Maternal feminism

- Japanese women as a model of the world's women -

Fifth Edition

Iwao Otsuka

table of contents
Background of this book discussion
Japan is, in fact, was the developed countries of feminism!
Women's liberation, Japanese society at the forefront of women's rights extension
Developed countries of women's rights extension, Japan - Southeast Asia
Japanese women to be women of the model of the world
Once you have opened a women's rights extended seminar
Women human rights violations, Western and 18+ game regulation of suppression
Mother-child separation, mother and child together, adhesion and feminism
Male imitation type feminism and women own type feminism
And mother-in-law of feminism, daughter-in-law of feminism
Japan feminism to ignore the maternal of Japanese society
Powerful presence of the father of the assumptions Japan feminism
Responsibility escaped and feminism to become a mother
The current state of Japan feminists who want to be "eternal daughter" state
From the dry Feminism (paternal feminism), the wet Feminism (maternal feminism)
The true reason of Western feminism introduced in Japan
Japan of feminism, and gender equality movement, envy of the housewife
Maternal type feminism, or traditional type Feminism and Japanese society
What we need to feminism of the future of the world


In this document, whether men and women of the sex differences in Japanese society has led to what effect, it has been discussed in a way that encourages a reconsideration of the conventional Japanese women's studies and Japanese feminism.

For example, the presence in the common belief of traditional Japanese women's studies and Japanese feminism, "Japanese society is male-dominated, is a patriarchal society," "women than men, anywhere in the world universally, to be released of weak subordinate It has been considered in that. "

In the previous term "female nature of Japanese society," "mother rights society Japan", "Japan male liberation theory", I was wondering about this common belief is, or to investigate the Japanese society, analysis or the results to the original, "wet, liquid specific Japanese society is stronger than women, mother rights society in which you are moving at a maternal center", "what Japan men, women, but there should be freed from the rule of motherhood" claims, such as it is developing.

In this document, such women in Japanese society, focusing on the power of motherhood, and turn the feminism of traditional Western-style 180 degrees, maternal feminism of the motherhood as a strategy for women in the axial dominates the society effectively the advocates new. Then, the Japanese women, in feminism, have argued that the presence to be a women's model of the world, including Europe and the United States.

Sentence, each section, each independent reading materials, has become the essay, you can start reading from anywhere.


Background of this book discussion

Home, family relationships, roughly divided into,

(1) men and women relationship that the underlying marital home

(2) the parent-child relationship father and son, mother and child, in-law of the father and son, mother and child relationship

It can be said to consist of.

Japanese home, the men and women of power relationships in the family,

(1) If attention is paid to the marital relationship, in Japan, it is often the husband = men look strong. The reason is,

- daughter-in-law is marriage in the house of her husband, there is a need to hear what you say of the house of her husband.

• In the male chauvinism, it is arrogant husband.

Many can-make of is predominantly husband, wife, daughter-in-law is not so much earn, economically forced to depend on her husband.

These points to emphasize, Japan's family claim that it is patriarchal, but in between the Japanese sociologists have become the mainstream.

On the other hand, there are also aspects of his wife = women look strong.

- a lot is that you have a monopoly on authority of household management wife, is seen many occasions to pass the pocket money to her husband. Pocket money is more of the Minister of Finance auditors to pass is the top position than those who get.

(2) when attention is paid to the parent-child relationship, in Japan, strong mother = women. Parenting of authority and monopoly, called Toka education Mamagon, are monster treats. Puppet that moves a child under the rule of their own motherhood, has been completely successful in the robot. On the other hand, my father, do not try to have less children and involved, the thin shadow.

The magnitude of the influence of these mothers in mind, Japanese society claim that's maternal society, has become the mainstream among clinical psychologist of Japan.

In this way, and if you look at the marital relationship, in the case of looking at the parent-child relationship, and the current situation is views on force of men and women of Japan is divided, it must be well tie match integration theory the view of both it is.

The author, as an opportunity to integrate well with the view of both, propose that capture regarded as "husband = son of the mother (mother-in-law)".

Husband has been thought to strong presence as patriarchal is, in fact, mother, puppets to be placed under the control of the mother-in-law, as a robot, in fact paternity has not been developed, claims to be maternal is a weak presence.

In Japan, parenting and the mother is a monopoly, from the time of the child's childhood, to form the children a strong exclusive mother-to-child coalition (mother-to-child Union) (mother in the ruler, the child is dependent person, mother of manipulation robot) , the mother and child one flesh state children and much more sustained even after becoming an adult, becoming the existing mother and child coalition is united, it has become composition that dominates the daughter-in-law of the newcomer. Of these, when viewed taken out only during the "mother of the son = husband," said daughter-in-law, the prior art that dominates the wife husband is a daughter-in-law, Japan = composition which has been claimed by the patriarchal society theory is visible. In practice, however, her husband, has been dominated by the mother-in-law is a mother, become the mother-in-law and together, merely suppressing the daughter-in-law.

To properly understand the power relationships in Japan of the couple, rather than see the only husband and wife (and his wife), the husband side of the husband and wife (and his wife), it is necessary to drive a wedge of the mother. Alternatively, mother and mother-in-law is a substantial center of the family, it is necessary to have a point of view of the "mother", "mother-in-law" center that to be true of the ruler.

