- to live in neuroscience! -

2014-2016 Iwao Otsuka


This book is organized in essay format. Each article is arranged in the order in which the author wrote.

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table of contents
Brain activity monitoring helmet, hair bands and conscience
After the death of the world does not exist
No religion, to also be saved by the human atheists
All of God, man-made God
Large natural, it does not have the personality. The God not be.
The real saint
The human soul ceases to exist after death
Even if not believe in God, bees are not hit
The real significance of the tomb
Also it does not exist hell heaven
Atheism, claims No religion may be set on the basis of neuroscience
Organisms, the most important thing for human beings
Common biological brain and the human brain
I can not go and there is not saved to perform a good deed
Necessary to establish a method for humans to have to do good without God
Without God or religion, to feel to cause the good deeds to people
That there is the most effective in eliminating the need for God and religion
I want to remain as a positive value
To human beings might be saved is
Unless, not anything survive
Conventional of God, and the true existence of religion, brain scans as an alternative
And God to think, the need for physical neural network
Atheism, non religion is similar to the Copernican theory
The reason few people to assert atheism
Independence, atheism as a self-help philosophy
And mutual aid community, a symbol of the integration
Not bless superhuman exist in this world
Organisms all, owe the original sin
Live empiricism, in evidence principle
Creator unnecessary Theory
Marxism decline and the future of the development of scientific materialism
And death, salvation ... God, religion of origin
... religion of contraption you want to get an infinite life
Religion and Sex
In atheism, the human society turns well ... functional principle atheism
The disappearance of the development and the religion of neuroscience
Living god is impossible
In brain scans, to be able to determine the good, the bad guys
Responding to authorities
Correspondence of cunning people, to the clever people
Of genetics development and atheism
Progress and make friends of neuroscience, love, corresponding to marriage
A kind of human being is after all a monkey animal
Artificial device is in God
(Appendix) function principle specific way of life, outlook on life

Brain activity monitoring helmet, hair bands and conscience

At present, the human mind, it is difficult to know ask from the outside.

Even if harbor any evil intent, such as murder and fraud, when it is the ignorant face in appearance, this person would seem to not separate from bad people.

So, really human beings are prone to bad things hidden behind the scenes.

The mind of such a man constantly monitors, which began thinking human as playing a role that leads to not that bad, is the presence of God in a so-called religion.

By Komu I think that is constantly watched nisin by God, work is self-control, and try not to do bad things, extrinsic, rely on the presence of a virtual force, that has been trying to keep the conscience, now is a human being up to.

However, God is merely a product of opportunism that man has created a virtual, it does not actually exist. Only is an effective thing as long as faith, and religion heart is Usumaru the development of science, is considered and its effect is eliminated rapidly. Sonaruto, the man who lost the external observer that God is considered to be possible to maintain the conscience mind becomes difficult as it is.

In, is the era of science, to monitor the human mind, what would be considered as a mechanism to maintain the conscience?

A possible one is, MRI reading a specific part-whole activities of the human brain, cerebral blood flow pattern reading apparatus, activities reader like a machine neural, a utilization of hardware. In short, as much as possible reduce the size of the hard to monitor the activities of the human brain, and power saving, light helmet, with a hair band, by the solar cell-lightweight rechargeable battery base, individuals, anywhere at any time, constantly even when you are sleeping wear that is the mandate a universal law to humankind.

Brain activity measurement, monitoring helmet, by wearing a hair band, and harbor a particular idea that there is a human being, to check that it has embraced the idea, loaded lamp to the helmet, or in a remote location of the monitor, it is possible to be that effect display. Psychological state of others is becoming to be viewed via a wireless headset.

In other words, human beings, when I got a lie, a unique signature that appears on the activity of the brain when you got the lie by reading brain activity monitoring helmet, inform and display lamp, a radio wave, etc. around, to be able to warning than is. The lie detector which has been measured conventionally skin is to improve the accuracy by measuring brain activity.

Alternatively, for the evil the owner of dangerous ideas such as murder and fraud, such evil of the brain when you have an idea activities on appear characteristic signature, a pattern, a helmet is read, the bad this person around to be able to inform the people'm openly. Of course, as the notice goes correctly to the Internet or telephone of the other side of the trading partner, build the information system is to maintain.

Alternatively, the remote the mind of a person's psychological state that are excited to angry detected by the helmet, I will met with terrible bad mood approaches to this person, Toka is, in the outgoing of the lamp or a particular radio waves from the surrounding it is to the as seen in.

And secretly committed a crime, the person who is the ignorant face, and special sense the anxiety of mind that Bale is the trouble in the helmet, by this person is a crime who are the bad things hidden, Toka is , or it may be for as seen remotely from the surroundings. And the brain within the monitoring information of the helmet, in combination with the GPS location information, a person that wants to hide and that bad, Toka I am in this town is, or may be to the As can be seen around.

On the other hand, Toka help people, Toka feelings of peace, for the owner of a good idea, that you have such a good idea, reading from brain activity, this person is not a dangerous person, Toka please with peace of mind, a good idea it is the owner, that is, conscience, as well-intentioned point accumulates, is high saint of virtue Once accumulated a lot, might say also to the fact that.

In short, brain activity monitoring helmet measures the psychological state of the brain, by checking, acts as supervisor of the human mind, it become as human urge the occurrence of conscience. That point, God is a conventional sentinels is no longer needed, no longer need any religion. Development of brain science, it's a religion, you can overcome the God. This is a kind of scientific revolution.

By mandating helmet mounted, the human itself not wearing a helmet, and a dangerous person that can not be equipped with a helmet is as it is because they harbor malice in mind, it is also possible to determine.

Of course, there is a trade-off between privacy. From being published via the helmet Araizarai to the outside all of the activities of an individual's brain is a violation of privacy. My mind thoughts schizophrenia patients suffering believes that leaks in all the external problems facing the same problem, will result happening to the helmet wearer. So, at least, initially, to external notification that the individual is holding a malice in mind, to focus on the ability to caught, it may be better to fabricate a helmet.

(September 2008 first appearance)

After the death of the world does not exist

- the nervous system and the soul -

Soul (spirit), the nervous system activity to that state, that is a collection of electrical impulses firing-transmission through the upper neural.

Soul, in a separate nerve circuit (of activity), can be considered by decomposing into pieces.

In that respect, soul, not only human, it can be said that the widely present in the animal general with the nervous system.

For example, even in insects such as beetle, or where the nervous system is built, it can be said that the soul is present.

Alternatively, electrical appliances such as TV and PC as well, is alive when the power is on, it can be said to have a soul. Through live electrical circuit current, because flowing.

The fact that dies, the upper of the nervous system and the electrical system, impulses or no current flows, is similar to the electrical disappears.

Electrical products, is to die every time pull out the wall outlet (when there is a built-in battery, built-in battery can also be completely death by pulling at the same time).

For biological-human, oxygen is no longer sent to the nervous system, or by physical disruption of brain, nervous system inactivated, electrical impulses is not transmitted, cold, when it becomes stuck, the dead become.

Soul is an electrically presence, disappeared on the spot at the time of the dead, it will not be climbing up by itself in heaven. That point, after the death of the world, does not exist heaven, to hell both.

Where is the human soul dead? Where to does not exist. At the same time as the stop of the activity of the nervous system, it is considered to have disappeared on the spot.

