Human nature map

- organisms, the human as an animal -

Iwao Otsuka

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Contents Introduction

Can not do in the fine skill, a number of human nature as a biological, lists up, I tried to openly together.


Human nature map (neoplastic map) organisms - human needs, nature (you want to ..., do not want to)

Underlying principles

Organisms - humans,

(1) the ~ myself to live, leave, do anything in order to multiply. Do not choose the means in order to survive. Death, fear of extinction.

(2) to try to satisfy the necessary desire to live. The lack of the desire, to try to get in the shopping and the like.

A . The pursuit of control

A1. Realization of intention

My intention will wishes to be realized in the street.

-1 ● I wanted desire to

- around the situation is set to be in he wanted his own.

- their own way, wish to move around freely.

· When you Toso their views. It is selfish.

- overlooking the self-realization.

-2 ● rights held, the desire to exercise

- they ensure the right to he wanted to do something required in life, it tries to hold.

-3 ● authority, retention of interest, desire to exercise

· Yourself freely decision-making something, ensure the right to be realized, it tries to hold.

· Myself to ensure the interests that benefit, it tries to hold. Not give up vested interests, and tries to continue to hold.

-4 ● desire for power

· Others around like to have a he wanted to freely move the power of their own.

-5 ● desire to penetration of the likes and dislikes

- to the likes and dislikes.

- to try to get their favorite things.

· Reject their hate things. [Murray rejection rejection]

-6 ● desire to policy makers

- so convenient to their own, wishing to people of us moving the well society long to appear.

- their well realize to us people of the length of the intention wants to appearance.

- their length of those who benefit us to successfully speak for desires to appear.

· Emergency wishing to people long to appear that will also take responsibility when called.

A2. Control, the pursuit of management

Control oneself and others, and trying to manage.

-1 ● others of control, management

- others hear what you say of their own, rejoice and be as to say of their own.

- others to try heard to say of his own, I wanted to control the behavior of others of their own, and trying to manage.

-2 ● free

· I am happy if there is freedom.

- others are not bound by, happy and not be controlled.

And motion to your favorite spot could spin, like to be moved.

-3 ● autonomous

· [Murray autonomous autonomy]

- I want to be able to govern on their own their own things.

A3. Self-reliance

Without the assistance of others, to try to stand on my own.

Ikeru eat alone, wishing to Ikeru to live.

-1 ● economic, spiritual, desire for physical independence

And economically to try to self-reliance become a surplus.

- mentally it tries to independence from parents and teachers.

• In the body surface, wishing to walk to get up on their own.

-2 ● yourself, self, establishment of ego

- to try to have firmly yourself.

· Trying to establish their identity.

A4. Ownership

To try to have your belongings, property.

-1 ● desire for ownership

- or she try to have an object that can be occupied.

-2 ● abduction, looting, stealing

What is good others, it tries to steal If you have resources, assets. To steal. When Takaro.

-3 ● belongings, valuables guard, defense

· [Murray defense defence]

· Belongings trying to guard so as not to be taken in others. And trying to protect. It is sensitive to security.

- invaluable, valuables, a worthy product, so that it is not taken to other people, to try to protect.

- you own the land, the territory, the defense so that it is not lost to others.

-4 ● effective use of belongings

- effective use of their possessions, trying to take advantage.

· His possessions can not be used, useless, hate What idle state.

-5 ● desire to name

· Wish to name, there is a nickname for you.

· Myself, reluctant to be called in the nameless and minerals number sign.

- I hope that your name has been decided. Nickname hate to change merrily.

· To you, I hope that the name or nickname of the positive and good meaning is attached. I hate the stick is the name or nickname of the negative and bad meaning to their own.

- the other party when you know the name of (including materials).

- it tries to name the other party (including materials).

A5. privacy

Privacy, private space, to try to keep the time.

To try to have a territory of your own.

-1 ● privacy, retention of secret

· [Murray inviolability inviolacy]

• Do not attacked by others, private space of your own, to try to keep the time.

- worry about their so secret does not leak.

· Reluctant to be peeped in curiosity to the other party.

-2 ● hiding, lie

- dropping his reputation, failure, the violation, try to hide in externally. When it is retaining clips the lie to that.

-3 ● peep, adultery

- I try to peek at the privacy of others.

- curiosity, an attempt is made to obtain the information of others.

· Others to try to uncover the secrets of.

- the confidential information of others secretly trying to diversion.

B . The pursuit of merit

B1. advantageous

I hope that he will be advantageous.

-1 ● request to the advantage of the survival conditions

- their own survival conditions to try as well as possible to. It intends to become advantage.

-2 ● self-assertion, self-promotion

· [Murray exposure exhibition]

- the self-assertion. When Toso their views. Pushes away the others, promote yourself, to appeal. Make a presentation.

- or she tries to get out to the front. Extrusion wants a strong one.

- or she tries to Medato. When you Abiyo the limelight.

-3 ● voluntary

· Seek Conveniently for me.

- and no matter even remember forever be convenient for me.

- the convenience of a bad thing for me, myself that is a disadvantage, avoid it, forget it, trying to turn a blind eye, to try to hide.

- that it is convenient for me, even dislikes the others, we try to run as it is.

B2. Pursuit of profit

Profits, the pursuit of profit.

I hate being taken out.

-1 ● profits, the pursuit of profit, avoidance of loss

- their own interests, profit, to try to become a surplus. Not be not be obtained. Sonsuru, to try to avoid the issue of the deficit.

- to make people and connections with the privilege when you'll have the flexibility to gain.

- their even become not others is not in trouble in profits, abandon, look to the blind eye.

· When you try to cut unnecessary costs.

B3. Pursuit of success

Try to success.

-1 ● pursuit of success, avoidance of failure

- I try to success. Wishing to go well. Avoid failure.

· Successful, I want to become an advantageous position.

-2 ● pursuit of achievement

· [Murray achieved achievement]

- to your arrival you want to target, hope that he wanted to be able to reach.

B4. Acquisition of ability

An attempt is made to obtain the (necessary to advantageously accomplish in one of the success the things) capability.

-1 ● pursuing the acquisition of ability

- survival and, win the competition, necessary for success, advantageous to become ability, academic ability and academic background, an attempt is made to obtain the qualification.

B5. Risk-taking, adventure

In order to obtain large profits, success, and you dare Okaso the danger.

-1 ● challenge

- big profits, get the success, to the limelight, dare to risk, to try to challenge to be difficult.

B6. Correction

Their advantages, excellent point, extending the advantages, disadvantages, disease, poor point, to try to eliminate the disadvantages.

-1 ● recognition of the advantages, stretched, reinforcement

- my strengths is to be recognized anywhere. As far as possible to stretch it, it tries to reinforcement.

-2 ● shortcomings, drawbacks, reduce defects

- my ability on the shortcomings, strive to reduce the defect.

-3 ● disease, prevention of failure, the treatment pursuit

- (disease, survival disturb things. This is what you want fix as do not. Broken does not move things. What you want to compensate by not enough, it is a condition in which there is an should meet further on to continue to survive.)