The couple not to see only,

Mother-son (husband) ← (mother-to-child coalition not allowed to enter by dividing any person, Union)

· Mother-in-law - daughter-in-law (wife)

Husband (mother of the son) - wife (daughter-in-law)

There is a need to see three at the same time. Husband's father (father-in-law) is left in the state of the previous generation of the mother of his son, a thin shadow. Husband of the sister, as Kojuto, the same husband, as a member of the mother-to-child coalition of mother-in-law center, dominates the daughter-in-law, is the presence equivalent to the mother-in-law.

Husband, while visible to the seemingly strong patriarch for his wife, is a matter of fact, time to leave the big son of a mother even after, is dominated by the mother, is the recognition that it is a weak presence in the state that can not be mentally independence is necessary.

Husband is the son of a mother, father, unlike the mother is the family of the spiritual pillar, even while being patriarchal treatment, not accustomed to the family of the spiritual pillar continues to mentally dependent on the mother, Tomosureba contempt It is than it is present and fallen so low that looked down.

Husband is in, negative, the work has been to children and get separated, in fact, this work, or rather have done on behalf of the husband of the mother, it has become the surrogate mother of self-realization. Toka career promotion in the company, at first glance, her husband and appeared to be working hard for themselves, in fact, her husband own is incorporated into the mother, working hard for the mother to become a mother and one flesh and of that have gone is the actual situation. Mother is wavers between hope and fear in the career promotion of the son, for the husband, the success of his or her life, has it become to the success of the mother of life. In addition, the behavior of her husband take in the company, as a company man, a sense of unity with the company, emphasizing a sense of inclusion, the meantime tend to be ones maternal, to the men of the company organization to him, including adults it also shows that you are not able to get out from under the influence of the mother.

The author, these,

Mother (mother-in-law) by the son = whole personality domination of (husband for the wife)

And economic domination of the husband based on the authority monopoly of household management by wife

By combining the two, in the entire home-society of Japan, motherhood, and the rule of men is established by women, Japan is, in fact, the mother rights society, a women's rights society, and claims. Family center in Japan, the mother, is the mother-in-law.

Theory of the authoritative source of Western (Bachofen, etc.), the presence of the mother rights society has been denied so far, my claim is intended to be opposite from the front to this.

Taking the correlation between the national character and the men and women of the personality of the Japanese, the Japanese feminine (mutual sense of unity, be protected by the emphasis. Convoy type of affiliation, entrenchment safety of emphasis. Risk aversion, responsibility avoidance-oriented. conclusion that is moving in the wet ...) a liquid molecular motion manner comes out. This is, Japanese society, women's rights, is considered evidence irrefutable be a mother right society. Japanese, mother-in-law guts (around, for the junior Toka of the daughter-in-law equivalent of the current person, not allowed to talk back to all, with envy heart full, one-sided the entire personality, despotic to dominate) moving at cage, this thing itself, represents the mother in Japanese society, mother-in-law of influence, the strength of the dominant force. Therefore, Japanese society, the family analysis, mother-in-law center, it can be said that it is necessary to take the point of view of the mother center.

Traditional Japanese men, in an attempt to break the domination of mother and wife, boorish Butch, or become a Kaminarioyaji, but the section that has been opposition can be seen in the Toka domestic violence, only violent, scorn from more family is, it has produced a result that becomes the existence to be abandoned. Alternatively, but to try to escape to the outside of the household work, that work hard to work that directly becomes the self-realization of the mother, the psychological impact of the mother, it is impossible as it is to shake off the domination.

These women, maternal by Japanese society dominated, underlying the Japanese society, a woman facing, is thought to occur because it is made of water conservancy and joint work to bound rice farming culture.

Therefore, the author, if Japan is that it is the mother rights society, Japanese women, in terms of expansion of women's rights, the world of women, especially Western model of developed countries women, as is the presence of a teacher say, Japanese women (mother-to-child coalition, the formation of the mother-to-child union in) such, parenting as, mother rights women's rights established that the axis, and the extension of directions, in distinction from the feminism that existing Western women have been led, referred to as the maternal type feminism , argues that if is going to spread to the world.

In the future, in Japanese society, men release of the male side, and the flow to the paternity establishment, and the flow of maternal feminism promotion of female side, we expect when it comes to the collision from directly in front.

(First appearance June 2012)


Japan is, in fact, was the developed countries of feminism!

Feminism of Western, after all, the woman is the feminism of weak society.
Western housewife, and children also home of the purse for the most part, will be held in the husband, have fallen so low in mere junior housekeeper, it comes into its own work, by social advancement, it is that you try to malice-back, I think the origin of Western feminism.
Feminism of women is strong society is the content of this book was a prototype and not go to be the case.

Traditionally, Japanese feminism scholars feminism of Western production, which has been introduced in Japan, is the bastards of feminism that made a woman who struggles with not yet able to achieve a strong woman Western society. If you want to really women strong society, women, strong Japan is the maternal, it should become a model for the world of feminism. In this respect, Japan is said to be a developed country of feminism.
Japan women who are holding firmly the house of the purse and children, is the world's most powerful presence.
Japan village society is a woman society, is the culmination of a society dominated by women.

On the other hand, If you want to man society in Japan in earnest, from Japanese women should take up the purse and the children of the house.
(First appearance in February 2015)

Women's liberation, Japanese society at the forefront of women's rights extension

In Japanese society, men, children are deprived of even string of household purse women, has become a mere cash feeder = ATM slaves. The release of the men from the current situation is required.

