Rules of Japanese society

- How to survive in Japan village society -

Iwao Otsuka

table of contents
Overview of Japan "village society"
Research methods of the Japanese village society
Characteristics of Japanese village society
(1) "importance of interpersonal relationships."
(2) "importance of communication."
(3) "the accumulation of interpersonal relationships."
(4) "adhesion of interpersonal relationships."
(5) "collectivism"
(6) "importance of belonging."
(7) "importance of the settlement."
(8) "tuning principle"
(9) "importance of synchronization - senior junior system"
(10) "imitation oriented"
(11) "importance of unity."
(12) "indifferent between a small group."
(13) "desire to be protected."
(14) "authoritarian"
(15) "avoidance of risk."
(16) "precedent followed oriented"
(17) "backward, the status quo manner"
(18) "shame, appearance of importance."
(19) "emphasis on attentive"
(20) "emphasis on Misogi"
(21) "avoidance of responsibility."
(22) "importance of Natsuki"
(23) "importance of pre-agreement"
(24) "atychiphobia"
(25) "closed, exclusive"
(26) "passive"
(27) "importance of mutual monitoring"
(28) "indirect support"
(29) "local (local)"
(30) "emotional"
(31) "small scale"
(32) "high-density directional"
(33) "importance of rigor"
(34) "deduction principle"
(35) "administrative control principle"
(36) "importance of obedience."
(37) "Soka manner"
(38) "avoidance of projecting"
(39) "center-oriented"
(40) "negative thinking"
(41) "effort, struggle, sacred labor"
(42) "truth, Naijitsu hiding"
Japanese society, "the village of the law."
Japan villagers determination test
"Japanese village society = female society" theory
Related realities of the Japanese village society and woman society
Mother-child relationship as the ideal type of the Japanese village society
Need for "freedom of Tenmura", "freedom of non-villagers of Irimura," "village abolition of senior junior system" in Japan village society
It requires the elimination of "ostracism"
Cut off the need for next-generation chain of negative experiences
The logic of the actual situation of the Japanese village society
Japan we are trying to hide the village society in the country costume - "Western Dewanokami" and gag -
And the feminine nature of the Japanese village society to be attracted to the strong "Western Dewanokami"
Fear from Europe and the United States being the "ostracism" and the Japanese village society "Western Dewanokami"
Future issues of the Japanese village society
(Material) existing Japanese theory and dry, the collation of the wet attitude
Source: Japanese traditional national character: literature survey results Details


Modern Japanese society, supposedly is Western Europe, are supposed to become a free democratic society of the United States flow.

But, in fact, hidden social norms = there is a "Japanese village of law". This means that the social norms that do not profess is has become a tacit agreement in between the Japanese and, therefore, the social norms, has become a de facto "the back of the law". In this book, a description will be given of the law of this village.

Overview of Japan "village society"

Japan "village society", the world (mainly in East Asia, Southeast Asia), which is a kind of widely distributed (rice) farmers society. Just like society with Japanese village society, there is also in Indonesia to Vietnam of the same rice farmers society, not a special present only in Japan. Society of the same rice farmers is considered to have a lot in common with. (On the other hand, Western society, nomadic, are pastoralists society.)

Japan "village society" is present in common to rural to urban. The entire Japanese society is covered in the village of air. Japan village society, but there are people who say things like present only in the region of the country, the first place the central government of Tokyo Kasumigaseki at the center of Japan is a village society. Japan = a national village.

Members of Japan "village society" is not only adults, including children. Children are also villagers of Japan.

Japan "village society" is,

And national village of Japan, mutual aid and administrative organization and the people in the central government units around the Imperial Family.

And local village prefectures, mutual aid and administrative organization in the cities, towns, and villages.

And workplace village government offices, and the company full-time, a pair of full-time manager in the home (housewife).

School village nursery school, kindergarten, PTA, school district children, child care, school (elementary school, junior high school, high school, college, graduate school) mediated and the administrative end organization. Alternatively, voluntary mutual aid organizations such as cram schools and free school. As a sub, including class village, class village, course village, club village, as in the circle the village, the village the villagers of children and students make in school. In addition, including a village created by the teachers of the school as scholars village.

Qian Village village, neighborhood association, residents' association. Area of ​​mutual aid and the administrative end organization.

- relatives village relatives, relatives relationship's mutual aid organization of each other. Lineage and clan of the organization.

· Union village, such as the Co-op, voluntary mutual aid organization that goes beyond the framework of the territorial.

And communication village communication, voluntary mutual aid organization that the Internet-mediated (electronic bulletin board, social network services, community of net game, etc.)

It can be classified into.

Research methods of the Japanese village society

To know the truth of Japan village society, and anonymous bulletin board, which is represented by a two-channel, Twitter and the like, see, such as "I'm Japanese hate here in Japan", the people of the opinion that criticized the Japanese society in large quantities quick of it is.

Or satisfied with the current state of Japanese society, more people who want to restoration, it is often not particularly remarks about the current state of the Japanese village society. In addition, Japanese society is closed, it is an exclusive, villagers of Japan do not want to publish in the confidential that of internal village society. If the whistleblower, often gruesome internal sanctions such as ostracism are waiting, in the state anonymity is not in direct face-to-face, etc., Japanese people are less likely to publish the actual situation. To investigate and went to Toka rural areas is useless because there is not ensured anonymity of those surveyed.

Unhappy people in Japanese society, because it is often free speech and the real intention of pent-up in the top of the net media that is reserved of anonymity, raised the specific examples on the spot, the point is not good of Japanese society, are whistleblowers the points to be improved. So, by reading a lot of it, it is reason to say that even frank not turn out also bad place best of the Japanese village society.

On the other hand, also Japanese theory that has been piled up until now, become greatly to the reference is on to know the Japanese village society. In particular, Western society Contrast in Japan books and papers are drawn society of nature and the problems of, a large degree to which the article is useful. It was also written by scholars, not be limited to the book based on the premise that it is not only read by scholars between the relatives of the scholar village, impressions statement on Japanese society, which was written by the general public and the other countries of people who are living abroad experience better to a large viewing is more shortcuts on to know the truth of Japanese society.

In addition, the Japanese government and the know exposure this that large people who lived in Made up us and the company town who was working in the corporate wrote also, useful in many cases is on to know the Naijitsu of Japanese society.

Japanese politicians of the sayings of Tatakiage from the region of Japan, for example Kakuei Tanaka sayings is, it would be helpful in understanding the villagers of the idea of ​​Japan.

The following description of the author, anonymous net media comments and books, such as described above, are written on the basis of a large amount view of the article.

Characteristics of Japanese village society

Below, Japanese society, or the villagers of the features of Japan looks like, do individually explained.

(1) "importance of interpersonal relationships."

"Directing. Ties to focus on interpersonal relationships."

Villagers of Japan will essentially focus on interpersonal relationships.

They are, than that of the inorganic substances, interest goes towards the human beings.

They are, human relations, nepotism, connections, focusing on the construction of personal connections, and good.

They are, ties between people, to focus on bonds.

Political parties, etc., not the can group by the difference of clear goals controversy and vision.

They are, "I, at that time, because I indebted in ○○ to ○○ teacher, jailing the disciple of ○○ teacher" As such, make the nepotism relationship with a person or interpersonal relationship-oriented.

It factions, become academic background or the like, and move the society.

They are sensitive to the feelings of others, it and to read the movement of the human mind, interested people are often in psychology and counseling.

They are, inorganic mechanical, also a robot, resulting in a human being as a humanoid.

Their idea is, are attracted an interest in dolls and people around from time small, and the idea of ​​girls to act as like it, the concept is together (as in boy, interested in inorganic mechanical and materials the low degree to which attracted).

(VS Westerners (pastoralists):. For them, interpersonal relationships, not only means to achieve something objective, is temporary For them, rather than lead, freely and independently move it is important.)

(2) "importance of communication."

"Communication, discussion, to focus on each other informal."

Villagers of Japan, interpersonal relationship building, in order to maintain, at Toka company, communication, communicate profusely emphasis.

They interact with close others around, the conversation, shovel, like to each other informal.

They prefer a fluent chatter possible phone.

They want close the letter with the other party, e-mail, the message, the frequent exchanges that do not put between.

They are, in order of interpersonal relationships maintained, even if there is no requirement, like to talk long.

They prefer a face-to-face communication directly.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists): For them, communication is not only a means for achieving something objective, it is not intended to be a target itself.)

(3) "the accumulation of interpersonal relationships."

"Interpersonal relationship is cumulative. Can not be reset. Turnover is difficult."

In the case of the villagers of Japan, interpersonal relationships, continue to steadily accumulated overlapping generations.

They are, interpersonal relationships, connections of cutting, reset, can not initialize.

They are, as it is loose continued once can have relationships and connections, continue to hold.

They cut a certain field, the connections made once in the area to feel free, another field, hate to be turned-in area, to request the field, that continue to stay all the way to the region entered once.

For them, Toka friendship, school, in the first moment that entered the workplace, there is a tendency that then will be decided much.

They, Tianjin another area, the organization group, even if an attempt is "Tenmura", because they have already completed by accumulating existing interpersonal relationships in the area, enters later, put get it easily by can not.

Or even as I had put, they are, identity, it becomes in a position of low newcomer to handle.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists): They are, interpersonal relationships is easy to be reset, it is possible to Tianjin to the next Xintiandi.)

(4) "adhesion of interpersonal relationships."

"Interpersonal relationship is long-lasting. Interpersonal relationships adhesion, adhesion and easy. Public and private confusion, a bid-rigging constitution."

In the case of the villagers of Japan, once can interpersonal relationship is endlessly sustained over a long period of time.

They are, interpersonal relationships is a cohesive, persistent.

In between them, once it began a conversation and preaching endlessly prolonged, does not end easily.

Japan village society sticky human relations is like a natto, sticky, has been Nechinechi, called a "natto society".

In them, interpersonal relationships is easily adhesion, prone Toka public and private confusion Toka rigging.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists): In the case of they, interpersonal relationships than those short-term, a protein, is obtained by quickly.)

(5) "collectivism"

"Being together, emphasizing the herd. Good friend group formation, like a convoy system. Entrainment, prone to joint and several liability."

Villagers of Japan, and I will be together at all.

They prefer a flock of.

They, like the population, behavior in the organization, a joint work.

They are, it is a population basis.

They can not act in one person, do not like to act.

They will Ao stick sticky each other, and will be together.

They create a faction, Igamiau as will become mainstream with each other.

They are, in habit that can not be anything weak mind alone, it increased the attention to the galvanized iron and Cabal and groups, stir in a loud voice to rely on "the number of power", carry out the things outrageously. Alternatively,

They are, to allow the tease one person - few are gathered by a group (Buzei in great number).

They are, sense of unity within the population, respect for love more than anything.

Emphasize they are, like a "Let's tackle entire company", the strength of the unity of the population, profusely that it is a one flesh.

They like to do something to concentrate in unison with everyone.

Their society, in order to ensure each other's safety, the self-protection, everyone in the flock together, hanging out at, is a "convoy system" society prefer to act in a way that mutually protect each other with the surrounding.

They ask that everyone is treatment without discrimination. Japanese, meal and people in the toilet, women and roots wants to act in hanging out with good friends group is together.

They are, when one person causes something action, without self-contained in the person, care involving inexorably around, is likely to be in turmoil.

They are responsible for your actions is not only to one person's responsibility, prone to joint and several liability of the Toka group.

They are, it is difficult to continue to have independent of the ambient.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists):.. They are, independently of one person than the group, emphasizing that the free-standing They prefer to each other litigation each other their case, responsibility, as a result of work with individual , resulting in take alone his own.)

(6) "importance of belonging."

"Emphasizes the affiliation. Inclusive sense, to focus on the womb feeling. Prefer a suicide."

Villagers of Japan, emphasizing the affiliation.

They are, trying to belong to always somewhere in the population.

They are, anxiety and does not belong somewhere.

They are, above all fear of being excluded from the affiliated group.

They are, to not belong to the group, hate independence alone, the for autonomy in the underlying.

They, the people of freedom that is not also belong to anywhere in the population, contempt said something about part-time workers, not credit.

They are, where if it had entered the population, to focus on whether belongs.

They enter (entered), it belongs (belongs, the) respect school, company name, the brand.

They are, it is a regular of belonging, respect that it is a regular employee of the relatives of the population. On the other hand, non-regular employees of the extraordinary, have the same job without even tries to put to relatives, not considered as belonging, providing a disparity in treatment.

They are, members are, for the sake of belonging population, at the expense of myself, to praise the fact that sweat.

They emphasized that the member is, only to belong to the population and mind completely included, is absorbed, and always integrated with the belonging group, to act in the spirit, such as if it were one person to represent yourself as if belonging to the population to.

They emphasize that the member moves as part of the body of belonging population.

They are, in affiliation group, members each and every completely dissolved, and completely melted, belongs to the population itself tries to give the impression that the move to have the personality of human unity to the outside.

They belong to the population, to the members, jealous as wife to suspect cheating husband.

Belonging to members, the company, in order to belong to the population of the Toka school, holidays, overtime hours be included, and Ireage 100 percent without cheating all the time, forced to dedicate, is required.

Alternatively, members can, with the affiliation group, socializing over a long period of time of life as much as possible, be required for a long time overtime.

Members are, by cutting all of their own private, be tailored to the belonging group, is required to use up all of their time for the sake of belonging population (Messi apprenticeship).

The members belongs population, and temporally, to be spatial, and it is desired to completely encompassed. Belonging to permanently belong population.

It is an affiliation first principle.

Like a restructuring of the company, in affiliation collective side, when it is no longer able to maintain the affiliation of its members, by affiliation group side, unilaterally relationship is destroyed, members will be forced to withdraw in self-convenience from belonging population.

On the other hand, in the belonging group side, once put the members in the group, it can not easily be put out of its members to the outside.

Members are considered the survival of their belonging population first, with all the Shiryoku for its lifetime, all of the population is required to try to fight until the last moment united.

They are, when it was in useless fighting until the end is, and will perish whole belongs population.

They prefer the collective self-determination.

They belong to the population, trying to complete as far as the population, to try to end. Members are in the other group, I do not like to be picked up alive in the Toka prisoners.

Affiliation population, hope to swear lifelong loyalty only to members is one of the belonging group, members into two or more populations, hate that belong simultaneously or sequentially.

If carried out the survival of belonging to the population, yourself it is required to think that may be what happened become the sacrifice.

They are members of the population, because of the affiliation group, as commando, honor to become a sacrifice proceed.

Belonging to the population is a common destiny, that both the fate to belong to the population and the last members, "Morotomo if die", seek a suicide.

In Japanese society, in advance taking the job offer to joining somewhere at the same time when you graduated from school (Toka University), and not joined in neatly new graduates on a given day, out of the affiliation group, thrown out the are already graduated treatment, no longer Could also put anywhere in the company (already graduated discrimination).

In Japanese society, even in the case of job change not only the graduates, not go from belonging to a population of until now and do not enter in time without interruption following belong population.

In Japanese society, in affiliation, and anywhere there is a period of free that do not belong, or if there is a blank in the history, and reduces the creditworthiness of as villagers, they're unable to adopt quite at Toka company.

Villagers of Japan, that continue to be a member in, hope that it is not issued to the outside.

They are, a job change, regarded as emissions from affiliation (population), dislike.

They are, a job change, rather than a skill up, in front of the stomach population, because you did not get along with the other members, or was issued to the outside, capturing the negative and got out from their own.

In Japanese society, it is to go out of the affiliation group, the original intention, regardless of the intention, a traitor, is considered a negative point, be condemned. As the number of times that the affiliation group go out with my intention is increased, social credit is reduced.

In Japanese society, members are provided the life of the rail of belonging population, never out of the escalator, it is requested that you do not get off. Member does not come off belongs group dedicated life of rail, from the escalator, as long as you do not get off, life of the members is belonging population to guarantee. On the other hand, members have, once, got off the village of rail, the escalator from myself, graduated, if you get the village later life in self-responsibility, belonging group is not involved at all, it does not help.

They are, feeling that he has been included in the affiliation group, belonging population become your mother instead, as if they prefer a feeling like you are in the womb of the mother.

They point a very strong sense of unity and belonging to the population, it is a feminine personality that values ​​the sense of unity with the other party.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists): They are, independently alone than to belong somewhere, self-reliance to emphasize to venture they are, avoid the constraints caused by the affiliation, prefer the free..)

(7) "importance of the settlement."

"Settlement, fixing, to focus on with the roots. Emphasizes the continuation. Emphasizes the expert. Stick to."

Villagers of Japan, prefer Toka land who live in the villages, the workplace of the authorities, the company Toka, settled in one place, that the take root a long period of time to fix.

They, like the indigenous.

They are, to move out, dislike the outgoing person and a traitor cried. I hate to be "Tenmura".

They are, duckweed is not settled, to despise people like Nenashigusa.

They are, or, or repeatedly change jobs, do not trust people who do not have a steady job in one of the workplace.

They are also at work in the house, sit down in one place, cozy on the spot, to try to start immediately the nest for the purpose of Itsuku a long period of time.

They are, low center of gravity, hip heavy, is a feminine personality that does not budge from there to settle down in one place.

They are, Toka scholar, Toka actor, majoring in one of the field from the very beginning, there to sit down, rooted in, without cheating, to emphasize that the walk to continuing basis the one road of the professional .

They emphasize the experts.

They continued respect the word Nari force.

They are people who pry with a variety of interest in the outside a number of professional, does not have the professional, without credit that those who do not decide, despise.

They are, that of land to live their own generation to generation and, or, are attached to their own area of ​​expertise to know anything, of course that the there is no can not answer that.

They are directed to a hundred-point scale of expertise surface.

They do not know, do not answer the question, think and embarrassed when other people can answer.

They have determined the narrow their answers the extent possible, be to be able to answer anything within that range, trying to maintain their high pride as an expert.

They are, that you know, considered first that there is knowledge, to learn the knowledge, to focus energy to memorize.

They are, intellectuals with a scholarship, respect for scholars.

They are, Toka Diet discussion, Toka diplomacy, in the opinion of the up to now that you have put down roots, to stick, you flexible Yuzuro, not trying to change the opinion.

They are, if he ceded, is negative and ideas tend Once changed.

They refused to dialogue and deliberation that triggers concessions, trying to absence from the meeting.

They are, or, discussion is in forever parallel lines, becomes a dispute, it repeated railroaded.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists):. They are, rather than much fixed somewhere to focus on going to move to more and more new ground alone they are, new entrants ability of new fields, new ideas, knowledge emphasizing the ability to produce.)

(8) "tuning principle"

"Tunability is strong. Uniform, side by side, trendy, emphasizing the trend. Prefer the relative evaluation. Jealousy is strong."

Villagers of Japan, is strong synchrony.

They are, fashion, respect for cooperation.

They are sensitive to the epidemic around, it is swayed by the epidemic.

They are, Toka movies and animation, we try to follow in all the major epidemic.

They prefer the following blindly.

They like to move in accordance with the trend.

They are good at each other pull of the attentive-feet between each other.

They are, all together, that you are side-by-side, are forced to be the same without discrimination.

They prefer to do in class Toka all at once.

They hate the "No Child Left Behind" can not go about the surroundings.

They, and profusely emphasis on coordination and attentive with the surroundings, like a "sticks out is hammered", human beings become delayed luggage, a man of self-reliance type that does not match the pace around, closer to tease gathered.

They are free, essentially hate free.

They, mutual checks and balances, jealousy is strong and hope that go to everyone tuned at the same time in the same place if go, do not allow someone to try to chipping missing only one person.

They are, the performance evaluation of human beings and organizations, using the deviation value, determined by the relative evaluation of the surroundings.

They are, so as not to offend the people against their own, everybody's friend to consideration equally But to anyone.

They are jealous, other people can go to higher than their own, trying to prevent every effort to make a good think.

They are always others, relative to compare the standing position with other companies and their own, others go the top, trying to catch up desperately in other companies, as leapfrog, to discipline themselves to each other, to try to improve .

The strength of their these jealousy is, Japanese society, it has become a driving force of the Japanese corporate performance improvement.

They are, that others is the result to equality and myself, it is the same, disparity oriented that there is no, as a result, society is homogenized. It is the female nature to seek a sense of unity on each other's treatment.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists):. Than they are, tune with the surrounding, their strong personality, apart has its own property, to try to be able to demonstrate their abilities they are, a new trend created, riding first and foremost, pour heart and soul to the creation of a lot of followers.)

(9) "importance of synchronization - senior junior system"

"Synchronous consciousness is strong. Seniority, senior junior system, prefer the escalator. Overtaking prefer. Parachute that hate the competition."

Villagers of Japan, all at once the timing of the Toka joined Toka once a year to fit, like to synchronize.

They, the people who went to the same population with the timing, is regarded as the synchronization, it wants to seek the same, the treatment of equally no difference each other.

They are, same joined the annual, synchronization of people, uniform and promotion in synchronization with each other, like to disparities in promotion does not occur.

They, as well as take the escalator, according to age, job title is going to steadily promoted to the top, or, always superiors treat people of senior rating took a year than people of junior rating within the organization is is, like seniority, the senior junior system.

They are, in the government and large companies, people with each other in the synchronization of the relationship, hate that the face-to-face with each other in a state where the gap up and down in title has occurred, the lower of the people of the title is, to parachute descent to the external bureau in the form, I like to go out of the organization so that it does not face to face (parachute).

They Alternatively, a person of senior rating went ahead in the organization, to the people of the junior price, which came into the organization later, from being overtaken by Toka promotion (people of junior-rated overtake the people of the senior rating) hate.

They are, fundamentally hate the competition with the passing.

They are, young people of junior-rated, to become boss of the person who old the senior price, dislike both as a cumbersome each other. It has become a cause of job openings in the elderly is limited in mid-career.

They are, in a promotion at the promotion and company at school, hate the grade-skipping, like to go sequentially climbed one by one step has been prepared stairs.

They hate being demoted from once climbed title.

Such a personality, temporal set on each other's treatment, is a feminine personality to determine the integrity.

Such a personality, or, emphasis on learning of the precedent and knowledge to ensure the safety of themselves, people who joined earlier, a large degree of unprecedented accumulation, think that forever becomes higher in unconditionally, in a feminine personality is there.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists):.. They are not particular about the synchronization they are, it is obvious that a top executives than those who were old young people their case, overtaking, competition is a daily occurrence .)

(10) "imitation oriented"

"Imitation, is like copy, move it."

Villagers of Japan, prefer the mimicry of others, imitation, copy, is the owner of the rip-off culture.

They are, around the trend, let's with desperately to fashion, tuning, it tries to synchronize.

They are not like to walk alone another of their own in developing their surroundings, to try to align around.

They are, personal originality of the (originality), fundamentally dislike as it is not preferable to the fact that unlike around only one person.

They are, by imitating others around, to ensure the sustainability of the sense of unity with the surroundings.

Japan village society, afraid to be alone away from the surrounding, is a "convoy" society that likes to act flock together at all. It is a feminine personality that use the unusual attention to their own self-protection.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists): They prefer the uniqueness of them prefer the originality based on the idea of ​​the individual..)

(11) "importance of unity."

"Unity, emphasizing a sense of unity, the empathy."

Japan village society, within the population, mutual sense of unity, empathy, harmony, prefer the harmony. Society of the "sum", is a good friend club society.

They are, as good to have the same thought at the same quality each other, do not allow foreign strong self-assertion in the pieces of individual disturbing the sum of the population.

Japan village society, I thought projecting disturb the sum of the population, the owner of the action, is a society that bullies trying to crush and beaten up and gathered by everyone.

They are, the survival of the population itself imperceptibly self purpose of, in the population hate that crack in a fight farewell.

Their society, each other, and to the direction in which the sum of the population is kept, it is adapt their behavior "pandering", "Kobi" society.

They are, mutual body temperature, feel the warmth, without each other's sense of distance, of Affinity, prefer the interpersonal relationships that lack of privacy with respect to intimate partner.

They are, taking a distance between each other, objectively an opponent of interest, the scientific directions to be calmly behold, as a cold relationship with the other party, fundamentally dislike. It is a feminine personality that values ​​mutual sense of unity, a fusion feel.

They tend to try to Osameyo round Toka disputes, nothing happened.

They are, litigation, hate the trial, you try as much as possible reconciliation.

They are, in the form of things, like circular, round type, a flexible cushion.

They are, amicable resolution, like the finale.

They are unarmed structure that do not like each conflict.

Women, perpetuated by the (innate) group advocates = collectivist, a tuning advocates = conformist. Such a personality, either, but in individualistic Western has a low value,

In Japanese society is a major. The people of Japan becomes the collective doctrine,

Women in Japanese society is strong evidence.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists): They are, confrontation and litigation of opinion, willing the war they are commonplace have different opinions and people..)

(12) "indifferent between a small group."

"Small groups each other apart, independent, non-cooperation, indifferent, silos, is a discord."

Villagers of Japan, limited individual narrow a range of friendship-held sense of unity with each other, independent of each other, making small groups closed toward the outside, the circle, the factions (Toka good friend group generated by the class high school students) a lot the want.

In Japan the village society, the school, the Toka company, social groups formed by the members, small chunks, prone to break apart each other individually small.

Among a plurality of small good friends populations, together closed, exclusive, and discord.

Therefore, each independently, isolated mutual understanding between the individual small groups is insufficient as it is.

The total population, less likely to be integrated while the entire organization was only roses. The entire population, the entire organization, control can not be taken, they tend to become the state to move independent of each other.

By Toka central government, collection of smaller groups is precedence over the collection of a larger group (no Shoeki than national interest, if there station saving).

Alternatively, in political parties, factions and its own freely moving each, they tend to lack the unity of the whole party.

Sub-groups of the population, without trying to cooperate with each other, freely moving duplicate apart, compromising the population and society as a whole benefits, adverse effects of the vertical split is likely to occur.

