National character of Japanese

Japanese National Character

Third Edition

Version 3

Iwao Otsuka

Iwao Otsuka

2007.05 2015.02

table of contents
Simulation by the liquid molecular motion of company organization of Japan
The way of the country's primary industry, to determine the national character of the country
Compare favorite Japanese - what is at the root of the relative evaluation spread -
For routine-oriented Japanese
Oriented to "belong" in Japanese, desire. "Affiliation principle".
The absolute view of the predecessors, precedent
The University of Tokyo specific person - the "official basis" personality and limitations -
Japanese and authoritarian
The backwardness of the Japanese society
About Sanga-based society
Many adaptation and trends of the Japanese, for air sensing antenna
"Concentration" love of Japanese
About synchronization society
High-precision, accuracy and Japanese
Japanese and Chinese
Study of "Japanese-ness"
Wet Japanese
Feminine-maternal is Japanese
Hate science of Japanese
Deduction principle with the Japanese society
Researchers and experts
Senior junior system and the Japanese society
Escalator Society
Japanese and parachute
Seniority performance-based
And failure Japanese
Teacher role society and the student auditor society
Borrowed society
The difficulty of keeping the individual place in Japanese society
Government office neutrality illusion of Japanese
Japanese, should be familiar from the early English
Fusion society and non-fusion society
Learning love of Japanese
Japanese society of the mother dependent
Clean (cleanse), pure white, color, dirt, drop and Japan Shrine
Parachute and the emperor system
Parent and child is comparable relay runner
The inner ring-oriented, inward society
Importance of "learning", "learning" in Japan
Region of the light, the darkness of the area
Principle of synchronization same treatment
Japan-US alliance and the men and women of marriage
Japan is liquid type, the United States is the gas type
Want is called the developed countries
Japan has not westernized
International division of labor of the gas type and liquid type
Gas type, ideal image of the molecular motion video and society of the liquid type
The need for liquid type society for democracy research
Mechanical imported to the Japan Society of Western theory
University of Tokyo universal illusion
Disparities society and traditional society
Admissions and liquid
After the war of the US-Japan relationship with the farmers, nomadic-pastoralist relationships
Fine skill favorite Japanese
Europe and the United States on the rating, it is first-class, but the rating entity
Not Kaware from their own
Rest poor Japanese
Company, new graduates priority of the government as "colorless and transparent", "white solid"
A "super you over" and "you up" - social rating of Japanese, deviation value with consciousness -
Advanced inferiority complex in Europe and the United States, continue to embrace the subordinate sense of Japanese
Personal information protection of the population-oriented
Whistleblowers and encumbrances
Micro invention, a "state-of-the-art 'in Japan
Why civil servants in Japan is preferential treatment? What is popular?
Limited Edition with Japanese
Watch out for the Western cult
Japanese and Chinese Part 2
It society Japanese society to go the woman society, state-of-the-art women's liberation
We should teach the Japanese uneven society with a small middle and high education
Rip-off, copy culture and original, unique culture
Freedom of the individual in Japan, to protect the privacy
I think that it is a woman when you see Japanese
"Mother" as the foundation of Japanese society
"Mutual check society" utility of anonymous bulletin board in Japan
... in front of everyone
Collapse not seniority
Lifetime employment that follows
Affiliation, employment of regular, from the non-regular inside and outside dichotomy, to the multi-stage belongs to the social organization
Envy and synchronized side-by-side treatment
Japanese society as upward cone type water pump system
Do not allow cheating Japanese company, authorities
And Japanese social organization as a "mother existence", sea, lake
I hate freedom
The reason for Japanese society attempts to compulsive westernization
The reason for Japan after the war, was accustomed to economic power
Leader-level social and followers higher society
Fully intact orientation and of Japan "experts"
From the top of the eyes, Japanese universities who
Gas type of company, Liquid type of company
Adopted and new graduates collectively, over timed bridge between the closure group
People to a string of "my house" is swallowed in your organization
It can not belong, not get put ...
Connection, and take care, free speech
Pandering society, culture of flattery
Adhesions, collusion culture
Pseudo-gas type society and Japan
Behind closed doors childcare and Japanese interpersonal safety, peace of mind-oriented
Personal gold standard, break away from the euro-oriented system ... circle-oriented thinking
Epidemic follow-up movement Nenashi population and the fixed point to take root group
To throw away the pride of the "Japan = developed countries."
Line-of-sight sensitive syndrome (syndrome)
Stick to their opinion, opinion immobility trends and plant thinking
Japan as the second developed country
24 hours immersion to the organization, full inclusion
Scary ... seclusion constitution from leaking
Social withdrawal
The growth of the ... good boy I do not want to be hated
Oriented to ... private that does not allow free access of outsiders
Attentive, friendly, refrain, read too much into an infinite loop
Wago and white
Western as a father the role of Japanese society
Friends Club Social
Wait of culture, we leave culture
Objection, Tatetsuki ban society
Employment situation of Japanese society
Why there is no right to strike in the civil service?
Attack of the society, received the society, cushion society
Railway Kingdom Japan
Hysteria constitution of Japanese
The so-called good sense faction of Japan, deduction principle as "good child", Taiei of
Society that does not recognize the competence of the individual
And Japan as a "funnel (funnel) model" final finished product output machine, one way of technology and raw materials
Teacher asked
Stuffing principle and international competitiveness
Limited love, frame Favorite
Suppression of the individual, selfless, Messi apprenticeship, like bondage is
The spirit of the sum, has become a cause of Japanese society is delayed
Tower-based society and the water-in-society
Lifetime employment, seniority and the same color staining, pure culture, purebred retention-oriented
Ostensibly dry, true feelings wet?
The Constitution of Japan Professor
Rival and the counterproposal presented battle of apposition to each other
Experience overemphasis society
And personal information protection, "peep", "the know concealment" structure of Japanese society
100-point scale-oriented
Wet liquid society Japan of dry gas for people
Kyoto University of originality
Guarantee is necessary
Age limit society
4 large ruler of Japanese society
Above all important to not cause the problem
High-density society, overcrowding society
Seniority-based performance-based
Yen poverty
Four female types to dominate the Japan
Company Professor
Ceremony ethnic, national ceremony
Re-challenge limit society
Ability measurement and dry gas-integrated society
Not good to admit defeat
International deviation value
There is no myself
Two types of Japan of Western imitation
Culture of vanity
The inner ring society
Only gathering society
Old man worship, higher
Only gathering society 2
Self-sacrifice evaluation and self-sacrifice performance
Affiliation masochism, company Masochism
180-degree transformation of attitude
Dry-wet paradox
Dry Complex
Eliminate the parachute, political party think tank Theory
Methods that are not incorporated into the non-uniformity society of Japan
Age Discrimination and Japanese society
Invariant of thinking, immobile, fixed-oriented
And Yoriai of irregularity, the National Assembly, parliament reform
Not missing, I can not leave
Pastoralists in the rice farming society
Fear more than anything else the leakage of internal information
Liquid as a substance of the sum
Taiei property and novelty-oriented
Unrelated society, aggressive evaluation of Jakuen society
Fastball-oriented society and the breaking ball-oriented society
180 degrees like to turn
Children to go out of the house
Japanese woman brain
The current state of live easy to society and the Japan Society for schizophrenia patients
Marriage, child care disparities society
Single affiliation, affiliation fixed
Signal culture (implicit assertion culture), receiving culture, justification by faith culture
Break away and, revaluation of the yuan from the poverty of Japan
The presence you are the most comfortable in the Japanese society?
High-interest social and low-interest society
Furukonpu-oriented Japanese
Weak to provide a general-purpose platform
Occurrence condition of a sense of shame
Improvement of religion and this world society
Japanese and Western integration
Definition of geek
Like broadcasting
Request of the guarantor
Anonymous bulletin board, has helped to maintain unrelated society, of withdrawal society
Features of the cutting ease is Japanese
Japanese as "stuffed"
Free space anxiety syndrome
Brake does not work, stop thinking society
What happens Japan after the financial collapse?
Unemployment nation Japan, unemployment state at the national level
Depression nation Japan, depressive state at the national level
Employment pool and currency devaluation competition, for the revival of the Japanese economy
Bankruptcy news self-restraint? And the Imperial Headquarters announced
Japanese financial collapse and the yen
The United States of clouds and Japanese society
Psychology of "Imperial Headquarters announcement"
Features of the Japanese Society - from the point of view of as a religious organization -
Problems of Japanese haiku
Or to try to Japan Why desperately westernization?
Japanese financial collapse long-awaited theory
Why not apologize
Dictatorship and Japan
The ratio of one person operation
Irresponsible bulletin board
Authority of the outer surface of the authority and the inner surface
Social psychology mechanism of senior junior system
Repetition of high anxiety society Japan and the Imperial Headquarters announced
Social climate of Japan uneven society, China, also the same ... different points with North Korea
Japan we are trying to hide the uneven society in the country costume - gag by the "westernization of principle" -
Shout Collection
Farewell emphasis
Housewives center society
Japan company as Derby, authorities
Collection society
Japanese originality
Safe, coarse looking for love
World, air and women
Aircraft Carrier
Uncensored, change prohibition, society of consistency principle
Like nag
Non-learning of failure
Culture of the sash
Pressing of the feminine way of life
Yen poverty and status symbol
Flattery, snuggle, Toriiri
Japan's two-party system
Pandering society
Collective dictatorship
Overcome the uneven society
Distinguish between the humanities advantage of the humanities and sciences
Avalanche beat
Black hole, Japan as a terminal
Nagi (NAGI) oriented
Guarded desire of Japanese
Suddenly society it is difficult to go to the central, as soon as society
The presence of the strongest in the Japanese society
Professor, teacher obsession
All-in-one, all-round, general, Soka Favorite
Swept away society, consequences society
Great number-oriented
Line-of-sight society, vanity society
Meddlesome person society, care society
Attentive society
Relative society
Dialogue-free society
Adjust type as the dogmatic type national characteristics of
Emphasis on "one" oneness, a sense of unity, focus on the match, avoidance of cracking
Japan yakuza women, maternal
Rest avoidance society
Re-production of seniority
Police in Japan
The essence of the parachute
Scholar and authority of Japan
Improvement refine constitution
Move in accordance with the inertia. Mid-career change, hate to stop.
The lack of self-determination
Punctuality, regularity, punctual of the importance, emphasizing the sense of "diligently"
Reason why the imperial family of the children do not go to the National University
Japan's seniority, senior junior system and women
Proximity and discreteness
Dry social principle, wet society principle
Active failures and passive fail
Single work and multi-work
Not determined
Nameplate and information leakage
Japanese society and women society
Reification culture and anthropomorphic culture
And the liquid molecules "island"
Farmland, liquidation of land ownership and dry of Japanese society
Breakthroughs and improvements
Sin and shame and external rules
Parents, take root and gender to local
Frame in the culture, a given culture and frame destruction culture
Micro culture and macro culture
Reliance and self-help constitution
Correct culture
Stop thinking of the Japanese
Processing culture
Situ-oriented and women
Comparison like, relative evaluation liked
Reticent Japanese
High interest society
Success with Japanese
Japanese tight, clear hate, stuffing principle
Vegetative is Japanese, farmers basis
Equality expressed in "○○ san"
Eroge of Japan is feminine
Teacher and student, persistence of senior junior relationship
24 hours of the affiliation
Government bonds of Japan
Japan = "fireball, ball of the day (ball of the sun)" Society
Nationalism and the Japan Society of the United States and Britain follow-up type
China, Japan society to actively care about the intention of Korea
What about during the student school prohibits job hunting?
Ultra-long-term contract employment instead of full-time permanent employment, or do not you, for example, 20-year contract?
Japan, caught up in China and South Korea
Japan uneven society has not changed
Bully nation Japan
Japanese "Western religion" believers
Japan as a dress-up culture of costumes

Simulation by the liquid molecular motion of company organization of Japan

Wet Japanese company organization, can be reproduced in the liquid molecular motion simulation. Full Time is the same motion as the liquid molecules. In that case, members who are from the old days to the population darker, joined the members at a later thin the color, newcomers may be represented by a white. Then, by repeating the contact, so that gradually become darker gradually color.

05/17/2007 05:16:33 AM

The way of the country's primary industry, to determine the national character of the country

Nature of primary industries such as agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries facing the direct natural environment, seems to determine the national character of the country. Human culture of the land, which was born to survive in the vicissitudes of the natural environment, support in food, clothing and shelter of the natural environment, especially correspondence of the way in the food surface, the pattern is, the life and death of people to separate, it can be said to be directly linked to the nature of culture.

In Japan, because the representative of the primary industry is rice farming, the root of the national character mutual cooperation and for the irrigation and drainage maintenance commensurate with it, tunability, such as is required in all at once harvesting of rice, the integrity of to be considered will have as a basis.

↑ application

The tertiary industry (primary, products to buy and sell in the secondary industry) create a retail and services


Creating a product with a 3-value added hand secondary industry natural object


To get the wealth lobbying directly to the primary industries nature

↓ national of the foundation


Compare favorite Japanese - what is at the root of the relative evaluation spread -

Japanese is like to be compared with yourself and others, up and down, I want to put the rank of superiority or inferiority. It compared to the ambient, or above or below, wants to compared frequently. It is, for example grading in education is, according to the deviation value, yourself have appeared in that respect to know compared to the others around, we are in any position in the marks surface, whether up or down. The Toka college entrance examination, which is a national version of this evaluation. Alternatively, when the merit has been introduced in companies, grade employees, has appeared to be made by a relative evaluation in comparison with other members of the group.

In short, it is difficult to have an absolute evaluation criteria, always compared with others around, yourself will be evaluated as they Shita's over. The others and myself, wanted to compared meantime, it is also, as in the school of the Department, on the same common playing field, seems to be a tendency to want compared the relative merits of others and the ability to belong to the same region . These, immersed in something with others around their Chikashii, up and down, wants to put the superiority or inferiority, it likes to compare the "others relative comparison oriented" society, anything, up and down, taken in a dominance relationship, superior prone to noisy distinguish trend currently with. Japan, up-and-down direction of human relations is developed, also become a so-called "vertical society", said the underlying, it's because working is psychology that an attempt is made annoyingly up and down with the others around, the superiority or inferiority comparison.

And the other party, to trying the ability comparison on the same level playing field is, yourself and others are in the common of the same area, are related to the fact that like to a homogeneous each other. In short, is a hate anxiety is to become one person only lonely at all and another area, everyone and wants to have constantly together, a sense of unity with others, lead, propensity to prefer the unity is the underlying is there. And friends share the same area with others to each other, while integrated with the human unity, in the group that became its integrity, who is standing in relatively advantage, or stand in the upper, constantly annoying each other check each other to each other. In addition, in comparison with others in the same area, so that they stand in the upper even a little, constantly, and mutual checks and balances, it is to try to Ao compete.

This is, as in Europe and the United States, individuals with each other, to build your own world of separate heterogeneous, in disparate directions to each other, without a common yardstick, dry facing in a direction that is arbitrarily appeal their own their own advantage society is, it can be said that are very different. In short, Japanese, commonality with others, performed first to secure homogeneity, directed to obtain mutual wet unity, a unity. On top of that, in its homogeneous population, who can most often, or stand on, it is to decide in each other's performance competition in the common areas.

In that respect, or others around you are evaluating how their own, or others or below the upper grades than myself, will be constantly anxious. It proud if he is above the others, embarrassed if it is below, ugly and feel. The so-called "culture of shame" is, of the Chikashii others of their own and the surrounding, it can be said that is caused by continual mutual performance comparison in the common areas. In addition, in order to from beginning to end to mutual Dashinuki competition within the narrow range that belong to a common group with their own, will be limited to within a population in which the width of interest to you belong, meantime the field of view, narrow insight, small man of scale there is a create easy drawbacks.

Grading in Japanese society, the tend to be relative evaluation is because each other prefer to belong to a homogeneous population, tend to go nerve to grasp their relative vertical position relationships within the homogeneous group . Its underlying mutual homogeneity, there is a strong directivity to the integrity, the point, it can be said that occupied the maternal atmosphere wet. As long as this atmosphere does not change, it will not change the way of performance evaluation in the Japanese society.

05/19/2007 04:41:22 AM

For routine-oriented Japanese

The Japanese, the concept is fitted into a mold, or rather, it is often to try to act in the "type" as the name of common sense. Everything is also trying to enter from the outer mold. For example, when you start something lessons, crazy will be aligned to buy a first necessary equipment. First of all, in the range visible from the outside, that has followed the type faithfully, it is to try to appeal towards the surroundings.

These people, departing from the mold and manners that are common knowledge, that you do not know the (rude), ugly, as humiliated, fear more than anything else. Toka manners, is going to move to routinely made of the authority. Too much to try to faithfully correctly mimic the mold, to remember, that it should be noted, one by one, teacher, asked to tell proceeds gait in Normal role, strictly going to move "correctly" in the street. For this reason, becomes hard to unwittingly hamstrung and attitude, face the lack of flexibility of thinking comes out.

Alternatively, in mathematics, such as high school, to memorize the official, I like to apply mechanically in advance to correct the fixed problem. In this case, the official, plays the role of a "type" to protect. Japanese people, Toka teacher of pre-school, the "correct" that the provisions of the authority of the Toka Iemoto, in the street, faithfully mimic, memorize, try to learn. Pay close attention so as not to deviate from the "correct".

The "lessons", "learning", decided in advance authoritative source, the "fixed", "correct", "the right way" that there should write, by using a fixed tool, in a fixed manner, for every one show of hands one behavior , it is to imitate accurately. Outside from there even a little, is condemned as "wrong", "Do not", is ridiculed, provoking "Redo".

And it has issued only result which deviates from the provisions of the authoritative source "correct", expelled from the authorities, and the population, whereabouts is eliminated. For the Japanese to think and must always belong to somewhere in the population, a situation should be avoided most. Therefore, I abhor that "outside", "departing" from a pre-fixed type, path and a defined range.

Fear that an attempt to open a new ground out of the fixed form from your own, thus not going to help you laugh at the person who has failed. And trying to protect that the move "correctly" to the routine street, that deviate from it, is regarded as uniformly as "error," "mistake", "failure", condemnation, criticism, the object of ridicule. Failure to be, extremely abhor that wrong. The error is inherent in human beings (human beings are those mistakes), it is difficult to accept the idea. A human error, the person's personal responsibility that caused the error, lack of ability, attention regarded as insufficient, thought Oyobi hard behind the problems of organization and systems.

Why action is to become a routine?

(1) to worry about the eyes of others. And that was strangely out of the common sense, I do not want to be laughed at. If that does not fit the pattern, noticeably, come off, around the curious eyes, peep, will the spotlight, embarrassing. Then, exacerbating the impression of his surroundings of people, myself think that will not live to be plucked in the society.

Or, if the that the "off" from certain types guarding of all, disturb the surrounding, social harmony, unity, consensus, troubled, so that the bother, it gives a negative value to their since the lead to be expelled from the society, we want to avoid. I do not want to make a strange Namikaze, there is a feeling that I do not want to stand out. This is, in harmony with the surroundings, orientation or to to protect the unity, tuning to a certain type, it leads to homogenization, leading to the non-individualized.

In addition, the calculation height for yourself around, is well leads to common sense, to learn properly fixed with a support of the authority, as have the ability to protect, you want a good show, that want well-thought, impression operation , self-promotion, the height of pride exists in the underlying.

(2) safety first of the underlying, there is unadventurous way of thinking. It has already been established by our predecessors, its not a mistake if move to the street, there is an intention that the attempt is made the safety of themselves by following the failure or risk-free behavior. Keep away from areas that do not know whether or not there is unknown what kind of danger. Unprecedented action is not as much as possible taken. Do not take the risk, not adventure.

Such a concept, is assumed to be absolute to say the people of teacher-teacher that type were already mastered, lead to authoritarianism. To break the mold, already criticized the authority muscle that holds its type, will be crushing the face, impairing the mood of the authoritative source, it means to be evicted from a population of authoritative source, self-protection for also, to try to protect as much as possible mold. In addition, not carried out from your own that the aim of the new ground that deviates from existing types, the're struggling to do that someone is out, Kimekomi the haunts of Takami, beating the backbiting is frowned upon, ridiculed to. In such regard, standard orientation is ingenious, incompatible and creative thinking, but kill them.

However, the first place people was the subject of mere ridicule as a "Gedo" is, emergency ( by, for example, can be seen from the authoritative source of Western, etc. ) been successful, and to establish a new ground, it a new, ideal heading as a "type", in reversal, calling him a "teacher", "teacher", his introductory competing in the original, he is going to move to the newly established routinely. In that regard, is sensitive to the birth of the "new", learning for the new type, it can be said that the excellent adaptability.

In short, policy change of "heresy of weirdo" and to be newly referred to as a "teacher" is carried out quickly and quickly vivid, that the finesse is stunning is, which is one of the characteristics of the people of this country. In this case, the "new", not only Toka etiquette, newly its operation, is considered to include also the new product should learn design.

05/19/2007 04:47:38 AM

Oriented to "belong" in Japanese, desire. "Affiliation principle".

The people of this country, some group, in series, I think If you do not they belong, or rather anxiety, not to be human treatment. In short, in order to live in society, somewhere in the population, it is that you "belong" to the series there is a section that believes that it is essential. In this case, the population belongs, series is referred to as "the (internal)", not the case, have been referred to as the "outside (external)", "elsewhere (elsewhere)." The affiliation group, school (academic background), extracurricular activities, academic, company and administration, Iemoto, regional (neighborhood associations, village ...), there is a political party factions and the like. If necessary, there is a Kakemochi of belonging population.

Population own group is a so-called in-group. In this in-group, people are allowed to satisfy the sense of unity become intimate with each other, you can rest at ease mood well, to Dari working hard on a common goal together. Outside of the population is a cold wind Fukisusabu poor environment, it does not guarantee the safety of the body. In order to avoid it, no matter it contained as much as possible in a population, trying to belong. Member of the population, the sequence is captured as the womb of the mother.

Think you belong to the population, series is leading, large of the desirable. Member of the population, series is regarded as more powerful in the large-scale increases also their social status. That pleased aligned parent and child to be able to work for a large company, is it. In this country, he, leading, well-known large organizations, that belong to the series, or regarded as a status symbol, or to brand view of the organization-series name has arisen in general. People, he belongs to the population, series becomes larger, in order to come to prosperity, become hard, strive for belonging to the population, series performance improvements. By doing so, because also increases your status.

That of the people, the population to which it belongs, to try to see in the series-oriented. "○○ company of people", "○○ University graduates", the view that "people of ○○ faction" is priority, personality of the person individual, characteristics, would be buried in it. Belonging group, in the series, in accordance with its derivatives, there is a parent group and Koshudan (or the parent of the colony), who belongs to the parent population, is a common view that the status is above more. Than the prefecture towards the country, those of the parent company subsidiaries, are status is considered that it is above the subcontractors.

Where to Toka ronin the people of the free that does not belong, or discrimination is called Toka people of the journey, do not trust, there is an atmosphere that does not admit. Alternatively, part-time workers is not a job anywhere in the company is considered to be a disadvantage. Individual does not seem preferably to activities in a manner that fall to one person at a time apart, directed to act together to create a group. In that respect, the concept is wet. Farmers, people of self-employed Toka of retail, rural, and belongs to the local population, such as neighborhood associations, the point, ronin, not free. Somewhere in one of the group, to the series, and it is desirable to fix Lower the stout roots, there is a tendency to dislike changing the affiliation population around frequently.

05/19/2007 04:52:14 AM

The absolute view of the predecessors, precedent

- predecessors of Raging the Japanese society, teacher, senior "Wind" -

In Japan, for the newcomers and new students coming into the company Toka school, there are many Toka upperclassman that Fukasu profusely a senior wind. Alternatively, the university, the Toka Culture School and Iemoto, with respect to join the club student, teacher style, Professor Fukasu the master style, instructor, lecturer in many cases. Alternatively, in the home of the immediate family, mother-in-law against the daughter-in-law, he is smoking a family tradition that has mastered a hard time when I was a daughter-in-law, it is often in contact with mother-in-law guts to tease.

Such wind is one that blows with the most, such as the next word. "Do it to do. Useless can not even do that." "Do not anxious I just was a little compliment." "Do it still." "○○ includes, but is not easy task is to grasp." " ○○ is, it can not be that a half-baked. "" do it impossible for you beginners like. hurry up and go home. "" still, for the time being mystery is not taught. "" I'll tell. gratefully think. "

In short, profusely, it emphasizes precedent of the difficulties that you have to learn, the severity. In addition, his mastery was precedent, called or "mystery", as do not go to the translation to teach anyone to easily, are skilled in wiles reminiscent appreciate the precedent itself. And obedience against myself, When you have a jackal a lot, for the first time, that it is not also not Yara teaches that little by little, or perchance, out to the arrogant attitude. Teacher, senior as the presence insurmountable, is single-mindedly often seen in respect of the eye.

Thought to be based on that Fukasu this kind of wind, called a "absolute view of the predecessors-precedent". In short, predecessors = blindly respect the precedent itself with unprecedented holder, it has a precedent, to shield the fact that you know, who do not have yet, to those who have not mastered, profusely swagger, superiors, ruler Bull, contact with severely. In short, it prized itself that you have mastered the precedent, and not taught to those coming from after briefly. In addition, if the result is mastery tell me the precedent in junior, caught up, been overtaken and poor, so would go out to better than yourself, not trying to teach quite wary, there are also terms.

If it were, the back of the end point, reach the core, if there is one road that was filled with a variety of obstacles and gradient, as a senior is a person who has made the road ahead, those who go behind ( junior ) is respected than. In addition, to overcome various obstacles, the back of the end point, a person who has reached the core, as "was mastered the mystery", the most respected is called Toka saint. Intently, in monotonically, while going forward on the steep road that passes through the past of our predecessors, let's sequentially mastered the precedent, to try to reach mystery, investigators, Japanese plight, such as the pilgrimage is , is as if a feeling, such as the one hundred million total pilgrimage.

These, walked the predecessors "Mastering the road" to follow intently as it is in a monotone the road Directions is called a "single-road-oriented". Alternatively, one of the fixed summit, the point to be single-mindedly aim at the end point, can be called even a "summit and end-oriented".

Idea of such monotonous is inherently to learn things, there is a separate passage points of the respective different plurality routes and human, end points not particularly determined, it is combined with an appropriate own discretion go concept ( self-judgment-oriented multiple root ) and contradictory.

In Japan, for rampant these "single-road-oriented," "summit and end-oriented" is, Japan is in the mountainous, familiar there is a mountain, the summit of the mountain is only one without, is also limited mountain road toward the summit, moreover , the slope of the mountain road is tight, it can be said to be related to the fact that are having a lot of choke point of Toka rocky.

In short, climbing in the form of tracing the steep mountain road that opened up the predecessors, and there is a "mountain climbers thinking" to be busy optimizing the summit, climbing to climb the steep road, predecessors = reached the ultimate mystery of precedent holder it can be said that the captured been likened to precedent learning to be busy optimizing. Mystery learned is, it's been likened to the summit ascent.

In addition, these "single-road-oriented" is, once you began to walk that road, there is only a walk intently to the end point, change, that again does not work, lifetime employment in the company or government office ( once a company, Once in government, use much do I need to continue to walk as a member until the corner ) is considered to be considered to be original.

The judgment of all of the advance way to, as possible rely on the predecessors that has passed through the previous road, stop the self-judgment, Iraishin to the predecessors, it can be found in there is the strength of the graces. This is the old Japanese army like a, even once failed, flexibility is the same way to not hear of course change, a failure many times has led to compulsive repetition easy constitution. There are, Toka's safe if you go this same road as the pioneer, if you go down this road, with the feeling that said Toka can reach the same mystery as the pioneer, flatter authoritative, authoritarian to surrender to the authority possessed by the predecessors atmosphere haunts.

In absolute view of these predecessors, precedent, exertion of originality, all the thick precedent learning, are those the first time possible to learn, to advertise as if ridiculously is also not difficult. In short, the unknown frontier is, after all digestion and absorption of the precedent, is to think that come the first time visible.

In fact, not so difficult to find the originality and unknown frontier. Simply out going to repeat that the aim does not try to do other people around, the direction in which the stay away, while there is a very familiar, it is possible to find a hole leading to the resolution which could not have without that did not notice the others, until now, But it is only that. In short, 99 when I look at the over there are people, 1 is repeated to see the here and turned away only people, but it is possible that Tachiitaru naturally to the frontier of unprecedented, such as Japan, surrounding many adaptation are steeped in the atmosphere, that's society of mental culture that does not allow you to do things differently only one person, this is it very difficult ( considered Western and he Toka relatively easy ) .

In this way, the loophole to easily reach, the new ground of prima facie unprecedented, as a mystery that seems barely to if it were advanced a steep one road endings, profusely sanctification, that show to mystify, accompany also grovel forever on his own it is also possible to mass-produce a lot of disciples. Or rather, may not be anything to the person who arrives without feel that, it will be reality is that more of the disciples come with in Arigataga' without permission. The Toka disciple of Japanese who studied as a disciple to Westerners researchers considered this pattern.

Alternatively, in the first place such new ground? After you build your own with a simple idea, that it does not show covers the frontier in the thick secret of Pale, it is also possible to show as if it is or else Thankfully, the Toka emerging religious leaders of this hand fellow seems that it would be many.

In this way, Directions to honor earnestly the learned the precedent of predecessors is, it can be said that the stock remains stopped in the same place is the accumulation to go farmers specific directions. So keep in the same place, view of what was left of the predecessors of the Toka ancestors, the idea is, it is much more effective, has led to a tendency to absolute view of the precedent and tradition. In addition, it is respecting single-mindedly the safety of myself, the point to be to capitalize on the success of predecessors who will guarantee the safety, self-protection, has also led to the unadventurous woman of.

When this behavior is Shimitsuku on the body, it can not do anything and there is no precedent somewhere, occurs situation to be helpless. Therefore, it is eager to find someone successful precedent. It is a thing that most people of nomadic-pastoralists specific way of life of the Toka Western society was obtained with great difficulty while stacking the failure challenged one person in an unknown field, paying the high price of Toka patent fees it, to hand It will be put.

It should be noted that, to each other person who entered the company and school at the same time, as the synchronization and yourself, without permission holding a sense of unity, behave profusely Narenareshiku is, in the way to the advance, in order to occupy the same position, the unprecedented accumulation the degree is considered to be the same as their own, it can be said that because of the same view. Treats Narenareshiku synchronization to this kind of wind, people mingle is, Often, to grovel obedience profusely towards the seniors, along with the with the junior guts, is intended to blow the senior air in contact with the profusely severely arrogant against junior.

In this regard, "synchronous", "senior", "junior" is, of precedent absolutism 3 can be regarded as a point set. In short, "synchronous consciousness" and "junior guts", "senior wind" will to bring the temporal context in which proceed the same way as it is to the up and down relationship, in the inside out, as it is equally a time synchronization relationship going the same way , is a manifestation of consciousness to be to bring in apposition relationship, it can be said that is the source of the seniority of the idea of covering the Japanese society still.

In conjunction with the above, in Japan, there is a knowledge about a particular field exists not a little "KNOWLEDGE sagging" boast in Hikerakashi that it is rich. Animation and comics, Toka person to be geek cry in the game field, wine, is Toka intellectuals to the knowledge boast of pottery art to be so. "I'll I know such a thing without the knowledge of you guys. You see, great wonder", which is the invisible visible attitude.

Alternatively, without limiting the field, for a variety of things, there are many bragging "Zatsugakuya" even if Hikerakashi that you have a wide range of knowledge. "So full, you'll know about various things. You would not know." Such as swagger feeling. They can say in common is that itself is great that you have the knowledge, is that you have the idea that the pride of the target.

That knowledge is not in any way began thinking they themselves, be that someone else is thinking, even if they in no originality of the idea of "KNOWLEDGE sagging", "Zatsugakuya", not a problem at all . Mass of knowledge are exclusively accumulated is being problematic. Knowledge possessed by the "KNOWLEDGE hanging," "Zatsugakuya" in this case is the existing knowledge that is unprecedented, they are, of swagger and Hikerakashi the knowledge towards the others that do not have the knowledge, towards the inexperienced newcomer and the Fukasu a senior wind, not be any change.

05/19/2007 04:54:44 AM

The University of Tokyo specific person - the "official basis" personality and limitations -

Tokyo University of the graduates will have the following features.

(1) to memorize the correct answer, respecting the immediate answer to capacity, it is excellent in it. Common belief, dogma, Western and scholars of recite authoritative theory of developed countries, about the controversy, the answer, as much as possible a large amount, and as accurately as possible to learn, it is good at recite from memory. This leads to things to do just follow someone has created in advance "correct answer", has created a backwardness on the authoritarian and thinking. The University of Tokyo-born researchers, while Gyujiri academia to the political in a way that faced a lot of colonial university, to not put out a pretty innovative creative ideas himself, the researchers put the theory of Western digestion absorption, doing just catch-up, yet it is often people who are convinced that it is the main road of the study.

The University of Tokyo, basically officials ( senior officials of the central government ) is an organization of training. There, as far as possible, mistaken not, without any serious errors ability advance the things, a huge amount of precedent that made predecessors ( law, technology ) put in as accurately as possible and a large amount of head and operational at any time take it out immediately can capacity, leading to ( Western ) efficiently catch up a successful example, mimic, sought to quickly catch up ability, Tokyo University of graduates, it is actually good at it. In this respect, I think that I considered as synonymous with the "official basis" and "Tokyo University manner".

(2) complex, and understand what esoteric, excellent ability to be described. Complex syntax, effortlessly containing sentences of such advanced formulas Digest, also it is good to write on their own. Central government is what esoteric Many in law jurisdiction, along with the digest it effortlessly, it is required to be writing myself. With those confusing intricate the provisions, there is a section that is thought to be able to dominate the general public can not understand the esoteric things. These, the official way of thinking that values the esoteric is, it can be said that has penetrated to the University of Tokyo as it is as a high-level bureaucrat training institutions.

This leads to simplicity, a simple clarity to fool attitude. But, in fact, real life and the impact is greater in science is the discovery of the part to be more basic and foundation, it is universal gravitation, remains to posterity as a concise and simple as the discovery of the Copernican theory the breakthrough. However, in the University of Tokyo way of thinking, these, simplicity, which can be seen in anyone's head, becomes a contempt of the subject, it will be truncated.

In this case, values are already understood that the present evaluation, biased towards the emphasis on learning ability, passive, it is also characteristic unadventurous things passively. In that respect, is a feminine, Tokyo University graduates of the brain, it can be said that the University of Tokyo brain is typical of the woman brain. In summary, the correct answer, dogma and as much as possible, put it in exactly the head, that can be immediately recite from memory, it is the University of Tokyo practice to be able to stagnation without any understanding of the esoteric things, it can be said with the features of officials specifically human.

In short, Tokyo University graduates is excellent with respect to high-level officials specific skill of the above, the point although the value standard in this country is the people, "the head is good", the goodness of the head is not limited only with is these things . Innovative some nice wit, or even a point, such as creating the idea to bring a fundamental revolution, is in the "head is good" in a different sense, many of the Tokyo University graduates, in here the surface, exactly the incompetent Yes, it does not "head bad" of.

It should be noted that the idea that most of the winners of the exam study to pass the University of Tokyo is deeply rooted between the Japanese. Polish the luxury officials specific skill of the above, if you as a university entrance examination study in Japan, that the high school students to focus on the study of the university entrance exam, they young people will become the "official basis" all at once none other than you are. Or rather, the Japanese, in the course of a study of the university entrance exam, in one of the all knowing knowing, are accustomed to perhaps the "Tokyo University manner = official manner," thinking, it can be said that the steeped. In that sense, as a personality, it can be said that "the University of Tokyo specific" = "Japanese".

05/19/2007 04:59:37 AM

Japanese and authoritarian

1. The follow-up to the Japanese of Western authoritative source

Modern Japanese, in particular, and scholars who are Toka University, general intellectuals, people who are said to culture people, to criticize and deny the authoritarian. In addition, when it is said that their own that it is authoritarian angry and red in the face, his claims desperately if not authoritarian. In, they Japanese to deny authoritarianism it is, say or not the authoritarian, actually is better to grasp that it is authoritarian makes sense.

As say, they Japanese to deny the authoritarianism, the first place is a scholar of the Western authorities, they rely, deny the authoritarian, because have criticized. Here, because Western authority muscle, in Western academic circles, proposed a prominent theory, refers to the scholars have proposed.

In the Sociology of Western, Jewish scholars such as Adorno and Fromm is, Jews in pre-war Germany and Nazi Germany persecuted the believers, criticized put a Retteru it's "authoritarianism", it , it became a fame as a theory that has been well explained the personality characteristics of Nazi Germany. In this regard, Adorno and Fromm made to the fact that scholars authoritative proposed the famous theory, the evaluation has not changed even at the moment. In this regard, scholars of the authoritative source of Western criticism of the authoritarian, will be denied.

The Western authoritarian authoritarian denial by muscle, weak in the status and authority of the United States and Europe, chasing after that, when it is introduced into the avid Japan of knowledge people head to worship, an interesting phenomenon occurs. Japanese intellectuals, since the authoritative source of Europe and the United States has denied the authoritarian, their own to rely on the Western authorities, also criticized the authoritarian, convinced that dont do not deny, "authoritarianism of Western authoritative source and it imported the theory of denial "as they imitate, perform their own even authoritarian criticism.

In short, Japanese intellectuals are, precisely because she is a authoritarian, ( Western ) the doctrine of authoritarian denial that out of the authoritative source in the form of faith as it is, is to deny authoritarian. And I say, to deny the "authoritarian manner" authoritarian. In fidelity to abide form to authoritarian, it is to deny authoritarian. In this regard, "authoritarian is, in authoritarian thinking, to deny the authoritarian" that is the strangely contradictory situation is happening in Japan. This is, " ( by authoritarian, ) called a phenomenon authoritarian criticism of authoritarianism".

The Japanese intellectuals to deny the authoritarian is because the scholar authoritarian criticism by Western authorities, has become the dogma of world standard, intelligent of them Japanese, afterward intently to the opinions of really Western authoritative source It is considered that it would be an authoritarian who.

Japanese intellectuals is, to say the scholars of Western authoritative source, or the theory of the main stream in the Western academia, I believe firmly as it is the correct theory. Then, the theory of Western authoritative source, as it is faithfully to learn, trying to imitate, to introduce quickly in Japan, was recognized in Japan as a leading expert in Japan of the theory, become hard and it will be respected.

Theory of Western authority muscle, so often rests heavily on Toka textbook, I think that it's dogma. Then, Western authoritative source of doctrine ( Western theory that has become common sense, the trend ) and the proposed Japanese a theory contrary to, or, the theory of Western authority muscle and Japanese to criticize, to "Western authoritative teacher I'm going to of what kind and defy. Minohodoshirazu also white in irresponsible. "he said, pulling his leg a fool, to ignore it is customary. This is the "authoritarian" attitude that Japanese intellectuals are taking, seen routinely.

However, the place where they had a fool to do so, the theory of Japanese who criticized the existing Western theory is, once accepted by the Western academia, Japanese intellectuals is an interesting behavior. In other words, by changing the traditional attitude in a hurry, lifting the theory of the Japanese that should have been in the fool, I would like to praise. A fool, lift and turn the Japanese compatriots that target to ignore "sensei", it becomes desperate to giant then myself. Thus, "the same Japanese that he was found in the world" as, be up to proud to once be a fool to the supposed Japanese compatriots.

Of course, for them, the "world", is that of "Western prestigious is a developed country." In particular, when the Japanese take a Nobel Prize, as well as intellectuals, the general public also together, praise of the storm, boom occurs. Prior to take, to have been a fool to say or "○○ of guy" ( the circumstances of this area rests with the view Leo Esaki and Jun-ichi Nishizawa of the book ) .

Now, Japanese to Serve a theory contrary to the dogma of Western academia, before issuing his theory in Western academia, describes his theory to Japanese officials, I think the reaction may want to record ( maybe, from a number of parties, but I think that is Tsukikaesa and are determined in such a theory useless. ) Europe and the United States after issuing the theory in academia, when his theory was accepted in Western academia, and before being accepted later, even more than that it can be seen that the reaction of Japanese officials is different, the Japanese officials, a theory that has been accepted in Europe and the United States, to have a conclusive evidence of what was once denied now, it will be holding the weakness of the Japanese officials. This is, the Japanese officials, and or was a professor of the prestigious university, it can be said to have a greater potency as trading material.

Japanese, weak in like a central government "you up", but trying to be obedient, Western ( especially American ) is, further on the go, so "super you up", for the major theories and movements in Europe and the United States , officials of the central government, including any grovel worship, is to faith. Alternatively, Western communication of the Japanese people, put out the major ideas to inquiries in the US and Europe, "you up" a is often to criticize the trend of the Japanese government ( to already do this in the "Europe and the United States, Japan still it remains in such a state. the Japanese government You're useless. ", which is a feeling that ) , but this is also a matter of fact, Western or not in a lot of it is the authoritarian of worship. "Super your top ( Western ) " your top with a majesty of " ( the Japanese government ) is a feeling that win the".

Such authoritarianism, "everyone himself also gather there, belong to the mainstream of the authoritative source, and are in a safe place where exposed to light in a major, you want a good thought" that, it can be said that the woman thinking in the wet. The trouble is, the wet authoritarian of these Western worship, is that it is difficult to distinguish between the owner of diehard Western specific dry idea. They are both, criticized the authoritarian, because it criticized the wet attitude, to the eye it is not indistinguishable. Also the side of the wet authoritarian, has faith the theory of authoritarian negative, and admit that he is authoritarian, "Western he ( is opposite to = authoritarian, dry ) = first-class" and not recognized in any way because of the was the equivalent of rating becomes downgraded. They are, also in the Toka psychological tests, both in the same way, to select Western specific dry ones as are right for you. This 2 It is necessary to distinguish the user in some way, for further study.

2. for the presence of the Japanese domestic authoritative source

Scholar of Japan, dead copy and its interpretation of Western theory, messing around, is often preoccupied with small improvements. In this case, because fiddling with Western theory, since the scholars of multiple of the United States and Europe are saying different things to each other, is an act of trying its integrity. Originally, scholars of the theory of Europe and the United States, only, is the theory of a single individual, it is not may be wrong, but it is theory of the having the surface to be overcome, the Japanese scholar, about those things perspectives and awareness is not enough. In short, the mainstream theory in the United States and Europe, as "your top = authoritative source of theory", "theory of large teacher", uncritically, worship, faith, acceptance, there is a face to the attempts to incorporate. The scholars of Japan, considered on their own, and Uchikowashi the theory of an existing Western, to issue the attempt to Serve theory get over it, denied in the interior of their own, their own is the authoritative source , there is a surface that does not allow criticism of the mainstream of Western theory.

Why, speaking of whether such a phenomenon occurs, the mainstream theory in such Western scholars of Japan domestic authority muscle is because they rely on it. Or rather relied upon, forced to is, Japan alone is the head of the domestic authoritative source, such as Western theory, rich in innovation in the dry, poke a surprise, himself a big theory of scale to produce This is because it can not. Speaking of why it can not produce, they in Japan of authority muscle, heart what high pride than a fundamental place of, vulnerable to rumors of people, for fear to become a laughingstock to fail with adventure to, anyway safe, bland, put the already established discovered inventions and technology, such as single-mindedly on the head, knowledgeable to learn, it is to become a learned, precedent, to become a tradition of walking dictionary, know "yourself anything and are, can be a teacher, as is ", predecessors, will gather all of the respect, that you try to effective control by blowing a senior wind regarded around the immature junior, feminine, unadventurous things shalt principle, the yet get out in front of people, because there is intrusive of the underlying motive to try Wei Bro.

Scholar of Japan, as a general rule, any, university or teacher-student relationship, based on the senior junior relationship, living contained in the nepotism population. Academic background and has dominated the factions as usual width to each other, which was steeped in similar thought to form in hanging out, influential people in the ( professor, senior ) is, as the authoritative source in Japan, towards the other members is're dominated the glare. In short, Japan scholars, based on the up and down relationship with the authoritative source of loco parentis, live immersed themselves in in the wet well connected group, pseudo-family group. Such a population, can be considered parent and child, as a "series" of a kind consisting of a vertical relationship. Scholar of Japan, and not in the inside of some leading authoritative source series, not receive a distribution of academic post, will not be able to life, it is not live. Against and, or deprived of their academic post, with or blown out of the series, it is not live.

Scholar of Japan, his body of safety, is a sensitive awareness of self-protection. Is such the only safety, by criticizing the current authoritative source, threatened. By criticism, criticized the action from authoritative sources, there is a risk that is ostracized in Japan. In short, there is a risk of being excluded from a group of muscle authority that he is in now, Sonaruto, where not let me in to the fellow from, isolated, since no longer live, it is not to be criticized. Scholar of Japan, against the authoritative source series that you belong, or to contest, it is difficult to go against. Then, the Japanese authorities, is a situation where the Western theory has been dead copy, authoritative source and its disciple, junior relationship, through the teacher-student relationship, that unbroken has been passed down through generation to generation in the authoritative source series, it is considered to be the current state of Japan's academic circles. In Japan the academic world, and against the authority muscle, because the retaliation on the personnel is waiting, it does not go against the theory of authority muscle. In short, against and, no longer receive distribution of academic posts, it's no longer live as a scholar.

Scholar of Japan, what was dead copy the Western theory = authoritative theory, the small improvement, are preoccupied to compare or change a little bit, and other authoritative theory. And bored the theory of Western fine, decipher, but it is becoming hard to interpret, it is, though, is the same as the decoding of the "Bible", "sutra". In short, the doctrine of the United States and Europe, is what is considered authoritative holy scripture, and the scriptures. It is, in short, take the personnel rights of academic post in Japan, has been preoccupied with the dead copy of Western theory that Professor = authoritative source has been so of colonial rule University, scholars of Japan, swear them a loyalty to show that you are, it is to have taken the action that follows it.

In short, for the Japanese scholar, theories in their own papers, claiming content, it has become the of whether there is a loyalty to the authorities, to which they belong allegiance test. There, claiming content and authoritative source is, whether it is basically the same, it is important whether you are inheriting, insist content itself of the paper, it has become secondary. For Japan scholars, Western and authoritative source, rely on it, his teacher that tries to dead copy, those seniors were cast has an absolute weight. Thesis contents of a Japanese scholar, become dead copy of the Western authorities, and the small improvement, he is the evidence is a member of the series centered on the authoritative source of Japan academia. From the paper of style, he is, swear allegiance to the authority muscle, it can be seen that are protected themselves. However, due to the difference of the fine content, factions or different.

3. feminine authoritarian

Authoritarianism of the Japanese, have a certain point, feminine features. It is, by snuggle up to authority, their only safety is maintained, that can go to live without any serious errors, self-protection and, tied to shalt principle that. In addition, if your also not in the place where the mainstream, that lonely lonely, both the idea of finding a sense of unity with the mainstream a relationship. Alternatively, leaned to someone based on the strong presence, it demands something, that you want to depend on, related to both the strength of Iraishin. By integrating as authoritative, become a mood that can support the mental backbone, the gas is increased, for the first time, also face such as leaving the courage to speak in public.

In the case of men, or they broke up the existing theory, to crush their own the theory in place, trying to seeding. Rebelled against authority, crushed, aims to be free, in some cases, they become a new authority, it aims to listen to what you say to others. On the other hand, women, in accordance with obedience to existing authority, and it faithfully inherit the authorities, aims to be a successor of authority. In short, do not try to go against the authoritative source of their belongs series, it is trying to inherit the theory of the existing authoritative source. In this respect, the attitude you are taking Japanese scholars, apparently, are those of the side of the sex to be protected, it is feminine.

4. wet, maternal authoritarianism and dry, about the distinction between paternal authoritarianism

Traditionally been the definition of authoritarianism in the United States and Europe, and the authoritarianism of the Germans, and the authoritarianism of the Japanese who have been described in the above, even if I use the word same authoritarian, and its contents is a big difference Conceivable.

Authoritarianism of the Germans, be regarded as a chain of up and down relationship and obedience instruction. In short, up and down the chain of command is strict, precise, mechanical to be protected, is an absolute top's instructions for subordinates, it is to protect the faithful as much as possible it was self-purposed in among them is are you. For them, instructions and rules, from top to bottom, being thoroughly, be straight, even for the side that instruction, is also of a pleasure for side to protect it.