· Trying to become so as not to get sick. When you Naoso the disease. So as not to die, and try not to leave any failure.

-4 ● improvement, revision, repair

- their own state, than ever before, even better, to heal properly, to try to more advantageous his position.

-5 ● rationalization, improved productivity

· Things efficiency and productivity, etc., in order to further improve their advantage, to try staffing and goods more reasonable ones.

· Organize and personnel, strengthening of labor, is trying to introduce a new technology.

• When riding the train, such as when to make a product, like to inexpensive at high speed.

B7. Efficiency, the pursuit of speed

Efficiency, to try to improve the speed.

-1 ● pursuit of efficiency

- things efficiency of prefer high one. To try to increase the efficiency.

-2 ● pursuit of speed

Speed ​​of things like fast one. When Hayameyo speed.

-3 ● acceptable is slow

• If the expense to pay for the efficiency large, dare not to improve efficiency, and may be slow.

C. The pursuit of higher

C1. Showdown, game, war

Confrontation with the enemy and rival, game, to war.

-1 ● confrontation, game

- and rivals and enemies, try to duel over the outcome.

· Harsh reality and face each other laid the belly, trying to confrontation.

-2 ● competition

- the struggle for existence. When you Aritsuko to limited chairs.

· Drop kick a rival, pressing, trying to kill. It was hostile to the rival, to the mean.

• Only his is going to survive.

-3 ● attacks on opponents, war, kill opponents

· [Murray attack aggression]

· Myself and attacked the man of the opposite opinion, it tries to not stand up. And war, and to destroy the enemy.

- their own and the opposite of the opinion, correction, trying to kill.

-4 ● victory, the pursuit of superiority, avoidance of defeat

· [Murray superiority dominance]

· Intends to become stronger. To win the opponent, it tries to superiority.

- and Mai lose to the other party. It is a sore loser.

· Weak person than yourself, Ijimeyo those who lose their own, trying to dominate.

· His around, to try to Katameyo in incompetent person than yourself.

-5 escape ●, avoiding responsibility

- harsh, to try to run away and become a disadvantageous situation.

- failure, to try to avoid responsibility. Failure, by smearing the responsibility to others (weak, subordinates), myself and trying to escape from responsibility.

-6 ● reconciliation, mediation, arbitration

- and the enemy and rival, self-interest (to fight any more is not a good idea, who teamed your hands reconciled with the other party advantage is large ...) for, to try to reconcile.

Third Party by arbitration for reconciliation, seek arbitration.

-7 ● pardon, mercy

· Admitted defeat, that of the person you've been begged, to pardon feel mercy.

C2. Construction of the vertical relationship, Domination

It tries to create a vertical relationship due to the difference in (a separate win-loss) force.

Trying to dominate to.

-1 ● stand on the top, to dominate, the pursuit of superiority

· [Murray domination, superiority dominance]

· Yourself standing in the upper, dominate in such a way that the surrounding his he wanted. When you advantage to stand up. Try authority yourself.

· Yourself standing in the top, when you Mikudaso inferior lower man. Sympathy for the weak of poor circumstances.

- I try to avoid that stand in the lower.

- they are excellent (predominate), others are trying to think that inferior to their own (which is inferior).

- the presence of others who from their own is better not have patience, be hostile as a rival, to try to crush.

-2 ● pursuit of preferential treatment

· [Murray domination, superiority dominance]

· Yourself standing in the higher-level, wishing to be preferential treatment than the surrounding.

-3 ● discrimination of vulnerable groups, bully, pressing of the adverse conditions to the weak, pass the buck

- to discriminate against the weak.

· Weak person to sand bag instead, to attack as a tool as the outlet of frustration.

- to vulnerable groups against the adverse conditions unilaterally, their attempts to maintain the favorable conditions.

- to shift the responsibility to the weak, himself fled to the safety zone, to try to Kimekomo the Takaminokenbutsu.

-4 ● weak, henchman patron of, child support vs lesson, truncation

· [Murray nurturing dependence succorance]

- weaker than yourself, true to yourself, to protect those who come to rely on yourself (presence, such as their children), and it Yashinao.

· Rebellion to vulnerable groups, give a heavy punishment to their own does not move he wanted weak. To lesson the weak to be rebellious.

- the weak, arbitrarily truncate at their own convenience.

- convenient for the bad end weak for me, and tail cut of lizard, himself the escape responsibility.

-5 ● envy

- jealous. envy. Pulling the human foot to be throw its hat on.

- those that are higher than their own, the person who is going to throw its hat to the top, when you Oroso drag banging jealous.

-6 ● Iraishin, dependent heart, obedience, loyalty

· [Murray submission Deference , nurturing dependence succorance]

· Stronger person than yourself, you Tayoro a big presence, and it will depend. To trying to get to observe. Produce the presence of dependable and God. When you Tayoro in the country - company. Swear allegiance to those who will protect their own.

· Great person to be watched, wishing to be asylum. Seeking protection by the great person.

-7 ● disadvantage of, acceptance of inferior

· [Murray self-deprecating abasement]

· Yourself weak, admit reluctantly that it is a disadvantage.

- leave the fate of the self to the strong.

C3. Equal, equality, fairness

Equal, equality, we want fairness.

-1 ● peer-to-peer

• If you yourself are in the unfavorable state, wishing to receive a partner and an equal treatment.

-2 ● equality

- I hate from being discriminated against unfairly.

-3 ● fair

• If he is put to enjoy state of the injustice and, complained, want a fair shake.

C4. Improvement

Less than bored with their own until now, and will further aim at the top.

-1 ● improvement

When it throws its hat on -.

· In addition to trying to improve their skills and knowledge.

· Intends to become a better person than.

· A try to avoid to fall.

-2 ● reform, revision, improvement

- less than tired of the status quo, the situation, to try better than the state.

-3 ● reversal, honor recovery

· [Murray  reaction counteraction]

· Bad result is inverted, and you try to recover the honor.

D. The pursuit of third-party perspective

D1. Decision

Judgment, determine the test.

-1 ● decision to self

Test is going to receive. If he took what point in the Toka test (their performance is how much), how much their own ranks, and to know the objective and dispassionate judgment by a third party.

• When others are in conflict with, or towards you is correct, correct or, when you'll have the determination to a third party. Trial, for judgment in the trial.

-2 ● judgment of others

- others are free to determine the mercy of their own, to try to be able to freely Toka personnel evaluation control of reward and punishment.

D2. Evaluation, value with

Seek from being evaluated. Requiring a high evaluation. Hate the low evaluation.

-1 ● pursuit of a high evaluation to his own, dressed with

- about to be praised, about to be praised. Wishing to be a positive evaluation.

· Reputation for yourself, it tries to improve the evaluation. I'd look better better myself.

·make up. To shape up.

· Fine skill, they say the ideal theory. Apparently to try to behave conscientiously. Try dressed. , Slowing a good boy.