The fact that men release is necessary in Japanese society, if flip side, the more strongly the power of women in society, women's liberation, is that is progressing women's rights extension. Question Japanese is just not aware of it.

In that respect, Japan is of the feminist and women scholars, the Japanese society, women's liberation, as a model case at the forefront of women's rights extension, or should not be advertised towards the whole world?

(First appearance 04 May 2008)

Developed countries of women's rights extension, Japan - Southeast Asia

National policy of the United States, freedom, independence, is the contents, such as individualism, both are based on the male sex, contrary to feminine, it is only intended to suppress the feminine.

The United States, women's rights extension, is a backward country in women's liberation.

Western-all world of women, collective action, mutual dependence, should aim the Japan-Southeast Asia society that emphasizes femininity, such as mutual integration.

Japan-Southeast Asia society, women's rights extension, in the women's liberation, is a developed country.

(First appearance in August 2011)

Japanese women to be women of the model of the world

Japanese women, from the point of view of women's rights extension, is the presence of the women of the model of the world.

Japan is, in terms of women's rights extension, a state-of-the-art advanced countries of the world.

Japanese women, against Western women, who themselves, in terms of women's rights extension, it can be said that hit the teacher.

Mother rights society, such as in Japan, it can be said that an ideal society for the feminists.

Japan women, true mother rights society and it these things, for the feminists of Europe and the United States, should be taught in reverse.

Until now, feminists of Japan, is looked up and the teacher the feminists of Europe and the United States, has been accepted desperately its teachings, it is a mistake, the words and deeds of the father rights society Western feminists, already achieved the mother right socialization for Japanese society who are, it should be aware that too much not helpful, that.

(First appearance May 2012)

Once you have opened a women's rights extended seminar

Japan, the woman is a social standard, men are in accordance with the woman. In other words, attentive and tuning coordinated, collective action, compliance with senior junior system is it.

On the other hand, Europe and the United States, man is a social standard, women are in accordance with the men. In other words, self-reliance, individuality and the importance of personality, emphasis on individual behavior is it.

Of non-standard women, it is a movement to become a man the same level of standard is Western feminism, is the it has been imported to Japan.

If originally, Western feminism is to analyze the characteristics of their own woman society, it should have been aimed at the world of the woman socialization = Japan of.

If, if you as like a women's rights extension seminar in the world is opened, women in Japan, especially mom and mother-in-law, Europe and the world of women teachers, should become a professor.

So although what we teach, for example,

· Their keep grabbed the child know-how, to create a mother-to-child coalition (mother-to-child union), children, especially son his own puppet, know-how and robot

· Away her husband from children, do not pass the child to her husband know-how

• Do not pass the authority of the household management to her husband know-how

- as a mother-in-law, know-how to dominate the whole family

It can be considered.

(First appearance May 2012)

Women human rights violations, Western and 18+ game regulation of suppression

Recently, human rights organizations of the United Kingdom Atari is, the rape a Japanese software company has created condemned the 18+ game to the subject (erotic) as a human rights violation, it Japanese side that was sensitive to the reaction, the self-regulation of software production It seems to have started.

But, in fact, Western, beginning with the United Kingdom (For more information or that is Western Europe and North America) is, society, at the national level, human rights violations of women, is're doing the suppression.

Speaking of what it means, Europe and the United States, is a gas specific dry society, individual behavior, but it is to focus on more than anything else to ensure the mutual disparate independence and freedom, in fact they, group-oriented with women , and entirely denied fluidly wet nature that emphasizes securing unity and synchrony of another and than has led to attempts to blot out.

Women of damp, muddy, wet essential character of the society, denying at the national level, and the denial of women inherent nature as it is, leads to a force of masculine personality of the woman, the human rights of and therefore women, society negative at the root of the infringement, will have been suppressed.

Likely United Kingdom Toka Queen heard a voice that or not is at the top, but, in fact, women of Europe and the United States, killed the wet nature of the should have the original, live earnestly according to the dry men, but harmless too It is a figurine of only useless, or housekeeper working in the tyranny of a man, possession, or would not than being treated like a pet. It cleverly hiding covered with ladies first the actual situation.

On the other hand, in the wet village society Japan, ostensibly is supposed to be that man society, in fact, women of the position of the mother or housewife has been active in love unlimited, spread men (son, husband) in the ass dominate Te. Existence and educational mom to steer his son, which is a typical Toka system my wife passed to the husband pocket money.

The Japanese men are usually kept to a woman, because good just on top of the game even if, I want to dominate at will a woman, is to have to buy the erotic. It is a software company that made the software of female rape of violence that has been in response to it.

Denied the femininity at the root of society, suppression to have, so to speak, the national sexual violence that the pressing of the men of women, Western society is doing in society level has infringed the human rights of women in its essence surface , product and is Western human rights organizations of the society, not in a position to be with a stingy of women human rights violations to the original female Japanese software company. However, institutions of the software company of the rise not the Japanese government and its subordinate of the head to Europe and the United States, the erotic regulation remains are said to Western human rights organizations had started with pay back in installments. I think this is that it is a problem.

(First appearance June 2009)

Mother-child separation, mother and child together, adhesion and feminism

This Western has been sealed a woman of power to society, women's rights extension, is a backward country of feminism, Japan and East Asian countries is feminism developed countries.

Children go left the mother of the original, the mother-to-child separation type society that independent of the mother (and Europe), women of the force is weak women's rights extension, it is a backward country of feminism. Free, it is independent, because it is society that the nature of the man is alive, such as self-reliance.