Such attitude is, the higher person, that of subordinates, a tool for their own goals, as a tool, is intended to look and Tsukihanashi. In addition, doctrinaire the upper user defined, tradition, format, and the catchy, mechanical ( mechanical ) , the common people are aiming to penetrate fundamentalist in to as an absolute taught to every nook and corner. Whole society, large instructs transmission, such as mechanical giant apparatus, machines for top-down, taken as gearing. This is, like Christianity, masculine concur with the fundamentalism of God the Father, a paternal, are those dry, authoritarian of the Germans, dry authoritarian, paternal, patriarchal authoritarianism called a.

On the other hand, authoritarian of the Japanese people, myself also belong to a member of the mainstream, self-protection, the only safety, is rooted in the desire to want a sense of unity. In short, wet wheel authority muscles are presided over by a center, ask also added their own in a group, want to be part of them, want to stop. By you are a member of the authoritative source series, and Ayaka' the convenience authority muscle comes Bundo' preferentially, delicious I think, I would like to think that was full of warmth. Asked to guarantee the safety of himself to the authority muscle, I asked to asylum, you want to satisfy the Iraishin and graces, I think is strong that.

Outside from presided over the wheel of the authoritative source, it does not guarantee the safety of the body. Since the cold wind there is Fukisusabu ill-conditioned waiting, also not be missing as missing, according grovel to be said of the authoritative source, want to measure the safety of the body, there is a strong feeling that. Group of authoritative source, get put in a part of the series, is to enter the inner, exclusive sense of unity is assured, the feeling went into the warm pseudo-family group. In this case, the authoritative source, appear Standing as maternal wet existence, with the Japanese mother things, should be included in a large warm ones, point to satisfy the desire to have a sense of unity with each other, Japanese authoritarianism, can be called wet authoritarian, maternal, and Hahaken authority principle.

Conventionally, this 2 one of authoritarianism, in Japan, not distinction, have been used are confused. Or rather, the term is that the authoritarian, in Japan, exclusively also present, is pointing towards the dry paternal authoritarianism, such as German, thoughtful about the wet maternal authoritarianism is not enough. In the future, it is necessary to capture separately as a different thing.

5. The height of the authoritarian and pride

Authoritarian who, generally has a high pride. The wants to give authority to yourself, because is related to the fact that wants to position high myself. Alternatively, in Toka marriage arranged marriage, even in such as educational background and qualifications of wants to put foil that of their own, is a manifestation of authoritarianism. The Japanese, like a Western that of their own, want is called a first-class in the world, to join the ranks of leading countries, want to look down on other countries in Asia, hope and you want to add a difference, Efforts have been made until now There is a section that point, Japan is called a "high pride society". These Japanese, also first-class aspirations, as a longing for higher authority with a first-class evaluation, called a authoritarianism.

05/19/2007 05:01:35 AM

The backwardness of the Japanese society

[ Summary ] Japanese society, compared to Europe and the United States, advances in science and technology is delayed always one step, it is "backward-oriented society". White to the transistor, white on the Internet, found that have provided significant innovation to the world of science and technology, the invention has been brought from almost all Western, which has not yet come out too much from the Japanese society. The Japanese society becomes the reverse-oriented society, for strong women of power in society, and the fear of stepping into unexplored field in safety first, because it is a wet society which mainly settled farming , it can be said that because they do not try to step forward from where you are now.

Japanese society, compared to Europe and the United States, advances in science and technology is delayed always one step, is "backward-oriented society". White to the transistor, white on the Internet, found that have provided significant innovation to the world of science and technology, the invention has been brought from almost all Western, from the Japanese society ( but not none ) Do not you out too much There is at present. In addition, as in the example of Koichi Tanaka of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, for example, the discovery, the invention is also as out of the Japanese society, not at all evaluated initially in Japan, had been highly evaluated are known in Western society you know, it is going repeat a phenomenon that starts to evaluation in a hurry also for the first time in Japan.

In Japanese society, the new invention to the scientists, or motivated to perform discovery, a new invention, it is considered that it would be is not equipped with a mechanism to evaluate the discovery. This occurs because, Japanese society, respecting what precedent and tradition, such as the convention, a new invention, discovery, since the concept of fear as having the potential to alter the way of the existing society is lying to the underlying considered. For this reason, Japanese society is constantly there, so "backward manner".

So why, Japanese society is, or will has become a million years backward countries? The first is, in Japanese society, it can be given force of women is large. As a matter of this kind of thing, in Japan, women are opinions that are they not discriminated against as a weak come out, in fact, in Japanese society, can be comparable to the woman standing on the mother, the mother-in-law position existence with force is a reality is not seen.

Women, its behavior, thinking their own self-protection and safety first, strong fear against the unknown, do not know what danger is waiting, out of the hand to the unexplored areas that do not know what will happen not the case. Women in strong society, female way of thinking spreads to the entire society, everyone is trying to avoid to expand into the unexplored field. In the meantime, the force of man is strong, without also assumed the risk of having an unknown field, more and more of the type to continue to advance society = "advanced society", it would be go to everyone with a noticeable achievements .

Second, Japanese society, and the like to be a wet society which is mainly a farming that does not move with fixed in one place. In the agricultural society, the concept of things, as the attempt to continue fixed to where you are now, they tend to be the ones that do not try to go out to the new location. In order to mainly farming, also in the field, such as other industrial, is the meantime tend to lack of liquidity on the idea of ​​the thing. Therefore, compared to the dry society consisting mainly of high nomadic, pastoral fluidity, entry into new fields is delayed.

From the above, the Japanese society becomes the reverse-oriented society, it can be said and women of the force is strong in society, and because it is a wet society which is mainly a farming. The discovery has the pot eyes from Japanese society, the invention does not come out easily, although there is also the opinion that because education is biased to the exam study of precedent memorization type, rather than a cause in itself, the idea of the thing, precedent overemphasis , is to become like poke a fine insignificant detail of the corner memorize overemphasis, society is feminine, or not there is a need to look at the root cause that it is wet?

05/19/2007 05:08:06 AM

About Sanga-based society

- Japanese society prototype -

Japanese society is occupied most of the land and mountainous area, by the river that flows from there. In that case, the place where people live is made along the rivers that form the tree-like directory, which flows down from the mountains. Trunk of each tree is a major trend of estuary, branches of the tree corresponds to the flow of a more upstream-middle of small subdivided valley.

River along the zone of the respective tree-like is blocked by high mountains, there is no back and forth of each other. People, along the river, the closure of which was isolated from the residents along the river next to, exclusivity, living to create a high community of sectionalism, the way of such a joint body, which is the origin of the Japanese society.

Japanese society, like upstream of the river, the terminal has a plurality of small village communities, rivers gradually in synchronism with merges with other rivers, there are goods collection and distribution of the town is formed, further, rivers each other or further merges, by thickening the flow, to a position down stream at the mouth, the cities occurs is characteristic of the Japanese society.

The presence of the river, to the merging pattern, the flow of people and goods of the community are met. In each river between the upstream portion, in a tree-like, similar to forming a valley can not contact each other spaced mountains individually, with also Japanese society, settlements made in a tree-like along each river, mountain absolutely there is no coming and going from the village of other rivers that are separated, have been isolated.

Tree of each river and the village is formed in a one closed sections of it, drifting heavily on the entire Japanese society, government offices, sectionalism in such company organization ( For example, in the case of government, no country was "saving " ) it is considered to be the source of.

Each section of the upstream ( also in the community of actual along the river, with some organizations view of the government and companies ) in a more downstream, through a large administrative, organizational unit = "trading center" than is formed at the confluence with other rivers However, there is no possible to perform the exchange of each other people and goods.

Toward the downstream, tree-like people, distribution of goods is more integrated, a large city will be made. These, according to the river that flows between the mountains in a tree shape, distribution and communication of the tree-like people and goods is carried out, for each tree, are separated by a mountain, a valley of isolated, high sealing ability, society that sectionalism occurs, called a "Sanga-based society". Japan is typical of this "Sanga-based society".

05/19/2007 05:10:38 AM

Many adaptation and trends of the Japanese, for air sensing antenna

Japanese, everyone around is which way, where to go toward, it is sensitive to read the atmosphere and the air of the place. So that it is not go put on all of the movement, so that it does not become separated, trying to act constantly stuck, it continues to span the antenna for sensing the periphery of the trend. To focus on the surrounding air.

In short, the peace of mind and everyone and being together, constantly move in groups, so as not to bewildering been left behind from his belongs organizations, it is're possible care. Each person, trends and time of the topic, to act in accordance with the epidemic, to keep up with them, busy to the tuning information collection. This wet liquid molecules group movement patterns ( author pattern W is called ) is the same as. Pattern W in, each particle is, along with the other particles and pace around each other, with the same trend, together, form a group, progresses slowly.

In short, everyone and together, the same as the well is, determine the sense of unity with the surroundings, so as not to deviate from the inner ring, so as not to be left out, pay close attention. When you align the microscopic surrounding motion, but for macro, where to go, I do not know anyone. In short, each person is than trying to go to all of the go direction of the surrounding each, anywhere in the not decided to go either in one person to the direction, based on it and trends sense of that from time to time around the person progress total direction determination is in the traveling direction as a whole. As a result, whether the organization is toward large in any direction, do not know anyone, anyone not be determined clearly also, that play, that sometimes the atmosphere, determined depending on the air, it comes to change.

Around, subtle, the flow of the delicate air, and constantly not read by the antenna fully open, thus hit by one person Oitekibori. In short, it is the same thing as has been the odd man out. From flowing to the bottom is, ambient and coordination, want to tune, I want to somehow attached to the periphery of the movement, want to not go at, that want to keep the surroundings and the sense of unity, a wet desire. This is in contrast to a dry desire to want to act one person freely apart independent of the ambient.

Such thinking is, cause many adapt to the people, the whole directed that the entire movement is in a collection, leading to the overall principle. In this case, walking ahead, who is progressing, and go, than would likely fall off late with later, there is an idea that desirable. Thought its time to time, be respected as a good person is the front portion to a progressive and have in the whole. Of course, the people to go ahead, too ahead of ourselves, was walking toward one person in a direction different from the surroundings If you find yourself, there is a possibility to become a situation where. This is, getting ahead of ourselves, are associated with the idea that hate walking alone as undesirable.

In short, out from the overall trend, walking alone, sticking out, someone to spin-out, late person, it is a society that hates the dropouts. So, everyone, to go somehow attached to the trend, to fit in a position to Awayokuba led the trend, hard, is desperate.

People who grasped the dominant position in society of Japan, (1) is not fit well in the whole of the wheel, (2) the entire earlier in the, to have a progressive to keep the position of those of the previous , (3) it is yet, it is like blaze a trail of the entire movement to not to walk alone, such that in a way that will pull everyone "trend makers".

Another is related to the slowness of movement. Japan, each person independent rather than breeze move around quickly, while taking a joint pace at all, is that it's society of the type that go progressing very loose. This is, Western dry society of individualism, such as the ( pattern D society of ) social progress compared to has led to be delayed.

05/19/2007 05:12:44 AM

"Concentration" love of Japanese

People of Japan is considered to be likes concentration. Government to Tokyo, is a good example extreme centralization of the economy function. The urban functions and residential space is concentrated in one place, it is like to cram in creaking leather.

In short, where the lives of everyone around, where you have gathered, I also want to stay, considered or not very strong feeling that I want to go. Away from the periphery, are separated, the evil of being alone, not good, together with everyone is good, seems to be thinking is widespread that.

The people of this country, to flow the rumors of others, by hitting the gossip, is like to be seen in the staring curious eyes of others, constantly, attention, of gossip subject, in search of the target, and the wax all at once there is a habit to pour barrage. In short, where there is all of interest, I also let's go, it means that there are many people who try to get together, it is, attention, create an object of over-concentration of rumor story.

Energy of the interest of the people, to not know where you should go, in no direction, wandering in search of a place to go, there is a tendency to rush to one place which is found as soon as the target. The target, bathed in one fell swoop to attention, boom, the target of the epidemic. Attention, it is the "concentration" occurs rumors.

In this case, the person who passed through the rumors or showered attention, myself, as detached from the attention of the subject, dressed inconspicuous, fled to the safety zone, it is common to measure the self-protection . To become parties skillfully avoided, it is to pretend the sights of Takami. Gossip, attention of the subject, is a kind of scapegoat, victimization, as well as the bullying of the subject can be said. Gossip, people and organizations that became the subject of attention, by people who had gathered around, thus gathered is mobbed, or the like which is the privacy to shreds, is to meet severe eye is customary. In particular, it is, if that scandal and the guilty is the beginning, take a relentless barrage, bullied and gathered by, are often beaten.

Japanese wet Nanoha, simply, a sense of unity with the surrounding, not only like to have a connection, or bullying gathered by the people bad position at all, likes to hit the whispers gossip, "insidious it is the "also considered that a major factor. People of frustration, wandering energy of stress is in search of an outlet, bound to find out the person who was conspicuous by, for example, it happens to be a failure, is considered to intensively flow there.

Once the subject of a barrage of attention and rumors, there is no choice but to wait patiently earnestly and shrugged his neck that too storm. However, people are tired of hurl a barrage on the subject, to until they go in search of other objects, it is also true that not take much time. People was crazy to hurl a barrage is, if found another new subject, that the subject had been attacked until now forgotten and Kerori, the towards the next target is customary. If Taeshinobe the storm that too, same fine weather of the typhoon, also terms of return to the original peaceful life there.

Japanese companies, while it is under attack by that caused the scandal and accidents such as single-mindedly continued to head down, the storm is past, where people of interest is headed elsewhere, it had been secretly refrain CM It considered or not in a lot of carrying out the restoration of equal. People who have peppered the barrage is gathered by at everyone, Ya find another noticeable target as soon as, that of subjects who have peppered the fire until now forgotten and Koro', get bored, to another target instead It is intensively fiercely rush and is commonly found.

These, and the like barrage of Japanese, forgetfulness that is compatible with it, the ease tired, one pole to concentrate the energy, one after the other wind and rain, the subject of intensive fire by the storm to move to change the ad hoc go, after passed away ( apart from the remaining scars of the victims of crossfire ) is very similar to the "Typhoon", "tropical cyclone" tranquility as if nothing had happened to come back to the subject. This may be referred to as "Japanese = Typhoon" scheme, model and even. In short, the Japanese is that there are many people of like a typhoon personality.

Around here, but there is a connection with the description of the typhoon nature to cool easy easy heating of the Japanese in the Tetsuro Kazutsuji "culture", the author, unlike the description of Watsuji, the Japanese, the energy of each person population, to form the organization, will be concentrated in one pole, the place rushed to the spot of the target, while showered a barrage, an ad hoc basis, a non-directional manner, proceed is flowed to the atmosphere of the place the nature, is referred to as the "typhoon manner".

These, barrage, the "concentration", such as intensive attack occurs frequently is, are believed to be characteristic of the people of this country. In short, "onlookers guts" is strong, I want to go even myself in the place where people are gathering, "I wonder people are gathering in what" in the curious eyes, "I wonder is doing what," "interesting" When, such as respect for the subject privacy in the secondary, and catch a glimpse, flocking or, it is to or gathered. The strength of the tendency to be in the place where people gather to go be yourself, "concentration" oriented Japanese, are supporting the likes concentration.

Want to gather in the place you are of all, the directivity of Japanese who want droves, want to stand out among them, want attention, are associated strongly with oriented to become a celebrity. The point is, is that the people who want their own actively become the target of "concentration" are not a little. As of Toka Western society, in order to have a different independent individuals with others, trying to be unique, put the others and the distance "remote, personality of separation oriented", the importance of "dry personality" can be seen Unlike the society, in the Japanese society, among which are of all, in order to not buried, in order to stand out attracting attention, or not in a lot of people that it would be unique. In short, noticeably, it will attract the people around him, and of trying to be an individual in order to try to gather, the concentration of interest in their own, it is the personality-oriented aimed at the concentration of the line-of-sight. Such a line-of-sight, personality-oriented for the attention gathered, even in the same personality, in distinction from the dry personality emphasis on Western-style, "personality of the concentration-oriented", can be referred to as a "wet personality".

05/19/2007 05:15:08 AM

About synchronization society

- Women society, Japanese society Features -

[ Summary ] the Japanese people or women, theory, theory, rather than interested in thought itself, are thought in the depths of the mind and say, even if the idea itself. Rather, the same thought, by sharing in unison theory at the same time as the periphery of the fellow, to get a sense of camaraderie and unity, it is a real purpose to enjoy, I thought faith is merely a means for the. This, in order to maintain the maternal oneness in the wet with the surroundings, the society such as Japan, which directed to share in synchronization with the surrounding and ideas and topics in unison at the same time, here in the "synchronous society" It is named.

(1) the synchronization society

For you get the information for what, in the men and women, is considered an object of the present invention is quite different. For men, as a means for some goals, or while the emphasis is placed on obtaining accurate information, in women, but rather, to share with others information, the same conversation wheel to participate in it is considered that it is often a purpose.

The women, also see the TV, watching the same program with friends, in order to be able to join together in a circle of conversation with friends, it is to see. In short, itself is not a purpose to get the information, with the same information of the common, for the rise and colleagues, in order to enjoy the wet sense of unity with the colleagues, it is to see the same television program. In that case, the content itself is a secondary, information is only a soup of fellow awareness.

This is not only the information acquisition, the purchase of general goods, it is also true that in consumer behavior. Kanojora, to get put into a fellow around, or, in order to participate in a conversation with a friend, to Toka go to the same store, Toka buy the same thing, he said, of the common same consumption experience. Life, do not If you do not match around the consumption of the way. To that end, it takes the same level of money with the surrounding.

This is, to try new experiences different from their surroundings alone, in contrast to the masculine Directions in the dry.

This is so even in the followers of thought. For example, the concept of gender-free strong Western society father rights were brought to Japan, has been the motto of the establishment of nor even femininity with masculinity "I-ness". The difference with others, to emphasize the difference, each other's wet sense of unity with others, which leads to the loss of tuning a sense, has become a thing of pressing to each person, the disparate individualism in the dry. This standard is a man, is one of the strategies to man the woman, is intended to weaken the women's force.

Japan of intelligent women are not aware of it, trying to favorable society to themselves by eliminating gender discrimination is a fact is that the'm going to be so if the followers of the idea of ​​gender-free is hard to believe in simplistic.

In this case, women in Japan, the contents of the gender free of ideology, but is not aware that it is harmful to themselves, on the other hand, the view that even taking much thought, the first place it does not become harmful it is also possible. Speaking It is why, for Kanojora, maternal unity uplifting and the counter electrode, the Western idea of ​​the contents of the dry male center, strengthen the wet sense of unity between fellow, not just a soup for sharing it is from.

Intelligent women in Japan is, in all jointly, but together with each other to share a dry patriarchal thought to, in fact, a thought, share the same ideas with each other, strengthen the unity of each other, maternal wet itself be immersed in the sense of unity is in joy or rather enjoyable such. The contents of thought is actually a in anything good, in speaking of Why the idea from Europe and the United States, it is only going to imitate because say something brackets an advanced, is ready more deep thinking not.

Applying seriously the idea from Western to themselves because it is harmful to themselves is of good anyhow. The idea, strengthen the unity of each other to master together with fellow, is taken as the Come Party, a sense of unity between fellow, because I want the same feeling, it is the true hidden purpose of such thought learning.

In the women of Japan, in order to share the fellow and wet oneness, that collaborative learning hard and dry ideas together, what is happening is paradoxical phenomenon. For even why to learn the spirit derived from Europe and the United States, it is, in that you have a Western idea of advanced and good image, there is a Kawazan'yo wants superiority Standing in the fellow. In short, for girls, Western thought, not only in the soup for dominate as the authority in the fellow.

Dry patriarchal ideology, the Japanese women, not harmful ( not answer ) is given, for the girls, thought, theory is because the only tool, means for a mere fellow awareness, of thought contents is actually well even if, it's just that hoax that from time to time suits mantra.

In summary, she us, to move together with others, it is crazy to be synchronized with others, its time to time, is the Norikaeru one after another to the advanced ideas that can be shared with others a sense of unity. In this case, the idea itself is good, even if, thought there than may be any number, its time to time, it's important itself that you have thought of together with the surrounding. Synchronize around and thought that is of a real purpose. In this regard, Japan's intelligent women, respect that synchronize with the surrounding "synchronous society" (synchronous society) with each other to act as a member of. The concept that values the synchronization between these members is, "synchronization principle" (synchronism) called a. Then, the "synchronous society" is also a feature of the wet maternal Japanese society.

Wet people, such as Japan, theory, theory, rather than interested in thought itself, are thought in the depths of the mind and say, even if the idea itself. Rather, the same thought, by sharing the theory and the surrounding fellow, to obtain a sense of camaraderie and unity, it is a real purpose to enjoy, I thought faith is merely a means for the. By sharing the same ideas, such as a sense of unity and nepotism feeling, to enjoy the maternal feeling in the wet is, that should have been the fact the objective dry theory verification original, Japanese scientists, Ya researchers It has become a true hidden purpose of their make academia.

In short, there it is because the ultimate goal to become a fellow with each other to believe the same theory, theory is the subject of "co-faith". Then, between those who believe the same theory ( which, often with each other person in a teacher-student relationship ) purpose, formed a clique, to form a faction, enjoy the sense of unity and nepotism sense of each other, which was hidden in the true It has turned into. In short, Japanese scientists, for researchers, the theory and scientific theory, get a sense of unity mutual, than is only soup for the ultimate goal realization that enjoy that belong to the same theory faith group .

In addition, in this case, on whether or not they believe in the same theory and scientific theory, it depends on whether or not get to accept the theory faith population. Than such a point, objective analysis subject to be theory and scientific theory, as the faith of allegiance test, and the usage of the unexpected from the original. In order to get accepted on an ongoing basis to influential factions you want your incoming, the theory and scientific theory of the faction Warrant that he also believe in, the situation of putting the cart before the horse is happening.

This is the Japan of academia, as compared to the dry Western, is the true reason for inferior to the theoretical. Alternatively, even in Japan of Christian believers, rather than believe in the dry Christian thought itself, the spirit "and his friends, believe with all of the surrounding" it is important. Emphasis of accents come into the right "with everyone".

The "synchronous society", everyone takes the same action in unison society, everyone has to believe in the same ideas all at once, it can be said that a society for the purpose of itself be uplifting sense of unity to each other. In short, for the sake of their good friends group maintained, by sharing the same thought at that time to time at all, is a society that used the idea as a means of good friends group maintained. At that time, each other, as it based on the surroundings and the sense of unity, the same topic, and all at once everyone gathered on the idea creed, will wax and boom. The topic, the contents of the creed, not to be too limited. The same thought creed each other has everyone all at once at the same time, because Come Party to enhance the wet unity of each other is because it is the ultimate goal. In this regard, the synchronization society such as Japan is basically no idea, it has also become the place is taken up tend to reason measures of haphazard on the spot.

When everyone comes of them bored with the topic became boom gathered, to everyone all at once to the next topic, and transfer to torrential rain, the it is also made to the boom, it is a repeat of that. Than such a point, the contents of the idea that everyone believe in all at once, it is not be fixed in one, it can be said that continues to change without constantly caught far from. Everyone all at once synchronization behavior is, for those who prefer a wet mutual sense of unity, is essential in order to continue to maintain the unity of each other.

And everyone all at once of over-concentration on one topic or idea, If you get tired of it, another topic, is to go one after another all at once to transfer to the idea, which is a feature of the members of the synchronization society. At that time, every one of the wet synchronization society, everyone, where the people are gathering now, is sensitive to whether the over collection, in order to myself not to miss the topic, in order to be with everyone, there in a row this to. Then, once the person begins to gather, to snowball, co-owners of the same topic, is the tuning's going to increase.

Based on it "the topic share in sometimes," "mutual oneness of the acquisition, maintenance" is the ultimate goal of wet synchronization society. For the topic, sharing itself is an object, it may be what is the topic of the fine contents. Or that the topic of image, appearance of sportiness, it is important innovation. In short, the topic yourself is wearing, is than are calculated high calculating the quality of the impression to give to others when dressed, and often the impression to give to others, important to stand more advantage so there.

In "synchronous society", everyone is ahead of everyone in the topic to be synchronized, that the issue off the topic predecessors, superiors of the synchronization society, is a leader role, its high status. They, leader auditors, other than all, know a new topic only one step. At that time, when the thing was Sakibashi' the contents of the very topic, do not come with all of the other. Everyone is come with, yet is put out what everyone does not already know, it is an ideal leader of synchronization society.

In this case, the "advanced" new topic is difficult to come out in the wet society such as Japan, the new discovery of a dry society such as Europe and the United States, a new trend, will be incorporated as an advanced topic, and so be familiar with advanced topics, it is required to synchronize society leaders such as Japan. Topic consumption in everyone together "synchronous society" is also what to is considered to have been made in the following order.

(1) leader shake the next new topic.

(2) Everyone bites to a new topic in unison. With abandon an earlier topic of earlier.

(3) for a while, with the topic, swollen to torrential rain manner at all. Boom, in the form of riding the epidemic, the topic consumption of is carried out.

(4) Everyone, get bored with the topic. (1) to.

The driving force behind the synchronization society, and women who respect the intimate sense of unity mutual, is a member of the influential agricultural society such as Japan. That respect the unity of mutual, synchronization society, it can also be said to be a wet society.

(2) the synchronization consciousness

In the synchronous society such as Japan, among those who joined the organization at the same time, even unrelated strangers example, was born in the organization at the same time, is a family similar fellow, get along with each other solidarity to, should match the action, is deep-rooted idea that the same disparity is no treatment for it should receive much. This is, "synchronization consciousness" (conciousness of synchronicity) can be called with the word.

There are, every year 4 at the time the same time the same timing of May, everyone all at once in school, government offices, is possible to "newcomer" to the organization, such companies have been assumed. "Time and time synchronization of" is important. In "Synchronization person" among the newly join the tissue at the same timing, uniform, be side-by-side wet treatment in the same are demanded deep inside. So, in between the synchronous person each other, the difference is stick in salary and promotion, delay person who is shocked, narrow the gap, to fill, make an effort to compete. This is not a free competition, towards the standardization, is a "tuning competition".

Synchronization who each other is, originally, a stranger, despite being a non-relatives, each other, there is a sense of unity in the intimate, familiar get used properly, to unite with each other, tuning. Such a wet unity, the same in-group at the same time ( my house ) in which sprout only between each other person who has entered into.

Ingroup is, usually, schools, government offices, although such companies is assumed, in some cases, and families and relatives network, the local community, such as the settlements are also envisioned. Alternatively, if the entire Japanese society, was regarded as a huge in-group, the same year of birth, of the same school year ( was the ) person each other, it can be said that with some strong synchronization consciousness.

This synchronization consciousness does not occur between the elsewhere person other than the population within that belong together. That have joined together at the same time in the same population, it is important for the development of synchronization consciousness. Further, with respect to a population of subscribers, it is blank with each other, that no dyed color other populations, is a condition in terms of producing a synchronous consciousness. In short, each other at the same timing, that we dyed like gradually to the color of the join tissue, the color synchronization is the is important as a sign indicating that joined simultaneously to the same inner population.

It should be noted that this synchronization consciousness, there is a deep ties and the senior-junior relationship or seniority relationships. In short, those who entered the organization at the timing of the post ( junior ) is entered person in front of the timing ( senior ) than is the idea that the should receive much the treatment of below. Alternatively, a junior, treatment ( Toka status in the organization ) in, is that there is no possible to overtake a senior. This is typically found in the Japanese authorities.

Synchronization treatment is between between a person who has subscribed to in-group at the same time, treatment with is side by side, their side-by-side slice, while maintaining the parallel state, the subscription year order, as strata in sequence from the bottom will pile up parallel to, senior layer above, is that obtaining more above the treatment side by side in synchronization with each other than junior below the layer, which is characteristic of the way the members treatment in the synchronization community.

Such synchronization consciousness, in the context of rice farming, all at once to germinate every year Toka rice, to grow, is reaped in the same period, it is the same as is harvested. In short, crops, management in one-year increments, which grows, it is that has been traced in human relations, is considered to be a synchronization consciousness. Another source of synchronization consciousness, unprecedented in society, which is oriented tradition-oriented. Senior with a precedent more rich is, is based on the idea that it is always higher than the junior is not the case. In addition, every year at the same time, to enter the school, by receiving the same lesson all at once, precedent, accumulation into the tradition of the head, are aligned to each grade, it is based on the idea that are synchronized and it can also be said.

05/19/2007 05:16:23 AM

High-precision, accuracy and Japanese

- relentless pursuit and the international competitiveness of the "model" -

Japanese people, such as those found in semiconductor manufacturing equipment and small digital camera, which is good at making a product that boasts high precision. In addition, respect for accuracy to small place. It is, for example, the railway company has appeared in place to protect exactly the train time in seconds.

Such a high-precision, accuracy, correct answer, the ethos that values the lack of mistake, for example, has led to that is not public in speak indefinitely English. Strong ties to the surroundings, respecting the sense of unity, the Japanese having to worry about the periphery of the eye, by wrong or fail in front of everyone, or laughed at, or humiliated, losing dignity, ambient as it is the plucked from, fear above all. It is, definitely, without fail, has created a strong desire to act "correctly". The attitude is, in a feminine safety first, an authoritarian, renowned scholars and central government authorities, the authoritative source is acknowledged, there is already ( existing ) that approaches the correct answer, to the extreme that mimic there is a tendency to pursue.

In short, creative thinking to create something new ideas from nothing state it is weak, it is not possible to produce the absent to present. Someone authoritative source wrote textbooks, textbooks, such as the model, and there is no precedent to guarantee the "correctness", can not do anything. Is that it is desirable to mimic the so was the "correct" model as accurately as possible, it is actually good. Learning in schools in Japan, as seen in the Toka college entrance examination measures, the contents of the "you up", textbook corresponding to the absolute correct answer that the provisions of the authoritative source, so as to poke the corner of the nest of boxes, until a fine place there is a need to memorize exactly. This is, in Japanese, it can be said fineness, and the sense of accuracy is associated largely with that attached to the body.

Such precision, it strongly oriented to accuracy, at the time of domination a clear answer and sectors in which the target is already to catch up, a significant tailwind. The correct model, and exactly accurately mimic up to the point without error fine, ability to hone, for example, appliances and automotive manufacturing techniques, the catch-up to catch up from the West, unmatched precision created a product with international competitiveness, it has contributed to the boost in the rich economic power of Japan in the of.

Currently, the Japanese society of the vagus feeling to thrive regained again vitality, this, is important to maintain and develop the temperament that values ​​high precision and accuracy that has been developed over many years, making the product of the production of a variety of fields to go, it is considered to be the most important thing. Going to attack focus the fields requiring a high degree of precision and correctness is deemed good. On the other hand, to exert the originality of Western par is, it may be better to give up probably.

However, even if the learning in school, over anyway high cost, if it can learn exactly unmatched meticulously the contents of the model, not Toka era useless even remember, production ~ research and development site of the company such as directly related to, directly useful to the human environment adaptation, it should make remember the practical and functional content.

In addition, because the authoritative source of the theory is, that although roots are in a lot of it is often to Western theory of scholars, in it, such as the importance of individualism and originality, dry Western society is well suited to be, hard to familiar for the wet Japanese society, often it is also included thin content validity be directly imitated as a model. Japanese, in order to imitate the theory of Western, the dry part, that is to mimic after being converted into a pre-wet ones, are considered "dry → wet conversion" is essential. However, in practice, such a conversion is not performed, the theory of Western scholars to "swallow" is a reality that is faith as "you on the theory".

Oriented to such "correctness" is to try to protect that the move "correctly" to the correct street, that deviate from it, is regarded as uniformly as "error," "mistake", "failure", condemnation, criticism, ridicule set to target. Failure to be, extremely abhor that wrong. The error is inherent in human beings (human beings are those mistakes), it is difficult to accept the idea. A human error, the person's personal responsibility that caused the error, lack of ability, attention regarded as insufficient, thought Oyobi hard behind the problems of organization and systems. After all, the Japanese, the human is correct, it should work as role models "correctly", the other strong beliefs is a child that, precisely operation until it is a social system in Japanese, where fine, the ability to build given, society, while contributing significantly to the economic development, brought to people the compulsive adherence to "correct", intolerance to the lack or human error margin of society, has led to a lack of originality, It is said.

05/19/2007 05:18:46 AM

Japanese and Chinese

- of the people of difference, those underlying the common property - Japanese and Chinese ( Han ) similar and, in common, are summarized short as follows. Japanese and Chinese, both of which are agricultural nation to mainly rice and upland. In that respect, Toka prefer to not move settled in one place, Toka prefer a collective, collective action, mutual sense of unity, psychological bond, respecting the humanity, an emphasis on nepotism, feminine in a dank, it was sticky wet , in terms with the maternal nature are common.

However, this both many parents big difference there. Chinese ( Han ) and the biggest difference between Japanese, in-group that he belongs, that is intimacy, or how far the range considered can have that sense of unity "our house", for is significantly different. In the case of the Chinese, the range of "our house" is, paternal relatives population that has continued for more than a thousand years ( cognate ) is limited to within the lineage of. It has the same last name, between the partners that are included in the same kin population, warm, while a relationship of intimate relatives, others who do not belong to the same relatives of paternal is, in all "elsewhere who" Yes, it is placed in a cold relationship that does not credit.

Also Toka company, employees belonging to the same paternal relatives populations and management has a "my house" awareness for the company, to participate in the management with a sense of unity. Others who either belong to the same paternal blood group = "my house" that is, "the company is family all of your belongings" in the sense that, more and more Narenareshiku participate in the management of the company, come to intervene. Each other person of the same cognate, a strong sense of unity, linked by nepotism, the relationship of the graces is rampant, versatile in any way.

Compared to that, do not belong to the same paternal relatives populations and management employees, against the company, have a cold "elsewhere's" consciousness, never, does not have a sense of unity, with the only temporary seat consciousness. In this case, because even tell the Toka technology company, does not have the sense of unity against the company, there is no sense of trying to fix in the company, to "run away" and quickly taught technology, another more advantageous gone to such company. The moved was the next company also, as long as it is not connected by the same paternal relatives, elsewhere person, does not change is that the face in the sense that a temporary seat.

When taking out this part only, Chinese, appears to be individualists, in fact, integrated strongly with paternal relatives group, with a strong sense of belonging, is considered a wet population advocates.

Those intimate in relation to the others that do not belong to the paternal relatives population, personal friend, become friend relationship.

Chinese people with such features, the different and the Japanese people, in the following points.

(1) First, the degree of importance to the relatives is, China and significantly different in Japan. The difference is, in Japan, only a small part of the Toka Imperial Family, as compared to not save writing a genealogy of these paternal relatives population in China, is also very common ordinary people, a thousand years the genealogy of paternal kin group held by the unit, look at the family tree, it can be confirmed whether or not their own where you are in the lineage. Compared to this, the relatives consciousness of the Japanese people, as China is not strong, to hold genealogy in a thousand years units are rare in ordinary people level.

(2) Then, in Japan, necessarily, it may not belong to the same paternal relatives group, can enter the relationship of warm and intimate relatives. For example, among those who belong to the same school or company, called "Uchi of school", "Uchi of the company", it has a strong sense of unity, be aware of each other like family. Even without through the blood, if it is "among those who ate the rice of the same kettle", you get to treat as if belonging to the same family. In that respect, the population can be regarded as "my house" is not limited to paternal relatives group, will be present various large number. For example, continuous with as if it were a pseudo-family teacher-student relationship in the Toka university, or it is in-group called academic background.

Alternatively, in Japan, at the time of marriage of the couple, ( a lot ) better of his wife, in the form of marriage to the home of her husband, changing his last name to the last name of her husband it has been generally performed. This is also a wife that does not lead the original blood, by changing the last name, and of being greeted in the form of a "newcomer" on the part of the husband of the family group = "my house", in Japan, it does not belong to the relatives who is as a family it can be said that the typical cases that receive treats.

In this case, in order to have put in a fellow of the "Uchi", Toka entrance examination of the university, it is often necessary to break through the severe test. In addition, newcomer of the "Uchi" population ( Toka company of the newcomer, Toka daughter-in-law the newly marriage to the house of the husband ) , in order to be recognized clearly as a member of the group, or receive the Toka various trials and bullying. In short, in Japan, population like a surface tension of the liquid, has worked the power to not try to put the inner and elsewhere who, it is difficult to break through it, but not get hard to put into our house, broke through once and you get to put the inner Te, similarly connected by blood family, or more of a strong sense of unity, a member of the "Uchi" in nepotism, so get to treated as a member of the same common destiny. This is as if there is a membrane that separates the inside and outside the group, similar to the relationship and the feeling of the sperm to fertilize, for example, entered into by Kaikugu' the egg membrane.

These, even if not belong to the same paternal relatives, each other to put the relationship of "our house", strong ties with family similar wet, be-held sense of unity, it comes to the compared Japan's feature China. On the other hand, the Chinese, as long as they do not belong together in the same paternal blood group, the interpersonal relationship is, in principle, a cold dry, stops temporary. "Uchi" for the Chinese, the same paternal limited to between those who are connected by blood relatives, lacks the flexibility to broaden the range of "my house" to the other party of unrelated, such as Japan. Than such a point, the definition of the population of "my house" is clear. Organization, such as the company made with each other a plurality of non-relatives such as Japan and the generation of ambiguous that it becomes "my house," "my house" family similar to the organization members, expansion of the range, can take place in China Absent.

The same Chinese and Western, strong individualism was penetration, Japan be regarded as the owner of heterogeneous social relations and is correct in some respects, it is wrong large in some respects. Chinese, is among those who do not like-yourself and paternal relatives, located in an unfriendly dry relationship with each other, if you look at taking only such side, Western same, because dry individualistic society relations looks into the mainstream in the fact is there.

However, So, if Chinese essence say whether dry, not the case, the relationship between those who belong to the same paternal relatives is very intimate, full of a sense of unity, but wet. Between those who belong to the cognate, connected by a strong bond, it is between each other, versatile in any way, strong graces, are in a relationship to the rule of harmony. In addition, the wet paternal relatives population, sustained in the thousand-year period, have been formed, is of a large scale beyond the imagination of the Japanese, moreover, the genealogy of such relatives, ordinary common people is as commonplace with each other to hold on.

We when the Japanese company to expand into China, for the Chinese employees, similar to Japanese employees, employees, a strong sense of unity against the company, with the "Uchi" consciousness, the company but I think as things, as us trying to do my shaving the Honemi for the company, tend and someone to be education employees assumptions.

But this is, if you know that the range of "my house" of the Chinese people is almost limited to paternal relatives group, this is the most it can be seen that can not be expected. Even if Toka matter how meticulously the technical guidance to the Chinese employees, what is abscond immediately move the form to other companies, in the first place, the Chinese employees, a Japanese company, ( many Japanese employees take such ) their integration, not at all considered to be at the family similar relationship should be co-reduction, cold relationship with each other elsewhere who, because not only seen as a partner of a temporary seat.

In this regard, as the Japanese company, the individual of Chinese employees, only as elsewhere person, is better to treat the dry is considered to work well as a temporary partner. Employees, only regarded as strangers ( this is, but it will be difficult and from the Japanese sense ) , even when Toka technical guidance, rather than from being taught disclosing any know-how, of which from their as soon as there is in performed would temporarily relationship apart, is considered that it should cease to teach a superficial place.

Alternatively, there behind the individual of Chinese employees, each Chinese paternal relatives population itself of the huge size of the Yorube, also considered to be moving in consciousness from the beginning. For example, an opponent of the Japanese companies of the joint venture, by the Chinese of paternal relatives group, a sense of unity to the Chinese paternal kin group, the loyalty consciousness, take advantage of Japanese companies, is to think to be able to use.

For even nature of Chinese society, huge paternal relatives populations each other not to separate fused together, such as a plurality of amoeba, constantly, is to be taken or in conflict with each other, as to repeat the Go衝 cooperation. Such as Japan, the entire society, beyond the individual in the population, it can be said that it is better not to be taking the view that capture as a "nation" with a sense of unity, one of unity with each other. For the Chinese people, "the State" also, is the thought is to have like a private matter of paternal relatives population belongs to its leaders.

In this way, if you look at the difference between Japan and China, it can be said that Japan is somewhere advantage to make conditions for China comes into view. Of the population and national land size, China overwhelms Japan in such resources, is the fact that it is a big threat for modern Japan. Therefore, if put any points, compared to China, it is important to find out whether the decisive advantage in the stand.

In this regard, the author, Japanese, red of others each other does not lead the blood to each other, the same school, in the wake of such into the company, integrally and integration of in a common in-group = "Uchi" to each other, in fact to be united to create a common destiny that was strong ties to far more than the relatives to each other, which led the blood, it can be goes forward to achieve the targets is, compared to the Chinese people can not only movement that has been tied to the frame of relatives Te, think that has created the possibility that make the overwhelming superiority.

In short, personnel necessary to achieve a certain goal, to find always the right people from within the same blood is difficult, need the help of others in the red comes out really. At that time, beyond the framework of the relatives, Japanese with a psychology that match can unite, rather than the Chinese can not get out of the frame of the relatives, to achieve the target, a strong degree that can be psychologically match unity as a result, in comparison with the Chinese unthinkable objects only within the framework of blood is considered to more effectively without the goals, we can win.

If the Japanese people, I will stand up advantage compared to China, this, of unrelated red of strangers are melted together and into the same in-group, integrally fusion of, toward a common goal, family similar the ability to match unity with strong bonds ( or should call out even with unrelated within a population forming capacity ) was as maintained until now, and more should be strengthened.

05/19/2007 05:20:38 AM

Study of "Japanese-ness"

In traditional Japanese culture theory, has been said to be characteristic of Japanese society and culture, "collectivism," "closed nature ( seclusion ) , such as", "seniority", "spoiled" is, in fact, only the unique Japan not, widely East Asia ( China, Korea, the Philippines, etc. ) , which is a feature that apply to the agricultural society in general, such as. For "wabi sabi" also details the white to a different, roughly it is considered that it would be in common with the culture of Chinese ink painting of the world and recluse.

Therefore, where the Japanese society and culture is to explain what is unique not in the other countries is not so simple. In fact, by having by multiplying some of the features present in other countries, the uniqueness of Japan is considered to come out. In that case, other countries, unlike Japan, would be that it is not ready in the form obtained by multiplying their characteristics.

The author, Japanese society, the following 3 by having by multiplying one of the features, consider to have the uniqueness of no other of society. In this case, these features alone, respectively, but may also exist in other societies, each of AND and refine taking, it is considered to be only in Japan.

(1) "agricultural basis" settled and fixed in one place, cultivation of plants ( such as rice ) to live performing. Features derived from the life attitude, is that described below, "wet", "feminine".

(1a) "wet" mentally approach sticky each other, do not move too much stick together, to produce an exclusive population. It is a population principle who prefer to act in groups. Tuning of the surroundings, respecting the cooperative, is weak ego. Lack of privacy, such as is characteristic.

(1b) for "feminine, maternal" permanently there is a need to continue face-to-face in the same village each other, not allowed to break the fellow, good human relations maintain, mutual sense of unity, cherish the warmth to. This woman is good at, is a woman facing life attitude, and from there is strong women in society, maternal force, makes the mainstream attitudes, such as the following. For example, the attitude is passive. Their own self-protection, consider safety first, hate the adventure. Is an authoritarian to achieve their entrenchment in Omone' to authority. Precedent, deference to elders with the tradition ( seniority ) , does not evaluate the ingenious attempts of individuals.

The above features, not only in Japan, society has a living performing widely farming ( China, Korea, Southeast Asia, Russia, etc. ) are believed to be characteristic seen widely in common. On the other hand, society of nomadic, pastoral system ( Western Europe, North America, Arab, Jewish, etc. ) is, the above has a masculine culture in the opposite of dry.

(2) "centripetal" paternal family group ( for example, the Imperial Family ) was used as a foundation ( or conforming to it ) , was concentrated on one point, to act to create a tissue of centripetal force of the tree structure. This is, eager to create the genealogies of paternal, to maintain, China, which is a common and South Korea with a family group that spread in a tree-like from a common ancestor. On the other hand, in Southeast Asia such as Thailand, family population, dissipated to the network of eye-like across both paternal, maternal, it becomes a form of dispersion, lack of afferent.

(3) others not in the "non-relatives in the population = our house of formation" kinship red also, "eat the rice of the same kettle" in such as new graduates if the experience, with a warm family same holistic sense of unity blend in with the population Te = it can "enter the inner of the fellow." My own company is to how to call it "my house of the company", is a typical.

This is, in-group ( population that corresponds to the "my house" ) is a major difference with China and South Korea to be limited to the same surname of the family group. China, South Korea, to become a fellow of the "Uchi" is limited to partner with each other with a blood relationship. The other party other than the blood group, there is the remains of elsewhere who can not be forgive the heart, even if hired by companies, ( except in the case of a company of the companies relatives, ) to have a sense of unity to the company there is no. Like Japan, I felt a strong sense of unity to enter the company, to spend together as a person elsewhere who each other is not in the blood relationship is as if belonging to the same "my house" as a family, China, considered impossible in Korea It is.

(1) - (3) that has both sides at the same time, is considered a hit in no Japanese society unique feature to the other society.

05/19/2007 05:22:16 AM

Wet Japanese

The following is the title introduction of the author of the sentence explaining that Japanese is wet. For more information, it has been recorded in the author of the book on the humidity feeling and the gas, liquid.

Japanese or dry, or wet? (Collation and psychological test answer results analysis of the existing Japanese Theory)

Dry of Japan - "passive-autistic dry" expansion and "semi-dry" of the society of personality -

Japanese Constitution as a dry law and religious - Japanese law "faith" -

For dry interpersonal relationships in wet society

( Reference ) dry-wet feeling, personality and social about ( with psychological tests )

( Reference ) either of dry-wet natural environment, to develop a more dry-wet personality, attitude? (The natural environment (agriculture) matching with)

( Reference ) for connection with the dry-wet and modernization of society

(Reference) group performance-based - proposed outcomes evaluation method that is suitable for wet tissues -

05/19/2007 05:23:21 AM

Feminine-maternal is Japanese

Japanese, feminine, it is the title introduction of the author's sentence to explain that it is a maternal. For more information, psychological, it has been recorded in the author of books on social gender.

Women nature of Japanese society

Women of the Japanese education system

Japanese society is a matriarchal

Works of maternal domination in Japanese society - discussion of "oblique-layer structure" of the "mother-to-child coalition" -

"Maternal management" - grasp by maternal Japanese company and administration organization -

Japan Men = "Mother Man" (maternal male) theory

( Reference ) for femininity, masculinity ( with psychological tests )

( Reference ) maternal and paternal - attitude comparison -

( Reference ) Japan male release theory (Japan Women's Studies Feminism criticism)

05/19/2007 05:35:01 AM

Hate science of Japanese

Japanese, such as the science of Western people, it puts the opponent and distance, to observe spaced between, hate the dry objectivity. It is not good to capture and Tsukihanashi cold target. Although science is one dry, cause that the dry of is avoided in Japanese. Which corresponds to the Western people of science, in the Japanese, it is something such as "tricks", "Engineering Takumi", "tricks", "surgery". These are all, it is a world of subjective feelings that full-hearted and information, wet integration of the target, immersive can be seen.

Even in the "science" that the Japanese do at Toka University, senior junior belonging to the alumni of the same university, the family wet human maintaining relationships with professors and graduate students at the boss henchman relationship be the main purpose, it means for the as a swing of science, is the plane that wanted to be a strong. Than such a point is a pseudo science. That is, the same academic background, the same school, emphasizing wet unity among those belonging to the same network, as a means for retaining the sense of unity is performed wanted to be a science.

In short, it is to use the theory nepotism, academic background, senior junior, Toka maintenance of interpersonal connection, such as teacher disciple, as a means to create a faction. Problems of Toka undeniable results in a theory of the teacher became care.

Even if in theory to be followers, not subject of objective criticism away from his own, it is always integrated, feelings, the subject of love. When criticized the theory, it felt like was denied his or her own, or in Dutch, anger. Theory are integrated with their own, will be insulted person and to criticize, it will be Ulama.

In that respect, the Japanese researchers, rather than the "science" who is a "scholar". Although they have a variety of expertise in major field, the expertise, his affection, is a Unchiku full of feelings that I put the Shujo, is intended to deny objective criticism, the evaluation. Emotional, emotional feelings to the theory and knowledge, movement in the sense of unity, to refute emotionally against criticism.

On the other hand, in the dry society such as Europe and the United States, theory, theory is an object to be calm criticism subject is that he has been cut off, it does not matter at all even if the criticism. Not only is criticism from others, a calm criticism subject even for me.