Religions of the world to the existence of life after death and the premise, should be changed to the contents of this world complete, which was assumed that does not exist after death of the world.

(September 2008 first appearance)


No religion, to also be saved by the human atheists

No religion, even atheist,

- be useful for the survival of others (be anything in the labor)

The put into practice every day, and yet,

• When specifically to this kind of thing, useful for other people, pleasing the know-how of good deeds that

- their own, their own belief that I think this is want to leave is important in a person is going to survive, lessons learned

Once you have the - specifically this kind of thing, will benefit both to yourself to others, there is a demand, yet socially business know-how that does not produce a harm

A, as a diary and recipes, to document,

Tell for generations to - their genetic offspring

· A deep relationship myself, the organization that he is a fondness, get inherited from generation to generation to the members of the population (company Toka authorities Toka)

· Posterity to institutions that put the in us confidence that leave the data, and send it to the facility (like a place where the National Diet Library of Japan), leave to posterity

That is, no religion, even atheist, the person, is praise from future generations of the society, it said to be saved.

Your thoughts, that the ingenuity and know-how will continue to remain much to posterity, is the same thing as to give eternal life the middle.

(April 2014)

All of God, man-made God

Came out until now, God of religion is one that all people began thinking, not out in the framework of human intelligence.

That point, God of their religion, everyone, called a man-made god.

Their God is in the forced conversion to those across the board human smell, not out of the category of human-produced products.

(April 2014)

Large natural, it does not have the personality. The God not be.

Nature of fury, without taking into account the human side of the situation, such as any, to mercy of human beings earnestly.

The nature, the first place does not have the personality, which is a physical chemical entities. The God that has a personality which is unrelated to the presence.

The nature, like a heaven of God, and personality of, trying to converted into existence that can somehow interact with their own, if you Omoikomo they'll interact with themselves, but human beings have been, almost meaningless I think.

Humans nature of product, when analyzed by tinkering with Toka microscope, because the result corresponding thereto is obtained, it is called a dialogue with nature and humans.

(April 2014)

The real saint

The save some human beings are other human beings, not in the presence of like a fake God.

And because there is no society of salvation, rather than pray to the man-made God, whether at the same Once society obtained the salvation on their own, created by their own trial and error, the person who practices, may not belong to any religion, true which is a saint.

(April 2014)

The human soul ceases to exist after death

Human soul, the entity is a collection of electrical firing activity of the neuron population in the brain.

By heart is stopped and oxygen to the brain can not go, the neuron groups in the brain, nerve cell population is cut off energy, continue to cease to fire until one is how the cell also prevents fires, im gonna die

At that point, the human soul, anywhere without going, is to disappear in the person's brain.

Soul of people dead, do not go to Heaven nor Hell (heaven, hell in the days that were not known to the action of the group of neurons in the brain, not only in human beings has created the concept). Soul is just fade away only.

(April 2014)

Even if not believe in God, bees are not hit

Even if not believe in God, bees are not hit. The first place God is there no man-made entity, because it does not exist, there can be no that provide some work to humans.

Rather The problem, and attacks on people of, that does not believe in God from people that obtained the vested interests by believe in religion, is the termination of assistance, this is the identity of that "If you do not believe in God strikes bee" .

(April 2014)

The real significance of the tomb

Tomb, the conduct of the person and their families alive, of part of the order to leave to posterity, is a substance monuments.

Since the human soul dies when the moment lost, for example Toka is ancestor spirits to the grave dwells, impossible to think normally, is a bad way of thinking of the head.

By saving the human bones of ancestors, there will be the Toka later DNA analysis, effective gene unexpected is discovered. However, human bone is a physical presence, because it is only of a chemical substance, is also worshiped by itself, it does not come anything out. Meaning be considered Toka Buddha is not.

Tomb, remind that person alive again, and revived Some of the head, that remember, the person who was grave, left by the deceased, or remind a valid lessons on which to live, leaving the deceased on the living, the know-how on the job, are activated in the head, is what gives courage, the wisdom to live to the person who grave in doing so.

So, to the grave, and keep to be able to view and record the lessons of such deceased together, everyone will come to visit graves.

(April 2014)

Also it does not exist hell heaven

Electrical activity of the human soul = cranial nerve system, stop a human dies, disappears as it is.

Thus, there is no life after death to human beings exist.

So, heaven does not exist hell.

After the death of a human being, continue to exist, records and genetic replication = descendants who the person was brought up birth sex, various know-how that person told another person alive, or, the trend of living of its people only documents.

After the death, but human beings do not go to Heaven nor Hell, speaking dare, words and deeds of living is recorded, by posterity to be transmitted, that went to heaven as long praised as the one who did a good deed in posterity now, future generations with hatred, it can be said that it is the equivalent of will have been to hell if the cancellation of the target.

(April 2014)

Atheism, claims No religion may be set on the basis of neuroscience 

Once upon a time, when the concept of God and religion human beings have invented, neuroscience is not the most developed, in the brain was a black box.

Therefore, human beings, when the soul in his own dwelling, was arbitrarily interpreted.

In addition, after death also soul is escaped from the body, and go to the virtual world, such as heaven and hell, was arbitrarily imagine.

Currently, from the knowledge of neuroscience has progressed rapidly research, soul, spirit entity impulses generated by the neural network formed of neurons each other in the brain, and firing, transfer phenomenon between the cells in it, it can be thought of as a kind of electric phenomenon.

The human brain, and unplug the power outlet screen is considered the same as the TV disappear.

Or longer oxygen is delivered to the brain, the brain is damaged, dying is a neural network, with or destroyed, or become brain dead, personality, leading to altered mental phenomena memory or the like.

Soul is the activity itself of the central nervous system, human beings are dead, brain nerve cells are killed, that will not catch fire, just like the TV was turned off, it can be said that disappear on the spot. After the death is not exist.

Soul, not escape from the body. There is only an external copy of the active in the machine via like a MRI.

So to speak, is a body spirit, is assumed or somewhere in space far away is, heaven, in hell, there is no so go if any.

Heaven, Hell, on Earth, it is a cloud service that can be conveniently accessed from anywhere on the universe. If, although it if it exists, or more can not go flying soul, I would say that does not exist.

If in the future, with external copy of the neural network of the human brain, put a copy of data in the cloud service, When you are an apparatus for determining good and bad of its contents, may it heaven of man-made, be that hell Absent.

At present, the soul, which is independent from the body also, heaven, Toka not also be present hell.

In addition, the human brain, and other organisms of the brain, but is different from the development site, the basic Makes a lot in common with.

This is, of the same origin, based on the biological was simple to make is, by repeating the mutation, can be interpreted by the fact that it has become a separate complex and diverse types. In that regard, the generation of the human brain, even without claiming Toka was made by God the Creator, is to be explained by the normal genetics.

Even without Dasa has a Creator god-like, without any particular problem, explained, that can be interpreted the concept of God is that which is no longer necessary. Toka Yahweh, is a convenient man-made god of the father instead of the arbitrarily created among the human head, the era in which the contents of the brain did not know, has been a lot of leverage, future elucidation of the brain proceeds further, the mission it will finish.

Thus, the existence of God or religion, it can be said that the development of neuroscience and genetics, is erased, so that the result is negative.