- refers to a good friend like that. It says things like a virtue.

-2 ● self-confidence, pride, pride

- to try to have the self-confidence.

· Be conceited. With high pride. Become arrogant. I like to look down on others.

- bragging. Swagger. Become arrogant.

- put yourself in the acclaimed, heady with it. It is a narcissist.

• If another person is not me with a high evaluation to his own, can not stand.

-3 ● cognition in its own society, pursuit of value

- he wants to be recognized around the ~ society. I hate to be ignored.

- he wants to be required in the ambient-society. Hate what is unnecessary.

- he wants to be assumed to be worth around ~ society. Hate what is worthless.

- I hope that you think that the competent (there is an ability) to ambient. I hate to think that the incompetence.

- yourself, wish to measure, become the mainstream in society.

-4 ● elect, request for special treatment

· When you Minaso yourself with the presence chosen a. Privilege, special treatment, VIP like to be treated.

- as a person responsible for the principles that govern the nature, create a concept of God that resemble their human beings, God is going Minaso chose to first class themselves. Natural world, when you Minaso and are turning to center themselves human beings.

-5 ● buried, avoidance of ignored, desire to stand out

· Hate yourself or buried around, from being ignored the existence. When it Medato.

-6 ● desire to important

- that he is duty from others, wishing to be important. Angry and not least be light from others.

· Importance to that of their own. On the other hand, that of others despise.

-7 ● honor, desire for praise

· Seek honor and Medal. I like to be praised by others.

-8 ● criticism, negative, negative evaluation, avoidance of blame

- from others, criticism, or is denied, when receiving a negative evaluation, I feel uncomfortable. Or angry, or cry.

- criticism, or is denied, try to avoid being negative evaluation.

- to try to avoid being condemned from the surroundings. When you Katameyo around in a yes-man.

-9 ● avoidance of shame

· [Murray shame of avoiding infavoidance]

· To fail or in the surroundings of attention, hate to write a shame.

-10 ● avoidance of humiliation

· [Murray shame of avoiding infavoidance]

- I hate to receive a humiliating treatment that shattered the pride from the surroundings.

-11 ● desire to be carefully handled, avoid toys handling

- he is a toy treats around, I hate from being mercy. Neatly wholeheartedly hope to get handled with care.

D3. Approval

For approval.

-1 ● approval, approval, authorization, desire to reflect

- that he wants, my opinion is, that can be seen from the surrounding (be approved), wishing to be reflected in the surroundings.

- my opinion is like to be in favor.

- my opinion is negative, hate from being rejected. Men prefer to be a yes-man.

E. The pursuit of returns

E1. Reaction, response

Reaction, overlooking the response.

-1 ● reaction to the opponent, response

· Trying to respond to the other party of the things, it attempts to return the reaction.

-2 ● reaction to their (of the fact), of the response request

· Desire for what his was, reaction, that there is a response.

• For that his was, what kind of reaction, whether there is a response, in the mood, to try to see over and over again (the bulletin board he was writing, etc.).

-3 ● Ignore opponent

- the other party is inconvenient to you, if it was not interested party, to ignore the opponent. Not reply.

E2. feedback

It attempts to return that it has been to them.

-1 ● return, feedback, reply, retaliation

If you are, (When you are done), Clap Back. To give back. give feedback. The return of gifts. When asked for convenience, I also convenience.

· To reply. Retaliation to. Revenge, and revenge.

-2 ● return request

· Yourself a return for that you have to others, seek to others.

· Myself After the give and that something useful to others, as a consideration, hope to get that something equivalent from others.

-3 ● thanks

• When he was to serve something to the others, I think I should be grateful. To request a word of thanks.

I am happy and be grateful, to others.

- from others, if it is to serve in something myself, I am pleased, trying to thank.

F. Pursuit of knowing

F1. information

Covet information.

-1 ● information, desire for news

- their necessary for the survival, trying to obtain the information that is advantageous to their own survival, we wish to know. Watch the news. View weather forecast. Approaching to the man likely to have a valid information, it intends to become acquainted. Pry curiosity in things around. Jeer.

And unknown land for me, the field, when going to the area, trying to advance to the information collection.

-2 ● desire to outlook

• Ambient overlooking the wide outlook, view, hope that there is a prospect for the future. I want to climb to the heights.

-3 ● desire for communication

- from others, in order to draw out useful information to self-preservation, and trying to communicate with each other.

-4 ● correctness of the information, desire for correction

· Wrong and see the information is flowing, you'll want to correct.

-5 ● desire to dissemination of information

- he was placed in a quickly hand, significant news not only know yourself, others, other companies of the secret, or the information that he had said something about concerns of interest, I wanted to talk to someone, it reluctantly wanted to spread news, the ambient and trying to actively communicate with others.

F2. Confirmation

To try to see.

Trying to check.

-1 ● visible, desire to audible

- look properly, wish to hear.

- around it is not visible, reluctant to previously invisible.

- opaque, obscure, reluctant invisible situation.

· Reluctant to focus is blurred.

-2 ● desire for certainty

- I hope that reliable and is.

- hate the float.

· Support hope that there properly. Scaffold sinking, hate wandering one.

-3 ● match, the desire for accurate

- perfect for wishing to meet.

- displaced hate.

-4 ● desire to prove

· Prove that their ideas are correct (that the idea of ​​the other party is wrong), it is trying to prove.

-5 ● question, the desire to question resolved

- I do not know it, that you do not know, do not know, hate to keep them alone without knowing.

- I do not know it, that you do not know, ask a question, you get the answer, to try to ascertain.

- to solve the question.

F3. Understanding

[Murray understanding understanding]

To try to understand.

-1 ● desire to understand

- to Wakaro.

· Incoming information, to try to understand the circumstances surrounding his own.

· Reluctant to state that can not be understood.

- get out from can not understand the situation (to strive to be understanding. Can not understand escape the place.) To.

-2 ● cause, desire to measures investigation

- it happened against things, whether it is why what happened, trying to determine the cause.

· (Such as an accident) with respect to elucidate the cause, and will Arise measures.

-3 ● desire for meaning

- it happened against things, meaning of that thing, and trying to find what significance What is it something.

-4 ● desire for association

- happened of things between the association, it is trying to find something.

-5 ● desire for rational explanation

- it happened about things, want to be able to have some explanation.

- happened about things, (so good a retrofit) wishes to plausible rational explanation is attached.

F4. Stimulus

Seek stimulation.

Bored and you leave the day-to-day. Diversion will want to.

In the day-to-day trying to experience that you can not experience.

Extraordinary events, entertain an interest in the incident.

-1 ● boring

• If day-to-day situation continues much, bored, I want to seek a new stimulus.

-2 ● rarity, emergency events, the pursuit of incident

• In the day-to-day infrequent rarity, emergency events, determine the incident to happen.

-3 ● Travel

· Daily basis, do not fall too much, go not land, local, regional, in search of a new stimulus, jailing, and let's go. When you try to travel.