In Japan village society,'ll help a period of such closed individual small groups, achieving mutual understanding, somehow to have a sense of unity with each other, making it possible to have the whole of the leadership becomes a challenge.

They are, rather than individuals, prefer their group is said to own.

They are individuals, but do not like to project far removed from the surrounding, to project each group, there can be argued strongly, and lead to to strengthen the group image of, good because it is advantageous for self-entrenchment to.

They are different from elsewhere in the group or country, the other to not own, rejoice and are said to have a unique culture.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists):. For them, the group is temporary, fall apart on an individual basis, it is irrelevant they are, for the sake of their own interests, trying to cooperation in the dry interested each other. )

(13) "desire to be protected."

"I want to be protected, want to rely on, I want to cultivate, demands something, I want to parasitic sentiment strong."

Villagers of Japan has a strong degree to feel the anxiety in one person, it is to be protected, is a strong feeling that I want to protect.

They are, dependent heart is strong.

Between them, graces the heart is filled.

They are, such as the government and large companies, Iraishin to large organizations, sense of belonging, a large graces.

They are anxious to independence alone, I want to ask to help someone. Fluttering in the strong person.

They are, or, wants to Have nourished by parasitic to someone. Saying "depend if Taiki of shadow" has clearly a situation of this area.

They are, at the time of employment, we want to choose a great company to be an example of this.

They are anxious that exposed to the outside alone, it Tayoro to strong countries like the United States, is trying to get to observe.

They are strong ones, you try to give me your spilled from some of the money, gathered guts is strong (for example, equal to trying to get to many distribution of the public project costs even a little from the government).

The nature of the Japanese people, errand attention to self protection, everything is also protected with priority, a woman nature prefer to be escorted.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists): They are, my body is defend yourself they are, as a basic self-help..)

(14) "authoritarian"

"It is authoritarian. Criticism, does not allow the rebuttal."

Villagers of Japan, authority, weak brand.

They are authoritarian.

Their culture, culture of flattery, is a culture of pandering.

They are, for their own self-protection, likely to have authority, even a little, people are forming the mainstream, or, university, teachers and doctors belonging to the intellectual prestigious institution such as a hospital, as a "teacher" call it, to follow then, to grovel.

They think if Ayume behind the person who is myself authority, is safe, and is not arrogant.

They are, or, if you heard people say that a certain authority, think okay, no doubt.

They, safety and of himself, us to guarantee the correctness of his decision, it wants to seek a greater presence of an external.

They are, for the person strength than their likely, single-mindedly sell flattery, but to grovel, that's a little weak so, out bullish on soon, and the pressing of the unpleasant work, to do the extortion imitation.

They are, authority with his own, in order to show high, you try to acquire advanced the evaluation of the stated brand-name products.

They are the relics of the Western powers, to profusely worship as there is authority.

They, a theory that is established theory no doubt if you believe this, faith as religion, or criticism against it, it does not recognize that disagree.

They are pushing their own, against the mighty presence was overwhelmed, willing to stain the color.

They are, or blindly follow, make your ask.

They talk back to the Toka teachers and seniors, criticism, objections, impaired sense of unity of mutual, not allowed as a large scratch to say the people of prestige, to compel the absolute obedience. It is, for their own self-protection, the point to be Yorisugaro to authority, is a feminine personality.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists): They, with shield in authority, criticism, for freedom of objections, likes to exercise.)

(15) "avoidance of risk."

"Safety, self-protection is the first. Anxiety is strong. Is unadventurous. Risk, to avoid the challenge. Originality is lacking."

Villagers of Japan, safety first, in self protection first, strong degree to feel the anxiety, which is unadventurous in cowardice.

They, not adventure.

They hate the venture.

They are afraid of failure.

They can not do anything that there is no precedent.

They are, originality is lacking.

They are, for example, in the humanities and social sciences, is doing just chasing after the Western theory.

They are, to overcome the existing theory, poor in spirit to try to make a new theory.

They are, with the existing theory, the power of assimilation and integrated is too strong.

They are, because the unknown in the field do not know what to what failed, scary, as, do not want to put out a hand.

They are not headed, it is safer to go after the Western pioneer, think that.

They are dangerous, risky thing and will not be of unknown new.

They are, to become guinea pigs (the bench) it is unpleasant.

They hate the strongest hand of criticism more dangerous, when you go in a more safe and comfortable number two.

They are, it is necessary to lead ahead of everyone, trying to be more, just need only keep up with followers are more great leader.

They hate the challenge in the bottom of my heart.

Japan village society, once fails, repechage, it is difficult to re-challenge.

Japanese society, and not put in Toka large company in the new graduates, become already graduated to handle, it has a mechanism that will not be able to enter again.

Science and Technology of Japan is always lags behind Europe and the United States, backwardness of the yoke, the anxiety of strength, safety-oriented, Taiei properties, such as precedent-oriented, there is a relationship with a woman of a strong evidence women in Japanese society.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists): They, safety, without regard to self-protection, actively challenge to the risk they are rich in originality..)

(16) "precedent followed oriented"

 "Precedent, tradition, is a rail overemphasis. Precedent of small improvements, polished is good at. Senior junior relationship is tight."

Villagers of Japan, the knowledge to be a precedent, the rapid learning of know-how, digestion, are skilled in absorption.

Japanese society, Toka time of the Meiji Restoration, quickly absorb the new knowledge of Europe and the United States, to learn, there is soon track record of success to be in my things.

They are, school or cram school, in Toka prep school, knowledge becomes a precedent, which is meantime keen on learning of know-how.

In their society, precedent to itself, up and down relationship is determined in accordance with the degree of the tradition of accumulation.

In their society, precedent, become the top person in the middle of the group or organization is rich with a tradition in itself.

In between them, seniority, senior junior relationship is tight.

In their society, a group or organization, and swagger is veteran such as stations.

In their society, newcomer bullying is carried out for granted, in any of the organization, the low status of newcomers. It is (in terms of the degree of family tradition learning, mother-in-law is a senior, daughter-in-law is junior, newcomer) daughter-in-law mother-in-law relationship in the home leads to.

In their society, those who have the knowledge and skills to be a precedent, is a great in visceral, on the other hand, originality that are considered towards the young rookie is in the rich are not evaluated.

The safety considered first, to dispense to avoid that through the unknown of the dangerous road, it is required that is abundantly laden with precedent and become experience knowledge of the action to be taken. Experience knowledge as such a precedent, people on the seniority has more.

They absorb the already original precedent that someone has done in advance, to learn, steadily piled up the small improvement, overlapping the polished, by attaching a competitive edge, surpassing the original, Serikatsu it, They are skilled to overthrow.

They are, in life, like to advance over the fixed rail, afraid to deviate from the rail, not welcome.

Such a personality, avoid the unknown danger, the point of going the only way of precedent, is a feminine personality.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists): They are, precedent, without regard to tradition, actively destroying, criticizing, creating new knowledge in their own power, an attempt is universally spread it.)

(17) "backward, the status quo manner"

(17-1) "thinking is traditional, feudal, is the reverse manner."

(17-2) "No competition, no wind, stagnation, (of Toka vested interests) maintaining the status quo is like. Prefer the immutable."

(17-3) "will be resistance to the inflow of advanced ideas from the outside, but once it is topped to receive a Dakudaku, return to the original influx ceased."

Villagers of Japan, the concept is traditional, backward, a delay basis, which is feudal.

In their society, mother-in-law, and Eraku is veteran such as stations, can not be the newcomer is more than the veteran.

They are tied to the old tradition, it emphasizes precedent and tradition, the status quo earnestly.

They would crush everyone considers endogenous a progressive new attempt at internal group to be in danger. This can be expressed in terms of "mother-in-law guts".

They are, newcomers hate the competition that may overtake from after the old-timer, to try to protect the existing peace order.

They hate the Namikaze that stand, prefer calm, calm, stagnation, and shalt not.

They prefer the Toka vested interests immutable, the maintenance.

They, while resistance to the inflow of new culture of foreign, overwhelmed, and is topped accepting unconditionally, to follow suit.

They are, progressive culture of Toka Europe and the United States, that the system is coming from the outside is regarded as the black ships attack, wary, and resistance at Joi. But,

They, emergency overwhelmed by the outside culture, and is topped, as returns the palm of the hand, almost blindly follow its progressive thinking, trying to slurp.

They are, as the iPhone, dominated a hard to resistance coming from the outside, not Umidase in their own power, new and progressive way of thinking, ideas, products, follow striving to be first unconditionally, with no criticism , attempts to incorporate, trying to imitate, it tries to small improvements.

Boast they are, we have taken the initiative, the result of the introduction, and with foil to the surrounding.

While the resistance to that from the outside of the (advanced) thinking enters, once topped Dakudaku and the receptor, that slurping is, masculine (Western manner) feminine (Japanese) on sperm fertilization of the ovum It is similar to the relationship (ovum behavior style).


They are, so progressive and new, to take a competitive attitude, there is a dominant new ideas from the outside, have flown, stops only while the need to deal with it has occurred.

They are, when the influx of a new culture from the outside stops, return of the original windless calm state, the status quo basis, the vested interests maintain specific ethos.

They are, as the emperor system, what is much more immutable, like the ones enduring.

They hate change. (Japan) society, (compared to the progressive Western society) delay, the essence of feudalism is, a woman to be trying to protect single-mindedly a safe precedent to avoid the danger and challenge, to motherhood.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists):.. They, thinking, without being bound by tradition, is an advanced they are, competition, prefer the change they are actively welcomed from the beginning of the forward thinking from the outside then, to try to develop.)

(18) "shame, appearance of importance."

"Shame, respect the appearance. To foreign to hide the internal problem. Fine skill, prefer the rhetoric. To silence in the place of the official, public speaking."

Japan village society is the owner of the "culture of shame" that the very mind others of the line-of-sight and an evaluation directed against myself.

They are, it was to actively care what has been what seems around, as would appear well around, or doing a wide variety of care, or the acting.

They are everybody's friend, it is hard to give a good impression around the country.

They are, or are thought if their own from the surrounding, can not be helped whether he is liked is in the mood.

They are, as their own is like it around, actively or flattery, or Bukkake good boy.

They are, in order to improve the impression of the surroundings of their own, or a profusely attentive, busy to or appointed an outer surface specific apparent.

They are, face, be very concerned about the body surface.

They are, always the human eye can not be helped in the mood.

They are, it is a strong feeling that has been seen in other people.

They perform the behavior of pretentious that assumes the line of sight of others. It is the "appearance of culture".

They are, it is excessive self-conscious about how look yourself to others. Makeup and clothes check on the premise of the line of sight of the others, for women to do more.

They are, that the group of their own and their is a problem inside, try to hide desperately to the outside.

They are, trying to pretend there is no problem.

They are, to try looking good.

They are, and I will be in foreign to good child.

They are, to a "flirts".

They spread is not good rumors about myself, fear more than anything else the fuss happens. Foreign manner he wants is seen well, and want to be accepted, it is to manipulate their own impression, such as hiding the problem, for women to do more.

They prefer sensuously beautiful pleasant rhetoric, that the use of the slogan.

They are, by remarks in which there are many, would gather everyone's attention, embarrassed to buy a laugh, the eyes of others can not speak in the mood.

They are shy.

They can say that it in a private small group.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists):. They are, without worrying about the public eye, do the things that I think my and rightly ashamed also reputation even without imposing they are, although that values ​​the internal privacy for the sake of security, open information which is active in do not presented. they are, controversial and remarks that not clothed to the teeth in a public place.)

R.Benedict was cast in "Chrysanthemum and the Sword", in the context of the culture of culture and shame of sin,

Man is a "sin of sex (gender)". They are, even if not seen to someone, feel the guilt as was that bad, take action of atonement. Men independently of the periphery of the trends, that feel guilty just alone, is a dry, it forms the basis of the sin of culture (manly culture).

Woman is a "shame of sex (gender)". Women, "a red light, everyone not afraid if Do not cross," as such, whether or not feel the guilt, point depends on the presence or absence and trends around the line of sight, is a wet, culture of shame (sissy culture form the basis of). Woman has a strong feeling of "being seen" in others, like the makeup, clothing and fashion is a self-appeal on the assumption the line of sight of others.

Japan became a society based on the "culture of shame" is "gender = women of shame" is, is because they dominate the foundation of society.

(19) "emphasis on attentive"

"Consideration, to focus on attentive. Refrain, withdrawal tend to, it is an isolated prone."

Villagers of Japan, emphasized that to others around, emotional the attention to detail, the attentive.

They emphasize that the contact with the warm compassion of feeling with respect to the surrounding.

They are, and will aim to realize a society full of warmth.

They are, each other, too much to think to refrain from and so as not to bother others around, individual, in the family unit, to avoid the negotiations with the surroundings, each pulling muffled prone, and likely to be often isolated.

Their society, social integration is weak.

They are likely to lead to alien society. Delicate attention to the surroundings is good at more of the women.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists): They prefer a direct Monoi, consideration, lack of attentive they are, without the refrain, say more and more things they are, to negotiate aggressively...)

(20) "emphasis on Misogi"

"I prefer the cleanliness. The purification ceremony, wash away, like to total replacement."

Villagers of Japan, their own body and mind, it is like to cleanse wash.

They hate dirt, the filth.

They are clean, a beautiful love.

They prefer the clear stream in the Toka river.

They profusely noisy in one of the etiquette whether breath like myself the vomit is not or rotten to other people.

They are their own (of others) dirty, or unclean does not turn to others (to yourself), metastasis, or not contagious, or not affect, is very concerned about.

They are, to others, not dirty, clean, a clean, in an attempt to show you my good impression, profusely like to wash their hair and body.

They are, mind and body of dirt into the clean water flow, prefer it becomes going to have washed away the unclean to the "purification ceremony (purification ceremony)".

They like to take a bath.

They are, the failure or past to try to Sumaso "water into the sink in."

They, with no dirty Shiroshozoku, prefer to wear in such ritual like a New Year of shaman costumes.

Their idea is another idea is that there is no middle school girls and the thought is together to repeat the shower and shampoo every morning becomes excessive self-consciousness to the dirt of his body.

They directed that in order to each other (feminine) self of self-protection, to community life with a sense of unity densely each other in a convoy system.

They are, therefore, contamination of the Toka (my) body of others not far away Do not stick to itself (to others), has become sensitive or not contagious each other.

They are likely to be inspired by the new inclusions.

They are, newly came in with overwhelming force from outside, or the entire society to the culture of the emerging forces that was successful come up with innovations from the country from being easily influenced in an instant. And,

They are, the ancient cultural relics that should they had been in place until now, it would easily thrown away at dirt cheap new and a total replacement.

Meiji and early years of Western cultural relics worship and haibutsu kishaku, Apple's iPhone introduction is a good example.

They are, new authority and charisma has been created, in a new force some cultural relics, each is trying to follow a desperately as not to miss your own. as a result,

In their society, society as a whole is transfer all at once in a new cultural relics, occurs phenomenon that cast off the old shell.

They are, each is sensitive to the surrounding developments, tuned desperate and Mai become ostracized late even a little,

They also have to adapt striving to be first to those with the power to attempt is made the entrenchment of myself. They are both feminine personality.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists):.. They are tolerant of dirt, the number of the shower is small they are, even if new cultural relics is introduced, not discard the ones based on the original idea than the old they are, each, allowing the go one person my way for each other.)

(21) "avoidance of responsibility."

"To avoid responsibility. Decision, stop the judgment, avoidance, to postpone. Is irresponsible. Prefer an anonymous action."

Villagers of Japan, avoiding responsibility, is a strong tendency of passing the buck.

They are reluctant to to bear alone the responsibility resulting from action taken by the their own, everyone in the joint and several liability, to try to reduce the risk of incurring the cost per person.

Or epidemic adage "red light not scary if Do not cross at all", it is that appears to have become going to taken to "one hundred million total confession" the defeat responsibility of the Pacific War.

They are, it is possible to avoid to meet dangerous eye is taken a failure of responsibility in doing so (lose the social life).

They are, or, by taking as much as possible ambiguous iridescent attitude to the decision of things, and to obscure the location of responsibility, it is good to make a way out so that it can be responsible fled. Alternatively,

They are, in the first place responsibility occurs decision making, avoid itself to determine, stop, to hold.

They are, without decisions from their own, and trying to get determined to someone.

They, and discretionary judgment to those who take the other liability, without decisions from their own until the decision is down, take the attitude of waiting, continue to ignore the determination target body well.

They are, in letting determine the decision to others, press the decision responsibility to others to decide.

They are, and move proceeds from their own, because the question the behavior responsibility, does not move proceeding from their own, someone else is waiting to become guinea pigs.

They are, therefore not by yourself want to take the responsibility, someone wants to his behavior the presence of leaders who will take responsibility.

They decided, to postpone the decision.

They are, it is irresponsible.

They are, for he has taken action, avoid being accountability remains is evidence that he had done until later.

They are, therefore, he someone, afraid to be identified to others, wants to and I will be anonymously.

They do not like the evidence that remains.

They are, in Toka SNS, personal information and real name, do not like to put a face.

They are, at the time of failure, without trying to gracefully responsibility, like to the excuse of responsibility escaped. It is, socially, is exempted easy feminine personality to take the responsibility.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists): They are, for personal behavior basic, responsibility can not be avoided they are, determined, rush to judgment they are, there is a sense of responsibility they are, real name behavior, prefer an appearance....)

(22) "importance of Natsuki"

"Cute shy, Natsuki, to focus on mercy."

Villagers of Japan, members have, in affiliation population that went deep into the center, be loved by the top person, emphasizing that become emotionally attached to a higher person.

They are, as can be seen in the Imperial Japanese Army officers, if it fails, not held responsible, in complicit in the inner ring in the fellow, cover-up, to try peacefully to Sumaseyo.

They can not truncate cold failed the person, I want to try to place a mercy.

They are, disposal is sweet leniency.

They hate the cool-headedness of, that prefer the emotional response, which is feminine.

They are, for the cute subordinates and students, to the favoritism.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists): They are, and penetration of the cool-headedness of meritocracy, not pardon fail to.)

(23) "importance of pre-agreement"

"Emphasis on pre-agreement. Once agreed flow, it is difficult to change the policy. When you Susumo by inertia."

Villagers of Japan, in advance, with each other stakeholders, confidentially to discuss, like to keep decided to drop office = prior agreement point.

They are, in advance of laying the groundwork to parties, like the rigging.

To them, in advance, without taking the pre-agreement, it will Susumeyo a new story suddenly, when you decide, rebound, be rejected.

They are, in Toka Parliament, the place hate the public discussion of the place of improvisation, like the negotiation and consensus building a collection of stakeholders in advance behind closed doors.

It, by previously attaching mutual agreement, favor a female nature prefer to harmony with each other.

For them, already, agreed in all, the determined content, the policies and flow, be changed later, it is fundamentally difficult to overturn.

They are, in World War II, even out later in the war situation analysis result that it becomes a disadvantage is within the government, because it was already able to agree on leadership by doing the war, it was not possible to change the policy.

They are carried out in the rear with a favorable numbers alignment for the once-determined policy.

They are, once advance and decided the direction of flow, is also happening is a problem, when you Susumo much as it is the inertia of the force.

It is, all of a sense of unity by the once formed the agreement, it is a feminine personality scared from being destroyed artificially after a good friend state.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists): They prefer a consensus by the real-time discussion They, too soon boldly carry out the policy change..)

(24) "atychiphobia"

"Pride (the degree that values ​​the good-looking) is high. Atychiphobia."

Villagers of Japan, pride (to try looking good in front of everyone) high.

They failed, fear more than anything else of their pride is hurt in front of everyone. Such a personality, is remarkable in the classroom language of Toka English.

They are, or were beaten up by the addition of total attacks in the fool and see the others to fail, hit the backbiting, or Furemawa'. But,

They really helped myself is scared to fail in front of the public.

They fail, can not be tolerated with the day-to-day things that might be anyone. Opportunity to bounce back again once you fail is not given socially.

They are the losers as the target of daily anger Harashi, earnestly urge.

They are, to avoid the repetition of failure due to trial and error, someone successful and whether there is no case earnestly looked hard, Ya viewed as found, all at once to the imitation.

They, the success stories ultimate answer, as shalt forced faith target invade, it single-mindedly to refine improvements.

They, those who deviate even a little from there, fly scold immediately as committed an error, a mistake. It is regarded as the existence precious important themselves, is a feminine personality reluctant to scratches even a little to his own stick.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists): They are, without fear of failure they have a high pride that he's competent..)

(25) "closed, exclusive"

"Closed nature, exclusivity is strong. Inside and outside sense there is strong. Entrance examination. Prefer a blank adopted. Thought is inward. Blockage feeling strong. Inward flexibility, to try to Sumaseyo in. Its own that consideration be effective."

Villagers of Japan, social groups is closed to form, it is exclusive.

They are, strictly distinguish between the outside and in the population, it closes the door to elsewhere person. For example, in the central government and large enterprises, the opportunity of the adoption of the members are new graduates collectively adopted is almost. In these organizations, still of any social group color (traditions, organizational culture, etc.) in a blank slate to open the door only for young people who are not steeped in, full-fledged mid-career of the road has been closed.

They strongly binding form against other populations in the own population keeping the pure blood of ( "uchi") stretch around the yarn crony (connector) therein.

Their society is a seclusion society to firmly tie only internally without a elsewhere person.

They are, close, relatives that relationship on safety has been guaranteed, and will Katamaro only in the inner ring.

They are very callous to the other place's.

They are, there is a lack of openness.

They are, the inner ring of the conversation, crazy about cozy, is thin concerned about the outside world.

They thought is inward. It is, middle school girls, is a good friend group of high school girls is a prototype.

They are, to appeal towards the goodness of the relationship in the inner ring to the outside. At the same time,

They are, so do not know the members that are floating in the inner ring from the outside, bullying maliciously, to discrimination.

Their society, detached from the inner ring, and be ostracized, have become social mechanisms there is no place else to go. there,

They are, all, desperately so that it is not removed, to consider the other group members.

In their society, Once in the group, continue Zuttoi in it up to become obsolete in such retirement and restructuring (not cheating) it is required.

In their society, there is no freedom of Tenmura. Upon exiting the village is a traitor to the village, as well as'll let you newly placed in a separate village, it is often that the interpersonal relationships not get put in without being credit been considered did not go well in front of the village . Reputation as villagers decreases as Tenmura number of times increases. In addition, from out of the village, and there is a blank period that do not belong to any village for a while, become thin air as the villagers, intensified view that it was turned into a mere VAG, reduces the reputation as villagers Te, Tenmura destination is less likely to be found.

They are, elsewhere who have different themselves and behavior, consider that it is not safe because the do not know what you're thinking. Alternatively,

They are, elsewhere who, anxiety and or not of being unabashedly that disturb the traditions and discipline of their own belongs group comes together, think that can not be peace of mind.

They are, for the mid-career person, or subjected to bullying, to force the same kind of humiliating treatment and newcomer. Alternatively,

They are, in the first place a person coming from the outside, such as the temporary employees, temporary, only partially, without touch to their organization, to try to ban. In this case, feminine concern that elsewhere's allowed to adversely affect the integrity of itself, is a factor to produce a closure specific climate.

It should be noted that the closed nature, in order to keep the unity of the internal relatives populations of their belongs, that is prevented from elsewhere who enters, like women, leading to the integral fusion feeling maintenance-oriented with others there are things.

In their society, people, think that there is an inside and outside in all things, have the "inside and outside feel".

They are, and, to emphasize the sense of "enter" to migrate within from the outside (entrance).

They are, anyway jailing anything, to trying to get put. Sense of "entering" is one in which the other party, subject occurs only in the case closed a.

Japanese and women, something "enter" to stick to it, society and population is a manifestation of it is closed (in under an open society such as Europe and the United States, "inside and outside feel" of people entering " consciousness "is considered to be weak).

They are, in all things, enter it finds the very admissions.

For them, it is likened to an egg, a closed space with a Naijitsu that is more rich nutrition compared to the outside to enter from (civil servants, large companies, prestigious schools, etc.) anything good, and the purpose of life.

Their society is, and get put in (become a member, blend, to integrate), is preferential treatment, has a mechanism which can taste the rich mood.

They are, it is something proud and tend toward the periphery that was put that way.

Their society is, forgive the subscription only white innocent persons.

They (had joined a long time to somewhere else of the population) hate the adoption of a person of color.

Their society is, or wearing a costume of pure white dress in a marriage, in a company or government office, new graduates of white that does not have a color of a particular organization, prefer the white paper adopted.

In their society, remain innocent of the state that does not adhere colors, or in all bets are off the colors with up to now (in socially once dead), dyed to a new color of affiliation from scratch, the attitude that If you do not show, not get newly placed in the population (company, government, marriage destination of the family ...).

They are, newbie is, it does not disturb the existing color of the population, respect harmony with the existing color of the population, the fusion.

They are dark for at seniors of color marked with, and thinner is a junior.

They think according to continue staying in the population, color Shimitsuku himself gradually becomes darker, along with it and move out to other populations will become difficult.

They are, entrance exam and the school, companies, such as joining test of the authorities, in order to outsiders to enter the group, wants to provide a profusely severe entrance examination.

In their society, it is hard to get put into the population. However,

In their society, in a challenging joined test Toka a breakthrough was once the population, and it is possible to get put in our house, soon to like you are in the womb of the mother, versatile, cushioned feel, flexible such movement can take, warm, full of convenience, it is possible to receive the preferential treatment have been treated.

They are, in Toka public office, close relatives, flexible and versatile for the internal person, take full of friendly attitude, for the outsiders, in consideration that rigid does not take into account the pedantic and convenient lack take the attitude.

They are, their true feelings, opinion (real intention) is only disclosed to close relatives.

They are, for the outsiders, show was Toritsukuro' on the surface of the apparent, the upper side of the feelings, opinions only (supposedly).

In between them, outside the country and, like outside, thin of interest to the outside, go exclusively interested in in the group membership, the inward thought is prevalent.

