The rule of woman society

2017 Iwao Otsuka

table of contents
Overview of the woman society
Survey Method of woman society
Features of the woman society
(1) "importance of interpersonal relationships."
(2) "importance of communication."
(3) "the accumulation of interpersonal relationships."
(4) "adhesion of interpersonal relationships."
(5) "collectivism"
(6) "importance of belonging."
(7) "importance of the settlement."
(8) "tunability, strong jealousy"
(9) "importance of synchronization - senior junior system"
(10) "imitation oriented"
(11) "importance of unity."
(12) "indifferent between a small group."
(13) "desire to be protected."
(14) "authoritarian"
(15) "avoidance of risk."
(16) "precedent followed oriented"
(17) "backward, the status quo manner"
(18) "shame, appearance of importance."
(19) "emphasis on attentive"
(20) "emphasis on cleanliness"
(21) "avoidance of responsibility."
(22) "importance of Natsuki"
(23) "importance of pre-agreement"
(24) "atychiphobia"
(25) "closed, exclusive"
(26) "passive"
(27) "importance of mutual monitoring"
(28) "indirect support"
(29) "local (local)"
(30) "emotional"
(31) "small scale"
(32) "high-density directional"
(33) "importance of rigor"
(34) "deduction principle"
(35) "administrative control principle"
(36) "importance of obedience."
(37) "Soka manner"
(38) "avoidance of projecting"
(39) "center-oriented"
(40) "negative thinking"
(41) "truth, Naijitsu hiding"
Of woman society law
Women determination test
Woman society, man social comparison Summary Table
Woman society Constitution, man society Constitution
Computer simulation of the woman society
Power exercise of woman society
Japanese society as a woman society, rice farmers society
(Source) woman society information source list for useful women to know
(Documents) and gender differences in men and women of behavioral, related dry-wet Sato of interpersonal sense (summarized in the table)
Source: Wet of behavior and biological valuable properties (summarized in the table)


Under the climate of gender discrimination of modern society, supposedly the men and women of the gender differences are supposed to be no.

But, in fact, hidden social norms = there is a "law of the woman society". The social norms that is has become a tacit agreement is between that you do not profess is a woman, therefore, the social norms, has become a de facto "the back of the law". In this book, a description will be given of the law of this woman society.

Overview of the woman society

"Woman society" is a kind of society to be widely distributed in the world. Japan and East Asia, notably seen in women is strong rice farmers society, such as Southeast Asia (On the other hand, Western society of man society, nomadic, are pastoralists society.)

"Woman society" is present in common to rural to urban.

"Woman society" is,

And workplace woman society government, the company's full-time, non-regular employees (part, dispatch) society between women of.

School woman society nursery school, kindergarten, PTA, school district children, child care, school (Toka Mom friend) society between women who mediated (elementary school, junior high school, high school, college, graduate school) a.

· Territorial woman society the same village, neighborhood association, residents' association, society of women belonging to the long-term care facilities for the elderly. Society between women that share the area of ​​parks and public facilities.

- relatives woman society family, relatives relatives relationship's with each other. Mother-in-law, Kojuto and daughter-in-law. Mother and daughter.

And communication woman social communication, social between women who mediated the Internet (electronic bulletin board, social networking services, etc.)

It can be classified into.

Survey Method of woman society

Woman society is exclusive, closed and, not accept strangers, to hide the inner workings. When the woman inadvertently speaking the inner workings of the woman society, the woman is treated whistleblowers, it seems would be left out as a traitor. So that elicit the women speaking in clear form in the face-to-face direct the inner workings of the woman society can not be expected as it is. So, the external researchers, that the know, the truth is hard to understand. Whether it is possible to know to effectively the know it?

The correct answer is, to find a place for women on the net is an anonymous remarks, it would be to various view its contents. Women are able to review the contents of the anonymous bulletin board of the public to speak anonymously lead to the elucidation of woman society. In Japan, it is effective to browse the details of "Girls channel", "remark Komachi" speech content of the women-only anonymous bulletin board such as. Come out a lot when you search by keyword such as "scary woman society".

Anonymous Q & A site, to "tell me goo," "Yahoo Answers" around, because sometimes there is that the response of content to expose the "inside of the woman society" is attached, so read it well.

In addition, an anonymous female writers, the net news site ( "My Navi Woman" or), often doing the dissemination of information for women, also from among them, for example of the interpersonal relationships of women often in the workplace and articles of advice such as the reference, can be inferred the inner workings of the woman society.

Alternatively, the exposure this woman society anonymous woman, looking for a whistleblower site, it is also effective to read its contents. In Japan, it has come up many things that were written about the girls' school. During, male teachers, there is also a scholarly book that summarizes the behavior of the girls' school of the girls who work, it is recommended because the men and women of the sex difference can be seen well.

The Toka book of Western women Toka sociologists of Japan to introduce, because Western women are accidentally virilization under the patriarchal society, not very helpful in terms of knowing the pure woman social way. As much as possible, Japan and East Asia, it is to find an anonymous remarks by women in the women's strong society, such as Southeast Asia.