-4 ● walk

· Daily basis, do not fall too much, the neighborhood of the region who are accustomed to go to go not or vice versa, in the district, in search of a small stimulus, always with the jailing in Toka time zone different from, and let's go.

F5. Novelty (newness)

New ones, prefer.

I prefer the new. Hate used.

Predecessor, the first discovery, intends to become the inventor.

Explore the unknown area, to study, to try to clarify.

New experience that that has not been yet experience, we try to experience.

And let's go to the area that has not been carried out.

-1 ● exploration, discovery

And unknown field, enter quickly in the area, and still trying to discover the important new fact that no one is reached.

-2 ● invention

- still it never came up everyone, devised a new socially useful ideas, an attempt is made to obtain the honor of as the inventor.

-3 ● patent

· Discover that you have accomplished quickly ahead of the others, by the results of the invention, going to eat, you try to be profitable way.

- try to ensure the mover advantage. It is prior who seek a return to the risk that you have suffered.

-4 ● Experience

- still that there is no experience, and let's experience.

- like a new experience.

-5 ● Travel

- no one has gone before, entered was that no land, when you go to the region. When you try to travel.

-6 ● Search

- that of an unknown for me, search and, an attempt is made to obtain the information.

• Use the Internet search engine, trying to find their desired information on the net.

-7 ● new, the pursuit of unused

· Goods to get is, in a new, no one is using, ask that it is not used.

-8 ● avoidance of spoilers

Unknown that - trying to see the future, the contents of the zone of non-experience, to try to avoid will know before, from being run out of newness to the experience.

-9 familiar ●, tired

• If much has met the same stimulus, tired accustomed. Seek more new stimulus.

F6. Storage, record, knowledge

Memory that Mishi', to be recorded.

To try to have the knowledge.

-1 ● memory

- obtained the information, trying to storage in the head and in the memo, memorize it, I try to memorize.

-2 ● record

The and information, trying to note, to be recorded.

And recording you want things a shot with the camera or recorder, recording, and trying to record.

-3 ● knowledge

The & obtained information, accumulated as knowledge, attempts to effectively utilize.

· A lot to try to have the knowledge. Advanced, an attempt is made to obtain a deep knowledge.

-4 ● learning

- try to learn.

· Things, firmly attached to his body, until Komu stain on the body, to try to remember any number of times practice.

-5 ● past, tradition, oriented to precedent

Past experience, tradition and precedent, respect the already obtained knowledge of maintenance.

G. Movement, the pursuit of activities

G1. motion

To try exercise.

-1 ● pursuit of self-body exercise

· Trying to move his body.

- your body is, I hope that their me he wanted to move. I hate the body is crippled.

· To Exercise your muscles and cardiopulmonary for moving the body.

-2 ● social movements, the pursuit of power flow generation

- Move the others and society, to try to create a new movement, the flow.

G2. operation

Thing, and trying his he wanted the operation, trying to move.

-1 ● operation, handling

And mechanical ( PC ~ automobile, airplane) and the people, their own and he wanted to move, I wish to obtain the output of the required functionality.

-2 ● carry, transport, transport

The, goods and people, wish to carry to the point where the desire of their own.

-3 ● processing

• The goods, desire shape he wants, try to work on the material. To use the chemical change.

- people and the organization, to try to change the constitution he wants.

H . Pursuit of survival conditions improve

H 1. The pursuit of a good environment

Good environment for their own survival, the pursuit of the state (food, clothing and shelter ...), tries to maintain.

-1 ● pursuit of the good life

· Trying to a good life. To try luxury.

• Even if nothing is not, wishing to go to live without work Easy going. Wishing to come in large sums of revenue. Wishing to living environment is blessed.

· Necessary Tedate to put the life goods in hand, to try to put in more and more many hand the money. Make money it to (capitalism to be to make money more funds, it is innate for humans).

- After the death, to try to say I think in heaven. For this reason, when you Sekimo the good deeds in this world.

-1b ● maintaining the status quo, maintenance

• If you are reasonably satisfied with my life, without trying to change the status quo, trying to maintain the state of until now. A conservative.

-2 ● pleasure, comfort, the pursuit of good feelings

- to try pleasant thought. Comfortable, to try fun I think. What is pleasant, Rakuka are often determined in innate (sex, taste ...).

- overlooking the comfort of life.

- I say I think (which is easier. Pleasant. Delicious.) To try.

Sex in sexual pleasure, an attempt is made to obtain an orgasm. To masturbation.

[Murray Sex sex]

· Comfort to be obtained (listening to the Toka beautiful melody of music).

· Cozy order to obtain a good (or put the air-conditioning in the room, at the Toka cushion in a chair).

- beautiful, and try to get things clean. His beautiful, intends to become clean.

- enjoy the feeling.

[Murray Kansei sentience]

-3 ● pursuit of hygiene

· Wish to clean. Filthy, avoid the spread of germs.

- wash the body. brush teeth.


-4 ● organize, the pursuit of tidy

- neatly put away, to the organized state beauty and.

-5 ● struggling, avoidance of spicy, lazy, shoddy

- try to avoid the trouble that. To try easier. Lazy and you attempt to doodling. Also with the need for good not have to work.

- how to work hard to do as it is, we try to cut corners.

-6 ● burden, frustration, stress, avoidance of decision

And psychological, and physical burden, try to avoid frustration and stress, to make a decision.

-6b ● burden, diversion at the time of stress, such as unavoidable

• When the burden can not be avoided, trying to dissipate the discomfort felt somewhere.

• For example, the stress that reservoir of their own, in the act of runaway or the like of the bulletin board vandalism and car, to pass in a manner that causes a burden to others.

-6c ● diversion, distraction

- the burden and stress is such a state, or when the boring day-to-day continues, trying to renew the mood, trying to convert, trying to distraction, to try another thing.

-7 ● escapism

• When painful, to try to stop live. When you try to commit suicide.

• When painful, trying to escape from reality.

-8 ● rest, vacation, sleep, calm

- (Tired) will to Kyumo. Vacation, when you take a rest.

- and trying to sleep.

· (Such as work) Once settled, I prefer to paragraph.

-9 ● desire to play

· [Murray play play]

- are freed from daily responsibilities, is comfortably enjoyed at Toka game, relaxed atmosphere Toka recreational pleasure, to try Taste the distraction.

- the other party to try to their own toys, trying to mischief in the other party, and enjoy the reaction intentionally annoy the opponent.

-10 ● real intention manifestation, degassing, desire to divergence

- to hide their true feelings, apparent, tiring to say the fine skill of supposedly.

- his real intention was hidden within, the true feelings, and Sarakedashi talking to someone, you want to clean, want to taste the feeling of freedom to break down the sense of stagnation, we want to venting.

· Speak their true feelings, it is confided counseling and to determine the presence of someone to talk to counselors.

- I want the stress and hazy feeling that accumulated in the mind diverge towards someone, I think and want to hear the story.