In their society, a strong sense of stagnation.

In their society, are trapped in the group, is a strong feeling that it is difficult to go out.

They are, Toka procurement of human resources, rather than relying on external, (within their group) own at all Soroeyo you, when you Sumaseyo.

They are, each other, not left to the other group, try to do a group of their own. as a result,

In their society, organizations and output of content, such as similar is, at Toka country, overlapping occurs, generated tend (double administration of Toka nursery of the kindergarten and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and the Ministry of the example a is).

They are regarded as a rival of the other group other than their own group, without trying to Tayoro (because it is closed to each other, can not be relied upon), self-supporting within their own group, self-sufficiency, trying to self-contained to.

They are, consumer electronics products and the mobile phone Toka, prefer the all-in-one models of the function Toka all filled.

They know that (Toka case rice to the exercises flying military aircraft is found to not fly their airspace,) other than those intruding in their area, for the external trends, would be if than it was thought that there is no, it is indifferent.

They are, others other than come to breach their own area, the airspace directly, to the presence of other groups, is a thoroughly indifferent cold. Alternatively,

They, taxes, from their company and home, and pay to Toka country, thought that had been contributed to the jurisdiction of their own, become indifferent to the Tsukaimichi.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists):.. They are open they are, because you are in the open space, is not much distinction between inside and outside for them, moving out, transference is a daily occurrence . they are, outsourcing, acquisitions and the sale is good at.)

(26) "passive"

"Passive resistance is strong. Actors is a non-clear. Independence is lacking. Seek others of the lead. Still, it is like the immobile state."

Villagers of Japan, to take action is passive. It is passive.

They are, without causing the aggressive behavior from their own, and put off the decision-making, "reluctantly" for the first time if there is external pressure from lobbying and foreign from the surrounding taking action.

They are, thus, to make decisions in the dragged-shaped around.

They lack the autonomy.

They are unadventurous.

They are, as seen in the faith of "our immobility-san", still prefer the immobile state.

They are, cause that caused the behavior is not as yourself, the responsibility escape. In men and women of love, the lead such as the approach to the proposal and sex of marriage, is that the root most male side to do the same.

They are, there is no independence.

Their culture is a culture of waiting.

They are, without moving from their own, trying do it to someone, to trying to get done.

They are, in order to avoid who is or bear an act responsibility becomes clear, it does not clarify the actors.

They are, to express to omit the subject.

They are, that does not clarify the subject, to appeal the strength of the integrated tuning of the surroundings, psychological calm, harmony, the comfort of the stationary state.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists):... They are active they are, actors are clear, there is an independence they are, to lead advances the others they like to move around is there.)

(27) "importance of mutual monitoring"

"Mutual monitoring, prefer the Tsugeguchi. Prefer to spread the rumors of others. Privacy is lacking."

Villagers of Japan, are in good mutual monitoring.

They are, together, what you are doing by others around, busy to check.

They are, privacy is not.

They are, for the others, or spread a rumor, it is like to hit the backbiting. Alternatively,

They are, for the authority or authorities, like to the snitch (at school classroom "teacher, ○○ You have been ○○ hiding!" And Toka tell tales). And,

They are, yourself, so as not to be the target of such rumors and gossip, constantly errand attention to self-protection, and I will be in the safety zone.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists): they are indifferent to or are doing what others each other they are busy in their own they are, respect for privacy...)

(28) "indirect support"

"Corresponding indirect, soft, is a roundabout."

Villagers of Japan, the corresponding is indirect, it is insidious.

They are, mutual sense of unity, in order to maintain as much as possible harmony, even when the criticism against others, hate the direct, obvious clients representation.

They are, without issuing an opinion in the mouth, without plain-speaking directly to the other party, to try to convey in the tacit understanding.

They are trying to make representation to the software, prefer the indirect roundabout expression.

They are, others unaware of the true meaning of the expression of such a beating around the bush, criticized by hitting the backbiting as dull, or ignored, or bullying gathered in various ways closer in the unlikely form of understanding to others in the shade, to mean.

They are, but soft, a sly way, such as closing the neck with puffy.

They are, without saying directly to the opponent, pulling the opponent's foot indirectly insidious manner.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists): they are, is a direct correspondence and Monoi, a hard they will be advised directly..)

(29) "local (local)"

"Correspondence is short-sighted, ad hoc, individual, is local."

Villagers of Japan, correspondence, short-sighted, is an ad hoc basis.

They, and the familiar short-term place for me, time to attention in front of the things of the eye solely be prudent.

They are, far and ahead of the future, long-term to try to control the whole world scale, lacking in far-reaching plan of and perspectives.

They pay attention only to the trend of around where you were.

They are, his place of narrow individual cases, caught the interests, views of thing is likely to be local.

They are, "~ theory, because different from the place of their own, incorrect" discourse that is Makaritoru ( "~ of theory is not true is the whole of ○ percent, or logically - so, not correct" that less likely to Fu).

They can not see around in the self-centered.

They are, it is not good to judge by bird's-eye view of the whole.

They are, Toka land acquisition of the road, without considering the whole of the profits, to bulldoze the individual interests.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists): They are, long-term support is planned, it is universal.)

(30) "emotional"

"Correspondence is hysterical, emotional, is a non-scientific. Emotionally react."

Villagers of Japan, take correspondence, emotional hysterical, it is emotional.

They are, to a stimulus from the other, can not be calmly analyzed. And

They are, involuntarily become a squeak emotionally and incensed at the total population, and there is no before and after the rampant, (Toka World War II at the time of the Pearl Harbor attack) that unexpectedly flew out to be no action.

They are, to act in the presence or absence of the sense of unity with the other party, the likes and dislikes as a guide.

They are, with respect to the other party, it is impossible to face in objectively forsake form, emotional likes and dislikes the corresponding in the bare (the Pacific War at the time of the United States, Toka devil US and British cry to the United Kingdom).

They are, respecting the unity of the subject, it is impossible to see things at a target and the distance, view of things is a non-objective.

They are, calmly, objectively hate the science to capture the things and situations, that everything be impossible be performed in an effort to put the fighting spirit is that there is no spirit theory, guts theory, the wielding the effort universal theory prefer.

They prefer the passionate leadership of Toka teacher.

They are, such as theory, subjective for the subjects to be evaluated originally calmly Tsukihanashi, emotional feelings, continue to have a strong commitment, and be criticized by others emotionally react.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists): They, correspondence calm, objective, which is scientific.)

(31) "small scale"

"Scale is small. Is a high-definition."

Villagers of Japan, small scale of things to do is.

They are, small precision parts of the design, such as assembly, fine adjustment and, you need fine of the nerve, to matters that require high-resolution, high accuracy, to exert a person with no strengths lined up in the world.

Their society, such as pecking the corner of the nest of boxes, fine point of view, as required by the Toka entrance examination of the university, has created one after another of the young people adapted to it.

They are, frail soft "cute" small, yet some of the sex appeal "Moe" exists, it is good at producing one after another in the animation and comics and the like.

They are good at writing a grand spectacle epic around came in from the top and bottom, like a haiku, prefer to writing a small world, such as the condensed small miniature garden. Cute things small, women are picky, that specializes in the produce.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists): They, scale is a global, not prudent nerve is in place fine, becomes rough.)

(32) "high-density directional"

"High density, stuffing, prefer a centralized."

Villagers of Japan, a high-density, stuffing, prefer a centralized.

They are, when you Tsumeyo as much as possible free of personal space.

They hate the room.

They are, think about the crowded train and obvious thing.

They prefer to stuff the sushi and cooking in insignificant detail.

They are, in education, to focus on packing of knowledge to the children.

They are, over-concentration of the metropolitan area centered on Tokyo, prefer dense. More women than men, there is a prefer more overcrowding.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists): They are, in a low-density, spatially margin, there is freedom, prefer that there is free they are distributed, prefer the diffusion..)

(33) "importance of rigor"

"Rigorous, is accurate."

Villagers of Japan, strict, strict, prefer the rigor.

Japanese society, the government and companies, Toka licensing of pharmaceuticals, profusely severe compared to the international standards (strict, strict) is apt to have the checkpoints and inspection value setting.

They are, more secure, to become peace of mind, I think that should be a more rigorous examination. It becomes profusely anxiety and likely there is a risk a little even. Or, I think that the inspection numerical setting was sweet, I do not want to take responsibility when the emergency risk has occurred. Say it, error, fault, thrusting far from, gap, excessive demand that there is no penalty points, and are those the psychology of feminine responsibility avoided to name. It is annoying to be the daughter-in-law, mother-in-law and root scolding the daughter-in-law put a strict check is the same. It is called a mother-in-law guts.

They prefer the accuracy.

They are, for the time, is profusely accurate.

They are, punctuality, to focus on scheduled property.

In their society, railway, scheduled departure, even during rush hour has been carried out as matter of course. Alternatively, the metropolitan area of ​​the route bus, with the introduction of radio clock that does not go mad than a second, departures, have become common would be done in 00 seconds just the departure time. Or, Toka news program of the TV broadcast, the program in the increments of seconds schedule is configured.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists): They logical such as a computer CPU design, the accuracy of in theory surface, stick to rigor It paternal accuracy is oriented rigor..)

(34) "deduction principle"

"Correct, rightly, perfect, safe, intact-oriented, is the deduction principle."

Villagers of Japan, there is a correct answer to things, perfection, is self-evident when viewed from the beginning that there is a perfect condition.

They are, an attempt is made only be regarded as a correct answer.

They are correct, it claims the criticism is hard to sound argument.

They fear that the wrong.

They are, it is a complete, and will aim to be a hundred-point scale in the Toka test scores.

They fear that the scratches, the defects attach to their own, reluctant.

They are, the evaluation of people and things, from perfect, intact state of the hundred-point scale, how much are away downward, trying to judge whether or not there is a difference.

They are, the evaluation of people and things, moving in the deduction principle carried out at a subtraction from the hundred-point scale.

They are, it is safe, respect that there is no drawback.

They even have advantages noticeable in evaluation, when there is a defect, crude not miss simultaneously make immediate negative evaluation.

They aim to approach even a little in perfect condition, to practice earnestly.

They are, or fails to things, when the correct answer is the situation can not be found immediately, as was lost, confused and scared as soon. And, do not try to Susumo it in than earlier, trying to immediately go back the way you came original.

They are regarded as a precedent should learn the established theory that is correct, we strive earnestly to the mystery learn. It is earnestly correct, the only way that safety is guaranteed, when you busy optimizing in search of mystery, self protection first of feminine psychology is made to the original.

They fear their own mind and, from scratch even a little to your belongings.

They are, smartphone Toka liquid crystal of which was bought with their own, so as not to scratch, protective case, the Toka protective sheet, thorough, trying to perfect measures.

They are, Toka private car, washes shiny intact, like to raise polish.

They are, so that it does not mind scratches adhere to their own, exchanges with others that might scratch your heart, avoiding the interpersonal relationships, become withdrawal prone. It is, that hurt themselves and their important things, a woman psychological hate the act of a negative take on their own self-protection.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists):. They have the advantage of others actively heading evaluation than the disadvantages, it is added point principle that the attempt is made to use them, even if found difficulties, advantage is exceeds the it place adopted to.)

(35) "administrative control principle"

"Integral action, like a simultaneous action. Management principle, a control principle. Checks and balances, prefer a long period of time constraints. To guilty view that the rest. Does not allow a free action."

In Japan the village society, belongs's Toka population, is required to move together.

In their society, not allowed free and selfish behavior of individuals in the population.

They are, in Toka education, management of members, control, tightening, it is like to carry out the tie.

They are, that the individual is trying to act freely, Kimetsuke to be a selfish, bound, an attempt to limit.

They are, as a personal responsibility that you have a behavior that deviates from a population, the person who acted even ask for help, Tsukihanashi cold as was the selfish behavior, does not help.

They are, individual behavior that does not belong to the group, the outcome of their own behavior, not recognized by underdogs treatment. Individuals belong to somewhere of the population, it does not recognize that it is not the result that has issued through its affiliation population. Alternatively, it does not recognize that it is not the content through editing by certain authoritative population.

They prefer Toka school, leadership in the collective action, like to the simultaneously uniform behavior, everyone in a matching uniform, the to wear a badge.

They are, in Toka public office, prefer free to allow the behavior of the other party, or to obtain the approval authority to ban, the to exercise.

They envy from others around behaves he wanted freedom, regulate the behavior of others, restraint, likes to try to inconvenience to restrain a long period of time. I think bad things that the rest, long working hours, to beautify the long overtime hours. To leave early to work only one person, everyone is just going home is one person to have working hard to blame as outrageous.

They are, that freedom is given, afraid as sunset on how tremendously not know what should be action. And,

They have it, be instructed to others, hoping deep inside that match the action on others is impaired. This is a slave guts.

This is the point that to cherish the sense of unity that is born between the group members by being controlled, it is a feminine personality that values ​​the sense of unity with the surroundings.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists): They, like the pieces of individual behavior they are, to limit the administrative control by others they are, allow a free action...)

(36) "importance of obedience."

"I prefer the top-down. Obedience."

Villagers of Japan, prefer the top-down.

They are, superiors, respect the sense of unity among subordinates.

They are, superiors, detract from the sense of unity between the subordinates, hate Kotoage to superiors by subordinates.

They are, superiors, to say the superior officer, the human listening obediently to not disputed, his superiors as it is cordial instructions, loyal, a man of his in good faith, people who move to protect the superior officer of the instruction, the superiors of meaning I prefer the man to move in voluntarily drew.

They will obediently obey superiors, trying to be obedient. Willing to accept a higher-level person, we try to act so as not to rebel against the higher-level person. Fluttering in the strong.

They are, to try to protect faithfully the rules decided the superiors of Toka country. It is, superiors, point to cherish the sense of unity born between subordinates, it is a feminine personality that values ​​the sense of unity with each other.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists): They are, treason, rebellion, chanting a different, prefer their own flow.)

(37) "Soka manner"

"Soka formula, prefer all-in-one, versatile, and everybody's friend."

Villagers of Japan, prefer the Soka formula.

They are, biased and, do not like it is superior only in a particular surface.

They prefer anything universal is possible.

They prefer to have excellent Toka product, more than the average in all aspects.

They are, in the function of the product is all-in-one, feature prefer to have entered evenly.

They are, everybody's friend in, I like to be liked by everyone.

They manufacturing of Toka pharmaceuticals, sales, directed to to hear to any symptoms, for example, manufacturing gastrointestinal drugs mixed together antacid and digestive agent with conflicting work, to sell. It is women, in the color schemes of the time to draw a picture, not biased to a particular color, it is together that and roots to try to use evenly.

They are, trying to meet all.

They are a generalist good command of anything, respect at Toka public office.

They hate the specialist that does not work the crush.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists): They, the Toka product has excellent specific function, like to not have a rival they prefer sharp judgment can be specialists..)

(38) "avoidance of projecting"

"To avoid projecting. Inconspicuous as to. Standard, to direct the ordinary."

Villagers of Japan, the Toka net, for others was that noticeable, immediately identify its identity, pour a passion for exposing the privacy.

They are, on the contrary, to try to Hikaeyo as much as possible to take a noticeable action that protrudes.

They are, in doing so, avoid or made themselves easy to fit in a dangerous eyes noticeable to the outside, that the privacy of itself lead to or be exposed, or coordination with the surroundings, that disturb the harmony.

They are, usually, and I will be in the standard.

They, like the geek, hate from being special treatment, and I will be in the general population (general people).

They hate the stand out only one person.

They are, when you want to stand out is, along with others around at Toka hidden talent of the banquet, when you Medato at the same time.

They are, and take action alone something noticeable to project something, because the hit, nothing to take action from their own, and I will be a inaction.

They are, someone else and act out the courage, to capitalize on it.

It is the female nature to fear that the float from a population by projection.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists):. They will try to projecting they will be trying to Medato in a strong personality They seek specificity..)

(39) "center-oriented"

"Center, distinguish between peripheral, discrimination was want. Everyone at the center, the center, directed to the city center."

Japanese village society, (as wet liquid molecules groups) center, a central concept, a strong degree of center formation.

In their society, center, central and peripheral, the difference between the local large. (In the West, such as the dry gas molecules group, fall apart, the center in were scattered, the center of the formation is weak. Is not much center. Center and the difference of around not much.) Collection Japan of villagers, to everyone is one place and mallow.

They are trying to present concentrated in the center.

In their society, the city is likely to be overcrowded.

In their society, in commuting Toka, everyone tries to aim all at once the office to focus on the city center. It is better to gather in all, it is advantageous to the same as self-protection as the convoy, a female way of thinking that to be beneficial for self-protection as less external environment exposure is close to the center.

They are, they are located in all of the center, wants attracted everyone's attention.

They are, center, is strong peripheral vision. That is,

They are, center, distinguish between the center and the periphery, is a strong idea of ​​discrimination. In Japan, and the capital Tokyo, is a large gap between local. Made up living in the city center, easy to hold the Chinese thought. Chinese thought is, their is the center of the world, great themselves in are in the center of the world, peripheral portion Eraku is the heart of it is an inferior.

They are, as in the Battle of Okinawa response by the Japanese military, center, in order to protect the mainland, to rubble handling the periphery of the people.

They, themselves and their home country, to a larger group, the world's center, central, and will be in the center.

They, together with the protected warm from the surroundings in the central, like to be able to command toward the periphery.

They are, to concentrate on the center.

They are, and will aim at the center, the center.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists):. They are, universally tries to distribution and universally diffused in the global them, paternal, dry people, individuals, of their own and their own culture and of the directive, undefined in the center , universal, global infections, expansion, enlargement, aiming to spread. they, as a gas air or gas, universally spread around the world, spread, directed to diffusion.

They are, take propagation rides on the air, the same action as the virus of the influenza to be contagious. )

(40) "negative thinking"

"Others of backbiting, prefer ill. Looking looking and rough shortcomings of others, like to pull the foot. Thinking, vending flaps is negative, negative, insidious, is the sly."

Villagers of Japan, go interested in the negative aspects of others, an attempt is made earnestly others shortcomings and failures, coarse looking for. It is, prefer to the useless out to others is "dissed society".

They can not endure that others go on their own, to go crazy to find a negative element for pulling the legs.

They are, at school or company, they do not like, and hit the backbiting of others that do not have in place, like to spread bad rumors.

They are, in doing so, spread around the negative evaluation of the person, pull the foot, to try to give a big damage to the person.

They are, thinking, vending flaps is negative, negative, is the deduction principle.

They are, in Toka banquet, excitement and Ia' the people of ill you are not in place, Everyone that has happened to the spot, trying to unite with the absence who struck ill to soup.

They are, on the other hand, when the person is happen to be present on the spot, the face-to-face or deception to say that there is no bland, or each other compliments apparent, or by pandering, is intense both sides.

They do not attack the opponent you do not like direct, from the periphery, pull indirectly foot in the back entrance.

They are, vending flaps is insidious, is the sly. It is, to try to find the other party of the drawbacks, the crude just a deduction, is a personality, such as the mother-in-law guts of negative thinking.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists): They praised actively heading the advantages of others, encouraging them, the game fair and square with the rival..)

(41) "effort, struggle, sacred labor"

"Effort, and good that the struggle to. Be the easier, to guilt view that the rest."

Villagers of Japan, (others ambient) steadily striving, struggling to be, honor to work a lot. It emphasizes that labor.

They are, or allocate people to the ease with labor-saving work in their own surroundings, and jealous of people to go home so get the job done as soon worked quickly efficiently, or blame, another job forcibly , to try to work overtime.

They are, to rest, to guilt view that pull out the hand. Even if poor physical condition to praise that it does not rest work. Anyway it emphasizes that the work earnestly, forcing around. Long working hours, affirming the long overtime hours.

They are, than to increase the success and efficiency of the work, effort at work, attitude is not willing to struggle, to focus on itself mind.

They are, and have been the easy, is considered not to have a job, so pulled his leg is jealousy, to pretend that are struggling desperately.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists): They are, regarded as a necessary evil in order to live the labor, trying to ease and streamline the work even a little, and enjoy a vacation when you Kyumo..)

(42) "truth, Naijitsu hiding"

"To hide the truth. Key points from the other party, or to be caught off the truth become unresponsive state, to ignore the opponent."

They are, truth, truth, believe that the Naijitsu, become known and fuss, do not try to talk to hide.

They were far from the truth, bland, superficial good convenient, when you Nigoso tea in the discussion of supposedly that emphasizes the fine skill only.

They can tell the real truth, not as a society. Imperial Headquarters announced and at the time of World War II, information hiding at the time of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident, the foreign concealment of sick children by parents who have children of persons with mental disabilities is a good example. Insidious woman who Naijitsu've been hiding the woman society and roots are together.

They are, to silence without speaking at the official, a public place. Alternatively,

They are, supposedly of, innocuous, done good child that cater to a large number of the place, flirts remarks only.

They are to speak positively free, limited to a certain extent informal, private place.

They are, and to speak in the monitoring of public attention, to produce is the responsibility of the public to the speech content, for self-protection, what also do not speak, it only has chuckle silently. Alternatively,

They are, there is a resistance to the free speech in which no intimate person is a lot.

They can not speak freely and not in the intimate inner ring.

They are, when your opponent comes with Key points, the truth, there is or was no reaction in order not to be noticed that Key points, is the truth, or Nigoshi tea on purpose Toritsukuro', or making fun of, or ignored deliberately, topic to try to change to have no relationship.

(VS Westerners (pastoralists):. They are, to try to actively speak the truth of the society in order to be faithful to the independence of their individual they are, immediately to start a fierce counterattack when caught off his vitals. )

(List up to here)

Japanese society, "the village of the law."

To survive in Japan village society, may be Ashiku also, it will be necessary to the deal, such as the following. This is the law of the back that should not be professed. Law with human rights on the problem it is necessary to pay attention because it contains many.

(1) "knowledge of Irimura, Tenmura impossible" for the first time entered the village, was born in the village is the village to spend a lifetime. Because not Deki again at a later time, Do wrong choice of the village to enter earnestly (at the time of marriage, at the time of new graduates, Toka job hunting). That of the village to try to enter the (Toka culture Toka family tradition) in the pre-event thorough check. Depend if Taiki of shade. You could put in a good village of benefits in the future of have large stable.

(2) "emphasis on communication skills" communication, whether emphasis on cooperation. Also to hate the other party in the village bright actively Hanashikakero. When there is no communication skills, the wrong side from the other villagers, Watch out from being kicked out of the village.

(3) "drinking party of emphasis on" drinking, case emphasizes the banquet. Fellow by eat the rice of the same kettle, it is easy I get put to relatives.

(4) village which you belong, "Messi apprenticed to the village", the interests of the relatives earnestly consider. It is exhaustive intently for relatives, allowed to flow sweat. Able to work for a long time, white struggle, whether Messi apprenticeship. Outsider (Toka non-regular employees) may be if made, it can be ignored.

(5) "strong man in the village, corresponding to the great people" strong man in the village, great people (seniors, teacher, boss, mother-in-law) Tatero the, selling the Cobi. Attentive white. Actively Futokoroke, Amaero, it relies. Objections Do not you, Do not criticize, Do not knead the theory, listen to what you say. Well to talk, grasp the suddenly escaping their weakness from among such everyday story. Moving the weaknesses that hold was a partner in he wanted to shield. The long Become bound wound. Not go against the force a person. Taken in the order taker cyber. Grovel to accumulated stress Harase the anger bully who weaker than themselves.

(6) influential people outside the village "response to influential people outside the village" (officials, lawmakers, wealthy, etc.) connections making and, the connectors maintain Omonjiro. As you get to help in case of emergency, Oke selling favor from my daily life.

(7) "corresponding to authority" authoritative ones (Western Toka cultural relics) is Oke in the time being followed. I also Ayakari actively to the authority, with the foil is integrated with the authority, white as Ibareru around.

(8) "senior junior system of emphasis on" seniority, Omonjiro the senior junior system. As you get older precedent, it made Eraku tradition is accumulated.

(8-1) "treatment to the senior" veteran, that the veteran is great Meijiro to the liver. Tatero a senior, Honor, Do not criticize, listen to say anyway. Move to the street to say the seniors.

(8-2), "the synchronization treatment" synchronization event as much as possible equally treatment. Unavoidable if the difference comes in the treatment, whether consideration is around so that it is not necessary to face-to-face with each other. If you can not work, subsidiaries it is weak connections, seconded to the child population, ey is parachute.

(8-3) is Huaihua to junior "treatment to the junior", hang in there as-held only of personable (technique Toka humanity) are respected. 'm done appears to be a fool to junior. Juniors may be Kokitsuka' as subordinates.

(9) "appointment of managers" village of the moderator, managers, has been lead to think that for many years the village in the first, choose an excellent person the seniority of a career from within a certain more laden's . Those who get used to with the job title is limited enough to go on and on.

(10) "title appointment and age limit" who officers did not adhere to reach a certain seniority is a lifetime lowest social strata, jackal-site labor.

(11) Aim quickly their "importance of reading the air" around. Sensitively accustomed to surrounding motion. Read the air. Their thoughts, Do not stick to your own opinion. I do not have their own thoughts. Accustomed to the surroundings and integrated. Anyway move to match the surroundings. Whether yourself to no. Do not disagree. Influential people of that time to time you above and villages, village of fellow, the surrounding, the opinion has become a lot in the world, to suit every moment opinion, pandering as chameleon, go with and transformation.

(12) to spread the opinion that nifty like going to "slightly ahead of that emphasis on" rival or public one step ahead, to get the force become a popular person. Whether not too go ahead.

(13) "popular person to become knowledge" developed countries, which became popular in the Toka capital, things are likely out, it showed off incorporate quickly ahead of the surroundings. You'll get used to the village of the popular, profitable.

(14) consider the sum in the village part "unity, focus on shalt not" in the first place. Do not do things that make a wave. Do not cause disputes. Tesshiro to shalt principle that. Read the air.