On the other hand, mother-to-child fusion, have occurred mother-to-child adhesions, permanently to the mother of the child, persistent dependence and mother-to-child-integrated society that graces are seen (Japan-East Asia), the strong women of power, women's rights extension , it is a developed country of feminism. Graces, integrated, is because the society in which women of nature is alive, such as tuning.

Maternal and Child integrity of forced, but natural for a girl, which is unnatural for a boy. This is because lead to killing masculine directed to separate independent from others.

(First appearance in August 2011)

Male imitation type feminism and women own type feminism

When a woman tries to regain power, to mimic already a man of the force of the way is, Western (and Western Japan in the direct import) is a male imitation type feminism. In short, like the men, economic independence is the aim of freedom of acquisition.

The other hand, is to direct the way of the woman originally of force, are women own type feminism. In short, firm in the workplace feminine atmosphere (mutual sense of unity of emphasis, emphasis on group behavior, importance of all personality immersive to the workplace, importance ... of all personality submission to the subordinate's superiors), in two-income men, while promoted in the same way as men, in the home, takes the authority of the whole personality and household management of my child, it is the aim to maintain its state. Traditional Japanese women, has been successful with this strategy, it is placed under the control of the man. Traditional Japanese women, is the success example of feminism.

(First appearance in August 2011)

And mother-in-law of feminism, daughter-in-law of feminism

The Japan of feminism, at least the following two types are considered.

It is, and mother-in-law of feminism, is the daughter-in-law of feminism.

Mother-in-law of feminism, in the conventional traditional Japanese village status quo as it is ratified to the form of society, which claims the maintenance of domination by women of Japan's home and thus mother-in-law of the position of the entire society. In this position, improve the maintenance of a strong union between mother and son.

Daughter-in-law of feminism, claiming independence from the daughter-in-law mother-in-law, improve cutting and union relationship between the mother-in-law and their son, the strengthening of the Union of the daughter-in-law and their mother to new.

Of the past, the concept of Ryosaikenbo is, and the strengthening of the member management rights of women was a home-based, exclusive control of their children, claims the strengthening of the rule, is considered to fall under the mother-in-law of feminism.

On the other hand, it introduced feminism from the West before the war - after the war, is thought to correspond to the daughter-in-law of feminism. On the surface, but has claimed the release of the woman (wife) from the man (husband), in fact, to the husband in soup stock, improvement of the position of the daughter-in-law against mother-in-law, be regarded as being aimed at strengthening, the reversal.

Ryosaikenbo doctrine, conventional, by feminists of Japan, confining the woman into the house, is a modern way of thinking before a patriarchal, has been that it should break down.

This is, speaking about women of feminists of Japan has been a model Western society, is extremely legitimate, it can be said that it should certainly break. It is, women in Europe and the United States, can not have sovereignty, such as household management and child care in the home is kept to a husband and father, therefore, is to try to find an outlet, a way out out of the house duly This is because that is considered to be.

However, when it comes to traditional Japanese woman, it is the most powerful and terrible there is a woman that fit the type of Ryosaikenbo. It is, she us, is completely grasp the sovereignty, such as household management and child care in the home, and, because they succeeded to be psychologically dependent on the woman the husband in that state.

However, speaking this Ryosaikenbo principle is to either, is the idea of ​​the mother-in-law closer. Daughter-in-law is, must continue to receive the unilateral control of the mother-in-law and all the way into the house of her husband, because not very stand, it is necessary to obtain the vent to the outside of the home. Because came Western feminism listed independence from there to the woman's home, it's that jumped in unison women of the position of the daughter-in-law is, it can be said that was the post-war Japan of feminism receptor.

To say that the independence from the home of the same woman, in the case of Western women, is a self-reliance is the main from a ruler husband. On the other hand, in the case of Japanese women, is the independence from the mother-in-law is a real ruler is the main, or rather self-reliance is a bonus from her husband, but her husband will follow in front of the mother-in-law because the mother-in-law of the henchman, defeat the mother-in-law of the boss Once, the mother-in-law of the henchmen of the husband is naturally said to be calculated in advance that's weak presence that comes Suriyo' to myself. In the woman society, there absolute upper and lower dominance of senior junior based on the subscription order of the home and school, to the populations of such companies, the daughter-in-law, which corresponds to junior and newcomer, unwritten rule that it can not criticize the mother-in-law is a senior law exists or that. Therefore, daughter-in-law will not be able to face up criticism of the mother-in-law, as a subject of criticism, although the backing of the mother-in-law there, is considered to be criticism substituted secretly a target to more weak husband.

Therefore, traditional Japanese of feminism, there is a need to re-verification again in the following points. In other words, although ostensibly was aimed at liberation from male of female, in fact, release of daughter-in-law from mother-in-law is the mother of the man of the marriage, that it or not than was aiming the release of from a woman's woman is there.

Claims of Japan of feminism is, supposedly, the woman of independence, was the economic independence of life, in fact, be able to support themselves in a place that does not take a breath of mother-in-law, that it can be financially independent, there independent from the control of the mother-in-law It was of the one would not.

Even the women employment opportunities in the Equal Employment Opportunity Law to try to ensure as rights to men the same level, that the daughter-in-law is, also went out from the home of her husband to the control of the mother-in-law Ikeru to live economically, ie, daughter-in-law economic independence from the mother-in-law, to ensure the independence or would not have been a true target.