-11 ● desire for convenience

- it is convenient, overlooking the convenience.

• Required supplies and personnel, in a short time, hope to enter immediately hand without the hassle.

- prefer the use of the convenience store.

-12 ● desire to stable

- good environmental Got is not overturned as it wishes to continue stable over time.

H 2. Safety, peace of mind, security

Safety, seek the peace of mind.

-1 ● safety, desire for peace of mind

· Seek a soothing thing. Peace, seek peace.

-2 ● self protection, the desire to defense

· [Murray defense defence]

· Myself, wishing to be Tomah in a safe area.

- hope that their entrenchment is achieved.

-2b ● Taiei

- new things, things unknown, might therefore dangerous, scared the (to) that fail might, try to avoid.

- come successful thing until now, that has already been safety is guaranteed, to try only be proven.

-3 ● avoidance of danger

· [Murray avoidance of harm harm avoidance]

· Dangerous thing to try to avoid.

-4 ● avoidance of poison

- for me to try to avoid that there is a poison.

-5 ● avoidance of scratches

- to try to avoid being damaged in their own.

-6 ● avoidance of responsibility

And responsibilities and trying to escape the.

-7 ● desire to guarantee

And assurance, hope that security there.

- I hope that it is all right.

-8 ● prevention, preparedness for crisis, the pursuit of insurance

• When the emergency that, and get ready for the coming crisis and crash. And tries the insurance.

-9 ● mutual rescue, the pursuit of assistance

- help each other to each other, to try to society that can live with more peace of mind.

H 3. Credit, trust

Credit, trust seek.

Requests the credit to others, it gains renegade self convenience.

-1 ● credit, desire to trust

And credit, find a trusted partner.

· Arrangements, contracts, desires to promise is kept.

-2 ● renegade, changing jobs, rolling over, betrayal

To changing jobs to more favorable terms and conditions ·.

- Discard the opponent's until now, change to the other party, which has issued a more favorable terms of the transaction.

- it is selfish.

-3 ● avoidance of distrust, liar

- partner of trust to their fear from being lost.

- for the opponent, respect inconvenient to their own, so that contradiction point is not Bale, try to hide a lie.

-4 ● desire for self-confidence

- to try to have confidence in yourself. To try to be able to trust yourself. Try the self-confidence.

H 4. quality

Determine the height of quality.

-1 ● desire for quality

- asked the high quality of goods and artifacts, low quality, reluctant to cut corners.

-2 ● genuine, desire to the original

· The article of the Toka available, seek authentic, real, genuine product, the original, reluctant fake, imitation, copy.

-3 ● nature, desire to natural

And food, like jewelry, nature, seek natural products, reluctant artifacts, the aquaculture products.

-4 ● pure, genuine, desire for regular

· Determine the pure ones, reluctant to those containing the impurities.

- genuine, they asked for regular ones, reluctant non-regular ones.

H 5. Law, order

[Murray order order]

Law, the order sought.

-1 ● pursuit of living ease

· Yourself to is likely to live, to try to improve easy to live a society in which they live for me.

-2 ● law, law, desire for punishment

- make it difficult to live a society and break, prohibited to collect behavior patterns to become a reverse function, the law - the law to limit, to make a law, you try to live more easily control the society. Punish those who broke the law.

And society to hope for there is a certain order. I hate lawlessness.

-3 ● desire to violation

- feel the suffocation in too strict rules, to break it, it tries to violation.

- By violation, trying to appeal that he is a mighty presence of only oppose to society.

-4 ● status quo, the desire to destroy

· Gradually can no longer be satisfied with the status quo, it will Uchiyaburo, to try to destroy.

H 6. problem solving

Deal with the problem, to be solved.

-1 ● elucidation of the problem

- and trying to figure out that it does not go well.

- we try to clarify the problem.

-2 ● elucidation of cause

- it will investigate the cause of the problem, and tries to find.

-3 ● solutions, elucidation of measures

- it will investigate the corresponding measures to solve the problem, and tries to find.

-4 ● solutions, the implementation of measures

- measures to implement to solve the problem, trying to finally solve the problem.

-5 ● confirmation of the measures effect

- problem is, by the implementation of response measures, it has really solved, you try to see the effect.

H 7. Healthy, vibrant, motivation (motivation), the pursuit of the powerful of

In reality only the healthy and power continue to actively deal with, to try to have the motivation.

-1 ● healthy is, dynamism, the pursuit of health

· Healthy, trying to be active.

- trying to be healthy. Bear in mind so as not to illness.

· Other from human energetic than their own, and Get to divide the force.

-2 ● aggressiveness

· Things considered desirable to deal aggressively, trying to run. An attempt is made to obtain the power to do so.

-3 ● pursuit of youthfulness

- forever, I want to be youthful, desire and do not want to aging.

· Yourself to'd look better young.

-4 ● pursuit of powerful of

· Things full of only the power go more and more resolved, and would be there was prevailed with force. An attempt is made to obtain the power to do so.

I . Pursuit of cushion

I 1. cushion

Seek those who will relieve.

-1 ● desire to shock, avoidance of impact

· Seek those who will soften the impact. I hate the shock.

Cushion, seek the things that will be buffered.

- softness, seek fluffy.

· Seek those who will accept their own.

-2 ● desire to receive

- acceptance is ask for.

· Hate rejected by the.

I 2. Consideration

Seek consideration.

That it is unpleasant, desire and hope not the others.

Desire and that he is happy, I want you to the others.

-1 ● fine-tuned response, desire for consideration

• For myself, fine-tuned support, I hope that consideration is made.

-2 ● necessary considerations effort, cost minimization of

· Effort and cost to the consideration is to avoid a minimum.

• Do not the consideration that he does not have his own interests.

-3 ● reflect to others of concern for their own

· Yourself a nasty things when you are from others, to try to avoid that to others.

· Myself that I'm happy when you are from others, to try to others.

I3 . Welfare, security, salvation, safety net

Welfare, security, seek salvation.

-1 ● welfare, desire for salvation

- it becomes a bad state, help, when salvation is needed, get to help, wanting to be saved.

- emergency, even when also no longer trying to do by yourself, hope that can live a minimum.

-2 ● avoidance of social fall, security, desire for safety net

· Yourself that will send a no hope and socially fall life, hope that can be avoided.

· Yourself help us security from social fall, hope the presence of the safety net.

J . The pursuit of storage

J 1. Storage, retention

Retain the desirable for me, I try to save.

-1 ● self of biological retention

- their existence as a living body, physiologically save, you try to hold.

- fear of death, to try to avoid. I want to immortality.

· Alive and tries to continue.

- (breathing) to try to take the oxygen. When it tries to breathe.

- (water, diet, nutrition) water, meals, and try to take the nutrition.

- (excretion, waste) unnecessary matter excretion, to want to discard.

- to try to hold the (body temperature maintained) body temperature. Heat, try to avoid the cold.

- (cleanliness, hygiene maintenance) clean, to try to keep the sanitary conditions.