(15) "sticks out is hammered" leaving piles strike. Unsightly heterogeneous those who disturb the inner ring of the sum, foreign molecules is clap thoroughly and gathered by, Ijimero, drive out to the outside or to assimilation, whether exclusion. Everyone Whether the ideal that the stain get along to one of the colors. Do not stand out too much yourself, Do not float. Do the individual behavior. An effort steadily along with everyone, wait for time to be recognized.

(16) "failure avoidance and self-responsibility" failure that caused is as it becomes the joint and several liability, will be subject annoying it takes to relatives and great people of the village. Anyway Do not fail. Ishibashi Do not cross even if you hit. Carefully move. If you do not want to entrainment the relatives and great people of the village off the belly yourself (take the self-responsibility, white suicide). Opportunity if it fails re-challenge think that there is no.

(17) "late, prohibition of rest" being late is (it is essential to the event execution of the village do the work all at once and all aligned on time) absolute to Do. Do not rest. Crawling case arrived at work any time. Hang in there and remained until late in accordance with the surroundings. Do not go home as soon as their own. Then received around will be better.

(18) never white in so that it is not kicked out of the village belonging "importance of not expelled outside the village" (relatives of the population). So that it is not said to get out, Do not neglect the attention to the surrounding my daily life. Any cost to the village Shigamitsuke. Once the next is not Once issued (outsider, is VAG treatment, will not let me in anywhere in).

(19) the survival of the village to "continuous emphasis on belonging to the village" belongs, whether Messi apprenticeship shaved himself behind the eight ball for persistence. (Or case. Pretend that Messi apprenticeship in order to improve the response to the ambient) to the village belongs, continue to belong all the way until his retirement in dead Dari, retirement age. Village of prepared the life of the rail, never Do not deviate from the escalator, Do not get off. It does not come off, as long as you do not get off, living the village is guaranteed. Once, the village of rail, if you got off the escalator from their own in later life is self-responsibility, the village is not involved at all, it does not help.

(20) or break the law of "ostracism" village, trouble in the village, whether disciplinary action in everyone who put a burden. Whether ostracism. Even if in trouble white ignored. He case submission absolutely in the law of the village so that they are not disciplined.

(21) Whether both the "collective self-determination" village and destiny. Whether collective self-determination. Is an absurd Nante escape only one person.

(22) A person who a "traitor to go out of the village," village went out without permission on their own (nuclear accident displaced persons, etc.) because they are traitors to handle, white the resolution. Do not leave from the village. Whether prepared to spend in the village that are the life now.

(23) "deal to like it not those who" do not like in the village who can crush flowing backbiting, gossip.

(24) "Avoiding honor of and emphasis on shame of the village," Halle an appearance. White as ashamed as the same villagers. Good luck for the village of honor. Do not humiliate to relatives and disgraced. Do not bother to relatives.

(25) Do not divulge that of the inner ring of the "whistle-blowing of the prohibition" village to the outside. Do not be whistleblowers. Leaked person who is a traitor.

(26) "outsider, non-villagers of Irimura impossible" outsider, not trust the non-villagers (non-regular employees, etc.). Outsider, not put a non-villagers in the inner ring. White to solidify only in the inner ring. Think only that of relatives.

(27) "Apotheosis of the strong man" ruler of the vertex (the Emperor), whether God treats as your top. Is your top case submission absolute at any time. Also to officials of your top of servants case submission absolute. Career To, overcoming a severe examination competition, whether the ultimate goal of education of the son that get put in relatives to handle in a position of your top of the government of the carrier in the blank adoption of new graduates.

(28) on "obedience to the strong" you follow down the grovel head. Selling the flattery. When the rebellion to life think that there is no. It is said of your top absolutely. Since the strong person is someone changes from moment to moment, as the delay does not, go with from time to time of the strong.

(29) Since the stress is accumulated and grovel to the "weak person acceptance of bullying" your top, whether actively bully as outlet. I do not mind at all to tease one person in a large number. Number're the force. Population're the force. Ignore banging messing with floating weak person, whether a daily diversion.

(30) The "kickback of acceptable" above the strong you yourself or contractor, get a work by lowering the head. In order to live it is kickback in accordance silently from unavoidable. The weak subcontractors than their own, it does not matter to kickback benefits. Subcontractors case thoroughly exploitation. It is necessary in order to live.

(31) "rebellious to the strong, riot" when rebellious above you is unavoidable, the White incineration all the documents as ringleader do not know who or when to cause a riot.

(32) to move your upper and contractor of the "Super your use of the above" domestic, foreign, foreign (Western Europe, North America) Toka Toka of the United Nations, become Dewanokami stronger "super you up", super you from the authoritative theory of the upper case claims to pick up a convenient theory to their own. Become relatives of the above super you, stand in a position above the domestic your top and contractor. And Torii' on super you, puppet is blown with good information their convenience, in its power, Rule over the top domestic us.

(33) newcomers who try to break into the village "importance of Simultaneous recruiting of new graduates", in order to protege not to rebel against their own, collectively case adopted by aligning a person of blank slate of only young graduates can. Do not be adopted midway colored. I do not already graduated and career of broken person who has adopted since the feel of villagers have disappeared.

(34) actively put into a faction of the village, "emphasizes factions struggle". Faction is the very relatives in the relatives. Do not allow the mind to other villages and factions to be a rival for his own relatives. Rival factions and relatives united attack, whether annihilate. When it is done Yarikaese. It exerts a force in the relatives case and purpose in life that show the ability's testimony. Do not go out and everybody's friend that does not try to enter into factions.

(35) Toka are losing the "importance of information control" their own, their own village, so there is no flow through bad information convenient to be relatives of shame, thoroughly case information control. Raise tighten and conciliation in the Toka dinner the reporters to flow only good information of the convenient. Whether public relations only good information convenient. Those who shed the bad information convenient, know who is, also finds case disposed of as anything. Unfortunately relatives, embarrassing the know is hidden to the outside until the end of the last passed,. Indelible and incinerated.

(36) "guts theory, emphasis on spirit theory" motivated, guts, if any spirit force, if the effort, can no nothing happened. There is no meaning, such as scientific guidance. Who no guts, is no withstand the force who, it is necessary to put the baked squeezes. Anyway, do not let me in to the relatives If you do not show the motivation, it is thrown out of relatives.

(37) Toka contractor and customers that will put the money in the "spirit of hospitality" you belong to the village, so even without the villagers of their village existence grateful that will aim to survival of the village, up to and God treats Whether the class of heart delicate hospitality.

(38) "importance of passing the village" through the things, to be determined, be sure to white through the village. White consultation with relatives. Do without passing through the village, the artifacts can be freely moved in the personal trust. Books Toka buy things always through the editing of the publisher of the village. Do not be self-published book Toka credit.

(39) "prohibition of individual behavior," Do not move freely in the individual. Be sure to make your ask to other villagers, passed, consultation. Always pre-white and consensus-building.

Japan villagers determination test

Criteria for determining whether villagers can be summarized as follows in the test format.

1. Frequently used the word Uchi → villagers

2. The word senior junior synchronized frequently used → villagers

3. Frequently used the word gaijin → villagers

4. The word teacher frequently used → villagers

5. When you speak, read the air → villagers

6. I like to evaluate the performance of the person in the deviation value → villagers

7. Safe, that shalt of the likes → villagers

8. Is the deduction principle → villagers

9. The failure to think because not enough efforts of the person → villagers

10. Failure of the person of patience, think that because mental strength is not enough → villagers

11. Not issue the shame of relatives on the outside → villagers

12. The human eye, to care about the rumors → villagers

13. It is a pretentious → villagers

14. Others that are doing well are jealous → villagers

15. I like to hit the backbiting → villagers

"Japanese village society = female society" theory

Villagers of Japan is feminine. Japanese society, village society is full of Memeshi of. Society is steeped in a woman of color. (On the other hand, Western society is a masculine compared to the Japanese village society, is a man society.)

This is, of women, forces occupied in the Japanese society, is a manifestation of the magnitude of the impact force. It is evidence of female superiority more than the force of men. It is a woman to dominate the Japanese society.

Japanese society, Japan Ikuwamura society, it can be said that the female society, woman society (female predominance society). Women, everyone, a villager, can also be referred to. Source of power to create a village society are women.

Correlation of Japanese society and women social, similarity Japanese personality and feminine personality is shown that has held true both in common to the liquid molecular motion pattern. Liquid molecular motion pattern is shown as follows.

Liquid molecular motion pattern (feminine, maternal. (Rice) farmers basis. Japanese, China, South Korea, North Korea, the Southeast Asia basis. Russia specifically.)

In the liquid molecular motion pattern, the catch every single individual as Japanese,

, Affiliation importance to the relatives group

· Prefer collective tuning action, expelled bullied and float

- constantly in order to remain in the relatives attentive to desperately around to move your direction, read the air

Personal responsibility avoidance in-convoy

Messi apprenticeship for relatives

· Closed, exclusive

It is.

The liquid molecular movement pattern (liquid type), can be explained most of the features of the society has been the conventional Japanese.

Alternatively, the liquid molecules motion pattern, when every single individual regarded as women,

· Constantly flock make the factions in

- desperately trying to tuning integrated flattery spoiled and adhesion with the surrounding

- constantly moving their orientation, hard to read the ambient air

· Around constantly monitor each other, each other pull the foot, jealous, say the backbiting

And responsibilities distributed in personal responsibility avoidance

- cold closed and with respect to the external

It is.

The liquid molecular movement pattern (liquid type), can be explained most of the features of the society has been the conventional feminine.

In this liquid molecules movement pattern (liquid type), it can be explained Japanese society, the feminine society in common.

Women to live in Japanese society that dominates (liquid, gender to act in a liquid behavior principle) is, in the liquid, which is the same as has been living dived into the water so to speak. Breath is remarkable feeling of suffocation that can not be.

By way of background that the Japanese people to take such action, the Japanese people, and the like to be sensitive to their entrenchment.

Biologically tend to take the woman is a valuable sexual behavior, the fundamental, safety first, risk avoidance, failure is scary, comes down to that strong anxiety.

Women are, so to speak, living jewel like, as valuables, in a way that is protected by the escort (Male), is to act in the highest priority to their entrenchment.

"Valuable, are potentially protected" with the woman a description of the character as, reference is made to the other works of the author.

These, biologically valuable sex = feminine behavior, what extends to the entire society, which is a feature of Japanese society.

This means that Japanese is a sensitive and anxiety in their own self-protection, safety first, point to act in the highest priority to avoid danger or failure, it is feminine. Himself does not cross the dangerous bridge, reluctant to venture Toka adventure. Credit crunch to venture company of Bank of Japan is this typical.

The contents of each of the village society principle list, be supported in women as a valuable sex, everyone together, if put in the population, isolated in, can not be obtained the help of others, to escape from the situation in which it is because it is safe can. Group, who each other mutual checks and balances to make the convoy is less likely to isolated Muen state of lonely. As the biologically valuable sex, it is suitable for women to stay in the heart of the safe flock.

The contents of each of the above list is, in some way, with the women, trying to protect himself, with safety first, try to avoid the danger, I'll have to protect someone, to self protection tend to try to avoid anxiety It is consistent.

As we have seen above,

Japanese society, women are able to conveniently, it can be said that a society that runs on feminine values. Japan is a strong maternal, mother rights society mother of force, Europe and the United States, the father of the force of the strong paternity, the father rights society, and can also be viewed.

For reference, Japan and is opposed to the paternal, patriarchal Western Europe, and North America social personality, is masculine personality is true for gas molecular motion pattern in common, it is shown as follows.

Gas molecular motion pattern (masculine, paternal. Nomads - pastoralists basis. Western Europe, North America, Jewish, Arab, Turkey, Mongolia basis.)

If capture every single individual movements of the gas molecules motion patterns as psychological movement of people,
- individualism, liberalism. Privacy can be ensured.
·Active. Movement is faster.
· No choice but to self-reliance. It is one person, not someone to help around. My thing is defend yourself (dont not a living protected). Take responsibility (to be taken).
·Aggressive. Stray bullet is dangerous flew more and more a place of their own.
- is a risky not must proceed to the unknown of space alone.
Summarized as such, Western Europe, it can be seen close to the national characteristics of North American society.

Japan and the United States and Europe also the behavior of those in power is different, the women of the power exercise patterns that occupy the mainstream in Japan (way as a boss) is, or will not because it with different men who occupy the mainstream in the United States and Europe?

in Japan,

The way of the exercise of power is,

(1) it is a population principle basis. Give priority to ensuring the tuning-homogeneity

(2) to focus on personality itself (that is loved by the top user to focus on the graces, Natsuki to critical. Superiors.)

(3) A person who has won the tuning competition (of the epidemic), be promoted to the top

(4) elders swagger that accumulated a lot of precedent

(5) I prefer the authoritarian submission to superiors

(6) failure also be joint and several responsibility with the surrounding who committed one person

So on, it is wet, it is feminine.

Why Japanese society came to have a feminine personality? It is related to the fact Japan is a typical rice farming society.

In the process of building a rice farming society, simultaneous action, such as rice planting, mowing by the population, settlement and fixed to one place, the establishment of a close interdependence with the surrounding others in the agricultural water conservancy surface, high due to intensive agriculture density population distribution, the wet, the liquid molecules specific behavior determined such.

Dry Wet Explanations for gaseous molecular-liquid molecules behavior style, see other works of authors.

Wet, the wearing of the liquid molecules behavior style was born is a woman (the men are wearing the innate is, individualism, dry, such as liberal, gas behavior style), wet of society, the liquid of the women of the force is strong demand.

Wet of society under the strong influence of women, as a result of pushing the liquid reduction, as a side effect, feminine behavior, such as self protection and safety first is, infected strongly to men, "feminization" of male It was caused. A manner as, feminine behavior is in such a way as to wrap the whole Japanese society, the dominant will, the composition of "Japan = society with a feminine personality" has been established.

The entire Japanese society, or if the whole country capture and personified as one of the personality, it is considered to be able to capture one woman, as a girl. Such as in the way of decision-making and diplomatic negotiations of the country as a whole,

(1) they are not themselves a clear decision-making, Toritsuzuke the ambiguous attitude, to put off a decision loose

(2) they will not take action from their own, passive, is unadventurous

(3) they are, is flowed from time to time of the atmosphere, to follow the major flow of ambient

(4) They cause hysteria (the Pacific War, etc., become involuntarily Ka', such as repeating the atrocities)

(5) They are, the way of decision-making is the emotional, irrational and non-scientific, it is spiritualism basis (such as wielding the guts theory)

(6) They are, lump in the relatives only, it closes the door to elsewhere person, such as foreigners and refugees (closed, exclusive)

(7) they are either think if their own to the surrounding countries, to care profusely, take everybody's friend attitude

(8) they are, and so overtake catch up with the developed countries, their own is not headed, constantly afterward the developed countries as the number two

(9) They are, it takes external pressure, such as the United States, raising for the first time heavy waist (if there is no external pressure, does not move)

(10) they do not have a long-term point of view, be performed by the interest in short-term trends in the near term, preoccupied to ad hoc support

Such as, the entire country or society in Japan, it can be said that the act with a wet liquid woman personality. State and society of Japan, called a "woman society," "female society", "female superiority society," "Yamatonadeshiko society".

Liquid, the wet nature of such a society is the same rice farmers society, East Asia (Southern China, Korea), believed to be seen in common in Southeast Asia, its basic nature, never, unique to Japan , Japan rather than the special ones, East Asia, is common to rice farmers society belt of Southeast Asia. Rice farmers society is a woman society, Asiatic mode of production can be said to be a female mode of production.

Law of Japan village society, almost of rice farmers society law, a law of the woman society.

(On the other hand, Western countries gas basis a dry pastoralists society, masculine society, is considered to be able to be regarded as a man society. Toka Constitution of the United States was introduced in Japan, almost man social law in is.)

Men in Japan are also steeped in women of color. Japan man is sensitive to their own self-protection, such as the boss henchman relationships and Naniwabushi, prefer a greasy, damp wet human relations, has a feminine contents. Japan man of psychology, further, in addition to it, in order to assume the role to protect the woman, were planted by women, tyrants specific "strength" on the surface and the "Tsuyogari," but, to live together It is considered to have.

Japanese men, muscle strength, the presence of the female beetle with armed, be regarded as the presence that has deteriorated as a woman of the man. Japan men, at home will be taken the authority of the household management to women, or there is no raison d'etre only earn a salary as servant for the mother and child, the initiative of the child care and or have been held for women, it is a weak presence of a position to have lost the paternity.

(On the other hand, Western countries women pastoralists society, stained to the color of the man, there was virilization, is considered can be regarded as the presence that has deteriorated as a woman.)

It is a village society = female society of Japan, both closed, exclusive, villagers and Japanese woman is trying to conceal a desperate internal situation. I need in Japan village society, inner workings of woman society, it is sociology of Japan to document and to thoroughly clarify the law. Sociologists of Japan is not doing just Dewanokami Europe and the United States, should work in earnest.

Related realities of the Japanese village society and woman society

Below, I tried to summarize the description in short about the various realities of the context of the Japanese village society and woman society.

Perpetrator who created the insidious Japanese village society is a Japanese woman.

Japan is not Kaware from their own, the first time change of if there is external pressure is because the society of the central woman is dominated.

The dismantling of the Japanese village society, it is necessary to weakening of the Japanese woman society.

Something by comparing the others and myself, or immersed in the sense of superiority, fall, a collection of people who repeat endlessly that jealousy is Japanese society = woman society. Others are others, though his is a free and comfortable is better to distinguish that he was attached.

Mother and child integration, what mother and child adhesions, Japan woman has become a major means to dominate the Japanese society. Japan woman dominates the society through my child.

The literature of Dewanokami feminists of Japan Europe and the United States, to bring only findings, and put out the originality of explanation on their own, struck a pile out of the villagers around, because they are disturbed by being pulled by the foot, it It is considered to be because to prevent. Japanese, the likes to imitate incorporating the discourse of profusely Western, he strategy so that you are not bullied. "Do not make arbitrarily strange discourse. Original research Do not be." That it is the original discourse of Japanese but is beaten and, be said of Western's top super you will not be hit because it is on the rating than Japanese.

Originally, the Japanese feminist, is doing if Western Dewanokami to expand women's rights in Japan are useless, "village society = female society of Japan tradition, the mother rights society, Western Europe / North America of man society, the rule of father rights society trying to free from! "or should do I need to exercise.

Japanese society is most likely to stagnation, it is because the Japanese women of thing alway principle in self-protection first is to dominate the society. Japanese women do not take the risk.

Male nursery teacher hit by the Japanese women's work in order to conceal the real intention of the Japanese women who do not want to take the initiative of child care to men. Japanese women vested interests who take the initiative of child care.

TV also radio also, watching the same content as the others, because the tuning communication can be, the Japanese village society, is for the woman society.

With Japanese couple same sex (marriage), long overtime hours workers of Japanese society, closely related to the Messi apprenticeship labor. Rural daughter-in-law is, and to be forced to work long period of time that does not matter day and night with no home ties of the newcomers was blood, by Japanese workers, and to be forced to work overtime for a long time in the newly entered company, of society the underlying principle is the same. In addition, long-term part activities of junior and senior high school students in Japan, can be seen as a practice for the future of Messi apprenticeship long overtime hours life.

Woman society is not Kaware from myself. We need action and decision is to change, but the liability arising with it, because nobody do not want to take for self protection, it does not cause from their own behavior all change. Japan village society of the kind of woman society, not Kaware from myself. We need external pressure to change.

Japan feminism unnecessary theory is considered. Japan is the rice farmers society, Toka rural, women, like the originally strong mother and mother-in-law. Urban housewives of Japan also strong have grabbed firmly the purse and the children of the house. Women's rights extension, which aims original Japanese feminists they've already achieved.

Japan is mother-to-child adhesions, because the society that the ideal mother-to-child integrated, almost child custody and become husband and wife divorce is gone towards the Japanese woman. This is also a manifestation of the strength of the Japanese woman of power.

Economic hurdles Japanese woman imposes on Japan man of full-time housewives hope is too high. Doubtful the value that corresponds to it or the Japanese woman has really. Even Japan man you want to marry a housewife, something his mother seem to be idealized, in maternal and child adhesions, which lost to Japan woman called mother. Japan man graces to the mother, because there is a dependent consciousness, Japan man unless you built it will remain weak in the Japanese society woman society.

No free and insidious, it requires the dismantling of the Japanese village society that is causing the society of late. For this purpose, it is necessary to undermine a woman Japanese society woman who has become a driving force of the village society of Japanese society.

Nature of feminism in Japan and the US and Europe are fundamentally different.

· Position of the weak woman who had been pressed against the allowance system from her husband at home in search of economic freedom, it is had to the motion of the workplace advance the Western feminism.

- home strong housewives of the position that was passing the pocket money to husband is, was the movement of the workplace advance for economic risk reduction that rely on income to her husband because of the gender division of labor is the feminism of Japan.

Although there was a election voting rights in pre-war Japan has been accused in Japan feminist if there is a period that only Japan man, Japanese man of the traditional mother-to-child adhesions was only Errand role in the henchman of the mother = mother-in-law in translation, it was only in the substitution of even those in power of the mother = mother-in-law to go to the election. Man accused by feminists of this matter, Japan woman = mother, a mother-in-law of the power holding hiding.

The occurrence of severe peer pressure, forcing a reading of the air force of collective action, by shalt principle and responsibility avoidance, such as a Japanese woman is being tormented by village society the middle Japan.

Japanese help the mighty, to frustrate the weak, the Japanese society is because the woman society. The woman waving bullish, does not help to laugh at weak.

Tatemae and the real intention of the Japanese society is divided as follows.

Japan Society of supposedly = pseudo pastoralists = pseudo Western Europe and North America = pseudo-man society

Japan society of real intention = farmers = Korea-China akin = female society

Air reading Force of Japanese society, peer pressure, integral action and organizations forced the action, is equal to hit the out pile, all woman social origin. Evidence that Japanese society is a woman society. Woman society, Western liberalism, and individualism is clearly a heterogeneous, is the enemy of Western man society.

And to elucidate the nature of the woman society, it becomes whistleblowers treatment. It is reason not to do all wonder. And to clarify, it would Barre is a lie Nante there is no gender difference in men and women that feminist claims. What dominates the Japanese society from the back resulting in Barre to be a woman. Inconvenient for the woman. Similarly, if you understand the nature of the Japanese village society, it becomes whistleblowers treatment. It is reason not to do all wonder. Japan it would Bale is the presence close to Korea in that apart from the US and Europe. Inconvenient for the Japanese.

And overtime for a long time every day, are paid little taken a vacation government agencies and employees of Japanese companies, position is much like rural daughter-in-law. Rural daughter-in-law is, most get up early in the family, be late going to bed, for the relatives of the family without taking a rest every day, because it is single-mindedly for a long time continue it features a jackal invisible of tomorrow while being yelled at in the mother-in-law. Boss of the managers and employees in the mother-in-law equivalent, colleague is equivalent Kojuto.

Japan woman, when you get married, your not only sponging the parasitic to gold without work, to take a string of house of the wallet, it is troublesome because to establish the allowance system to the man. Japan woman is unlimited use of the house of gold as a household administrator. Japan man put up with less pocket money.

Japan woman that wants to be a full-time housewife, because that it is, than become career woman, is overwhelmingly good social treatment.

Japan village society asshole, is better not to approach the Japanese woman. Because since Kanojora 's crucial to the headquarters of the Japanese village society.

Since the Japan men and women Western of Dewanokami Japan, discrimination against women opposition movement also, and men discrimination opposition movement, it would do chanting as you through the social theory of Western onset.

That's both Messi apprenticeship as a couple double-income, can not spare time required for parenting, couple of mutual understanding is also not going well, leading to an increase in low birth rate and the divorce rate. Messi apprenticeship is it is necessary to eliminate, to the Japanese, all of the work for both men and women, because the career development there are many people that have been included in all of the workplace village, it does not go well.

Since the mother-in-law is not blurred not afraid, daughter-in-law = Japanese woman Itaburu a henchman of the husband = Japanese man of the mother-in-law instead. Japan feminism daughter-in-law of feminism. Mother-in-law does not come never out.

In Japanese society, a strong sense of unity with the mother, the child was brought up in the adhesion feeling of sustained, he entered the school, in order to maintain much a sense of unity with the surrounding students, for a long period of time activities the school club. Further into the company and the authorities, in order to maintain a sense of unity with the surrounding of employees, so as to work overtime for a long time become Shachiku. These mother-to-child relationship has become prototype, the ideal type.

Japan woman is in black and say black, to become white and say white is a Japanese village society.

Mother, but the Japanese woman can not forgive that govern every corner of the Japanese society as a mother-in-law, can not forgive even stupid macho Japan man Lean back said something about husband who rules the roost cross-legged on top of the preferential treatment of the apparent male chauvinism. In particular, Japan man of feminist flattery is the lowest.

Japanese is in contact with the mother-in-law guts to others. Very strict and noisy. In addition to monitoring constantly.

Japan man, the Japanese woman, has the following two opposite sides of the attitude.

- I want to depend too much like a mom. I want to depend on. It is to be governed.

Want to dominate as-bride as a senior in the family tradition inherited surface (bride is newbie).

In Japan today, welcome and flowing the CM to affirm the gender division of labor system, and burst into flames at a pressure of Japanese woman (and Western top super you), man of housework in both outside the working men and women, and the flow of CM to affirm the child care It seems to be. But, CM to affirm the household management authority seized of Japan man, CM Japanese man put a household account book does not flow for some reason. Probably because compelling convenience bad in Japan woman. CM to affirm the superiority of the mother-child relationship between the father and son relationship, CM Japanese man put a household account book is made in Japan, when you are accepted, Josondanpi of Japan will be solved fundamentally.