05/19/2007 11:33:01 PM

Deduction principle with the Japanese society

In Japanese society, the viewpoint is negative rather than positive, fault of others, bad place, mistakes, errors (failure), defect, or if there are any drawbacks, trying to find is hard, the foot of the found partner someone to pull behavior seems so often.

Do not praise the good of the party, it is a Directions scolding a bad place. These, solely going to pay attention to the opponent of negative place, Directions to evaluate the only opponent from that point of view is a "deduction principle". People of the deduction principle, observe, has entered the attitude of the defense, reluctant, negative, often have a negative thought. Something to protect through the until now, determined, rules, think the right thing and the good thing that protect. In that respect, deductions principle and maintainability, tradition-oriented, it is closely related. In deduction principle is, select "that shalt not" in everything. Something to actively challenge, or cause Toka something disputes, failure, than perpetrate the danger, every day without incident tranquility, peace, I think that it is going too at ease. The ideal that the "serious errors no", "nothing happens." The point, "do nothing" is a status quo basis. If the problem is about to occur, to put off the time being judged, there it is also associated with "decision avoidance". Dispute, there is also associated with love "harmony" that does not like the occurrence of conflict.

The people of the deduction principle is, in Toka employment, venture like a, but is full of unknown possibilities, worse than the place you do not know what will happen from now on speaking, such as government offices and large enterprises, "vested with the already good status quo It tries to enter where there is interest. " In deduction principle is considered actively challenge, if it fails to transform, fault, that it has to be bad. In that respect, it is scared, "unadventurous", is "feminine". In the deduction principle, everything is also correctly, there is a gas that sorry side there is no problem. Safe, not stand the Namikaze, not stick the opposite opinion, you try to only was found to be correct. College entrance examination, etc., there is no doubt correct answer, you try earnestly to match the correct behavior. Related to "correct oriented". In addition, the point of trying to protect single-mindedly the correct answer, which decided the authoritative source, related to both the "authoritarianism".

In the deduction principle, trying to at all costs to avoid a failure. And Yarakashi that something strange, fear more than anything that the ambient of attention. In that respect, the eyes of others is a concern, is the personality of "wet". Alternatively, a hard to generation avoidance of public attention accidents and human error. And trying to fix the error, correct, and let's have the state was kept free from defects and flaws "perfection," "correctness". In that respect, relationship as a "perfectionist". Profusely annoying to ensure safety and security. In the climate of the deduction principle, once you fail, it is not possible to erase the damage, it may remain for a long time. It is difficult to achieve a comeback. This is called a "re-challenge inability".

In addition, even if to attack the Toka something competitors, how to attack it becomes the reluctant. In other words, the rival, because're competitors, reluctantly, reluctantly also compete. Actually without a rival, it considered a good state is that hanging out the rivals, cartel, run to the rigging. In that respect, competition hate, it is a competition avoidance.

Neatly properly without failure manage things, to control, is like to be, defend the rules, protect told her was determined to superiors, there is a Fushi to think that it can be more than anything that you do not cause a problem . The point is the "management and control-oriented". Tightly bound is prefer. At that time, along with the absolute compliance with told her "right" of superiors, is unilaterally impose their ideas to subordinates "sadism, masochism" basis.

05/19/2007 11:34:54 PM

Researchers and experts

The researchers, changing to light the darkness and trial and error, is a person of the role you want to understand the unexplained field. Japanese scholars, the Toka University, in more detail with respect to the field majored, always the correct answer (correct), can be derived the advice, it can be said, that the aim of the "experts" that can be "correct" in the "correctness" oriented to teach There is almost.

Experts and researchers, and experts to be "infallible advice to the storage and others of known knowledge," the main, by researchers with the main the "elucidation of the unknown region", clearly different nature there. Scholar at the Toka University of Japan, even an expert, or not in a lot of case that it can not be said that real researchers?

05/19/2007 11:39:11 PM

Senior junior system and the Japanese society

Seniority and senior junior system

"The more go through a number of years, put on high position" seniority to be is an establishment can be limited phenomenon only in the high-growth period of soaring of Japanese society, become a thing of the past been incorporated is performance-based pay is currently and it has, has dominated the width view that. Is it really correct? Not a representation that was assumed only the top and bottom of the hierarchy of people "seniority" in the conventional government and corporate Toka kind of organization, "senior junior system" = "the person who has entered into earlier, is higher than those who came later , preferential treatment is being, and will be considered to expand in general terms rather than great ", I feel this is, as the feeling of having a powerful force in Japanese society today, it is a way of thinking that forms the basis of social life it should be.

Senior junior system and the plant thinking

Seniority, senior junior system is, "a person who has entered into earlier, compared to a person who has entered into a new, accustomed to the superiors of the Toka managers unconditionally", which is the concept of the. Technology, experience, know-how, the mass of knowledge is accumulated along with the take the age, by the accumulation, a Directions accumulation think unconditionally and make advantage than fewer newcomers. In other words this, is that "people who were from before is, to those who came later, is pulled out, overtaken hate that is". Senior, ability plane came junior later, is overtaken in terms of management and chain of command, and is to go on to earlier, is that mentally hurt, shocked, the underlying.

Person who exists from earlier, higher annual person, who came into the new later, than those with low annual, has a lot of know-how and knowledge, know better, should better be Yes, the belief that there should be so is, there is seniority, the root of senior junior system. This is a plant thinking, is the farmers way of thinking. Plants, from bud, continues to grow linearly rapidly, largely, is on top. Veteran is on the top always from stock. This is a veteran of the senior, considered to be above the junior rookie, which is a common seniority, with senior junior system.

On the other hand, the animals, after which marked the peak of vitality when young, gradually reduce the vitality, become powerless grow old and weak from old age. Nomadic-pastoralists to the animal thinking, seniority, would not take the idea of ​​senior junior.

Conversely annual ring structure of human resources

In the society of senior junior system, in organizations such as companies, reverse the annual ring structure of human resources has occurred. Annual rings, have been engraved by year from entering the tissue, the annulus opposite of the plant, annual rings are formed. Inside, the more central, veteran, is a senior at the senior, is the underling as outside newcomer, in the juniors. The inside of the top person disappears, and retired, the center is next on the outside of the human resources enter. You can not go from suddenly the outer periphery to the central. Entering little by little every year.

Seniority, senior junior system and gender

Senior junior system, seniority, when viewed from the gender, it can be said to be feminine. In seniority, learning, an emphasis on experience, correct knowledge, by the accumulation of technology, as age increases, errors, and less likely to make mistakes, level rise is, to become useful. In seniority, already in the region of the light that know-how is known, knowledge has already proven useful, and let's accumulate earnestly the technology. The point is the concept of stock-oriented. If you do, already know-how, afraid to leave the area of the area from the outside of the darkness of light that safety is found, to the Let's live only in the light of the region, safety, to self-protection first woman Directions lead.

In the case of women, people of the veteran in the workplace, etc., from the beginning, with just that much because they are from the old days, wield a mighty power as "your station", the juniors to seniors is the degree to which the thought of absolute obedience like, man It appears to be more strong. Senior or swagger unconditionally to the junior, is to leave the attitude of the grounds without a domineering commanding tone is an everyday affair. The junior is Pampered to seniors, Toka I become emotionally attached persons, seniors in the boss, is captured by the feeling that junior went Toka's henchman. In this regard, senior junior relationship, each other up and down with a sense of unity, it is possible to grasp as a pseudo-mother-child relationship, which consists of inclusion relations, and that the Japanese society is a society which is dominated by the maternal, in Japanese society seniority, senior junior system can be said to be a deep relationship is now tail major in the underlying.

In Japan, even among men, but usually the senior junior relationship can be seen, it is, Japan men, that is under the control of motherhood, it can be said that is evidence of it is feminine. If, if the man is strong, culture, it should be those aimed at more development of untapped area of darkness. Area of darkness, what is perilous region that does not know what is waiting, in such area, while to advance progressed men may be dead, self-protection, safety first women avoid the advance, refrain from it is intended.

In doing so the "darkness area pioneer oriented" strong culture, who to some extent young is, knowledge is even less, to develop a primitive area in the creative ideas of the new ideas that deviate from the existing frame, excellent in terms of pioneering force cage, is considered to be the idea of ​​a stand higher in the order.

In this respect seniority, senior junior system can be said to be a female origin.

Senior junior relationship with the inclusion relation

Senior junior system, in seniority, seniors, juniors, constantly inclusion, do and do not cover. Seniors, constantly larger coverage area than junior, do not and not wide. For example, seniors, cover area in the department in management positions is wide, juniors, to cover only a narrow charge of minutes. Juniors, beyond the area covered by the senior, not allowed to pull out. Juniors, compared to seniors, skill forever to the inferior one step half - baked, with soft-boiled. Senior, is a skilled teacher, junior remains immature disciples.

By junior, junior dominating senior seniors it is impossible. Junior is not able to keep up with seniors, not be exceeded. It is also permanently enabled after it was valid before, traditional retaining the degree of correct adept, senior mass is above constitutively. Senior is a teacher, junior is a disciple. Senior junior relationship is similar to the relationship between a mother cuddling a child. Senior corresponds to the mother, including children, juniors is equivalent to a child to be included.

Elderly adopted problem

Japanese companies, 40 but there is a tendency for mid-career recruitment is reduced past the age of, this and senior junior system, seniority system is closely related. It is-full-time employees, 40 is more than year-old management. "Only a person who has become constant of seniority will be appointed to the management." And managers are preferentially appropriated in a career full-time. - Since the number of management positions recruitment of regular employees is enough enough, there is no need to be replenished from the outside. And managers than elders, be appropriated as flat employees from the outside, not be there by the rules of the senior junior system of "elders of the same conditions should not be lower than young people."

05/22/2007 03:01:00 AM

Escalator Society

- the context of Japanese society - the escalator society and, once ride from the bottom, nothing is automatically society to the ideal that the take me up to the top without. Not only school education, the whole society of Japan, is each population, wants at the bottom of my heart the escalator. Up above, because, if the school, up to senior school, up to the top job title in if companies and government companies, wishing to bringing you, is that.

Prototype of the escalator society, elementary school, the Toka compulsory education such as junior high school, separated by aligning the man of the same age in grade units, annual, automatically grade-skipping step by step high on enough people to age, up with no overtaking go, it can be found in place. It can be said that the seniority of origin in the Toka company. It competition before entering, but after entering the promotion of seniority is basic. When you get off from the promotion route, not go up again. In that respect, the escalator society, everyone is going up in synchronization with all at once, hate overtaking, overtaking, it can be said that overtaking ban society.

Another feature is, once ride the escalator, not down, is that it can not be changed to another. Once the ride was human, not only get to take me to the top to not do anything. Wrong ride the escalator, re-challenge does not work. Both sides of the handrail of the escalator is not Turning become a protective wall. Through, the escalator is not through the inside of the single line of the tunnel, there is only a ride to the upper single-mindedly. In that respect, it can be said that the re-challenge impossible society.

When would ride to unsuitable escalator to you, not be down even knew unsuitable, it would be disastrous. Once you descend, and fall, in another of the escalator, where even not get a ride. Has become tunnel, the escalator was closed like a mother's womb to the outside. Not accept an external person from the middle. Who was riding on the new at the entrance, only accept new graduates who have been selected in the examination or the like. Each escalator, according to the job hunting of new graduates, to open the entrance gate of the escalator at the same time, close at the same time. By Toka job job offer, and not ride somewhere in the escalator before the mouth is closed, you do not ride a lifetime.

Also under also on their own stage, already some people, not also can also go down that guests with a foot on the stage. People who rode in with the timing, to top all the way, going up in sync at the same height. People who are in the top, climb to the top in the form to be put to the person who rode from the bottom, be piggybacked. That point, young people are under, junior burden is large.

Escalator, the people who are riding, screen out were sorted gradually. The width is narrowing toward the top, not be not as it is riding, people protrude to one after another. As in the title Toka of the authorities, there is only enough to go on, must be restructuring. People riding together in the same place is synchronous. A person who is riding ahead will come riding followed by seniors, later it is a junior.

Escalator society, emphasizing the synchronization at age surface, a side-by-side synchronous society. Elementary school, denial of grade-skipping at Toka junior high school will affect until later. Age, if in the case of actual age, there is also that of the joining age that many years or entered the organization. The person who was riding ahead, people above the age, seniors, regardless of ability, receive a higher-level person to handle. That the junior is isotope - higher than seniors, that the junior is to direct the senior, I hate regarded as ultra vires act. Hate from being overtaken by people was their own and peer-back. Boss must be a senior. Synchronization, and junior becomes, when overtaken, psychologically there is a sense of resistance, he looks incompetent, it is hurt pride. In that respect, the escalator society, it can be said that the overtaking ban society.

Age is below junior, age is unlikely to lead the senior of the above, difficult to manage. In middle-aged and elderly, people who have been dropped in the Toka restructuring from other escalator, not ride again to the other escalator, they are equivalent to junior ride from after while, because that is the age of the senior equivalent.

People of a career is, is that from the first entrance of the person who came up riding the escalator. Synchronization each other, within age is fixed, do not If you do not stick to the following. If you learn the business from scratch, it is not permitted to do the same work in the same place as the junior in the senior age. People of senior age, do we need Konase the work of the Nari age of seniors.

As go up the escalator, it is distinguished from the other escalator. Members own color of the escalator is attached. -Old man of the time riding on the other escalator, already comes with a different color, and you catch a another escalator, will dissonance, disliked as disturb the harmony.

Is fostering a sense of unity by the color harmony in the organization is aimed. Synchronization is the same color, my house will be the same color. And human = founder of color with from the beginning, first, there are people who dyed in white paper of person = what color. (In some cases, the founder, the first can be a person of the employee rise dyed darker later in the blank) colored people, me steeped in color demanded by myself, the people of submissive white paper , determined as human resources.

In the escalator society, it is difficult to handle the people of mid-career. People of mid-career is, in terms of coming to a new organization, it is under the joining age, rookie, is a newcomer to handle. However, in the real age is over, it is elderly. Also, it is above in the degree to which have gained experience. Japan organizations, hate the gap between the organization within the age and the actual age. For this reason, it regarded as unlikely the newcomer of the elderly. Mid-career in Japan, the real cause of the re-employment does not proceed in the elderly is here.

In the organization, not fitting only class of people appropriate to their age. Elderly if managers only. Think As the age goes on, in order Eraku become one. Managers, Narite're any number of in-house. Appointment of the managers, give priority to promotion from the house, there is no need to come to pull from outside the company. This has become a reason you can not find the person of work destination of high age.

Difficult to instruction to people of high age than their own. The elderly hate being the instruction to young people. High age of the newcomers are shunned. This is so even where the present invention is not limited to the company. Seniority is not unique to the company, the entire society has become so. To solve this problem, the company made only by a person of high age, there is no choice but to make the Toka silver company?

Closely related to the escalator and maternal and women. Motherhood, women, mutual wet unity, emphasizing the inclusion sense. Mutual synchronization, tuning, integration, simultaneous side-by-side, harmony of each other, leading to prefer harmony. This has become a psychological source of the escalator society. Such as paternity, each individual is not like a dry free competition, which was separated into pieces. Those who are there from before, previously (before) there came those who are, by new subscribers of the person coming in from later, like to rise to the Theravada by automatically synchronized. It can be expressed in words, such as automatic synchronization ascending.

Elevated indigenous seniors, new residents who came to the new is the fact that junior. It comes to the same treatment of simultaneous (subscriber) party. It is, those who are from the old days, leading to the domination of your stations. Become the escalator society, is a manifestation of that society is female, is a maternal advantage. In the agricultural villages of Japan, indigenous people who live from the front is, position than new residents are immigrants from after is above. In that respect, uneven society of Japan, is typical of the escalator society.

The senior junior system and escalator society, there is a deep-related. Real intention of senior junior system is that "to those who came later, caught up in the ability plane, overtaken hate that is". Person who exists from earlier, higher annual person, entered the new later, was born person, than those of the low annual, should have a lot of know-how and knowledge, should know better, ability I think and should be high. This is a plant thinking, it can be said that the farmers way of thinking. In short, is the idea that old-timer is should be in the higher than stock. Plants, according to the age has passed, it continues to grow rapidly, become the top power, the size. It can be expressed as a graph of direct proportion.

On the other hand, in animals, the pastoralists thinking, such as Europe and the United States, the animals, in accordance with the elapse of age from an early age, but extend the plant the same, after the pinnacle in late middle age, according to over the years, old and become weak from old age, it becomes powerless. This inverse U can be represented as a shaped graph. Of the plant thinking, time, because go automatically to the top as the number of years has elapsed, the same as the escalator, that point, senior junior system that age becomes higher as the top's society, expressed as a escalator it can.

05/23/2007 01:02:14 AM

Japanese and parachute

Is restructuring in the top companies and agencies, more exactly the employment mediation to another organization of a lower surplus members is "parachute". "Parachute" is a term used exclusively to officials for government offices. It is, authority "Emperor report directly to, the place where the immediate follower = your top personnel" is, to the top you are from there of the private sector of the people of the common people, the extra members has been restructuring "your top = can" parachute It illustrates a way to drop to.

However, in practice, "parachute" is, not only the authorities, is that which is common practice in companies. In other words, the higher-level, top organization (head office, the parent company) is regarded as "heaven", "above", "parent", employees of where they are no longer needed, the lower, is fed to the underlying tissue (subsidiaries, subcontractors), is pressed against Somerset but, it is regarded as a "parachute".

At that time, those who Tenka' from the top organizations, in order to become concerning to the top post of the infrastructure, employees of a career in the lower organizations, it becomes impossible to promotion. They are, life, become single-mindedly hear fit that say employees who Tenka' from the top organization. In this respect, "parachute" is takeover infrastructure by the upper tissue, privatization of infrastructure, colonization, there is a surface, such as the enslavement Infrastructure a career members.

Something similar, to influence tissue under the (colonial), as the feed of your organization personnel, according to the "academic background headquarters" of the University (for example, the former Imperial University), colonial University (New University) and, in general hospitals ( and human resources delivery to the case of the School of Medicine), there is that maintenance and expansion of influence.

Alternatively, even in companies and authorities, in the form of "temporary loan", the human head office and headquarters is, sometimes fed subsidiary, to local agencies. Human resources infeed or by such university academic background to general hospitals, etc., as a "temporary loan" in the company and administration, the above-mentioned "parachute" is, have in common in terms of personnel fed to the underlying tissue from the host organization. On the other hand, as a different point, in the case of "temporary loan", he seconded the people, headquarters, headquarters, whereas the return either to the ministry, the way to be or become managers are still enough, "parachute" is a one-way ticket, is that there is no such return to the original upper tissue.

05/23/2007 01:08:20 AM

Seniority performance-based

In Japan the company, the introduction of performance-based, but there is an opinion that it was no longer a seniority system, in fact, is considered based on seniority and the results and meritocracy are operated in a manner that combined.

- Even now, it is appointed to the management, to promotion, is almost the age order. → seniority

- However, at the time of appointment or promotion to management positions, is carried out screening of regular employees, performance is good person, a person who has achieved results, only those who have the ability is put on management, so that the remnant. Did not raise the rest of the results, flat employees of the same age and management positions that do not put in management is gradually restructuring. → performance-based

05/23/2007 01:09:30 AM

And failure Japanese

People of this country, annoying for the failure of others, harshly, are constantly monitored. A mother-in-law guts half-assed. You can also buy a shame they fail, afraid to meet with dangerous eyes, I'll be ok is Toka teacher of the authoritative source, not only done that deemed'll always successful. In order to avoid a failure or danger, Do not do the unknown, please Yari only thing known, the idea that deep-rooted in this country. Lacking in entrepreneurial spirit. Banks, is Toka tendency is strong to refuse a loan to the venture.

05/25/2007 09:15:42 AM

Teacher role society and the student auditor society

Japanese society is, after the Meiji Restoration, new technology from the teacher role Europe and the United States, the busy state to the introduction of new ideas, it has continued all the way until today. On the other hand, Japanese society is to serve as a teacher role is only to society that the digestion and absorption of Western production technology and ideas are behind them. In that respect, Japanese society, from the Western society of the teacher role, exclusively devoted student auditors on the side taught new things, there is a feeling that the role has been fixed. On the other hand, Western society, is standing on the side to teach consistently.

From this fact, "the teacher role society" teacher, the serve Western society is much teacher role to teach, ask tell me intently, Japanese society are turning to the side to digest and absorb the results it can be said that the "student role society".

Why, speaking of whether such differences or roles occurs, Western society of the teacher role, compared to the Japanese society of the student role, innovative new discovery of new facts, be ahead of the invention, more often it can be said that it from. Of people teacher role society, I do not know the thing of the mountains and the sea of things, of the unknown, to any danger or failure do not know whether the waiting "area of darkness", go ahead than the people of the student role society, various while repeated failure, more ahead and can be exposed to new knowledge. On the other hand, people in the student role society, afraid of the potential danger with an unknown area, safety, in order to obtain peace of mind, no longer get away from the "area of light" that light no longer darkness is hitting.

People of the teacher role society, terrible failure in an unknown area, struggling very moment to give a new knowledge never before been superimposed, at the moment the "area of darkness" is changed to "the region of light" is there. By changing the darkness into light person who obtained a new knowledge to previously, against those who do not yet know the knowledge, so that the play teacher, the teacher role. In that regard, in an attempt to change the darkness into light, society of people with a strong intention to not be afraid to fail, new facts in the darkness ahead, since it is possible to touch the new findings, to be a teacher role society, darkness the scared of people without another idea to self-protection that does not get away from the light of the region society, it comes to touching the new findings for delayed inevitably, become students role society. In that respect, the Japanese of million years the student role, compared to Western people of the teacher role, cowardly, it can be said unadventurous, and hate feminine venture. Spirit to boldly challenge without regard to risk an unknown area, apparently weaker than that of the people of the society of the teacher role, precedent, the degree to which respect for tradition is large, and has become a cause settle for thousands of years the student officers it can be said.

06/07/2007 02:05:57 AM

Borrowed society

Japan, the introduction of technology and culture from foreign countries, to import, is a large society of hire. In that respect, it is a society that rampant borrowed of Cultural Relics of foreign, can be termed a "borrowed society". By themselves, nothing is weak is possible to create something from scratch from the absence, already someone Ye men the discovery of the country, the cultural relics that were invented, as it is borrowing, imports, added a small improvement that specializes in it. Borrowing sources, formerly from China, since modern times is the mainstream from the West.

06/18/2007 03:49:44 AM

The difficulty of keeping the individual place in Japanese society

And I have been living in this country, from time to time of the epidemic, and hung on the boom, over there whacked in the population, and here dizzy, hard to have a stated position of become their own. And is kept as it is the one place, Dano there is no coordination do it, Dano lack the spirit of unity, Dano disturb the leadership of the organization, Dano's insensitive to the epidemic, a lot hoot come flying. It is hard to avoid losing it. Together with everyone around, while maintaining a sense of unity, in accordance with the occasional epidemic, do we need move around the droves.

During, some people who appear to have a seemingly constant position. But, in fact, precedent from ancient times, honor earnestly the tradition that exists as a tradition, it or was only clinging blindly integrated (Toka priest of the shrine). Poised massive heavy, is an often located in the agricultural people to be indigenous to one of the land attitude.

Away one person from the periphery of the target, an objective standpoint, calmly, to control themselves, to observe the target, is dry attitude, in this country is the feeling does not seem to be much observed. Anything, everybody do we need with a. Independent action is not allowed ( to become one person, indicate that they are marginalized as unwanted person from the population, is to be that bad. ) Rather, in accordance with the surroundings, that the blend, the ambient if raised, "it's a festival, Wasshoi!" commotion dance together with, to become a "Shobon" all at once to match it as long as it sank around, when even at any time, maintain the integration of the surrounding is itself a feeling that the purpose of that.

06/19/2007 06:15:12 PM

Government office neutrality illusion of Japanese

The Japanese, the office of decision-making, does not enter the preconceptions or a specific color, such as the opinion of political parties and mass media, colorless and transparent, fair and neutral, tend regarded as incorruptible. Civil servants who work in government offices, bureaucrats, Imperial Family of immediate follower, is a report to the SS. Imperial family is, as a person to integrate the shrine ultimately, such as Oharai, purification ceremony, which is represented by the shrine priest, color, to initialize the bias, washed away, fix the blank transparent function, the ability as Motojime shrine It is provided. Its capacity, which mean that the Imperial Family report directly to officials, are in bureaucracy is also inherited.

Because the current government is, supposedly has become a national sovereignty, has been regarded as a service organization to the public, this is, that the United States is further above the Imperial Family, plug become the sun, shining, and a look so steeped in the United States color, blocks the light emitting of the United States, Dokeru and, the nature is the emperor who report directly to institutions from the traditional representing the face. Although officials of the authority expression "descend from heaven" is made in the private sector, this is "those who belong to heaven" bureaucrats = is pointing that it is the "Emperor who report directly to the workers", who are in the "heaven = you It shows that it is a member of the above ". Bureaucracy is free from the influence of various influential people forces of the country, to be had in the presence of stand out one head, they are, traditionally belong to the Emperor who are standing mentally on top of all the forces of the country This is because the.

Then, exorcism with the Imperial Family, by the purification ceremony, the elimination of a particular political color, function of the rinse is, are equipped because of the emperor who reports directly to institutions to authorities, it is bureaucracy, the officials, showed the presence of disinterested is are you. They bureaucracy, officials, although the private Okakae a population of substantially the Imperial Family, the spiritual ruler of imperial family'll much summarizes the whole Japanese society, because it has become the strut, the cornerstone, people of "public" = civil servants it is of being called.

06/20/2007 02:23:42 PM

Japanese, should be familiar from the early English

Japanese, should be familiar from the early English. Why do the Japanese, there is a need to learn English? English, nomadic, in the language of pastoralists system, currently, there is a most power, because the widely used. Advanced nomadic, as the language of the pastoralists, is a more advanced culture, than in Japan and China, farmers such as, early discovery, because its content is reflected in the early language and invention. Nomadic, such as Europe and the United States, pastoralists, man, father of the force is strong, it enters move go to do not know what becomes of what unknown "area of darkness", the danger confronted, through trial and error, darkness the change in light, do that is the latest discovery, the invention.

The latest but is a rough outcomes, are usually, farmers such as Japanese that do not from the "area of light" that light is known one way as any precedent has happened what is hit and get away from their ( women , maternal force is strong ) is introduced, copy, and further little things to improve, as a finished product, will be passed to Europe's side. The latest search results from the Western people, to be quickly efficient introduction, language = Western people of fried latest achievements of the vehicle to use the Westerners, it is more important than what you know the transfer medium. In Europe as well, the most current that there is a force because the United States, and to the fact that English is the most advantageous. From an early stage of growth enough to get used to the English, more new achievements, ability to incorporate the new culture is up.

Things that have been said that Japanese are, in fact, mostly borrowed from the Chinese. Pure Japanese is actually not much. Anyway, what was borrowed from China, the only change to the borrowed from Britain and the United States, borrowing and its self-digestion from overseas culture, does not mean any change occurs in the essence of the Japanese that has been spent in improvements. Also learned as a more flagship English, Japanese does not change as until now. Or the Japanese, not the not so necessary to obsession to the current Japanese is borrowed of China hard to say that the status quo too advanced? Gara change your mind, it should be shifted to the English learning is a transfer medium of advanced culture. Also, to select the English, at the moment, because it is the most influential between the pastoral and Hispanic, is in for the time being selected the time being, if the decline is forces of the English people, also in another pastoralists system language only Norikaeru.

06/23/2007 04:49:34 AM

Fusion society and non-fusion society

Japan and most of the difference of the Toka China is the society of the way is the fact that whether or not interdisciplinary. In Chinese society, paternal family, the kinship group, but held together with the inward to a strong sense of unity, each is present in separately and independently, each other mixed with each other, it is never to be fused to one, each family group to remain divided into pieces, continue to exist separately without having to come together in one. Domestic politics, be regarded as a power struggle between those each other that do not come together in disparate family group = non-fusion group. Everyone, thinking only of yourself belongs to family groups, integrating the whole society, a force for Tokeawa, poor opportunity. This is regarded as a "non-fusion society".

On the other hand, Japanese society, imperial family (and authorities of the immediate institution) to the apex, people, the Toka company and school, between those who ate the rice of the same kettle, beyond the framework of the blood, strong with each other It settled on one with a sense of unity, which is capable of forming an inner population (fusion population) "fusion society". This fusion ability, to each other who do not have anything of kinship with each other, makes it possible to move in the mind of the united selfless collectively mentally for the country and the company.

06/23/2007 04:52:27 AM

Learning love of Japanese

Japanese is like to learn the existing knowledge. Aim a lot recite from memory of the knowledge. To learn, itself that hoards the knowledge is self-purposed. Candidates Toka, it is a great to know anyway a lot. Unchiku, good by dripping a lecturing, will feel like a higher-level person. But to say that heard Speaking of lifelong learning, After all is only to earnestly digested and absorbed a lifetime. This passive, is the received one of the attitude, there is a surface lacking in creativity. It is a Directions to stop the existing within the frame. Not come out a new way of thinking from their own. Preoccupied to sell redeem of others.

07/01/2007 05:57:21 AM

Japanese society of the mother dependent

Japanese, get anything done in the mother. Mother is not and there are many people who can not do anything have. If the mother is not, my daughter can not parenting. In the case of working mothers, child care, housework, the Toka sewing, often the mother of the mother is on behalf. The Japanese workplace, company system is organized on the assumption that there is a mother of support at the rear. Male employees as well, and women employees, are living leaning on his mother. When the mother of the support is eliminated, Japanese society will collapse. Generation of the mother, who has supported the young adults = big children in Japanese society has begun to disappear until now. It has been supported in his or her mother until now, only be supported from their habit to support my child, with no generation ability, are beginning to become the conventional mother's generation. A dependent in the living surface, yourself Once gone only (mother) (get) is something experience there is only an adult, what happens Japanese society is a great problem.

07/01/2007 05:59:11 AM

Clean ( cleanse ) , pure white, color, dirt, drop and Japan Shrine

To receive Oharai at the shrine, by receiving a purification ceremony, ( dirty ) fall color, become a pure white, mind and body is cleansed, the feeling to be cleaned, the Japanese receive many. Its efficacy, and apply to Japanese society, examples such as the like following. Already working in other companies, who dyed the color of the company, when it was about to be mid-career to another company, and he remains steeped in color in front of the company, is the lack of cooperation, troublesome there is a risk that is handling the person. Then, go to the shrine, it is possible to undergo a purification ceremony, returns to the blank slate that does not stick colors.

Because it is attached to the profession that is dead, such as processing of cattle and horses, Kegareru, people who have been discriminated against are "Etahinin" treatment is, When you have finished work, went to the shrine, by receiving purification ceremony, the Oharai, mind and body both cleansed, completely dropped was the sense of the dirt, can give to the people around. By doing so, it helps to eliminate social discrimination.

Such as crime and gangster, people advanced on the road of evil, by receiving the cleansing at the shrine, and a chance to break the evil.

Why, at the shrine, when receiving a Oharai and purification ceremony, or feel to have been cleansed of the state there is no white stains in both mind and body, there is a need for elucidation of the mechanism. In addition, Toka temples and churches, this also seems that it would be there is no function similar to that of the cleansing of the shrine. Why shrine, how was able to create a sense of these cleansed, why useless if not a shrine, there is a need to explore the neighborhood.

07/01/2007 05:59:58 AM

Parachute and the emperor system

Officials move to the private sector from the authorities has been expressed as parachute. It is taken as meaning "down" from the "heaven" to "common people", "get off". Office has been regarded as a "heaven", the private sector has been regarded as "common people". On the authorities and private, it shows that there is vertical gap identification. "Heaven" is believed to mean "Emperor". "Emperor of the vassal, immediate follower, direct reports, SS = bureaucrats, more to the lowly private, to fall by parachute," and read. This is Japan, not much different from before the war even now, instead of the sovereignty of the people, the emperor or can be considered Emperor of vassals, as evidence that immediate follower is a country of sovereignty.

07/01/2007 06:02:16 AM

Parent and child is comparable relay runner

Up and down relationship between the parent and child in Japan is an error. In Japan, whether there is also the influence of Confucianism of the Edo period, a parent-child relationship up and down relationship, it is the dominant view that captures the dominant submissive relationship. For example, parent, subsidiary or, boss henchman words have been made such, in any case, on parents, children are disparities position is assigned clearly to that below. However, it's a mistake.

Relationship between the parent and child, between generations, to pass the culture to continue to adapt to the environment, the relay of runners, it is the relationship of the players. Preceding parents, to children, to pass their own took over from their parents baton, die in peace When you pass well, something that. The relationship between each runner of the relay is basically equal, it is those of equality, but only temporal relationship before and after.

Because the child is born in the waiting further state, parents, in order to have survived better children, but of putting a variety of wisdom, very much in Japan, it retains its wisdom, that you have the knowledge is great itself, because there tends to be to be a higher-level, parents are great with a wisdom more abundant, is a really tend to the fact that higher-level. However, the new situation, adaptability to the environment, force or physical strength to open up new fields, so it can be said that is better for children with a youth, Come to change the view to focus on those points , it can be said that the parent-child is comparable. In addition, the relationship between parent and child, as seen in a genetic, half of the body of a child is a parent himself. Parents, are bioequivalent, his own alter ego, great than half of the body, the fact that superior, impossible.

07/19/2007 04:47:21 AM

The inner ring-oriented, inward society

Japanese, he belongs to go exclusively interested in the population, interest in the outside population, consideration is poor. And, always it has been limited to the inner ring, when you take a bath together a topic that receives the inner ring. From people outside the group, I do not know is speaking what things. When not in the group, or, if not intimate, so that the taste of alienation can not go about the topic.

By rise in the topic that can be understood only within the population, a sense of unity of each other in the population, is in enjoy the match unity, that they belong to a group, make sure each time that you are accepted as a member it can be said that there. Take a close communication with each other, and do not share and have the experience in the same place together, not keep up with the topic of other people, it will be left behind. In turn, it would be from the population to the outcasts.

In order to avoid it, try to Tsuiteiko to the topic of the surrounding fellow desperately, in order that, take the circumference of the fellow and communication desperately, be sure to yourself to where the fellow is going to try to join. This is, of the people of this country, not discern the looking on by an outsider, not in the eye only that of their fellow, desperate population, leading to collective action. In addition, when you Toriao in touch with wildly and his friends on a mobile phone, anxious not to come to contact from the fellow, is causing the mobile phone addiction. As the background, a sense of unity fellow population members each other, and overemphasis mutual understanding, can not have a sense of unity, there is a point to try members can not go for the inner ring of the topic immediately ostracized.

With respect to the external of the people, and trying to get to understand that their own, actively, seen anyone, not trying to description using Toka global terms. I mean, it is rather understood that their is to the outside, and become foreign to cylinder omission, as will be thrust into the neck to outsiders, closed the door to the outside, and the attempt is made the unity of the inward to inward to. This is, Toka is exclusive, has led to externally hiding constitution. And to obtain a sense of unity within the population swells in the topic can be seen only in the inner ring, the population is exclusive, and it closed, is inward, it can be said to be related to large.

07/19/2007 05:38:05 AM

Importance of "learning", "learning" in Japan

People of this country, but to focus on "learning", "learning", it is, of the existing, already earnestly put into my head the information that exists as knowledge as knowledge, nothing other than to emphasize that to memorize. Importance of "learning", "learning" in the education of Japan, be directed to become intellectuals, but is good to memorize the knowledge within the existing framework, to be devised a new idea ever There can not be much by yourself, it has been pulled from elsewhere, leading to mass production of the type of man that I have to introduce.

Science of Japan, Tomosureba in just hard to the introduction of Western origin of the theory and technology, the Japanese are often not able to build easily your own content, it can be said that a certain relationship with the "learning" importance of the attitude of the. Exclusively it has already been found, where is hitting the light of the knowledge of the (area of light), accurately directed to be placed in the head "learning" emphasis meticulously is confirmed to be safe you know is already the situation does not get away from the place was, it can be said that women thinking of self protection emphasis in safety first.

07/29/2007 10:15:50 AM

Region of the light, the darkness of the area

The environment surrounding the person, do not know what going on, and what kind of danger is full of risks that do not know what is waiting "area of ​​darkness", whether going on, how can I address, safety or, correct or has been illuminated can be seen the light area is considered to be a ( "regions of light").

Secure area that has been illuminated by the light is limited and rather, with respect to narrow the, area of uncivilized of darkness has spread significantly to the ambient light in the area. It stops already in the frame of a light area, with women and Japanese to take the safety and self-protection to avoid the advance in the darkness of the area, actively Uttede in the darkness of the area, while repeated failure, gradually darkness to take the risk of changing to go pioneer in the area of the light man, or would not than become that it's Western people.

Men and Westerners were also illuminated in the light, what in the area we know whether success or failure if the are, it is believed that the pursuit of women and Japanese similar correctness, be violated departing from the purpose originally Also, at this time doing, the area of ​​the unexpected new barbarism of darkness from there, and re-discovered in the area that should have been illuminated to the original light, go towards as the subject of challenge.

On the other hand, women and Japanese, in illuminated by the light areas, correct, repeated only to succeed, continue to accumulate as precedent to follow, we added a small improvement. What kind of danger, failure does not know what is waiting, safety, self-protection does not approach in the area of ​​darkness can not be secured.

07/29/2007 01:21:57 PM

Principle of synchronization same treatment

In Japan, Toka each other entered were those who in the government and company in synchronization, side-by-side all at once, a heavily is a trend that wish to receive the same treatment. This is the principle of synchronization same treatment, called a simultaneous principle. Between synchronization, the ideal to be careful to not as much as possible differences in superiority of treatment. By doing so, to maintain a sense of unity between the synchronization, it does not cause the Toka unnecessary jealousy, that it does not hurt the pride, there is an effect to keep the motivation of the members of the organization. In the promotion of officials and employees, as much as possible, to try to Soroeyo the treatment between those who joined at the same a period of time. Further, for example, for management of the post is less, among persons of synchronization, if it becomes impossible to receive the same treatment, no longer received, is relatively inferior who the order does not emit in the tissue or poor bureaucracy, in order not to damage the face-to-face and pride of employees, they were discharged to the outside of actively organized, carried out be removed from the target of the same treatment.

08/21/2007 10:05:24 AM

Japan-US alliance and the men and women of marriage

Rich in enterprising, nomadic-pastoralists with excellent maneuverability, the but with a mellow resources to accumulate goods sluggish farming people, outside, together with the patron from predators, bring new knowledge to farmers, economically parasitic to the farmers, to dominate, use and exploitation of the farmers. Such interdependence of the relationship, from long ago, is repeatedly seen relationship between the pastoralists and farmers, the US relationship day is also considered as an example. And nomadic pastoralists, such as the United States, the relationship between the farmers, such as Japan, are similar to the male and female relationship. Nomadic pastoralists, men, husband, farmers are women, struck his wife. Cooperation between farmers and nomadic-pastoralists, for example, the Japan-US alliance is similar to the men and women of marriage. America is a husband, Japan is a wife.

08/21/2007 12:03:58 PM

Japan is liquid type, the United States is the gas type

Western human behavior can be expressed as a gas molecule movement. Europeans and Americans is the gas type. In other words, each person, independently apart away from each other, independence to move around at high speed to each other, active, behave aggressive. Gas type (gas molecular motion simulation) = Western action style

On the other hand, Japanese style of behavior, expressed as a liquid molecular motion. Japanese is a liquid type. That is, each person, approach each other, collection, stick together, slow to each other, static, behaves passively. Liquid type (liquid molecular motion simulation) = Japanese behavior

Internet users (200 about people ) in, Web gas on the page, showing a video of the liquid molecular motion, how much American, respectively, I was asked to answer whether the Japanese, gas molecular motion is more American and captured, whereas, it was found that the liquid molecules motion is regarded as more Japanese.

The contents that lists gas properties, the liquid properties in tabular form, and, gas, for the video of the liquid molecular motion - for the "American Japanese" answer results, the humidity feeling and gas, please refer to the copyright of the author relates to a liquid .

11/14/2007 12:57:40 AM

Want is called the developed countries

Japan, wants to join the ranks of developed countries. Japanese, Japan acts as a developed country, we want to the international good-looking, has wanted to Hiso thoughts. Japan of people, internationally if you have seen, very to worry about where it is in the position as a rating. To care around the eyes, a high pride. It is referred to as the developed countries, to satisfy its pride.

In addition, to issue the height of his pride in the table, Hashitanai, ugly, believe embarrassing, ostensibly to mind the public eye, humble, be humble. In Japan, "it does much who is there is no" about people who say step back and, in the mind, it can be said to have a high pride that you want is said that great people. "No, I do not do that. Really'm wonderful," say, so pleased to break cuckoo, pride that was hidden within is to be Roken. Japan is also in the international relations, humbled his ability, I would not tend to be humble. And it is believed that the psychological has a built-in intense pride that "I'm to have the ability to be referred to as a developed country," "I want called the developed countries," the inside out.

11/22/2007 11:32:35 AM

Japan has not westernized

People of Japan, to catch up with Europe and the United States, which is desperate to become a fellow of the United States and Europe. By doing so, the Asian colleagues ( China, Korea ... ) , and from themselves can look down as there was late one step, thereby, make sure that the relatively yourself in the high position, high pride it can be satisfied. However, as such, by the imitation of Europe and the United States, become the same as Europe and the United States, it is a mistake to think that to westernization. Japan is, even if the some of the Western imitate, not westernized until the idea, or rather, not accustomed to Europe and the United States. Because itself desperate it to imitate these countries, it's not a Western manner. In the background the Western people have raised the creative achievements, is considered as much as possible do that do not do the others, not as much as possible to imitate someone else, there is that attitude has been shared between them that.

People of Europe and the United States, together or, is a hate to imitate, it is considered that it likes its own property. To imitate scholars of Japan's Western theory, it to be a desperate attempt to introduce in Japan, quite Uchidase not the innovation of academic from myself, itself that you are in Western ask, gas specific Western not completely become, it can be said that the evidence that has stopped in a liquid condition. If you had to if westernized, their Japanese scholars, not to until now, it should have a lot created a theory of innovation not in already Western comparable to Europe and the United States. But, in fact, not been so much. This is, Japan, the evidence that has not been westernized.

11/22/2007 11:33:27 AM

International division of labor of the gas type and liquid type

The international division of labor, the gas type countries upstream process, it is appropriate liquid type countries is responsible for downstream processes. Video shows the liquid type ↓ (liquid molecular motion simulation) video shows the gas type ↓ (gas molecular motion simulation) to produce the final completely polished, finished product, downstream of the liquid type of people ( farmers ) it is. Japanese corresponds to this. New know-how to be its original, innovative invention, produce a discovery, the gas upstream of the type of people ( nomadic-pastoralists ) is. Western people corresponds to this.

People of the liquid type, in order to incorporate the new knowledge that created the people of the gas type, it is necessary to learn the language of the people of the gas type. In this respect, Japan is, there is a need to learn any of the Western languages, at present, for a strong international influence of the Anglo-American system, learn English of Anglo-American system is the fact that effective . To produce the product of the final perfect can, and upstream of the gas type, the social joint venture of the downstream of the liquid type is considered to be effective.

The basic discovery of the people of the gas type, invention, the newly acquired knowledge, incorporating the people of the liquid type, and polished in detail, of increasing the maturity, gas type = basic research, that the liquid type = applied research international division of labor, it can be said that the most desirable for mankind. Japanese companies, is a liquid type, due to lack of mobility, there is a tendency that noticeable achievements, the right, would be preempted in the gas type Western. So, to imitate the gas type of countries, is a desperate attempts to incorporate meritocracy, etc., it does not go too well.

However, Japan, on the contrary, the liquid specific movements are taking advantage of the features that are slow fine, fine adjustment fine for the subject, the accumulation of small improvements, the ability to enhance the completeness of products, very excellent and than are believed to such a merit should take more. However, Sonaruto is the same liquid social China, there is also a dilemma that becomes a competition at the same level with South Korea and the like. Sites that description of the liquid type is here.

11/22/2007 11:34:06 AM

Gas type, ideal image of the molecular motion video and society of the liquid type

Gas type behavior = gas molecular motion simulation liquid type behavior = Liquid molecular motion simulation is for each type of social and people, the most desirable condition, it can be said to represent an ideal image. People of the gas type, for people example Western, gaseous molecular motion video, it is free from one another each molecule = each person, those terms desirable personal independence is achieved. People of the liquid type, for example for the residents of Japanese uneven society, liquid molecular motion videos, each molecule = each person is harmony with each other, it is desirable that it maintained the unity of the organization. The international community of the reality is, this gas type of video ( for example Western human behavior ) and, liquid type of video ( for example, Japanese behavior ) be represented as a state that is each other influence each other. We live together in the same area It can be.

11/22/2007 11:34:41 AM

The need for liquid type society for democracy research

The current parliamentary democracy, gas type of pastoralists ( British Toka ) figured out, there is a type of Directions to let us decide things by real-time discussions in situ between individuals independent apart from each other , respecting the unity and oneness with each other, priority is given to the prior consultation liquid type of farmers ( Toka Japanese ) to is considered that it would be not suitable too.

In fact, Japan's Toka parliament that incorporates the British parliamentary is a society of gas type, without being made substantive discussion is too much, or idling, or become emotional dispute, or railroaded, other than the National Assembly in the form of such or consultation under water in the place, not working with the National Assembly itself too-chan. The bottom line of the law, the only directly approved what officials of the authorities has created has become like a majority.

In view of the current situation, what is needed is, social systems of Western conventional gas type, democracy and not as it is for direct import to Japan society of liquid type of a different nature, more suitable for liquid type of Japanese society for, of its own liquid type, is to consider the way of Japan type of democracy. To this end, in the uneven society of Toka traditional Japanese villages, the way of people's decision-making, and to clarify the ideal image, in line with the ideal image, perform the institutionalization of such things in society is determined it is.

To do this, Japan Toka villages, Toka company, Toka authorities, of where the so-called traditional uneven society exists, the way of desirable ideal decision-making, once again analyzed in the interviews for the site observation and members, extracted and, its shape, such as the common people intention is as much as possible reflect, also to be high-performing efficient and complete, in addition to its own improvement, as Japanese-style democracy, other in model become such forms of liquid type society, will it Tsukuriagere.

Alternatively, the liquid type, because it corresponds to the woman, woman, to extract the features of the way of decision-making of the woman society, or not than good is better to remade in accordance with its features of Japanese democracy. By doing so, against Western society gas type, their is another excellent culture different from you, to be able to show the confidence that can be addressed in a way, also, liquid such as China and South Korea also for the type of co-workers society, by showing the early model, it will be able to ensure a more leading of advantage status. Liquid type of the National Assembly, reference is made to the other document of the author that description of the parliamentary.

11/22/2007 11:36:38 AM

Mechanical imported to the Japan Society of Western theory

Of Japan, scholars are particularly referred to as a progressive, officials believe that the Western theory is considered that is more advanced, in order to introduce in Japan, flocking to the psychological on the basis of the theory inspired the original Western scholars of striving to be first and What is the current situation. Such their fatal drawback is invisible their feet, lies in doing the "Todaimotokurashi" in the land. In other words, Europe is looking only towards the society, or their lives in the original what kind of society, awareness about what is a resident of what the world is not enough.

They, the people who are progressive scholars, officials also, in fact, is almost to remain residents of traditional Japanese uneven society. They belong to the academic background Toka authorities family factions of the so-called old Imperial University, teacher-student relationships, a family wet, such as senior-junior relationship, living in a liquid manner up and down relationship. The problem, they own, such traditional Japanese human relations, while stomach remains immersed To the hilt in the social network, in a different belly or rather with little awareness that the, and their current status is the dry Western theory of mutually exclusive should, profusely blindly worshiped as a progressive, it is that wants to directly bring in Japanese society that do not meet as it is.

Why, you want to do they did so. In their depth psychology, Western is excellent on the rating, Japan is regarded as inferior in the underdogs, Standing advantage by themselves to Western and psychologically assimilation to be on the rating, the traditional Japanese uneven it will be true that working the general public to live in society psychology to be Mikudaso to the lower.

A long story short they are, Western look at the traditional Japan, as seen in the top down, and worshiped the top of Europe and the United States, by assimilation to Western and psychological, to try to stand on its own higher-level, vulnerable to the authority of the Western , in vain, we strong people of pride and domination greed you want to stand on the top than people. Such For them, Western theory, "use" is a tool of to satisfy the quick their dominance greed and domination greed.

They are, on the surface, Toka respect for human rights of the individual, which is keen to recite the mantra of Western democracy. They may be seen as doing the understanding of the faithful Western theory. However, they are, there is little ability to do their own ingenuity Toka development that deviates from the learned was the mantra from the West. So to speak, although it is understood in the imported state Western theory in its original form, in the deviant form from there, thinking and capabilities or something trying to make a theory that was adapted by Japanese society is not not ready.