- or she tries to prevent from being exposed directly to the harsh external environment. So that not directly hit the wind and rain, in, and no matter contained in the back. To try to have a house.

-2 ● storage, storage, storage

· Yourself of the benefits that gave birth to try to accumulation.

- in preparation for future emergencies, and Earn assets, funds, the food ....

- Get the goods, the items purchased, so that the function and commercial value is integrity, it tries to save.

· Useful information that was available, so that they are not lost, saved, when you try to memory.

- and no matter remember forever that it is convenient for me.

· Previous desirable - unfinished state, I hope that is held at the time of resumption.

-3 ● oblivion

- forget the fact that the stored.

- Forget that Unfortunately for me, when you Oiyaro in a corner of consciousness.

J 2. Self-surviving

Their presence, try to leave to future generations a performance.

-1 ● self-preservation, the remaining, desire for eternal life

- overlooking the persistent of their presence. Posterity, fear forgotten is the.

- their work, the achievements, future generations to remain, stay alive throughout the ages, wishing to be saved.

-2 ● desire to successor

- I wish my successor to appear.

· Himself become a teacher, wishing to raise a competent disciple.

K . The pursuit of growth

K 1. Self-renewal, proliferation

Let's make their own copy, gain more try, try to leave to future generations.

-1 ● child making (sex), self growth

· [Murray Sex sex]

- try to increase their own a copy, try to leave to future generations.

And children, to try to make the offspring. When you try to sex. Or make a lot of children, and squeeze the number of children to make to try to nurture the children in that amount good conditions.

-2 ● transfer to the children, inheritance

· Myself = to try to Uketsugo parent of the traits in children.

- parents, to try inherited their own values ​​to the children.

- parents, commit to a child that could not be, but I wanted to own.

-3 ● inherited from the parent, inheritance (inheritance) of intergenerational chain

- the behavioral transmission from the parent, as it is to try to children.

And children to the upbringing which is in the (are scolding abuse or, in one-sided), a child is the same upbringing to their children (abuse, rebuked) a.

- acquired behavior, and the chain between the (gene similar) generation, is inherited.

And transmission of behavior, across the species. Species of identity is as it acquired. (Raise the dog a leopard children. Then, leopard children, I think that it is a dog myself, to the dog a look-alike behavior).

- their children, like to be in his successor. I prefer hereditary.

-4 ● of their children record, publicity

- their child's growth Toka is trying to record.

· Your child's record that he took, of their own children the movements, and trying to get a look at the others.

· When you try to promote your children.

· Myself of making a product to advertise around.

K 2. Self-expanding

And to spread their presence in society.

-1 ● desire to famous

· [Murray exposure exhibition]

· Intends to become famous. And to spread their presence.

-2 ● self-expression, missionary, propaganda

· [Murray exposure exhibition]

- of their own ideas, and I tried to express toward the others.

· Genetic as well, it will Uketsugo the cultural traits of an acquired itself to others, to spread it, missionary, trying to advertise.

- that he taught to others, others or to practice in the street, feel happy and further convey to other people. That he taught to others, or did not do it is others, disappointed and forget.

- his teaching is happy and spread between the others.

· Myself of making the products is, Could be seen by others, and received a positive evaluation, happy and accepted.

-2b ● input of representation

· Your that you want to express, it tries to enter into the computer or another person's head.

-3 ● understanding person, desire to conservative growth

· Myself with people who fit the opinion, found someone to understand their own, happy and more. Found similar to be a plus for me, I'm happy and more.

-4 ● desire to the common point

· To yourself and try to find a partner with a common point.

- and I'm happy when the partner is found with a common point of their own.

-5 ● business such as expansion, desire for growth

Scale and profits of the Toka-his own entrant company is larger, we wish to grow.

K 3. Fellow, like

I want a fellow want.

-1 ● like, preferential treatment in favor of person

· Seek their own ilk.

· Myself the same attributes (race, etc.), values, favoring the contents of the other party. To try to make a fellow at each other congenial. And partner with the same interests, hobbies and yourself, try to get along.

· Myself the same opinion, prefer a favor from. Advocates to their own, prefer favor person, to preferential treatment.

-2 ● dissimilar, opponents discrimination, exclusion, snub, annihilating

· [Murray rejection rejection]

- yourself and attribute different in (race, etc.) and values, discriminate against the other party to the contrary, exclusion, snub, attack, and to destroy.

- hate from being opposed to their own. Avoid the opponents.

-3 ● ally, desire for reinforcements

· [Murray affiliation affiliation]

- his ally, to try to increase the reinforcements.

-4 ● acceptance, desire for favorable impression

· [Murray affiliation affiliation]

- my thing is acceptable to others, desire is the ska.

· Seek the presence of others who accept their own thing.

-5 ● consent, desire for empathy, avoidance of negative

· [Murray affiliation affiliation]

- I agree, wishing to be empathy.

· Agree to their own, seek the presence of others who sympathize.

- consent to their own, be disappointed and empathy can not be obtained. Get angry.

· Reluctant to be denied their own thing. Try to avoid.

-5b ● desire to agreement

- hope to attain to the other party with the agreement.

-6 ● desire to belong

· [Murray affiliation affiliation]

- and no matter contained in the fellow who will accept myself.

-7 ● helping, assistance, aid

· [Murray compassion nuturance]

· Myself to become a better survival conditions, when you Tasukeao each other. Service to try to Ao and flexibility a.

· When you Yakudato for others. It also is in order to help people help in case of emergency.

· Help it in, trying to self-promotion.

- help each other is because of his own ego.

-8 ● child support, support, return children, the desire to parent presence

· [Murray nurturing dependence succorance]

· Helpless myself, the presence that will grow larger until the adult (more adult caregivers, the presence such as a parent) is determined.

- I think I want unconditional support and dedication cooperation from others.

I think, from others and should poured the free love.

- I think I want to depend too much on others.

I think, always want to watch, I want you to have to together forever, and I want to continue to love without betrayed.

· His firm support to seek a large presence us.

-8b ● hometown, desire to rely

- I think hometown that I can go home, and I want a home.

· Seek a cornerstone of heart.

-9 ● complement each other, the desire of the division of labor

· Myself of the poor, weak a place, to try to Ao to compensate each other. And I try to stretch the things your customer. Division of labor to.

And there, we have what is not in their own, mutually complementary, trying to division of labor. To that end, we try to get along with the foreign partner.

-10 ● communicate, desire for communication

• As attempt is made to communicate in order to maintain a smooth sense of unity and fellow around, when you take a companion and communication.

-11 ● up together, desire for organization

- Raise summarizes the good like each other the surrounding of the relationship, trying to organize, desire and attempt to exert a large force.

L . Suppress and transcendence of desire

L 1. Desire, suppression of desire

Yourself or others, desire, a state in which trapped in desire, feeling uncomfortable, and try to improve.

Desire, to try to suppress the expression of desire.