Housework by the Japanese man, even sharing of child care, I think of is holding the authority of the actual management supervision than those of Japan Onna, Japan man and I do not Ninae only workers role that Kokitsukawa the real underling. Because what mother and child adhesions and household management authority seized is it the driving force of the Japanese society dominated by the Japanese woman, Japanese woman would not try to Tebanaso interests.

Woman also man also it is difficult to live ish their society, Japan. Always not live with not Ika to change to suit yourself around. International Women's Day, but Western standard.

Japan woman is, I'd like to really criticize the mother-in-law, can not be because the woman with each other. So to criticize the husband. Housework a husband, Who I wonder if is was brought up by people who do not do child care? We are determined to mother-in-law.

Japan woman to criticize the traditional Japanese family system and the mother image, because it is irresistibly hate living with mother-in-law. And become full-time housewives, because the risk of all-day living with mother-in-law is increased, it intends to become a career woman.

Japan father slaves of the mother and child. I have swagger and mainstay, I resigned to spending money system, not even my place to home. Forces entering divided between the mother and child have been ignored without. It should be introduced patriarchy in Japan. Also the authority of the household management Japanese woman is holding, parenting authority also custody also be passed to the Japanese man. The empowerment of Japan man, Western Europe, patriarchal introduction of North America is inevitable.

That's present situation that the child-rearing Japanese woman is a monopoly in Japan, the child will be Drops to the mother, the father becomes the outcast. This is the root cause that Japanese society is a woman society. To strengthen the position of his father, it is necessary to play a parenting Japan man also.

Now the father of riding on top of the salary mother and child live in peace with Japan of the gender division of labor system (mother-to-child-level, father lower), when parents divorce, since thrown out the mother and child is embarrassed to life all at once, my mother always try to earn enough while the child care, reform is required.

Japan man housework, is not interested in child care, I do not know well. Because poster child of the times that mom gave me to do everything. Housework in Japan man, must have the opportunity to learn the parenting know-how to Japan woman average.

And the Japanese man is fawn to mom, not compatible with the patriarchy.

All Nippon man like a farming Tamio the Oedipus complex. China, Korea, Southeast Asia, would be so all. Mother's henchman, but the mother of slaves.

Man has become the villagers of Japan, men have adapted to the village, the women of universally lost paternity, has deteriorated as a man. The man is in Japan of villagers Conversely, essential paternity by the mother-to-child adhesions childcare, men of the removal. Women of force is required.

And that there is a benefit to the woman, the way of gender sociology to objectively bird's-eye view of both that there is a benefit to men. Women's Studies of Japan also andrology also, do not be this attitude. Japan's because after all is the lack of objectivity because the woman society.

The most effective means to play a parenting is what, the Japanese woman dominates the society. Japan man is also Japanese woman of mother henchman. Mother-to-child adhesions, and grow in a strong state of the mother and child a sense of unity, everyone, made the villagers.

In the past, made the tendency to deny the Oedipus complex and the mother-in-law, "Mr. Fuyuhiko" in the drama of Japanese TV, I thought the daughter-in-law of victory, this time, is flowing drama to deny the mother of the daughter-in-law. Japan woman, there is no resistance to the woman of superiors than his own, a power struggle of the Japanese woman to each other or rather would that it's much hell.

Japan = is the beauty of dressed as a man. Although inherently female of the country, have to pretend men nation it is hard trying to get placed in a fellow of the patriarchy of Western countries.

Japan woman, noisy in their own surroundings of human relations, love is mutual monitoring, which is curious to personal privacy. In jealousy is packed, when someone know that you have a good think than their own, or pull the foot, to try to crush in backbiting and betrayal. The conspiracy and the Japanese woman that you plan to hold in Japan, is good very compatible.

In Japanese schools, the degree of learning be integrally action in accordance with the rapid population from a junior high school Atari becomes stronger. Action to integrate yourself into these belong population, women are more often prefer behavior, it can be said that that point, Japanese school markedly woman socialized from junior high school Atari. As the cause, age of the junior high school, just is a time when students enter the secondary sexual characteristics life, a time when gender comes out significantly. In other words, a time when the man society, the characteristics of woman society come out big, Japan, because those of girls are strong forces, it can be said that the sudden class from this time to a woman socialized in accordance with the expression of a woman's sexual characteristics. The same applies to senior junior system between students tighter from junior high school Atari, it is an indication of the woman socialization.

In Messi apprenticeship society of Japan, one of the couple, works without leaving a 100% reserve capacity in the workplace uneven, the other is the entire support of its life, it is forced to turn to management, and gender role division of labor is what inevitably Become. The presence of either housewives or full-time househusband is required. Not only to extinguish the Messi apprenticeship-oriented Japanese society is to break this structure.

Japan Only Messi apprenticeship is a traditional practice of society, (become gender inequality) you are down on the gender gap index of Japanese society underlying factors. To increase the gender gap index of Japanese society (men and women to equality), essential to eliminate the social practices of Messi apprenticeship.

Male activists of the opposition male discrimination in Japan, as long as their is believed to have stood on the side of the social strong man, will fail to exercise. It should be reconsidered its position, which is located of their own.

No matter how high social status of Japanese man, after all Japan man, monopoly control of the mother. Has a monopoly mother raising children in Japan, the relationship between mother and child in the boss henchman, mother dominates the son. If the mother has a higher social status than the son.

Japan man social status of <Japan mother social status.

In Japanese society, practices that commit child care to women, Japanese women is the cause which wield great power, power in society through my child.

Rice farming, produces woman, the mother of a strong society, the mass production of Oedipus complex man woman.

Female of in Japan, requires the development of totalitarian democracy.

Workplace village of Japan, men despite the fact that occupies a major position, peer pressure and the sense of unity, and the importance of unity, to strike the female of the atmosphere, including the men of high status and high income, their mother was alive all the way to grow the men is, probably because are mentally dominate the men. Men of the mother of the air, covering the workplace village of Japan.

In Japan the workplace village, women hesitate to management promotion, it is to avoid, if the promoted only their own, from being marginalized are "sticks out" treatment from the other women in the workplace was the same position in the colleagues until now It seems because the very fear. As a countermeasure, women would be the correct answer to to be promoted to all at once everyone get along. This is synchronized with the promotion and the scheme of Japan's high-ranking officials to get ahead in a side-by-side. Whether the central government will not become evidence of it is the female of Japan?

What woman society, than being similar to North Korea?

Western feminists, anything to think the theory in their own social criteria (women are inferior to the social), forcibly pressed against it in Japan feminist. Therefore, originally, mother-in-law, the mother is strong, the women's rights extension feminist of Japanese society should have made earlier, which is to earnestly mimic situation the theory that made the Western feminist.

In the sweeping political correctness in Europe and the United States, reveals study the men and women gender differences, but seems to be all-out attack is sexist treatment, what about reveal study the difference between the paternal and maternal?

Feminists of Japan, rather than to aim at women's rights extension, just want to have good-looking to educate Japan of common people in the eyes from top to become the Western Dewanokami. Toka if women's rights extension of developed countries = woman is a strong country Vietnam, though it is likely to be plenty to rice farmers society - nation, the presence of them completely ignored.

And the Imperial Household Agency is not to try to allow the excavation of Ten'noryo of Japan, the Japan of Femisuto is not trying to elucidate the woman society, have in common. Because adverse consequences to their exits.

After the war in Japan, but women and socks is said to have become stronger (women before the war was weak), than mother and mother-in-law was strong before the war. Daughter-in-law became stronger after the war.

People of Japan, there are many people who believe in simplicity the "Japanese society = male society" theory that has been taught in schools. After, I believe that "social status = status in the workplace."

Nuclear family of Japan has a large side that has been advanced by the hand of the daughter-in-law that you do not want to live with mother-in-law.

Japan husband to become spree overtime in Messi apprenticeship, in order to ensure the money spent on free time and hobby of the wife of a housewife.

Is a problem of no one that questioned the paternity loss of the Japanese man as a result of mother-to-child adhesions child care.

Japan man, high-ranking officials also of large companies president of social status is to be higher, everyone, Japan mother of puppets, use Booth, is a slave. Powerful mother-to-child adhesions is the cause of so. And, Japan mother, Japan woman of the subset. That is, Japan man, even with a high social status is that it is under the control of the Japanese woman. This is, in the divorce of a couple of Japanese Whirlpool, custody would have to be associated with it exclusively go to Japan mother. Japan mother I Japanese hidden authorities.

Japan man is not in a position to get a pocket money from Japan woman, should establish the position to pass the pocket money to Japan woman. Otherwise, from the dog's position of Japanese woman of errands, it can not break away even after forever.

Love in, Japan woman be evaluated by strictly assess the Japan dating courses and man has provided or thought meal, but "love management". What you are doing Japanese woman is not the same as the boss of the management to assess the results of the men in the company. A Japanese woman to unilaterally evaluated in the eyes from above the Japan man in the service hard date.

Japan the man he gave the string of household purse in Japan woman is, evidence that the Japanese man is psychologically dependent on unconsciously in Japan woman. Japan man, I'm think I want to manage their own in Japan woman. I think it's typical of Josondanpi, not a topic rarely even Japan woman Japanese man. Feelings change the status quo but that is no. I think it's a problem.

Ordinary words that are cast in Japan man "One Coin husband", and is used to women but I think to be a "One Coin wife", 70% of Japan's home that's state my wife is holding a household management authority, "One Coin his wife "would not have almost. "One Coin husband" is a derogatory term for Japan man, but man discrimination.

I think the feminism of women is weak pastoralists, the feminism of women is strong agricultural people, and the way is fundamentally different.

Is the values ​​that the Japanese are positive, "people who earn me, people that I use" is male discrimination.

With the increase of female managers appointed to the Japanese workplace village, the carrier station (Tsubone) problem would manifest. The carrier station, because there is power that can be used officially in comparison with the flat employees stations until now are much more, has become a high probability that not be stopped anyone her tyranny around.

Japan village society of the female, the worldwide symbol of male domination by women.

Mother-child relationship as the ideal type of the Japanese village society

Japanese, go fast becoming the villagers from the time of birth.

Children, first, and adhesion with a strong sense of unity and his mother, to form an exclusive mother-to-child coalition. To maintain the sense of unity with others to learn in the mother-child relationship. Then, from small children of the hour, minute, wearing a Toka uniforms around and all together, to learn the integral behavior of the surroundings. Japanese children are already villagers even in childhood.

In addition, a long period of time of junior high school and high school in Toka club activities, to acquire the idea that the highest priority to activities devoted all the time fully integrated into their own belongs to population (school). This is, will lead to the idea that for granted for a long time work of Messi apprenticeship in government and company after graduating from school.

Basic villagers of interpersonal relations of Japan, ideal type is there to mother and child relationship. Villagers of Japan has created the mother-to-child adhesions child care. Leading role to create the villagers of Japan is a mother, a woman. The leading role of the Japanese village society, the true ruler is a woman.

On the other hand, men, resulting in a rank down to the weak position of a lifetime to women of lost paternity in the course of this mother-to-child adhesions child care children to handle. Men, on the innate is a man of individualism, liberalism, mutual sense of unity and control, mutual monitoring emphasis in Japan village society of rice farmers society that environment adaptively ineligible, and no human rights, villagers is the existence of inferior as.

In the past, male chauvinism is to compensate for the weakness of the Japanese men of human rights, Japan men had been arrogant under the mother-in-law of the umbrella, and the elimination by the non-live of the mother-in-law of the home by the daughter-in-law, Lady first from the Western male chauvinism in the introduction is denied, child custody also will go to the daughter-in-law, has fallen to the status of socially vulnerable.

It should be noted that children raised in mother-to-child adhesion state, due to the strong sense of unity with the mother, would be to act in drew to say the mother, whose presence is the mother of the puppet, is placed in a racehorse state of the mother. In short, the child is the instrument of social self-realization by the mother, so is required to move as a racehorse. Children out the results run early in the competition with rival colleagues in the business, job title on, and improve the promotion of the economic force it as it becomes the improvement of the social status of the mother, the mother, the children in for the ass than is to direct the promotion competition banging. Japan's Nippon man employees of managers and senior surface of that swagger in the workplace village, is a matter of fact, on board his mother becomes the jockey role, but racehorse which runs been whipped earnestly toward the career . In other words, it is a slave of the mother. That's why workplace village atmosphere, for men only large, collective action-oriented, harmony-oriented, seniority, become feminine in shalt principle that.

In short, a child is a tool for social promotion of the mother, is the tool. Man working in the workplace village in Japan, has resigned to more or less the standpoint of his mother of racehorses. Workplace village of Japanese men are many placed up to now, been a man society, have been exposed to the criticism of gender discrimination protests by feminists, in fact, of the social empowerment of their mothers by the men of the mother intense competition in the field of reason, it has become a place of proxy war. Workplace village of hero is actually a mother of men.

Workplace village of practices in Japan, men despite the fact that accounts for the majority, emphasis on collective action, seniority, and has become one woman a society like, such as mutual monitoring and the lack of privacy, in fact for men It has become disadvantageous for. Japanese men lose their paternity by the mother-to-child adhesions child care of the mother, and than has been forced under the domination of the mental by the mother, the feminine behavior and women practices unwittingly, in a sense, male discrimination which is a symbol. But, because the pleasure of mother-to-child adhesions in the child care is not forgotten, men of Japan, which attaches to the side of the mother, to ignore that fact unconsciously, as a mother allowance role of, remains of children existence, feminine go accustomed such in Japan workplace village practices, is to become a presence to accept the rule of motherhood.

Japan's Nippon man employees of managers and senior surface of that swagger in the workplace village, in fact, it is a racehorse that almost my mom (or wife) is a jockey role, it run has been whipped earnestly toward the career . In other words, it is a slave of the mother (wife). That's why workplace village atmosphere of collective action-oriented, harmony-oriented, seniority, become feminine in shalt principle that.

Wife of the man of full-time housewives, in the same way as the mother of the man, and in going to raise his position the social promotion of man as an intermediary, for a long time overtime of men, the amount of household income that they manage in terms increase, is're greatly encouraged in order to improve their social status the promotion of man as an intermediary. Japan man's wife, on behalf of the Japanese man's mother, on board as a jockey on top of the Japanese man, a Japanese man in the ass of a racehorse is to be career competition by striking at the whip. Japan man of long working hours cause considerable of in the workplace village is also good to say that in Japan man of mother and wife. Japan man, because it is psychologically dependent on the mother instead to the wife unconsciously, of mother and wife, becomes the desire for sons and long working hours of the husband to listen intently, Messi apprenticeship it is from being only lost to the black labor.

Japanese children, the son is also a lifetime also daughter, possession of the mother, it is slavery. Japanese children can not escape from the domination of the mother. Villagers of Japan, both men and women are placed under the control of the mother life, the rule dependencies are linked across generations.

Man at the time, which I think parenting is a woman at work, Japan man is lost to Japan woman. Taken custody to Japan woman, a child becomes a Japanese woman of the puppet.

Some advantageous social gender to male, should there a lot of advantageous social gender to female. Especially in Japan of rice farming society, whether favorable social gender differences in women is not there a lot. Tuning read the field of air, Toka's Female is good at pandering. The good at high-density distribution in the Tokyo over-concentration society Toka a woman.

Male chauvinism and the ladies first is common. In the male chauvinism society hold the real power of women is society, in the ladies first society men are at the helm of the society. Only those who hold the household management and child care initiative is the true movers and shakers of society. Those who are socially priority is not always at the helm in the society.

Japan before World War II of the male chauvinism of Japan believe the society's patriarchal society of Western par male discrimination opponent is better to revised the idea. It is fundamentally wrong. And to grasp the swagger that and social helm he has been divergence. Pre-war Japan man, but the presence of the only mother of the puppet had a big face. Status of Japan Men are not that was reduced after the war. Japan man from before the war's gotta in the female.

Man rights expansion activists in Japan, but is hitting just trivial events like a women-only vehicle and ladies day elimination, So what chance is not. The real enemy is woman of Japanese society that traditional rice farming has resulted, it is maternal reduction. This is fundamentally there is a need to break.

Need for "freedom of Tenmura", "freedom of non-villagers of Irimura," "village abolition of senior junior system" in Japan village society

Even though there is bad working conditions, Japan of the villagers can not easily leave the workplace village you are now, quit and, marked with bad evaluation is considered to have betrayed the workplace village, easily put to the next workplace village the degree to which no longer Could be is because the very rise. In addition, the longer the period, which has been in non-villagers quit the workplace village, work history of break = considered a disruption of the villagers history, it's become a disadvantage to re-employment. Work experience not only be evaluated also was doing at a time which was a villager.

Practices of these workplace village is considered to be the Omoto has its prototype to the woman society. Woman society is their own self-protection, ensure safety, closed, but live in the creating an exclusive group, In such woman group, factions struggle of constantly jockeying among the population unfolded, in the float and, being ostracized as disturb the harmony of the population, or to say that get put in other populations become difficult. Therefore women, for their own self-protection, not only is not clinging to desperately belonging population to survive in the belonging group inside, unreasonable conditions to issue the influential people of belonging population (= bullying on the real) intently forced to not give swallowed.

Evaluation because of human rights is not guaranteed in the Japanese workplace village, and the villagers of the employee leaves the workplace village, at that time, it is the villagers of incompetence that did not go doing well at Toka interpersonal relationships in front of affiliation workplace village or become, is a traitor to the Nante workplace village leaving the village, or become assessment that does not credit, and increase Tenmura number of times a certain or more, from where to or there is no place to go even if there is no credit of as villagers , I think in disposable until the Crock using such a weakness it's because long working hours, the villagers of the management layer is thought of as trying to overtime.

Or is it belong to the youth of the new collective adopted as was the workplace village, Toka overtime non-payment in the workplace village, it is impossible to raise the voice against long-time service overtime. Raising the voice, expelled from the workplace village, because there is no guarantee that Tenmura destination is found, even worse conditions in the long working hours desperately clinging to the now of workplace village, will leave received the exploitation from the managers than it is allowable forced from.

Tenmura not what is the cause of inhuman workplace practices of Japan, is the Freedom is of Tenmura is new norms of Japan of village society should be able to win the villagers layer of Japanese workers as a right.

This should be applied to non-villagers layer (temporary employees). Some villagers, the reason or something service overtime in the workplace village are now Toka parenting born children has accumulated busy Toka immediate living expenses are rampant, once out of the workplace village, become a non-villagers, for a while after making a blank career as villagers in the child care Toka life work Toka rest, also if you try to enter another workplace village, before arbitrarily jumped out was the village of traitors of the village, is handling non-adaptive person, and non and the period is too long was the villagers, because the creditworthiness of the villagers has decreased, very Irimura become Toka can not be allowed to be immobilized in the temporary employment status of Toka non-villagers of part-time and will. Once become again the villagers and become a non-villagers becomes difficult. Not counted in the work experience of the workplace village also taking Toka qualifications in non-villagers of the period, you can not get into the village.

Practices of these non-villagers of re-Irimura not has become the identity discrimination between the de facto villagers and non-villagers, due to the large degree of social inequality, a certain period of time or more, if you are away from the villagers of position non be made to the villagers, they should ensure "freedom of non-villagers of Irimura" greet the non-villagers, depending on ability and personality as villagers. Non-villagers already graduated who did not accustomed to the villagers of workplace village with a new batch adopted (Toka employment ice age generation) should also be allowed to Irimura in this context.

In addition, the Japanese village society, in the woman society, newcomer of and villagers, for the mid-career recruitment of villagers (so-called junior), the villagers of veteran (the so-called senior) is, just that their are in the village ahead from the old days it just in the reason, or arrogant profusely for the junior, the "senior junior system" as a matter of course seen that or harassed, it is clearly age discrimination, has led to human rights violations. The behind this, "village of precedent, tradition" is there is a strong belief that it is absolutely inviolable for the villagers. Adaptability to the new culture is superior to the apparently young people, because the veteran is Ika place, sloppy, Japan village society, the woman society, should waste the "village seniority system", "the village senior junior system" it is. It should be Toka to unify the call you names in ○○ Sanzuke (apparently already there is also a Japanese company that has been practicing for this).

Also trying to Tenmura people who ate the age of middle-aged and elderly, do not let me in not at all in the workplace village, in the Japanese workplace village, high age people, to the management of the work of subordinates as managers permeates strongly the idea should be, there is a practice that more men than boss of the elderly, is staffing contrary to seniority is repellent. Work in the field is management of middle-aged and elderly do not touch, there is a practice of to do it to the villagers and subcontractors village of young underling, people of middle-aged and elderly in and field-oriented contrary to it, not found my place easily, resulting in a large case that would go away workplace village. For this, it should stop the fixed view that the village seniority superiors = management.

Idea of ​​such a rigid Japanese village society, it is clear that the modern Japanese society has become a major cause that decline. It is coming when reviewing the norms of village society. Also for the Japanese village society, how to change and effectively one of the study which part of the law of the woman society is essential.

It requires the elimination of "ostracism"

Japan village society Toka of farmers society, it is necessary to somehow the ostracism that frequent in the woman society. It is because it is a serious human rights violations.

Workplace village of Japan (government agencies, companies) Toka, but supposedly is a lifetime employment, do not fit in the village of air, not tuned to the surroundings, (such as the annual return home without overtime for a long time only one person) floating attitude, even a little show and, with or ignored beaten or bullied, since become Toka depression expelled by ostracism handling, careless is not. To become lifetime employment treatment in the workplace village, the village of the air yourself all the way to the (influential people of the occasional workplace village, management's intention, or behavior that are considered Muraeki) only members that are combined in Messi apprenticeship it is necessary to note that it is.

Japanese schools village, in the class village, especially Toka girls, to create a closed companion group, if you do not act constantly according to the ambient air in the group inner ring, bullied, been ostracized = ostracism, other groups not get put in. Ostracism is particularly serious in the case of girls who insist the population belongs for self protection.

Ostracism, especially not a story unique to rural areas of the country, ostracism occurs even among the Toka urban mom friend. In addition, not only in Japan, it is a practice that can be seen even Toka Vietnam society. Rice farmers society, is considered to be seen universally in the woman society.

Practice of ostracism (once expelled from a village not get put again to the village. When kicked out of a village not get even put in another village. Alive not go become the lonely.) Welcome There, the Japanese society, not have to earnestly tuning around, it is the root cause that is difficult to live. Ostracism is a human rights on a large problem, it does not not healed.

Distinction of the population inside and outside, in the social discrimination is of liquid molecular motion type (woman society, farmers society), ostracism generation is inevitable.

Ostracism is, woman society is considered to be the origin. The woman society, because members are self protection, to ensure safety, closed in the convoy system, exclusive population, be directed to be protected from each other to create a group, to act to integrate everyone in harmony together to direct. And Kanojora is, or become piles out in the internal group, or delay, the failure or to members to disturb the harmony, drive out and ostracized as being detrimental to the population. Members, by expelled from a population, also will not I get accepted as become harmful in other populations, there is no going plant, it will not be able to live. This is the prototype of ostracism, women have been passed on to farmers society with a mighty force.

As a countermeasure, mutual aid union to accept a person who became ostracized unconditionally, safety net forward to once again living also encountered the ostracism is socially necessary. School village, in the class village, health center or free school of the school is to play its role. Such a safety net, it is necessary in the case of workplace villages and adult female population (Mamatomo). Mutual aid union between the person who has been ostracized on the net, refuge when you encounter ostracism, it is necessary to Toka launch a consultation.

In personality, there is a need to protect the human rights of the encounter easily people in poor and ostracism is to tune around (Toka developmental disabilities), there is a need for social initiatives.

Socially there is a need for initiatives that will eliminate the human rights violations by the ostracism. For example, even if the number of times of rolling the village (Tensha) encountered in the ostracism a person in front of the workplace village, workplace village human resources person in charge of the awareness of that you do not see the negative, human rights education is necessary. Alternatively, Ikeru almost doing only conversation in Japanese, that prone to leave the pile is accepted as advantages as being unique to the contrary, of pastoralists foreign, actively make a lot of no workplace population in the village society there is a need for reform of the Toka.

Relief of the people you encounter ostracism is, Toka workplace village, in the first place there is a relief to the common aspects of people that did not let me in from the beginning to the village (Toka non-regular employees of the already graduated Employment ice age generation).

Alternatively, if there is a criminal record who committed the crime, there is a relief to the common aspects of people that are no longer Could put in any village.

Not afraid Nante ostracism, even if the encounter ostracism, should be to ensure that can live without problems not belong to the village. People to accept the ostracism with peace of mind, should be to transform society so that it can be re-starting in the mood beyond the village of ties to the positive.

Cut off the need for next-generation chain of negative experiences

Japanese is a love chain to the next generation of negative experience that I did. Experience of Yomeshuto relationship also, experience of school PTA officer also is the case. Yourself, assertive from the age of the people of the senior price of the previous generation, after being hard pressed against the annoying convention of affiliation group, the next step is Made up who their next generation of junior rating If you had to teach in, and pass to junior in the cheerful content by removing the negative part from the convention that they had pressed against, not let in any way to end the chain of negative experiences in their own generation , the negative part of the convention that they had suffered as a taste Align so also in junior, ironing the younger players, tend to tease.

This is the origin is in the woman society, themselves, in front of the negative experiences that tasted because of the people of the generation, and the fact that likely requires not the people of other generations, not a negative experience against requires likely people in, "to the those people just good I think, sly" that occurred a strong jealousy, want to fit taste a negative experience in addition to their own, people are likely a good think pull the legs, is because the gush strong negative desire to the same hardships as their own. Japanese society does not become bright even after forever, Nanoha remains dark insidious trapped in tradition, largely due to the Japan women of strong jealousy that effective control of the Japanese society. The "man is yang, woman shadow" is said that, there will be related to this.

In order to solve this problem, the Japanese woman of jealousy, it is necessary to remove somehow a negative thought. To eat the delicious things to Kanojora was a negative experience, it is Toka be psychologically sublimation a negative experience. Alternatively, for example, by separation of the daughter and mother-if daughter-mother-in-law relationship is physically apart that, jealousy does not work physically as disabled, the method can be considered such break to forcibly chain.