Or rather, they are, because it on the rated convinced that what the "correct" than their own the Western theory, fiddle without permission of the Western theory, such as that to criticize, they are unable to Osoreoku. In that respect, they are the owner of a big inferiority complex with respect to Europe and the United States.

They are, ready on the rating of each society of the world, rating of underdogs, and ranking, psychologically picky about what their Japan in its're all in height, the psychology that can be called even a "rating" syndrome ing. Emphasis on "deviation" of the relative evaluation that they were accustomed in the education process leading to admission university, universities and companies, relative eager idea to the rating of the authority, each society and the world, to the theory that each society produce It is believed to be also applied.

That they are doing they are, each society of the world, the country, the culture, is such as those ranked in the deviation value. In short, in their head, like a "International deviation value", he ranked the countries of the international community in the deviation value, it is conscious that rating exist. Among their hearts, Western is ranked higher, or deviation value is high that, Asia is low. And deviation value of Japan, closer to the European level, if you stick to the dominant position overlooking the other Asian countries, is rejoice.

Or rather, such that the deviation value of Japan is improved to the Western par ( and that dominate in terms of deviation value relative to other Asian countries ) joy to have, eagerly of them, the Western theory to Japan motivation to be imported, is considered to be a driving force. And imported the highly rated Western theory in Japan, to be applied immediately, very useful to increase the inventive step and rating in the international community of Japan, there is recognition that he themselves are doing the right thing In either or Not.

They are "correct," "rating on ( the deviation value high rank ) as would be lineage of the eldest son in Japan of" Western theory, performs a high authority with respect to the Western theory, it in Europe and the United States to "correct street thought of people "faithfully ( the current underdogs ) is trying to port to the Japanese society. This is the cause of the mechanical direct import of Western theory of the Japanese society occurs. For them, Western theory, with it their own rating by integrating themselves immediately to increase by leaps and bounds, Standing advantage above the general public in the Japanese society, a quick their dominance greed and domination greed as well as a "use" tool to satisfy, to raise the rating of Japanese society itself to its own genus, their society to have a high deviation value in the international community, is their Japan, ( Asian countries against ) "use" is a tool of the order to satisfy the pride that's on the rating.

They are also to think about everything, and consider the reference of the United States and Europe. The Europeans and Americans of creating criteria, uniformly considered that it is a global international standard, it tries to faithfully follow. It is superior to Western society, considered to be on the rating than their own, standards of Europe and the United States is to think that it is standard in the world.

These, mechanical imported to the Japan Society of Western theory, since it leads to denial of the conventional traditional Japanese values, and lovers of traditional Japanese society, while immerse themselves in among them, affirming that the It has produced criticism by another type of scholars to think manner.

This type of scholar is of the type that values the earlier Western-style respect the Japanese style for the "Yogaku person" called a "country scholar", the traditional old military ( Army ) people to make and the right-wing and psychological foundation to the same it is. They are, from the old days in Japan social psychological, military ruler has reigned as the Imperial Family and the shogun ( Toka Tokugawa ) caught in the center of the, regarded as on the rating than the other countries, including Europe and the United States to Japan, a Haigai basis is a person who brandishing a sonnō jōi theory. Emperor and lovers Koyonaku traditional Japanese culture centered on, integrated with them, and identification with, given the high authority to them, but the type of people who prefer the shrines and temples around.

If likened to say, hastily to be introduced to Japanese society the feminism of Western-style for the "Yogaku School", rehabilitation in Japanese society of maternal such as mom or mother, is to insist on strengthening it is this "school sum" . They are considered the traditional Japanese values ​​and those on the top of case, that the respect to other countries, claiming intently to one pattern, if Coarsely chance, again mentally to the surrounding countries, military to the invasion, it is to try to widen the dominant range in the international community of traditional Japan.

In addition, there is a slight minority, but are also "Chinese classics person". Before the US and Europe come to expand into Asia, long China ( Han Chinese ) because there was a dominant rating on the society for Japan, to worship the Chinese system and culture, is the type to be Oroso in Japanese society . Point to try to imported the system and culture in Japan from more foreign countries on the rating, type the "Yogaku person" is the same. With the recent China's prosperity, it is likely back to life again.

The scholar of Japan, this "Yogaku's," "country scholar" ( in addition to this "Sinology's" ) of 2 3 a place that looks like there are only type is, in fact, is the problem. Why problem. It is, in Japan for now, is a Western and Japan and is exactly the culture of different things in a different dimension from each other, respect and therefore, on the rated underdogs nor even, that do not qualify for the comparison, with each other as meaning an equal with or rather each other, in Europe and the United States and each of Japan, one of the two to be Tsukihanashi without being caught from their own, the distance put, away objectively calmly captured from the location, the remainder is a scholar of the type of idea that analysis but that it does not have.

In short, now of Japan scholars, Europe and the United States, China, mentally quite Ireage and emotionally worship in any of the social object, such as Japan, become a form of faith, calm was Tsukihanashi for each, objective point of view It is not able to have. Their Japanese scholars, as the action type, psychologically close to the target, which is the limit of because it is a liquid type directed to enter the harmony state integrally-fused with each other. To make a rational decision to calmly observed Tsukihanashi, not commitment to a specific culture, it is necessary to take the attitude of as an objective judgment who does not belong. Europe and the United States in this respect, considered to have superior their own culture, and faith it, the concept of Mibiki pressing their own culture and to other countries, does not seem to be completely missing from Directions.

In particular, if the target of faith as "Yogaku's" is in the West, leading to be a shoehorn gas social system of Western that does not fit into Japanese society as it is, by force of the opposite of liquid specific to Japan because it is dangerous. In addition, they own, the gas cultural of Europe and the United States, do not realize that you are taking a contradictory behavior that has been learned digestion and absorption in the contrasting liquid specific Japanese way with it, Do not you care-of is a problem.

To eliminate these problems, they themselves, are aware that their is a resident of the Japanese uneven society should look down originally, whether themselves are acting in what values ​​usually, will field observation it is considered that it is necessary to look back themselves doing the Toka field work. In this respect, Japanese uneven society, study of rice farming society, the systematization of field work and its results, it is necessary to theorize. Japanese uneven society is considered to be regarded as a liquid.

Also, I put in something, in their heads, rating consciousness of the rating on the underdogs, ranking consciousness of relative evaluation is also a problem where you come reared its ugly head. Such a rating is, the society and culture of the world, lay in the center of their own, one-dimensional rating evaluation dimension ( Western center, China center, Japan center ... ) in the act of what is going Otoshikomo anything in the Yes, it has the disadvantage that originally diverse world of the society, the culture, resulting in some kind of society is no longer only seen in the single point of view to be on the rating.

This point, Europe as well, in order to external appeal their culture, there is also a surface that is saying a fine skill and idealized than necessary that of their own ( for example, sing the respect of human rights of the individual while, or there is racial discrimination, or there is a class, in free competition unbalance, such as losers of people who are forced to severe inhuman life ) , the deviation of the actual situation is considered to be significant, their whether or not there is necessary to confirm whether the publicity and the actual situation is correct. This is them regarded as traditional pastoralists, it is regarded as possible to the field work.

11/22/2007 11:37:12 AM

University of Tokyo universal illusion

In Japanese society, people coming out of the University of Tokyo, excellent, there is a tendency that the perceptions, such as if it is a universal human being can do anything. However, in practice, they are only a biased specific content of the task, not able to complete successfully. What they are predominantly stand is understood in the art to which already a correct answer, the less likely esoteric matters to understand, absorption, limited to making small improvements. They are learning, it is the only competent in the field that the correct answer should be memorized has been established, in the untapped venture specific areas, it is considered that there is no much ability.

11/22/2007 11:37:49 AM

Disparities society and traditional society

Japanese society of modern, is to be a disparity society. The disparity is said to have happened a result of deregulation and free competition, discussion, in order to eliminate the disparity appears to be heading in the direction that should strengthen the regulation again. But in fact, these disparities, Japanese society has occurred because of the still traditional, to think that has occurred is correct.

It is a reason that occurred disparity 2 has two, one, companies and authorities is, a person who has become unavoidable once part-time workers in the Toka employment ice age, quite not hired as a regular employee, to differentiate employment at low wages in the form, such as temporary workers It is in place. Companies and Office, long a person not only to adoption of new graduates and already career full-time in the other company. If you do, still or trying to adopt to develop only new graduates who are not with a color of a particular company as an employee of a career of their own, once as said something about trying to adopt only certain people of belonging identity that was working properly as a full-time, it can range well without fail from student status to full-time status, or only once can the person does not and adoption of the subject, the idea of traditional affiliation emphasis is than have given rise to disparities.

Another disparity is a big city and local disparities. While the big cities is relatively boom in financially moist, local is a recession, it not is emerged. In, say what measures anything against the local has not been beaten, never not the case, a large amount of public project cost is turned on, but still is not been able to yet emerged. And, government and local governments was charged with public works costs, have fallen into financial difficulties without being able to recover the investment. These points, provinces, only single-mindedly sucking the public project cost, has turned into not put out most of the output, such as lead to its own economic development as a "black hole".

So why local is turned into a "black hole", or can not emerged? It is, I think if there is a cause to the traditional structure with the local communities. Provincial, territorial, connections such as blood has been Megurasa tension, is a network society of mutual monitoring. Everyone has embraced a strong interest in the surrounding of the opponent, something or liked to gossip to the others, unsolicited, is excessive interference. People, in the mind to become rumors, aggressive hard to move from their own.

In addition, everything is also a good None any serious errors, there is a constitution of the deduction principle, and what Yarakashi to fail, long-term insidious gossip over, since become the subject of gossip, new things to take the initiative it is difficult to. Things as before, carried out in accordance with the surroundings, a society that moves precedent, in the tradition.

In addition, has been the spirit of envy is rampant, when someone is successful with that of something positive, it is something jealous, which have a Yakkami, would pulled the leg.

Also, do nothing from myself, I do not think, there is a passive constitution, your top ( authorities ) there is deep-rooted the concept of "your Uetanomi" that is me somehow. Depending on the agency, sponging, graces to, and from myself, just absorb, it is thin idea to try to provide actively do something.

In order to local floats is, society, Tokyo, would not we need to have the anonymity such as Osaka. Usually is me left alone, and the comfort that does not interfere with, without worrying about the rumor, the social environment in which it is possible to freely move aggressively, be produced in a rural required to rural areas get out of the "black hole" state or would not than that of.

11/22/2007 11:38:25 AM

Admissions and liquid

Japanese society, white to school, white to the company and administration, such as such as entrance exam and joining test, or rather a large degree be tried at the time to join groups, to organizations, to require a large power. This population, organizations, since the liquid-specific surface area is working one like surface tension to minimize, and close to the outside, in order to enter divided to such a closed space, the high loading "I tried" to clear the issues, and represents that it requires a large power to do so.

That regard, entrance examination, it joined the test is tight, it can be said that indicates that the population much, organization is a liquid manner. In Japanese society, it can be said that the entrance examination of school, all that hard to joining test of the company and administration is the evidence of that constitution of Japanese society is a liquid manner.

11/22/2007 11:39:00 AM

After the war of the US-Japan relationship with the farmers, nomadic-pastoralist relationships

After the war of US-Japan relations, conflict and nomadic pastoralists, which is from the ancient farmers, not just one example of the interdependence of the relationship. In China next, nomadic tribes of northern system, hit the Han Chinese is the south of the farmers, but it has happened frequently to establish the dominant dynasty, at the same the same thing, it can be said that happened in Japan after the war. In short, move around freely in a high speed to dry, the United States of nomadic-pastoralists rich in maneuverability, Japan's ponderous farming people in the wet, and raid from the outside, under the rule, placed under the influence, Japan as well as exploitation appropriate the wealth that produce human, build the relationship of himself amicably donating new knowledge, the technology in Japan was obtained, that it has followed up to now, it can be said to be a postwar US-Japan relations .

11/22/2007 10:21:26 PM

Fine skill favorite Japanese

People of this country, good per ear, comfortable, weak to motto Toka slogan for the beautiful beautiful sound and feel. Toka permanent peace without nuclear weapons, Toka trust and friendship, Toka realization of a society with no discrimination equality, in fact, though it is impossible to realize, I've drunk with rhetoric or that such a catchphrase. Then, Toka democracy, and Narabetate intently the lofty idealism, has fallen into selfishness on their own to if it were feasible such illusion. And, in fact, it will end remains nothing can be achieved.

People of this country, we should see a more severe cold reality. I mean, dirty possessed by human beings, it does not matter Narifuri, and more properly grasp the nature that can not do in the fine skill, I think that it should be studied. Themselves also, should be more aware of the fact that in accordance with such human nature. Such is a weak ruthless Tsukihanashi reality grasp, than to do so, to launch a clean pleasant idealism, is that like to enjoy the pleasant sense of unity with each other in resonance together with it, the nature of the people of this country right. So, whether Mai future, albeit continues to say the fine skill. In addition, the cleanliness of these apparent and feel, beauty, to take care of comfort is a feminine qualities, is opposite to the masculine nature to prefer the vulgar direct words and deeds. In that respect, the Japanese people are said to be feminine.

11/27/2007 12:28:26 AM

Europe and the United States on the rating, it is first-class, but the rating entity

In Japan, the results raised of Japanese scholars, and is featured in Western media and academic journals, a big joy, lifting that of the scholar. In this case, the Western media, academic journals, with each other to function as a rating agency of the academic achievements of the Japanese. Western media, paper that has been featured in scientific journals there is deep-rooted notion that first class.

This means that, in Japan, rating the ability to evaluate the Toka academic papers of the new content on their own, or function is not, academic background Toka academia inside of conflict even, have little function under the influence of the Toka jockeying the in or not indicates that there is no? The academic world inside of Japan, on the papers written by themselves, rating methods, such as world-class, seems to be that there is no know-how. We do not have decision capacity to them. Another problem is, the people of this country, is a habit that wants to believe and are found in Western put in everything that it is first-class. Western first-class, on the rating, to be considered that their drops one stage than that, the theory of Western profusely Arigatagaru.

The scholar of Japanese, theory on the rating of Western production is good to criticize Europeans and Americans on the same rating is, or criticize other Japanese of the same lowly level as their own, the theory above their to advocate, a person is to criticize a person on the rating of underdogs, are ultra vires act to overcome, outrageous, or not in a lot of people to be crush believe that not forgive.

This, strange inferiority complex, underdogs consciousness, to their own atrophy Japanese, Toka derivation of the new theory to overturn criticized the Western theory, Toka development of own rating scale, regardless of the evaluation of Europe and the United States, properly evaluated in their own is a feeling of being away from the attempt to be so.

12/14/2007 02:27:30 AM

Not Kaware from their own

Japanese people, choking of the network of mutual monitoring of Japanese society of the status quo, in the hassle of mutual checks and balances, dissatisfied with the status quo, are wondering what do not you present situation has changed. However, at the same time, of the status quo, in society a certain sense of unity and harmony is maintained, and I do not want to take action in the form of disturbing such a sense of unity and the sum from their own, I do not want to change conspicuous , they are living in a passive, unadventurous atmosphere. In other words, the people of this country, but I want you to change the status quo of the occluded society, not be changed from their own, it lacks the opportunity to take action and try to change.

In such a place, and change who is going to change significantly the society the existing order in Sotchinoke appears, I think that "me change my current situation, if this person", and very welcome, and let's with the then . For example, stood up in the slogan "to reform the Japanese society", either with the former Prime Minister Koizumi was a minor at the weirdo Speaking has caused a major social boom corresponds to this. What about the goal aside change the society, it is the society has hopes in itself that will change from the status quo.

The "I want to change society and their own not Kaware from his" I think the people of this country, is why was the former Prime Minister Koizumi had me speak just good timing. Not move from their own, waiting for someone moving me the appearance of a person, to try to let you change the situation with the soup that person is a usual practice of the people of this country. In short, there is so also "elective" in everything.

12/15/2007 08:12:00 PM

Rest poor Japanese

People of Japan, but is said to be bad at rest, the reason is,

- peer pressure of society because there is too strong. Constantly, because it must act in accordance with the around, it must always be stretched carefully the antenna around the trend, is not allowed to rest by far the mind. Not allowed to move at its own pace, constantly around the tuning, there is a need to continue to cooperate. Its underlying, by constantly tuning the surrounding, want to get the sense of unity with the surroundings, there is a desire to determine the maternity of want to be included.

And play, is because the idle state to guilt view there is a climate of emphasis "diligence". Regarded as equivalent to lazy to rest for charging, the perfect attendance type of employees that do not possible to take annual leave at the Toka company to obtain a high reputation in the outcome evaluation is this. Rest person is a lazy person, negative view is generally called.

- to enjoy taking a vacation, it is because there is a tendency to capture the negative is regarded as the "hedonism". General of the workers we, as much as possible not entertain usually, or rather "toil supremacy" that in itself is a desirable also be struggling with the overtime Toka when it should rest the original, itself be labor suffering from their own pleasure so that, it is because it is directed from to come earns a lot to work even a little, the dominant layer of society (wealthy - housewife).

• The room is guilty view is because there is a climate of "stuffing principle". Anyway, I hate free to anything, because it good to be packed in as much as possible high-density, difficult time to be in the mood that try to have a room. It teamed up temporally tightly packed schedule, when you go around to look at as many of the tourist attractions. As a result, we will not rest.

01/10/2008 10:55:22 PM

Company, new graduates priority of the government as "colorless and transparent", "white solid"

Companies and authorities of Japan, prefer to hire new graduates of the student. Employed to new graduates of the students is favored, them and that there is in the state of from "colorless and transparent" not stained to the color of any other company "white solid", deeper relationship. Closed, the exclusive Japanese company, has been a unique color formation of each company, respectively, there is a tendency to avoid the already contamination of outsiders dyed in other colors. Only new graduates that have not yet dyed in any color, it can be said that he is preferred as it is possible to "pure blood," "pure culture" for the company.

01/29/2008 04:51:20 PM

A "super you over" and "you up" - social rating of Japanese, deviation value with consciousness -

In Japanese society, organizations and individuals rating (top and bottom of the deviation value), the hierarchy is considered to have become as shown in the figure below link.

Rating - Hierarchy Chart

From this figure, it is possible to decipher the hierarchical structure of Japanese society, people's social rating Japan, the deviation value with consciousness. Imperial family ( Miyake ) to come to the top civil servants such as and central government and local governments is its immediate dominated institutions, teaching the private sector and led by large companies, etc., dominate.

The addition to the above of the imperial family and the central government, Western is located, to the wet Japanese society, which is fed into the wind, such as dry democracy. For this reason, the original ruler of Japanese society, the Toka central government is "your top", Europe and the United States from the point of view of democracy caught in the lower as "servants of the people", has created a double standard on the governance structure . In addition, the Japanese intellectuals, while chanting the idea of Toka progressive democracy of Western production in the mouth, even his own traditional double standard way of life that continue to be the remains of the inhabitants of the Japanese uneven society, this it can be explained from the rating FIG.

Currently, the United States, strong economic against Japan, and to exercise the military influence, Europe also holds the cultural superiority, beyond the imperial family and the central government of Japan is "your top." because in the status of "super you up", the meantime, the Japanese, that the cast be said of such on the rating "Super your top" in the mouth, it is convenient to arrange their own self-protection or appearance with the idea, in the mouth proceed the Western way of thinking, also on the surface, Western democracy, it is becoming hard and gonna to see the Toka individualism.

In that respect, but it looks also to the seemingly Japanese society has become the Western full commitment, actual Japanese society is not the same as before the war, tuning with a strong sense of unity to belong to the population, while seeking to cooperate with each other lookout of surveillance, remains a traditional structure that tease out was leaving piles. This is a traditional "your top" is Toka central government, apparent even while following the West is a "super you up", in fact, while maintaining the traditional Japanese thinking, dominate the private it represents that. In short, is the ruler of Japanese society "your top" is a double-layer structure of a "super your top (USA + Europe)" and "your top (central government of Japan)", become a double standard there's is a feature of the current Japanese society.

Influential people of the region ( dynasty ) and the self-employed layer ( doctor, etc. ) , even while receiving the control of these "you up", it is considered that maintaining a certain degree of autonomy. Also Toka scholars and athletes, is above a certain degree rating.

In addition, conventional, underdogs and the Japanese had considered China than Japan, South Korea, and economic development, is in the middle of raising the rating. China, South Korea, is an agricultural nation with a focus on the same rice and Japan, the point, there is no Japan and social difference. That there is no difference indicates that that can be the rival apposition.

For example, China is, because he has taken a communist to conflict with the US and Europe, delayed to incorporate the culture of the West, the point, but rating than Japan, which has incorporated advanced the culture of the Western is had been resigned to the bottom, because currently there is no element to pull the kind of feet, there is also a possibility that the old way again on the rating than Japan enough. South Korea, has become a rival of the real Japan and apposition for a long time, it is the reality of is engaged in a fierce competition with Japan.

02/23/2008 11:23:05 AM

Advanced inferiority complex in Europe and the United States, continue to embrace the subordinate sense of Japanese

Why do the Japanese, would unilaterally heard that crawl that says Westerners? Why do not exceed the Europeans and Americans? The reason for this is that, to Westerners, is always, is usually ahead than their own, are scooped ahead, since the proceed beyond. The Japanese, themselves are relatively late, because they are reminded that it is incompetent, so embrace the inferiority complex against permanently Westerners.

As a result, Japanese, regarded in the West as the dominant person, hear yes yes that say the US and Europe, will be trying earnestly to follow in Europe and the United States. To become it is obedience to the West, that of Europe and the United States, treated as not exceeded their "teacher", pursued single-mindedly then worship, bring the phenomenon to = dead copy to mimic.

On the one hand, considers such a Western rulers, denied the Western culture, their tradition, but there is also a case to take the movement to return to tradition, with the result that more and more delayed with respect to Europe and the United States. So why, delayed permanently to the United States and Europe, what will and the reverse manner? The reason is that Japanese meantime safety, is in self-protection first, unprecedented adventure from their own, because hate to do the exploration. As a result, Western to be more and more challenges in the failed resolution to the unknown of a new attempt in progress, will be constantly ahead.

This, the relationship between Europeans and Americans and Japanese, more broadly, men and women, established in relation to the dry person and wet people. In other words, dry person to challenge better new attempt, men, while met with failure or dangerous eyes, will be to ensure the advanced position than as a result, contrast, self-protection, safety first with the challenge wet people to avoid, so that the woman is delayed the more backward manner. As a result, wet people, women, dry people, to the men, or holding a inferiority complex, is considered to be or become dependent.

03/09/2008 08:27:03 PM

Personal information protection of the population-oriented

In the current Japan, address, personal information such as name is enforced legislation to prevent the outflow of the Toka net, the protection of personal information has been shouted loudly. But, in fact, such a bill in Japan is not something that was created to protect the individual's privacy. So why, speaking of what has been made, rather than the individual's privacy, is for each individual belongs "population" privacy protection. In this case, the "population", home, or a family, school, company, or a public office, or a local village.

In the traditional organization and the population of Japan, members of the population, are desirable to be connected by a strong psychological sense of unity and bond with each other. There, each individual, which is a member of the population, to other members of the population, as much as possible without the secretive, out of the belly, true feelings and information ( real intention ) to the ideal that the mutually disclose each other . This means that, in the internal population, privacy information and opinions about each individual, judgment, without any of the secretive, which means that flows openly. In other words, within the population of each individual privacy is originally to be a good as does not exist.

Here, the individuals within the group, or a betrayer of the outside of the other group, the total is also not, of whether or disclose the information flowing in the population from whom to whom the original collective judgment If inadvertently accidentally or, on the spot, he was twirling in the population, confidentiality No.1 information and opinions of, so that would suddenly leak to the outside. In other words, the secret of the population, is leaking through the individual.

To prevent this, by limiting the movement of each individual strictly, internal information of the population ( which is the aggregate of the personal information circulating in the population not healed even take ) that fasten the so tight to the outside, this it is the real aim of hidden personal information protection bill.

This is in comparison to the protection of personal information of the individual-oriented in society of Western-style dry individualism, called a personal information protection of wet population-oriented.

03/31/2008 01:11:12 PM

Whistleblowers and encumbrances

The current Japanese companies, organizations, such as military or government offices, with respect to the external fraud of internal members, to whistle-blowing, it is necessary courage of Oita. Why? The coming out is a problem of encumbrances. In other words, a person, or one person - any person another certain in the organization, as is doing an illegal you do not forgive, it is assumed that the accused toward the outside. Then, accused of subjects, not only the identity of the accused target, boss or next to the relationship who are chasing their management responsibilities, that also boss or next to the officials, ... and thus the top of the organization, as such, to a problem that infects around automatically endlessly one after another.

Going accused one person, the story is incredibly large, by becoming so, responsibility for which was accused ( retaliatory measures if the contents of if accused is determined to unfair and external ) also becomes very heavy than is. In short, networking within the organization, as stringy yam and natto, continuous connection, in the form of nepotism, because it is established between the members, the charges against one of them, immediately crony to one of them, around the party continuing the network of contacts, and infection in one to see see, it spreads out the subject, is the story becomes large. That's it, compelling and heart is not strong, there is no whistleblower Hadegi. In whistleblowers in Japan, which is why anonymity is essential.

However, who is accused, from the allegations, the person to get to know the information is likely to be identified as not only a guy, in which case, insidious retaliation is or waiting for a whistleblower after the fact, after all, whistleblowers who is, will the presence of floating from the population, it becomes impossible that you are in the population. In addition, whistleblowers may lead to divulge the secret information of the internal population outside, to its secret information, Eteshite from the fact that the raw critical information of the group members are included, the person who was the whistle-blowing of collective intention It leads to be subject to sanctions as a snitch who disobeyed.

Given this kind of thing, in Japanese society, in order to perform the whistleblower, it becomes in that there needs to be prepared to be bounced from their belonging to the population, we are each other closer integration as liquid molecules, belonging to the group the for essentially prefer wet Japanese people, to be ostracized by so from belonging population is becoming shall have the equal significance to the death sentence.

03/31/2008 01:57:47 PM

Micro invention, a "state-of-the-art 'in Japan

Japanese, foundation on to the ongoing development of thinking things, discoveries made in basic, invention what, it is often Ika with the West, Western basic discovery that has made pear, a cherry pick of the invention and, based on the latest achievements of the outside, which has been widely collected, it further finely polished refined and sharpened the addition, by applying the micro-machining, to reach the last-minute state-of-the-art that Westerners have not been achieved it is made. Western is global, basic, which is often to rustic macro invention in the rough, while the excellent discovery, Japan Toka ( China Toka ) is such a macro invention, based on the discovery, delicate wisdom and to exert a hand, state-of-the-art sharpness sharply intact perfectly polished increase micro invention, or not be said to be excellent in the discovery.

03/31/2008 02:33:41 PM

Why civil servants in Japan is preferential treatment? What is popular?

In Japan today, there are many people who want to be a public servant blessed of treatment compared to the private sector. Why, speaking of whether public servants are blessed, but not both cover only once to say, probably because it is "master Hinomaru". In other words, the most long-lasting and stable in Japan, it is the highest spiritual status with the exception of the United States "Miyake ( imperial family ) " is because it is the organization that are in the back.

In the Japanese education after the war that has been done in the United States-led, civil servants, positioning is made that it is servant to the people, that point, people I Ibareru against public officials, civil servants is rooted in awareness that it is under is ostensibly ing. However, the movement of the good good society, for example Toka reality of administrative guidance by public officials for private companies, looking at Toka reality of "parachute" to the private sector, in fact, civil servants will continue before the war "you over" and "your officials like "robust appearance that it is" immediate vassal of the Emperor "emerges.

Because civil servants as a servant to the people, because the United States is the appearance of spurious temporary while continue to have influence on one stage for the Japanese government, or Mai there than a real place. If the United States is Taicho, plating of hastily revised the peeling, it means that the figure of "your top" of the original comes out again. That way, treatment is blessed of the ultra-stable, high authority and power to dominate the private sector, the nature of public servants, such as dominant status, the originally the general public who have followed occasional Become bound to wound the long ones in authority, anyone if impassable to the civil service exam to be received, apparently but felt that to grovel people are bowed, actual Japanese society, sprout a feeling that I can become a privileged status of a position to dominate the people, aimed at the seat of the civil servants because adapted to the high magnification competition might be a reality Te.

Of course, 1990 in the so-called bubble era up to the first half's, because the civil servants say it because the salary is cheap, it is also true that there was no less popular, it's just, themselves between the people's a economically enough rich, in the future this state will continue, so much Ya want not look for a stable position in the small-minded thinking, or rather the economic margin of trying to rapidly waste, would be cause there was a optimistic atmosphere. It is, the collapse of the bubble economy and lapped at the rise of the Toka China, which started running the race of economic development, by catching up, Japanese society is economically lose margin, no longer E holds the Toka sufficient employment, again, of the civil servants now face the people's eyes to the blessed in a non-competitive compared to the stability and private treatment, "I wish good, civil servants," but adapted to that would be the current situation.

Of course, civil servants, like a human private company, yourself earn their eating pay, that profit may not think anything. Sucked up private sector profits raised by unilaterally confiscate form as a tax, the tax as you like of their own, it is possible to consume their own after the deformed into salary. Civil servants is a tax consumers, not become pensioners. May not have to think cutting the Honemi in order to make a profit in any way, "earn" it is "use" without thinking about it for a long as may carefree profession believes only is certain. Therefore, civil servants, compared to the private sector, money sensation becomes really sweet, business carried out by the civil servants, or delayed Toka efficiency, with or often wasteful spending, it is that you are pulling the foot of the Japanese economy many. While people also noticed that, seems to be drifting mood to give up and not be helped because it is the "you up".

I mean, the people themselves, be themselves, and to their children is by all means civil servants, it seemed see the underlying motive of trying to parent and child together delicious thought. Envy in the presence of a hidden civil servants desire lurking in the back of people's minds "Actually I also have good public servants" to condemn the Toka scandals cause of civil servants in half, "evil magistrate conquest to'll over" good On the surface, like a dressed a little more aware that the person you are condemned the civil servants and the will should look to their own true feelings.

03/31/2008 05:39:38 PM

Limited Edition with Japanese

The Japanese, in Toka purchase of goods "This is a limited edition" weak in the hype that, although it is said because, in the depth of the background, Japanese is possible to limit or to limit something the things in on whether Mai there than being raised is that you have a positive value of the heart. Japanese, things are limitations, I think desirable to be limited, hate free of, while repelling on the surface when receiving a binding from outside myself, the psychological foundation that it also will accept positive It appears to be strongly present. Its foundation, while mutually bound to each other, have a strong sense of unity, there is a side that wants to keep up with belonging to a population psychologically.

04/08/2008 03:09:12 PM

Watch out for the Western cult

In Japan, actively lifting that of Western as it is advanced, it also espouses such a Western culture, very familiar with sensitive to trends in Europe and the United States, high human rights, such as Europe and the United States, if they have the awareness of freedom people who behave so that the, especially intellectuals, but many in Toka culture people, believed to be better to be careful.

This is because, these people, often to, insufferable authoritarian and, vanity, is the owner of bravado, is ranked the people, want to make sure that their own in the is located at the upstream because it is often the owner of snobbism. Also lift the Western, Western culture is to embody, free and direct collision of disparate human beings, conflicts and, not because they agree with values such as self-assertion of the offensive personality. Europe and the United States have the power and momentum, such Western and myself Ayaka' to the authority and power with is, I want to show better in advanced their own, want to produce, psychology of "doing a good dressed, want to gather everyone's attention." high pride or that is in the underlying.

In that respect, eager to follow the cosmetic fashion and trends, it does not change the psychological too and self-centered young woman.

Rather, it belongs to the traditional organizations and groups such as academic background or company, become a safe a mainstream position in that, is unusually strong feeling that want to say I think arrogant. Follow-up to the US and Europe, worship is, in my your organization or group, means to show in style their own, only to Haribote.

In addition, they are, to borrow the authority and power of the United States and Europe, the point you are trying to strengthen his position, said to be a self-protection first. Since the Western prominent Daredare said this, I also but everyone also should follow it, is a human Minohodoshirazu to try to refute it, all the discussion of if objections to First Western polemic do I need in mind, in feeling, it is not my opinion, rely polemic of Europe and the United States, is a passive that of even its features in quotation only. Their such attitude, rebelled against established authority, their moves freely with your own opinion, and tries appeal, the offensive around, better or worse dry pastoralists system of Western of culture ( also common Toka Mongolia ) and, although it is of such inherently incompatible, without notice to the limit, is a place for the gleefully Western cult, is painful place to watch.

04/08/2008 03:21:27 PM

Day person and Chinese Part 2

- of the people of the social scale difference brings the difference for - Chinese and Japanese are the same farmers, the same woman, but there is a common point that is a member of the society of motherhood initiative, in other respects considerably different ing.

In the previous sentence, but was touched on the difference of national character that comes from the family system differences between the two countries, it and is separately considered of national characteristics that come from the society of the scale differences also exist. Chinese, is the owner of strong Chinese thought, I think yourself all of the center, it's natural that are in the center of the world. For the existence of their own is large, because gather everyone's attention with nature. In that respect, the strong excessive self-centered woman of atmosphere self-confidence.

On the other hand, the Japanese, because there is relatively small, and not the hassle from their own, are destined to not get attention. Therefore, in order to get to turn around and look at all of the surrounding, in order to be seen as cute woman, there is a side to sell the flattery desperately to ambient. In addition, there is no confidence in their own, rumors to the surroundings of their own, with a reputation to worry about and the partition, constantly take a flunkey attitude, there is a good daughter, slowing the side.

However, speaking of whether or not there is feeling of the Chinese thought in Japanese, not say the case. Like a Kyoto person, toward the country consider themselves as the center of Japanese society, "you up" Bull Japanese is like being pretty. In that respect, if if a major nation in Japan is China the same level, is considered to have addicted to Chinese thought.

China is a big country, is a large country, there is no need to succumb to external pressure. Selfishness is, because it was significantly delayed at the level of science and technology, Western powers and it came under the rule of Japan, recently again political, economic, become a militarily strong presence, so as to intimidate neighboring countries it has been.

Chinese, because it tend to think that he is the center of the world, meantime easy attitude is large brazenly made with respect to the surrounding. Even with the same woman, when compared to Japan, a more arrogant, Futebuteshii, it was stout dignified stance "Great Mother (Futoshihaha)", through a bold aunt of monster = "Obatarian" ones. This is, for example, spokesman of the Chinese government (both men and women) easy to understand and see a intimidating attitude.

Compared to this, Japan is a relatively small nation, is a small country, meantime vulnerable to external pressure, would easily succumbed to the Toka US request. In addition, there is a habit to actively care about whether their is what is seen in the in the international community, good looking, trying to make a good face, there is a surface that sprinkle the actively flattery to the country.

Japanese "Yamatonadeshiko" society, in the international community, or floating from the surroundings, for fear that the disliked, or doing the care profusely, or could not say clearly things, meantime humility, tend to refrain from . In that respect, it is "everybody's friend" basis. In addition, from time to time of great powers, powers, dizzy over there chasing after the authority, here in as dizzy, unreliable dependent to, or weak that numerous.

In that respect, Japanese, behavior, to resemble the international community to good friends group, outcasts in by Mai and desperately flattery intimacy high school girls - college student like a "Karen to appeal to sell to the surrounding in the a maiden, appear Standing as cute daughter. " In, South Korea, speaking of whether Korea, Japan, but it is a society of motherhood initiative of the same farmers and China are the same, China and distance, which is next to the major powers is too close too, nearing swallowed haunts feel are constantly. Constantly with to flatter fawning fawn to superpower China, and something rival Japan of their own and apposition, it is a busy feel to pull its feet. Then, in the form of rent a threat of major powers China (Daishuto), with respect to Japan, country of relative superiority (Toka's east courtesy of the country) actively claiming there is a "Kojuto" like a face.

04/13/2008 07:53:23 AM

It society Japanese society to go the woman society, state-of-the-art women's liberation

Japanese society, superficially but arrogant man, in fact is the influence mighty woman society of women. Mom of force is the strongest in society, it is a maternal society. In that respect, Japanese society is, in fact can be said to be a society that runs the state-of-the-art women's liberation in the world. A mother is the driving force that women of the Japanese society, Japanese society, men, mother of a strong under the influence, it can be said that the society has been feminized. In addition, traditional women woman society Japan is, naturally, not mixed the influence of paternal, purely female, was generated under the influence of maternal only "pure woman", "native woman" (native woman) can be said to be . Originally paternity in Japanese society is sparse, it is Western society is exclusively supplied in the form of a foreign culture.

Characteristics of Japanese society that have been raised conventional (collectivism, culture of shame, importance ... of harmony and attentive), and can be pointed out that the features of the woman society is very similar. For more information, author, woman society and man society, see the book on "feminine" Japanese.

In addition, my wife monopolized the authority of the financial management of the home, on that terrible to earn a salary let go to the company by hitting the butt of her husband, she picked up the full amount of the salary, once after having paid in their own hand, passed to the husband a small as pocket money, customs such as "cormorant fishing" is, represents the strength of the Japanese women. And swagger in the company, and men of supposed to be the driving force behind the so-called "male society", the reality is, not much change the "servant" that are forced to work and struck the ass to his wife and mother. The so-called "One Coin husband" has become a default of society.

For more information, see the author of the book on cormorant fishing-oriented society.

In addition, mothers, monopolized the education authority of the children, to build a close unity and children, as the children move to the left of your mind, "robot", "frame", it is striving to take the war, child employment Once you turn blast to the promotion competition in-house, a lifetime to dominate the children, has already become a clinging, on the one hand that his father shadow of is in the state in which paternity is not clear thin "maternal society" the is also a phenomenon of Japan unique. Behind the men to push forward to get ahead competition in the male-dominated company that is holding the mentally Athletic reins, he a woman named mother.

For more information, see the author of the book on maternal management.

Soon, Europe and Japan of women scholars who are just following the lead of feminism, staring at a real image of their society, really strong in the Japanese society, recognizes that the strongest one is a woman represented by a mother, in terms to say that women's liberation, in fact, the Japanese society is traditional, very advanced, that the go society of the I that state-of-the-art world, it will be claimed toward the world.

04/26/2008 12:57:23 AM

We should teach the Japanese uneven society with a small middle and high education

Current from the primary school of Toka modern society and political economy of the middle school-high school textbooks, if you look at the reference book, up to the modern from World War II, the Japanese society, incorporating the social system and the science and technology of the West, rapid economic developed, played the ranks of the advanced Western countries, he now also leads the world as its members, are written like a.

Looking at this, as if social climate is completely westernization of Japan, traditional uneven society is visible from looking on by an outsider as if it had hid the shadow.

However, a matter of fact, Japan's small middle and high-school of the university is a demanding society of seniority of the vertical relationship of senior junior to every school age, uniformity that values ​​the most the collective action of a matching uniforms and students is a collective society of importance, is a management society that has been in binding firmly in the severe school rules, such as poking corner of the nest of boxes, with feeling ..., I have strongly the atmosphere of traditional village society.

Although this is the is inconsistent with the educational content of Western-style school is teaching, because the people who point out the contradiction does not include the teachers, students, I'm a member of their own is quite advanced Western countries, Western specific idea would believe he was mastered, and are not able to notice a real image of the Japanese uneven society themselves have followed unconsciously.

Outside these pupils, students, out of the school, and work in a job at a company or government office, there is the world of individualism and open free competition of Western-style was far far away, such as "Uchi of the company." feeling closed towards the, family-like mutual sense of unity and cooperation-oriented, such as seniority, will be thrown in the midst of traditional uneven society. So, it will end up taste to death the gap between the have been taught at school "Western manner Japan".

Personally, I think their affiliation to features of the Japanese uneven society, the actual situation, students are not you notice between're in school, and do not went wrong can not I understand. Taking some time, the real image of Japanese uneven society, features the advantages the, to it should be taught to students, including the disadvantages, to should write to textbook of society, it should also issue the entrance examination.

In addition, Japanese uneven society, mainly engaged in other world of society in rice farming (China, Korea, Southeast Asia) and that have a common point, teach properly positioning that Japan is a member of the East Asia I should. In addition, Japanese uneven society, although superficially are arrogant man, I think actually the strongest mother of force in society, maternal society, that we should teach also be a woman society. The Japanese uneven society, we should give a point of view be regarded as state-of-the-art women's liberation to students.

04/27/2008 12:11:58 AM

Rip-off, copy culture and original, unique culture

Toka Japan, China, South Korea Toka, more and more imitating the products made by others, to copy, there a little bit of improvement In addition, with the changes in my own way, good at raising the degree of completion of the product more and more is there.

Maternal, such as Japan, in the society of strong liquid type women of power, ensuring a sense of unity between each other, it is important maintain more than anything. Integrated with the surrounding, it is the cooperation is important. So to the other party the same with each other, everyone is integrated together with, the stick, be the same as the other party, and the imitation of the other party, to copy, it is essential cop. Mutual sense of unity, maternal to emphasize a sense of inclusion, a woman is like thinking. Maternal, female culture, the culture of the liquid type essence, rip-off culture, or find a copy culture, is a place called.

Originality However, in depersonalized by an opponent that it is exactly the same, so nasty not conspicuous buried, that a large book copy, there is be applied to the surface of the seasoning of my own just a little bit, his is different from the others It has become to feel with. Wearing the same mini-skirt with the surrounding, it is Toka change only the color a little. That point, claims or of "Petit originality," "Petit uniqueness", said to be like "Petit originality".

In the maternal society such as Japan, copyrighted works and inventions are those of everyone, are all of the commons, rip-off is by no means a bad thing. I mean, pakuri, imitation of others is the absolutely necessary for the sake of unity maintenance of each other. Oneself and others the same is to be emphasized, is the sharing of oneself and others the world, Japanese culture can be said to be "identical and sharing oriented".

In contrast, in the Western society a strong gas type of the father of the force, is deep-rooted concept of do not like to imitate others each other. First, along with the priority is given to the person who came up with the idea, myself there is the idea that I carve out their own unique world without imitating the world of others. This is called a "original, unique oriented".

This is, others and my'm different, is a way of thinking is the premise of that it's separate. Disconnect the others and myself, the other hand to obtain the freedom and privacy, anything becomes a self-responsibility, can not be passed on to blame others if it fails, it is a tough world. It is the poster child of the paternal culture to cut the bonds of oneself and others.

Paternal society such as Europe and the United States, in the society of the gas type, works and inventions author, those of the invention individuals, be regarded as being unique and personal. Being important, distinction between oneself and others, differentiation, is a building of their own original world, it can be said that the "differences, personal attribution oriented". And directed the original is that do it different from the others, because the sense of unity with the surroundings is eliminated, is a grave problem in maternal society such as Japan to focus on mutual sense of unity with the surroundings. Therefore, in Japanese society, in order to achieve the cooperation with the Western society, in the mouth, even while chanting the importance of originality, the fellow that does not cooperate with the surrounding stuck to the unique "hit the out pile" is to reject is a normally.

06/21/2008 03:57:06 PM

Freedom of the individual in Japan, to protect the privacy

Of individuals uneven society of liquid type, such as Japan freedom, what to do to protect your privacy? It is that it does not as much as possible socializing. It is to ensure the free space that is not come filled with a certain others on the periphery of their own.

Once inadvertently mingle with the surrounding, was sticky around, would be swallowed into the liquid, such as the mother's amniotic fluid, it becomes impossible to escape. Monomidakai, rumor, gossip and monitoring, subject to Tsugeguchi, privacy does not come back again. Constantly born sense of being seen by others, and to care about the public eye, that embarrassing, would continue to be tormented by a sense of shame. This should be avoided.

But, if you do not some kind of socializing, it does not come contains the information necessary to live. What to do with it? It is solved by to participate in the anonymous life net. While avoiding troublesome mutual monitoring of each other, gently solidarity, it is necessary to help each to provide information to each other. In this regard, "the town BBS anonymous community life, such as" BBS will be to exert power.

06/21/2008 03:58:00 PM

I think that it is a woman when you see Japanese

Foreign people, think that it is a woman When you look at the Japanese, and it is preferable to advice. The Japanese, at first glance, be a man, content style of behavior, is dominated by the mother, with each other to completely feminized. And the men are arrogant in male chauvinism, by propaganda that "Japan is a man society" by feminist, Japan has completely become the image of the people of the man the center, but this is a mistake. A liquid, the population prefer collective action, mutual sense of unity maintenance of, noisy in the cooperative, well-monitor each other, each other beating the backbiting, love each other pull of the foot, such as the characteristics of the Japanese uneven society This is because all is overlapped with the features of the woman. Japanese uneven society is a woman society. On the other hand, gas individualism, Western people of liberalism, even if the woman, he should be treated as a man. They are, is under the control of the father, is because in virilization.

06/21/2008 03:58:57 PM

"Mother" as the foundation of Japanese society

Women of Japan, become a "mother", themselves of social infrastructure, while dominated the lower structure, superficially make a men at the top, pretending to the outside and the "male upper" there. While men are active superficially floats on top in society, women are holding the bottom, that dominates stout social foundation, the foundation, at present the Japanese society. Men of Japan are only dancing on mother's palm. "Apparent, the surface layer is a man society, real woman society" is, it can be said that the realities of Japanese society.

06/21/2008 03:59:55 PM

"Mutual check society" utility of anonymous bulletin board in Japan

In the two-channel Toka anonymous bulletin board, loose and free connection of anonymity each other, solidarity can be obtained. Same interests, interested persons to each other, become a "resident" of the same thread, it is possible to each other do not know is help each other. This is, Japanese uneven society, or of the social networking service mixi said, mutual sense of unity, mutual to draw the attention of the opponent, too much to ask to be satisfied with the other party, the other party to comment on Toka his diary each other whether me, fallen into "mutual check society" to check in the noisy mind, with each other to act as the antithesis to that spiritual freedom is lost.

Of course, in the anonymous bulletin board, vandalism, tilt is constantly generated, but it's also easy to happen that dented mentally by the mutual beating endlessly continue in the anti-each other, but still, meantime the intention and objects around easily Gyujiri the Japanese without worrying about the eyes of seeing high surveillance, that I want to say of their own, it can be said that the real intention, is that freedom of speech is ensured that hit, the spiritual freedom a fundamental place, has been brought to the Japanese, it can be said that has led to mental health.

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... in front of everyone

Japanese people is a resident of liquid specific maternal society, it closed, in the exclusive villages and the inner ring, and integrated together with the surrounding people, are living as attract in the attraction to each other. Therefore, immersed in something, to worry about the periphery of the eye and intention, will be desperate to read the ambient air. Japanese society is said to be "sensor society" that is required to be strong sensitivity to surroundings. Japanese society is a "mutual monitoring society" that is being watched around, feeling embarrassed being seen by others is a strong "culture of shame". Sense of "being seen" is strong, to constantly worry about the line of sight of the others, also a high interest in the others, is a "line-of-sight society" that often directs the line of sight to others.

Japanese have a high pride in public, pretentious, tend to a good-looking, myself tend to dislike the stingy or scratch in public. Whatever you do, be "public in", "in front of everyone" well Tachimawa', try not to embarrass, become desperate to keep the face. Whatever you do, worried about the surrounding of the line-of-sight, is to go around always with that like a preposition that "in front of everyone." In other words, it scared all of the line-of-sight. It is whether or not seem worried about everyone. Stand is bad rumor to you, afraid of is backbiting. Wrong in front of everyone, afraid to fail. Afraid to write a shame. Inconspicuous even if wrong, it is not Bale around. I do not want to be paying attention to everyone in the downside.

Afraid of only I do not know. Afraid of it barrels do not know their own to know the surroundings. I want to pretending to know. Toka PC, touch for the first time, even if the operation, it is preferable it is pretending to know immediately without Barre is that thing. I want to show as can be hard in front of everyone. I want to be praised and I terrible can do that. I want to say dressed in front of everyone. I want arrogant. I want to boast. It is to believe that willing. It is noted in the plus side, we want to stand out.

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Collapse not seniority

Well, in the development of performance-based, Japanese seniority is to often see the tone to say that the collapse, would it not a mistake. The evidence is, 40 is that the Career destination of middle-aged years or older is much less. Speaking of why less, in Japanese companies, 40 are over the age, is assumed to be a management, the mouth of the managers, because it is not necessary to recruit from outside, it would be allocated in the internal is there. Conversely, 40 or more years of age, is that it is difficult to hire as flat employees. Company in 40 flat employees that were not attached to the job title and promotion in the years of age or older, it also means that the subject of restructuring.