-1 ● superficial Toritsukuroi

- Even if deep well in the real intention, apparently, will Misekakeyo so that there is no greed, to try to behave.

-2 ● reflection from the true feelings, deterrence

- greedy to reflect on their own, to try to suppress as much as possible the manifestation of greed.

L 2. Desire, transcendence of desire

Desire, escaped from a state in which trapped in desire, and will become freely.

Desire lurking in their inner face, overcome the desire, to try to transcend.

-1 ● longing for sacred presence, training

- desire, beyond the desire, was overcome, the sacred presence, such as God or Buddha, longing to good presence, as would be, you try a variety of training.

L 3. Break away from the self-centered desire realization

The person who single-mindedly pursue the realization of the desire of only one person myself, are thinking only of yourself, feel uncomfortable as a self-centered.

My thing is aside (to suppress their own greed for the time being), I think that it is desirable to to be a plus for others, longing, it tries to run if possible.

-1 ● help, longing to contribute

- their desire only not to self-centered to realize, when you Mukeyo eyes to realize the desire of others other than your own.

- for others, for everyone, the to try to Yakudateyo myself for the society, considered desirable, it will attempt to run.

And human and to that made for, considered as desirable.

- his to be able to contribute to to work well with the surrounding society and organizations, considered desirable, it will attempt to run.

It created 2008 years 9 January to 2009 year 1 January



Supplementary explanation

2009 year 1 January first appearance

In order to create a list of ideas, policy

Human beings, organisms, which is a kind of animal.

Human nature, "biological" nature, is included in the "animal" nature.

The human mind and similar, such as heart, (but might have been simplified than human beings, things that are common in the fundamental place) other types of organisms may be considered to have.

Human nature - biological properties, it has entered the human-base specific place in the brain of an organism (animal).

Human beings, not a choice presence than other animals and organisms (which is equal).

They are building a body by the same gene. The point of sex, is the same.
There is a high capacity and development of the brain, it is only just one of the characteristics of an organism. Toka can photosynthesis like a plant, is the same level as or something can fly freely like a bird or insect.
Human beings, in order to claim that their own than other animals is a higher existence, desperately self-biological properties, hiding the animal, has taken the attitude to deny. For example, the guilt view that the indulgences in sex, was elected to God, intelligence, that it is a rational existence was hard and Serve in the table, is quite obvious if you look at the intellectual history of Western Europe.
However, if you look at the reality of human behavior, it can be seen that such a disguise would be easily peeled off. Drowning in a sexual and gastronomic pleasure, pressing missionary to the surroundings of the self, it is a hard Nanoha Barebare to dominate others their own way.

So, to know the human being, the fundamental biological property, pursuing the animal to the bitter end, to elucidate, such organisms, animal itself positive, as he of course of escape difficult nature as a kind of living creatures, ratify it seems to have become the absolutely necessary.

Man is a neuro-computer. However, it is not just a computer, the survival of as a biological, growth motivation, a motivation with a computer. There is a central command room, which governs the motive. It is all this world that the central nervous system is alive. When the nervous system is not working, the end is substantial life at that time, the afterlife does not exist.

Child's behavior of humans who do not learn the limiter on the action, the human organism, animal, is a department store of nature.

By observing the child, human neoplastic, it is possible to obtain a rich knowledge nature.

Anonymous bulletin board of the Internet limiter on the behavior is out of the human organism, animal, is a department store of nature.

By observing the anonymous message board, human neoplastic, it is possible to obtain a rich knowledge nature.

In the list of biological resistance, and raising the people as an example. Should lead fundamental place also be read as Toka Toka bird insects instead of people.

For better or worse human beings, myself even simplistic and something like this is also another person, it is necessary prepared to accept.

And affiliated with the ideal image

Such a biological desire list, between the man's embrace the ideal, the next 3 are considered divided the case of the kind.

(1) that the desire that has been raised in the list is realized, an ideal state as it is for humans.

(2) a significant portion of the desire that has been raised in the list, when you try as it is blatantly pursued, becomes the target of a negative evaluation is seen as greedy by others.

(3) the desire that has been raised to the list, and as it is trying to pursue with only yourself, are thinking about from others of their own, become seen as a self-centered to the target of negative evaluation.


(2) For,

(2-1) yourself is if there is no such desire, it is carried out to smooth over the appearance. Apparently, it is to become a state with reduced desire, an ideal for human beings.

(2-2) such desire, transcends state where trapped in desire, desire, be made free from desire, considered to be an ideal state in which up to more heights, such desire, overcome desire the "sacred" and would be an ideal existence. Overcoming the desire becomes the ideal for human beings.

(3) For, the desire, rather than filled with only yourself, try to strive to meet the surrounding of others and everyone. Break away from the self-centered desire realized, an ideal for human beings.

And affiliated with the preceding example of the desire list

The preceding example of a list of these biological desire, HAMurray (1938) "Explorations In Personality" in the paper, the human psychological needs list is famous.

However, there is a missing quite incomplete compared to the following of this list. People of this list is more complete, exhaustive.

It should be noted that, in this list Murray was raised of 20 to the items that are considered to correspond to one of desire, for example [Murray order order] are marked as. Items that are not marked becomes to the person list your own content.

[Reference] Murray reference site on the desire list of [think about the motivation] individual, group, country, motivated through the Earth (Part I) /  Kobe University Graduate School of Hisashihiroshi Kanai

   TAT was developed (subject Apperception inspection) HA desire as the classification and action principle of the psychological needs of Murray







Dark side of human beings

- Dark Psychology -


2008.09 first appearance


Human psychology is intrinsic to have, essentially a hard escaped, dark side, the dark side, 10 were tried together in a compact Clause.


(1) fits into pleasure.

(1-1) fits in comfort. To try easier. laze. When you try to cut corners.

(1-2) fits into a pleasure. Fit that feels good. Have sex. Eat a lot of delicious food. When you cage a good smell. Fit to tobacco and drugs.


(2-main) in violation. Fail.

(2-deputy) to conceal. Dropping his reputation, failure, the violation, try to hide in externally.


(3) jealous. envy. Pulling the human foot to be throw its hat on.


(4) be haughty. It is a pride (high pride).


(5) pushes away the others, to the self-promotion. Push yourself to the front. To dominate the others.


(6) abandon. Not help people who are in trouble. Discard use the others.


(7) betray. Double-cross. Adultery to. lie.


(8) does not care. To be reluctant. To mean. Tease the weak ones.


(9) to plunder. The intercept.


(10) carry out the killing of an organism - human beings. Carry out the destruction of useful stuff.


2008.09 first appearance



About conscience


2008.09-2008.11 first appearance


1. Or conscience is innate or acquired?


If that is not good, it becomes guilty feelings. There is a conscience.

Conscience or innate, or acquired?


(Theory 1)

Posteriori, because I learned from later scolded that it that this should not, do not feel the pangs of conscience? Conscience does not exist in the born. If you neglect to not scolded the children, become people who do not feel selfish, the pangs of conscience Tsukeaga'.