The logic of the actual situation of the Japanese village society

Below, tried to summarize the description in short about the actual situation of the village society logic is attentive to every nook and corner in the Japanese society.

In modern Japanese society village of logic has continued penetration.

In Japan village society, it is necessary to belong continuously without a break in the village (the continuity of the affiliation). After entering in the new graduates in the workplace village, do not and not all the way to the end without having to leave in the middle. When the middle leaving the village, no longer live as soon not let me in is stranger covered in other villages.

And ride from where you want to ride in the society of the rail anyone at any time, down from the rail at you like, in whatever you want, after some blanks can be, to society, such as ride back to society of rail, Japan becomes I think the Japanese think I want you to many, the principles of the village society does not allow it. And the child care retirement or illness retirement, once deviated people from the rail in the Simultaneous recruiting of new graduates is, and does not change in society, such as ride again, disparities society of Japan can not be corrected. We need drastic change of the village society rules in such a point.

Workplace village of Japan, not me put again Once retirement. It is just protege of new graduates as a rule put. Mid-career is, only not supposed to switch immediately as immediate use from the permanent employees of a company to another company full-time. If there is a blank in the affiliation of career, I forgot the village of air, considered lost, they're unable to mid-career.

Lifetime employment and protege employment in Japan of the company (Simultaneous recruiting of new graduates) has become a set. To try to Someageyo employees to their color protege, that you do not hire people who are marked with the color of the other companies, have caused the mobilization of employment does not occur even after forever.

Japan is a continuous labor force society.

• Do not we have to continue to work throughout the day until late at night from the morning.

Once you've joined, once a company, do we need to continue working much in the company until his retirement.

Situation in which students of Japanese school is allowed to continue without rest without weekends and the school club is referred to as "workers, constantly your country, it is natural that the weekends are also exploitation and labor without rest for the company." training a wonder of the order to be brainwashed into thinking. Is that terrible in human rights violations.

And to criticize the society in which he or she belongs is said to "Get out!", So can no longer be living to be expelled to say whether, that can not be all criticism afraid of it, it is now in Japan. It does not exist from the freedom of speech something original in there.

He belongs to the villagers of Japan, which is caused to Messi apprenticeship in the village, the village of the slaves, and more particularly influential people of the village, is a slave of the capital owner. The villagers of Japan, if a workplace village, managers and company major shareholder of slaves, if the local village, is a large land owned by landlords of slaves. If the relatives village, my father is an ATM slaves of the mother and child.

The villagers of Japan is the presence of be forced to work without rest exploited by vested interests who in the village is of course the difference. In addition, since the Japanese village society woman society, and mutual monitoring as villagers with each other does not rest with each other, and if there are villagers to try easy, made it a jealous to condemn intensively tapped or at all . In addition, it is or not originally allowed to raise the voice of criticism in absolute obedience to the villagers of vested interests side. Emperor is a typical Toka junior officials can not strike against the house.

Not found or workplace village the villagers of Japan get to also put the following in an attempt to Tenmura at Toka workplace village of Japan, Japan's social security system that lean is, hesitation that people leave the office of the company = workplace village then, with destination to serve as a slave of one of the company = workplace village life, company = workplace village of rulers, has been deliberately done in order to increasingly enrich shareholders and management who are vested interests who.

Japan of the village society, when or become large ones of workplace village, enclosing the class structure of Ordering source-contractor-subcontractor, the top of the strong (contractor) is financial exploitation of the lower weak (subcontractor) so as to. Dominated the village (contractor) and the dependent village (subcontracting) can be.

When individual behavior regardless of the affiliation village of intention in Japan, all are self-responsibility, belonging to the village does not help me. In Japan, the village society individual behavior is strictly prohibited. If you or become a hostage of the armed forces go out alone in other countries, not get help at your own risk treatment.

In Japan the village society, would be a traitor treated as abandoned the village and go out of the village was a member in the Toka nuclear power plant accident. Be evacuated out of the village in conjunction with the became VAG, and must not have relatives to move away, not let me in the bottom of the village, will be much become the VAG, human rights is eliminated. So, to be treated as villagers, not forced to return to the vicinity of the original belongs to the village of disgusting even nuclear power plants. Voluntary evacuees at the nuclear power plant accident in accordance with Japanese village society principle is denied the existence.

The Dewanokami Western scholars village of Japan is large,
- Western the authority can swagger wearing the hat, because more easily through their own opinion
- come up with their own theories, than is struck is considered from the pile and the surrounding out, is better to stay with your fellow as same Western Dewanokami each other, because it is advantageous to self-protection concern is not of their own to be struck from the surrounding
It is.

In Japan the workplace village, the villagers that do not contribute to much earnings of the village, the harassment from the villagers of other consciousness high system, in Japan the national village, the villagers to seek life protection, are working other hard of the structure is bashing from the villagers of each system is the same.

At the national village of Japanese society, people with disabilities and welfare recipients pulling the healthy villagers of the foot has been struck. Also, be condemned in a loud voice a little bit and move freely failed to "self-responsibility" cry. The villagers of Japan national village, the but almost indifferent to waste by officials of the tax which they had paid, welfare recipients and disabled people to live in taxpayers' money paid when you live rely on tax of "oiler angry and is outrageous. " Imperial family and officials are also eaten in taxes, but do not even try to Okoro is the villagers of strong's ally.

Japanese of to work overtime for a long time, in the workplace is the village society, probably because there is a fear that when the return on your own earlier would be ostracized by impairing the mood of the other remaining villagers. Detention man everyone will be a match in which the most. For the villagers of Japan, improvement of production efficiency in the secondary, it is itself that should stay longer in the workplace village are self-purposed.

Become managers and promotion in the Japanese workplace village, to turn to management's side, my daily life, or behaved ish villagers (boss subordinate relationship, smoothly maintain the senior junior relationship, a long time overtime for village doing with that ...), are desirable villagers of standard (marriage, not familiar with it does not match the there is an owner-occupied ...).

In Japan the workplace village, at the first of the new batch adopted, does not clearly distinguish between the villagers to visit the villagers and slave labor side to turn to management's side, work that induce to get it on either side, depending on, labor or to admit overtime a long time for workplace village is to think of things to the villagers in the management's line of sight, it has become more and more voluntary work dynamics and is not the result competition in the village human, management has become a clever gimmicks such as millet in wet hand to enrich or may not be what the villagers of vested interests side, such as and shareholders.

The villagers of Japan, Toka frequently able to work for the village, but argues that it is evil not work, in fact, the villagers of vested interests's side, in particular lineage, the villagers of the privileged class that has been protected by the clan, the capital Toka villagers rental apartment management of the landlord of the area, nothing is revenue of Toka large amount of stock dividends Toka rent may not work obtained, is in're playing could live, or that it is touched by the villagers of Japan it will not be criticized. In the Japan of the village, vested interests layer is earnestly to be protected.

Japan's government, the villagers of full-time = workplace village of companies are relatives handling of pseudo-family.
Allowed to flow sweat for relatives, is the law of Japan village society to say that able to work earnestly.

Such a pseudo-family system, but had to extend the unrelated family system to the official national level but the pre-war Japan, it has been orchestrated attempt to revive even the Liberal Democratic Party Toka now of Japan. Japan is very hard to do officially revived the national village. People all pseudo family, the unrelated family.
Completely the same as North Korea. Mutual monitoring and enforcement of collective action is waiting.
Japan, on the fact still is but a national village, in front of the Western, liberal, are hidden to pretend of democrats.
Just because it is the same Japanese, arbitrarily been treated relatives of the Japan national village, is a hate to be referred to as "Do case. Rest Messi apprenticed for relatives. Much more able to work. Otherwise is unpatriotic, Get out!" it is intended.

To independent from the village society remains were Japan Nii is, he not only happens to the withdrawal refused all of the human relationship with the villagers, but confront the problem of what to do with income. As such it is difficult to go eat. Resolution, video production people and Concerning Copyrights developers of individual employers, but is to become the fanzine creator, etc., between the video and between apps, but the point of hard to competition is going to eat violently between the fanzine.

It belongs to the village (company, government offices, schools ...) that is not swallowed completely, that no integration is very important in order to ensure the freedom of your own spirit in Japan village society. Village, promotion of in-house to go home early and in moderation, it is important to ensure that Moteru their time.

For the villagers of Japan, the Japanese village society anti = anti-Japanese.

in Japan,
- Full Time = villagers
And non-regular employees = VAG temporarily hire, travel people
The difficulty to become regular employees from non-regular employees, this is the cause.

Human rights and in Japan is not the villagers have become relatives of somewhere in the village society is not guaranteed. Since the non-regular employees of the workplace village non-villagers, even if there is a work of more than villagers of full-time example, labor to no human rights, would suffer from unstable employment and low wages.

Japan ideal type of company is in the central government = national village, even lifetime employment in the central government has been maintained nor black labor seniority. Lifetime employment in private companies in Japan, because the seniority system that is no longer be maintained has become severe survival conditions surrounding the private company, to maintain the new graduates collectively adopted even private companies now, their again lifetime employment if well conditions surrounding, is a manifestation of the fact that wants to seniority. Japanese company = workplace village of labor form, to change the way of working, there is a need to put the first hand to the work arrangements of the central government.

To comply in Japanese society, with respect to the surrounding, suffered Dari, and does not pretend to suffer useless.

The reason for not reluctant to everyone moved to rural Japan, why does not increase Japan's rural population, indigenous villagers of the veteran is, or look down on the new residents of the newcomers that have emigrated, discrimination or, because the harassment. The same as the relationship between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Constantly Japan village society to repeat that to eliminate bullying the outsider. There 's no human rights.

Japan, left wing also right wing also villagers. Claims'm the opposite, but have in common in terms of villagers.

Workplace village of Japan, when Toka long-term leave of absence ill, and do not return the physical condition within the leave period, forced to to leave, are strangers to handle, will not let me in again. Receive the treatment of the forced exit at the national civil servants if the cumulative three years. Workplace village of Japan is severe for the affiliation conditions. Healthy person whether live as the villagers of Japan workplace village, only people with disabilities, which is not not rest. Human mental disorders who rest depressed patients Toka schizophrenic patients like a well driven out in a non-qualified person to handle.

Although there are various village Toka workplace village Toka school village in Japan, is a national village the maximum of things. Regarded as the villagers of all forcibly national village the Japanese, white struggling to the village of relatives, come to say able to work Japanese people very often. The welfare recipients is beaten, because they seem to be lazy to work for relatives. Even though everyone in the work looks good and can afford towards the Toka receive a basic income is life without, without trying to think why do so, it is single-mindedly of the likes to the virtues Japan villagers to work.

But the terrible thing villagers of exclusivity of Japan, something terrible backbiting in the villagers the inner ring, even each other hit in the abuse. People leaving the village if you can not put up with considerable many pattern. Nursery Toka typical of the woman workplace.

Enforceable, full-time employed system of already graduated without employment age limit is necessary in Japan. Once people who are blank in the career and retirement as well, rather than non-regular employment, at any time required in order to turn to stable job.

Working to get revenue, to stop working When the accumulated income doing more than enough to be their favorite, if there is no money, also working in order to earn an income, to stop working When the accumulated income doing more than enough to be of their favorite, can not repetition of, is do I have to continue to work earnestly in succession, a Japanese village society.

Amount of knowledge of stock abundance in the Wei, slowing of the Japanese like a farmers. The novelty of the knowledge obtained by cut open on their own, Wei, slowing the Western Europe people like a pastoralists in the novelty.

Select the workplace village that belongs my life in job hunting, after which came on went clinging life so that it is not expelled, raising their children married in the meantime, rising to the top in the seniority of the escalator, so that it is not restructuring until retirement Tracking down safe to work for it, it has become the ideal life course of men and women of the Japanese.

I love to argue the peculiarities of Japanese culture is Japanese. I can truly understand the Japanese culture would be considered only with the Japanese. After all is, to not just one type of rice farmers culture, is absurd. Closed nature of Japanese, manifestation of exclusivity and self-righteous resistance.

Japanese to watch the Toka Disney movie on TV, at school or at work and neighbors relationship, the next day, sharing the same topic with everyone, so that he does not have his own only ostracized. Secondary will enjoy the movie itself. We are watching from interpersonal tensions that do not want to meet from around the plucked.

The work was highly acclaimed by Western Toka of super you above, blindly this is seen without anything considered a good work, to rave reviews with a high evaluation is customary Japanese. It is not necessary to be removed from the fellow in that in the companion between spree praised each other. Or "Frozen" of Disney, is a colonial movie, and the Japanese do not say the content of the movie is great, as not discern the attitude of as the exploiters of the American colonies, condemnation from Japanese It is, is discrimination.

Something by comparing the others and myself, is a deviation value education was addicted of favorite Japanese to have a relative evaluation. In comparison with the others, essential to know yourself is relatively how far advantageous. Yet the Ministry of Education does not publish the deviation value of the center test takers. It is clear that are used in transactions for officials descend from heaven with a deviation value is computed examination industry.

In Japan, there is not considered to be a good citizen and not for a long time the work climate. I think that it is derived from the village society. In shortening working hours, no not at all go to the feeling that trying to ease everyone.

The word says well of Japanese office workers and students, "my house is" is, companies and schools that belong of the person has a strong constitution of inward tuning pressure in the closed, even the person steeped in the constitution It shows that you are. It is better to go out be careful with that person.

Japanese, I hate being criticized by others. Spirit is vulnerable in the software. So, from whom to integrate their Emperor like a present in that it is not criticism, and trying to escape from criticism.

A lot of ambiguous words Japanese is the responsibility avoid language that it is not necessary to take a clear speaks of human responsibility.

If there are relatives consciousness in Japanese with each other to use - pay the same taxes, and someone else is trying to be taken care of tax at Toka life protection, myself paid that amount tax is considered to be a loss, the self-responsibility theory to opposition chanting is the Japanese. Even though the same composition as the insurance premium payment of insurance companies, why oppose that it is tax. Awareness of the same villagers of national village is allowed to do so.

Human beings adapted to the rear charge = Japanese village society. It is an ideal form of villagers.

The Japanese, it is better that I had more awareness that it is the villagers. Only apparently has become the West flow, after the senior junior system and control love tuning, backbiting love, you should be aware that it is society which is not even close is Toka Kansonminpi, Europe and the United States. Toka was accustomed to Western manner I went to Disneyland, it is the most stupid mistake.

Because rice farming is a status quo single crop of Japan, the only no harvest of chance once a year, hunger, death is waiting on failure. Therefore, in Japan, not allowed failed to everything is, unadventurous a safe thing shalt principle is rampant, society once failed and after that there is no re-challenge not in life is finished. In that respect, Japanese society, called a "one-time" society. It is difficult to start over in life. Japanese meantime fear of failure, prefer safe, to become shalt principle that is, rice cultivation in monoculture, and fails at a time of harvest a year, because after the other is not, fundamentally that point psychological margin probably because it lacks. Because it is strong once game, it failed can not. It would be differences between the harvestable Southeast Asian rice Asian countries many times a year.

Pastoralists (the United States) to the society of farmers that have been effective control, it is Japan.
The lips are flatter actively towards the pastoralists of the effective ruler, to appeal to the self-wear of the liberal democracy of the ideology of pastoralists, but the reality is old-fashioned farmers. Taboo because to socially stated that their is an agricultural people will be against the pastoralists of the ruler.

Farmers society in Japan, although superficially are pretending to pastoralists society, reality is, to stick to the social tradition of farmers, not try never to change. Or person attempting to change from the inside is eliminated In the ostracism, it is to be held back bindings. Pseudo pastoralists society, Japan.

Japan's current situation, and the US preciousness Date noble-Omikoto date less noble, is a day TakashiHana卑, Sunday, Mikoto Korea less noble.

Japanese, himself rice farmers, does not overcome and pastoralists specific constitutional principle that it is the villagers, not Yukitsuke to the rule of law.

Japanese, around touching that it is actively developed countries that of Japan, but thanks to its advanced nature of most Western countries, Japan has claimed to have carried out on the cutting edge with a small improvement in Europe and the United States technology only. Recently, China, South Korea also doing the same thing with the Japanese, it overtakes quite catch up to Japan. Japanese technology is no longer very advanced.

Synchronized side-by-side principle of Japanese society, a burst of jealousy against people more career likely in the synchronization of people, has led to the result of pulling the foot. This is a social loss. We should eliminate the synchronization side-by-side consciousness itself from Japanese society.

Not a separate company, what the established to expand for the occupation of a large union of non-regular employers, would solve the Japan of social disparity.

Seniority, senior junior and regulations, villainy system to ignore the human rights of young Japanese. In particular, young people with a future, it is better to move to break aware of the harmful effects of early system.

As long as that is not eliminated Messi apprenticeship for those in power, black companies also black club is also alive and well, Japan will decline remains of evil society.

Japanese social ostracism human rights problem. To spread this problem widely around the world.

Long overtime hours in Japan of full-time employees, one of the competition they continue to stay for a long time non-uniformity than how much compared to other employees. As a long time continue to stay in the non-uniformity, the higher the evaluation by the authorities of non-uniformity. Not taken into account such as the efficiency of the work.

It remains of the farmers, that are trying to be pastoralists Japanese.

The Japanese, in their relatives will do in Messi apprenticeship, but it's very unsympathetic to outsiders other than relatives. Not to human beings treat the stranger, it is obvious if you look at the handling of the non-regular workers by workplace village of regular employees. This is I'm a serious human rights problem, or village society of the rule of traditional rice farming origin of blame, the Japanese do not try anyone Naoso.

Japanese society aging progresses, there is no financial, social demographic margin, against the weak that are no longer useful to society by disease and aging, become cold more and more the future, it will go become severe. It will go more and more truncated harmful sick and elderly not socially useless. Euthanasia and the gas chamber feed will is rampant.

Individualist of Japanese Western being average, liberal, to become a democrat, to break away from rice farming, and large-scale grazing Toka not start bad.

We need policies that economic, social and rescue the Japanese who have got stuck in non-villagers not let me in to the workplace village, to guarantee the life.

Speech of Toka twitter that freedom in Japan, still because the remaining influence of the United States, when the American influence will disappear, Japan would immediately North Korea of.

The activation of Japanese society, must be the dismantling of traditional village society.
- Powerful obstructive to reject the outsider, exclusivity. Human Rights Without organizational climate to carry out the newcomer bullying in cold blood.
· A strong Messi apprenticeship and servitude to the relatives, the norm for a long time work. Follow who does not ostracism.
- very jealous, insidious of pulling the immediate human foot.
We should crush hurry.

The relatives Messi apprenticeship, following blindly read the surrounding air, the superiors absolute obedience. These black labor in the Japanese society, it is the root psychological causes that produce a black club. It must go without. I think these psychology is that it is derived from a woman, to resolve the situation built the social influence of the Japanese woman (especially mother and mother-in-law), would be called.

Mentality of Messi apprenticed to the workplace villages and school village of Japanese, to study the mechanism, if in the Japanese head if, to solve the mentality that law of Messi apprenticeship occurs, that overtime is commonplace there is a need to study or can be.

"Japan is a free democratic country, to focus on fundamental human rights" discourse itself to say that there is, in fact he government of the Imperial Headquarters announced. Actual Japanese, than the free, aligned with management control with others pace, and psychologically integrated, like to turn get along the same place with others. Toka human rights, not only in temporary grace from the Emperor and the Prime Minister's Office and officials.

It requires elucidation of common social psychology to rice farmers.

Japan is the recruitment Toka treatment of the authorities and companies, it should be abolished the distinction between relatives and strangers. Identification of the regular, non-regular distinction, should be Toka prohibiting discrimination itself. The ostracism, should be regulated as a kind of social bullying.

Rules of the "organization to 100% Messi case apprenticeship" Japan village society that is, black labor, only produce a black club activities, is no longer functioning decent. In the future, 4 hours, and the labor of 6 hours or 8 hours shift system, the rest of the time, should be possible to obtain the free time that is not tied to your organization.

The root of all evil of senior junior system is Japanese society. Unified at all "○○'s" with, should eliminate the up and down relationship with belonging number of years to age and organizations.

Western-up and drop Japan. Look down on China and South Korea in the eyes from above. Now of speech is like the Japanese intellectuals.

Public education in Japan, can be seen as a series of aptitude tests for the luxury official appointment.

I'm good if you can ban the weak exploitation by the strong in the law, human beings of Japan's legislature, because only human exploitation to the side, there is a problem that it is difficult to realize.

And children's educational emphasis, be education is divided into the children's physical education emphasis, would solve the club issue of Japanese schools. When the educational also physical education original lust for the one of the children, teachers becomes to work long hours in the club leadership.

Japanese company employee, after all is only a servant of the shareholders. Senior officials is not only the United States and the Emperor of the servant of the above your super.

Japan we are trying to hide the village society in the country costume - "Western Dewanokami" and gag -

Japan, the government nor the people, their own will, wearing the liberal democracy of Western-style, when he became a member of the advanced Western countries, are strongly confident.

Therefore, in reality, the base part of the society, was old-fashioned in your wet now, that it is a village society of traditional rice farmers type, government, as if people work together, trying to hide desperately appear.

Village society, old, is a society of the way that is being already gone, we, dry Western and culture and actively integrated in, taken the initiative, society and life, achieved a westernized, the idea of There is dominant in Japan.

Of Western Europe rash Japanese, there is no awareness that she is a villager. And I think that part of Western Europe.

Also in the way of Japan of sociology, Japan of village society is a late feudal institutions bequeathed from the past, Japanese society of modern, and modernization in Western par, I was wearing a liberal democracy, or will do so while we there for, on the assumption that, is're in partnership Toka textbook. Of village society that is, in the Toka textbook of society it does not come almost out.

If you do not think so, or rather, when the outside to become recognized to expose officially that the foundation of Japanese society is a traditional village society, Japan is not a Western developed countries fellow, that it's alien presence choice but to no longer give recognized, Western no longer be had in the part of the developed countries, Western ostracism from developed countries, fear that becomes ostracized, is anxiety, there deep-rooted in Japanese society, is it, I feel like has become a major factor in trying to conceal the existence of the village society of the foundation of Japanese society in the country costume is.

Europe and the United States in the pastoralists society, because individuals society that has become the existence of separate separated into pieces, is whether you have the idea of ​​ostracism, such as Japan is quite questionable. Rather, the racial discrimination of the white race and the yellow race, which is likely to cause to remove the Japanese from fellow.

Japan is a society of double standards. To be in the lips move to Western-style (democracy, freedom, etc.) and actively cast, but is accused of not in fact actions that meet the traditional village society, bullied, be ostracized. Do not be deceived by the apparent.

Even though the villagers of Japan scholar village, everything is also Western Europe, is not discussed is not the way of the North American theory, a Japanese social scientists.

Japanese, Meiji Constitution faction also, the Japanese Constitution faction also, Which also Western Dewanokami, is the Western worship of the powerful person.

Japan, Western Europe, listening to what you say North American countries, Western Europe, is about to become very hard to "gender equality of the country without the gender division of labor at home and at work" in the North American countries standards. My country is originally a woman, it is a strong society mother ignores, earnestly Western Europe, not in the only head to become a "woman played a social advancement country" in the North American standard.

Alternatively, Japan and Eliminated in the United States in World War II, in the current situation is undergoing the United States of effective control, the Japanese village society, liberalism of the United States, has become the presence of contrary to democracy "anti-American" and which, not go against against strong presence, villagers of Japan that can not be criticized, can also be viewed as efforts to survive by the time being ostensibly hiding the presence of the Japanese village society.

Unlike Toka China, Toka has been observed freedom of expression in Japan, but actively Japanese argues, in fact, the Japanese is to believe in freedom, the suzerain of higher than their American, liberalism, to profusely insist on democracy, if you listen to what you say for the time being the strong man of the United States, that there is no safety is achieved mistake of the body, relying on the United States of authority, it comes from the feminine authoritarian and than there is probably a transient phenomenon during which the United States has dominated the Japanese. Japanese does not mean you have mastered the freedom from the bottom of my heart, liberal authority, because there is power, it is the feeling or something or try their own also follow.

On the evidence, Japanese society, the Toka company, profusely seek harmony and cooperation with the surrounding, together, united organization to act, individuals are of asking that no melt in the company organization , privacy does not exist, individuals are all personality constrained to the company, the absence of freedom of action is or was commonplace. The close Western society to the individual's freedom action is guaranteed easy nomads, unlike in the society of the way is fundamentally a farmers basis, and there's now in a position that can not be found in public toward that thing in the world of the Japanese society.

Absolute obedience of the Japanese on your original, Japan's military, is a culturally win likely to not absolute obedience to the Super your top of the United States and Western Europe, Western that contrary to the social system of Europe and the United States from their It can not be psychologically afraid to argue against, difficult.

Under the patriarchal society the United States of domination, the Japanese did not want to change their society, out in the strategy to prevent thoroughly concealed to highlight the presence of the Japanese village society of the mother rights society, even now it is followed. Mother rights society, he was a taboo to be stated that the village society.

Japan village society, the existence itself is contrary to the liberal democracy of the American way, is anti-American. The villagers of Japan to avoid the talk of the village society, this is the cause. Similarly, the Japanese woman society, mother rights society, the existence itself is contrary to the American way patriarchy, it is anti-American. Women in Japan to avoid the story of Japanese woman society this is the cause. Japanese free democratic society and patriarchal society that come true in the United States of the meaning of the above your super, it is not possible to be afraid only a story of man society. Indeed, "Super your top phobia", is "America phobia" or "Western phobia".

The villagers of Japan is afraid of Europe and the United States, in the late Edo period, or is forced to bear unequal treaties are to the opening of the country to the Western powers against the backdrop of overwhelming military power and advanced modern Western culture, in the World War II in the United States commando was defeated been beaten to death completely despite the resistance in desperate like, occupied the country, enacted the law of the Constitution of Japan, such as cross-cultural unilaterally, even after powerful US forces stationed in Japan historical situation in which the national village itself of Japan by force is no longer forced to become Nari say the United States, Japan's strong trauma for the villagers, since has become a source of fear.