(April 2014)

Organisms, the most important thing for human beings

His live testimony, that posterity to remain, it can be said that is that the most important for the organism and the kind of human beings.

It is, or a living biological children and grandchildren (copies of the gene), or was the autograph of the document is saved in Toka library (cultural copy).

Alternatively, or it was a video recording taken by a news record and camera news agency (event copy of).

People of recluse and withdrawal also, I think left to record their thinking, if sent to the document storage engine, a living testimony leave.

I think that there is a life after death religion, while you are alive people, to make such a living proof, since it is the way in the discourse of "than this world event focusing on the afterlife", is a problem.

(April 2014)

Common biological brain and the human brain

Looking at the Toka anatomical drawing, in a biological brain and the human brain, the essential difference is not observed, it is the same type.

Toka dolphin, this is the case.

Human brain is a kind of biological brain, among other organisms, it is difficult to draw a line in the workmanship.

Human beings only the special treatment, the existing religion and man-made God to elect handling (Christian Toka) is, it can be said that is wrong in itself.

(April 2014)

I can not go and there is not saved to perform a good deed

People to perform good deeds, not go and not be saved by any means.

The person performing the evil is, I can not go and not be punished by any means.

Otherwise, because of human society moral collapse.

However, the state of the inside of the human brain, because only do not know things simple at present, who is a real good man, or the bad guys of the can not be determined.

Human beings, in order to solve this problem, in the man-made, figured out the concept of God, watch always the people who do good deeds, to always monitor the person doing the evil, and bring, try to control the behavior of the people of each and every I was.

However, advances in brain scan technology, well-intentioned people, Toka the present site of malice, if the activity state is known, the idea that guard by such a God would be unnecessary.

It should be noted, do not go chimpanzees to perform a good deed, and dolphins are not saved.

You can not go and not be saved workhorse of ants.

Organisms of the brain, because depending on the species, simple-complex good faith, is considered to have a malicious function.

This is also, even without Dasa have a concept of God, day will come when that becomes possible in the brain scan. The brain is easy-to-understand minute simply a mechanism, I think that could be realized more quickly than humans.

(April 2014)

Necessary to establish a method for humans to have to do good without God

A good and kind person, it is necessary to produce without God.

Traditional, religious people, in the religion of the believers, in humans its behavior may kind, impressed with the general public it seems that there were many that anyway incoming I do not know the detailed doctrine.

However, the religious people and believers to the good deeds, Often, that consciousness or something Toka God whether you're a good thing is always watching, not go to and not when the post-mortem heaven that good exists behind there are many.

So, the idea is, or will and was heteronomously to the always good because have been spied it in God, is or was hidden hedonistic and so you want to make a post-mortem good I think in heaven, want to do good deeds from the bottom of my heart always has been Te is of a no-good.

The people who produce the good deeds is socially mandatory, more than day-to-day life of human society depends on their efforts, is that the inevitable.

However, in reality, even without Dasa have a concept of God, the human being is more better mechanisms to boost so that people can voluntarily good deeds, would not be making soon?

(April 2014)

Without God or religion, to feel to cause the good deeds to people

Without God or religion, to feel to cause the good deeds to people, it is only necessary to present a simple fact to people.

It is, kind good person, is better for people to contribute to the survival of others, than the ruthless brutal people, easy to survive to posterity, is that.

Is more of a kind good person, hard to go the other party away at love, tends to lead to marriage. Therefore children also easy to hold, it comes to future generations to leave easy genetic copies of itself.

In addition, it is more of the good and kind person, if the if the same capacity, workplace conditions, than the ruthless brutal people, and long lasting jobs, and is easy to accumulate the necessary funds to life, it comes to easy to survive.

In addition, there are more people that have done to contribute to the survival of others, award Toka easy to take, also because the credit is easily transmitted to posterity.

Or, more of the people who were to contribute to the survival of others, easy to receive a large reward, economically can afford, even some of that easy to leave offspring.

In this way, in a kind good person, the more people that contribute to others, to posterity, genetic, it is considered that there is a tendency to leave the cultural descendants.

I think the more useful for others, as is the good man, the person's living proof is likely to remain in the future generations, that is that it's only to be proven biologically. If this proved to be demonstrated, even without Dasa have a God or religion, people will get to strive to good deeds naturally.

Ruthless brutal people also, but often leave a name in history at that terrible done, so may remain as a teacher the other hand marked with a stigma of negative value, while the human society is to survive, would be much more the wicked treat , it can be said that this also leads to be a good deed to those who want to avoid such a situation.

In this way, God and religion is considered to be unnecessary.

(April 2014)

That there is the most effective in eliminating the need for God and religion

And have neglected to that useful for others, the company Toka gradually decline, perish.

In order not to decline, it is necessary to continue useful for others.

The more that help the survival of others, its people and, its genetic, that make up the cultural and social to survive easy mechanism descendants, the way and the life to seek their own to favorable survival in Kamidanomi, God to eliminate the need for and the religion itself, it can be said that there is most effective.

(April 2014)

I want to remain as a positive value

A person, that plunge the survival of people in crisis, and that the person is such so that it is no longer survive, (Toka of Nazi Germany Hitler) that posterity to the remaining causes as the other hand teachers stick minus value.

Human beings, who remain in posterity as a plus value is, is a better than remain as a negative value, it is to want it.

It is, without Dasa have a God or religion, human beings to exert a conscience, it can be said that the driving force to do good deeds.

(April 2014)

To human beings might be saved is

The man might be saved, even without Toka difficult religious training, anyway be useful for the survival of others, it may be increased the results to practice something that to ease the lives of others.

People who have contributed to doing so to make life easier for others to is, susceptible to assistance from others when in trouble, it's likely to be saved. Alternatively, to posterity, as a positive value, it is possible to leave a name, be saved also in that respect.

Mercy is not for the people, it is.

(April 2014)

Unless, not anything survive

Human beings, is a kind of organic material.

Humans, is in the process of much subsequent genetic changes from life birth on earth.

Genetic changes, not necessarily be said to be better evolutionary.

In addition, human beings, as a biological, also boasts a temporarily grand forces, not nothing if not eventually survive. It is also apparent by taking an example of extinct dinosaurs.

Whether modern humanity was completed form the pinnacle of the organism, it is to determine the future generations of the Earth and the universe.

I think the human brain appear to be in a temporarily successful thanks became happens significantly high function on a large scale, is whether the best solutions, the thing you do not know and do not over time all the way.

(April 2014)

Conventional of God, and the true existence of religion, brain scans as an alternative

Conventional of God, the real raison d'etre of religion, but the gas is small in a poor and helpless anonymous, there is a virtue if there is good faith, mechanism to rescue the pure man of the heart, a mechanism to praise the achievements, evaluation mechanism, the How to leave the presence in posterity is because it is necessary.

It is as it is, he is not able to leave its presence to posterity.

Existing man-made God and religion, just by the idea of ​​this work, a mechanism, invite them to the death of heaven, is realized apparent. Apparently Nanoha, actually heaven's because product without virtual realities.

In short, the status quo, rescue them, because there is no means to evaluate, is're Nigoshi tea in the concept of the religion of heaven.

Villain is also the same, since it is difficult to understand from the outside is quite actual condition of the brain, meantime difficult to punish, of religion, villain is're Nigoshi a cup of tea in the idea of ​​falling into hell.