The following contents of the book, has become a thing that reflects the results of the investigation in the manner described above.

Features of the woman society

Below, a woman social, or features of the women look like, do individually explained.

(1) "importance of interpersonal relationships."

"Directing. Ties to focus on interpersonal relationships."

Women are, essentially focus on interpersonal relationships.

Kanojora, rather than inorganic substances, interest goes towards the human beings.

Kanojora is, human relations, nepotism, connections, focusing on the construction of personal connections, and good.

Kanojora is, ties between people, to focus on bonds.

Political parties, etc., not the can group by the difference of clear goals controversy and vision. Kanojora is, "I, at that time, because I indebted in ○○ to ○○ teacher, jailing the disciple of ○○ teacher" As such, make the nepotism relationship with a person or interpersonal relationship-oriented. It factions, become academic background or the like, and move the society.

Kanojora is sensitive to the feelings of others, it and to read the movement of the human mind, interested people are often in psychology and counseling.

Kanojora is, like to get Kama' to others.

Kanojora is, or take care of other people, like to take care.

Kanojora way of thinking, are attracted an interest in dolls and people around from time small, is the idea of ​​the girl to act as like it (as a boy, is the degree to which attracted an interest in inorganic mechanical and materials Low).

(VS man:. For them, interpersonal relationships, not only means to achieve something objective, is temporary for them, rather than lead, is important to move freely and independently is there.)

(2) "importance of communication."

"Communication, discussion, to focus on each other informal."

Women, interpersonal relationship building, in order to maintain, at Toka company, communication, communicate profusely emphasis.

Kanojora is, dialogue and close others around, the conversation, shovel, like to each other informal.

Kanojora is fluent chatter can phone, prefer the LINE.

Kanojora wishes close the letter with the other party, e-mail, the message, the frequent exchanges that do not put between.

Kanojora is, for interpersonal relationships maintained, even if there is no requirement, like to talk long.

Kanojora prefer a communication means that can exchange messages directly.

(VS man: for them, communication is not only a means for achieving something objective, it is not intended to be a target itself.)

(3) "the accumulation of interpersonal relationships."

"Interpersonal relationship is cumulative. Can not be reset. Turnover is difficult."

In the case of women, interpersonal relationships, continue to steadily accumulated overlapping generations.

Kanojora is, interpersonal relationships, connections of cutting, reset, can not initialize.

Kanojora is, as it is loose continued once can have relationships and connections, continue to hold.

Kanojora is, cut a certain field, the connections made once in the area to feel free, another field, hate to be turned-in area, to request the field, that continue to stay all the way to the region entered once.

In the case of Kanojora, Toka friendship, school, in the first moment that entered the workplace, there is a tendency that then will be decided much.

Kanojora is another area, even if an attempt is turned-organization group, because they have already completed by accumulating existing interpersonal relationships in the area, enters later, put easily can not be get.

Or even as I had put, Kanojora is, identity, becomes in a position of low newcomer to handle.

(VS man: They are, interpersonal relationships is easy to be reset, it is possible to Tianjin to the next Xintiandi.)

(4) "adhesion of interpersonal relationships."

"Interpersonal relationship is long-lasting. Interpersonal relationships adhesion, adhesion and easy. Public and private confusion, a bid-rigging constitution."

In the case of women, once able to interpersonal relationship is endlessly sustained over a long period of time.

Kanojora is, interpersonal relationships is a cohesive, persistent.

In between the Kanojora, once prolonged began conversations and sermons endlessly, not end easily.

Woman society sticky human relations is like a natto, it has been sticky, called a "natto society".

In Kanojora, interpersonal relationships is easily adhesion, public and private confused or became intimate partner, prone Toka rigging of the more than one person familiar my daily life.

(VS man: In the case of they, interpersonal relationships than those short-term, a protein, is obtained by quickly.)

(5) "collectivism"

"Being together, emphasizing the herd. Good friend group formation, like a convoy system. Entrainment, prone to joint and several liability."

Women, and we will be together at all.

Kanojora prefer a flock of.

Kanojora is, like the population, behavior in the organization, a joint work.

Kanojora is a population advocates.

Kanojora can not act in one person, do not like to act.

Kanojora will Ao stick sticky each other, and will be together.

Kanojora is to create a faction, Igamiau as will become mainstream with each other.

Kanojora is, the habit can not do anything with weak mind alone, it increased the attention to the galvanized iron and Cabal and groups, stir in a loud voice to rely on "the number of power", carry out the things outrageously. Alternatively,

Kanojora is, to allow the tease one person - few are gathered by a group (Buzei in great number).

Kanojora, the sense of unity within the population, respect for love more than anything.

Emphasize Kanojora is, like a "Let's tackle work together at all", of the oneness of collective strength, that it is a one flesh profusely.

Kanojora prefer to do something to concentrate in unison with everyone.