Traditional Japanese village society, traditional Japanese woman society, taboo for now the Japanese have been effective control in the United States, hiding, criticism, has been the subject of superficial annihilate.

It is not possible to admit that publicly Japanese society is a village society, society costume, is trying to hide in the national costume, in other words, ignore the discourse that claims that Japanese society is a village society, late to are supposed to be regulated so as not to be certified in the form of, than such a point person, Japanese society of modern, gag the freedom of speech does not exist, it can be said to be a regulation society.

In Japan, from the Meiji era, virtually, Westernization principle is, it has continued all the way up to the present. Indeed, by introducing the cultural relics of Europe and the United States, to improve them, by Urimakuru to the world, what was economically successful profit greatly, it can be said that was correct as a selection.

However, even if Susumeyo in Europe and the United States into a much both physically and mentally is Japan and Japanese people, the way is, feminine based on the psychological and emotional integration of the United States and Europe, since they are of maternal, Western society originally of individuals independent and self-responsibility of, allowing the pieces of actively taking a risk, masculine to carve out an unknown area to take the lead, the paternal spirit, can never be Japanese is mastered from the bottom of my heart than is.

70 years after the defeat, in response to the United States of effective control, I thought what has changed even national character of Japanese, it seems to have remained before the war.

Japan emphasizes the goodness of the relationship of the Japan-US alliance strongest and actively America, the reality is individualism, liberalism emphasizes the American society of the opposite, in the collective action top priority, individuals to control restraint for a long time , freedom, privacy-free village society, it is anti-American society to maintain the woman society stubbornly.

Japanese are trying to hide so as not to in entirely table a bad event that is convenient for Westernization Social Promotion. What's interesting is, ostensibly hard denied hide, but the thing in a place that can not be seen from the table are in accordance to absolutely old-fashioned. The presence of law and mother-in-law of Japan village society's that typical.

Japanese that do just Dewanokami Western conceals a desperate their village society and woman society is considered to be I do not want to defy compelling Western is afraid. Japanese, if it's so scary to be seen as anti-Western, village society, to be once you quickly stop itself it is a woman society, it is a place that you are trying to somehow defend at best are inconsistent.

The sociologists of Japan is Akekureru to import and enlightenment of Western society theory, Japanese society in Europe and the United States of to have and at the surface to pretend that, the Japanese village society with anti-Western traits, woman society, the potential of the mother rights society it is a strategy to hide the persistent against Western society. Is a feminist Toka the representative of Japan.

Japan village society, negative desperate when it is pointed out that the anti-Western traits of woman society, ignored, Japan is Japanese for is explained that has been democratization. Because I do not want to be punished in the Western top super you, village society, and shalt not try it hides a desperate woman society.

The villagers of Japan, as anti-Western specific nature is not attacked in Western above your super Bale, desperately Western behavior by introducing superficial, trying to Toritsukuroo the appearance. It is a truth that Western Dewanokami is mass-produced in the Japanese society. Introduction of Western theory, also Japan sociology Akekureru in the introduction, is the one type. Western Dewanokami of Japanese stand out, but, recently, stand out its variants of the United Nations Dewanokami Japanese.

Japanese women, and their will acknowledge that strong in the Japanese society, since become anti-Western, the Toritsukuroi shouting desperately and "Japanese women are weak! Is discrimination!" Is going. Women's Studies of Japan, feminism is a Japanese women of the strategy to appease the Western top super you.

Japanese to the United States follow-up is there are two. Both hard attached recognizable since on the Western Dewanokami apparent.

Because America is scary strong, authoritarian traditional villagers that either leave the time being followed.

- traditional Japanese village society, the strength of the control of the woman society, the strength of the mutual monitoring, are fed up with the lack of freedom, fleeting freedom want hidden liberal.

Both of distinction, can be carried out as a result of Japan villagers determination test.

The Japanese, the cultural relics of Western and frequently Arigataga', while you try to learn, China and North Korea, and hostile to the Korea fool. Japan is that the foundation of their society deems remains of the village society, their China, South Korea, will be deemed'm North Korea and the like, China, South Korea, the North Korean terms with bad Japanese people, I wonder is not in has become so hard to avoid it?

So, I think Toka textbooks of sociology textbooks Toka University of Geography of Japanese high school, Toka fundamental difference between the way the society of farmers and nomads, and he ignored without teaching at all. Teach If, Japan, becomes to teach as a society from the society close to the nomadic system far removed from the rice farmers, such as Europe and the United States, distance from the Western society themselves are trying to psychologically integrated it becomes far, is because China wants to avoid is their own, become together categories and Korea.

Modern Japanese, versus Western dependent, has been in China and South Korea anti. It is said of Europe and the United States follow the worship of the powerful manner in the absolute. On the other hand, fool in the bare hostility to China and South Korea. Opinion that close to China and South Korea than the national character Western Japan will be ignored.

Against Japan Western not only look at the (CJK look down), China and South Korea the United States and Europe, looking at both of Japan. This is the reason why you do not win in China and South Korea Japan is in the manufacturing industry. China and South Korea, so to further improve the ones of Japan, competitiveness is stronger than those of Japan. Japan village society, China, South Korea, there is no society and the great difference of Southeast Asia. Western start time of the follow-up is only successful because the chance was faster than other East Asian countries.

The Japanese government and the brain we, men and women and psychological gender differences, the correlation between the national character of the feminine personality and Japanese society, to not tell me properly for Toka correlation of the national character of the masculine character and American society, the men and women of gender differences even the dashes toward the Toka feminism and gender equality society initiative to try to single-mindedly ignored, and Japanese society will recognize that it is feminine, and the patriarchy of Western society of the male-dominated, a gap that can not be exceeded is recognized because in will, it can be said that this is because inconvenient.

In addition, feminine society of Japan, for the existence itself of the mother rights society is the presence of Japan contrary to the United States of patriarchal society that effective control of the "anti-American", is the need to hide the existence comes out. Japanese society is rooted also to argue desperately and man society. Low status of Japan's daughter-in-law will be discussed, but the height of the status of the mother and mother-in-law is the same not be discussed not at all.

The Japan = maternal Society of Hayao Kawai has been accepted as an exception, he is studying in Western Europe, his theory was that the theory of psychoanalysis of Jung, the theory that authority is established in the West to the foundation because it was carried out the development of the life's work in the form of presenting the, and attempts to incorporate unanimously the cultural relics of Western Japanese, cultural relics and placed in the upper Arigatagaru authoritarian psychological tendency of Western, get on well with root it is because the could.

Using this mechanism, for example a small number of Japanese are or studying in Europe and the United States, after being recognized once out the results as a member of the Western people, Katsuaki analysis of the social system of Japan village society from there, commentary and, China, the association and with other farmers society, such as the Korean society, Arab, Jewish, Turkey, Mongolia, nomadic system such as Europe and the United States, it is intended to make the character compared with the pastoral-based society, weak Japan to Western cultural relics people in, or will their Japanese is not to become the conditions to create a certified forced situation to the world that it is a foreign village society is Europe and the United States? If that happens, reform of large Japanese society, will lead to reform.

Anyway, status quo, such as Japan sociology of, scared that against the United States, Japan village society, to conceal the actual situation of the woman society, are busy trying to fit the forced importation into the Japanese society of Western theory "Western Dewa Mamoru "state, but it may be able to know the truth of Western society, is inadequate to know the truth of Japanese society, as a way of social science to elucidate the truth of society must say that the wrong the resulting not. Japanese, "Western phobia" of Japanese society scholars, is the cause of the mistake. Cause is said to be liberal arts of Japanese universities is useless also, there will be much to do with this "Western phobia".

Its occasional strong person (now Western powers) for fear that against the, for self-protection, and pandering in obedience to a strong man, or change the flop his theory, along the opinion of a strong person (Western powers) theory from being pressed against mechanically to people unilaterally imported without any pre-verification help Japan domestic, social science of Japan is in the waste of tax, it is a bad root cause useless.

Western Dewanokami and the West of "super you up", "you up" (authorities, government office) of Japan by utilizing the United Nations country trying to dominate, attitude itself to trying to move, waving attracted to the strong, integrated Te, it is a feminine attitude to try to use.

In that regard, the presence of the Japanese woman, are ruining the social science of Japan.

In sociology of Japan is science, Japan village society, it is necessary to change in policy so as to clarify properly woman society. Sociologists of Japan, since there is it anti-American, without flinching research scared to say from the United States because the pressure is applied, the Japanese village society of the present situation with courage, should the actual situation elucidation of woman society. Sociologist own Japan after all is because the villagers of Japan.

However, from the Japanese sociologist, attracted to the moment of the strong, such as the United States, waving, follow, flattery, the Japanese village society not rebelled, is the law of the woman society, their only conform to it , it would be to be a course of action as the villagers of Japan.

The Japanese sociologist, but rather Japan village society, elucidation of woman society is regarded as a whistleblower of the village, the villagers basis of Japan because themselves could become a target of ostracism from the national village and scholars Village it will come back reaction that's impossible. The villagers and women of Japan, the Japanese village society, does not want to talk about that woman society, it says leakage of internal information of the village, will become a whistleblower of the village, remove yourself ostracism and fellow because there is a risk that becomes the target.

In that respect, the Japanese village society, the true enemy that prevents a woman society elucidation,

- Japanese "Western phobia"

Japan village society, the woman society itself, the law of "ostracism", "Remove fellow" for whistleblowers

It is.

Without succumbing to threats of "ostracism", "Remove fellow" from these Japanese village society and woman society, Japan village society, to have the courage to continue to pursue the interior of the truth of the woman society, the Japanese sociologist it can be said that is obtained.

In addition, Japan village society, for international positioning of the woman society, East Asia (China, South Korea, North Korea), Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand ...) are other rice farmers society of it is necessary that common to put into the field of view, it can be said that international cooperation is required of the study. Japan village society, woman society, Japan only in not a society of a special nature, because there is to catch as one type of rice farmers society is considered that it is appropriate. (This is it, economically the likes of which was overtaking their China, South Korea and hate, likely to lead to a rebound from bossy villagers of broad layers of Japanese society to disdain look down still and developing countries in Southeast Asia In Although.)

And the feminine nature of the Japanese village society to be attracted to the strong "Western Dewanokami"

In general, a woman, attracted to the occasional strong man, waving, there is a nature to follow. It is, of women, he provided the children between the strong man, his genes, it is easy to adapt to the environment by the integration of the strong man of the gene, which is an indication of the tendency to want to easily survive in the future.

Since Japan village society is a woman society, it has taken over socially the above properties of the women of course. In other words, they are attracted to the occasional strong force, waving, integrated, the likes to deification is the villagers of the nature of Japan. This is also the domestic market, it is also true that the country for.

To symbolize the feminine psychology, is the notion of "you up". "Your top" is an honorific villagers of Japan is attached to the top of power who have dominated the Japanese village society. Actual situation of "your top" is specifically, and the Imperial Family, is the officials of its employees.

The villagers of Japan, to the Japanese market, and deified the luxury officials is the imperial family and their servants "you up", it has lowered the grovel head and shouting "Emperor Hurray!".

Of the Japan of the villagers, the properties that are attracted to the occasional strong man, that has been exhibited outside the country for a Westernization principle. Japanese in hard to the introduction of the social system and culture of the Western to the country, Western cultural relics and lovers strongly, Europe and the United States want to become Dewanokami, internationally it is a strong force Western powers = Super your top to be psychologically attracted, fluttered in, is the manifestation of feminine desire to be integrated. This is one of the evidence that the Japanese village society is a woman society.

The text is deification of enactment the Constitution of Japan in the United States-led, even to have been denied a change of many years lexical by the Guardians faction, Japan villagers of faith of "your top, infallibility of the top super you", in other words, there is no mistake to be on the Contact your top and supermarkets, is the belief that village communities and their well-being can be achieved if and follow with confidence will because strong.

Fear from Europe and the United States being the "ostracism" and the Japanese village society "Western Dewanokami"

Japan village society, which is a kind of rice farmers society is a woman society, prefer collective simultaneous action, respect the unity of mutual more than anything. So, if there are human beings floating in the heterogeneous in the village, or bullying gathered by, ignoring ostracized, to ostracism. The villagers of Japan, because not live to be thrown out of the village, so as not to ostracism, so as not to be left out, read the desperately village of air, and the other villagers harmony, trying to cooperation to.

The Japanese, the Japanese village society, a sense of woman society, will bring as it is without thinking anything in international relations. In other words, the relationship between the Western powers countries, mutual sense of unity between = countries is the same relationship with Japan village society, like a sense, is the convinced selfishly and are respecting a sense of tuning. Japan is located in East Asia one person away from the Western countries, is to become a developed country to achieve the modernization of Western countries similar society in the postwar high economic growth, Western countries of fellow, is thought to have become relatives . G7 Toka meeting, is a typical.

The Japanese, in that state, Japan, and floats are considered to be dissimilar from other Western powers countries, they are ignored by the community of Western powers countries, ostracism, will be ostracized, internationally isolated Komu I think that it will not live Te (Japan is isolated poor Korean terms with middle in East Asia). Then, the Western powers countries, Japan is everyone the same quality, you will like, and then integrated, whether ostracism, to appeal desperately and should not be left out.

Its appeal is, by Japan, the social system and culture of the Western powers countries, imported desperately appear as a social action to blindly introduced. It is that is, the behavior of Dewanokami Western in Japan. The villagers of Japan of Western Dewanokami is, imitate the superficial identity of Western society, desperately conduct an integrated, apparently achieved that to wear the social, cultural appearance does not change with the Western countries, it is to think that it will get to put the relatives of this, if Western countries. The Japan of Western Dewanokami of action, ostracized from Western countries, is fear to be ostracized is what is reflected in unconsciously.

However, Western countries, pastoralists society, because the man society, each other apart, heterogeneous of which assumes, in the first place Japan village society, a commonplace in the woman society "relatives, the inner ring of unity," "ostracized, to ostracism Toka concept of fear "is considered to have no particular. Individualism, pastoralists of liberalism, weak tightening to the member by affiliation group, ostracized, it can be said that the alien presence is the fear of ostracism. After that, Western countries are the differences between the Japan of the yellow race, the white race is the most, the East Asia to the position of Japan geographically is are you in at all without the Atlantic side of the relation position. So, Japan is enough to crush desperately interest also considered and does not have the sense of intimacy in Japan.

For the Western countries Japan of Western Dewanokami villagers, "Western put the relatives of the nations" is a single-minded unrequited love that "does not in the ostracism", despite its desperation, the Western countries he so much transmitted not, poor in effectiveness in recent years, coupled with the rise of China of Japan and the like, for the Western countries Japan is thin shadow, or would not in reality is has become increasingly distant.

In that respect, Japan, who was soon review the current situation that is doing just Dewanokami Western as'll let you put in a fellow of the Western countries it is considered that it would be good. In order to Japan is not internationally isolated, Toka or repair the relationship between South Korea in a bad relationship, or would not than has come in time to be considered.

Future issues of the Japanese village society

Above, a feature of the Japanese village society, summarizes the secret of success in life to survive in it. Japan village society has a strong feminine personality, is a society that runs on women of pace, it is possible to capture a "(Japanese) village society = female society".

70 years lost in the United States in World War II, it is a surprise that desperately Japanese society that should have been promoting the westernized has been to maintain the village society. The base layer of society, is an example of the appearance of that does not change in the ideology directly introduced from the outside. Cross-cultural acceptance remains superficial, is followed by the traditional social structure.

The cause of these things, can be obtained in the invariance of the Japanese family relationships. Now is also mother-to-child relationship is the first also the old days, all social relations, human relations has become an extension of the mother-child relationship. Rice farmers are, respect for simultaneous collective work of personnel, create a female-dominated society of mutual sense of unity overemphasis, when inheriting it to the next generation, it is to use the mother-to-child adhesions.

Western Europe, unlike the United States, Japan of mother-to-child relationship is very strong, the father is turned into a powerless existence can not be entered by dividing. Then, his father has lost a paternal by intense mother-to-child adhesions in the course of child care, it remains of children. Mother-child relationship is children not cut even into adulthood, much Following is a rice farmers society, Japan village society is a typical example.

In, China, South Korea, speaking of whether different from the other rice farmers, such as Southeast Asia, among those with no relatives in Japan, dye newcomer of members (daughter-in-law, graduate employees) of the blank slate to the color of their population that is, it lies in the fact that it is possible to form the relatives similar pseudo-family. The unrelated family group society is the Japanese village society.

Japan village society, Westerners, the Americans, while felt as a society very stuffy with no freedom, culture, which is formed by a strong maternal is reflected in heterogeneous attractive. Also, felt the string of household purse Western Europe, as a big surprise also that you are holding is not his wife than her husband hold as the United States. Even husband and wife double-income string of household purse is in the grip wife, to suggest that the strong economic power of women, give the impression that strong women. Raising children and women is a monopoly. Therefore, Japan is of the children, son This life is also daughter, possession of the mother, it is slavery. Japan is a woman society, it is the developed countries of the world of feminism that aims to women's rights extension.

Japan village society, international breakthrough and of Japan after the Meiji Restoration, Japan high economic growth of the post-World War II, is a society that became the background of the economic superpower, it can be said to have a great advantage with excellent in its own way. Than such a point, the Japanese, the village society, good to have confidence in the woman society.

However, the village society, the essence of the woman society, China, Korea, since a large difference between the countries of the rice farmers in Southeast Asia there is no status quo, struggling to not be differentiated in the competition in the economy of those countries it is also a fact there. In addition, after the collapse of the bubble economy, because the young people of the village society, will proceed steadily is declining birth rate can not or providing a child or marriage was young people, the presence of the village society becomes both the cause of ever-Japan society decline ing. Or the surface on which the village society is preventing the employment of women is also seen. That is,

- young people who did not put as permanent employees in the workplace village new graduates (the so-called employment ice age generation)

And childbirth, women with a blank in history come out of the workplace village was a member once quit a full-time in child care

And rejects consistently to accept as a member of the workplace village Identification unstable in the low-wage labor, it continued to place child-rearing costs to the state of non-regular employment can not be sufficiently be covered. Once a person with a blank in the history out of the village, was treated not credit vagrants, it is to have the logic of the village that rejection is so that you put in the village as a member of the regular village again.

In addition, it is difficult to re-employment in non-management positions of employment who of permanent employees who left the workplace village in the situation of long-term care, such as in the middle-aged, in this case, because the unwieldy is disturbed to seniority when combined with the other villagers, It is working logic of the village not to try to put in the workplace village.

Employment ice age in order to not produce a generation, workplace village of Japan, because may be cutting the salary of existing full-time employees, to was to hire them as all full-time, the employment ice age generation of people of non-regular employment status Although I should again hire as permanent employees from the middle, it had rejected in the logic of the village society. In addition, Shokubamura is, parenting is complete woman that hire only as a part not hired as a full-time, has led to widening the wage gap between men and women. Logic of village society and blank belonging period to the workplace village occurs the person's social credibility does not try to put on in the village considered to be reduced is the cause.

Real, a human state of the journey that has been expelled from the village, non-regular employees to each other of non-villagers, went to create a union village in the form of new cooperatives in solidarity with each other, become the villagers of union village also to ensure the social clout Te, which is one of the measures for social problem solving. It is a way similar to the traditional co-op. In Japanese society it is necessary for and not the villagers human rights are not guaranteed. The Toka dinner of the field to promote solidarity among non-regular employees, Toka providing similar children cafeteria of poor children, is Toka providing a place of connection on the net. However, a hate customs of villagers Messi apprenticeship of workplace village of regular employees, because the non-regular workers are also equivalent, which left the freedom to want full-time in the mental, of the law of non-human rights workplace village Ninomai become not it should be noted labor practices, which is formed as. We should aim to loose solidarity than conventional village.

In addition, workplace village, to request the Messi apprenticeship, long overtime hours for both men and women in the Toka school village, one of the men and women (mainly women) has not forced from turning to stop the work on the other of support engagement, busy both men and women only to marriage, it can not be raising children. It is 100% Messi apprenticeship in the lifetime employment in the workplace village to both men and women, more than that is the target of the Japanese people, home and children are turned into unnecessary, disturbing presence for the Japanese. The collapse of the declining birthrate and the home is a translation that is advanced by the logic of the Japanese village society, such as at work villages and school village.

Japan of the villagers, nothing Toka assets who live playing with come in a high income such as stock dividends Toka rental property rents also not have to work, royalty Toka lawmakers Toka doctor can keep a high social status in the hereditary Toka, lineage, and the villagers of the privileged class of Toka clan, of the employer's position that they are strong the whole life Messi apprenticeship, there are villagers of substantially slaves. Like a high-ranking officials, seemingly social status is very high, in fact, are some villagers of substantially slaves of the Imperial Family. In addition, not accustomed to the villagers, non-regular workers were expelled from the village = non-villagers, is the handling of the evildoer, it is forced to painful life that is not guaranteed to humanity.

For Japanese village society is static, is fixed identity when it is allowed to stand, society is likely to stagnate. Since Japan is the villagers to give priority to the feminine and their own self-protection, without the will Okaso the risk of changing their existing social system, but rather, are attracted to the strong man of such social system, flutter, social strong man themselves also , it becomes desperately trying to get put to the member of the vested interests layer. Royal worship Toka, Toka rushed to the civil service recruitment examination, is a typical. And Magirawaseru accumulated stress in a socially vulnerable beating. Even in the same work not people, welfare recipients are hit, but the wealthy hereditary is not hit. Of such Japanese villagers, feminine attitude that cater to social strong man to maintain the vested interests layer of Japan village society, has led to the re-production. Not Kaware from their own is a feature of the Japanese village society. In order to Japan village society changes, individuals can move around more spontaneously, high degree to voluntarily change the society, Western Europe, cooperation with the masculine pastoralists society such as the United States, the alliance is necessary why it is.

In addition, too much to emphasize the unity of the village, a member of floating from the surroundings in the village and foreign molecules covered in the population, bullying or, eviction or, in it is also a problem that suppression of human rights to Dari drove to suicide will going on constantly is there. Toka bullying in the classroom village school village, Japan children even after all, it is necessary to take into account that it is a collection of insidious villagers.

Than such a point, the Japanese village society, while inheriting its essence, it is necessary to big change, for the Japanese, rather than hide the presence as until now, discussion of the public out its presence in Table Place of the on the chopping board, it can be said that the village society, is to go to the improvement of the village of law itself is required urgently. In addition, the origin of the problems faced by the Japanese village society is in there in the way of the woman society, Japan the women, the Naijitsu of woman society that are hiding out in the table, it should be the reform.

end! Thank you for reading up to here.

(Material) existing Japanese theory and dry, the collation of the wet attitude

Dry of interpersonal relationships (degree to which dry) is correlated with the gas molecular motion pattern, wet of interpersonal (degree of wetting) correlates with liquid molecular motion pattern.

Of the dry-wet of the interpersonal sense, especially with regard to the wet of, from the past, been considered, representing the characteristics of the Japanese personality, attitude. For example, in [Haga 綏 1979], as an outline of the Japanese image, "a gentle, fine," wet "(emphasis I), feminine, shy" as such, including the wet is therein thinking. Alternatively, in [Hiroaki Yoshii 1997], the nature of the way of the Japanese communications, as indicating manifestation of emphasis on communication face-to-face directly uses the word "wet".

So, whether this view is really correct, the interpersonal relationship patterns extracted in this survey, have been conventionally proposed, is a representative of the traditional national character of Japanese, was against the major theories (In theory extraction I was referring to, such as [South 1994] [Aoki, 1990]).

As a result, as shown in the following table, wherein interpersonal relationship Japanese has been addressed in conventional theory shows little "wet of". Therefore, the traditional interpersonal relationship of the Japanese is basically the wet, and it was found that likely can be captured. In other words, "traditional behavior of the Japanese people, (large intermolecular force) is similar to the liquid molecular motion pattern" will be called.

Also, the following literature database table listed as a national of the Japanese is the content to sufficiently exhaustive (have cover most of the features on the interpersonal Japanese) is considered, therefore, the majority of those that are a national of the traditional Japanese, so that can be summarized in a word called "wet".

[Traditional Japanese Theory and wet Sato related: Summary of Table]

Particulars are summarized in the order it was announced ages is.
When you click the link of the item column we'll take you in the literature information about the item.



Researchers name


The extracted dimension
wet )

The corresponding Western culture

Extracted dimensions, Western (dry)


Culture of shame

R.Benedict (1946)

Pay attention to reputation for its action. Defining the guidelines of its own behavior on the basis of the judgment of others.

Anti-privacy, heteronomous-oriented (to worry about the eyes of others)

To determine the guidelines of their own actions, and on the basis of their own judgment. (Culture of sin)

Privacy, autonomy-oriented


Family structure

Takeshisen Kawashima (1948)

Dominated by the authority. The lack of personal behavior. Social norms that do not allow the self-criticism, reflection. And the family atmosphere of the boss henchman binding, external adversaries consciousness.

Authoritarianism, collectivism, regulation principle, tuning-oriented, nepotism-oriented, closed-oriented

Rebellion to authority. Importance of personal behavior. Voluntary criticism, permission of the reflection. And the lack of family unity, externally of open consciousness.

Anti-authoritarianism, individualism, liberalism, anti-tuning-oriented, non-nepotism-oriented, open-oriented


Lifetime employment, seniority
(Japanese-style management)

JCAbegglen (1958)

Life specific relationship between the company and its employees.

Fixing oriented (in tissue settled), precedent Oriented

Relationship between the company and employees, contractual, is temporary.

Movement-oriented, creative-oriented


Vertical society

Chie Nakane (1967)

Japan's social group that was born by the "unity of the population" and "place" is, determine the nature of its organization, the "vertical" nature, which is Gise to the parent-child relationship.

Closed-oriented, nepotism-oriented, collectivism, irrational-oriented

Tissue is horizontal, flat.

