the knowledge field as a "thought field" network-type database, about what can not be found in the knowledge field, not ever, part to try the binding of neurons to each other at a distance

The signals coming from the sensory area, immediately to the user without having to travel across the motor cortex, it is thought that the turn round and round in my head for a while, "thought field" is to work while you are around the circles and "knowledge field it is considered to be ".

In the "thought field", if we are unable to find a valid binding for problem solving to conventional wisdom field, creating a bond test between the new neurons has not been bound to until now, actually its binding and forecasts and simulate what kind of outcome is increased Once enabled, the result, if you get a bad, to stop the binding, try another of the coupling. On the other hand, the simulated results are OK If you get and, temporarily confirm the binding. Through the action of the motor cortex, actually it issues an output corresponding to between new neuronal connections to the outside, obtained through sensory cortex feedback such as reaction of others therefrom. Feedback evaluation result is OK you were, between the new neuronal connections, as part of an effective knowledge that has been newly acquired, incorporated into conventional wisdom field.

● intention field ( motivation field )

In fact, this other, voluntarily determine their direction of travel, "intention to cause an active action ( decision ) to no field", "motivation (drive) thought that it is necessary to assume something like a field." It is. This is a part that corresponds to the motivation of the thinking and knowledge integration. Human being as organisms, voluntarily take action for life support ( such as burn a fire if cold ) is, areas of the source of such autonomy is, to be present in the nervous system, of something it becomes necessary to assume in the form. This is the "decision ( decision ) ," "motive drive that it would be equivalent to the" field "in charge of", the author believes.

◇ memory, emotions and nervous system

1987-2006 first appearance

◇ associated with the storage

● The length of the memory

The ties of neurons each other,

(1) long-term

(2) Short-term

Of 2 there are ways. If ties long lasting corresponds to long-term memory. If the ties will disappear in the short term, corresponding to the working memory = short-term memory.

● memory and emotions

Memory ( long-term ) and, emotion ( comfort-discomfort ) the relationship between,

(1) in the uncomfortable state, remember that there

(2) become uncomfortable and remember that there

Of 2 because the street is true, one another, neural each other responsible for each show that are connected by two-way.

For ◇ social field

1987-2006 first appearance

In internal human nervous system, the part of knowledge and experience on the society has been written, it can be regarded as a "social field". At that time, social field is, further,

(1) writing the knowledge and experience related to communication is the interaction of the "communication field" others, the field to do the thinking, outlook

(2) "Social recognition field" part-whole society is a collection of others other than your own, and write the knowledge and experience of the relationship between them and myself, the field to do the thinking, outlook

It can be divided into.

(1) Communication field

Necessary for society occurs 2 is a requirement, 1) interaction with others is not possible to perform in one person alone, that requires the presence of others more than one person around, "other person ", 2) the interaction with others is effected, the communication between the others ( communication ) is necessary to establish a relationship, a" communication "that. Among them, it has become the basis of the society of the emergence claims, 2) is a "communication" of.

In fact, the smallest unit of society, communication process with others of two or more may be considered cut into neural exchange activities multiple persons each of nervous system to perform the communication.

The establishment of a communication relationship, first, tell the effect that you want to communicate with the other party ( to a certain number of times reminders if there is no opponent of the reaction ) . Partner is OK If you have to return the, considers the relationship has been established, to start the message transmission of content that want to tell the other party. When the transmission is complete, end the communication ( interruption ) tell that to. By taking a noticeable action to cause some attention reaction to their opponent, communication is established from me to the other, and it can be said. Establishment - message transmission of the communication is, what is done in both directions between the two is desirable in order to verify what I want to tell of their own to the other party is transmitted properly.

Once communication is established, the neural circuits in one of the nervous system, are output in the form of a message by symbol to the body outside, which, get decrypts the other of the nervous system, such things happen. At that time, the other is made possible decipher one out symbols, in advance between the two, must have taken understand whether the symbol mean. But it is so to speak the common knowledge is required, it is, ultimately, commonality of feeling at the genetic level of the human race ( apple, as a round shape in the common red color to the human race as a general rule, be captured ) , ie, It is considered to be derived from the common of innate neural circuits in the brain sensory area of the human race.

As individual's psychological process communication, the work of carving into individual basis, specifically, human respectively upon communication with others, which parts of the nervous system is activated, measuring the activity of brain MRI by using a device such as a, and measured independently from individual to individual, by type of communication ( each stage until the communication of the start-end, the abundance of exchange of conversation, the topic of content, such as the degree of the likes and dislikes of the other party ) It is considered whether there is no of the possible to classify to. When communication interaction by the such others is performed, certain parts of the nervous system, what to say, even a "communication field" is supposed to activate. That is, the "communication field" connector is built between individuals ( Tei ) said part which activates only when Ru is a moiety that activates when communication with others, and.