Alternatively, even if the couple separate surnames wife to ensure it is not necessary according to the husband his last name, there is a section that was aiming "bride" concept, the elimination of the very existence. This is because, daughter-in-law is dominated by mother-in-law, is the presence on the premise of obedience to the mother-in-law, as the women of the daughter-in-law of the position, in the first place do not enter the house of her husband, by not marriage, the mother-in-law of the position women their own it is because it prevents the dominate.

Even in the gender equality of Toka parenting, to not become daughter-in-law take care of the mother-in-law, without entering under the control of the mother-in-law, have to live by themselves husband and wife, to parenting, aims in fact of the one would not.

Japanese man, husband, together with is governed by the mother-in-law is the mother, a mother-in-law and one flesh, rather than on their own is the daughter-in-law is as it is, will attached to the side of the mother-in-law. Therefore, the true purpose of feminist of Japan is to criticize the men, criticized the fact that man is attached to the side of the mother-in-law is a mother as it Oedipus complex, that away from the mother-in-law is the biological mother of the man, is the daughter-in-law herself and husband the "couple capsule" between, to eliminate from entering together under the influence of the mother-in-law, myself, the wife the relationship between the husband is to monopoly. Then, in a couple capsule, his is a wife, effective control rights in Toka household management and child care, is to take the initiative. For this purpose, it is necessary to disconnect from the mother-in-law the husband is the son of the mother-in-law put on their side. Feminism of Western production is, as expedient in order to realize it, it was being used by women of the daughter-in-law's position.

On the other hand, between the traditional Japanese woman, there is the like a Yomeshuto progressive thought, the daughter-in-law was engaged in severe eye to mother-in-law, the same terrible thing bride Once they become in a position of mother-in-law , it can be said that the negative chain that is in the infinite chain. This is, to stop by independence from the daughter-in-law of the mother-in-law occurs.

With the introduction of Western feminism, as a result of the independence of the daughter-in-law of the mother-in-law has occurred, engaged in severe eye to mother-in-law, the daughter-in-law is independence, influence as a mother-in-law, can not exercise control, has been a loss, Pitiful? It can be said that the generation of the mother-in-law is born. This is the Japan of the mother-in-law of gender equality era and later.

Post-war Japan of feminism was the feminism of the daughter-in-law that cut through the vested interests of the mother-in-law. It is, essentially, was a battle between women. Apparently, it was the man social criticism, in fact, was critical "mother-in-law society". Japan up to now, apparently appears to be a man society to the rule of men, in fact, it can be said that the men were "mother-in-law society", which is dominated by entirely the mothers. And, it can be said that due to the introduction of Western feminism, the assertion of independence from the husband of superficial wife was in the magic cloak of invisibility, of his wife, by the independence from the home of her husband, mother-in-law to dominate, and mother-in-law society is disappearing. Men criticism by the Japanese women's position of daughter-in-law, the man is a henchman, a member mother-in-law, it can be said that to criticize such a man had also led to reward Kazuya to the mother-in-law.

This is also, women of the position of the conventional daughter-in-law have led to a weakening of the daughter-in-law concept by not attempting to enter the home of her husband, who is under the control of the mother-in-law. In other words, my wife has been progress strategy "cut off from the mother-in-law of her husband" by, it is strengthening the apparent marital unit, which appears as a progression of the encapsulation of the marital relationship of the apparent. "Disconnected from the mother-in-law of her husband" by the wife, in fact, lead to the strengthening of the ties of his wife and their home. Conventional, wife order to marriage to the house of her husband, had to be cut on the surface of the edge of the home. It is, for example, by marriage costume is pure white, woman to marry is, once back yourself into a blank slate, it's appearing in that it expresses the feelings that newcomers to the home of her husband. Than it is becoming well without turning off it.

This is, it can be said that the parents of his wife and the wife, is tied to dominate the husband. That is, a result of mother-backup has disappeared, position husband weakened, with the result that what is forced to substantially state not much different Irimuko.

Marriage of substantial disappears, whether in the Japanese society is going to happen in earnest, it has already occurred. It can be said daughter-in-law by the mother-in-law and from the domination of her husband, and the transition to the domination of the husband by the mother of his wife and his wife (and alienation of the mother-in-law) is happening.

This is, it can be said to be associated with herbivorous men of Japanese men. The reason especially young men of Japan, has become to be the meantime there is no ambition against women, and men to get married, be backed up in the mental surface of the mother-in-law is a mother is becoming can not be expected and the like as. Men no longer rely on the support that there was conventional mother-in-law is, or rather daughter-in-law, it is to have become weaker against women in general of marriage the subject of the same generation.

His son was taken to the daughter-in-law, lost the real power of the mother-in-law, so to speak, women are being born to a large amount of "less than mother-in-law". She us, and become one with bereaved husband, become exist called "you alone-like". It is the presence of the same and women of Haimisu you did not marry a lifetime. But the same "you alone like" even of different and Haimisu is that the Haimisu did not also married to mother-in-law, women under the mother-in-law is brought into the daughter-in-law, is that did not become a mother-in-law . Is the person of the women under the mother-in-law is a loss than Haimisu. Speaking of it and what it means, Haimisu is, in the first place because they were not married, whereas live in without being control of the mother-in-law as a daughter-in-law, less than mother-in-law, unilaterally subjected to reluctantly control of the mother-in-law as a daughter-in-law continued, the anger can not be clear up to the daughter-in-law of the next generation, negative experience, is because has become a way to push accumulated unilaterally emotions. Women under mother-in-law as a daughter-in-law that were not familiar to the mother-in-law is What losers.