Atheism, must be prepared a mechanism to substitute the above God, religion.

Human society is, in some way, have in mind the good faith, to clean the human mind, it is necessary to reward in this world, or posterity.

Qing of the heart to which parts of the brain, beautiful is, to identify good faith, if conscience is dwells, brain regularly scanned by MRI like a device, the heart of the cleanness, the diagnosis of clean is done , good intentions, or issue a certificate to prove the existence confirmation of conscience, or by issuing a letter of appreciation, and to leave to posterity them together with the person's DNA and the brain itself becomes necessary.

Good deeds will be easier to live in the periphery of the people, said to be some kind of action to enhance the viability of the people.

Deeds is, a connection state of wiring of neural networks in the brain, to purify, and the interpretation to the wind of cleansing, diagnostic evaluation such deeds are purified by conscience, the brain itself of the condition being cleansed How to be so it is necessary.

Good faith in the brain, malicious, or deeds, the presence of a wrongdoing, scanned by MRI like a device, measured and recorded, praise (punished) mechanism is required. That is, the brain of the nameless saint to know exist in the community, praised by others, there is a need for a mechanism to leave a copy of the neural network to posterity.

Because this world is a full be uncomfortable in the human desire tainted, at least stacked secret good deeds, after death is to live happily in heaven, but it was nameless good man of the pattern of until now because, in the future, of their brains good deeds degree, scan each time there is an opportunity, measurement, and diagnostic (the good degree of diagnosis), yourself there and make sure that in each case at the good, the record that comes to future generations to remain, otherwise the future of the name the good man of the pattern.

Diagnostic record, I think to confidentiality with the privacy, it may be whether the public to choose by himself.

Such a brain scan, suspect of the crime, or was really committed a crime, can also be used to identify, or eliminate the false charge, it can be said that the help to catch the real criminals. It will can also be used to correct the spirit of the Toka politicians.

Conventional of God, another raison d'etre of religion, human, similar to myself, for wishing to be protected more by the great presence, it was created the great present in the form of man-made God.

As a large presence in excess of one person, God, man of the state, similar to the entire society. Different place, God is shoddy, lazy, such as Toka killing one another, is that it does not allow the evil that threaten human lives ease. As such, a mechanism that does not allow the evil that threaten human lives ease, even without Dasa have a concept of God, I do not go with the man himself not Ika think. Atheism, it is necessary to support this.

(April 2014)

And God to think, the need for physical neural network

When I Toka existing Christianity, God, or advice to the individual human mind of the individual, and has a presence or to dialogue.

This indicates that God is thinking.

To a presence to the thinking, somehow, physical become neural, Nari logic circuit is required.

In other words, God, physical giant nerve circuit, a logic circuit, it can not go and do not have somewhere on Earth - space.

And, these circuits, do not go with the human individual does not include the Toka recognize visual circuit.

Production of such circuit, maintain, or will the possible with the laws of physics? It says that woefully suspicious.

Thus, God can be said not to exist.

(April 2014)

Atheism, non religion is similar to the Copernican theory

Atheism, non religion is similar to the Copernican theory. It is, in spite of a correct theory, society generally not accepted immediately, is the point that has been greeted by a society with a large resistance.

In the past, the relationship between the Earth and other celestial bodies had been exclusively described in the Ptolemaic theory. Toka Christianity has to support, the general public also widely accepted it, because I believe that there is no doubt.

In there, but Copernicus laid out the Copernican theory, Copernicus, fear the effect of theory of itself give to society, not the announcement of the living book. After that, the Christian church, was oppression those advocated the Copernican theory.

So, people of thought in society, to the Ptolemaic theory to change the Copernican theory, is the large resistance was present.

In switching is 180 degrees from the Ptolemaic to Copernican theory, as was said Copernican Revolution, it can be said that it is switching also a 180-degree turn to atheism from theism.

Now, the overwhelmingly is still theism dominant, atheism is in a state of being oppressed.

To change this, at the same time as the elucidation of life advances in molecular genetics, in neuroscience, is that the elucidation of the human mind and the soul proceeds. These will be the driving force behind the 180-degree turn to atheism is achieved from theism.

(April 2014)

The reason few people to assert atheism

Currently, the few people to assert atheism, and claims atheism, are socially marginalized, because must be walked the path of isolation.

Everyone, while thought that shady half, to show the manner in which you believe on at least apparently the religion, religion, the foundation of human society community, probably because have you seize that now.

If you do not believe in religion, now of human beings should not be socially alive. At the free now of society that does not believe in religion, it's not much. This is Christianity, which is prominent in the Muslim country and society.

Japan, appears to be at first glance No religion, in fact, believe are religious believe anything, even to the shrine, also Buddhist temples, to pray in Christ Church, is a society of multi-religious simultaneous faith. ANYTHING good, and do not believe in something religious, nails from the others is soon, the social place is lost is the same.

Human beings of the non-religious, to cooperate, I think feeling missionary like a religion, society widely to spread atheism, admit social institutions, the need for the presence of the organization. And Toria' atheist each other of the world is the hand, make a cooperation institutions, it is necessary to admit its existence in society.

(April 2014)

Independence, atheism as a self-help philosophy

God, human desire, as the presence of a virtual who will grant the Iraishin, one in which human beings were created.

In that respect, religion is, it can be said that the "desire, system of Iraishin".

Human beings, my daily life,

- I want to help my things, I want to protect

- I want you to stare at my things, I want you to watch


I want you to give-eternal life

Desire, such as, have a Iraishin, the desire, they want a presence that will grant the Iraishin.

Such a desire, for us to grant the Iraishin is the desire to be a transcending themselves in "great presence" "presence of Almighty", and of their human and similar to "superman".

It does not have the negative side, perfect, with power, with the transcendent ability, it is a powerful presence.

Conversely, the presence of humans, many downside, incomplete, a manifestation that is weak, the existence like god for its reinforcement, Human beings want.

Atheism is, after all, be to deny the existence of such a God, without resorting to something, man just let's do something, it can be said that a Directions to the Let's find a solution for survival. In that respect, self-reliance, it can be said to be a self-help philosophy.

(April 2014)

And mutual aid community, a symbol of the integration

God, because who seek religion is, in fact, is that people who want to enter somewhere in the mutual aid community.

It is, community, entered the group, it is that want to get well-being, peace of mind.

It can be expected to help us when that other group members emergency.

Or, in a pinch, salvation is in, it can be expected to go to the place you are waiting with everyone.

Such mutual aid community, is the often you have set the God of the Savior as a symbol of integration. It is a religion.

However, the symbol of integration, also often of great men instead of God. For atheism, for example, great is the symbol of the mutual assistance community integration.

As of prewar Japan, human beings have been as God treats, there is also a society was a living god.

Rather than the case for atheism, great man is merely human-sized life-size, does not have the Toka ESP, is to be regarded as the existence of a limit in its own way.

Defects in great, since the limit is present, the idea that not appropriate is considered naturally exists as a symbol of integration. If this is the case, ideal to become the concept for the human, for example, the eternal Toka Toka virtuous kind of abstract concept, keyword, becomes a symbol of integration. This is, as the integration symbol of atheism of the community, is considered the most appropriate.

Set a ideal for human beings, it is a way of mutual aid community of the era of atheism to pursue its realization.