This is, in other words, under managers have seniority, that's above flat employees, because it is difficult to command to the flat employees of young managers is older, in order to repel it, flat employees Older not adopted, it can be said that the work is psychological to be put out from the company. Conversely, younger man, be instructed to older people, abnormal, it can be said that seen as it unacceptable. Junior is to say that it is difficult to instruct the seniors. Therefore, the younger of the management, in spite of the subject he or she instruction, Utomashiku I think the seniors to a large surface against yourself only say that older, expelled, his order was easy to junior psychological work that will Katameyo only. Alternatively, even for older flat employees, can not bear to be dictated in the eyes from the top to the human under the seniority than their own, there is a psychology to it's humiliation, and about to leave his own company. This is the true form of the middle-aged and elderly restructuring.

This, for the junior seniors, orders in the eyes from the top, even for junior be commanded, even for seniors, what be psychologically hesitate is the essence of seniority, rather than seniority disappear, small by continual re-production of senior junior system in middle and high school, it may be said that continues to be firmly maintained.

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Lifetime employment that follows

In the progress of globalization, but Japanese lifetime employment is said to have collapsed, or would be really the case? Looking at the top of the people of Toka authorities of Japan, in a career in the so-called first to enter the organization, was promoted to the end to top all the way, it continues to be employment, that people who greeted the rise is the majority You would notice.

This, top in a career, idea and good to go to the end, "a career faith," "a career-first principle" is what is the essence of lifetime employment. Indeed, the Toka middle-aged and elderly to lose even the way is restructuring (parachute including) employment in large companies and authorities often would also be fact. However, people at the core of the organization among them, even while reducing the number due to reducing the post to wear as the promotion to, now is also not the same as the old days a career, in pure culture, ie Once a job once, is restructuring remains of the first companies and authorities to, is're Noboritsume to the tissue top with lifetime employment.

The Toka young people, or was harsh initially entered the company, salary is less, in that it does not fit with my 2 3 , but it is true to some extent many cases to quit in the year, when they change jobs, it referred to as a second new graduates is the call you. This is a new employee to handle that ate the age a little bit, which means that is included in the again a career.

The 30 's but is Toka people who were wearing some professional ability of the Toka years old are an increasing number of cases to change jobs in full-time treatment in middle-aged and elderly in the middle, if anything, could lack the personnel in the career destination of the company a is a replenishment personnel handling to compensate, or not in the case in a lot of that has been regarded as irregular few cases.

Temporary employees is not a lifetime employment, because the contract workers has been increasing, lifetime employment seems there is also a view that it was broken, but when well try good care, they are the words that are employed "non-regular" it will be noted to have. In looking at the government and the employment of large companies that are considered to be the employment of "regular" On the other hand, "is only to full-time" employment for granted to continue to work in one place all the way until it is restructuring it will is not're made?

Of Japan (non-foreign) in large companies and government of the majority, in the workers of the majority is changing jobs person, including middle-aged and older, and the top even if the state or something change jobs who come from non-a career, lifetime employment in Japan collapse but it might say that was, or will be status quo is really happens? I would not not have been? The person without changing the workplace of the company as raise working long until the last is that to give, is the essence of lifetime employment, currently faces of people who bring worked until retirement age is Toka salaries and job title without changing from the beginning of the employer If and in the most favorable treatment to the actual situation has not changed, leaving the company not stop on the way by example circumstances, as well as increased how much people change, change that Japanese society continues to be a lifetime employment-oriented the in or would not is not?

And Kanagurisute the "delayed" Japanese customs, but it is understood the feeling you want to pretend of advanced Western, what kind of thing is to disguise the actual situation? After, in the West, but I such that there are countries of lifetime employment as France, I will say without its imitate?

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Affiliation, employment of regular, from the non-regular inside and outside dichotomy, to the multi-stage belongs to the social organization

In the current Japanese society, companies, even in schools in authorities, is to stick to the inside and outside dichotomy.

In other words, people, companies, government offices, belonging degree of the school such as "(the village society, the organization of) was placed on the inside, our house of the people, full-time, regular staff, students" and, "(the village society, it is not possible to enter into) the inside of the organization, remains on the outside, elsewhere person, non-regular employees, staff, divided only into two stages of the students ", the middle is not that.

This is not a conventional two-stage, for example, in such as five levels, to or "100% Member's" "80% belong person", "60 percent belongs's" "40% belong person", "20% belong person" ( in today's Japan, "100% belongs's" or only "0% belongs's = non-regular belongs's" or either). If the five stages in a laborious, three-stage (non-regular, quasi-regular, regular) Toka even be better.

In Japan today, for the gap between regular and non-regular is large, for example, as seen in the Toka women to retire at child care, from regular employees, once the fall in non-regular, not return to the quite legitimate, greatly Toka wages becomes low, the status of assurance without, and as it becomes hardships, the economy bitter. Alternatively, if the student is, leaks to the new graduates of the company, with already graduated treatment, and closed the road to full-time appointment, become a non-regular employment throughout life and the poor, or remains of socially low status Resulting in. This is, like or painful to make the economically children in both men and women, and is a major factor that is difficult to live in Japanese society I think.

This is, if the multi-stage of the Toka five stages, the first is (I may be permitted a conventional like to suddenly 100% belongs, changed so as to mainstream the person as much as possible is not the case), starting from 20% belongs Atari, necessary to increase or decrease the affiliation degree in response to, it will be able to work in their favorite affiliation degree. In short, make some intermediate stage between normal and non-normal, it is not more operational flexible. Identification in accordance with the percentage of affiliation increases, but so that likely to be more assured, even with 20% belong, so that to some extent are guaranteed. In short, the steps of lowering the hurdles (100% belongs → 20,40% belongs) to the first of affiliation, to facilitate belongs, is to likely to be adopted.

Is necessary Along with this, for example,

- Simultaneous recruiting of new graduates (already graduated rejected) obsolete (because the ringleader of the inside and outside dichotomy), the institutionalization of already graduated adopted

- full-time ceremony abolition of (because this is also a ringleader of the inside and outside dichotomy)

- of joining test review (to adopt while listening to the hope belonging percentage of people who want to enter)

And non-cooperation of the seniority (Some 40 percent belongs to the people (= the remaining 60 percent free-lance) in 50-year-old, can have 80 percent belongs to the people even at the age of 20)

- with the management appointment, some degree of non-interlocking of (not accustomed to management not to be the 100% belong to stop. Ability is to also OK Toka 40-80% affiliation, if any.)

, Affiliation degree, after the unusual degree top and bottom of the liberalization of affiliation level (from the beginning of the 40 percent belong to the 60% belongs, is 20% belonging for child care, then, from the 60% child care is settled down 80,100 % will belong, also to 40% belong in nursing Toka, Toka to as changes to flexible. Alternatively, is 0% belongs to retirement the company, then, even when the job again, suddenly 100% belongs those from the 20 percent than aiming for is, only a small rises of steps required, for both labor and management, the system usability is increased.)

- performance-based and trade-off (if you can contribute to belong percentage Nari to the organization, evaluated in what percentage belongs to the evaluation of the people of .20% belong to the same is sometimes higher than the people of the 100% belong.)

And employment time with the trade-off of (. To be proportional to the affiliation percentage)

- consideration of the salary (multiplying the results evaluation to belong percentage.)

It is a measure of the Toka.

In Toka Netherlands, part-time, but seems to have received the same treatment as full-time work, and he Toka Japan to emphasize belong to the organization, not amenable as it is (elsewhere have the same treatment and suddenly full-time part-timers of does not accept is! Muki'! There are many people that), so it is reason to modify as described above.

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Envy and synchronized side-by-side treatment

It is to be associated with the seniority system that does not collapse, which was previously described, in the Japanese companies and authorities, between synchronous joining of people, one becomes the boss, one becomes a subordinate, in the eyes from above synchronization to synchronize instruction or, that or is it, also for the side that instruction, a situation that is also hesitate for the side to be also considered to have occurred. During the synchronization entering together, should the same treatment is made, the idea should not providing a difference of upper and lower underlying.

This idea should not be provided with a top and bottom of the treatment between synchronization, synchronization synchronization simultaneous promotion that we should go climbing at the same time together, the idea of the same treatment, made to seniority and inextricably linked, strong even now It is present in. This is a small middle and high school education, Advanced Placement Toka is not allowed, the students each other of the same school year, orderly at the same timing 1 going to climb each grade is considered to be because it was attached to the body the idea that it's natural.

Become a middle-aged, came out a limited number of promotion possible title post, occur treatment gap of people to remain flat employees to not put the person who attached to the post of the upper between synchronization, resulting in disparities was the awkward thing is the synchronization with each other are together in the same organization, it is very to the synchronization of the post of the above, because very uncomfortable to synchronize the bottom of the post, in was not attached to the title of the above, relatively capability It leads to the idea that you Mabiko the synchronization poor. This is another one of the causes of the restructuring of middle-aged and elderly in Japan.

Such synchronization same treatment, as good a side-by-side treatment, if the unavoidable gap occurs during the synchronization, turn off the synchronization employees who become underdogs, the idea is, is than has led to a restructuring of middle-aged and elderly, restructuring of middle-aged and elderly is, in performance-based before the introduction of Western-style, already as a way of Japanese companies and government organizations, traditionally it can be said that he was going to the inevitable.

So disparities occur and underdogs synchronization of truncation of between of such synchronization occurs on the basis of the difference between the duties ability, even if not taken out the merit of bother Western-style, he traditionally merit exists in Japan It can also be referred to.

However, unlike the US and Europe to try to make easy the gap of up and down by the competition, in the case of Japan, as much as possible, so that side-by-side state for the same period is followed, to have an acceptable range, psychologically between synchronous a sense of unity, it can be said that the point of effort trying to have the same feeling is different.

By providing a psychological sense of unity between the "were joined together in the company" synchronization, a sense of unity to the company organization, together with to have a sense of intimacy, went to "He is ahead of between synchronization, myself it can be said that was delayed. Torikaesa to be. "be to constantly side-by-side competition, it has been the driving force that makes up the performance. In that respect, it can be said that to take advantage of the heart of the envy of the relatively late employees to the synchronous rival employees to go ahead.

In other words, the driving force to extend the performance of Japanese companies, it can be said that it is the "sense of unity to the company," "envy to the synchronous rival".

07/09/2008 03:15:13 PM

Japanese society as upward cone type water pump system

Japanese companies, government agencies of the system, can be considered liquid waterway of Kiritaikei going narrowed course as it goes on, as the upper direction pyramidal water flow. It can be summarized by the term "upward cone type water-waterway pump system".

Pump system diagram

Here, it is no use crying over spilled milk, saying is true. In other words, it can not be redone and would once come off spilled. Not return to the original. Fine waited vertical waterways tip, gradually pushed one after the other over the water in the pump. Waterways, water flow, narrows as it goes on because the cone. Narrowing of the waterway, as it goes on and promotion, it corresponds to the that the number of officers that can be appointed is reduced. At the top of the chairman, the president is equivalent to the title of the "rise".

The cone, has a hole for discharging the water that has nowhere to go for go narrowed space as you go upward several open, in the narrow waterways, is no longer advanced to more ahead, ablation from promotion person who has, down stream from the discharge hole and been issued to the outside to the underdogs of the organization or to "parachute", is restructuring, in the form to be screened out, is discharged from the cone body, not go back again.

Water flow from below, by hiring Toka graduates employee directed that constantly promoted upward, is supplied constantly. The plays the role of a pump to push the water flow, that want a delicious thought went upward, people get ahead of, psychological directed a promotion, it is energy. Water flow, going up to synchronize one after the other from the bottom of the cone. Previously entered the cone water, it is higher than entered the water from later. This is, seniority, corresponding to senior junior synchronization system. First with water that has entered the cone is, going up in a career to the "up" at the top of it. This corresponds to lifetime employment.

07/12/2008 09:23:14 AM

Do not allow cheating Japanese company, authorities

Companies and authorities of Japan, once employees once joined the company, with its employees or trying to change jobs to Toka other company, a property that does not allow an interest in that business outside the company. In short, once together, it "does not allow the affair to other than your own." After becoming the inner ring. In that respect, employees are married to a company, do my whole life for the company, it has become like a feeling. Instead, the employee If it finds that it is unnecessary for the company, so as to frankly restructuring.

The company, the employees, but to request the "loyalty of life", the company can be said to have a double standard, such as that protect ppl cut to simplify the neck of employees. Lifetime employment and is, to the employees' life, all the way without shaking the Wakime, please thinking only of their company without cheating. You eviction and is not even by. "In one like that over the implication that is there. The company, employees, always loyal to the company, encouraging competition to loyalty, put out the results for the company to request that the cell shiny the company economically, the only employees who have won the competition for the time being it is that you as remnant inside, it can be said that he has obtained a driving force to work the employees.

07/12/2008 09:49:45 PM

And Japanese social organization as a "mother existence", sea, lake

I wrote to the Japanese men as there are standing, but Japanese companies, organizations such as school ... is a mother existence to swallow the whole personality of the members. It is, Once jumped into it, wrapped the whole body of members jumped, such as deep sea or lake to not go out, liquid, it can also be said to be a presence, such as a gel.

07/13/2008 03:26:18 AM

I hate freedom

Japanese society, a fundamental place, believed to be the side that hate free. The Toka company, despise where a person who does not belong to say Toka part-time workers also, fool trend is strong. Move around and place to place without fixed in one place, that of people who are without being bound, said something about homeless, regarded as not credit. In addition, a free man, regarded as selfish, regarded as anxiety molecules that disrupt the internal order of the well-appointed place, it tries to discharged to the outside. In Toka school, not like the free clothes, prefer the uniform is that appeared to fix entered somewhere, where they sit still does not move, is a good to contribute to the orderly formation of the field.

07/13/2008 03:29:19 AM

The reason for Japanese society attempts to compulsive westernization

What is the reason that Japanese society is trying to hard westernization? It, Japan, after the Second World War, alien as yourself, it is because the incorporated into the western liberal camp of the United States, or the like. Japan is, originally, the same as Russia and China, liquid specific constitution from farmers (collective principle, the regulation liked, emphasis on interpersonal relationships and mutual sense of unity ...) despite the presence of, Russia rather than and China of liquid camp, alien as yourself, it's had been put in a gas camp of the United States, or the like. Russia, and is considered to have the same properties as the Chinese like a liquid camp (east side), it becomes a target of the attack as those with the nature of the enemy from the other countries of the Western gas camp (the United States, etc.). It should have been be avoided.

Therefore, it is heterogeneous, so that it is not regarded as the enemy, desperate, hiding the liquid properties possessed by itself, individualism, had worked hard to become a gas properties, such as liberalism to desperately try to have even only on the surface there, it can be said that was the Japan of the History of World War II. In this way, the removal of the Russia and China and the common liquid nature of its own, even only on the surface, the attitude to try to act like get along smoothly from the United States and gas ally of Western Europe, etc. without being called a heterogeneous will be completely attached to the body within which is taking a long period of time, that is no longer taken, it is possible that it is the figure of the current situation in Japan.

07/13/2008 03:30:30 AM

The reason for Japan after the war, was accustomed to economic power

In the article "Why Japanese society attempts to compulsive westernized", Japan, during the post-war of the Cold War period, Russia originally with the same liquid properties and their own, the United States to be hostile to each other and the east side camp of China, Western Europe camp (west side, gas camp) wrote to have been incorporated into. In fact, this is, Japan is the cause was accustomed to post-war economic power, and is a cause that is struggling is catching up economically to the current China and Russia.

In other words, Japan was the West during the Cold War period, the east of China, Russia and out of the loop, a free and advanced technology the United States and Europe that produced with a unique gas properties, preferentially be able to monopolize available , therefore, the likes of which has been struggling to get China, compared to Russia, significantly ahead to be able to economic development, it was easily superior to stand. Remarkable country with a liquid nature is, other was not much in Western gas camp (Korea position?) For, Japan is its liquid specific nature, although not what bold creative ideas, granular product Small the improved and polished of ability, the idea of other western gas camp is produce, obtain preferentially with allies Yoshimi, to create a high-quality products by applying improvements to it, was able to spamming in the world. This is what, Japanese society, was the true reason for accustomed to economic power under the post-war Cold War.

However, the conditions under which the superiority of these Japan, along with the Cold War is over, was rapidly extinguished. Is considered from if there is an enemy Western western camp until now, did not receive adequate technical assistance, liquid specific China, Russia, come to be newly considered not the enemy to stop the feuding of Europe and the United States, because ready to accept the cooperation of technology licensing, and the like. In other words, Japan under the East-West Cold War advanced technology of Western, which had been available preferentially is, China, because it was supposed to be as it is entering also in Russia, the superiority of the Japanese technical aspects had to go quickly deflated than is.

China is a country of the same liquid properties and Japan, the likes of for Japan as a liquid, is the presence it is difficult to differentiate. If you follow the state can not remain differentiation of the status quo, from the liquid basis therefore your not good at produce the original technology, Japan is hard to progress to advanced technology without introduction from the gas camp is, technically catch up with the likes of China is the is a matter of time, it can be said has already become doubtful the superiority of Japan.

The future, what is waiting for Japan is considered to be a side-by-side competition of relentless punching one pulled out columns of the Toka falls rival China the same liquid manner. Japan dominates is, the how quickly advanced technology from gas european, depends on whether the fact that either get ahead of the Toka China, raised how highly polished the technology that was put in his hand it can be said that.

07/13/2008 03:31:28 AM

Leader-level social and followers higher society

Than Toka traditional sociology, the higher is the active leader going to pull leading the things, followers keep up with the role the view that the lower were common. However, keep up with from behind, who will accept followers, depending on the society is an upper. First, followers or Winning takes what kind of behavior, and summarized as follows.

Followers is a person who does not move from their own. Are waiting for someone will do, if anyone has not done, it is the people who complain or complaining to say that inconvenience. Then, someone is doing, if it fails, or ridicule, to actively dissed. When the person who was successful struggle comes out, but lionize actively to say that did well initially, now I think Netamashiku that of the person who succeeds to them, to find fault, pull the legs.

Followers are opportunists. Around what is or carefully observed doing, so as not to lag around, as can be and continues to enter into the circle of people around, to try to align to a large number.

What advantage of being a follower? Why follower of a higher order? Followers, even if the things like touching the anger of something power muscle, since the ringleader and must not, may not take action responsibility from myself. Anytime peace of mind, to escape to a safe area, and of being Todoma, can be self-protection. Followers, safety, do not move and can not be peace of mind is maintained. Okay, it does not move and not a certainty. In that respect, at any time of the only safety, it can be enjoyed in favor of the peace of mind. In addition, followers, to act constantly together with all of the surrounding, the advantage that action forced to take the lead alone, as compared to the hard leader to seek help, survived easily susceptible to the periphery of the mutual assistance have. Also because not scared even what you're doing if it is with everyone.

Followers is number two. When the advance off the top as a leader, will be exposed to decent to wind and rain, conditions are severe. Followers without the trouble to cut the top, the results of the head was cut open struggle, it is possible to receive and fun. Survival environment, the head of the endowed than the leader, is a greenhouse manner, it can be comfortably warm.

Followers, without increasing the direct hand from their own, without risking, get to do to someone. For this reason, decent or at risk, compared to the leader role to be taken the responsibility, it is blessed as a survival environment. The only safety, peace of mind, and self-protection, since it is possible to enjoy a comfortable greenhouse life preferentially, viability is above the leader, the point that has been put in the hands of the living environment blessed from that point leader is the reason why the followers have become higher.

As followers, do not feel the danger, people that need much in the safety area, who can secure the escape route, can see the sights of Takami, who can To cosily Ikinagaraeru, survived easy person is, the most status high, it is higher.

Leader upper Nanoha, society each person Only I am is a collection of people that most top go, ie, as represented by the United States, gas specific patriarchal society is a collection of active people who move to take the initiative themselves It is limited to. In such a father right society, because I also Rakumei in the face of danger, leading the people, is the it is a cool put out the creative achievements.

On the other hand, followers higher Nanoha, such as Japan, accept the results made by the others, receiving, which is a liquid specific mother rights society is a collection of people, such as the swallow cushion. The mother is a woman, nothing deference to their own self-protection than, safety, noisy to ensure peace of mind. In the strongly received society the impact of such a mother, as much as possible without causing the action from their own, after ascertaining the periphery of the trends, the most secure, yet it is what is is good to that reasonably profitable.

For example, windbreak in mother rights society the Japanese government, virtually the most upper Nanoha, although conspicuous standing on the surface, criticism, bear the brunt of the wind and rain, rather than the Minister to be immediately dismissed, from the bottom of the lower rank, by the Minister it can be said that a permanent secretary who is in a position to have worked.

Alternatively, than men leaders must confront directly with the predators exposed to the outside, for women to be protected while following to say that is, more secure, and reliable, it can be said that there is a high status.

In other words, the followers higher society, rather than at the top, which bear the brunt of the wind and rain, there from one to two of the cushion under the rank worked position is the most safe, peace of mind, it can be said that the real position is high.

In that respect, the followers higher society, and openly "superficial status" person is above that stand out, cozy people there is a need to distinguish between a top "substantial position" on the entrenchment.

It should be noted that, in some cases, leaders in one-man and self-protection type, it may do things such as tail cutting of lizard covered with the responsibility to followers when it fails, in this case, for the followers, so as not to be take responsibility there is a need to escape successfully to.

07/13/2008 03:32:53 AM

Fully intact orientation and of Japan "experts"

Japanese are in the Toka Toka University think tank, the person who called the so-called experts, tend to seek "full intact", such as the following.

· Wrong Do not say that. To say it is, always do and not correct (do I need a correct answer, do not we have to be accurate). Is a shame the wrong.

- the famous theory and the latest theories, do not If you do not constantly correct understanding.

- with respect to discipline, we can not answer, do not be that I do not know. Do not and do not know anything. Unchiku do if there is no.

- to say is, do we need a constantly strict. Theoretical bankruptcy, chipping, leakage is useless if there is even a little. As a result, stiff is thinking, Shachihokoba' would be, from their own, but there may be somewhat inaccurate and scratches, they are no longer able to the new Monoi free. This may look like are the new Monoi, and is well heard, someone or was (especially Western researchers) received opinion of the theory of.

07/13/2008 03:33:39 AM

From the top of the eyes, Japanese universities who

University people of Japan, also professor side, graduate students, including, is considered to have the following features.

- it is an exclusive academic background first of thinking. Strong sense of unity to belong to academic background. Among them, the teacher and student, very noisy in the up and down relationship of senior junior year.

- I'll tell ignorant now (student), I'll enlighten, think grateful, in feeling, condescending.

· (Especially Professor) their'm great, but higher-level person, believe that almighty ruler, or look at the students in the mercy of the eye of the underdogs, the power harassment.

- and let's attached to the theory of the famous scholar of the prestigious. In addition, it wants to think that a person authority to own it.

07/13/2008 03:35:04 AM

Gas type of company, Liquid type of company

The author, than before, gas type, but has proposed a classification of liquid type, on the basis of it, the Western and the nature of the Japanese company were compared as follows.

Gas type of company, such as the United States and Europe, a separate free people to each other in the original pieces, in order to raise more profits, temporarily to work in cooperation formed a tag as a means. Out results and profits, suitable time of a good time, and leaves quickly. The company is just a temporary tool to make a profit. To focus on the occasional short-term profits to equity shareholder.

Liquid type of companies such as Japan, people with each other likes to stick close sticky is, tied with a strong sense of unity with each other, surviving the state, it is an object of itself to be maintained. Itself that belong much more to the company is the purpose. Company is a joint body to persist. It emphasizes that increase their value of belonging to the company community and rating. The value of the company community, scale ( sales higher ) so be achieved by the magnitude of and market share, to try to raise it. To the equity shareholder, to focus on long-term value retention - rise of its own shares. Short-term profits dividend does not emphasize, as an excellent property to continue to stably hold the stock for a long period of time, it is trying to get a look to the shareholders.

From the viewpoint of the international division of labor, boldly jump out to unexplored field, out of nothing but raise the creative achievements that produce Yu, the company Often rough and that remains a rough "gas type" the contents of the results , responsible for the initial upstream step in the international division of labor process, but he is weak raise the creative achievements suddenly in the unexplored field, a small improvement of new findings that were brought from the gas type of company, high complete with polished degree it is possible to produce the company of "liquid type" is good is in charge of downstream process. To a joint venture in the gas type and liquid type, it can be said that the strongest.

07/13/2008 03:36:33 AM

Adopted and new graduates collectively, over timed bridge between the closure group

The Japanese company, strange customs exist that perform only Simultaneous recruiting of new graduates the adoption of full-time as a general rule. The sorted graduates 4 and placed in May, while the other is, closed the door, do not try to put in. Of course, recently has matured in its own way also change jobs's market for the acquisition of immediate use human resources, what is envisioned as a career person, and traced a previous job, new graduates collectively once anywhere in the enterprise adopted people are mostly, it is not applied to employment anywhere during school graduation, it is made up who was a student in employment ice age, which ended up as it is now already graduated treatment without being hire new graduates, also in the career's market What struggled in being adopted as a regular employees said to be present.

Or Simultaneous recruiting of new graduates Why is favored? First, non-belonging's, strangers, the idea of hate vagrants, the underlying. (In the nomadic-pastoralists, such as the United States, Europe and Mongolia, but rather non-affiliation person, stranger, state of vagrants is usually, are common, is considered to be not so much disliked.) Simultaneous recruiting of new graduates is, the personnel to be employed , it can be said without out to the outside of the belonging group, and from one to the other of belonging to the population, because the so-called transition to "my house" from "our house", and is preferred.

Personnel, graduated at the same time, do I need to join. And at the same time leaving the school, do not and do not enter the company. There shall be no time lag. Do not put anymore and become already graduated treatment detracts entered in the timing. School, company, bags of closed each "Uchi", spherical closed of, forms an exclusive space, timed bridge that connects one of the "my house," the other the "my house", pipe, specific passage temporary has manner is formed.

Passage, has been nominated by selected the new graduates to advance to pass by, only selected by the person who is adapted to pass by temporarily from the school side to the company side. Missed the pass by timing, and detract from the street, it does not put life as the full-time employees to the company. One of the populations personnel Utsureru from (school) to the other of the population (new graduates won the nomination) and timing (March 31, 23 hours 59 minutes to April 1, 0 hours, 0 minutes, the moment only) limited, during which time only by providing a timed bridge between the two populations, to automatically cross the personnel.

In Japan, personnel that are trusted, anytime, anywhere in the population ( "Company", "clique", network) do and do not always belong to. At all times, do you need a somewhere in the "my house of the people". Japanese does not belong to any group, do not like to remain leaving one person out of the affiliation population. Person became such a state, I do not trust people who do not let me in to any population. In these "outsider" is, part-time workers, non-regular employees (contract employees, temporary employees), include the person you just change jobs. They can be enclosed as an "outsider", it has become a Moto that they are underdogs treatment compared to regular employees.

When moving from one population (Uchi, unevenness) to other populations (Uchi, unevenness), each population closed the entrance usually is, synchronously agreed simultaneously, temporarily opening the outlet inlet simultaneously, population it is possible to move only when provided with a bridge across the between. If this does not succeed on the timed bridge to cross over successfully to the specified date, they fall will be, will disappear them bridge, would leave one person out of the group. Then, becomes one of the population Sundesotsu treatment, no longer Could be again put in the other group.

The school, when the due date comes, to discharge the members out to Tokoroten formula. Is discharged, who did not put it to the next group, already graduated, part-time workers, they are treated as non-regular employees, the opportunity to get to placed in formally to other populations, lose in semi-permanent. The context of mid-career and full-time in Japan of the company, are as follows.

The mid-career recruitment of regular employees in Japan of the company,

· Limited to people it was a full-time other in respectable company. It can become a full-time employees,

- is limited to new graduates. When you graduated from school, Soku and not made somewhere in the company of regular employees, not accustomed to full-time life, it has become less likely composition. Even out of the school, not accustomed to regular employees and it is the period nor anywhere in the company of full-time unemployed. And a full-time, non-regular employees (temporary, part) there is a large treatment gap between the. After graduating from school, in or not accustomed or become a full-time, large disparities occur later in life. The resulting gap is, for once the road to and become a non-Full Time Full Time (including a mid-career) is closed, it can not be re-challenge, not filled.

07/15/2008 03:00:12 AM

People to a string of "my house" is swallowed in your organization

Japanese company employee (full-time) is, in most cases be referred to as that of his or her employer of the company as "Uchi of the company", or simply "my house". It is this tendency to government officials, even in the students, "Uchi of high school, college," "Uchira of the circle, club" in feeling, about their affiliation to the organization, a string of words "my house" to.

Become to use the word "our house" is, people who use it, set foot in the organization, among them, which means that it is ready to fully incorporated into the inside, no longer go out. In short, it is that "swallowed by the" to the organization.

By "swallowed by the" is, organizations such as the Japanese company, to no powerful membrane separating the inside and outside, has a surface tension to minimize the surface area so as not placed in an external person, people, among them not let me in easily and does not pass through Toka severe test is to, on the other hand, Once inside and once through the film people, a hole opened in the film would be closed immediately repair, that person is, banged immersed in the liquid in the hilt, with fully integrated, will not be to go out, become single-mindedly to continue taking the collective communication of the "inner ring", "confidential" and other members you are in, it means the occurrence of a situation where ing.

This also is a Japanese company, it closed towards the outside, inside and each other drawn together, move each other closely, which is a manifestation of that running on liquid principle. Among the mass of the liquid molecules is "my house". It can be likened to in the amniotic fluid of the womb of the mother, it can be said to be one that embodies the maternal. In other words, people who volley the word "our house" is, myself, prefer the mutual integration in the way of socializing and communication, closed, liquid principle, such as ... prefer the internal-limiting of, have immersed themselves in maternal principle I, and I is "Okasanko", it is like declaring unconsciously.

Was swallowed in the organization of "our house", in a state that has been taken, it is impossible to go out calmly at a certain distance from the organization, things will be to move in anything "Uchi" center, voluntary personal independence, respect and privacy and freedom, objective point of view (gas properties) with respect to things is lost forever. In addition, for the survival prosperity of belonging "Uchi", members Individuals occurred in the sense of paralysis each member, such as if not at all hurt even in the sacrifice, "company man," "organization first principle" is born than it is.

Was incorporated into the organization, barometer for measuring the degree to which has been swallowed is, it can be said that is the degree of the nature of the use and frequency of use of the word "my house". Whether the issues around frequently and naturally what the word "my house", as it is often, as there is no natural resistance, it can be said that "have been swallowed up." Then, a liquid specific attitude and thinking to take, it can be said that the strong influence of the mother (thinking is in the maternal).

07/15/2008 05:27:02 PM

It can not belong, not get put ...

In the current Japanese society, which is also not let me in the group, as of sand to move to the left just like being blown in the wind, people who wander in out of the lonely here and there is, to many there. Japanese society, whether a company, it is school, and does not belong "to the regular" in some populations, are no longer send a decent life. To enter the regular population, usually severe entrance examination (joining test, entrance exam ...) is imposed, only one was able to break through the test, or, who have connections with influential people associated with the population only, regular employees (full-time), as a regular student, will be guaranteed their status.

Or fails to entrance exam in some form, and or there is no connection with the influential people, to join in the form of a regular in the group are not allowed, temporarily contract, population placed in the "non-regular" treatment in the form of dispatch It will be get. When the contract Toka expires, once it will be expelled from the population, there is no guarantee that get to put again. This is, contract employees, equivalent to temporary staff, is the so-called "non-regular employment".

These, not get put in the form of a regular population, can not belong, "non-regular" employment of people, than people were asked to put in a regular "full-time", will receive the handling of underdogs in Japan . For example, or be discriminated against in Toka wages, social security or inadequate.

Also I wanted to increase the ranks to full-time, does not count as work experience is worked minute in the "non-regular" in the re-employment (not only worked minute as full-time count) for, not observed only career become full-time, again become not only get hired in a "non-regular". When would once addicted to the framework of the "non-regular", it is hard to permanently escape from there.

In Japan, somewhere it is essential that belong in the normal population (for example, the Toka self-introduction, "Where Otsutome Is" and asked "is ○○ company employees" and it is common to say) , independence from the population, aggressive idea of independently to be faring alone is not substantially observed, despised as a "permanent part-timer," "Nenashigusa", not human treatment. Not get put anywhere in the population, it is from being branded as not get to belong "dunce," "half a man", "incapacitated person". If you do "non-regular" employment, people belong to, while being tormented by inferiority complex, would wander the Toka around the company not allowed the fixing. Just like, a life like grains of sand to wander lonely in the wind. It also, springboard of full-time, as a tool, is also the life is "disposable".

Individuals to act in a free alone to fall apart, gas specific directions is that the have a positive value in Europe and the United States, individuals, it is essential that belong to some group, substantially in Japan to take a liquid specific Directions It does not have only a negative value. "Non-regular" affiliation, people of employment, in the heart of the bottom, somewhere to belong to the population (ask to put somewhere in the "my house"), you want to worry integrated with (want to live in liquid basis) wish while, not compete is the desire, the inside of society in one by one apart reluctantly, it's where moving around the lonely can not be fixed as well. Such Japan of "non-regular" employment, the figure of people belong to, but it is the seemingly individual appears to be disparate gas molecules, in fact, aims to own one independent self-reliance as the gas molecules (Westerners) Te, and Misadame a target to proceed on their own, not a proactive appearance that move around at high speed away themselves from the surroundings. Wander drift aimlessly office space alone slow, disconnected from the population, truncated, (really I also belong to the group, helped to want to integrated) would be appropriate to see the lonely liquid molecules alone .

07/21/2008 04:35:47 AM

Connection, and take care, free speech

In order to keep the free speech society, not made the connection, not to take care, do not rely on is the best. Once it relies on connections, in some form, no longer do and that rely was, not listen to what people say became care. For this reason, it is difficult to refute the people of the opinion that rely, is becoming can not be free Monoi. When the objection to say whether, would have cut the connection, lose their means of livelihood. Japanese society is, in fact, because the society of the connection-oriented, in terms of speech, ran to happy to hear of influential people, would not the freedom of speech of is no longer tend?

07/21/2008 05:51:47 AM

Pandering society, culture of flattery

Japan, good to that match from here to the other party, is "pandering society," "culture of flattery" of the target-oriented. For example, if you use the product (mobile phone Toka), it is a beauty to master according to the specifications of the product, to complain and "not fit your" "hard to use" is that there is no childish. Already a precedent, to tradition, to suit their own, is a good is going to adapt, just because does not fit into their own, to or try to change without permission a precedent, "there is no patience," " become the target of condemnation as selfish ".

Fit to partner with each other, cooperative, is synchrony is important, it can not and will been criticized or "not read the air". Lift actively the opponent, or "killing compliment", attitude or flattery is prevalent in Japanese society. These "pandering", "flatter" is to produce the effect, the more the Japanese people mind, want arrogant lifted from others, want to be bossy, want to extend the bottom of the nose, strongly feeling that you want to make a good-looking also it says it's because they have. In that sense, importance of "pandering", "flattery" can be said to be the emphasis of the "arrogant" in upside down. Culture of flattery will be referred to as "arrogant of culture" if Uragaese.

07/21/2008 06:04:10 AM

Adhesions, collusion culture

Japan people of liquid type, prefer the human relations that stick together sticky approaching each other. State that does not leave stick together with each other, inevitably leads to the "adhesion" and "collusion" of each other. Or "bid-rigging" or "corruption of bribery" is to frequently in Japan, the Japanese people because it is liquid type. To eliminate this adhesion and collusion, there is only cut off on a regular basis to force the human relationship stick together. Also the personnel changes of civil servants is frequently performed in a short period of time, adhesions by cut off to force the public officials and private contractors mutual relations by the personnel changes, may be seen as related to the prevention of collusion.

07/21/2008 06:23:15 AM

Pseudo-gas type society and Japan

Japanese society is, basically, is a society of liquid type that likes to act in a group are integrated with each other, in a certain part in the society, not liquid properties is thorough, it becomes a gas basis and that part is present.

1 nails, the introduction of Western culture is a thriving place. In the post-war Japan, the introduction of the Constitution of the gas nature of the American way, for the people, including the emperor was required to follow it, on top of the above authorities = us to present the best ones to the traditional emperor and vertex, Toka further America of "super you up" appeared, the gas specific dry air from which is adapted to blow constantly toward the whole Japanese society. Therefore, it is the whole nation is constantly exposed to a wave of gasification.

Alternatively, the new eye of the theory and products of the point aimed not so far, continue to often come from the West, busy academia and industry in the introduction, to the bottom, to preserve the traditional liquid predisposition to rely on connections Toka academic background while, the surface has been gasified under the influence of gas specific Western culture.

2 nails is a people of non-regular employment. In Japanese society, the severity of the barrier when he joined the company and the authorities have increased, dispatched to not accustomed to regular employees, people who become contract workers has been one after another. Japanese society, and does not contain a member of regular to somewhere in the population, "my house", human-like life is not guaranteed. People of non-regular employment, not let me in to the regular anywhere in the company, its only temporarily employed by the company from time to time, use is goodbye When you have finished, in each person loneliness of society wandering continues, it will be a life like quicksand. In that respect, they people of non-regular employment, it can be said that a similar motion with the gas in which one person is move independently to fall apart.

Of course the real gas and essentially different point exists. It is, in the case of people of real gas type, proceeding from their own, independent of independence becoming one free apart from the others, is a strong spirit to try to actively attack at high speed clearly defined their goals it is. In contrast, non-regular employment of the people of Japan are, in reality, become a full-time employed by regular on their own also somewhere in the company, belonging to the company, an integrated, Awayokuba much more stable full-time status want to would not it be strong feelings say continued. In addition, without a clear goal, I think good that whatever occasional conditions of good jobs, seem to have swept away drifting passive nature from time to time conditions.

3 nails is a person who lives in a big city like Tokyo. In the big city, intense movement of entry and exit of people and movement, to suddenly or moving to an apartment or condominium next door do not know What do you people it is quite common. Therefore, Japanese people tend to not try to Tsukiao only with someone who can be trusted - known of their safety sensitive and identity of the body does not try to have as much as possible involved and their surrounding people who do not know those who, each There will be live in the dwelling in isolation one person. This state is, it's similar to the gas type that tries to move one person disparate individual units.

Of course the real gas and essentially different point exists. It is a big city of the Japanese, in essence, if you know that it is certainly a trusted partner of identity, tied to each other with a strong sense of unity, the traditional "unevenness" basis = liquid specific it is that make human relations. Workers who live in the place where the person next to you do not know who I am also, when you arrived at work to their employer of the company, and co-workers that do not put the mind in the "Uchi of the company", in cooperation with intimacy and a sense of unity, such as a family than is the work Te.

07/27/2008 03:27:48 AM

Behind closed doors childcare and Japanese interpersonal safety, peace of mind-oriented

- orthotopic (synchronous) subscribers each other out solved "take advantage of the phenomenon - in the big cities such as Tokyo, intense movement of entry and exit of people and movement, suddenly to or moving to an apartment or condominium next door do not know What do you people is Gazara. Therefore, their safety sensitive of the body, Japanese tend to not try to Tsukiao only with someone who can be trusted - known of identity does not try to have as much as possible involved and their surrounding people who do not know those who, their will to live in residence in isolation one person. This state is similar to the gas type that tries to move one person disparate individual units. In the case of men, even if you live in the place where the person next to you do not know who I am, when you arrived at work to their employer of the company, and co-workers that do not put the mind in the "Uchi of the company", intimacy and a sense of unity, such as a family in it is possible to work in a coordinated manner, the point, the conventional liquid affiliation desire, can be filled with the company.

Women, but it's nice when a company employee full-time employees, when it comes to child care and is therefore born children a big city dwelling been attached to the transfer of her husband married, everyone around while not find me help people, only the mother and child, will not I have to the child care in the lonely behind closed doors. Loneliness and the feeling of suffocation of women at that time, the feeling of help-less are those substantial, stressed out, it will be run on Toka abuse of my child.

Cause of these behind closed doors child care to occur, women, their safety sensitive of the body, do not try to Tsukiao only with someone who can be trusted - known of identity, it can be said just as he is in that point. In other words, the safety of interpersonal face, peace of mind and not try to have a relationship only with the partner that can ensure "interpersonal peace of mind, safety-oriented" is, help those who do not know whether the surrounding of strangers, safety, can not be determined a connection, it is lead to be saddled with one lonely child care.

This behind closed doors child care, child grows, is often solved by entering the nursery school Toka kindergarten. This is because, with the other mothers and admission destination of the nursery teacher who went to the same nursery school or kindergarten, can lead in that went together in the same place, in between those who share the same circumstances each other, nature and mutual trust , born sense of security, or each other to consult, because it becomes possible to or help each other.

Here, there is a solution to the closed-door child care. The Japanese, among those who were admitted to together in the same place is, it comes to it is sufficient to take advantage of because each other mutually trust in the same circumstances, of which there are good friends now tendency to melt. This trend can be called even a "orthotopic (synchronous) subscribers each other out solved" phenomenon. To take advantage of this phenomenon.

More specifically, at the stage where the mother gave birth to a child, the mother the area of ​​the subscription to the "child care network", to promote and institutionalize in the Nari municipality, in the same circumstances mother or between counselor,, of the coordinator between in, freely or information exchange, would not should I to or asked to listen to the worries. Like the Toka elementary school, it is to join together in the meeting of the same public institutions, circumstances of the child care and can share each other, melts out mother each other to each other, so help each other psychologically to the exchange of information on child care that is, loneliness, would be able to resolve the backroom feeling. If the "child care network" nursery school, organizations that have public support like a kindergarten, is believed to be able to join with confidence mothers.

"Child care network", it is not necessary to frequently separately from physical negotiations, Mixi in a circle like a feeling of confidential social network of regional, such as, along with providing a forum for exchange of opinions on the net, in the case of emergency in order to call for help, if necessary or "yourself ○○ lives in the district" do not can we disclose the information of like a residence.

07/27/2008 04:06:24 AM

Personal gold standard, break away from the euro-oriented system ... circle-oriented thinking

Usually, in Japan, in economic activity, so that everything be on the basis of the circle of currency think about the things. For example, the price of gold bullion ○ May ○ day 1g3210 yen, yesterday ( 3250 than yen) 40 say Toka was loss since dropped yen. Alternatively, the Euro exchange rate of ○ May ○ day 1 Euro 160 yen, yesterday ( 157 than the yen) 3 say Toka also became weaker yen yen. Economic loss and gain, is're with a habit to think about all of the circle to the reference.

However, originally, for what seen as an indicator of the currency, would not the freedom of the individual. I think gratuitous will not all Japanese are forced to with respect to the circle. Japanese people rather than to separate circle just criteria, on the basis of the Toka gold bullion Toka euro, personally free Toka or thinking at or thinking about things, or Euro-oriented system in the gold standard to choose their own base currency, the goods I should like to. Not tied just to the circle, himself a measure of currency and commodity think Korezo it's standard, and watch the economic activity of the world, I wonder should not determine the loss and gain. This is, that the view of those in the international situation, rather than looking just as usual in Japan center, let's look from the other point of view, that if you do not will be able to view the different things in doing so it is.

Speaking in the first example, if the personal gold standard price of ○ May ○ day, 1 per yen 0.311mg in, yesterday ( 1 per yen 0.307mg compared to) 0.004 mg amount of the yen , such as, based on the gold bullion or it will become a feeling to see to. Or, if personal Euro standard system Euro exchange rate of ○ May ○ day 1 yen 0.00625 in the euro, yesterday ( 1 yen 0.00636 than the euro) 0.00011 lowered the value of euro worth circle , such as, the feeling to see the euro as a reference consisting of a will do?

07/27/2008 07:02:00 AM

Epidemic follow-up movement Nenashi population and the fixed point to take root group

In Japanese society, 1) always from time to time around the epidemic, tries to follow the many, as you align, creating a large population, constantly dizzy over there, here to dizzy to move, the type of people who whereabouts is not determined = epidemic follow-up movement Nenashi group of major-oriented take root of 2) myself, fixing, dive "my house" is a here, and defines a fixed point, rooted in there, even if no matter how Hayara, to defend its place , the type of people who = minor acceptable fixed-point rooted populations to wait for there to sun hit the day is coming soon of 2 there are ways.

In Nenashi population of 1), evaluation criteria of things is "because everyone is ○○", good or bad of things, the superiority or inferiority, everyone is using, is doing, or a large number, determined by checking minor to. In terms of the mobile phone of the character input method, the "A" button to put the letter "o" 5 the times push the multi-tap method necessary, even if it will be no matter how inconvenient slow input, everyone is using from there, and only in support say, the superior in character input efficiency "NIKO" method, because to ignore just say that people who are using is small, it is this population.

In rooting the population of 2), evaluation criteria of things is "his commitment", good or bad of things, the superiority or inferiority, judged by whether he is liked. If Kiniire, for example, and no problem with a minor. In terms of the mobile phone character input method, the input efficiency is good, because stick to the "NIKO" method inferior to overwhelming in terms of name recognition is, is this population. For with roots, A) of already been pioneered, there is a precedent and tradition, the teacher, where the predecessors of the mentor role is arrogant, and if you get in addition to new yourself as beginners, B) at their own venture of the case of new business development 2 but mean that there are ways, women's influence is strong in safety first, adventure, hate tends to Japanese people the danger is, a) and will Netsuko towards the pre-development of to the it is common. Already pioneering, development already techniques to master, will let you tell the teacher, is intended to be Narao, is the so-called "learning-oriented".

07/27/2008 07:49:05 AM

To throw away the pride of the "Japan = developed countries."

With the progress of globalization of the world economy, the principle of "equal work, equal pay" is, not only in Japan, have come to world-class level. Japan's current civil servants, full-time base of wages, compared to the Toka China, is clearly increasing, the produce product is likely to be expensive at a high cost. Therefore, the temporary staff, in non-regular employment of people such as contract employees, and forcibly pressed against the wages of China the same level, the lower the production cost is kept somehow the international competitiveness of products or would not at present.

Unilateral imposition of wage disparities in such form, the civil service, is a full-time human rights violations of a kind that do, originally, civil servants not only the level of work, such as similar, also full-time wages, should be lowered in its own way It will allo. Pain is not something that pressing only the weak, not specific of Monoyuwa.

In addition, the fiscal deficit in recent years, Japan is being Fukureaga' to huge, many of which are thought to be born in the public project cost of handouts. So why Speaking of what was required huge amounts of public works expenses, compared to the Toka recent years of development remarkable China, too high a Japanese national standard of living in spite of not only put out something similar output, is too high as it is the (so was the recession deprived of their work to Toka China) wage level there is no work Te, in order to forcibly maintain over the prestige of the country, that was necessary in order to produce forced a lot of not original work at the national level do not become?

In short, the current of the Japanese people, as compared to the neighboring Asian countries, has been thinking of my country proud that it "developed countries", in order to maintain pride as the developed countries, appearance, and, by increasing public and private sectors , and economically impossible, it has been to produce a high standard of living, as the huge budget deficit that put the country, swelled resolved until the difficult levels, would be called.

Japanese, to maintain too high a standard of living in spite of its output is either not of a another fact impossible? For Japanese people, civil servants, appropriate wage levels, including full-time employees, currently, they (civil servants, full-time) of temporary employees that are a fool to say that non-regular, would not the level of contract employees? Japan's prices, the current, highly paid civil servants, but seems to have been assembled on the basis that it can live in full-time level of wages, this, on the basis of the wages of people of non-regular workers, the wages in that can live well it will be reassembled to those assumed.

Frankly, the level of life is 1 because may be lower rank to several rank, because I at the level of moderate in Asia, in a normal labor, that usually let people live is, because it is most important for people's lives aren't you? Japan to does not collapse economically, or to play when it is bankruptcy, civil servants, all of the people, including the regular employees, once another 1 China the same level of - the number under rank, Asia comparable wages, living standards to receive the, and to abandon "developed countries" a high pride as once (normal country, be receptive to become a mediocre country) will is not we need? Even once turned to the parallel, would not it should go up after the war as in Japan, also efforts to?

07/27/2008 08:10:53 AM

Line-of-sight sensitive syndrome (syndrome)

Japanese, whether reflected himself in the eyes of others, alive while constantly worrying about the line of sight of the others. At the same time, what you are doing is another person, have a great interest in the curious, and each other sent to the constantly flickering unreserved line-of-sight, trying to mutual monitoring. Also what to is to go around with the presence of "around the eyes."