Open-oriented, non-nepotism-oriented, individualism, rational-oriented


Static childcare

Caudill, W., Weinstein, H. (1969)

Japan's mother, and a lot of children and physical contact, child can not move too much body, so as to be passive with respect to the environment, it makes it quiet the child.

Static-oriented, interdependence-oriented, dense-oriented

Mother less children and physical contact, a child moves the body, as is active against the environment, causing the child dynamically (dynamic childcare).

Dynamic-oriented, self-oriented, wide-area distributed-oriented



Kiyoaki Tsuji (1969)

In front of the strong restraint of centralized bureaucracy, with a history of modern local government it had been allowed to completely choking.

Dense oriented (over-concentration of authority to the central)

It is decentralized. Authority has been transferred to the local (decentralization).

Widely distributed oriented (decentralization of authority)


Tuning competition

Male Ishida (1970)

According to the dominant value-oriented and behavioral style to belong population. Take the same action with others.

Tuning principle (many adaptation), uniformity principle (side-by-side)

The others take a different action (non-tuning).

Non-tuning-oriented, respect for diversity



Takeo Doi (1971)

The Japanese, even after the adult, we continue to seek the same kind of emotional stability O and close ties on the feelings between "mother and child".

Interdependence-oriented, collectivism (oneness)

Thin ties between mother and child. Not seek emotional stability to the mother (lack of graces).

Independence-oriented, individualism


Hashihito principle

Satoshi Kimura (1972), Megumishun Hamaguchi (1977)

Interdependence in interpersonal face, mutual trust, nature view of interpersonal relationships, with the feature that.

Human-oriented (emphasis on human relations itself)

In interpersonal surface, respecting the mutual independence, see the interpersonal relationship as a mere means (individualism).

Non-human-oriented (substance oriented)



Hiroyuki Araki (1973)

And in the midst of the uneven structure, individuals to lose their individuality, the action by the will of the population is going to be determined.


Individuals to maintain the individuality, even in among the population, to determine the action by the will of the individual (autonomous).




Hazamahiroshi (1973)

In the relationship of the individual and collective, to give priority to that of the individual interests of the population. Rather than the relationship between the individual and the population to confrontation, it is to become an integral relationship desirable.


The interests of the individual, to give priority to that of the population (individualism).



Maternal principle

Hayao Kawai (1976)

Is indicated by "including" function, all of the things wrap with absolute equality, with the basis of the principle that mother and child together.

Human-oriented (petting), collectivism (oneness)

Thin sense of unity of the mother and child. Running in open-minded paternal principle (paternal principle).

Non-human-oriented, individualism


Large room office

Shuji Lin (1984)

In the office space in Japan, compared to a large number of employees in the large room is working noisily side by side in a face-to-face the desk, employees in the United States and Europe are working in the private room.

Dense-oriented, anti-privacy (mutual monitoring)

The employee is not a large room, working in a private room (private office).

Wide-area distributed-oriented, privacy respected


Authoritarianism, lack of originality

Junichi Nishizawa (1986)

The authority of the theory of Western as if belief as their own experience, to overreact or when you criticize. Their own creative technology of Western intensively put into practical use picked up without cross the dangerous bridge.

(I want to follow the Western theory) authoritarian, precedent-oriented (from myself not try to Susumo is in uncharted territory)

They rebelled against the existing authority order, to destroy, to try to Umidaso a new creative knowledge. Across willingly dangerous bridge.

Anti-authoritarian, creative-oriented


Mutual cooperative self

Markus, H, R, & Shinobu Kitayama (1991)

Cooperatively self to each other, and there was dependent.

Interdependence-oriented, human-oriented

Self mutually independently, and there was independence. (Mutually exclusive self)

Independence-oriented, non-human-oriented


Direct face-to-face

Hiroaki Yoshii (1997)

Has a culture that overweight dependent on face-to-face communication, concentration has internalized the constitution to call a centralized.

Dense oriented (physically close range), human-oriented (intimacy), anti-privacy (line of sight)

It does not unbalance the face-to-face communication.

Wide-area distributed-oriented, non-human-oriented


Making necessary arrangements

In order to establish negotiate such as well, leaving the pre-discussion on the relationship direction.

Crony-oriented, regulation principle

During the negotiations, without the story in advance parties concerned, carry out direct negotiations.

Non-crony-oriented, liberal


Opponent of the movement to each other, so that the other party does not take a free action (presentation competition of cheap bid price), with each other and checks and balances, will decide each other to take the motion (bid price) in advance of the discussions.

Regulatory principle (suppressing the free competition), (make a consultation fellow) tuning-oriented

Without prior discussion with each other, decide freely their own to take action.

Liberal, non-tuning-oriented

Regulation by the government

The government, in such administrative guidance, to checks and balances, constraining the movement of the industry.

Regulatory principle

Government, too check the movement of the industry, not restraint.


Do not say NO

In consideration of the other party to each other, not be able to refuse to say the other party.

(About to be like it) human-oriented, collectivism (do not allow mutual criticism)

To say of the other party, it is categorically rejected.

Non-human-oriented, individualism

These, conventional, features in the top of the interpersonal relationships that are Japanese is, never, Japan only to not special, more generally, farming, rice farming community in particular is widely distributed in the hot and humid East Asia ( It seems likely can be considered to extend to the features on the interpersonal relationships in the intensive agriculture-based society). The basis of this point, we would like you to a description of the collation of the dry-wet Sato of another section of the environment as a reference.

At present, the interest of researchers, are tied to the viewpoint of Japan versus the West, because it is not directed against the way of the East Asian society other than Japan, the features on the interpersonal relationships of Japan, (really East Asian rice although it is common to society) or Mai there than likely sPECIAL the belief in Japan?


Tamotsu Aoki transformation of "Japanese Culture" - the post-war Japanese culture and identity - Chuokoronsha 1990
Haga綏"representation psychology of Japanese" Chuokoronsha 1979
Minamihiroshi "Japanese theory - from the Meiji until today" Iwanami Shoten 1994
Hiroaki Yoshii "information and modern society" KitaTatsuki publication 1996

Source: Japanese traditional national character: literature survey results Details

The following is a traditional national character of the Japanese people have shown that it is a wet, of the literature on the national character of the existing Japanese, is a rough list. The order of the literature, published by The table lists the old order. Description, (1) Author literature, bibliographic data, such as title, (2) Summary of a portion related to wet is, consist information, of the relationship between (3) questionnaire item author conducted previously you.

1.[Culture of shame]

. (Bibliography) Benedict, R The Chrysanthemum and the Sword: Patterns of Japanese Culture, Boston Houghton Mifflin, 1948 MatsuOsamu translation Hasegawa "Chrysanthemum and the Sword - the type of Japanese culture" society Shisosha 1948

(Summary) Japanese culture, belong to the culture of shame.
As long as done bad is not "Roken in front of the Sejin", there is no need to worry
in order to feel the shame, actually the place to others or happen to be present, a is → heteronomously-oriented need be convinced so
the best is shame in life the fact that accounts for the position, .. each person is meant to → human-oriented that you pay attention to reputation for its action
with respect to the others of the judgment determining the policy of self-action → anti-privacy

(The context of the questionnaire) ↓

B24 yourself to worry about what is seen by others

susceptible to the influence of others around E26

and will be pleased to others around the E18
always to worry about going to give the E22 good impression to others around


(Bibliography) Takeshisen Kawashima family construction 1948 Japan Hyoronsha of Japanese society

(Summary) of Japanese society is made up of family and family-specific binding, where family principles governing is the principle of democracy is one of confrontational. The family principle,
1 and dominated by the "authority", unconditional obedience → authoritarian to authority
lack of lack and personal sense of responsibility where derived from it of 2 personal behavior → collectivism, regulatory principle
3 of all social norms that unexpected allow voluntary criticism-reflection. Social norms → collectivism forbid that "Kotoage"
confrontation of the family atmosphere of the 4 boss henchman binding, and hostile awareness of the outside. "Sectionalism". → crony-oriented, tuning-oriented, closed-oriented

(The context of the questionnaire) ↓

believe easy to say of those who are D24 prestigious
respect the identity, prestige of the other party in the E15 socializing

prefer to act in A1 groups and organizations
do not like to walk a different road with others in the D29 alone

Do not like the mutual criticism in the B22 group

Regulation principle
be joint and several responsibility with the surrounding fellow also a failure who has committed the B15 one person

C24 socializing of the atmosphere is family-
like boss henchman relationship B14 socializing

when you Matomaro only E36 same person opinion

stick to the distinction of relatives, outside in the B21 socializing
do not try to Tsukiao only with people in a population of D33 they belong

3.[Lifetime employment, seniority]

(Bibliography) Abegglen, JC, The Japanese Factory: Aspects of Its Social Organization, Free Press 1958 Miyakoyoshi Urabe translation supervised by "Japanese management" Diamond 1960

(Summary) Japan and immediately notice a decisive difference when comparing the United States of plant tissue is a lifetime relationship between the company and its employees in Japan (lifetime employment). → fixed-oriented

The salary of the employee is determined primarily by education about the years of service, the number of family at the time of joining, part based on the result of the work and the kind of work is just a little (seniority (wage)). → precedent-oriented

(The context of the questionnaire) ↓
D15 one of the organizations prefer to continue to belong to a long period of time in (the workplace, etc.) (organization within the settlement)
respect the E12 seniority

Four.[Vertical society]

(Bibliography) of Chie Nakane vertical social relationships Kodansha 1967

In the (Summary) Japan, when an individual is positioned myself towards the society, than the qualification possessed by their emphasis on "place". My belongs workplace, companies, government offices, schools and the like is referred to as "inner", certain of the contract (on employment) that it is a corporate entity that has signed a relationship, rather than the recognition as the object of for me, "I of, also our company "has been recognized as a subject.

"House" is one of the "residents" (living together) or a social group constituted by the setting of the framework of the "management body", where the "field" is of importance. Configuration principle of functional group by the framework of the "place" what, in the "house", is the basis that does not cause doubt position the others absolutely no ties of blood as successor-heirs.

In Japan social groups contained qualifications different ones members, to serve to enhance the collection of the population, and encourage to have a sense of unity to the members of the one frame, the internal tissue connecting the individual in a population by generation is to strengthen it. It is the highlight of the collective consciousness of "we", emotional unity feeling associated with it and the consciousness to distinguish the "outside" and "my house" is born. → collectivism, closed-oriented

Japan's social group that was born by the "unity of the population" and "place" is, determine the nature of its organization, the "vertical" nature, which is Gise to the parent-child relationship. → crony-oriented

It found a strong emotional sense of unity to dominate the population principle → collectivism

"Vertical society" resistance, "lack of critical spirit" of the Japanese, is causing a "lack of logic of" → collectivism, irrational-oriented

(The context of the questionnaire) ↓

prefer the integration and amalgamation of the A14 others

Do not like the mutual criticism in the B22 group

stick to the distinction of relatives, outside in the B21 socializing

prefer the boss henchman relationship B14 socializing

is irrational C6 idea

Five.[Static child care]

(Bibliography) Caudill, W., Weinstein, H., Maternal Care and Infant Behavior in Japan and America Psychiatry, 32 1969

(Summary) is an American mother, to reveal the child's self-assertion, not aware that it is the existence different from the mother, we believe that it is necessary to Yuku be more independent in to the children .. Japan's mother , to develop the interdependent relationship between the children, I hope to become dependent and obedient children to others.

America's mother, spoke to the children, have a relationship by encouraging actively, children move more body, hopes that will encourage the environment .. Japanese mothers, children and the body to increase the contact, the child does not move too much body, so as to be passive with respect to the environment, there is a tendency to quiet the children

→ interdependence-oriented, static-oriented, dense-oriented

(The context of the questionnaire) ↓


D32 to try to Ao dependent on each other


Prefer the E35 others and skin and skin that touch


I prefer those that F36 is stationary


(Bibliography) Research University of Tokyo Press Seimei Tsuji new edition Japanese bureaucracy 1969

(Summary) Japan, decades until the enactment of the Local Autonomy Law, before in front of the strong binding of the modern centralized bureaucracy, modern local government had been allowed to completely suffocate

The whereabouts of the Local Autonomy Law problem ... strong residual Film of "power specific controls" it is possible to hear the.

Is a pluralistic bound by the first .. central government. Control of the Interior Ministry had seized the main supervision rights to local governments but it was forced disposal, and expansion holds any variety of specific local institutions and other authorities at the same time, inhibits the voluntary functions of local bodies together they are, are making troublesome central constraint further to these.

Second ... is a bureaucratic constraints to be made through the personnel rights. Traditional local officials is than switched to the local Riin with the exception of police officers, and therefore personnel rights belong to the local bodies length. However, that it is very formal, it is woefully big danger to continue to seize the helm of the central government, such as the appointment and dismissal, change of post of the future still local Riin. Currently, senior class of local bodies including the deputy governor and the deputy mayor is, is that they are appropriated by the most conventional of the Interior officials, to endorse it. If the local bodies length can not be held by a substantial powerful personnel rights, power specific control of the central government to local self-government, to continue as a latent power even though the future ..

→ dense-oriented

(The context of the questionnaire) ↓


Prefer the F24 centralized

7.[Tuning competition]

(Bibliography) Takeshi Ishida Japanese political culture - tuning and competition - University of Tokyo Press 1970

And the difficulties associated with the most suspect a convenience ... This viewing angle in order to explain the complex .. continuously with the changes in the historical development of Japan's (Summary) tuning and competitive unified way to it and the rapid development of Japan can be explained at the same time
be in accordance with the dominant value-oriented and action style to the tuning belonging population, that is to take the same action with others
threats from outside strengthen the rivalry, or conversely strong tuning within the population against those outside the group relationship is best shown in the nationalism of modern Japan that but enhance the tuning of the population

Strengthen more and more the degree of the results of loyalty complement each other and the relationship .... loyalty competition of mutual acceleration of the ties .... competition and the tuning of the competition and tuning (competition in the tuning) in the population, thereby brings a stronger tunability, this time in reverse in such tuning, more intense loyalty competition is carried out ...

→ tuning-oriented

(The context of the questionnaire) ↓

the B9 action to try to align the periphery of the people
the same thing to try and everyone of C8 ambient
want tuned to C34 around

E38 and I will be a member of the mainstream


(Bibliography 1) Takeo Doi structure KobunDo 1971 of "spoiled"
(Summary) Japanese, experience in the course of the close ties on top of the "Mother and Child" between the feelings, "socialization" from birth.
The Japanese, even after the adult, both inside and outside the home, Yuku continue to seek the same kind of emotional stability and mothers dependent.
Graces of psychology, denied the fact of the original inherent in the separation to human existence, it is to try to sublation the pain of separation.

Graces of the spirit, non-logical and closed .... "others dependent" of the graces
→ irrational-oriented, closed-oriented, interdependence-oriented

(The context of the questionnaire) ↓

to try to Ao graces each other B2
prefer to each other leaning to one another in A2 socializing
A15 Iraishin is strong

prefer the integration and amalgamation of the A14 others

is irrational C6 idea

prefer a closed human relationships

9.[Hashihito principle]

Between the (bibliography 1) Satoshi Kimura people and people KobunDo 1972

(Summary) Japanese say be aware of the "self", the "me", unlike the case of Westerners, instead of "ego" of convincing individual entity, not a permanently established entity

self and is, ... after all the self of uniqueness, a self-real, ... why it is said that the self is, to the point that it is continues to maintain the continuity and permanently identity is there.

Referred to in the Japanese "I" is, in his own outside, specifically found in each case between the self and the other, is the reality that each time coming been acquired as a share of from there

View of the Japanese ones, in the way of thinking, whether he is who, is whether the partner of is who, come to be determined from the example of the human relationship between you and your opponent. First of all human relationship before the individual is identify as an individual

→ human-oriented

(The context of the questionnaire) ↓

to focus on E27 human relations itself

(Bibliography 2) Megumishun Hamaguchi rediscover Nihon Keizai Shimbun, 1977 of the "Japan-ness"

SUMMARY is a characteristic of the Japanese "Hashihito principle" is individualistic, self centricity, self reliance principle, means as viewed interpersonal, the feature that, interdependence principle, mutual trust principle, interpersonal nature view of, has a feature that. → interdependence-oriented, human-oriented

(The context of the questionnaire) ↓

Interdependence principle
to try to Ao depends D32 each other

to focus on E27 human relations itself


(Bibliography) Hiroyuki Araki Japanese behavior - heteronomously and collective of logic - Kodansha 1973

There Some (Summary) uneven structure, individuals to lose their individuality, go Ose become heteronomous human beings whose behavior Yuku been determined by the will of the population
is heteronomously spirit structure, Japanese has worked as shalt forced factor, run by the behavior decision
→ heteronomously-oriented, tuning-oriented

(The context of the questionnaire) ↓


Susceptible to the influence of others around E26
not decide by himself the E20 his future course


And E30 would be depersonalized manner
B9 action to be trying to align around the people


(Bibliography 1) Hazamahiroshi, Japanese management - of the population principle merits and demerits, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, 1973

(Summary) collectivism and is, in relation to the individual and collective, collective center to give priority to that of the individual interests of the population ( is the concept of collective priority). Or in it moral meaning is added, is a "desirable" or "good that he" trolls idea to do so.

Under collectivism, "desirable" nature of the individual and the population, rather than a relationship in which the individual and population conflict, is to become an integral relationship. From here, as seen from the Western idea, coming out is not the establishment of the state of the individual. But, speaking from the ideal of collectivism, individual and collective, the whole and the individual speaking more abstract, rather than some of the relationship of confrontation and cooperation, there is desirable to fusion and inclusion of the relationship. It is a personal (interest) immediately population (interests), is a population (interested) immediate individual (interests).

(Bibliography 2) Triandis HC, Individualism & Collectivism, Westview Press, 1995

And (Summary) collectivism, are close linked to each other, themselves, one or more of the population (family, company, ...) is that part of a social type of individuals considered to be of .

1) self-definition, in the collective principle, whereas the interdependent, in individualism, which is independent.
2) Personal and goals of the population, the population principle, whereas in close proximity, in individualism, is not the case.
3) a number of social behavior in the population society is, norms, whereas derived by obligation, in individualism, personal attitude and desire, is derived by the rights and contracts.
4) to emphasize the human relationships, even if it is a disadvantage, to focus on is, is a population society. In individualism society, that the maintenance of human relationships produce, whether profit or disadvantage, emphasizing that the rational analysis.

In Japan, 25 percent of the ... overall, (respect the cohesion and unity of the in-group) horizontal collectivism, 50%, doing for vertical collectivism (in-group, of the in-group profit of sacrificing self for, along with a accept inequality and vertical hierarchy). The high horizontal collectivism, in Japan, to take the attitude that different from the others, because it is considered as a bad thing, and. The high vertical collectivism, in Japan, is considered because a strong sense of authority and up and down relationship.

12.[Maternal principle]

(Bibliography) Hayao Kawai maternal social Japan of pathology Chuokoronsha 1976

SUMMARY maternal principle, indicated by "including" function, encompassing all those with absolute equality. It is, because mother and child together is a fundamental principle. → human-oriented (petting), collectivism (oneness)

On the other hand, the paternal principle, there is a characteristic to "cut to" function, subject and object, good and evil, to classify such as above and below.

Japanese society, it can be said that the "eternal boy" type society with a maternal principle to the foundation.

(The context of the questionnaire) ↓
prefer the integration and amalgamation of the A14 others
B1 to try to Ao stick together

prefer the interaction with B3 others
is an intimate C10 socializing of the way

13.[Large room office]

(Bibliography) Shuji Lin management and culture Chuokoronsha 1984

And of the people of the library port of the previous (Summary) Doors open column, and to observe, such as matrix waiting for the bus, in the case of the Japanese, narrow Maai between people, though it is arranged press to press somewhat, in the case of Western Europe people, is fairly wide Maai of people to make a row

In the case of Westerners, generally wider than when the spatial distance in the vicinity of one of the individuals of Japanese, there is a tendency to live in one person per room in a private residence

Even in the corporate office, and try to investigate Western, office space per employee is twice near Japan. Government offices and the company office space in Japan, as different managers, Gila employees of the great number to the so-called large room is arranged face-to-face the desk, is working noisily. On the other hand, to generally one or two people in Gila people and visit the Western company is working muffled in one room, in the United States, employees are holding a like a space one by one booth.

In the West of the company, every one of the employees, in such isolated space up to the Gila, engaged earnestly only to work obligations given to myself, if Oere played it, but intends fellow next to no matter how Isogashikaro , to a certain ... reverse with more and more home habits, such as Japan, the workplace population of white-collar, where the sense of unity building is taken care of through their work, a large room space method formula is oriented ... → dense-oriented

(The context of the questionnaire) ↓


Like to have a large room in the A16 multiplayer
prefer the E32 of being together with each other

14.[Lack of originality]

(Bibliography) Jun-ichi Nishizawa originality is in the fight PRESIDENT Inc. 1986

(Summary) (Japanese scientist,) to confirm with my own eyes, that trying to convince to do the experiment, or that you Uketomeyo to remain there that kind of research presentations, basically as a minimum of natural science engineer lacking in attitude ... but instead rely on this (dogma) the attitude is very thick. Half-heartedly, because they become a form of authority is writing, as well as the real thing grateful, the more readers will convinced. Many people, the fact that it is the authority's theory of Western, as if belief as their own experience, to overreact or when you criticize. Sometimes, or the intense tit-for-tat in more than himself. The intelligence of Europe and the United States, might therefore although much leaning, but it is truly unhealthy story. → authoritarian

Europe and the United States, gold was poured from the seeds of the stage, trying to nurture the creative technology patiently. Much familiar with the difficulty of true originality, because paying tribute. In turn Japan is, without trying to cross the public and private sectors both dangerous bridge, explore whether or not going well in the United States and Europe, intensive and commercialized to come pick up those important of industrialization in developing, tilting the effort of improvement. → precedent-oriented

(The context of the questionnaire) ↓


Easy to believe that say a person who is a D24 authoritative


D37 not try adventure
to try only that there is a C30 precedent

15.[Mutual cooperative self]

(Bibliography) Markus HR, Kitayama, S, Culture and the self:.. Implications for cognition, emotion, and motivation Psychological Review, 98, pp224-253 1991

(Summary) predominant in the Eastern culture, including Japan, according to the mutual cooperative self-view, essentially serving as a component of the higher-order social unit in conjunction with Kotogoto of other people and around the self is a relationship-oriented entities to. .. self each other cooperatively, to the presence that depends .... and interdependent and cooperation to make sure closely linked with self and others .. → collectivism, human-oriented, interdependence-oriented

(The context of the questionnaire) ↓


B1 to try to Ao stick together


I prefer the interaction with B3 others


Prefer to each other leaning to one another in A2 socializing
when you Ao dependent on each other D32

16.[Direct face-to-face]

(Bibliography) Hiroaki Yoshii information of a modern society [Revised] 1997 KitaTatsuki publication

SUMMARY high importance information to the organization, the uncertainty is high, ambiguity is high, and since it is external environment information, the most rich, highly symbolic meaning transmission capacity media = choice but to rely on face-to-face communication the not obtained, this is it can be seen that the most defining a location. Development of information and communication media is, ironically, further enhance the rarity and value of seaweed difficult information to the information communication media, with each other to promote the office location to the information centers.

Complex, and highly interdependent network of eye Japanese organizations that are connected by is than have the culture that overweight dependent on wet face-to-face communication, Japanese society as a whole, concentration called concentrated It is said to have internalized the constitution (centralized constitution).

→ dense-oriented

→ human-oriented (intimacy), anti-privacy (line of sight)

Of course, have an overwhelming technological capabilities, the more organizations that do not restricted by the regulations and series of government, reliance on such a wet face-to-face communication is reduced, the need for concentration is reduced is needless to say There.

(The context of the questionnaire) ↓

Dense oriented
prefer the F24 centralization
and no matter densely to A3 narrow space

is an intimate C10 socializing of the way

like to each other sends the D27 line of sight to each other
B7 prefer to mutually monitor each other

[Of the other, for the deep concept of the relationship with the Japanese culture]

More came been pointed out in other literature, Japanese culture and deep relationship, a concept which is considered to represent the wet is, we have listed some below. Description has been written about why it can be said that the wet.


(Description) negotiations for successfully to establish like, "prearranged" which refers to that you previously discuss the parties concerned are, following the well connected relationships that exist in advance, mounting the individual's comprehension of being in the network Yo is an act to be. Each person, that you are in the midst of the mutual attraction between to generate a relationship, that have the opportunity of discussions, have implications for re-confirmation, the fundamental, mutual attraction between its underlying and nepotism relationship is the act of existence of the premise.
→ crony-oriented

In a state in which there is a mutual attraction, when there is what you want to do something yourself, consensus-building is essential. In the state you're in the midst of mutual attraction is working, individuals who try to wake something new action, around advance, their own will in the future this kind of thing, take the understanding about the fact that, through consensus-building If you do not perform, later, the action of the person was brandished in the direction which is not rough others around (by the action of the mutual attraction between) (or, conversely, the surrounding person, so that it does not move freely , that it tried to bound by mutual attraction), leads to the involuntary think each other (such as mutual blame each other's behavior).
→ regulation principle


(Description) entertainment is, to one and the other one between the original presence of a person who was not near much, as approaching more psychological (as trying to get closer to the opponent), to the provision of meals refers, in that regard, it can be said that the manifestation of the attitude to be to bring in a state of mutual attraction between acts more strongly.
→ crony-oriented


(Description) rigging seen at the time, such as a government of the bid, the opponent of the movement to each other, the other party is checks and balances so as not to take a free action (such as their own to compete with each other to present a free cheap bid price) matching, take movement in that would determine the (particular someone, to present the bid price higher) in advance of the discussion (mutual restraint), is the product of a mutual attraction between.
→ regulation principle

[Public and private confusion]

(Description) to be confused with those of public property and their own, lead to that the distinction between public and private is "ambiguous".
→ ambiguous oriented