(April 2014)

Not bless superhuman exist in this world

Atheism is, there is no refuge of superhuman beings such as God, the human being as the presence of a full small weak drawback of it is life-size, staring as it is, accept, the idea for which we do somehow with the man only come up in everyone it can be said that the idea to go.

Move the human society is, after all, is a human. In a society run well, who to rely not also, it is the not only turn somehow only by human wisdom.

Also Toka computer is a product of human wisdom, the limit of the computer is a look-alike as it is the human limit.

These facts, I not bless superhuman exist in this world, human beings of the fact that he no choice but to somehow only themselves to accept frankly, it can be said that is the beginning of the atheism receptor.

(April 2014)

Organisms all, owe the original sin

In Toka Christianity, human beings, is the presence of the original with a crime, the Savior it is Toka was carrying to scapegoat.

In my opinion, those of this original sin equivalent, human beings are due to be a biological. In other words, organisms are all believed to be carrying the original sin.

Speaking of what it means, organisms, in order to live, or eat something always, or warm, but do I need to or making a child, burden always something myself for that, to be a load, labor (bait up, not live and not the maintenance, etc.) Toka of residence. It is that very painful.

In addition, at the time a child making, will be or indulged catapult to the pleasure of the meal or the like, is to forget the work of the core business, or become difficult to live.

Or longer, you want to cut corners the painful load and labor, in order that, Bangs cunning that and fellow of killing Toka catapult.

Such a spicy and a kind of addiction, or spicy cut corners in order to avoid, violations, is to be regarded as original sin.

Original sin, not only at some of the human beings. Organism is all than have a universally original sin.

(April 2014)

Live empiricism, in evidence principle

Atheism, non-religious, real evidence, to adopt the only possible explanation described in the data, it can be said that empiricism is a way of life of the evidence principle.

God, although there are those reminiscent and if available be nice, is merely fantasy product, evidence that is actually present, not particularly obtained until now.

So, because not allow God is the presence absence of such evidence, empiricism, is the way of life of atheism based on the evidence principle.

(5 May 2014)

Creator unnecessary Theory

Features of organisms and human beings, because it can well be very elaborate, notion that product due to the presence beyond the great human beings something is from a previous, it was tied to the idea that Christianity Toka of the Creator.

However, the entity of the Creator has not yet been confirmed. In the meantime, progress in the advancement of molecular genetics Toka neuroscience, features of the mechanism of human beings and organisms, it has been found that would be particularly elucidated even without assuming the existence of God or the Creator.

In that respect, the concept of God and the Creator is to have become unnecessary.

(5 May 2014)

Marxism decline and the future of the development of scientific materialism

In the past, Marxism is prevalent, but Toka China and Russia has been unanimously introduced, appears to be been found that do not go so well, temporary heat got completely cold.

Marxism denies the religion, but advocated the historical materialism, it is, the royal family as religious leaders and their followers of Toka Christianity, is Toka aristocracy, using a privileged position, creating a gap between rich and poor , because it was distort the society in reason is that to denounce it, seems not mean that because the theory of religion itself had been a mistake.

In addition, in China and the former Soviet Union, Marxism itself has become like a religion, is a feeling that has been faith as a theory of absolute infallible.

Materialism is freed from the enclosure of historical materialism conventional Marxism, "the presence of the world, including the human mind, all materials can be described as a physical presence" scientific materialism to I think that we should continue to develop as.

(5 May 2014)

And death, salvation ... God, religion of origin

Humans and organisms, scared more than anything else to die. When you die, death agony and that he is attacked, after death, I feared to be attributed to the free, and not endure it, seek salvation. (The psychology of fear and salvation of desire is, and has come out well in the symphonic poem "Death and Transfiguration" around the Richard Strauss, it is possible to realize.)

At that time, to temporarily set himself the presence rely that would me save myself, and named it "God".

Alternatively, when I was born, it is already their ancestors, so there will me save myself = the "God" had already provisionally set, was that he also believe in its existence.

... This would be the origin of God and religion. Of human beings, fear of his own death, the desire to be saved, it was out to create a God or religion. In that respect, human beings, are in need of intrinsic to God and religion.

Atheism, non-religious, us save these myself, it is to deny the dependable presence. I mean, God, human beings and organisms, which was set arbitrarily its presence in order to escape from the fear of death, because that does not exist originally, it can be said that it is to be a natural.

As long as it gave birth to a genetic offspring, even the death of their own, because their own genetic side of the body are passed on to offspring, it is not that I be attributed to nothing.

Also, if something like a cultural performance, also died their own, because their work has been passed down to future generations of people and organisms, it is not that I be attributed to nothing.

To overcome the religion and God, as his is okay dead, excellent, tends to remain in posterity, genetic, is to advance a lot made the cultural descendants.

(While listening to the symphonic poem of R. Strauss of Sabata conducting "Death and Transfiguration", it was put together.)

(5 May 2014)

... religion of contraption you want to get an infinite life

Human beings, organisms, is a finite existence, by yourself not accustomed to infinite existence, but want to be absolutely.

So, with the psychology of human beings and biological and similar, ESP infallible, intact infinite presence = to temporarily set the "God", by the guidance that, convince that he also obtained an infinite of life, psychological trick of introduction is a religion, it had created the contraption is the guru of the religion.

According to the trick, it is a believer of the religion that believes that he also become infinitely.

(5 May 2014)

Religion and Sex

Human beings, trying to Omoo their other organisms, that it is there better than animals, has been striving to become so.

However, at the stage of the child making sex and masturbation, usually of the estrus in animals the same level, especially the level of the other animals, I feel compelled to be present and of no difference.

So, human beings, to sex and masturbation, saying Toka obscene Toka's obscene, contempt profusely, really I also love sex, though there is no way I wanted to do in the heart of the bottom, on the surface neat pretend, to try to show deliberately interest not practice swing.

And, man, and investigators to overcome the desire for such a sex, a person it could, it has become as respected as the existence close to God.

Religious people of as the presence of God instead, is being asked is that they get over the desire to sex in some form.

No religion, the atheism, on the contrary, human beings do, animal yourself, or prejudice to be Omoo with the presence of superior organisms, are released from the yoke of religion, continue to release the desire for sex in the form of iodine that is, more of the elementary human way, or would not be good if we realize that close to the "human = organism" scheme?

It is likely for humans are biologically, that it is the most healthy way.

The most is during sex, human beings since become vulnerable to predators, than such a point must be suppressed so as not too addicted to sex, it seems to be should drink suppressing drugs like a libido Dogumachiru.

(The second half of this article, I wrote while watching the "healthy Robo Daimidara" of animation midnight.)

(5 May 2014)

In atheism, the human society turns well ... functional principle atheism

Human beings, until now, precisely because there are superhuman God, their lives have been governed properly, society has tended to think of around well.

In fact, because God does not exist, even without God, that human society must be moved well in human beings their own hands, it can be said that is happening already on a daily basis.

After all, without God, to make society turns well, human beings each person, production, such as each other help to the survival of other people, function supplies, the supply of products and features from others I think the only not to ensure the repetition of it to pay the necessary and sufficient consideration for.

This is, man, think about the things at the center to provide the function = function to help the survival of the organism, it can be said that the functional principle atheism.