Japanese, want to stand out in style "in everyone's presence", want arrogant, Toka want to represent everyone, instructions standing on, orders, Toka want to instruction, competent around, seems to be able to, get ahead faster than the surrounding , I went and want to promotion, has the property of assuming the circumference of the line-of-sight "pretentious".

The Japanese, on the stage that a lot of people to see the sights, looking well "off the look obtained" as kabuki actor, has a desire that he also want to decide Pishitto clean in front of everyone well dressed even a little . Showing off looking better their positive side in front of everyone's eyes, often want to be seen, we want to maintain without damaging the body surface.

On the other hand, do not want to write a shame to fail in the sight of all, you want to fail in a place that does not look everyone, as such, from being seen by others their negative aspects, the wound is attached to your body surface as it was, reluctant to very much. Is the so-called "culture of shame".

When exposed to the line of sight of the others, it is attracting attention seen their downside, his face is hurt, entertain a negative emotion is a "shame", seen the positive side is attracting attention, of their own the harbor positive feelings while maintaining the face is said to be "vanity, I saw obtained".

In this way, others of eye each other, very sensitive to the presence of the line-of-sight, along with the constantly with a sense of "being seen around", is to constantly care what you are doing is another person around, the line of sight send and monitoring, it is sensitive to peep, to have a sense of restless the mind and not constantly looking at the surroundings, is a kind pathological state of, named even a "line-of-sight sensitive syndrome (syndrome)" be able to. In short, anything to, is a disease that becomes to perform while to constantly worry about the line of sight of the others around each other.

(A good place around of their own, side to be show you the positive side positively) the surface of the line-of-sight sensitive syndrome (syndrome) is "obtained seen, appearance" is, the back side (where the bad myself around, the downside show Mai to side) do not be said to be a "shame". That regard, "obtained look, appearance" are considered to be two sides of the same coin and a "shame".

In addition, about being sensitive to the line of sight is a side is sensitive to the line of sight to receive from others around (sensitive to the reception of the line of sight from the surroundings), in the mood to be with others around, gaze around of it is sensitive to be sent to the thriving side (sensitive to the transmission of the line of sight to the surroundings) 2 one of the sides there is a need to think at the same time.

In this disease, it can be said that it takes a lot of Japanese people to worry about their dignity and vanity. Alternatively, Toka Chinese people to use the nerve to maintain a "face-saving", might symptoms seen in East Asia in general. Always true to be a feminine disease live in relationship with others.

The fact that to worry about the eyes of others each other, it means that living in a constant relationship, ties with others around each other, liquid practice to respect of the relationship-oriented, a good sense of unity mutual it is a way of life. It is, to others, want to have a good and dominant position, you want to keep, at the same time, build up others and now by becoming stricter eyes turn to their own others around with a strange conspicuous failure collapse is a good relationship has been, which means that it is working psychology is that you do not want to become fit to stand inferior to others.

The opposite of the way of life is such a line-of-sight sensitive syndrome (syndrome), indifferent to the presence or the line of sight of the others, want their own to go, what you want to do, is a way of life to continue to do in my own pace without fear failure, etc., gas in Europe, etc. social is considered to hit here. Here also, too proceed is indifferent of the degree of the line of sight of the others, it is considered that it What it a problem. This can be called even a line-of-sight apathy syndrome (syndrome).

07/27/2008 01:03:31 PM

Stick to their opinion, opinion immobility trends and plant thinking

I think in Japan, but is that the feel and listening to the Toka Diet debate Toka political debate, openly in their opinion, to stick to the mantra, and the people of the type that does not try to change until the last stand out. In short, I wonder if that plant thinking, rooted in one of opinion, rooted firmly, is a feeling that easy to claims about the idea that it is preferable not to change is established. Therefore, in between those conflicting opinion, the forever same dispute, endlessly repeated or until the end of the time limit, the first place refused to discussion and dialogue, or leave, it is calmly done that or absent. Why, Speaking or absent refused to dialogue, in the end, no matter how discussion, because the opinion does not change anyway, as, their opinions, in order to self-satisfaction that can appeal the strength of the intention.

On the fly of the discussion, it is good at to be flexible to change the flow of opinion and story, because the first endlessly repeated continue to insist contents of the document, which was decided in a meeting in a fellow going to say this to, as much valuable even taking the time, the same dispute is endlessly followed, thereby tracing the parallel lines. Moreover, between them entangled emotion occurs, it becomes more consensus is difficult with the duration of such dispute. At the same time, there continues a long dispute to both, never that it does not compromise, can be external representation of the strength of their own will, also read that it can appeal. Then, substantially opinion coordination between the two parties in conflict, consultation for the adjustment of the tangle of emotions, often to make a mediator and, divided by each other's belly in a different behind closed doors and the public of this conference hall Te is the will make you feel like done in the form of bid-rigging to discuss in real intention in secret.

07/27/2008 03:15:32 PM

Japan as the second developed country

Developed countries of the world is divided into the first developed countries and the second developed countries. First developed countries, totally uncivilized themselves, go jump into the darkness the field of, at the end of repeated trial and error or failure, find the vision to change the area of darkness in the area of the light own, on their own, according to their vision, basic brand new ingenious discovery, achieved the invention, in such a new advanced knowledge, is the first to quickly contact, military, by application to the industrial field and the like, is the advantage to stand countries in the world . Western corresponds to this.

The second developed countries, does not enter as too dangerous to savage the field of from their own, it contains the people of the first developed countries, the advanced knowledge that has been taken at the end of a hard time, compared (in other developing countries Te) quickly and taken in learning, absorbing, as further cutting-edge improved knowledge of refining to its advanced knowledge, that fit it in the hands, it is superior to stand countries in the world. Japan will fall into this category. Compared to the first developed countries, that the contact with the brand new creative knowledge, for delayed one tempo, will be number two, the second that.

Until now, Japan has himself been actively argue that part of the developed countries, even in the same developed countries 2 to a type, it is better to had been aware that it is different kind of do the United States and Europe. Japan, caught up with Europe and America until now, but always came is at overtake, Europe and the United States after all in the first developed countries, is a heterogeneous and the second developed countries such as Japan, that Japan will not be able to overtake of the one it would not be better to realize the.

In addition, the second developed countries, and Japan until now, but was the addition of Korea around dominated, there is a possibility to join also Toka in the future China, if Ne said that fierce competition of homogeneous rivals are waiting not not. Spiritual backbone of the first developed countries, is a man to confront actively in the adventure of the dangerous unknown area, is patriarchal. On the other hand, the backbone of the second developed countries, to avoid the danger is a woman who diligently to the handwork of the invention improvement of small micro sitting in a known safe area, is a mother right.

07/27/2008 03:40:54 PM

To the organization 24 hours immersive, full inclusion

Previously, nutrition drinks advertising for company employee " 24 Although hype, such as whether you able to work hours" had been chanted, the Japanese people, he joined, was admitted, company, government offices, to the organization, such as school Te, 24 hours, it is desirable that the whole person to be immersive, it seems there are many people who have the idea. All time, the whole personality, devote entirely for Toka belongs to the company, is swallowed completely belongs to the company, it is to think that it is desirable to be included. Then, a part-timer does not work only part time, be regarded as incomplete employment, to try to Mikudaso.

This is, me wrapped completely warm their entire mind and body, is completely closed spherical space, be regarded as the mother of the mother's womb. 24 hours completely enclosed in the organization, wishing to be included are to resemble the organization to the mother, warm the whole body, is because psychology that want to accept soft and, working in the depths of the heart, belongs holistic immersion to the organization, it can be said that the reliance on maternal heart is a name to industry. These, embodies the maternal, including immerses members in all personality, is the presence of the mother instead for members Japanese companies, organizations and communities, "the mother specific company," "mother organization", "mother basis it can be said that the community ".

08/04/2008 05:31:24 AM

Scary ... seclusion constitution from leaking

The people of Japan, I wonder company they belong to, the internal information of the organization, such as a school not there is very afraid trend from leaking to the outside? Inside = things confidential is in the confidential only, that should never leaked to the outside, it seems to be widespread the idea of secrecy. Information for these outside private, secret, closed principle is, in Japan, not only to government agencies, from the company up to the local village, is a phenomenon seen in society as a whole.

For even the protection of personal information, which recently become a hot topic, reality is, protection of corporate information (confidential information), are supposed to be leakage prevention is to be the highest priority, that point, company, is the directions of the group priority, because protection of the individual, is felt not only in the title of the only order to meet the Europe and the United States. In this regard, reference is made to the personal information protection of the population-oriented.

It closed towards these external, exclusive, does not allow the leakage of internal information, would be made a space and products that were self-contained not the Japanese people than a very favorite? Closed the door to these external, prefer the space of a self-contained "national isolation constitution" it is, seems to have become one of the characteristics of Japanese society. This is an indication that the surface tension to minimize the surface area to the external as the liquid working constantly to society, it can be said that a that represents the liquid hallmarks of Japanese society.

In addition, the inward basis, along with the members has a whole person a strong sense of unity, the externally, that it includes the kind of film that does not allow the entry of outsiders, those that reminiscent of the mother's womb Yes, it can be said that has become a representation of maternal nature of Japanese society. These "national isolation constitution" is, other than Japan, Toka North Korea, which is seen widely in Toka Southeast Asia, would not psychology of the common to widely rice farmers?

08/04/2008 07:00:15 AM

Social withdrawal

In Japan, any time holed up in his home to, do not try to work or outside the home, social withdrawal has become a problem. The author, the social withdrawal, the dependence on the mother, are considered one in which the protected desire brings, and. Forever asked to observe in the mother's bosom, I want to a comfortably warm, because the exit to the outside is scary is, it can be said that is the driving force to cause the withdrawal. The mother existence, time is also included to, psychology that I want to protect it, is to have to cause a withdrawal.

In that respect, social withdrawal is, though also to be a poster child of maternal society, it can be said that by no means unusual phenomenon in Japan. For example, out in society, the Japanese working in the Toka company, independent of the seemingly "withdrawal", looks as if it had solved the "withdrawal". However, a matter of fact, they company employee, the total personality to immersion into the tissue of the Toka company or government office that I belong to, are integrated, thinking the only thing all the time organization, thinking organization become the first of the closed ones, they do not get out to the outside away from the organization. Such a figure is, if you look at the wide eyes, seem to be doing a "social withdrawal" into the organization.

In other words, the organization, to resemble instead his mother, all the people to be embraced therein, and trying to get to protect forever in the "protected desire" is working strongly in their company employee of mind cage, it is within the organization, it's has created within the company "withdrawal". They appear to be at first glance independence as a member of society, in fact, from Hikikomoru state under his real mother, new, mother instead of the company, being held in the organization of the authorities, the for Hikikomoru in, only the state transition has occurred, it is the unchanged in state withdraw it is.

The point, is itself to the social withdrawal, in Japan, also by separately embarrassing, it is not even in the bad. Problem but rather, that it can be economically self-sustaining, is likely to come it depends on who that whether or not realized that that is can thus smooth the way to eat on their own. There, a neat home withdrawal (no eating go capability), is a critical difference between the company employee of the company in the withdrawal (wearing the ability to go to eat the time being).

Socially even while withdrawal, still, I wonder should not aim the ability acquisition for economic independence? That point, prepared Toka of learning opportunities of Toka communication education for qualification to learn that you can while withdrawal at home is, socially will be more prepared. On the Internet, while the game, the ability needed to go to eat, good to be learned, including interpersonal ones.

08/04/2008 07:26:45 AM

The growth of the ... good boy I do not want to be hated

Japanese people are sensitive to the building of good interpersonal relationship with each other, the importance to the maintenance of each other's sense of unity. In that respect, has become a social group behavior is the premise of also to do, people are alienated only one person, fear more than anything else from being ostracized.

From there, I do not want to be hated by the population and the surrounding, strong feeling that want to be accepted to work, people, children that are acceptable to the population and the surrounding, become desperately trying to be a good boy.

From there, they would like to or protect well the rules of affiliation population. Alternatively, you experience loyalty competition to the population. So to speak, it is the excessive adaptation to belong populations occur.

Under these circumstances, their own is true feelings that really want to - or was either suppressed, or the first place empty (nothing). For me, a population that belongs to all, psychological situation that is born.

This is, in Japanese society, it can be said that obedient good boy to the rules of the population growth, has become a cause of spread.

08/10/2008 06:10:08 AM

Oriented to ... private that does not allow free access of outsiders

Japanese people, the decision themselves in the inner ring, about what you have created, the external, man of another place comes to intervention, hate extreme to come to access, there is a tendency to try to manage only confidentially . For example, for repair of a laptop, Western in the foreign manufacturers, to publish the components used, and sold separately repair parts, is a place which the user is accepted that decompose on their own, re-assembled many. So to speak, enters freely in the fuselage external user has their design, are going to operate on the assumption that the fiddle variety.

On the other hand, speaking of Japanese manufacturers, I hate that the user to repair on their own, will no longer be guaranteed by just opening the inside of the aircraft on their own, have taken all together the private measures that. There are, their design, space that you create, you want to manage forever by themselves, that it is never allowed to incoming external users, is hard determination to outsiders access restriction is felt .

In short, an outsider, outside of the invasion, that does not allow in any way the free and out, private, external non-intrusive, inner unity, is the limited principle, such like, have infested the entire Japanese society, secrecy of it is society, brought the closure principle, it seems to be bad ventilation of Japanese society.

08/10/2008 10:13:20 PM

Attentive, friendly, refrain, read too much into an infinite loop

In Japanese society prefer everyone together for the liquid type, is attentive and friendly to the surroundings is important. It keeps a good sense of unity with the surrounding, it is necessary in order to be accepted into the environment. Be accepted together in a group to be their affiliation has become the final goal.

In addition, by mutual attention to each other with respect to the ambient, to each other to grasp the state of the opponent, I want you to see that your opponent with each other, along with the answer to the desire of wanting to respect, psychologically close cooperation it is possible to go to. However, attentive, to to the hospitality is to psychologically mental fatigue, but there is no cut be carried out far When you began to pursue a better attention, because it is difficult to be one of the decision if far, infinite loop prone to.

In addition, if the other party is thinking if that of their consideration, constantly worried, as such further add the consideration about it, would have fallen also in consideration of the infinite loop.

In the form of a refrain, turn the mind, by not deliberately push their own, by making so as not to give the intrusive feeling to the other party, while respecting the feelings of the other party, also frequently act sought to be accepted by the other party can see.

Refrain, from their own without the self-assertion, with the feeling that the other party is waiting for us aware of his desire, which is passive. Similarly attentive, his refrain, in the contrived care Toka might look around to acting in order to produce a modest feeling, if the show really seems to refrain, like a how Once ... go if there is no cut to the read too much into.

Easy to fall into such a read too much into the loop is the psychological problems of the people of this country. In addition, attentive and friendly, refrain, to the bottom, I want you to consideration also of their own, are lurking desire that I want you to notice, it and others around are not aware, yourself so consider the environment the to soon explosion made by the to have the person's dissatisfaction doing. At first glance it looks to others oriented, fine, or would not than a nice insect of selfishness idea.

08/18/2008 05:04:51 PM

Wago and white

Japanese likes harmony is, the opinion that each of has, by Awa rubbing each other, made to match to the same opinion, get a sense of unity to each other, is that.

This is different from the color of the opinion each other, it can be said that is the process of trying to fit in, the same color of the opinion each other. When that time, will mix different colors to each other, if the light becomes white transparent color. In this respect, the color representing the unity can be said to be white. In shrines, the color of Misogi to remove the dirt, is a solid white, this point, Misogi is said to have a strong relationship with the concept of unity.

09/06/2008 09:39:24 PM

Western as a father the role of Japanese society

Japanese society has a strong force of mother, father shadow of thin maternal society, is the mother rights society. If you do, in Japanese society the mother is conspicuous exclusively, to play the role of the place of the father, the father of the forces in society is a strong Western people. Toka theory that Uchitateru to their Western people new, at Toka TV comments, Assertive, for the Japanese, will play the role of advice from his father, the Japanese will be in accordance with it and with acquiescence. Supply base for the father of in Japan, is of a Western.

09/06/2008 09:46:23 PM

Friends Club Social

Japan is a society that solidified collection, a not closed attempts to put strangers "good friend Club" was able to gather asked in it in good friends with each other congenial to each other. There, wet between fellow congenial, liquid specific sense of unity, the air that has a harmonious is more honorable than anything. Do not put a stranger, they outsiders is, is a good atmosphere with a harmonious members each other good friends club, because destroy in words and deeds can not read the air. Therefore, when adding a person to the new club, carefully reviewed, it is to not exert lightly.

09/08/2008 03:08:56 PM

Wait of culture, we leave culture

People of this country, even if there is something complaints, just hit the gossip in the inner ring, without moving from their own, will do is someone else, the type of people who wait for us to solve or not than many? Toka rural areas of the region, rather than cause a spontaneous improvement movement proceeds from myself, measures, someone else, leave it to your top = government in particular, seems to be deep-rooted idea that rely on cutting. As a habit, when someone fails attempting to measures to try, he severely reprimanded, and impeachment, hit eight, it is to beaten up.

09/19/2008 04:45:31 PM

Objection, Tatetsuki ban society

In this country, when resistance Tatetsui to "you up", the get screwed eye is customary. Something you above (which, in some cases, was or was the employer of the company = apprenticeship destination or country) in the case where there is an inconvenience to the policies and treatment of, or direct appeal to your top, and the appeal, the lesson it is the encounter. For example, while the equivalent of work and full-time, treatment is significantly bad temporary employees, and to direct appeal and want to be in full-time, punitive to be fired, it is a feeling. Human rights of the person who the opposition is, only supposedly, is the same as actually not to. The contents of the appeal without being scrutinized, and the appeal, is considered itself that Tatetsui is a rebellion against your above, it is subject to disposal. In that respect, Japanese society, long ago also unchanged even now, Tatetsuki and opposition can say virtually prohibited society. As a countermeasure, people to the appeal in Japan, and jump on the domestic you, and be recognized by direct appeal to the United States Toka of super you above, it is not necessary to encounter the lesson.

09/19/2008 04:53:07 PM

Employment situation of Japanese society

Explanatory view showing the employment situation of Japanese society ( PDF) is. In the current Japanese society, government agencies and large companies, the personnel of (was severe joined test the path) limited "chosen people" inside the enclosure, to the outside, provided with a membrane that separates the inside and outside, inside and out to distinguish, we are taking an exclusive, closed attitude that does not put closed the door to strangers. Small and medium-sized enterprises, some people of the self-employed, as well as with a film that separates the inside and outside, which encloses themselves. People who do not put in their enclosure, as temporary workers and part-time workers of non-regular employment, the in society, are wandering without Atesho apart in the state, such as the atom. On the other hand, dry foreign companies of Toka Europe and the United States, always open the door to the outside, but accept to open the person seeking employment, performs a rigorous capacity assessment, a person can not become threw out immediately in the neck .

09/25/2008 06:05:18 PM

Why there is no right to strike in the civil service?

The strike of the right is not observed in the Japan of civil servants, it can be said that there is an emperor system and involvement. In other words, apprenticeship destination of civil servants, the old days also be a real imperial family now, strike of civil servants, none other than fluttering a revolt against the Emperor is a master of apprenticeship destination. The old days nor now, Japan authority of the emperor in Japan is the best (but after the war is Isuwa' on the victorious powers the United States is its further), to cause the opposition movement against the emperor, it has been much doing in the Emperor center there is a great sense of resistance in the country of the people. For this reason, strikes and trade union movement of civil servants, he a strict prohibition as a direct defy act to the Imperial Family. This means that the people of this country, on the surface, shouting and sovereignty of the people, in the depths of the heart, is also a manifestation of that person of the Emperor sovereignty feels good is sitting of mind. National sovereignty in this country is a measure of negligence during which the United States is at the top than the emperor as a "super you up". If the United States had gone to somewhere elsewhere, in Japan will Emperor sovereignty will come back soon.

10/06/2008 11:55:57 PM


The people of this country, deference to what is written in textbooks, that are written in there, regarded as authoritative answer. And, that is written in textbooks, how much I remember precisely a large amount, and important, to be evaluated is regarded as the person's ability. Textbooks, and respecting the contents guarantee of Toka country, that through the country of the test, the importance that there is a country of endorsement in terms of content. Leaning against the country of the authority, to try right or wrong judgment of things. This is the correct answer is what is written in the textbooks of the people of this country, it is important, is wrong is that that has not been written, that it is not important, stiff, right or wrong judgment of things, the importance determination to authoritative source deposit was, it can be said that has become a hotbed of authoritarian thinking. Alternatively, it can be said holed up in a secure area within the framework of the textbook description, it Koyo out from there, do not try to Hazureyo, also it has become a hotbed of unadventurous safety first female way of thinking.

10/16/2008 07:08:11 AM

Attack of the society, received the society, cushion society

Japanese animation, in Toka comics, women who prefer homosexuality between men (Boys Love) is, but often use the concept of "attack", "received", this concept is, to represent the characteristics of Japanese society and Western society it is also effective.

Europe and the United States, as of dry gas, foreign to freely and actively, aggressively, is invaded, is a society of the type that comes with his steadily If you leave them alone, it can be said that the society of the attack.

On the other hand, Japan, as of wet liquid, voluntary from their own, free, without that move actively, without much originating from their own, and single-mindedly as it is receiving a partner and fate coming from the outside, catch, it can be said that the society of the receiving.

For example, Western and set a feminism that sing the women's liberation is, more and more missionary, while the attack is coming, Japan, their society women, that it is a maternal superiority, not originating from their own, single-mindedly a missionary content of Western, acceptance, receiving, and absorption become a cushion, go swallow.

As a result, worldwide, universally, is a male-dominated, myth that matriarchal is perished is happening that would established. Conventionally, in a speech on gender, than men of the attack, women received is lower, it has been made many like a claim inferior in power relations. Woman is also evidence, such like words are socially vulnerable, women are not a more passive, argued like a do I need to self-assertion also frequently seen.

However, it is the real power of the size possessed by the receiving woman, it is possible that it is Monoi do not know the fear. Received, when going thorough investigation, encompass all of the attack, swallowing, absorbed to immediately return to its original shape, does not budge, unfazed, it is a mighty presence that appears Standing huge cushion, as a bottomless pit. Conventionally, in the field of clinical psychology that has been referred to as the Great Mother, this is true.

When this is applied to, for example, sex, man is a role that attack to insert a penis, women accept it, it is to be the role of the receiver. In this case, even if the men ejaculate many times, even if the woman has reached many times orgasm, women, it does not satisfy never become addictive, continue to seek pleasure and the next time of ejaculation forever, sex It seems to be easy to understand considering that you do not try to stop forever.

Such women, accept all the male sexual, is the presence that would exhausted suck, man is among the first even if not invaded cheerfully, been exhausted absorb all soon to women, and haggard be disheartened, to put away fell, it will die.

In this way when viewed, received is actually strong, horrible thing, it will be seen that it is a thing that should not be never underestimate.

This is the same in the culture. Inferior conventional, that specializes in Semekomu of toward the outside, outgoing type, Western attack stands advantage, receiving type only to earnestly accept absorbed by passively cultural relics coming from the outside, the Japanese received is, a rather such seems that words are frequently made.

However, from the description of the receiving of the above, it can be said that it is view that was different from this. Japanese society is, fundamentally, encompass all of the offensive from the West, swallowing, absorbed to immediately return to its original shape, does not budge, unfazed, huge cushion, is a appear Standing as a bottomless pit, these absorption force , what the strength of the restoring force, or would not than can be said to be the driving force behind Japan's strength is the society of the receiving. In that respect, the Japanese society of the receiving is, if the want to be strong, but we should aim a huge cushion. This claim, it can be said that Japan = cushion society.

For the above, you want my cushion of sex, also works on the sex of the shock is referenced.

11/05/2008 10:59:43 AM

Railway Kingdom Japan

Japan is, I think also, that it is extremely thriving country of the railway in the world. Social life of the people in the major metropolitan areas such as Tokyo and Osaka, can be said to have been the first time maintained by the most comprehensive finely spread around the rail network. In particular, large amounts of by the vehicle, piston transport which is not disturbed Isshi that kept the exact time in the commuter rush is a symbol of the shininess of the railway in Japan.

Another feature is represented by Shinkansen, is the spread of high-speed rail network. Shinkansen, the high-speed, punctuality, the size of the transport force to bring multi-of the operation number, by factors such as, the long-distance passenger transport of Japan has been fought violently with the aircraft.

In this way, social life maintained at not only the railway is essential, railway are deeply rooted in the minds of people, the potential number of railway fan is often, Japanese railway things thriving is another evidence.

During this period, the retirement of founder Tokaido Shinkansen vehicle, as it appears also to have or cause a large Fever among the public, the Japanese people, widely felt "one hundred million total railway fan" like a, railway it can be said that love.

So, what, I wonder which attracted the Japanese to the train? Try are a few factors.

And time and accuracy retention, advanced order sense of balance will bring ultra-high density and precision operation, such a accuracy, match the precision, the nature of the order is favorite Japanese.

- line that is much more connected to the central part of Japanese society, continuous, connected, contact feeling, matching the nature of the Japanese prefer the pipes and connections with such a central government.

And railway vehicles, automobiles and buses, wider car than the aircraft, good comfort. In addition, the car was protected by a metal plate, safety, is a space with a sense of security. In addition, by running on a predetermined line, to handle without the operation, it is a strong degree of leave it take me a semi-automatic to the destination. Such comfort, sense of security, a sense of leave, matching the nature of the feminine Japanese to focus on those points.

- through the train, interaction with railway workers and local people in the car and destination, exchange, meeting with Toka local specialties and lunches to entertain the promotion of communication, or the sight and taste, physiological pleasure, such interpersonal relationship and exchanges, have attracted the Japanese to respect the comfort of feeling.

Of course, and the train is the favorite, actually another Nanoha to use, it is obvious if you look at the abundance of local private cars popular with deficit railway lines.

Even in such deficit routes, there is decent existence of, a certain degree of long-distance, Mihitotsu or passengers to move suffer from the luggage, there's because this than other suitable alternative means is not quite there, is not it. Road, but is drawn anywhere there may not even pass through exactly the people and cars in some places, in Exposed in the fields left, various miscellaneous car is been disorderly influx, when to whether the expected difficult Standing arrive at your destination in a traffic jam Toka .

Unlike buses and private cars that run on top of such a road, railway, although choosing the installation site, has its own orbit that does not allow the flow of other vehicles, is dedicated equipment is constantly maintenance and inspection for decent service, always train is coming on time if you wait as long as it runs, that pass through, only of the service, punctuality, certainty, stability, and no doubt has attracted the hearts of the Japanese people to respect such a nature.

12/11/2008 09:45:10 PM

Hysteria constitution of Japanese

I think people of Japan is likely to shed feelings and emotions, constantly has been nervous, that it is prone people the hysteria. Put on something a burst of tingling and feelings, "early ○○ to please! Bad idea!" Assertive Monoi the moment become a cut to sputtering and without basis for the opponent to like, someone to Kimetsuke is it can be said that many. Or, speaking of something, and frenzied, "Absolutely, always ○○ Suruzo !!" in feeling like, there are many people who use with great ease superlative of emotional expression.

This hysteria constitution is, individuals as well as society as a whole and the population, has a hysterical surface, for example, in pre-war army and navy of the army, "the superior officer of the instruction" absolute "obedience", "Emperor" sacred it is the presence of a non-aggression of "" absolute "! Hurray!" in feeling like, it can be said that appeared to have screaming profusely absolute.

Such exaggerated emotional expressions, is a high frequency of use are more women than men in the Toka conversation. Japanese society is in the range of hysteria constitution, the Japanese that the relationship is deep is the feminine.

12/11/2008 10:16:45 PM

The so-called good sense faction of Japan, deduction principle as "good child", Taiei of

The Japanese, as the keynote, lack of mistake, safe is, it shalt not, there are many people who respect that there is no any serious errors. Than find a aggressive advantage, finely check the negative surface of the mating, collection and fault, it is often sought without drawbacks, it said to be a deduction society.

When the aggressive adventure to fail, because it is a large deduction, there is a trend that carried out by taking the important only thing okay sure that has been determined in advance.

This is a drawback, has led also to the perfectionism that do not allow even a little scratch. Extremely smooth and to love the scratch one no ceramics and roots of the surface is together.

In addition, or rather good sense faction, pretend meantime good child, yourself and the poster child like a face with no fault justice, or to criticize the defects of the other party, feel like a lot of people hang the opinions and sermons. I feel there is no shortage in like a mass media editorial Toka person of this kind of newspaper.

Yourself Kimekomi the Takaminokenbutsu in refuge in the safety zone, struggling at the forefront of next do not know what is waiting, in repeating the trial and error resulting in to reprimand severely the personnel that would cause a problem or an accident atmosphere is drifting such.

Not out in the field, is a feeling executives such like to repeat the punishment instruction from a safe inner shrine.

Everything is safe, peace of mind first in the adventure, fear of failure by trial and error, without any problems, without any serious errors, nothing without causing aggressive behavior, get past to lower the body, officials, women like such unadventurous atmosphere it can be said that There has been drifting to the entire Japanese society. Then fault wearing, in the arms of the lack of disadvantage, fault, blame the person that issued the drawback, that are happy immersed in the mood that I was standing on the top, "good sense of this country "which is the actual situation of the people. Such a sensible people, "good child" is prevalent in Japanese society.

12/11/2008 10:47:36 PM

Society that does not recognize the competence of the individual

In sumo, (but won after all) Blue Dragon grand champion of the morning when he continued to win in the momentum to win, or a radio station of Zyban, "Asashoryu's continues to win, since Asashoryu's competent? or, was the question the question of whether? "because shiftless the surrounding wrestlers to the audience," not because Asashoryu's competent, was overwhelming answer that around is because shiftless ".

The answer, the projection of an individual's ability plane, rather than the competence of the individual, incompetence populations surrounding the individual is to be the cause.

In the above answer, individuals that seem to transcend the surroundings in the ability plane, happens because the surroundings are useless, the individual is excellent, not because it is competent, is a feeling that, on the ability demonstrated by individuals negative, I think that I do not want to admit projection of talented individuals, are glimpses strongly. There are, do not want to evaluate the ability an individual as it is in letting go, seen through the guts of envy is.

In addition, rather than the excellence of individuals plus evaluation is a feeling that to assess the downside of the entourage population, is a way of thinking is deduction principle, to see the negative aspects of individual and collective, to find the negative side, the person underlying motive that will crush the buds also seems to be glimpses.

Or, as the evaluation target, without trying to the protruding individual to the target, it is the idea of ​​trying to base the evaluation a population of around, seen the views of the population more important than individuals.

01/26/2009 12:31:56 AM

And Japan as a "funnel (funnel) model" final finished product output machine, one way of technology and raw materials

The people of Japan, from Europe and the United States, is not new to until now, introducing the unfinished various wide range of elemental technologies in the rough, and digestion and absorption, it is good at overlapping the small improvements.

At the same time, from abroad, in Japan, we try to import a lot of various raw materials that do not produce.

Then, they techniques, raw materials and packaging in combination with each other assortment, 1 discharged with condenses chunks, in the process, to refine the package, those with higher completeness, as the final output, to the outside of the body to.

要するに、日本は、諸技術、諸原料を組み合わせ凝縮した最終完成品の出力機なのである。 そこには、海外からの技術、原料の一方的な導入と消化吸収 →技術、原料の組み合わせ、相互凝縮(と高度な磨き上げ) →最終完成品製品の海外への出力、排出という、一方通行の流れが存在する。 これは、ちょうど、漏斗(ろうと)の周辺部に水をバラバラにかけると、それぞれの水が下方向へと一方的に流れ下り、互いに狭い筒の中で、互いに組み合わさり、凝縮され、相互一体化して、磨きをかけられたところで、最終完成品として、筒の下から、外部に出力、排出、落下するのと同じ理屈である。

これは、「漏斗(ろうと)」モデルと呼ぶことができる。 特徴は、入力が専ら欧米先進国の要素技術、日本自国では採れない原材料であり、出力が専ら、導入技術と原材料を組み合わせ、高度に加工、凝縮したところの最終完成品、といった感じで、文物の流れが一方通行であることである。ちょっと汚い話だが、食べ物の摂取、消化吸収、便の排出の一方通行性とも似ている(「排便モデル」とも言えるかも知れない)。



01/26/2009 12:56:22 AM


日本国の人は、何かにつけて先生役の人を求めたがり、ありがたがる。 何か知らない状態で、自分自身で試行錯誤して解法が分からないまま未知の失敗を重ねるのが怖くて、既に上手な成功例、解法を知っている先生にすぐに頼ろうとするのだ。 なので、先生がいないと、自分からは何も出来ない。ひたすら、教えてもらいたがる傾向がある。生涯学習と言えば聞こえが良いが、裏を返せば、生涯先生に頼り切り状態が続くことになる。




As it is, the Japanese, the new cultural relics of Western ( IPod sensitive to the appearance of Toka), lifting praised profusely, I want gratitude, learning for that hard to the imitation, single-mindedly digestion and absorption the to, and remains of the decision stopped state without thinking about anything on your own, it can be said that has led to mechanically direct import to the attitude of the Western cultural relics in the Japanese society. Western to get ahead than people a new cultural relics of learning, by learning, accustomed to their own teacher, is the Ibareru plenty towards the people who do not know yet.

Japan's Toka university professor, probably dying delicious is that feeling. After all, nothing in their adventure, without risking failure, a new fact of Western production, anything without thinking, that the was dead copy as it is lowering the head, just only diversion from left to right, is handling authority, because he is respected as a teacher, it can not be stopped.

The want was determined attached to something a teacher, you do not want to fail, there Taiei resistance is the underlying do not want to risk, if traced the original, manifestation of femininity to act everything in self-protection first I would not say that. Teacher rely on nature of the Japanese people, feminine nature with the root of the Japanese, perhaps there is a Memeshi and deep relationships.

01/30/2009 11:43:43 AM

Stuffing principle and international competitiveness

People of Japan, narrow area, in the space of volume, as much as possible a lot of content, as much as to say whether even this, condensed to the limit packed the creaking leather, compressed, products and packages that could be a very high density, efficiency is very good at producing well.

Representative examples include, but are not limited, small mobile notebook PC is. Large notebook PC parts which serves abiding and, small as possible, reducing the weight, in a small package, at all there is no gap, tucked in a fully condensed form, to the point where work properly as a product bring, technology that holds the high-definition of is, it can be said that the very excellent.

Japan, in order to maintain the competitiveness of the product surface with respect to the world, holding the high-density packing technology, is to continue to refine it can be said that it is important. 've been successful with it until now, would not those who lined up in the future. When I was doing, of the Japanese school education, it will be seen not to have altogether bad discard memorization type of education of a large amount knowledge by stuffing principle. Good at packing to a small place, the human resources of international competitiveness, but because they succeeded in raising saying Nan'nokan'no. Problem is, what stuff is in that or was a historical era that good for nothing out into the real world.

02/11/2009 12:13:40 AM

Limited love, frame Favorite

Japanese, DVD Toka, likes to buy a limited edition collection. If you look superficially, because the number is limited, it seems to read that it would worth comes out is more than others love, and can be interpreted. However, looking a little more thought, the people of this country, limited or, or narrow, is to or limit, is essentially a love, or spread to freedom unrestrained far in the opposite, free to move around , or it would not than often dislike essentially an infinite state. Their movements and thoughts, limited within a certain frame which is the socializing and the like, or trying to think things only within the frame, is to try to complete, would not common is in this country.

For example, Toka central government, officials think only of the ministries that he belongs to, he is acting on behalf of shouldering the interests of ministries "○○ Ministry of family" that they belong, like a thought but rampant, or Mai there than is often thought not reach for the universal benefit that exceeds the ministries of the frame. Be replaced by the ministries to the company say the same thing. Japanese, microcosm he has been a little limited belongs, unevenness, will be subject to immersive All of my personality, narrow was closed only in it, warm body temperature of others, of clogging such intimacy of breath than is living in the middle. Not to know to become what the rest of the world to which they belong. If your belongs small world is the peace, the other is good, even if, in that, a limited field of view of the owner, the owner of the idea of sectionalism, in Japan, with each other to rampant now also not change even the old days.

02/11/2009 12:31:27 AM

Suppression of the individual, selfless, Messi apprenticeship, like bondage is

People of this country, I think that emphasis person in strict training and discipline often. So that individuals Toka employees of the school students and the company does not move like without permission, so as not to ease, govern as much as possible severely, feel that it is better to stifle, staff and the school, not the company of the manager is often or. Freedom and will of the individual, as much as possible to suppress, organization that individual belongs (school, company, government offices ...) and the rulers (the founding family if family company, if the Emperor authorities), all of his own in Messi apprenticeship whether or not there is the idea of sacrifice in the self-sacrifice (giving dedicated) is desirable.

As in Europe and the United States, while taking made independent as particles independence of the individual, freedom to a combination of dry particles to each other to move around, make something large organizations, do not stand in the idea of the work. Individuals integrated into affiliation, eliminated completely melted, that a state of selfless, this country is desirable, it can be said for the, utmost pressed individuals, and he severity of suppressing is preferred . In this country, such a personal tie up act, but not a bondage act of sex, nor remember Thad masochist a pleasure each side to be bound by the side tie, is a feeling that is addictive. At the Toka company organization, Toka boss subordinates, the chain of vertical relationship of senior junior, as it is Sade - become a masochist chain, what Kyoji to each other tied individuals, the Japanese organization, is a figure of the population.

03/01/2009 07:07:07 AM

The spirit of the sum, has become a cause of Japanese society is delayed

The other day, I had the opportunity to see some animation. Characters who attend the same school, betting the seat of the student council president, is that the various competition in the athletic meet. In it, there was a three-legged race of the competition scene, was the impressive, the competitor who was running in the three-legged race was the scene that was lost in terms of speed in athletes running at individual alone. In each individual is falling apart, people running in alone, two people taking the joint pace, in accordance with the timing is that faster than running "Harmony to".

When we fit it to the progress of society, individuals independent of the ambient independently of each other to pieces, those of society to move around freely while causing a collision and litigation, each individual match around and move each other, the adjustment to, get along unity, than the society that moves to integrate, advance rate, so that the speed of progress that fast. In other words, towards the dry social gas type each particle is discrete from each other, approaching each particle one another, the movement from the wet society liquid type integrating is fast to. In fact, the gas, the velocity is faster than the liquid.

Applying this to the comparison of the Japanese society and Western society, Japanese society, people are integrated into get along with each other, creating a harmonious state, is a society that runs on joint pace, convoy while maintaining it, therefore, mutual pace adjustment of the people, the extra time and effort to fit, it takes time cost, the people of the movement is really slow. On the other hand, Western society, apart people without permission, while Tsukihanashi cold to each other, is a society that moves for their own personal interests, pace adjusted with others in terms of their own to act, time cost required to match because it requires not spend too much, and it can be said that the move at a high speed.

This is, travel Toka Toka is a business trip, those of independent action than collective action is, of the root can act quickly and nimble are the same.

Given this, it is characteristic of the spirit of Japanese sum, taking along well co pace with the surrounding, is fluidly a wet directions itself that proceeds with timed to each other, pace adjustment of one another, time and effort for the combined as superfluous to need, since it takes extra time to act, in science and technology, not the combined between these individuals, it seems to have become the root cause lag behind in comparison with the independent action superiority of Western society It is.

04/09/2009 05:15:20 PM

Tower-based society and the water-in-society

In the Western society, directed above the sky, extending to the top to the top, get to the apex of the very few of the top, such as high steel tower, steel, hard, such as iron pipe, planned by the robust framework was constructed to firmly firm, opened a lot of clearance space, outlook, airy, intense of the upper and lower gap in the vertical direction, the bottom of the small number of higher-level person, vertical direction, in the form of forming the framework of the up-and-down direction middle, lower person is present, has completed the masculine society of hard structure that there are strict hierarchy of command obedience system, called a tower-based society.

On the other hand, Japan is the Toka, as water droplets attached to the top of the horizontal plane, the bottom of the top, there thick the dominant layer of the upper high-density, the majority intermediate layer of most of the "common people" under the the most widely exist as, the bottom layer below it is present in the form of stick with the bottom surface, too much up and down of the gap does not open, where the there is no gap at a high density also taking, airy there is no easy response to external pressure and finished women social soft structure deforms, called a water-society. In this case, ruling in the water droplets, rather than being in the top, a safe recessed most, and is pressed to the central portion of the world is the most central of the water droplet, middle, that are in the core It may be considered. In that case, the higher The more the core, a base closer to the water droplet surface.

04/10/2009 03:42:47 PM

Lifetime employment, seniority and the same color staining, pure culture, purebred retention-oriented

In modern Japanese society, saying that would eliminate the lifetime employment have been made here and there. It is, primarily, from the management layer, Toka want to facilitate the restructuring of employees, from the employee side, other industries, Toka want to facilitate change jobs to other companies, from youth employment ice age layer, to some extent age It comes from performing in regular employment desire that said something about I want to increase the saucer of from. And, mainly modeled on the liquidity of the height of the employment in the United States, etc., become the tone that we should change even Japan.

しかし、実際のところ、終身雇用をなくす、新卒でなく中途採用をデフォルトにする、というのは、現在の日本では困難であると考えられる。 その困難さの原因を作っているのが、組織の構成員が一つの組織の中で純粋培養され、他の組織の異質な色や血が混じらない純血性、一体性を保っていることを本質的に好む、この国の人たちの体質である。







同じ組織にずっと居続けることで、その組織の色への染色度合いが年々高まっていき、染色度合いの高さによってその人の組織内での序列、優先度が決まるというのが年功序列の本質である。 賃金の年功による向上云々は、上記の年功序列の本質の中のサブカテゴリの一つに過ぎない。もしも賃金面や役職面で組織年功の高い人を上位に置くことが企業の経営的に難しくなったとしても、それ以外の心理面で上位者として敬うこと(天皇を象徴として心理的に上位者として敬うのと同じ)を続けることで、企業での年功序列は十分維持可能とも考えられる。


04/14/2009 01:41:32 PM


日本人は、アンケート調査とかで表向きドライな態度を取るが、その奥にある本心はウェットなのではないだろうか? アンケート調査とかで、あなたはドライかウェットか、どちらですか、と質問すると、ほとんどの人が、自分はドライですと回答する。この結果から見ると日本人はドライになったのかと錯覚する。

ところが、実際に日本社会で生活していると、人間関係がべたべた湿っていて、わずらわしく、閉塞感に満ちている。学閥、先輩後輩関係に代表されるような縁故関係が社会中をバッコしており、所属する会社、学校等の組織、集団のことが何よりも最優先で、個人の人権はそれらの前には風前の灯であることが実感される。日本社会やそれを構成する個々の日本人の性格は、戦前と変わらずウェットなままなのではないかと想定される。 日本人が表面でドライな態度を選択するのは、強力な欧米指向、すなわち自分のことを、ドライな欧米先進国の一員とみなし、東アジアの他国を、そうした先進国一員の日本よりも、格下とみなす心理が働いているためと推測される。特に、戦後は、日本を占領したアメリカが作成したドライな性格を持った日本国憲法が、戦前の神道に代わって、あたかも宗教のように、不可侵のものとして崇拝の対象になっており、「日本国憲法教」みたいな感じになっている。なぜ崇拝の対象となったかと言えば、天皇がアメリカの前に敗者としてひれ伏したのと、平和主義みたいな日本国憲法の理念に従って行動したら、高度経済成長を実現して、成功し、繁栄したからである。

こうした点、日本人には、表面、表向きのドライさとコアのウェットな本心との乖離、矛盾が存在するのではないかと考えられるが、アンケート調査では、回答者の表向きの面がもっぱら捉えられ、コアな本心には到達できていないということになる。 なぜ、ウェットな本心に到達できないのか?それは、アンケート調査とかでは、本心が、取り繕った表面経由で外に出るため、ウェットな本心がドライに変質して回答されるためである。

この問題を解決するには、アンケート質問する前に、心の奥にしまい込まれたウェットな感情を予め表に引っ張り出してから、アンケート質問を行う必要があるといえる。 要するに、




を思い出させる手続きを、アンケート調査手続きに含めることができれば、人々は、自分を本当はウェットであると「思い出し」、そのように回答すると考えられる。 今後は、こうした方針で日本人の性格を測定することが必要になってくるのではないか?

06/06/2009 04:52:49 AM



なぜ崇拝の対象となったかと言えば、戦後、天皇がアメリカの前に敗者としてひれ伏したため国家神道の正当性が失われたのと、国民が国家神道ではなく、日本国憲法の理念に従って行動したら、高度経済成長を実現して、成功し、繁栄したからである。それゆえ、信じるとよいことが起こる、得をすると、日本人が皆思うようになり、信仰にまで発展したのであろう。 日本人は無宗教になったと言われるが、実際のところ、日本国憲法が国教、国家、国民の宗教と化しているのではないだろうか?実際は、国家神道代わりの「『日本国憲法』教」という宗教を信仰しているのである。

06/06/2009 05:35:44 AM



同格同士、互いにけん制して、自分のところの案が他方に吸収合併されて消滅しないように、自分のところの案の存亡を賭けて、相互に妨害しあうのである。その結果、施策、仕様が各社ごとにバラバラになって統合されないことが起きる。 例えば、同格の総務省と経済産業省とで、一方が何か施策を発表すると、他方がそれをかたくなに取り入れず、別の、その省庁独自の対案を出すため、施策にダブりが生じて、不経済なことになっている。

あるいは、同じ業種のメーカー同士で、製品の仕様を共通化、規格化した方が、コストダウンや市場の拡大とかで好都合そうなのに、なぜか、他の自分と同格のメーカーの製品仕様を決して取り入れようとせず、自社独自の仕様にこだわる行動が頻繁に見られる。例えば、 1980 90年代のパソコンで、同格の NECと富士通が互いに別々の仕様のパソコン販売にこだわり、互いに相手の仕様を拒否して取り入れなかった動きがこれに当たる。

政党でも、同格の自民党と民主党が、ほとんど同じような政策を互いに提案し合い、互いに潰し合っている。 こうした同格同士の相互の相手提案拒絶と対案提示合戦を止めるのは、彼らより更に 1ランク上の「お上」の仲裁以外に存在しない。その点、日本社会のトップは、複数の同格がいるのでは駄目で、他より 1ランク上位に抜き出た単独の別格上位者の存在が必須である。

そこら辺の事情をうまくまとめた欧米を初めとする海外勢に、いつのまにか国際標準仕様を提案され、おいしい所を持って行かれてしまうことも頻繁に起きているようである。 1990年代のパソコンについて言えば IBMによる DOS/V規格の市場席捲と国内各社独自仕様の PC9801 FMRシリーズの消滅とかがそれである。

06/06/2009 05:49:15 AM



日本社会は、「やったことがある」人や状況を何より重視する。逆に言えば、「やったことがない」人や状況を嫌うのである。すでに経験していること、事前(にこうすれば成功するという)情報があることを重んじ、好み、一方、経験がないこと、事前情報がないことは極力避けようとするのである。自分から未知、未経験の荒海に漕いで出ることを恐れる、「未経験回避」が、社会の慣わしになっている。 その点、既卒者や年長者が、未経験の分野で、一から始める「再チャレンジ」が難しい社会となっている。

06/06/2009 07:01:06 AM


最近の日本の人たちは、個人情報の保護にやたらと熱心である。最近では、年金や医療等の社会保障に関する情報を国民一人一人について一元化して便利に扱えるようにすることをねらった「社会保障カード」の政府案が、個人情報が漏れた時の影響が大きいとして、猛反対が起きて、結局情報の一元化が取りやめになったりしている。 では、この国の人たちは、なぜそんなに個人情報保護にこだわるのか?筆者は、その原因として、日本社会が、やたらと、個人の内情についての噂が広まりやすい、個人の内情を皆で覗き見しようとする体質を持っているため、個人情報の漏洩の影響が大きいのが原因と考える。

The people of this country, the personal information was leaked, everyone amused disseminated gathered by, browse, there seems to be a motivation or rather social tendency to try to kind of gossip. In addition, or rather peep constitution, Dari prefer to peek inside information of others, in the first place if there is no way in the mood the inner workings of others, seems always to a lot of people are curious in that thing It is. The people of this country, precisely because are familiar with the constitution of such themselves, think the constitution is fear of affecting their own person, profusely and he annoying to the protection of personal information.

At the root of that the people of this country is keen on the protection of personal information, closure of that hate the inner workings of individual leaks, there is a hidden constitution, it is has become in looking like the two sides of the same coin. In short, although I do not want to leak the inner workings of their own personal, inner workings of others are dying to know in the curious, looking forward from leaking, want to spread in the kind of rumor story at all once the leakage, contradictory psychology that is , it can be said that he is in the root of the movement of the people of this country for the protection of personal information.