Terrible from others (painful, and lose was) when it is, and feel the pain in my heart - the body, wounded. But his is the same thing as (retaliation for), notice that a negative infinite chain. We gain self-control and try not to a terrible thing. This is the basis of conscience.


(Theory 2)

In a greenhouse to grow, and remain not meet the terrible eyes from others, do not doubt trust the others, good-natured of your son, would daughter.

Good-natured and whether conscience is the relationship? (1) it does not matter. Conscience, not born as long as there is no experience that is engaged in a terrible eye from others. (2) a relationship. People that have been a warm response from the surroundings, I think that it is a good person to others, fundamentally believe. Fundamental confidence in these others, the underlying of conscience. Fundamental confidence in the others, the first results from the parent-child relationship (parent-child mutual trust). Parents warm to children, and contact thinking for the children, born original trust and empathy to others, leading to the development of conscience. Those that foundation of occurrence of such a conscience, are originally provided in the inherently human.

Also saw the suffering by others in accordance with the terrible eyes of others, if there is no empathy, remains not anything think.

The conscience, empathy with others, there is a need for sharing of emotion. That either would think if the others when this kind of thing to others, and replaced with their own position, there is a need for the ability to sense and go back. There is a need for the ability to think from the perspective of others. The ability to empathy, or innate?

Self-control, limiter, get to learn by learning.


2. Brain activity monitoring helmet, hair bands and conscience

At present, the human mind, it is difficult to know ask from the outside.

Even if harbor any evil intent, such as murder and fraud, when it is the ignorant face in appearance, this person would seem to not separate from bad people.

So, really human beings are prone to bad things hidden behind the scenes.

The mind of such a man constantly monitors, which began thinking human as playing a role that leads to not that bad, is the presence of God in a so-called religion.

By Komu I think that is constantly watched nisin by God, work is self-control, and try not to do bad things, extrinsic, rely on the presence of a virtual force, that has been trying to keep the conscience, now is a human being up to.

However, God is merely a product of opportunism that man has created a virtual, it does not actually exist. Only is an effective thing as long as faith, and religion heart is Usumaru the development of science, is considered and its effect is eliminated rapidly. Sonaruto, the man who lost the external observer that God is considered to be possible to maintain the conscience mind becomes difficult as it is.

In, is the era of science, to monitor the human mind, what would be considered as a mechanism to maintain the conscience?

A possible one is read a particular location - overall activity of the human brain MRI , cerebral blood flow pattern reading apparatus, activities reader like a machine neural, a utilization of hardware. In short, as much as possible reduce the size of the hard to monitor the activities of the human brain, and power saving, light helmet, with a hair band, by the solar cell-lightweight rechargeable battery base, individuals, anywhere at any time, constantly even when you are sleeping wear that is the mandate a universal law to humankind.

Brain activity measurement, monitoring helmet, by wearing a hair band, and harbor a particular idea that there is a human being, to check that it has embraced the idea, loaded lamp to the helmet, or in a remote location of the monitor, it is possible to be that effect display. Psychological state of others is becoming to be viewed via a wireless headset.

In other words, human beings, when I got a lie, a unique signature that appears on the activity of the brain when you got the lie by reading brain activity monitoring helmet, inform and display lamp, a radio wave, etc. around, to be able to warning than is. The lie detector which has been measured conventionally skin is to improve the accuracy by measuring brain activity.

Alternatively, for the evil the owner of dangerous ideas such as murder and fraud, such evil of the brain when you have an idea activities on appear characteristic signature, a pattern, a helmet is read, the bad this person around to be able to inform the people'm openly. Of course, as the notice goes correctly to the Internet or telephone of the other side of the trading partner, build the information system is to maintain.

Alternatively, the remote the mind of a person's psychological state that are excited to angry detected by the helmet, I will met with terrible bad mood approaches to this person, Toka is, in the outgoing of the lamp or a particular radio waves from the surrounding it is to the as seen in.

And secretly committed a crime, the person who is the ignorant face, and special sense the anxiety of mind that Bale is the trouble in the helmet, by this person is a crime who are the bad things hidden, Toka is , or it may be for as seen remotely from the surroundings. And the brain within the monitoring information of the helmet, GPS in combination with the position information, the person that wants to hide and that bad, Toka I am in this town is, or may be to the As can be seen around.

On the other hand, Toka help people, Toka feelings of peace, for the owner of a good idea, that you have such a good idea, reading from brain activity, this person is not a dangerous person, Toka please with peace of mind, a good idea it is the owner, that is, conscience, as well-intentioned point accumulates, is high saint of virtue Once accumulated a lot, might say also to the fact that.

In short, brain activity monitoring helmet measures the psychological state of the brain, by checking, acts as supervisor of the human mind, it become as human urge the occurrence of conscience. That point, God is a conventional sentinels is no longer needed, no longer need any religion. Development of brain science, it's a religion, you can overcome the God. This is a kind of scientific revolution.


By mandating helmet mounted, the human itself not wearing a helmet, and a dangerous person that can not be equipped with a helmet is as it is because they harbor malice in mind, it is also possible to determine.

Of course, there is a trade-off between privacy. From being published via the helmet Araizarai to the outside all of the activities of an individual's brain is a violation of privacy. My mind thoughts schizophrenia patients suffering believes that leaks in all the external problems facing the same problem, will result happening to the helmet wearer. So, at least, initially, to external notification that the individual is holding a malice in mind, to focus on the ability to caught, it may be better to fabricate a helmet.


2008 first appearance


After the death of the world does not exist

- the nervous system and the soul -

2008.09 first appearance

Soul ( spirit ), the nervous system activity to that state, that is a collection of electrical impulses firing-transmission through the upper neural.

Soul, in a separate nerve circuit (of activity), can be considered by decomposing into pieces.

In that respect, soul, not only human, it can be said that the widely present in the animal general with the nervous system.

For example, even in insects such as beetle, or where the nervous system is built, it can be said that the soul is present.

Alternatively, the TV and PC electronics products, such as also, is alive when the power is on, it can be said to have a soul. Through live electrical circuit current, because flowing.

The fact that dies, the upper of the nervous system and the electrical system, impulses or no current flows, is similar to the electrical disappears.

Electrical products, is to die every time pull out the wall outlet (when there is a built-in battery, built-in battery can also be completely death by pulling at the same time).

For biological-human, oxygen is no longer sent to the nervous system, or by physical disruption of brain, nervous system inactivated, electrical impulses is not transmitted, cold, when it becomes stuck, the dead become.

Soul is an electrically presence, disappeared on the spot at the time of the dead, it will not be climbing up by itself in heaven. That point, after the death of the world, does not exist heaven, to hell both.

Where is the human soul dead? Where to does not exist. At the same time as the stop of the activity of the nervous system, it is considered to have disappeared on the spot.

Religions of the world to the existence of life after death and the premise, should be changed to the contents of this world complete, which was assumed that does not exist after death of the world.


2008 first appearance