(5 May 2014)

The disappearance of the development and the religion of neuroscience

Discussion of Toka human soul in Toka traditional Christianity, knowledge of the brain that controls the human mind were those that have been carried out exclusively in the state is not a very satisfactory.

A new scientific knowledge about the brain, are being steadily accumulated current, conventional was a black box, the contents of human consciousness Toka brain activity that corresponds to the soul is becoming increasingly clear. This flow appears to further accelerate in the future.

By thus reveal the substance of human consciousness and soul neuroscience develops, conventional, state of human consciousness and the soul have been told in the only desire of religious people in not based on concrete evidence, it can be said that going to eliminate.

Mystery of humans and organisms of the living body, the past, but has been said that the gift of creation by God, genetics, by the development of molecular biology, without Dasa has a God, completely toward the direction in which the talk about a material base ing.

At the same Similarly, the mind of man that traditional religion has been special view (and biological), consciousness, the soul of mystery also, by neuroscience, considered going to be elucidated in a material base.

By that, religion, loses its footing, lost, it can be said that towards the annihilation.

(5 May 2014)

Living god is impossible

In pre-war Japan, the emperor is a living god treatment, was a worship of the subject.

After the war, the emperor of humanity declaration has been made, is in line with the intention of Toka America, irrational, non-scientific national lead to overemphasis the mutual sense of unity of Japan, are consistently maintained unchanged after the war there.

Therefore, the future, depending on the changes in the situation (the American decline, etc.), is enough possibility that or the Emperor is worshiped as a living god again, a situation that is forced to worship people come.

To prevent this, Emperor to be the same organism as the Toka monkeys Toka dolphins, it seems scientifically it is necessary to clarify as evidence.

To get the emperor of sperm, record and decipher all of its genetic information, storage, Toka to analyze, save the scan image of brain activity, it is Toka to analyze.

By doing so, a living god is to scientifically prove that is impossible.

(5 May 2014)

In brain scans, to be able to determine the good, the bad guys

It is of a person determine whether the good guys or the bad guys, is difficult only from the appearance. In vain, wants to take only the tone of the good attitude the upper side, are Toritsukuro', because the cunning man is also substantial.

So, to directly scan the contents of the human brain, or the good or the bad guys, or people who are trying to Yakunitato of people, if it is possible to determine whether the people who are thinking about their own interests, this problem is solved Then I think.

In response to the regular brain diagnosis, your personality, personality has improved, here's this way that worsens asked to point out to the doctor, coming in the future is not so far away when it comes to receive the treatment is not it.

Then, the diagnosis recorded as data, that inherit to future generations, people of ●●'s lineage of people are good people there are many Toka ▲▲'s lineage Toka is sly there are many people, as can be seen in genetically It might be. In other words, his is one of the results of the brain diagnosis was which of the good guys or the bad guys are, if so may remain to permanently future generations, human beings would not have to be bad.

However, cunning people, because it will, slowing good man to forge a diagnostic record data, it is needless to say that a mechanism to check the data counterfeiting is required.

(12 May 2015)

Responding to authorities

Human beings have anyone power want. Someone to compliment that of his own, is the person who in accordance with their intended want meantime want. It is not only interpersonal relationships, it is also included Made up to us to agree on the content of their work.

Power is really what you need in terms of moving the society. However, not-held anyone, is in the resource there is a limit. Therefore, the power is, if possible, is what you want to leave it to people with good behavior force of talented and personality.

In any area, the person performing the good government is, it is necessary to facilitate leaving a name to posterity than those who do not. Alternatively, the first place the possibility that people perform misgovernment, it is necessary to be able to exclude as judged by brain scans.

Sonaruto, whether it would be is not a come happening that power to the people and institutions that make a determination of the good villain in the results of the brain scan is concentrated.

Toka former Christian, but to the one of the referee go to hell go to heaven was supposed to be god, such referee, things to make a decision is to become that is at the top. As a referee, judge is, whether it would be is not at the high future potential to become a brain scientist.

So far the religion of the essence, how, socially give good treatment to the valuable people, lies in the fact that whether socially give the poor treatment to harmful people. In the past of religious people in the concept of the afterlife, to beneficial human heaven, harmful people to go to hell, that is, socially increase the useful people, trying to reduce the harmful man and to have been, but will its role is to go to the cranial nerve scientist.

That benefit of a person, is likely to become the new authorities neuroscience who performs the harmful decision.

(12 May 2015)

Correspondence of cunning people, to the clever people

Time of an exceptionally cunning people, clever people, but those who are the people to be Tachimawaro well. It to be Tachimawaro well is, also seems to think only of yourself, if it is competent have excelled in that there is the person, sometimes bring beneficial results to the results to society.

in short,

- beneficial - Harmful

- competent - incompetence

- the good - the bad guys

And it is intended to hold a separate dimension.

So, for example, I root'm a good person, failed just cause socially harmful, to also have incompetent people, on the contrary, cunning, indispensable to turn the social well I'm a person is not self-centered, well Some talented people who have the ability.

In this case, the person evaluation of these multi-dimensional, the determination was carried out in a brain scan, a good man in a competent, useful people should develop diagnostic methods, such as come to the top evaluation. Then, the person's competent, but that has a problem in personality, but do not get used to the top by rank down, would be good to be so to some extent evaluation.

(12 May 2015)

Of genetics development and atheism

By genetics has been developed, it has been equipped with the foundation that atheism is accepted.

For example, it has published a book R. Dawkins of the atheism of biologists, that attributed to the work of all genes in the creation of organisms, without the divine presence so as to be able to explain the birth of biological and human going on.

However, the presence of the soul, a lack only genetics, there is a need for the development of neuroscience.

(January 2016)

Progress and make friends of neuroscience, love, corresponding to marriage

By neuroscience is to progress, the human is considered to be to be able to detect that it has come to love someone else of the same sex, the opposite sex.

In other words, If you appear to the other party the view that he is the favorite love, should be as unique brain nervous system activity can be seen at that time, and that the so be transmitted by radio to the other party, at that time, the other party When the same reaction is seen on the side, so that it can be seen that it is leading in lover candidate each other.

Or, with the permission of the other party to each other, by carrying out the brain scan, the Toka values ​​of each other and verified by analysis from the brain scan image, love that suits you, can be determined in detail whether a marriage partner it will also become possible to way.

By doing so, so also to reduce divorce.

It is believed that this is also applicable to making friends.

(The component analysis of the TV anime "mint doll" was in reference.)

(January 2016)

A kind of human being is after all a monkey animal

Even if humans insisted on no matter how noble thing, after all, is a kind of monkey, it is the presence of animal par.

Pretentious and turf wars and power acquisition, drop kick weak, there is no another idea in a sexual partner of the scramble.

Salvation is not in human beings. After the death does not occur simply nothing in the only end of the brain activity. Impossible Toka soul of the Ascension.

And accumulated Toka money during his lifetime, demonstrate that your heart is clean in the brain scan, their sperm, in terms of eggs was also analyzed and stored. Do I need saved on their own.

(January 2016)

Artificial device is in God

With the development of neuroscience, in the near future, human beings are the external output and raised character word, that is, the inner voice that believes in the head machine, is considered and the device comes out.

The cause this inner voice character device that is attached to the head, the human will to publicity all have their own thoughts.

Apparatus was attached to a human, barrel quickly around and get an bad idea even a little.