These "you alone-like", in order to break the forward of the daughter-in-law rule of mother-in-law, is considered to be a transient phenomenon that temporarily occur. In other words, it is a temporary "tie" phenomenon of the order to the transition to the strengthening of the rule of his wife and his mother, believed to be extinguished in the future.

The Ryosaikenbo principle, when viewed from the daughter-in-law point of view, "good wife" is service to the husband is the son of the mother-in-law, "wise mother" is caught in the child-rearing, as a daughter-in-law wife while worrying about the monitoring of the mother-in-law, both parents of the husband, as I do not want because it is under the influence of the mother-in-law, daughter-in-law of the position of feminism, from the "daughter-in-law of feminism" is become the target of criticism.

In other words, the daughter-in-law is, mother-in-law was unilaterally confined to the home of her husband to dominate, feeling a forced assimilation, took to the daughter-in-law is the nasty.

Women's position of daughter-in-law is, by criticism of Ryosaikenbo principle, apparently, man, but has been single-mindedly attacked the husband, in fact, banging men, the mother-in-law is the mother of her husband, ensure independence from the mother-in-law, the freedom to the is the real purpose. This is, or rather fight between women, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, fight against the parents' home of the daughter-in-law, is a power struggle.

In fact, there are old and new also to Ryosaikenbo principle, old from Ryosaikenbo principle, the transition to a new Ryosaikenbo principle is considered or not than has occurred. In the new Ryosaikenbo principle, "good wife" is, wife, while virtually dominate the husband by seizing such as household management authority, apparently refers to play a good wife in the guise of peer-to-peer, "wise mother" is, mother-in-law in a state where the influence was shut out, it refers to the child-rearing in the form to steer the children to remain in their own thoughts. That is, the realization of the "daughter-in-law of feminism".

On the other hand, traditional old Ryosaikenbo doctrine, mother-in-law is, for the women who are in a position of daughter-in-law, will be used to rally once again force. In other words, it is the realization of the "mother-in-law of feminism".

For Japanese men, from domination by the mother-in-law = mother, and to rule by mother of the wife and the wife, will be their ruler has changed. Took the men, continue without changes that have been placed under the control by women, that point, Japan male release point of view is still required.

In addition, it is taking the men, wearing the umbrella of the power of the mother-in-law = biological mother, a point that became swagger it is difficult for the wife, has led to a decrease in status in the home. By the way, arrogant to the wife by the husband, become virtually impossible by the husband and wife separate surnames is realized. Japan men's often passive case to couple separate surnames, a reduction of their own (especially for the wife) influence and status associated with that you will no longer be able to exercise the influence of the mother (mother-in-law) to the wife is expected It seems to be the order.

In, "daughter-in-law of the feminism" as to achieve the original purpose, or will to ahead annihilation? Speaking of, would not go away. It is, if not put in the fact that on the ruler apparently the man, because this leads to that the woman is taken a controlling responsibility, from the female side you want to escape from accountability for their own self-protection, continue to have needs This is because it can be said that.

(First appearance in May 2011)

Japan feminism to ignore the maternal of Japanese society

In traditional Japanese feminism, why it was probably have ignored the strong maternal that exists in Japanese society?

It is, for them, is a strong mother, not necessarily exist with a positive value of positive, rather, unsympathetic, hateful, is weak, and I wonder not because they felt the negative.

Their is a woman, and the existing Japanese society that mothers and motherhood is their same sex is filled is a unpleasant thing, they might have recognized in the depths of the heart.

That has been dominated by the annoying presence of a mighty called "Japanese mother", the driving force from the fact, temporarily want to avert your eyes, want to run away, feeling that is, they ignore the presence of the mighty maternal in Japanese society of the one it would not have become? In short they are, I "I want to run away from the mother."

From the cause of these is assumed, it can be said as follows. They (or rather Kanojora) is, that succumb to the mother is a ruler, Japan men and position are the same. To promote maternal type tradition type feminism is, by his own mother, but I do not have to accept the rule of to their own, or it would not there is that unacceptable psychologically. Or, it is that there is a rule dependency is nasty face of a woman between the mother and daughter. That is, since the sex of each other, is among those who see of each other hands, but there is a possibility that occurs naturally troublesome tactics there.

Rather, existing Japanese men is, by utilizing the fact that the mother is in relation to each other attract each other of the opposite sex, receiving a strong maternal rather, it can be said that graces positive for the mother.

Existing feminist et al., Japan (Ms. Chizuko Ueno Toka), by a changeover strong father of patriarchy in discussions based on the premise, it can be said that the attempt to escape from the reality of maternal the Japanese society is governed. In reality, Japan is motherhood is strong, do we need to return to the reality that patriarchy is not the case.

Escapism is, it can be said that there is also a manifestation of the desire to want to become stronger to dad. It entered divided between the rich and the clogging likely to dominate subordination of human relations of the breath of the mother, that I want to ease their own, seeking spiritual catharsis. In short, Japan's (especially of women) feminist, secretly hidden in the depths of the mind, or would not than a paternal long-awaited commentators. The expression of the maternal type feminism or would not than has been away unconsciously. The idea of ​​maternal type feminism based on the traditional strong maternal in Japanese society, is to be considered that it would be have to avoid unwittingly in the unconscious.