06/14/2009 07:32:53 AM

100 -point scale-oriented

In people of this country, especially those who are referred to as the prodigy of Toka University of Tokyo, at Toka test, 100 or rather points out, failure, without any mistakes, people who try to aim the full integrity of the seems so often. Anyway, the right thing, that there is no mistake, sure thing, or remember only that you do not fail, it is to try to run.

The trend towards full marks as leads to Taiei may not challenged fear mistakes. In addition, us to ensure that it is correct to say of their own, to determine the presence of a higher level of authority, lead to authoritarianism. Alternatively, the suit leaned to the psychological to the existing dogma that it is guaranteed that, a new theory of non-established theory, lead to or rejected uniformly with it simply because that is not a dogma.

Toka writing of the paper, the Toka conference presentations, I think Never mistake, Shachihokobari mentally, becomes awkward. Wrote that wrong even a little, now fear the extreme to be pointed out as a miss, only single-mindedly hoards the existing dogma in me, the new paper will not write from their own. These Taiei resistance and mistakes, tend to fear of failure, everything is also a safety and self-protection first feminine trend, is manifestation of that spirit of prodigy is female.

06/14/2009 07:56:33 AM

Wet liquid society Japan of dry gas for people

Wet, dry it yourself liquid specific Japanese society, the person recognizes that the gaseous manner 3 appears to be some kind.

1 nails, truth, wet, but I want to join a regular in the liquid specific Japanese population, non-regular employees put not get, is the people of the staff. Not give me put is Monzenbarai population, Made up who are taste the sense of alienation and isolation one person, belongs / person who has become lonely and fall off or drop-out from a population that has been is, myself the feeling to have been placed in circumstances, such as the gas molecules in the dry, it is considered that to choose dry, towards the gas. The wet society, the strength of the alienation is considered to be associated dry, and gaseous. This 1 pawl, called a "alienation" type.

2 nails, true self is wet, but I might be liquid, a dry, because the direction of gas is somehow advanced and cool, but that selective dry, the gas in a way that put the appearance unconsciously is there. This 2 claw is called a "dressed with" type.

3 nails, forced the tuning to the surroundings in the liquid social and collective in the wet, have undergone a restriction of behavior, there is no freedom, mutual tension or that he is not self-sustaining, constantly feet each other Imprisoned If it is the presence and realize that their own, envious of the gas type in a free dry personally is not self-supporting, yearn. Therefore, what is necessary to their own self-assertion in the, being questioned is strictly self-responsibility for the results of the action, dry, such as myself should not and does not help anything by yourself, the eyes to the negative aspects of the gas type -closing, those who dry unconsciously desire is right for you, it is therefore of yourself Komu I think that it is dry. The 3 claws, called a "prisoner" type. This prisoner type, for example, as a user of anonymous bulletin board, include people who wish to be free from the bondage of the real world on the net.

Of more than 3 out of the kind, "alienation" type, dry, whereas I do not think preferably a gas specific for, type "dressed with", "prisoner" is, there is a division that you think Preferably,. This 3 typology, have thought that if you can distinguish personality diagnostic test.

06/14/2009 08:51:50 AM

Kyoto University of originality

Kyoto University, or rather the antithesis of the University of Tokyo, combat heart of Tokyo, has created the Tokyo negation of the heart, Tokyo'll do different things and, it can be said that aims to become something different. It is, for example, to learn definitely existing dogma, against the memorize Tokyo specific directions, it has resulted extruding the originality of the theoretical surface to the front.

In, in Tokyo and Kyoto, so Speaking of whether the essence of society is the difference, some people in the land of Kyoto, truth, or would not than no constitution and the great difference of the University of Tokyo. In other words, the people of Kyoto as well, conservative, unadventurous, told a closed and high pride, "your top" strong conscious, is the people of the female, in Tokyo and essentially place appear in the same way.

That the there is no difference at (Tokyo in Kyoto) that both essentially, on the other hand to try to make him put the forced difference from the other rivalry to the (Tokyo) of the (Kyoto), (also has his own) one of which is On the other hand of nature (maintenance, Taiei) dare to deny, it can be said that tried to have the reverse of nature (originality) "rival" is Kyoto University with it.

Kyoto University academic culture that is creative, not mean that there was originally ingenious climate, Kyoto people from rivalry to Tokyo is a culture as a "competitor" that was created artificially. People itself of Kyoto, a "aristocrats" basis from the old, perched your high, conservative and tradition, precedent-oriented strong, high dissatisfaction pride and do not center the world is turning to themselves, move in connection is the people, the essence, the Kyoto University of originality or would not be reality is not so much related.

07/13/2009 06:13:27 AM

Guarantee is necessary

People of this country, when they take action, the safety, us to guarantee the correctness, there is something obtained want the side the higher assurance person than yourself. Who do seek a guarantee. One is derived from the power of the Imperial Family of ancient times, is a Directions for obtaining the guarantee to "your top," such as country and authorities. Public qualified than private qualification, as a qualification, is this a is to think that what is more guaranteed. It is not considered to be our top of the endorsement.

The following is a Directions to seek a guarantee to Europe and the United States. "I'm still doing in Japan, in Europe and the United States are already doing. I should learn from Europe and the United States." As such, as those poor delay the Japan, it is considered advanced excellent thing as in Europe and the United States, Western specific advanced is this to consider to have been guaranteed a manner directions. It is not considered to want endorsement of global standards.

3 one eye is a Directions for obtaining the assurance experts, a professor. A professor at the university, guru of the road, the most detailed, considered savvy person, he said it is, as there is a seal of approval of the experts, there to seek a guarantee.

4 one eye is a Directions for obtaining the guarantee big names, to celebrity. In Toka TV, greeted talent that has passed through the name, entertainer, a man of culture to the guest, ask become a commentator, than that "because that that celebrity said," there to seek assurance that the celebrity of your Bokutsuki. This is, it can be said that has led to authoritarian to seek a guarantee from some authority higher than their own.

07/13/2009 06:15:33 AM

Age limit society

In this country, something it can be said that the age limit has dominated the width. That is, until ○ years of age, and can not pass through the-determined barrier, can not pass through all after, become Monzenbarai. Chance of passing is that not given again. The age limit has dominated the width is the job of the government agencies and large companies. Although most restriction frame that only employ graduates is to provided implicitly, further into it, it is counted number strictly in repetition in number and universities Ronin university examination, parenchyma being employed 24 25 is limited to the following youth-year-old. When would eat the age go to Toka doctoral graduate school, become desperate in the adopted surface.

Alternatively, the appointment of the management of permanent employees in government agencies and large companies, 40 and not accustomed to management positions in the vicinity of the age, later deprived of the chance to be promoted to a lifetime management, even if it is not up to retirement age (for example restructuring ) is that not we have to spend in the Gila (no title). 40 near-year-old is has become the age limit for executive recruitment.

This is, in Toka student dormitory, is together curfew system and roots eats shut out and not enter the gate until the time that is determined such o'clock ○.

The background to these age restrictions are in good condition, Japan, and the like can continue is an escalator society of seniority. Once you become what age up to this stage (floor), and when then become what age, and further up to this stage (floor) of the above, and so on, and the positioning of the stage promotion of every age has not been determined strictly, through the only person who has time for the time limit, for did not those who in time, forever shut the gates, it is not given the opportunity to challenge that passes through the gate.

In this case, the time to pass through the gates, age not only slow, because also it is useless too fast is a feature of this country of the age limit. Toka small middle and high school, everyone get along in synchronization with 1 is that there is good from lifting each year, as of grade-skipping, it's not allowed to go up faster than everyone.

07/13/2009 06:17:26 AM

4 large ruler of Japanese society

In Japanese society, it can be said that there are four rulers.

1 one eye, the Imperial Family, or government officials that it was in the background, officials, is the dominant of civilians by public officials. Is dominated by the so-called "government", "you up". In this case, the Japanese government = further above than the "you up", the United States Toka has reigned as the "super you up", it is also conceivable that has a double of the governance structure.





07/13/2009 06:20:11 AM


この国では、役所とか、自分の在任中とかに問題が起きなければよい、何事もなく大過なく過ぎればよいという考え方が支配的である。何かにチャレンジして問題や失敗を引き起こすよりも、何もせずにそのままいた方がいいという考えである。 あるいは、企業の研究にしても、予め研究の筋道が見えていて、そのまま進んでも大丈夫なことが分かっている、成功することが見えている、失敗しないことのみを取り上げる傾向がある。

こうした退嬰性、消極性、減点主義的な行き方が、日本を覆っており、日本社会の特徴となっている。 安定志向、保守性、退嬰性は、性差から見れば女性的であり、新しいことにチャレンジしたり、既存の秩序を破壊するのが男性的であるとすれば、問題回避体質の日本社会は、女性的と言えるのではないだろうか?

07/13/2009 06:21:30 AM


この国の人は、人も物も狭いところにギュウギュウに詰め込んで、高密度、過密状態で生きるのを好む傾向があると思う。 首都圏の住宅とか、狭い家屋にひしめき合って暮らすのを何とも思わず、それを好んでいるかのように見える。これが粗放に慣れた海外の人間には、奇異に映るのだと考えられる。

07/15/2009 02:54:01 AM


日本の企業とかに導入された成果主義は、従来の年功序列と混交し合い、結果として「年功序列型成果主義」と呼べる成果主義を新たに形成している。 要するに、従来と同じく年齢順に昇進し、昇給していくのであるが、その際、昇進ポスト、役職は数に限りがあるため、成果を上げた者のみが、それらの昇進ポストに優先してついて上がっていき、一方成果を上げられなかった者は、昇進ルートから脱落し、そのまま役職なしで定年まで過ごすことになる。

成果を上げた(と経営層に認識された)者が、昇進のエスカレータに乗って、留まって、年功順に上がっていく。 しかし、組織が錐体型を形成し、上に行くほど就ける役職の数が減っていくため、その限られた役職ポストを巡って、競争が起きる。 その際、より優れた成果を上げた者がそれら限られた役職に優先して就けるようにして、成果を上げることに対するモチベーションを維持しているのである。

07/19/2009 11:51:32 PM









And government is to promote the expansion of domestic demand, tried to consumption promotion of people a lot of earned savings until now. However, stored is, I spent another Arakata. At first glance it does not seem to use too much, the government will issue a lot of government bonds, we've consumed the money. Although not moving government to the collection of the debt of government bonds now, either, it is inevitable the national savings of the debt amount is written off substantially. Government bonds are the real national debt, people can be said to be determined to be a poor future burdened it.

This phenomenon will be called a "yen poverty".

The yen also, initially, Japan yen of the product selling destination of the dollar and the euro was the problem, the yen against the rival Chinese yuan to produce similar products and Japan soon is becoming a problem there.

In short, currency appreciation as well, and currency appreciation against the pair consumption areas, currency height and for a pair rival production area 2 not some kind, the former, produced the symptoms not allowed to buy higher products in the consumption areas, on the other hand, the latter , it produces symptoms that are losing market to cheap rival the more production cost.

As long as the yen continues, it can not stop the Japanese people will become poor.

I think the fundamental solution, in some way, that it be done (dollar, euro, yuan against) the cancellation of currency devaluation and government bonds of the yen.

Together with the international competitiveness of Japan's revival, because disappear country of debt.

However, that the value of the yen deposit that people had until then significantly reduced will not be avoided.

11/18/2009 01:43:16 AM

To dominate the Japan 4 one of the female types

Woman to dominate the Japanese society, 4 is considered to be divided into two types. (1) hysteria type always been nervous, raising the Kyakya screaming, claiming the validity of the self. Of Haimisu, feminist corresponds to this. (2) a powerful type belly sat action force, Kimottama mother corresponds to this. (3) cushion type swallow everything, full of tolerance, friendly, full of compassion, affectionate mother corresponds to this. (4) able do flawlessly work at Toka carrier type company, competent career woman that you can, go-getter corresponds to this.

11/18/2009 02:02:48 AM

Company Professor

Japanese company is like a religious group. In the Japan of the company, it surfaces such as to force the integration of the company can be found. I do not think the other things, to think only of the company, which is mind control to the feeling that, there is no freedom of thought. In that respect, the company is not much different religious groups. Company is a religion, from like a "company Judaism" is a feel like you believe in the employees everyone. In that respect, not laugh the Toka cult religion.

11/18/2009 02:03:41 AM

Ceremony ethnic, national ceremony

2009 year 7 in April the time, the Democratic Party is trying to Serve not supposed to Prime Minister censure resolution through on the seats. This is, that should not win the fight, the point to be Susumeyo assertive repeat the strategy again and again, is similar to the Pacific War. Rival, emotional to the war-opponents, and emotional rivalry is too strong, or will be walking alone, it is no longer able to calm the situation judgment proclivities, not some of the people of this country . Do not learn that the, can not be, I think that there is also a propensity of learning stop.

Be a no suggestions or battle of should pass is, strengthen the unity of the relatives, has become a mere ceremony to ascertain the strength of the wet unity. In addition, foreign specific appearance to the opponent, or the crowd, keep the face, is also the ceremony to try to the good-looking. A is the ceremony, itself, because it is meaningless to not function effectively. People of this country, easy to get stuck in emotional meaningless ceremony, with ceremony ethnic groups, the ceremony nation like a face. Diet itself in this country, simply the only ceremony Diet read the pre-fixed words.

11/18/2009 02:04:25 AM

Re-challenge limit society

Japan, chance in the one-time, re-challenge is not allowed, there is no post-If it fails, it is anti-challenge society. Companies and Toka Recruiting test of the government, junior high school, Toka high school entrance examination, does not work again if it fails. Toka college entrance examination, even in seemingly can be re-challenge test, larger the re-challenge number of times, become disadvantageous treatment fell assessment is.

Alternatively, as lawyers testing, limiting the number of re-challenge is performed as commonplace. In this regard, Japanese society, hate the re-challenge, limiting, it can be said that a society to avoid. Alternatively, as a housewife, without challenge from their own, someone else, to challenge their husbands and children, someone ask them to challenge other people, it can be said that the challenge is a scary person gatherings. It can be said that the full-time homemakers mode is the default of society.

11/18/2009 02:05:42 AM

Ability measurement and dry gas-integrated society

Japanese, whether in academic papers, whether in movies, whether on the golf competition, be allowed to their ability, there is a tendency to go to Europe to inform. Or top finishers in Europe and the US competition, that picked up a large, there is a tendency to rejoice in all and was recognized in the world. To measure the ability possessed by the person, ability society of dry, it can be said that there is a need to be recognized in the gas-integrated society. In the dry society, with no ability individuals tend to be quickly discarded. Each individual is free-standing apart independently, are possible capacity measurement, graces is not allowed.

On the other hand, in the wet in the liquid-based society such as Japan, the ability, even if ability is not, kneading, Toriiri, graces, there is a side that would go to quite high in the Gomasuri. Sweet in it to relatives. If grab even chance to get placed in once, it just OK there are aspects.

Once say it is also ability to make an effective connection to go to the top, and of the ability, but it may be that such until then, or gone go on automatically without effort himself like a hereditary problem comes out really. In that respect, the liquid-based society in the wet, the person's ability, and in the surface which is not suited to the capacity measurement comes out really, ability, the field of capacity measurement is set in the gas-integrated society in the dry, such as the Western than is.

11/18/2009 02:08:05 AM

Not good to admit defeat

People of Japan is not good to admit defeat, there are many cases that fit into the quagmire the aim of spreading To loose. There is a Japanese people, there is a background that meantime commitment to honor, easy to tension the appearance. Toka military of World War II, the last not observed the defeat of their own up, it was trying to go to the mainland decisive battle. Or authority, in the lawsuit, which was filed from the public, but it is customary to always appeal, is due to the high pride that can not admit losing their own.

11/18/2009 02:08:41 AM

International deviation value

Japanese, there is a tendency to think about things in everything even rank and deviation value. At that time, in the world, there is the like a international deviation value, towards the United States and Europe, there is a tendency to think rank than Japan, the deviation value is above. Scholar of Japan, single-mindedly accepted the discourse of Europe and the United States, why not put out their own theory is also considered to be in the neighborhood. More specifically, a tendency such as the following. The disagree with the Western people of discourse, considered to be ultra vires act of Minohodoshirazu, to try to crush such a movement with relatives.

Europe and the United States people of discourse, accept single-mindedly as the discourse of your top, along with the study, by integrating the own Western = superiors, the attempt is made to raise their own status. Western people think that is too early to say that you do not say yet, there is a tendency to suppress speech. Themselves, there is no chanting a new theory to illuminate the darkness. Western people is OK If you put out the first time theory to OK a. Western people of opinion is correct is higher. Japanese is the judgment, I believe that ultra vires act to decide. They are, for the Japanese society, when it is the candid advice and pointed out from the West, the fuss about pitiful.

11/18/2009 02:09:13 AM

There is no myself

People who are said to be "Panpi (General People)" of this country, always in the place where many of the are and I also have, and it will be a major presence not left behind in the Toka epidemic. Like the geek, specialized, try to avoid to heterogeneity of. To make a lot of friends, and will become dominant in the human relations side. Maintain itself of interpersonal relationships and self-purpose of, what you want of yourself, by always relationship with the surroundings, so come determined relatively.

The presence of independent myself, or rather standing position can not have, do not have, do not try to have. When you Somaro aggressively around the major color. Everyone of like a hobby also try to have their own. That fit to talk with the surrounding, seeking to rise. Homogenization of the surrounding self obtains unwittingly commonality. They blend into the surroundings, integrated, it becomes invisible. Features of Panpi is, like a transparent man, so the air is that it is not visible to the eye.

11/18/2009 02:09:53 AM

Two types of Japan of Western imitation

When viewed from the Japanese, Europe and the United States, international ranking is higher, deviation value is visible high. Japan, join the ranks of countries of the upper hierarchy is, and want to rank up, to imitate Western desperately. Or to attempts to incorporate the cultural relics of Europe and the United States.

Japanese, take usually their actions but wet, and ask Which is good for dry and wet, choose a dry. A person of there is Western, the ranking is because it is above. He raised his ranking by chose Western specific dry, think that will play the upgrade of their own. Incorporate the Western culture, by imitating, his rank is, it integrated more ranking is the Western above, in doing so,

Traditional Mikudaseru Japan's ranking, consider that it can transcend. In this case, the traditional Japanese hierarchy, is referred to as top-level Emperor, your top (authorities, officials) and to Iemoto and domination of the head family, is the order of uneven society of hereditary center.

Traditional Japan is standing on higher than, China, such as Korea, considered to make the existing East Asian authority, to the higher than power.

For these Japanese, democracy of Western production, is liberal, dry notions such as individualism, because after all different from their world, after all I say and not stick to the body, altered and wet reduction in the digestion and absorption process and will. Imitation type of Western that tries to increase their ranking by integrated with such Europe and the United States, called a imitation of "upgrade-type". On the other hand, are Japan was sticky and insidious of, such as forced the captive without freedom, wet climate is a disgusting, some people yearn to dry Western that everywhere sides have been resolved. Or traditional Japanese say hate, constitution is not more to choose a Western do not match the sex, these Western imitation type is called a mimic of "dry-oriented".

11/18/2009 02:22:33 AM

Culture of vanity

The Japanese, that he or she can see what you see from others, looks are important. To improve the appearance, or liked by others, or give a good impression, emphasizing that seen in the higher level. This is called a vanity of culture.

11/18/2009 02:23:18 AM

The inner ring society

Japanese society is the inner ring society outside can not see. Confidentially only rises in. Of interest, there in the eye, the only thing he relatives who subscribe in it, the inner ring of interpersonal relationships, the outside can not see. Without taking into in elsewhere who, it is exclusive. Elsewhere who of it is how any good. It is indifferent. The inner ring credulity phenomenon occurs. While we are listening only the inner ring of the opinion each other, thinking is not accepted in the outside in general, become blind faith to-class only to the inner ring. This can be seen in the military of World War II. That is the inner ring, never be leaked to the outside useless, take the concept of exposure prohibited. To the inner ring of the information does not go out, use all the hand, make every regulation. Rather than the protection of personal information, which is the inner ring information protection.

11/18/2009 02:23:43 AM

Only gathering society

People of Japan are, independently, rather than self-reliance, it Yoseyo themselves somewhere, when you Tayoro. At that time, emphasizing that there are relatives who will become the Toka guarantor. Do we need to resolve anything on their own, hate the self-solve society. Alternatively, they hate one person's.

11/18/2009 02:10:53 AM


Japanese manufacturers is, basically, doing the same thing around, excel in the directed that the Serikatsu. Like a video camera manufacturers to compete in the camera shake correction and dark performance, competitors, stand in the same playing field as the rival, prefer that the entry be. The Toka America, different from the surroundings, nobody likes to monopolize the profits to occupy the prime real estate that was hidden not with the hand. Net search advertising google Toka corresponds to this.

11/18/2009 02:11:30 AM

Old man worship, higher

Japanese, Arigatagaru Toka conductor, Toka doctor, Toka University professor, as the old people. It is like to be old masters treatment. Alternatively, it wants to use prefer the word Rosei. Alternatively, just say that the elderly, the teacher surface with respect to young people. Swagger, look down, behave as superior, is to say things in the eyes from above have become commonplace. This is, hated from young colleagues, it has become a real reason there is no work in the elderly middle-aged.

11/18/2009 02:12:25 AM

Only gathering society 2

Japanese society, somewhere in the refuge to a population, subscription, to belong is the default, not live and do not belong, it is believed that. Everyone and want to be together, that want to got to protect, women thinking is at the root. People who previously became a member in, the people who are already in a senior. The person who became a member from the later, a junior. New subscribers is a newcomer. Body alignment, have become annual ring structure. Body alignment, entering to the back from the peripheral one after the other every year. On the one adjacent to their own, important to be accepted by the senior of the previous one. If you do not follow the person who went ahead to a year ago, a detached, it becomes impossible is only gathering. Do you need to get along to the person who entered earlier. Dont unacceptable.

People to put in the central is limited. Put in the central it is, stepped forward from the periphery, gradually a career went into the back, limited to people of pure culture. Enter in the back, according to seniority is at the top, put not ablation was man of the personnel cut in is performed. Toward the periphery of the tree-ring position is weak, the strong position as central. When disconnected from the annual ring structure, the only gathering failed. Only gathering annual rings, it has become sadomasochistic structure. Is a sadistic to the people of the outer periphery, which joined later than his (junior, rookie), is a masochistic to the human inner periphery joined prior to their (senior).

11/18/2009 02:24:16 AM

Self-sacrifice evaluation and self-sacrifice performance

In the only gathering society such as Japan, depending on the degree to which the self-sacrifice for the sake of your organization, is evaluated from the organization. So, myself and I I've been doing for so company, win a deliberately high evaluation by acting the self-sacrifice. All the time, that behave as thinking about the company, better remember superiors.

11/18/2009 02:25:09 AM

Affiliation masochism, company Masochism

In the village society of Japan, are incorporated into the organization, it is training to be a pleasure to become the compliant for your organization. All the time, immersed hilt to the depths of the heart to the organization, to work become the hands and feet of the organization become pleasure. At the expense of all of the self for the company, yet it has become so is pleasure that. Twenty-four hours, thinking about the company, and will Nagedaso all of yourself for the company.

11/18/2009 02:25:49 AM

Of attitude 180 degrees conversion

Japanese society, and change the user from the outside appears, commitment to the maintenance of the framework of the existing dominant mechanism of until now, violently resistance. However, completely conquest to the top of the Emperor to the other party, and overwhelmed, in reversal, an ardent believer of the opponent, the believer. In Japan is the Pacific War, had been devil cried the United States, in defeat, changed the attitude to worship the democracy of the United States in reversal. Top surrender, and prostration, from the following of everyone Koro' and the attitude it 180 to convert degrees, which is a feature of Japan. It is raped while resistance to men, is similar to the involuntarily fall in love woman to the man.

11/18/2009 02:31:12 AM

Dry-wet paradox

In Japan, people to the Western specific dry assertion is, in fact, the exact opposite of the wet uneven society, the situation is the world of the residents is happening as commonplace. Reviewing the Western theory, Japan sociologist to argue that my thing is, are living in the academic background uneven social net has been spread around in the teacher-student relationships and senior junior relationship, it is obvious that such . Newspaper also think something similar. There, the democracy of Japanese villagers Western, himself the while maintaining the uneven society, with each other to worship without particularly noticing the contradiction.

11/18/2009 02:31:41 AM

Dry Complex

Intellectuals of Japan, yourself to thinking remains wet, followers and dry is, to worship. Myself, even though it has already been enjoying the benefits of a member of the wet academic background, their also actively claim that has become Toka should become dry, and the attempt is made the appearance. Claim contents, it is inconsistent with the actual appearance of the usually their own, and since my own is exposed the evil of the head that does not notice the contradiction around, feel extra feeling bad. There are complex to dry of the Western-style, sense of inferiority are glimpses. Flipped the complex to the pair Europe and the United States, we also do not we have to become dry thought, no it're changing the form to claim that, have already made.

11/18/2009 02:32:14 AM

Eliminate the parachute, political party think tank Theory

Instead of parachute the bureaucracy, it will pull the people from another place in the post. Or pulling in what wind? Currently, there is no objective criteria, in an ad hoc basis, has been pulled at whim and connection. Political party is the National Personnel Authority equivalent of organization (whether outsourced internal, either) has, once won the election, sending the qualified personnel of the qualification test successful candidates to the post. Political parties, a policy consulting group, usually is consulting NPO activities as, I usually, administrative, in various fields of management, etc., carried out consulting activities, gain experience. Political parties, think tanks usually NPO benefit and activity or as a company. If you won the election, he appointed a think tank employees to "○○ officer", carry out the steering of the policy.

11/18/2009 02:32:50 AM

Methods that are not incorporated into the non-uniformity society of Japan

About to be acceptable to the periphery of the villagers, it will like it, it does not want to and will be appreciated. It continues to deteriorate the relationship little by little. After 5 take another action from. Banquet, etc. as much as possible absent. Not a private talk. As much as possible not to speak with the surrounding people. Say and dislike of people. Forcing in reticence. It will be referred to like machinery and rock. To prefer unmanned border with no people. The surrounding have a different world. Toka meal, take to separate and the surrounding, spend the time. When you no longer need to have in place, put a quickly disappear habit. Everyone else living in the remote environment. One person, alone, the habit of its own action put. Everyone is when I face the left, yourself put a habit facing the right. With off the friends of the same idea. Solidarity with dry each other net. Contribution of the salary amount, by doing neat work, keep confronted by a certain degree of competent first time. It is around to be to some extent necessary. So as not to pinch the extra mouth to private. Good human nature (Toka to help people, fairness, brightness Toka) are those that are also required in a dry society, it is necessary to maintain. Slander, backbiting, be rumors, divisible and it is characteristic of the uneven society, to ignore. Not lose. I do not care even if the ostracism. I do not care about the public eye. Do not be shy. I do not care about the dignity and their evaluation. Toka reply of e-mail, to put the opponent and distance, to perform at intervals little (financial transactions of the Toka auction is carried out immediately). Not as much as possible marriage.

11/18/2009 02:33:24 AM

Age Discrimination and Japanese society

In Japan, it means young people, younger from being at any time underdogs treatment. Seniority, in the form of senior junior system, is scooped up and authoritatively also between the young people. Respectable opinion even younger, to the people who have the insight, honor, should be handled on the rating. At least, are treated the same rank as the same human beings, it should be respected. Elderly unwieldy, which is given by the hired difficult is the reverse of the above, the rating on treatment marked with the body unwittingly because requests to ambient.

11/18/2009 02:34:11 AM

Invariant of thinking, immobile, fixed-oriented

Japanese people, thinking, rooted to one place of the earth, do not move to the other, it does not change (not Kaware). Obsessed with a certain predetermined fixed thought was, even something, clinging like a plant rooted to the ground, do not try to change any way from their own. Hebaritsui not move. Or incarcerated, until the final battle, and resolutely reject the change, do not compromise. Also I knew that losing battle, never changed his mind, and would have died in the form of as it is the will. To change the idea, I think the same and was Negae' the enemy. Each other without changing the idea, to try to Hokoro the unity of monolithic. Change of speech content, change, hate blur, respect for consistency. Situation, even if the situation is changed, the remark is immobility is good.

11/18/2009 02:38:36 AM

And Yoriai of irregularity, the National Assembly, parliament reform

Japan Europe and the United States of the National Assembly, the parliamentary system, brought to the country, but make decisions of the government, it does not seem to have too much properly function. Desperate attempt to carry out model as Western, but, in fact, or was Boyomi sentences answer of the Minister created by the bureaucracy or if you do not want is often true of the decision-making is determined and met informally behind closed doors, the original far from Western-style parliament. Also to meet the nature of the Japanese people in the decision-making, or would not in Yoriai type of decision-making of the traditional village? To study how decision-making is how made in Yoriai of irregularity, it Parliament, feel to apply, such as the best to the local council.

01/09/2010 09:16:51 PM

Not missing, I can not leave

Japanese organizations, the population, once subscribed, obsolete, without the use restructuring, to be excommunicated, not quite escape, subject to Lynch from fellow pulled back forcibly when you try to leave, there is a characteristic that. Toka Toka yakuza Sumo, Toka athlete club activities of school, but is a typical, or would not than there is a surface that is similar to authorities and company. Once each other who became the inner of the fellow, and integrated with each other, also to be required to together to go anywhere at any time. This is, women's junior and senior high school students is, do not change the spirit structure and going to the toilet Tsureda' each other friends. It can be said that the feminine features. Further, the liquid molecules, once also believed same become impossible escape and enters into the liquid molecular groups, it said fluidly and wet.

01/10/2010 07:53:52 PM

Pastoralists in the rice farming society

Social position of the people of the Buraku in Japan, said to be pastoralists in the society that the main the rice farming. Occupation of the people of the Buraku in Japan, is meat, leather, bamboo, performing arts, to be a commercial Atari. Rice not make a living in farming centered on, make a living in the slaughter of livestock, with no farming of land, is a traditional practice to move around Dari living in the hill areas and wetlands, without settlement . These animal center, life of the moving center, it can be said that there is a matter of fact, Western well Similar plane as the life style of a pastoral center as a human. People of their Buraku is, the pastoralists way of life in common with Europe and the United States, chose in Japanese society of rice farming center, said to be a person who did not get forced to selected. Even though the same pastoralists style, Europeans and Americans worship is placed on the top, become the target of imitation, one of the Japanese is discrimination, to be placed in low-level is contradictory. People of Buraku in Japan, more of themselves, than Anta our farmers that discrimination is, a'll'm closer to Europe and the United States, or would not it should show their superiority the social? Alternatively, Christianity is the religion of the same pastoral system, Islam of Europeans and Americans, should be cooperation and worldwide Arab-Japanese believers.

01/10/2010 08:16:59 PM

Fear more than anything else the leakage of internal information

Japanese prefer the social relations that was closed with the inner ring, talk of fellow each other of such inner ring, privacy is not. Japanese, information privacy heaping on the assumption that the distribution only in the inner ring, and leaks to the outside thought to be a serious thing, and consider the desperately leakage prevention search. Of file-sharing software winny Toka, even an excellent software that how hidden the future of the possibility, if the lead to internal information leakage due to the influence of computer viruses, would crush banging mercilessly. Because the protection of personal information in Japan, because in order to protect the individual's human rights is supposedly (to appeal to Toka Western), only a mere expedient to protect the inner ring information of the Toka company organization from leakage.

01/13/2010 01:39:44 AM

Liquid as a substance of the sum

People of Japan, prefer the harmony. I prefer to get along integrated by the inner ring each other. Liquid, liquid molecules groups, such Japanese unity, is a substance having the properties of the sum. That is, the liquid molecules are close to each other, integrated, it is because move around not to break between each other, which is behavior itself Japanese. On the other hand, the material of the same nature as the Western people who prefer the freedom and litigation, gas, a gas molecule group.

01/17/2010 03:38:16 PM

Taiei property and novelty-oriented

Yet it unprecedented new, that is, what kind of danger is to avoid as much as possible challenge to the region of darkness do not know what is waiting, it is immediately seen that safe and correct, yet novelty, a region likely to become the future trend to try to go to is the Japanese habit. In short, the Taiei of risk aversion that does not try to proceed from their own that unprecedented new, the (Western Toka is himself pioneered at the risk) favorite novelty-oriented to incorporate new trends, any contradiction are you live without it, which is a feature of the Japanese.

02/10/2010 12:57:02 AM

Unrelated society, aggressive evaluation of Jakuen society

Japanese society of modern, has expired each other edge of human beings, each person's problem has become alien society to live in isolation, it pointed out that the NHK have been made in the Toka TV.

Old-fashioned, but there is a strong sense of unity with each other, something to break away from Toka cumbersome tradition Ikuwamura society tradition, was trying to dry individualism society of Toka Western modeled, unexpectedly different from the model it will be that became a deployment.

Did not go to the model street, maybe, the Japanese people, violent way of life in the heart of the bottom self-assertion in the dry of Western-style does not want, it does not bother other people, extra because you are living as a focus that does not affect, Applications, which naturally each in the autistic, by reducing the relationship with the surroundings, stability in its own way snugly in their made a small frame, live autonomously It will be chosen results. Mutual edge is certainly thin, but from the hassle of human relations of village society there is an advantage that is released. For the Japanese, the choices, there is only one of the village society or "unrelated" society.

The future of the advance road, think of is that each person while maintaining a state in which the autonomy to some extent closed from the surroundings, explore a good drop far from the Ikeru so as to ensure mutual cooperation necessary to their social life. Looks like things are seemingly good to revive the edge, actually a careful because leads to the traditional village society revival.

Rather than deny put a negative Retteru like a alien society the current state of the state, while maintaining and affirming the good side, it should aim to be better run as a society. To that end, it would require a positive naming an alternative to alien society. On behalf of the former Tsuyoen society = village society edge of too strong, or not good in naming or something Jakuen society.

04/08/2010 02:00:31 AM

Fastball-oriented society and the breaking ball-oriented society

Speech of Japan has a strong rightly oriented. Everything is also straightforward is prized, busy with its tail study.

Somewhere tries to enter always from the front gate to go in, front gate oriented strong.

It is a fastball-oriented society to prefer as it is straight forward.

On the other hand, breaking ball and with a habit not to until now, fear you do not know from where flies are good at producing a stray bullet that nestled in the opponent.

In this respect, Europe and the United States Toka, until now is good at generating a new way to disable the way, it can be said to be a breaking ball-oriented society. iPhone Toka, is a representative of the breaking ball.

07/03/2010 03:48:04 AM

180 degrees like to turn

Japanese, and hung to the change in the short-term, do the exact opposite and until now, equipped with all, break the ice all at once.

Famous is, lost in the Pacific War, the moment that was occupied by the United States, until now that was supposed to Emperor sovereign state, immediately to the purification ceremony at one hundred million total confession, was reinvented in democracy.

Corot What changes is, or rather not anything seems, and not Ika with a quick sensitive to the surroundings of the trend, fear of being left out and do not change quickly the opinion is in the underlying.

Dumpling state in accordance with the surrounding each other, to change the opinion in a convoy state, inevitably prone to wind of change all at once everyone is opinion at a time.

By the way, 180 is essential for when changing the degrees opinion, it is wash away the old idea of until now "Misogi".

07/05/2010 08:07:52 PM

Children to go out of the house

By Toka Tama New Town, but the aging of the population has been pointed out, as the cause, or narrow the original, even in a rental residence, who move in there, the parent generation, continued detention there much , if the child generation is going out from there is a majority, continued to live in reverse to the child generation estates from this, it can be said that like it may be little the parent generation is going out.

In short, going out of the house you are living now has decided children and the market, the parent is the social norms of implicit that those that continue to live in the house, would not be present in Japan?

07/09/2010 02:45:47 AM

Japanese woman brain

Japanese behavior is, it can be said that the collective principle, unadventurous, etc., it is in the feminine ones, the mechanism of the underlying Japanese of the brain, is an indication of that the configuration is in the feminine .

The genetic aspect, women as long rice farming nation, a result that has lived a maternal superiority, the Japanese of the brain, it is conceivable that have been genetically selection to the feminine brain structure.

Acquired, the cultural aspects, and the neuron circuit of the brain, the structure of the way in the brain mediators, it is considered that are feminine constructed by learning. Education or the right to monopolize the mother of the children, personality formative years of kindergarten, as a result of female teachers to monopolize the education in elementary school, it is considered that the child's brain is feminine in form.

07/09/2010 03:33:11 AM

The current state of live easy to society and the Japan Society for schizophrenia patients

A typical schizophrenia and patients with mental illness, people who are explicitly in the trend may not predispose to disease, it is not good at meantime interpersonal relationships, there is a tendency to try to avoid. So, is a reverse effect and to force the interpersonal relationships and social participation, or unable to demonstrate their abilities, the disease becomes severe.

The lack of socializing and social, avoidance, rejection is its features, trying to get stomach as much as possible one person, that will be may have, it is possible to demonstrate their capabilities.

Or rather escape from the society, it requires only a minimum of social relations is considered necessary.

They can be really shines at work required lonely, required to withstand lonely work. Loneliness is a strong, there is a selling point.

At work that can be one way alone, it can be said in the work of self-contained, that it is people who are facing to be to be make money.

In short, strongly to be cut off the social environment, is strong in loneliness.

They are to the good at,

- asked to lonely work

Thin-of socializing, work lacking

And machinery opponent of work

Work at unmanned border

And human single-handedly one way without the help of the work carried out on his own

- self-contained in that work

It is.

As can be seen, they are, oneness of something with others, relationship-building maintenance, the Japanese society to direct the coordinated action it will be seen is the presence that does not meet a fundamental place.

At that time, in the relationship between the Japanese of a healthy person, just because it does not fit into their own, or to force eliminate the patient, is not to try to correct to the social activities the patient, third would be the method of coexistence is sought.

07/09/2010 04:06:53 AM

Marriage, child care disparities society

Why, in Japan 30 40 unmarried men of generations, or many women?

It is, they of marriageable age is, to make the children to get married, brought up economy for the full-fledged, it can be said that for social infrastructure was bad.

In the economic base, and the appreciation of the yen recession, the employment outflow to the Toka China, the employment situation is worsening, restructuring continues, wages are cut, employment non-normalized, destabilized, other than the lifetime employment headquarters company because of the collapse, would be reality is that it was not far from raising birth to a child.

In the social infrastructure, child care infrastructure is insufficient required, and nursery school is overflowing hatched in the waiting children in full, it can be said that because there is a status quo that not even raised at birth for example.

The current Japanese society, was chosen in part of the social, and the absence of employment sustained on the worry full-time, only a privileged layer of a combination of full-time housewives that can be devoted to parenting, it can be said that has become a society that can child care.

07/09/2010 04:25:25 AM

Single affiliation, affiliation fixed

The human social affiliation, in a single affiliation, 1 do my whole loyalty lifelong only to one of the affiliation, the other belongs, only the type of bonus, in multiple affiliation, at the same time belong to more than one place at a time and, each of the case that all important 2 is considered that there is a type.

In the case of Japan, and say either, use up all the energy into a single affiliation, such as work or school, it can be said that the trend of single affiliation is strong.

In addition, one of the company, to the ideal of lifetime employment to the authorities, affiliation localization that does not try to change remains one belongs to all the way, the tendency of affiliation fixed can also be seen.

If it is the case of the Toka China, it can be said that the single belonging to the kin family group, belongs fixed is happening.

07/18/2010 09:30:46 PM

Signal culture (implicit assertion culture), receiving culture, justification by faith culture

Women, put out a signal, wait for somebody noticed, it is the owner of the signal culture or wait culture.

Explicitly not say from their own, without claim, it is to think that I want you to notice someone.

This is a modest attitude, but if not noticed, is as it is there is a risk that it becomes the left.

Untouched by yourself, Have guessed to someone, I'll have done something and (try to), to try to receive single-mindedly the results, is the owner of the receiving culture.

This also applies to Japanese society.

For example, since the yen as against the Chinese yuan, become poor, facing a huge budget deficit, when the troubled problem occurs, such as, without trying to solve on their own until the end, someone else (Toka America ) I do let you in, and trying to get help, justification by faith is a feature of female-Japanese.

Also, if you want to appeal to that troubled problem occurs, without explicitly claims from their own, signal, put out a sign, is trying to get noticed. And I noticed not get, become moody feel that it is insensitive to the other party, will put out anger. Such implicit assertion is a feature of female-Japanese.

07/20/2010 09:22:40 PM

Break away and, revaluation of the yuan from the poverty of Japan

The Japanese society is get out of the poverty of Jirihin, revaluation of the Chinese yuan is essential.

However, because there is no chance in China is too large of the other party, of Become bound wound to the long Japanese, secretly have completely given up, it is in a state in which hope is not visible.

The current Japanese manufacturing industry, and Japanese Research and Development Division, China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, is believed to be made from the local employees of the factory, such as India, in which case, Chinese and Indians, company of will go with the majority of earnings, the Japanese headquarters has also stopped on before negligible in terms of amount of that bouncing what, for trying to meet in Japan in just this money, after all, domestic so that the financial falls into a large deficit.

Large deficit Nanoha is Japan, Europe and the United States of finance, it is due to the fact that there is a country of large surpluses on the other. It is, China, is the Toka India, is the because there is cheap national currency, has grossed more and more bottomless than necessary.

Japan, Europe and the United States, originally, China, against India, it is necessary to request a currency revaluation. However, the other party in the populous powers, it is necessary power to move, it is Japan, there is a problem that is insufficient to Western side.

In addition, Toka China, it is also a problem that the other party is not in the presence that can be persuaded by Rizume. In other words, it is a country of high emotion emotional first of whiz of pride Olusegun, is a partner that not-class in the style of Western manner men.

Actually Japan even though I of the China and the like, in the case of Japan, the US and Europe for psychological integration is strong, look down the superpower has been doing behind China, because it is under the guise of unrelated, the story does not progress.

07/21/2010 05:28:33 AM

The presence you are the most comfortable in the Japanese society?

In Japanese society, and the ease in the best society, someone is're gracefully living?

It is a full-time housewife.

They, and the unpleasant thought, may not earn their own. Earnings is coming from the husband, the purse of the money, holding in her own Athletic, hold the rights of property management, it is to shop in love unlimited. Therefore, Toka department store, which is just to the department of women's products.

In addition, as an educational Mamagon, turned into completely their own possessions the children, to move forward to the examination competition, we have been successful in privatization of children's education authority.

Every day, also may point may not taste the commuter hell, it is elegance. I mean, is Toka apartment location for girls is elegant lives, it has become a major cause of the crowded crowded train generation for the husband.

The next is the ease is a government official. Not earn himself to go to eat in the tax also, and, to take full advantage of the Imperial Family of prestige that their have been hired, grip the life-and-death power of people's lives, it is because it lives swagger in the master Japanese flag. Commuting also, if there is official residence near the commuter destination, it is easier to attend.

07/21/2010 05:29:50 AM

High-interest social and low-interest society

Society of the world, what you are doing is others, and high interest society which is helped society privacy of others is in the mood, apathy, low-interest society to others, divided into indifferent society.

Japanese society and woman society is a high-interest society, Western society and man society, it can be said the same compared to the relatively low interest society.

Japanese women and has a strong interest in others, gossip of peeping or others, authorities, it is like the inner workings report of acquaintance to a higher person.

Or, it is like to be flowing out the personal information of others, are constantly put explore the inner workings of the others. It is like to expose the inner workings of the others.

A collection of people who are too interested in others (privacy) is, Japanese society, a woman society.

07/21/2010 05:35:55 ​​AM

Furukonpu-oriented Japanese

The Japanese, the collection can not put up with not gathered properly all. A complete collection, missing, the no fault seek.

Also seek to collect article is fully operational. Error, failure not psychologically allowed, nor can themselves error, failure, lack itself of such psychological margin is a feature of the Japanese society.

07/21/2010 05:41:07 AM

Weak to provide a general-purpose platform

Anything can make a general-purpose products of the platform, Japan is weak.

OS Toka software development environment or a personal computer and music player of the standard of, who have been published in the open even in, the platform that you can enter your disposal is a mostly a Western production.

Alternatively, in the development environment is private, only the genuine article is disseminated, with in-house production limited, difficult entry of a third party, in the inhospitable to strangers environment, a unique high-quality, yet other companies and each other similar function with a, to a manufacturing based on the functional performance competition.

BD recorder Toka digital camera, a mobile phone, or did not make a free software user, TV, home appliances, to decompose the personal computer and the guarantee may become unable to receive.

These, private, handicapped, the love limits, is a feature of Japanese products.

07/21/2010 05:44:05 AM

Occurrence condition of a sense of shame

The sense of shame,

• If it is indifferent to the other party to each other (he feels), on his own, a sense of shame is not felt.

• Ambient, if the other party is of interest to you, there is an interest (he feels), to you, a sense of shame occurs.

To summarize this,

(1 ) interest opponent to myself, the line-of-sight, that there is a monitoring

(2 ) they stand out something happening, events (especially failure, minus) from that caused the (are interested in yourself) be seen in the other party

Of 2 when the point occurs at the same time, it can be said that the sense of shame occurs. For example, Toka when praised in front of everyone, also occurs without a failure.


(3) your are interested in, it can be said that the larger the number of the person you are looking at yourself, sense of shame increases.

Sense of shame, interest to others around, a high degree of interest, it can be said that tends to occur at high interest society such as Japan. Conversely, low-interest, it can be said that less likely to occur in the indifferent society.

The sense of shame has been developed in Japan, there are many people who are interested in the other party of privacy each other, it can be said that because it is interest over society. If not anonymous, privacy is immediately scrutiny, it is of being shed gossip.

In addition, as of schizophrenia, has been constantly monitored from the others around, even in the disease, which is a high degree of feel to have been eavesdropping, it can be said that there is a high sense of shame.

On the other hand, as the United States, the remainder to be immersed in that there is a their own personal interests, mutually indifferent to others, low-interest that has been separated from the others to each other, in the indifferent society, the sense of shame and less likely to occur it can be said.

07/22/2010 07:59:59 PM

Improvement of religion and this world society

Religious people are, in my mind, have an obsession for heaven. It is, after death, in heaven of eternal paradise, much want to ease, a feeling that you want to make a pleasant thought, it can be said that the obsession with pleasure. Sex and a delicious meal in this world, it is difficult to find the essential difference.

In addition, that entertain the hope to heaven, in a sense, lead to that his life, give up this world. Alternatively, would use this world a springboard instead of to the afterlife, as it is important towards the afterlife than this world, it would despise this world. So to speak, is a despise the life of human beings in the real attitude, this is, of religious people, is the largest of the defect as a human being.

On the other hand, as it is to accept this world, also because it should do the best in the, if, for the person, or poor living environment given this world, and socially or was lower, or was rich, there is in the upper compared to the people, is a concept not well unfair.

Challenge to the problem pile of this world, reform, and problem solving, leaving the know-how of the problem-solving for the sake of posterity, may not become famous, even a sober, to do my best lifetime so that the presence of people in the know but, for human beings, for society, would not the best? Of course, but there will also fail, if that is considered to investigate the cause reports of failure may be Nokosere for posterity. Or, in this world that, in each case, whether the solution is not known, because he hit an unknown problem that spinning change in real time,'s a commonplace to fail, to fail for such challenge, it should be socially tolerant. Not go with everyone in the not go in the kind of society.

However, failure can not, in a re-challenge impossible, yet at current levels of Japanese society the way you are less likely to turn over a born in hereditary importance, but I do not do not know the feeling that want to run to religion to give up this world. I think somewhere, the energy toward such a religion, a fundamental improvement of real life society, whether not not directed to solve the problem.

07/23/2010 03:35:26 AM

Japanese and Western integration

Some Japanese people, or that of their own, people who are seriously think a member of the United States and Europe, not the equivalent often?

Movie, music, food, products, thought ... like, if something of Europe and the United States, jumped by changing the color of eyes, grateful rising, to obtain as soon as possible, to try to Misebirakaso around. Anyway, Europe and the United States a strong sense of unity, in the sense, such as fully become himself Westerners, that should their is located originally the East of China and South Korea, it is to look down as the presence of lower than their own.

In fact, myself, Toka authorities Toka company Toka Toka school family, "○○ Company, ○○ Ministry of family, ○○ faction (academic background, lineage ...)" and the inner ring of wet traditional uneven society called while living as a member, it is claimed belongings or daily basis is, that as it is lifelike in the dry Western society, have everyday affair followed calmly seemingly contradictory situation, itself it does not become a problem, a feature of Japanese society is there. Contents, sober remains of wet uneven society, it, there is a feeling that is repeated constantly makeup is re = superficial coating every day in the exact opposite of the dry Western latest of cultural relics and uneven society . Contents are, for remains of the villagers, is a place that has become addicted to big time Western pretense of, when viewed from the sidelines, but it is quite painful for looks superficially is what you are doing, the person who is a hard , not aware of the bizarre is.