By doing so, everyone, will not only have a good idea. Not even in response, man wearing inevitably become a good person.

That point, causing the inner voice character device, is the presence of the ultimate villain can not be there. Is the artificial device is God.

So, even if there is no Christianity Toka religion, it is possible to realize a world full of good intentions and love.

Further, since the inner voice as it comes into real voice, by matching the inner voice by issue a real voice, it can be eliminated sham devices.

All Toka unscrupulous mind of those in power will reveal.

On the other hand, since the feeling was similar to the positive symptoms of schizophrenia patients, healthy individuals not suffering from schizophrenia is also considered useful in order to experience the world of schizophrenia.

(10 May 2016)

(Appendix) function principle specific way of life, outlook on life

Humans are creatures. In a challenging environment in which to vicissitudes, survive somehow, there is a need to grow.

To survive in a changing environment serves to help survive the effects = function, each time it is necessary to obtain.

Is the essence of the organism, that want to survive, and the urge to live, function = life support, and the work that will help to breed, are closely linked.

People can not live alone.

Only one person, all of the work = function is not be covered required to environment adaptation.

Only one person, it is difficult to provide a sufficiently own acts = functions required for food, clothing and shelter. This is, given that one person left behind who were on the island of distant sea is bewildering whether or should I live do now, will readily can imagine.

Collaboration with people with other work = functions necessary for environmental adaptation, cooperation is absolutely necessary.

From other people, there is a need to have the flexibility to function.

Personal, complete independence, it is not withdrawal from the outside society. Human beings, interdependence, is a creature of mutual aid.

It is live with each other to provide a valid function in the environment adaptation others to each other, which is the basic functional principle way of life.

Originally, and useless by others, from others, a function that he is in need, it is not possible to get in return. Person is a mutual aid creatures, unilateral take-out is the unequal exploitation, not allowed.

To the people to live is to serve useful for other people, it is essential to provide an effective role in environmental adaptation for other people. This is the labor.

Be useful for others, to be the act of mercy, it is a condition for to live human.

If you do not help the others, goods in return, not I get the money, is that can not live, it is a principle of human society. To stand well in the role of others, poor It is strange that there are people who can not live with, though not at all standing on the role of others, also because there are people who can lavish living, society of the way It is wrong.

By useful for others, it recognized the existence from others, more susceptible to assistance of returns from the others. As a result, it becomes easier to survive.

Human beings, anyone, and useful to others, or, when referred to as a "thank you" from the others, felt that was a good thing, the feeling is improved. This is a sentiment common to humanity, occupies the basis of the human nervous system. The man, I wonder neural circuits obsession regarded as a pleasure to be useful to others is not became as provided in genetic. Such a feeling is, in terms of humans to survive, is thought to have a genetic, instinctive basis.

By that it would be for others, and easy to obtain the assistance of the return of the others, is to easily survive themselves in doing so, can be haunt well in an environment of vicissitudes, clever human way of life it is.

To be able to get the features you need, when you need, it is a condition for human beings to live. My daily life, the functionality required to others, others that can be provided at the timing when the need is a secret to be from another person, easy to get to ensure the function of the returns.

Human, blessed with goods in his place, as a condition to become rich, it is the first to provide a function to help yourself and others. Enough to provide a lot of features that can help yourself and others in the mass surface, to vote more of the people, it got more and more the goods in return, is the original form that tends to survive.

Stocks and crude oil, because become rich by making money in speculation to the Toka precious metal is a way of life should be avoided as much as possible. Because their act itself, is any, useful to people, because not produce a useful function. Useful for people, it should be a job that lead to products and services provided.

Humans, a valid function in the environment adaptation, each other, it is desirable to live with each other to offer to others. In short, between the individual units, exports of function, is to carry out the import.

To others, and their generation, as well as possible provide a valid function, be exported, more their own copy, the growth of output, it leads to to breed, after all is for himself.

At that time, become the export surplus in the export and import, than get to the people, many of those who give, there is room in the viability, it is evidence that can be self-sustaining, is a good thing. On the other hand, become the excess of imports is the evidence that is in the luggage of others, there is a need to get out quickly from the state. To that end, day and night, myself constantly thinking something useful function that can be provided to others, there is a need to go create.

Originally, for each person, it is out of function, the same as the entry and exit of funds, minimum balance break even or, preferably, there is a need to become export surplus, the surplus. This is because, in Toka accident of sudden, become to not Umidase the function body, there is a possibility that will enter the super state, when it becomes so, hand-held of the existing surplus amount, it is necessary to Kuitsunagu in the digestion of deposit it is from. Export surplus, to be in surplus, constantly, there is a need to continue to provide the functionality required by the others.

Without an effective function to others, and it just got, balance of function imports and exports becomes deficit. People, because it is mutual aid creatures that do not like the provision of such a unilateral function, the duration of the deficit of the function balance, lead to not go that person is alive after all.

Without providing a valid function in others, only receives a function from others, people who only of life take away is the predators, helping each other of people of function provides, break flexibility, creating a living difficult society. This should not to be eliminated as much as possible.

Though do not stand any in the role of others, to a rich life, thief, is the same as the parasite, is pathological. On the other hand, in order to stand a lot to the role of others, life is a painful presence of the person is also a problem. So that a person of such a state does not occur, the living person is rich standing a lot to the role of others, useless people, as it is for the time being a minimum of life, should control the society.

If you do not help the people, can not live, the money because not get is a major principle. When a person is unable to provide an effective function to continue to survive, not I get the goods in return for the provided function, can not be accumulated, because society not live is the kind of society there should be original, kind of society It should be kept in sight. "Work nots, shalt not eat" there is a need for the spirit of the.

When the interaction of others and function, the other party, it is rare that you have as it is a function that wants of their own.

Interaction of others and functions, in order to facilitate the exchange, the value of the function to be replaced each other, quantify the money in a common scale, there is a need for money.

Indeed, the more there is, if there is money, it becomes easy to get the required functionality, it is true that tends to be more alive.

However, money even it Mokare, the idea that all the money is a mistake. What is important is money not by itself, is more of a function to get in exchange for money. Even if you have much money, when you say that emergency, not anything and not get replaced with (work required for food, clothing and shelter) features necessary.

When a person is in trouble with lack of function, for us to interchange the function is, my daily life, in his kindly, cooperation, it is often the other party had been mutual assistance (friends). In such a point, the presence of friends is essential to the acquisition of untimely function. What should have is not the money, are friends.

In general, business, provides functions to the other benefit and tightly received a consideration of that amount is deemed to make money.

However, this time, winds up as much as possible the consideration from others, it is there are many people who would self-purposed to become a rich man. In short, instead of going eye to function itself to be provided to others, because the eye to the money to be paid as consideration for the function provided had gone, quality of features that caught the eye on short-term profit, it provides ensure, it is the improvement is neglected. Lucrative if, it becomes that the view that the may in the low-quality function is spread.

That's it, will be the quality of the coming and going function between people is reduced, the level of people's environment adaptation is low, people are less likely to survive. This is bad thing.

Therefore, what is needed is to change perspective, the stance.

In short, useful for people, contribute to improving people's environment adaptation level, prepared to the Let's create towards the surroundings better function, is to first have in the underlying.