"Communication field" as a kind of "social field" in the internal nervous system, is the presence of the key in on the inter-personal tie up "connector" generation is to elucidate how the made is, these "communication that confirm the presence and action of the field "it is either not going to become an important theme for sociology as well as the future of neuropsychological only ?

(2) social recognition field

Social recognition cortex, the part-whole society as a collection of others other than your own, and write the knowledge and experience of the relationship between their society and their own, do the thinking, outlook, be regarded as part of the nervous system . This field, family, school, company, relatively microscopic part society, such as regional, form a more part of a larger society as a whole, and, such as national and ethnic groups and the world, for a more macro society as a whole, respectively, what is going on dolphin, mutual relation is what is to whether recording and analysis, consider what kind of travel in a direction is desired, a portion that performs the tasks into action, and it can be said.

Territorial, relatives and circle, from the workplace up to the Internet, there is a social relationship of the various types, is the knowledge and thinking results for them has been integrated, it can be said that a society recognition field.

The social recognition cortex, the concept of social relations can be interpreted as part of activation when came as a stimulus from the outside.

◇ possibility of electric nervous system

1987-2006 first appearance

Nervous system of a conventional biological-human, and to be within the scope of the temperature may be present as a biological, only if the food, ready such as oxygen are made, it was viable.

So, the environment is rapidly changing human-friendly, if you no longer food and oxygen, how the conventional human it is sufficient to survive a nerve circuit as a knowledge that has been integrated into the body nervous system ? One of the answers , operated with an electric power is to migrate neural biological nervous system to the electric nervous system.

In this case, the electric nervous system conventionally, rather than have been used von Neumann computers, refers to a neuro-computer powered by electricity. In the electric nervous system, if it is possible to obtain energy for their activities in electric form, capable of surviving the nervous system. For example, if it is possible to generate power sufficient electricity from solar and geothermal electric nervous system it can be easily maintained even without oxygen and food.

Conventionally, human nature, first DNA have been located in that it is an organism caused by the action of genes, and. However, the author, human nature is considered to be more appropriate of the view that in the high order of the nervous system itself that is responsible for advanced knowledge and thinking. This is because the "brain death = activity stop of the nervous system" is worth to human death, the subject of organ transplantation.

The nervous system with this high function, from a conventional biological base, replace the electrical and semiconductor-based, By = of "electric" to migration, human, away from the constraints with the living body, that opens up a new world it is possible.

For example, conventionally, the size of the human brain as a living body, in order to act as beings, there are certain constraints, that it has been given a limit in human thought and knowledge. However, by motorized, that constraint is tought performs thinking large plenty, it is possible to integrate knowledge. Alternatively, the human being as a living body, one is destined to die, at that time, a biological nervous system disappears to stop the activity. But be to cyber reduction, freed from the yoke of death, it is possible to continue the semi-permanently "in the immortal" activities.

Human nature is not a biological, if any in that nervous system, the above "electric nervous system", rather than a biological human-based, in that can be a higher permanent nervous system, conventional than human as a biological, a more "human-like", thinking, likely to be present which leaned human nature as presence of integrated knowledge is sufficient.

At that time, in the electric nervous system, is possible to give the urge to life, it is important to provide the function equivalent to the conventional biological nervous system.

In conventional computer, except for the drive for raw, intelligent, calm, has been forced to have only objective viewpoint.

In contrast, in the new electric nervous system, with a drive for raw desire survive, it is necessary to those with information aspects.

The urge to live are those essential for the organism, its contents, Toka want to make their own genetic copy sex, Toka want to eat, you want to escape from predators, they want to defeat the enemy, or, others you want to control, Toka want to make the fellow, it is Toka want to spread their ideas.

The circuit corresponding to urge these into raw By giving the electric nervous system, electric nervous system, as creature, so when you survive themselves.

Alternatively, the electric nervous system, or to produce a neural circuit having a function he wants, it is also necessary to have the ability to make circuits and nervous system own replication.

To this work may be in these neural circuits, the nerve circuit and said that may Together we connect this neural circuit, the current LSI similar to the design technology, the neural circuit design technology, now the human side in it it is essential to be fully developed.

In this way, human beings are, by leaving the electric nervous system, for example, the Earth's environment is changing drastically, even if no longer live the human as a biological, there is even physical material to create and power, the electric nervous system if, can be in the form of electric nervous system, it goes to continue the human culture.

On the other hand, the electric nervous system, through tension meditating electric wire or wireless, interconnected, by extension, the rid the spatial limitations of conventional biological nervous system, it is possible to the scale of the nervous activity ever It can become.

◇ neuron map

2009 first appearance