Such surface layer = dry Western, deep = by wet traditional unevenness social stratification segmentation that, by haunt cleverly so that both layers are not mixed, the dry Western poison, wet unevenness society reach the layer, it is the social confusion so that does not occur. Or rather, the Western culture and Japanese culture if there is a relationship between the water and oil, be coated with a surface over and over again, because being detached soon, in the first place culture of Europe and the United States, entering the core of Japanese society room might be considered not to be. Social mechanism of such cultural stratification separation precisely, will be elucidated in the future.

Such a phenomenon is, more I think, is similar to the women of the cosmetic. The surface to Nuritaku' the Toka cream constantly, but appear to someone else like, the core remains of the original makeup, no, but trying to change, and drop the makeup, it comes out at any time. Be said that essentially feminine phenomenon.

The cause of such a strong Western-oriented, psychological integration into Western happen,

Since the good in-superficial copy and paste, and join the ranks of the Western is a powerful developed countries, we want to advantage in standing in the world community, especially China, against Korea, that want a large face, international of the country world dominance ensure that want to raise a deviation value, it includes the idea of ​​conservation.

· Breaking ball to the novel idea ever more and more in the feeding constantly continue to lead the world, also safe for the time being their own if we attached to after a mighty dry Western, become somehow, that are protected, feminine self-protection, include the parasitic of thought.

- such Western originality full power to create the advanced ideas of, and inferiority complex in the ability plane that does not exist so much in their Japan, and therefore not continue incorporating the latest achievements constantly from the West, as soon as is go at include the sense of crisis arises in that the backward Kunika. In some way, and a Japanese are found in Europe and the United States Toka Nobel Prize out the idea of ​​advanced, a sense of crisis that is go put the inferiority complex, Europe and the United States that Umidase not quite advanced ideas are suddenly dispel "Western in the same advanced ideas idea ability is actually also in Japan "," Japan is advanced ideas and, always was able to overtake the supposed Western're ahead. order also Japan can confirm that I developed countries ", Japan people I exult remove the siding.

- the advanced achievements of dry advanced Western society, to learn who from early to jump ahead, it to the under, while facing developed countries, in fact, that tries to one to earn in the reverse manner of Japanese society in the wet, pragmatic specific, stingy, also glimpses Chimachima the idea. Wonder if not the same as overseas Chinese?

However, as of recently, the United States and Europe have been hit by the financial crisis, hid the shadows once mighty of, and so China has come out largely on its behalf, from Western integration up to now, to the Chinese integrated and, also I feel that is surprisingly easy to cut rudder.

07/23/2010 05:13:40 AM

Definition of geek

Where to see the author, the so-called nerd is a people out of the major values ​​of Japanese society, and hence social hatred of the subject, and has a discrimination of the target.

They are, simply, has been Fukairi to the hobby or special knowledge, is no longer seen to be around, not messy just say, has a built-in seed of another disgust.

It is, they are, flesh-and-blood human beings who are within reach, especially the opposite sex, the primary concern is not suitable, it can be said that in terms of major interest is directed to other things.

In short, or avoid humans to reach the flesh and blood of the hand, a direct socializing with the opposite sex to deliberately, the person who runs an alternative exists to give up is the geek.

in this case,

- it is in place to reach the hand, because, not idle, is that. Even if there is a flesh and blood, idol that does not reach the hand, idol, worship subject, person human as an ideal, is only interested in the opposite sex go is a geek. (Morning Musume. OTA Toka.)

Theater that flesh-and-blood human beings are active, people who go are interested in drama, is the general public, it seems has been received does not seem to be a geek.

- flesh and blood rather than a three-dimensional human beings, to two-dimensional no, people facing the first of interest in anime such as a human of computer graphics is also active in three dimensions is a geek.

- in the first place is not a human being, a person facing the first of interest in Toka railway is a geek.

こうしたオタク批判は、実のところ、日本社会において主要な価値観を握っている存在から発せられている。それは、女性、それも若い女性である。日本社会が女性的性格を持っており、社会の根幹を女性、母性が支配しているということは、これまで当方は繰り返し述べてきた主張であるが、そうした女性にとって、本来の交際相手候補たるべき彼女らを無視して、代替の存在に走る男性の存在が非常に面白くないものであるため、オタクとレッテルを貼って、批判、差別の対象にしているのである。逆に、若い 3次元の生身のそこらの女性にちゃんとアプローチ、求婚する男性は、一般人(パンピー)扱いしてもらえる。




07/23/2010 05:47:25 AM





08/04/2010 03:40:40 AM







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08/12/2010 11:16:49 PM







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09/05/2010 05:37:30 PM




・円高(対ドル /ユーロの円高が強調されがちだが、実は、対人民元の円高であることが重要)による、国内製造業の国際競争力の喪失、










09/17/2010 10:42:59 AM






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10/11/2010 10:01:02 AM



10/14/2010 06:13:08 AM















03/20/2011 03:41:12 PM




03/20/2011 03:50:01 PM

















For the rest of the people of the society, his position role is not working properly, to try to conceal that it is a dysfunction not functioning, the tendency of people who prefer to the "Imperial Headquarters announcement" it is.

In addition, "safely" oriented, may not need to do anything on their own, something may not hit the new measures, tied the remains in the street well be like to carry "inaction", "inaction" oriented until now ing. People who produce the "Imperial Headquarters announcement" is a fundamentally "inaction" oriented.

People of the type that likes to the "Imperial Headquarters announcement" is, encounters danger directly, calmly deal with, can not be determined, it would cause a panic. Not accustomed to direct it is at risk. I do not like risk. Vulnerable to danger occurs. So, break-exposed to the dangerous situation to gradually dispensing slowly, prefer to advance the course of "frigidity of". Without risk to exposed himself directly, I prefer to live permanently To comfortably warm in the "greenhouse".

Type of person that likes to the "Imperial Headquarters announcement" is, hate the occurrence of rapid change. Procedure had been established at the time of normal, I hate order to become invalid. I hate Detatokoshobu.

Type of person that likes to the "Imperial Headquarters announcement" is, hate culprit that led to the result to be a man-made disaster that I threaten the peace of mind of ambient, from being identified as the culprit. I want to stay in an unspecified number of members.

To avoid being taken the responsibility as was the cause of man-made disasters. To avoid myself become dangerous position. A result that caused the man-made disaster, is amazed to ambient, or angered around, afraid of assistance to their own is aborted. To prevent the can not be self protection. A woman psychology.

That the results that threaten the peace of mind of the people by the actions of their (our) occurs, individual own-group, try to hide in the organization costume. The underlying, peace of mind, above all to emphasize the persistence of safety, there is a "peace of mind" oriented. Risk, without or regarded as a new opportunity the occurrence of emergency, try to single-mindedly repellent.

Type of person that likes to the "Imperial Headquarters announcement" is, hate the exposure of their own failure, to avoid.

Failure wounded pride in the fact that the exposed, from being embarrassed, fear more than anything else.

Everyone is seen in the blame of the eye from, not collapsed stay. Condemnation in public, afraid to be criticized.

I hate to be attention in a negative way. Eyes anxious person, a female psychology.

Type of person that likes to the "Imperial Headquarters announcement" is a reputation for yourself, reputation, is sensitive to the evaluation, it is pretentious. War situation is that bad, shows that the reputation of the world = "ambient society" for myself that led to such a state is lowered, it is, is the feeling that I can not stand being crushed their dignity, false good war situation, is to become the driving force that tries to show to the world.

Type of person that likes to the "Imperial Headquarters announcement" is a bad information with the impact, not all at once flowed as information, to dispensing. Break-in exposed to dangerous situations gradually dispense with the slow people, to try to "frigidity of". Surprise people at once, to wake up, reluctant to wake. People are newly awakened to something, I do not like to cause a new behavior, people "in ignorance (the information)" as up to now, to try to spend the people continue to "Nemurase to" " slept Do not cause the child "," status quo, is a system maintenance "faction.

Type of person that likes to the "Imperial Headquarters announcement" does not shed bad news. A safe, pleasant news, flowing the announcement only, is "safe", "information control" oriented.

Alternatively, you yelled from the surrounding, is condemned, fear of being criticized, is a "good mood up," "flatter" oriented to the surrounding.

Alternatively, the weak to be condemned from the surrounding, because not stand, the surroundings of their own, is a "tyranny" oriented to be Katameyo in the yes-man you do not criticize myself. The Emperor's New Clothes of occurrence and roots are together.

Type of person that likes to the "Imperial Headquarters announcement" is, fear of their own is incorrect, the correct answer of things, which is stick to the incorrect "answer", "Mu謬" oriented. Man-made disasters and accidents, which are caused by human failure and mistakes, the people of the "correct", "Mu謬" oriented, fear intently to such a mistake, it tries to only that which is correct. What is published in the "Imperial Headquarters announcement" is correct there should be originally, it is that mean the correct Applications should originally current affairs is walk. The verge of war situation unfavorable, has been produced result of the wrong strategy decision, the feeling is unacceptable the original correct "the Applications had by mistake" is out of the way current situation, to announce by bending the status quo "Imperial Headquarters become a driving force that tries to the announcement. "

Type of person that likes to the "Imperial Headquarters announcement" is a commitment to winning or losing, above all afraid to lose the game, is a person of "game", "victory" oriented. It is the people of the relationship, winning or losing, it is deeply connected with the idea of ​​relative evaluation to try something determined by the superiority or inferiority. What is published in the "Imperial Headquarters announcement" is a victory, a content indicating the superiority, are losing, feelings that can not tolerate the current state of the inferior becomes the driving force of trying to "Imperial Headquarters announced" to announce bending the status quo. In that respect, in deviation of school examination of their (children), wavers between hope and fear in the performance superiority or inferiority comparison with others, modern deviation value love, and the Japanese love a relative evaluation, the former Imperial Headquarters announced, deeply It says that is tied, as long as it is like the relative evaluation and deviation value, not get away from the return of the Imperial Headquarters announced.

In Japan, happens repeatedly "Imperial Headquarters announced", the Japanese prefer "to" a fundamentally "Imperial Headquarters announcement", it can be said that because they have a feminine psychology. "Imperial Headquarters announced" the (from someone) "is the" one is in spite of the not necessarily preferred. In the outer surface, also have criticized the "Imperial Headquarters announcement", and stand in the emergency position, which he had caused the man-made, is the result in the "Imperial Headquarters announcement".

The people of Japan, before condemning the correspondence of the government in the Toka nuclear accident that it is "Imperial Headquarters announced", would not there need to make sure the trend of my mind again?

08/07/2011 02:11:35 PM

Features of the Japanese Society - from the point of view of as a religious organization -

Academia, as a doctrine of faith groups, can be understood in the same way as religious organizations.

Japan of academia, the faith of the "academic", "academic".

Not necessarily be said to be science.

Guru of the theory faith population, a professor, a teacher, disciples or complete obedience to it, that or yearning, has been on the relationship between the guru and the believers.

Academia, "teach - learn" is a group, the teacher, and the teacher, students, consisting of a disciple "our study", which is a "lesson" population. Think from scratch with your own head, you study that idea is secondary. Your study of Western theory, so that the considered and research. To ideas from scratch in his head, it is a population that hate that out thought. And constantly require an external model to be imitated.

In academia, the accumulation of carriers, stacking is important. Much came experts in the same field is important. The middle of Tianjin, does not allow change of direction, it continues to do much the first once-determined way is a virtue. Continuation will be a force, the term is preferred.

Professor, is the boss of academic politics, to request the submission instead I'll take care of the student.

All personality upper and lower relationship of master and pupil continues a lifetime, stopped, can not be canceled.

Is a senior that is taught earlier as a student, to be taught later is a junior. Seniors to fulfill the teacher role of junior, Build the same up and down relationship with the hierarchical relationship of teacher and student.

08/24/2011 05:54:19 AM

Problems of Japanese haiku

Japanese haiku, the allowable range is too narrow.

Ginkgo is a principle, do I need to go to the local in order to create a haiku. Reportage, allow only non-fiction, do not allow fiction.

There is also a need for inserting season word which is previously determined.

Hard to make a short phrase of the type not a haiku in senryu. That is, in Peel, and (not a humor manner) to the is the work clause of serious content, difficult.

Phrase Toka posts, group behavior, a strong surface to be bound to the gathering of haiku poets. The presiding official, would be bound to the relationship of master and disciple, came out the need to match the presiding official representation, there is no freedom of expression. Everything also becomes to the fact that as soon as the mood of the teacher.

08/24/2011 05:55:45 AM

Or to try to Japan Why desperately westernization?

Japan will try to Somaro a compulsive desperately to the color of the United States and Europe. Tremendous Western-oriented seen.

Japan is, why trying to be a member of the Western? Whether to try to be a Westernization principle?

It is close to the Japanese, once Japan's colonial powers, China and the tribute was a partner on the rating, Korea had to borrow the authority, than Korea, in the international community, is necessary in order to Japan continues to be on the Case is there. So to speak, it is the is taking dignity of Japan.

By integrating their Western and, by renting a strong Western Wei, Japan, China, it is was accustomed to on the rating than Korea. China is dominated invaded by Western powers, Japan, dominated invaded South Korea following the Western powers.

Western is weakened, by decline, and will not cut the "Western card", Japan, China, will not be maintained the advantage over South Korea, it is likely to again become a vassal state.

For Japan, in East Asia, China, superior to Korea, in keeping independence, integration of Europe and the United States, or Europe it is essential that strong.

Japan, imported deliberately to Western culture, depend on it, to try to Somaro. Atmosphere of the original society despite the wet, it is also part of this effort to prefer dry attitude.

In the weakening of Europe and the United States, Japan, China, is a retaliation to worry about from Korea. In the past, Japan is because tailored to the terrible eyes invaded the two countries. As a retaliation, Nechinechi, is expected to be in what was a vivid feminine muddy, Japan, which fear it, Europe is to continue to pray that it is powerful.

Europe and the United States, compared to China a lot of cheap labor force, is inferior in labor cost in currency appreciation, there is no money, have fallen to the national financial crisis, it has become quite weak. What to do now Japan? Again become a vassal state of China, or will return to the old days of state to be underdogs treatment from Korea.

By the way, in the spirit of Japan of the sum, it can not be differentiated from China. China, South Korea is also because it is society that values ​​the Japan as well harmony.

09/13/2011 04:28:11 AM

Japanese financial collapse long-awaited theory

Cause of the financial collapse is, to the huge pool that China faced a huge population, runoff water injection out of the "wealth" from Japan, is the loss of water injection margin. Water injection of "wealth" which has been flowing into China from Japan would be lost with the bottom, Japanese society is in a state of economic malnutrition, it is to serious. "Economic malnutrition", "imbalance of wealth" is the financial collapse of the country.

By bankruptcy, as merit,

Becomes the yen depreciation, become a cost depreciation, international competitiveness is restored. Back to eat and Ikeru society. It can break away from the malnourished.

· Vested interests (officials, regular employees, pensioners elderly people of interest) is reset, held down until now, becomes weakly inward, is Toka young people who had lost the vitality, to give vitality, easily dominating Become.

The disadvantage of bankruptcy is,

And international purchasing power due to the yen, the Use, become relatively poor.

- the creditworthiness of the country, the authority will fall.

• In the occurrence of hyper-inflation, life becomes painful. A large amount of the elderly and of the Toka of the baby-boom that no longer support his social generation, 棄民 of Toka other disability occurs.

- to deny the existing order, came out by being pushed by the public opinion that wants the destruction of the existing order, the young eyes of the dictator, to end the political party politics with just each other pull of the foot can not be achieved nothing, of speech stifle dictatorship appears.

(First appearance 2012 years 4 May)

Why not apologize

Dry men, Europeans and Americans, everything is also at your discretion, because he is chosen each time a confident way to be correct, because there is confidence in myself, because I do not want to admit their own judgment error, the non-, do not apologize. Since the original act at the discretion of the individual, destined to not escape from the judgment responsibility, not not apologize responsibility avoidance.

Wet woman, Japanese, is take responsibility and apologize, because it affects the self of self-protection, while on the surface is called the "I'm sorry", something to make excuses, and trying to escape its place. Because of responsibility avoidance, do not apologize.

(First appearance 2012 years 4 May)

Dictatorship and Japan

Japan is the side that things do not carry and not a dictatorship.

Toka political parties, not only each other pull of the foot between the factions was Chimachima. It is difficult to walk together toward the big goal.

Dictatorship rather than to be able to do anything, fundamentally to fit the hoop. In other words, the entire human race, was determined by the international organizations (freedom, privacy, such as...) The human rights rules, Incorporating the terms that it should protect all of the state that exists on earth, is the mandate to defend also dictatorship .

(First appearance 2012 years 4 May)

The ratio of one person operation

In driving a car, tour person, one person ratio of operation in which passengers must not have is, many in the dry Western, or would not than less in the wet Japan.

(First appearance 2012 years 5 May)

Irresponsible bulletin board

2 channel, is the ultimate irresponsible bulletin board. Including the administrator, not anyone try to take the responsibility.

And on behalf of the irresponsible society Japan.

(First appearance 2012 years 5 May)

Authority of the outer surface of the authority and the inner surface

Face the Chinese well to worry about was the assumption that seen in the others, considered to be the majesty of the individual.

It is similar to the concept of vanity in Japan.

Face both appearance, as an authority of the outer surface, can be captured in common. Some authority on the assumption that seen from the outside to others, for example brand bag corresponds to this.

Meanwhile, Faith Toka Christian in the West, or as a personal beliefs, there is some authority does not know directly from outside, may be referred to as authority of the inner surface.

Scholar of Japan, wearing the meantime Western theory, dressed, swagger, to bossy. It is in the habit not a theory he began thinking.

Western brand-name goods, or Benz Toka of Western prefer the luxury automobile nouveau riche and thinking circuit is that together.

This is, essentially, the faith of the theory should act as an authority of the inner surface, the Japanese scholar, it can be said to be acting as an authority of the outer surface.

(First appearance 2012 years 5 May)

Social psychology mechanism of senior junior system

Precedent that has already been established, and dogma is Osoreoku, is the cause psychology is that not Uchikuzuse.

Precedent, hate to take the risk to challenge the established theory, self-protection, safety-oriented, located in the back.

Such as the established tradition that on the life, precedent that has been established, the dogma of the owner is a senior.

Precedent, established theory of experience, learning is often that there is a stock as elders, easy and hence elders are senior to handle.

Established precedent, does not have a hard drill to destroy the established theory, precedent, you align yourself as it is to the established theory, it is to try to adapt, is a psychology of senior junior system, is the same as the women's psychological.

In the senior junior system, in order to seniors is forever hear the width, without new thought is as it comes into the society, society is bound by precedent, there is a disadvantage that stuck is not taken.

(First appearance 2012 years 5 May)

Repetition of high anxiety society Japan and the Imperial Headquarters announced

In Japan, to conceal the dangerous fact of truth, to announce the only good thing in shalt not, "Imperial Headquarters announcement" is happening repeatedly up to the recent nuclear accident response from the Pacific War.

The reason for this, little things immediately become if your the only safety is okay anxiety, the female nature of tend to the Japanese people cause a panic, because the leaders know well, so as not to as much as possible cause anxiety to, it can be said that he has laid a speech tool.

We will continue "Imperial Headquarters announcement" is believed to be repeated.

(First appearance 2014 years 9 May)

Social climate of Japan uneven society, China, also the same ... different points with North Korea

Too much to pay attention to the surroundings, it is difficult to say their opinion in public, traditional Japanese uneven society to be asked to go earnestly match their own around the trend, in terms freedom of speech is not, China Ya is the same as North Korea.

Japan today, because it is in the United States of vassal state, liberal democracy is ostensibly prized, the Japanese Constitution, which was written by the United States, but shalt help but have been the Bible treats invade, this is, of the strong man of the time at that time go intently with while Hekoheko the post, a nacelle business of entrenchment and authoritarianism, and such self-protection and authoritarian, those in power, to return the palm of the hand and force a person changes attitude, is to change the follow destination , is the essence of the surrounding of the trend, Satoi feminine Japan uneven society to the epidemic.

How the liberal democracy of the United States flow is only supposedly, is either not changed the status quo of uneven society, it is to know Anyone adults living to adapt to Japanese society. To say whether, Japanese society, and profess to'm uneven society that does not change a long time ago, fell bald figurehead that is a member of the obey the American democracy advanced Western countries, because the convenience is bad, do not say to everyone silently only. Such a place, in modern Japanese society, I wonder is not in're feeling that voluntary gag.

That, such as the following, Japan uneven society, though different from the masculine American Free democratic society, it can be said that it is rather China and female of evidence close and North Korea.

- attentive, unity, a sense of unity, cooperation, good friend of the only inner ring closing and communication overemphasis, a gate toward the outside, authorities of as an integrated group, company, neighborhood associations, the presence of the village

And avoidance of risk, teacher who mastered precedent, the tradition to guarantee the safety of himself, his disciples that are not a senior, absolute vision of domination dependency by the seniority of the junior

- jealous for the freedom of others, like to hang a profusely regulation, hate the competition, the presence of the Toka central government of anti-liberalism to be good you to tune in side-by-side

On the other hand, are dyed a newcomer of strangers of a blank slate in the same color of their own, marriage to take over after their as successor, and Mukoiri and Simultaneous recruiting of new graduates, and dyed to a particular color contained in the once practice of lifetime employment, which was full of only there is no sense of stagnation are much in there hard to change course to the other, of Japan uneven society, not the first of China and Korea relatives, said to be a unique feature. These unrelated cognate groups, what aspects of as unrelated pseudo family, of Japan uneven society, China and the wonder is not in the unique features not in other countries such as Korea.

(First appearance 2014 years 9 May)

Japan we are trying to hide the uneven society in the country costume - gag by the "westernization of principle" -

Japan, the government nor the people, their own will, wearing the liberal democracy of Western-style, when he became a member of the advanced Western countries, are strongly confident.

Therefore, in reality, the base part of the society, was old-fashioned in your wet now, that it is an uneven society of traditional farmers type, government, looks as if people work together, trying to hide desperately .

Uneven society, old, is a society of the way that is being already gone, we, dry Western and culture and actively integrated in, taken the initiative, society and life, achieved a westernized, the idea of There is dominant in Japan.

Also in the sociology of the way of Japan, uneven society of Japan is a late feudal institutions bequeathed from the past, Japanese society of modern, and modernization in Western par, I was wearing a liberal democracy, or will do so while we there for, on the assumption that, is're in partnership Toka textbook. That of non-uniformity society, the Toka textbook of society does not come almost out.

If you do not think so, or rather, when the outside to become recognized to expose officially that the foundation of Japanese society is an old-fashioned uneven society, Japan is not a Western developed countries fellow, that it's alien presence choice but to no longer give recognized, Western no longer be had in the part of the developed countries, fear that becomes ostracized, is anxiety, there deep-rooted in Japanese society, it is, unevenness of the foundation of Japanese society I feel like has become a major factor in trying to conceal the existence of the society in the country costume.

Unlike Toka China, Toka has been observed freedom of expression in Japan, but actively Japanese argues, in fact, the Japanese is to believe in freedom, the suzerain of higher than their American, liberalism, to profusely insist on democracy, if you listen to what you say for the time being the strong man of the United States, that there is no safety is achieved mistake of the body, relying on the United States of authority, it comes from the feminine authoritarian and than there is probably a transient phenomenon during which the United States has dominated the Japanese. Japanese does not mean you have mastered the freedom from the bottom of my heart, liberal authority, because there is power, it is the feeling or something or try their own also follow.

On the evidence, Japanese society, the Toka company, profusely seek harmony and cooperation with the surrounding, together, united organization to act, individuals are of asking that no melt in the company organization , privacy does not exist, individuals are all personality constrained to the company, the absence of freedom of action is or was commonplace. The close Western society to the individual's freedom action is guaranteed easy nomads, unlike in the society of the way is fundamentally a farmers basis, and there's now in a position that can not be found in public toward that thing in the world of the Japanese society.

It is not possible to admit that publicly Japanese society is uneven society, society costume, is trying to hide in the national costume, in other words, ignore the discourse that claims that Japanese society is uneven society, late to are supposed to be regulated so as not to be certified in the form of, than such a point person, Japanese society of modern, gag the freedom of speech does not exist, it can be said to be a regulation society.

In Japan, from the Meiji era, virtually, Westernization principle, or westernized principle that it is, has continued all the way up to the present. Indeed, by introducing the cultural relics of Europe and the United States, to improve them, by Urimakuru to the world, what was economically successful profit greatly, it can be said that was correct as a selection.

However, even if Susumeyo in Europe and the United States into a much both physically and mentally is Japan and Japanese people, the way is, feminine based on the psychological and emotional integration of the United States and Europe, since they are of maternal, Western society originally of individuals independent and self-responsibility of, allowing the pieces of actively taking a risk, masculine to carve out an unknown area to take the lead, the paternal spirit, can never be Japanese is mastered from the bottom of my heart than is.

The Japanese, the cultural relics of Western and frequently Arigataga', while you try to learn, China and North Korea, and hostile to the Korea fool. Japan is that the foundation of their society deems remains uneven society, their own in China, will be deemed'm Korean and the like, China, bad Japanese people of Korea and the relationship is, it is it not in has become so hard to avoid?

So, I think Toka of sociology textbook, Toka fundamental difference between the way the society of farmers and nomads, and he ignored without teaching at all. Teach If, Japan, becomes to teach as a society from the society close to the nomadic system far removed from the rice farmers, such as Europe and the United States, distance from the Western society themselves are trying to psychologically integrated it becomes far, is because China wants to avoid is their own, become together categories and Korea.

The Japanese government and the brain we, men and women and psychological gender differences, the correlation between the national character of the feminine personality and Japanese society, to not tell me properly for Toka correlation of the national character of the masculine character and American society, the men and women of gender differences even the dashes toward the Toka feminism and gender equality society initiative to try to single-mindedly ignored, and Japanese society will recognize that it is feminine, and the patriarchy of Western society of the male-dominated, a gap that can not be exceeded is recognized because in will, it can be said that this is because inconvenient. Japanese society is rooted also to argue desperately and man society.

The maternal Society of Hayao Kawai has been accepted as an exception, the presentation he is, studying in Western Europe, that the theory of Jung of psychoanalysis, his theory was the foundation of the theory that authority has been established in Western Europe because it was carried out the development of the life's work in the form of that, and attempts to incorporate unanimously the cultural relics of Western Japanese, relics of the authoritarian psychological tendency to Arigatagaru at the top of Europe and the United States, that get on well with root it is because he was able.

Using this mechanism, for example a small number of Japanese are or studying in Europe and the United States, Western after being recognized once out the results as a member of the people, Katsuaki analysis of the social system of Japan uneven society from there, commentary and, China, the association and with other farmers society, such as the Korean society, Arab, Turkey, that is intended to make the character compared with the nomadic-based society such as Europe and the United States, the weak Japanese to Western cultural relics, their Japanese it will not become a condition for creating a certified forced situation to the world that There is a heterogeneous uneven society is Europe and the United States?

If that happens, reform of large Japanese society, will lead to reform.

(First appearance 2014 years 9 May)

Shout Collection

Farewell emphasis

The Japanese, to fuss (of people were relatives) separation. Once no more meet will go somewhere and break up, I think of. On the other hand, as in Europe and the United States, in the indescribably do not think society is natural is parting between people, fussing with a new encounter. Encounter is important.

11/18/2009 02:12:54 AM

Housewives center society

Japanese society, the society around a full-time housewives are turning. Easiest is possible, and use power, power is huge. It may not work. Hold the authority of household management. The children can be in their own manipulation robot.

11/18/2009 02:13:27 AM

Japan company as Derby, authorities

Japanese company, Office, run beaten ass to mother = jockey, is gathering place controlled son = racehorses to the mother.

11/18/2009 02:14:07 AM

Collection society

The Japanese, like to make the crowd. I like to gather to others.

11/18/2009 02:14:40 AM

Japanese originality

Characteristic of Japanese originality is, commitment to his theory, affection, is a wet obsession.

11/18/2009 02:15:09 AM

Safe, coarse looking for love

The Japanese, like safe is, that there is no drawback. Miss, likes to find fault.

11/18/2009 02:15:37 AM

World, air and women

Are creating a "world", "air" of Japan are women. "The world" is a society of female that created the woman. "Air", as the liquid molecules, drifting in common between the people in the "public" group = you are together huddled with each other, the atmosphere of the place, is a tacit understanding. Both are derived from a woman who likes to be integrated with each other.

11/18/2009 02:16:03 AM

Aircraft Carrier

In the maternal society in the wet, such as Japan, men, huge aircraft carriers, woman is a mother's womb, took off from the mother of the original, back home come, which is a dwarf there. On the other hand, in the dry paternal society in such as Europe and the United States, men, fly around freely without aircraft carriers, is a relatively large presence, women are helpless existence that can not be anything in the only cling to the man.

11/18/2009 02:17:18 AM

Uncensored, change prohibition, society of consistency principle

Japanese, shake the remarks of Toka boss, hate correction.

And policy changes made by trial and error, does not allow a change of heart. I hate to change the opinion in the middle.

Go to the correct answer in one shot, it desires to reach.

In the first policy, I want to go to the end.

Once I decided was it, think that it is desirable that as possible Yari consistently without changing.

11/18/2009 02:18:16 AM

Like nag


11/18/2009 02:18:45 AM



11/18/2009 02:19:16 AM



11/18/2009 02:20:35 AM



11/18/2009 02:21:00 AM


日本は、円高で国力が衰退して、貧乏になっているにもかかわらず、円を切り下げしようとしない。 円の高さが経済的なステータスシンボルとして機能しているからである。円高であることは、経済大国のシンボルであり、円安になると経済大国としての名誉が傷つくので、円高が貧困や経済小国化をもたらしても、円高を止めようとしない。

11/18/2009 02:21:39 AM


日本人は、その時々の優勢なものに媚びて、すり寄り、取り入ろうとする。優勢なものの文物を取り入れようとする。権威あるものとして進んで身に付けようとする。取り入って身に付けた物(最新の学説とか)を、あたかも自分の持ち物であるかのように見せびらかし、自慢する。 一昔前は中国が、最近は欧米が、媚び、すり寄り、取り入りの対象となっている。

11/18/2009 02:26:15 AM



11/18/2009 02:26:54 AM



11/18/2009 02:27:32 AM



11/18/2009 02:28:24 AM



11/18/2009 02:29:02 AM



11/18/2009 02:29:35 AM


雪崩打ちは、日本社会の特性である。民主党圧勝と政権交代の選挙がその例である。 一方から他方へ大勢が短時間のうちに、一度にどっと態度を転換、変換する。自民党政治はもう厭きたから、他方の民主党が何か新しいことをしてくれるだろうと考える。

11/18/2009 02:30:20 AM




07/09/2010 03:35:49 AM





07/09/2010 03:38:57 AM






07/09/2010 03:43:30 AM




07/09/2010 03:47:54 AM





07/09/2010 04:12:00 AM





07/09/2010 04:16:12 AM


日本の人は、一通り何でもできる、カタログスペックに隙がない、穴が無いものを好んで入手しようとする。携帯電話、パソコンが代表的である。掲示板のスレッドタイトルとか、何でも書き込める総合的なものにしようとする。 特殊、専用用途のみに使えるタイプのものを、オタッキーと呼んで、馬鹿にする。

11/18/2009 02:34:46 AM



11/18/2009 02:35:16 AM



11/18/2009 02:35:45 AM



11/18/2009 02:36:16 AM


日本社会は、他人の世話を焼く、ケアをすることが良いこととされる社会である。 4コマコミックの「となりのなにげさん」みたいなのが理想とされる社会である。

11/18/2009 02:37:02 AM



11/18/2009 02:37:28 AM



11/18/2009 02:37:56 AM



11/18/2009 02:39:18 AM



11/18/2009 02:40:01 AM



11/18/2009 02:40:32 AM

「一つ」 onenessの重視、一体感、一致の重視、割れの回避


11/18/2009 02:41:03 AM



11/18/2009 02:41:40 AM



11/18/2009 02:42:07 AM



11/18/2009 02:42:34 AM



11/18/2009 02:43:00 AM



11/18/2009 02:43:30 AM



11/18/2009 02:44:03 AM



11/18/2009 02:44:40 AM

改良 refine体質


11/18/2009 02:45:21 AM

慣性に従って動く。 中途変更、中止を嫌う。






11/18/2009 02:46:21 AM


日本では、進路が自力で決められない人が多い。・どうしたらいいか分からない。自分だけで未知の領域に進むのが怖い。助けて欲しい。・自分では決めたくない。責任を取りたくない。誰かに決めて貰い、責任も取って欲しい。 力ある者(アメリカとか)、責任者(上司、管理職)、先の知見を持っている者(先生とか)に決めて貰おうとする。あるいは、周囲の動向に同調し、合わせる形で決定する。一見、自分で決めているように見えるが、進路の方向自体は周囲任せになっている。

11/18/2009 02:46:56 AM



11/18/2009 02:47:24 AM



11/20/2009 03:46:28 AM



11/20/2009 04:36:47 AM

Proximity and discreteness

Closer to each other, become close mutual proximity to be Taste an experience is characteristic of the Japanese, or women. On the other hand, mutually spaced, freely turned apart, mutually discreteness to be Taste independence feeling is Westerners, or male features.

12/08/2009 08:41:15 PM

Dry social principle, wet society principle

Conventional sociology, have been assembled on the basis of the dry social principle of a model of modern Western Europe, the future, we will separately explore the wet society principle to model the Toka China and traditional Japan, dry, wet if it would not be desirable to go in the double feature.

07/18/2010 09:35:29 PM

Active failures and passive fail

Failure to be, if there is that positive failures and passive fail, because active failure, the unknown, of up to success in unexplored areas, in the case of the middle there is a need to repeat aggressively trial and error in failure is. On the other hand, because passive failure, called Let's eliminate the failure itself, is single-mindedly those viewed as negative bad failure. Japan is, it can be said perceptions of passive failure that it is often society.

07/18/2010 09:38:29 PM

Single work and multi-work

The concept of the leisure and core business, core business 1 is intended to be concentrated in only one, the, leisure with regarded as sideline the rest, and a necessary distraction, resting on which only maintains the core business, Single view of the work appears to be mainstream in Japan.

On the other hand, simultaneously and in parallel a plurality of business, advances in the form to run in parallel, does not distinguish between leisure and core business, Fukugyo, the idea of ​​a multi-work can not be said to be too much penetration.

07/19/2010 10:22:23 AM

Not determined

Does not move in my judgment, the authoritative source, from moving at the discretion of the power muscle is Japanese.

07/19/2010 10:25:38 AM

Nameplate and information leakage

In Japan, recently an increasing number of homes that do not generate the nameplate to his house. Information of the family of confidential seems an act of thinking and trouble and leaks to the outside. It's just, you wonder have become sensitive to the information disclosure to each other.

07/19/2010 10:26:32 AM

Japanese society and women society

To know the Japanese society, we do and do not know the woman and the woman society. Because she was a woman (mother) is to dominate the Japanese society.

07/19/2010 10:56:54 AM

Reification culture and anthropomorphic culture

The culture of the world, dealing humans (human) as mono (object, substance), and the physical phenomena of culture, dealing mono (the object) as humans (human, human) believed to be a personification culture.

The former is in the masculine Western culture in the dry, the latter is being considered as the feminine Japanese culture in the wet.

07/19/2010 11:23:38 AM

And the liquid molecules "island"

Mass of liquid molecules, can be regarded as closed, self-sufficient and "island".

It is greater closeness of the Japanese society.

07/20/2010 09:10:25 PM

Farmland, liquidation of land ownership and dry of Japanese society

Ancestral owned agricultural land, the flow of the land, that the change owner become frequent, the flow of Japanese society, dry reduction, it is possible to paternity of.

07/20/2010 09:11:37 PM

Breakthroughs and improvements

Breakthrough ethnic groups have in the United States and Europe,

Improvement ethnic Japan, China, is a South Korea.

07/20/2010 09:12:28 PM

Sin and shame and external rules

Internal (individual, in the mind of the population, Uchi) of that, information is external (Soto, elsewhere) spread leaks in (and outside of, become the subject of gossip), yet, the information is, inside their own If it is intended to lead to a negative evaluation of the (internal), I feel ashamed.

Information inside (uchi) has (have Utica) taken in from the outside (Soto), a violation of the rules determining the good or bad, if it is intended to lead to the rule on the minus evaluation, feel guilty.

We met an external rules and internal information, to contact, to cause a chemical reaction is, shame, a sense of sin.

07/20/2010 09:13:44 PM

Parents, take root and gender to local

Not away from their parents, it is the girls to take root in local (student), to the dotted a place to live away from their parents is a male (student).

07/20/2010 09:14:58 PM

Frame in the culture, a given culture and frame destruction culture

To adapt to frame given from the outside, it remains in it, aim the highest of the finished product in that the frame in the finished product culture, the owner of the frame within the culture in Japan. Do not try to get out to the outside of a given frame from the West, not out, limited culture, limited culture, it is the owner of the cage in the culture. Considers the frame given from the outside with a given thing, to swallow and it stop thinking, the owner of a given culture.

To destroy the frame supplied from the outside, free to aim their original product, the owner of the frame destruction culture is in Europe and the United States.

07/20/2010 09:16:07 PM


People of Japan, snooping to others, peeping, is like looking rough, on the contrary, is looking rough from the outside, because they are not exploiting these weaknesses, profusely accurate as far as output to issue to the outside is fine in tend to be free of error.

07/20/2010 09:16:55 PM

Micro culture and macro culture

Women and Japanese, although that be scrupulous attention to the fine points, is a global judgment is not good, is the owner of the micro-culture.

Men and Europeans and Americans, while not good that the bits and pieces in the meantime rough, is a good global judgment is, is the owner of the macro culture.

Japan has been successful in one one of the fine micro-level, macro, often have failed to see the big picture. Or, at making the big new unprecedented trend is not good.

Europe and the United States, in a fine place, but be seen various coarse and difficulties, macro, global, roughly often have been successful.

07/20/2010 09:17:45 PM

Reliance and self-help constitution

Women and Japanese, dependent to be Tayoro in the meantime someone, have a parasitic constitution.

Men and Europeans and Americans, myself think that not only help their own, independent, self-supporting, has a self-help constitution.

07/20/2010 09:18:57 PM

Correct culture

The Japanese, not only that you know whether or not correct, can not be.

As of attitude toward entrance examination problem, whether correct, annoying to the judgment of right or wrong.

07/20/2010 09:21:23 PM

Stop thinking of the Japanese

The Western theory to swallow, depend on it, it has been the premise of. Comparison of Western theory with each other, and doing just scrutiny, hard to put out their own theory from their own.

07/21/2010 05:45:04 AM

Processing culture

Japan, one of the off-the-shelf (Western production of primitive, crude technology), the processing, it is good at the finished product by the addition of hand.

07/21/2010 05:46:03 AM

Situ-oriented and women

Women, say that I was on the spot, in today, there is a tendency to like to say on the same day.

07/21/2010 05:46:59 AM

Comparison like, relative evaluation liked

Women and Japanese, anything to try to Kurabeyo with other people around, compare love, is a relative like evaluation.

07/21/2010 05:33:38 AM

Reticent Japanese

In interpersonal relationships, to the other party, whether or not going to say Toka my opinion, while you are wondering whether tell, become taciturn as a result.

07/22/2010 08:41:41 PM

High interest society

Japanese, high level of interest for others around also extends to things in general.

Curious, the new ones more and more jumped to go curiosity of flourishing of, it has become a feature Monomidaka of.

07/22/2010 10:11:38 PM

Success with Japanese

Reaction to the successful people of Japanese of the following in chronological order 3 becomes stage. (1) Lift the successful people, extol. (2) Among them, the heart of envy occurs. "Overkill, Hashagisugi, made to feel good Do not" begin to think. (3) pull the success's foot. Hit as leaving piles.

05/19/2007 11:36:15 PM

Japanese tight, clear hate, stuffing principle

( Tight society, loose society - clear hate, Japanese stuffing principle - see the "small box of thinking," the author of another book on.)

05/20/2007 05:04:12 AM

Vegetative is Japanese, farmers basis

( Plant thinking, animal thinking - behavior comparison with the nomadic-pastoralists and farmers - the author's other works "plant thinking, animal thinking" about Refer to.)

05/20/2007 05:06:28 AM

Equality expressed in "○○ san"

In human relations, rather than honor the top and bottom of the ranking as of traditional Japan, mutual equality is, by emphasizing the equality, it is necessary to learn the concept to focus on more human rights. Senior junior, not now of distinction superior, to equality of treatment is, to the with "○○-san" to everyone. That's "○○ kun", junior, becomes the fact that now, treatment is no longer equality.

07/01/2007 06:04:08 AM

Eroge of Japan is feminine

Eroge of Japan, graceful. It is feminine. Suddenly, starting from the sex scene, there is no that bring. First, start from the encounter, gradually make the opponent and psychological ties, and finally to bring in sex, are bother to step on the same step with the reality of love. Men if, suddenly sex with the partner of the woman ( or rape that ) , starting from the scene to be, would hope most that the sex scene is followed. However, eroge of Japan is not allowed to go to sudden sex scene. In that respect, it is feminine.

07/01/2007 06:05:45 AM

Teacher and student, persistence of senior junior relationship

In Japan, If you become a person once my teacher, even higher than the teacher in his own ability, a respected as a teacher life, to treat superiors. Teacher-student relationship is permanent, not Kutsugaese. Senior junior relationship is also the same, senior junior on the upper and lower relation of the following is persistent.

11/18/2009 02:06:25 AM

Of belonging 24 hours of

In Japan, even after returning home from company and government, belongs to, 24 hours, all the space, around with all the time. When the pervert, being questioned the organization, "○○ company of people was a pervert," as reported by the media in a big way with the.

11/18/2009 02:07:06 AM

Government bonds of Japan

Although at present it is consumed only in the country, of which, only Japan can not be completely consumed, become overseas underwriting overflows soon. Become a foreign bonds, and sold becomes the default.

07/21/2010 05:39:32 AM

Japan = "fireball, ball of the day (ball of the sun)" Society

Particles or individual, individual behavior patterns,

Speed ​​... high speed / low speed (to no movement / settlement)

And the dimension of,

Distribution ... discrete / (collectively, integrated)

By multiplying of the dimension,

· Gas (Gas) type Fast × discrete

· Quicksand type low-speed × discrete

- fireball (ball of the day, ball of sun, the sun) type high speed × (set, integrated)

- liquid (liquid) type low-speed × (set, integrated)

It can be classified into four types.

Gas type is Western Europe, as in North America, move at high speed individuals apart, the type of development,

Quicksand type of current Arab, such as Turkey, while individuals will fall apart, slowly type the development of society,

Type fireball type is, that while fused individuals into one, move at high speed to keep the people cohesive form, to develop,

Liquid type, as in East Asia of the status quo, while fused individuals in one, move slowly, type of development,

It can be regarded as.

Japan of the modern era, the individuals set, fusion, while integrated (becoming a united), move at high speed to the gas type of Western par, to development, fireball, ball of the day (ball of the sun), the society of the sun type an ideal, or not be said to have been directed?

Japanese society is, in reality, as the liquid type, but might be a society move slowly to integrate the individual, society of the way to the ideal type, in the ball, fused to the one hot is individual , moving at high speed hit a dazzling light, fireball, ball (ball of the sun) of the day, or would not in the sun.

Japanese society is faith the sun as a deity from ancient times, as a ruler to link God and man, shaman of day (woman) be hit, fireball, ball of the day (ball of the sun) in connection with it is a society It seems to be there.

(First appearance in January 2015)

Nationalism and the Japan Society of the United States and Britain follow-up type

Japan today, while following the United States and Britain of intention, at the same time, running to nationalism for the purpose of national prestige carry forward.

Abe Prime Minister Middle East tour at the time, side by side Israel Flag and Japan national flag, Toka to the speech of the financial cooperation of the Islamic countries eradication, is a pinnacle that.

(First appearance in February 2015)

China, Japan society to actively care about the intention of Korea

Japan, ostensibly in the US and Europe-oriented, for the eye to see Japan in East Asia, do not care, are trying to ignore.

However, Japan is, in fact, China, about how South Korea is looking at how the Japanese, is very sensitive.

Japanese, Chinese, South Korean media Machinozomi and whether Japan things that the flow of news to be treated on the rating impressed now now, and actually flowing, like a was struck enemy of the parent, is rejoice very.

In the past, it can be said that the complex of the time that had been a fool from China and South Korea as "small Japan" is, are still followed.

Before the defeat, also had been referred to the country as "Empire of Japan", said to be a grudge-back to the "small Japan" cry, the same is the same intention, is're followed even today.

(First appearance in February 2015)

What about during the student school prohibits job hunting?

Toka high school and college students during the school prohibits job hunting, to concentrate on their studies, once on you all already graduated, if so after graduation can be job hunting in free timing, Ya Japanese company I think I can stop Simultaneous recruiting of new graduates that infest the authorities and the employment non-fluidized associated with it.

I think system of Simultaneous recruiting of new graduates of the companies and authorities in Japan, it's cancer of the Japanese society. It has become a major factor to take the liquidity of personnel from the Japanese society.

Even at the time of Toka graduating from college, if Sasere received in all the same kind of test and Toka civil service recruitment examination of the National Personnel Authority is doing, can be measured or with how much academic at the university, can be a measure of graduation.

(First appearance in February 2015)

Ultra-long-term contract employment instead of full-time permanent employment, or do not you, for example, 20-year contract?

In Japan, it stops because full-time lifetime employment, ultra-long-term contract employment instead, for example, may be set to Toka 20-year contract. Simultaneous recruiting of new graduates be stopped, may be switched to a full year already graduated adopted.

Management layer, such as executives and managers also may be set to separated by fixed-term system five years Toka deadline.

That way, it is possible to realize the fixing and the flow of human resources at a time.

(First appearance in February 2015)

Japan, caught up in China and South Korea

The Japanese, their is a member of the Western developed countries, and South Korea to say yet that it is emerging middle, I have swagger to the desperate, the contents uneven society, should be allowed irresponsible that there is no South Korea and much different medium. I say either, and they've been able to keep up with China and South Korea already with.

And Japanese society, China, between the Korean society, the critical difference is not. Rice, are common in terms of agricultural ethnic upland center.

In each other something similar, it is doing a side-by-side competition.

Japan, ostensibly in the US and Europe-oriented, for the eye to see Japan in East Asia, do not care, are trying to ignore.

However, Japan is, in fact, China, about how South Korea is looking at how the Japanese, is very sensitive.

Japan will now, China, or would not than trying to enter again in the days to learn to Korea? China, completely caught up in the technical aspects to Korea, I think, as had been pulled out.

I think progress of Japanese society, Western backward specific thing is compared to the Toka, the degree to which fear to take the feminine and risk, it's because high compared to Europe and the United States. So, the latest discovery, invention, forced to import from the West. China, South Korea also had the same trouble, I would have thought the same thing.

(First appearance in February 2015)

Japan uneven society has not changed

Japanese society, the Meiji Restoration, World War II through the defeat, but is said to have changed a lot, I do not think so. Now be left even of uneven society long ago, it has not changed.

To say that Japan social change, it comes to change while maintaining the uneven society.

It is certain that looking look good if Misere a pose to westernized denied the unevenness of society, but, after all, is he not feasible.

Japanese people, I think that blindly rather than deny the uneven society, the benefits of uneven society, a drawback, it is necessary to look back to again calmly. By doing so, it should lead to the realization of true social change that does not become ostentatious.

If the sociological theory direct import of Western, considered to be able to overcome the uneven society of feudal institutions bequeathed from the past, stupid people of simple thought is, in Japan, still in full.

(First appearance in February 2015)

Bully nation Japan

Bully nation Japan is insensitive to the feelings of the bullied victims (China and South Korea), to try to be was not. become defiant. I think that is maliciously grudge-back from Korea in which bullying was.

(First appearance in February 2015)

Japanese "Western religion" believers

Western supremacy of the Japanese people, I think that what does not somehow.

Western culture just Arigatagari, worship, look to the believers of the religion of "Western religion".

(First appearance March 2015)

Japan as a dress-up culture of costumes

Looking even if the cultural introduction to the clothing of the costumes.

The Japanese, the new Western-style go change of clothes one after another in costume, but the man of the contents that are wearing, remains unchanged villagers.

(First appearance March 2015)