The attitude is, in their daily work, people help more likely to survive, become the driving force to create new ideas. It is directly linked to new business opportunities, is to promote the business, while improving the living standards of the surrounding people, even myself, I got a consideration from the periphery of the people, that to be rich, become rich than is possible.

The money, it is important person here of thinking. As in the dead of mere gold, rather than wind up the unilaterally gold from the surrounding people, because they make money on the vote of the others, I received the praise "Thank you. Survived was." From the others, around ~ accepted by the society while become a rich man. In addition, the head of the surrounding people, yourself can sell as a valuable plus, also leads to leave their cultural descendants between the periphery of the people of the head.

Be useful for others, also has the effect that tends to spread between others their own alter ego.

Since human beings are creatures, constantly, the attempt is made to self-growth.

Their output, the alter ego, as living proof, Leave as long as possible, and to spread over a wide range. Once this is realized, life is a success. On the other hand, they cut off their own output, if you disappear without Hiromara, life is a failure.

In short, successful life, of their own and its alter ego, is a life that played well the expansion and growth to the outside world, it failed life is a life that failed to expansion and growth of their own and their alter ego.

However, successes and failures of this life, do not know and do not see in the long run. In some cases, after the death of the person, its achievements been excavated, sometimes spread around the world and become famous. On the other hand, although while the person is alive send a life blessed as a successful person, after death, rapidly forgotten, or have disappeared, because there is also leave the stigma been the subject of criticism.

Function that each person is also generated, for that person, his own alter ego, copy, is a living testimony.

The function of each person to produce, to leave as his alter ego, a living testimony,

(1) quality of the to the highest (increase as much as possible the quality)

(2) the amount of maximizing (spread as possible over a wide range)

There is a need. From this intention of high-quality features that hit the society a lot, leading to live easily in the people of the society.

These, trying to live a long life as much as possible their own the generated function, the desire to be to spread, trying to self-propagating as a biological, but a very selfish selfish. However, as a result, its self-serving properties, lead to the mass increase of the functionality that circulates in the society, is believed to contribute to maintaining an social development.

Be useful for others, to continue to provide useful functions for others, it leads to self-growth to spread their own output, the copy on the basis of the others, and thus, lead to success as a living thing. It is useful for others, eventually, would be for myself.

What is needed by others to be able to provide the necessary functions for others, it is worth living to humans.

To others, to be able to provide the necessary function, consideration is obtained, the necessary supplies on which he will survive in its consideration can be put in hand, more likely to survive. In addition, others, will be more opportunities to spread a copy of the self-made product that is my alter ego and to the surroundings, leading to self-growth.

In others, it can not provide the required functionality, unnecessary from others, be regarded as luggage, without value to live, without the presence value, it comes to life failed.

Human, also become hard to salary earn at work, simply, not just say you want to enrich their own lives and, in the process, how a man of value that is required to others, how to others considered a competent person that can provide snappy necessary functions, the given or a higher value from the surroundings, because success in life is taking. If handed down until competence is posterity, as a person in history, much of the presence of their own even after death can be spread between people, it will be successful (cultural) to self-growth.

It is regarded as competent, who have a high function provides capability is, "To that person in trouble and not Morawa to have (live)," "The presence of that person's need," "survive if there are that person." " back up that person, support, lead to the evaluation of the surrounding that you'll have sufficiently exhibited by using our ability ", the necessary assistance in terms of their own to live, leading to more easily obtain the support from the surroundings. In short, it is the more likely to survive.

It is also, what to do in order to better function provides, leads to things than people look better, would be promised a high leadership position in the society and organizations, say yourself around people alter ego to hear that, it is possible to use as subordinates. That point, tends to spread their own teaching around, become a successful self-propagating.

Rejoice with people is praise from the surroundings is, in essence, is because Moteru "was required to others, vote the others," the competent feeling. Then, the competence is because lead to easily survive themselves.

By "Be a man of value (positive) that is required for others," "Be a competent person that can provide the necessary functionality to others" is, to the fact that (function doctrine's) life lessons Become.

People, to try good deeds in order to go to the post-mortem heaven. However, originally, good deeds is not the case, is performed in order to live more easily the society for their own or others. By becoming society is likely to live, self-preservation of as a biological, to facilitate work to self-growth, is the effect of good deeds. Good deeds, it is not necessary to assume, such as the presence of heaven, for the human being as a creature, it can be said that the basis should be carried out there is enough.

Good deeds and neighbors love, the motive is, it does not matter at all be those selfish to try to favor self-preservation and self-growth. Good deeds are those carried out for their own interests. "Mercy is not for the people, (for myself)" it is. Motive is also self-centered, human as a result, if Tsunagare to easily survive one another, so it is good. Yourself free to (sacrifice), and will do my for others, there is no need to bother struggling. That sort of it is unnatural as a living thing, it is not matter at all in the "hypocrite".

Love, from the viewpoint of function principle, it is to try to Yakunitato from their opposition to each other. It is because of their own lives maintained in the first, not intended to go to heaven. Trouble and sympathy to the people (tomorrow myself be) and the presentation of solutions, execution is the contents of the functional principle basis love.

To be able to provide the functionality of only useful enough yourself or others, its own way of information, acquisition of know-how, there is a need for learning.

Speaking of whether the education for human beings why need, human, for wearing the function generating capacity needed for myself to live, also, in order to acquire the ability to provide the functionality of only useful for enough others is there. No use studying useless environmental adaptation of yourself or others, does not make sense.

Education, to use a human being as a tool for screening in the ability plane is the original usage is a mistake if the (human, give the know-how to survive in an environment in which the vicissitudes). Teach that help going to survive is the basic of school education.

Acquisition of the necessary functions in order to go live, between a plurality of human beings, there is to be a scramble. Also, his the generated function, to spread between the others also be competitive with others to produce a similar feature.

In addition, rich with a lot of money to be the exchange to function, a situation that owns a monopoly on function also occur.

To the contrary, the poor and is, is that people can not get the required functionality.

Exclusive of the function of the part of the human being is, originally, are those that do not fit in human nature is a mutual aid creatures. Function, as far as possible, to those that are needed, the minimum necessary, there must be evenly distributed.

Disease, etc., can not provide the ability to others, even those who are in poverty to not I get even money in return for that, if once Naore is sick, or if you take adequate education, useful functions to others potentially be able to provide, it is hidden ability. So, at present, the Toka life protection, even for people who have become unilaterally got leave the function from others, and flexibility the minimum of function, it is necessary to get to survive. Also by those generations of parents have the ability to useless in the Toka disease, the next generation of children is also the possibility that excellence.

It is a useless too caught in the economic earnings and social status. Also how much you earn, even if the promotion, if you do not leave much to the future generations of yourself, do not do anything as a human being.

In short, the human, but is necessarily eternal life is required, this is, is an error, it is misleading to be obtained by devotion to religion. Religion, human beings have relied on the presence of arbitrarily imagination and created the heaven, it is because something that does not exist naturally.

Their genetic, is possible to realize the permanence specific inheritance to future generations of cultural descendants, believed to hit the actual eternal life for humans. Their genetic, cultural descendants inherited more to posterity, to be easy to survive, it is necessary that their progeny is more functional. As is adaptive with respect vicissitudes environment, i.e. functional enough, are passed on to future generations, it is easy to survive. The man may have eternal life, believe in the function principle, it is effective to run.