Given this, was the presence which is regarded as the enemy for the Japanese man released until now, the existing Japan feminists are, in fact, in terms of directing the release of the biological mother, friend, is there is a possibility to become a comrade.

If this possibility is valid, existing women's rights extension, in the form of more than a partisan of man rights expansion, reconsider their own who are invested only in such unconscious behavior, global, objective, bird's-eye view point of view is, feminism and masculism, a certain value of women's studies and men studies to each other, for the fight is not a barren, or for the effective development of the two, would not be necessary.

(First appearance in October 2011)

Powerful presence of the father of the assumptions Japan feminism

Claim that it's "Japanese society is patriarchal" of Japanese feminism, in Japanese society, the premise is that clear and powerful paternal exists.

When the society to strong paternal does not exist, the first place patriarchy is not approved. It assumes therefore patriarchy, also does not hold Japan feminism that claims of Ms. Chizuko Ueno and the like.

Whether the paternity of Japan is such that said what specifically, or will they in the feminists of Japan will be answered? This is because, as seen in the work of the former Gustav Foz "to Japan of the father", paternity of Japan is in fact, a weakened by being pushed by the maternal, is because should see that it is not present in clear form. Japanese men, father, "Mother, mother-in-law of guard dogs, dog," Would not the state.

Society to strong paternal it is a point to be the premise, of the existing, paternity is the neck of Japan feminism that imported the theory of strong enough Western society, it said to be a fundamental weak point. If the premise of Japanese society = patriarchy is lost, it is because the whole of the stacked becoming theory and social movement ever to collapse.

In Japanese society, strong paternal does not exist, or not than an illusion? Is it, therefore, the existing Japan feminism that assumes the presence of a strong paternal is not the first place established, can not be, the future is not the no?

That point, performs on the assumption of the presence of a strong maternal conversion to the Japanese original of the traditional maternal type feminism, it can be said that it is necessary to advertise in a loud voice to the world.

Feminism of Japan, sloppy, it is necessary to break away from the import academic. The true nature of Japanese society, and survived thinking in the form convincing themselves without relying on the theory of borrowed, would not you have to Shimese. Only know to full study the theory of Western is bad, there is a need to change the way until just now apply mechanically the import theory into Japanese society fundamentally.

(First appearance 2011 years 10 May)

Responsibility escaped and feminism to become a mother

In Japan, women who want to escape from the responsibility to become a mother, it is considered that there is a surface that has claimed the feminism.

In short, child-rearing, pressure that befall itself to the education of children, in order to escape from the pressure that must not and nurtured not properly their children as mothers, to become a mother, is trying to deny that it is a mother. Trend of there tend responsibility fled to women can be found in there.

(First appearance 07 May 2012)

The current state of Japan feminists who want to be "eternal daughter" state

Japan's current women's studies, in feminism, negatively captures the position of the current situation of women deliberately, there is a bias to the attempt is made to break away from there. The position of the current status of Japanese women, there is a need to revise as positively regarded as a heroine of the mother rights society.

In this way of capturing the position of the current situation of women in the negative, they (Kanojora) is, is because wants a return to eternal daughter state at the bottom of my heart.

That is, or that it would be a career woman without marriage, or nuisance treat children, to deny a role in general as a mother with adult women, to avoid to become an adult mother, of children it appeared the heart to try to return to daughter.

Japan man is realized is the opposite of the regression to the "eternal son" state. Japanese women are in the traditionally are in the "eternal mother" state, it is the heart of the burden (the burden of supporting the children, I do not want to be responsible) and the women feel is the current state of women's studies to deny motherhood, feminism it can be said to have Iribita'. In short, want to be women like the "eternal daughter" state of the Western is to think (that it is it is easier) and. Forever is you want to have a child. For Western men are considered to be in the "Eternal Father" state, part of the Japanese women who want to be "eternal daughter" state, believed to want a strong father themselves also rely on these, the presence of such a father, if they were fantastic, assuming as fantasy, it can be said fiction, and he has been struggling to realize the patriarchy of the house of cards in Japanese society.

(First appearance 04 May 2012)

From the dry Feminism (paternal feminism), the wet Feminism (maternal feminism)

Feminism of Western, women were regarded presence and inferior than men, that women become men par, woman be tailored to men, have been aimed at male of female. In that respect, paternity, is under the influence of masculine values, paternal feminism, called a dry-feminism. Traditional feminism of Japan are those who follow this dry feminism.

Feminism of Japan is, if you want to increase the clout in the future, in the form to match the realities of Japanese society, the women in Japanese society and dominance of superior presence and considered than men, men, women in the maternal force to taste, to be trained to fit the feminine values, that man is tailored to women, aim the feminization of men, maternal feminism, should take the road of wet feminism.

(First appearance March 2011)

The true reason of Western feminism introduced in Japan

Reality of rule by maternal of Japanese society up to now, it did not come accepted in Japanese. Japan is to be a country of patriarchy, is the feminism of women's rights extension have been introduced intently.

Will it why the?

Japan, since the Meiji Restoration, has been Tsuppashi' the society of westernization route. It is, of former colonial powers China, in order to reverse the position with South Korea, China, stained active in advanced Western authority stronger than South Korea, to be a member of the Western society because it was required.

Home rule by mother-in-law in Japanese society, and acknowledge the reality that motherhood of flooding in the society, to the Japanese society, women are weak, fitting of Western theory and there is a need for women's liberation is not going well, their Japanese Western no longer said to be a member of society. As a result, the westernization of Japanese society is no longer proceed, together with the heterogeneous treatment from Western society, again, has been in China, it becomes a vassal state of Korea.

Position of the person who hits the So troubled with the idea was of Japanese society policy makers is, sealed to face up to the reality that the rule of maternal of Japanese society, is considered to have chosen the road to earnestly introducing the feminism of Western to Japanese society. Toka a gender-equal society initiative of the Japanese government, is its culmination, Japanese women scholars, and turned away their eyes on the strength of the mother rights in Japanese society, as patronage scholar of government, and the westernization of Japanese society, associated with it China, it can be said that has played a role in the avoidance of Japan re-domination by the former colonial powers such as South Korea.

(First appearance February 2012)

Japan of feminism, and gender equality movement, envy of the housewife

Movement of around feminism Toka gender equality society of Japan, on the surface, but has set the social advancement promotion of women, it is a matter of fact,

And economic women of position to forced to work in the outside there is no margin, with a jealousy against the identity of a housewife to be able to live To Nounou at home without work, because the exercise to be Oroso drag from its seat It is not?

And child-rearing, it is not Konase housework, or were insufficient maternal to child-rearing, whether the woman is inferior to only personable of become full-time housewives, not the exercise to try to recover the inferior in social advancement?

To the impregnable housewife empire, attack from the outfield, but I wonder not than of the actual situation?

(First appearance 11 May 2014)

Maternal type feminism, or traditional type Feminism and Japanese society

In Japanese society, motherhood, considered the mother of the force is strong, the idea to try to take advantage of it to women's rights extension, it can be called such as "maternal type feminism".

Maternal type feminism, motherhood is maintaining the status quo that governs the society, which the attempt is made to women's rights extended by the development, a point to be Ikaso as it is a traditional mother rights society, referred to as a "traditional type Feminism" It can also be referred to as such.

Traditional type, maternal type feminism, so to speak, mother-in-law of feminism, mother's feminism, is the mom of feminism.

Such a maternal type, status quo of traditional type feminism, development of Directions is, the Radical feminism women of the force is trying to destroy the weak status quo in Western society is clearly different things.

In addition, traditional mother rights society, freedom and personal, than disparate opinion statement of the individual, the overall sense of unity, harmony, unity, emphasizing that the match around. In that respect, such a traditional mother rights society based on maternal type, traditional-type feminism, apart from both liberal feminism that aims to free independent individuals.

Maternal type, traditional-type feminism, the conventional Western production of feminism is to be regarded as the directions of women's rights extension of was no new pattern.

(First appearance September 2011)

What we need to feminism of the future of the world

If you do not read the air, if you want to criticize other people, also in the air, it should be taken into thinking that a masculine air, a feminine air exist.

Man of the air is a Western atmosphere, brutal, combat, freedom, personal independence, objectivity, science, such as three-dimensional three-dimensional, is a gas specific dry atmosphere.

Woman air integral-friendliness, harmony, interdependence, exclusion, mutual pulling of the foot, handicapped, insidious, unscientific, such planar two-dimensional, which is fluidly wet atmosphere.

Woman of essence, is crippled.

Femininity is to collectivism, the bound and regulatory principles and its essence, individualism, holds the promise the power to destroy the foundation of Western society of liberalism.

However, Western feminists, such as "self-reliance", "freedom", "release", has tried to project our masculine keyword, against women.

Western feminists is, individualism, dry man society, such as liberalism, tied to the masculine values, remain trapped in paternity, it has done a discourse that was contrary to the feminine.

Feminist in Japan, Japanese women have traditionally held, woman of the original, safety first directed to collectivism, convoy principle, psychological mutual, the world directed to the emotional integrity fusion of be realized, true women's liberation, that lead to strengthening women's rights, should be asserted against Western feminists, it was to be'll tell.

However, feminists of Japan is not aware of it, was a mistake that imported the Western feminism that has been tied to the masculine values ​​in Japanese society.

By direct import of the Japanese society of Western feminism, conversely, will be injected into the masculine values ​​in Japanese society, weakening the women of the Japanese society, was a result contrary to the true of women's rights extension.

Why, feminists of Japan, either did not notice the error? It should be extended themselves originally, is woman society, female psychology, sufficient discussion of whether those maternal values ​​has what kind of situation, because I lacked the knowledge.

In the future, the prototype is present in the Japanese society, and women society, and to more clearly the reality of maternal values, be aimed at those extensions, there is a need for feminism of the world (Japan male release of Although undesirable from the point of view).

From Japan of feminism is necessary flow of transmission to the world of feminism. Japan's large companies, and the mother of the executives of the central government (housewife), the Japan rural mother-in-law, should be the world-model as the strongest woman.

(First appearance March 2011)

Global expansion of the Oedipus complex society

Traditional village society of Japan is a society in which mother and mother-in-law will dominate. Children, son nor daughter, and have a strong awareness of the dependent mind and graces for the mother, the point, the Japanese village society is called a Oedipus complex society. That they would extend toward the Oedipus complex society all over the world, feminism of the world should aim. Feminizuto of the Japan-East Asia should be the flag waving auditors.

(First appearance 11 May 2016)