Kanojora of society, in order to ensure each other's safety, the self-protection, everyone in the flock together, hanging out at, is a "convoy system" society prefer to act in a way that mutually protect each other with the surrounding.

Kanojora seeks to everyone is treatment without discrimination. Women, meals toilets all, wants to act in hanging out with good friends group.

Kanojora, when one person causes something action, without self-contained in the person, care involving inexorably around, is likely to be in turmoil.

Kanojora is the responsibility of the behavior that caused it, not only to one person's responsibility, prone to joint and several liability of the Toka group.

Kanojora is, it is difficult to continue to have independent of the ambient.

(VS man:.. They are, independently of one person than the group, emphasizing that the free-standing they are, when to prefer their mutually suit each other, responsibility, move a result, take alone their own personal result to become.)

(6) "importance of belonging."

"Emphasizes the affiliation. Inclusive sense, to focus on the womb feeling. Prefer a suicide."

Women, emphasizing the affiliation.

Kanojora attempts to belong to always somewhere in the population.

Kanojora is anxiety and does not belong somewhere.

Kanojora is, above all fear of being excluded from the affiliated group.

Kanojora is, to not belong to the group, hate independence alone, the for autonomy in the underlying.

Kanojora is, a people free that is not also belong to anywhere in the population, contempt said something about part-time workers, not credit.

Kanojora is, where if it had entered the population, to focus on whether belongs.

Kanojora will enter (entered), it belongs (belongs, the) respect school, company name, the brand.

Kanojora, it is a regular of belonging, respect that it is a regular employee of the relatives of the population. On the other hand, non-regular employees of the extraordinary, have the same job without even tries to put to relatives, not considered as belonging, providing a disparity in treatment.

Kanojora is, members are, for the sake of belonging population, at the expense of myself, to praise the fact that sweat.

Kanojora is, emphasizing that the member is, only to belong to the population and mind completely included, is absorbed, and always integrated with the belonging group, to act in the spirit, such as if it were one person to represent yourself as if belonging to the population to.

Kanojora is, to emphasize that the member moves as part of the body of belonging population.

Kanojora is, to belong to the population, members each and every completely dissolved, and completely melted, belongs to the population itself tries to give the impression that the move to have the personality of human unity to the outside.

Kanojora of belonging to population, with respect to members, such as mother-in-law annoyingly severe.

Belonging to members, the company, in order to belong to the population of the Toka school, holidays, overtime hours be included, and Ireage 100 percent without cheating all the time, forced to dedicate, is required.

Alternatively, members can, with the affiliation group, are required to socializing over the life of a long period of time as possible.

Members are, by cutting all of their own private, be tailored to the belonging group, is required to use up all of their time for the sake of belonging population (Messi apprenticeship). Woman society is suffocating, bound feeling, full of sense of stagnation. It is similar to the slave state.

The members belongs population, and temporally, to be spatial, and it is desired to completely encompassed. Belonging to permanently belong population (Toka local rural family group).

It is an affiliation first principle.

In affiliation collective side, when it is no longer able to maintain the affiliation of its members, by affiliation group side, unilaterally relationship is destroyed, members will be forced to withdraw in self-convenience from belonging population.

On the other hand, in the belonging group side, once put the members in the group, it can not easily be put out of its members to the outside.

Members are considered the survival of their belonging population first, with all the Shiryoku for its lifetime, all of the population is required to try to fight until the last moment united.

Kanojora, when it was in useless fighting until the end is, and will perish whole belongs population.

Kanojora prefer collective self-determination, a double suicide.

Kanojora is, belonging to the population, trying to complete as far as the population, to try to end. Members do not like to be picked up by the other group.

Affiliation population, hope to swear lifelong loyalty only to members is one of the belonging group, members into two or more populations, hate that belong simultaneously or sequentially.

If carried out the survival of belonging to the population, yourself it is required to think that may be what happened become the sacrifice.

Kanojora is, members of the population, because of the affiliation group, as commando, honor to become a sacrifice proceed.

Belonging to the population is a common destiny, that both the fate to belong to the population and the last members, "Morotomo if die", seek a suicide.

In the belonging group, in advance taking the job offer to joining somewhere at the same time when you graduated from school (Toka University), and not joined in neatly new graduates on a given day, out of the affiliation group, thrown out the are already graduated treatment, no longer Could also put anywhere in the company (already graduated discrimination).

In the belonging group, even in the case of job change not only the graduates, not go from belonging to a population of until now and do not enter in time without interruption following belong population.

In the belonging group, in affiliation, and anywhere there is a period of free that do not belong, or if there is a blank in the history, not get put quite in other populations.

Women, to remain a member in, hope that it is not issued to the outside.

Kanojora is, a job change, regarded as emissions from affiliation (population), dislike.

Kanojora is, a job change, rather than a skill up, in front of the stomach population, because you did not get along with the other members, or was issued to the outside, capturing the negative and got out from their own.

The woman society, can go out of the affiliation group, the original intention, regardless of the intention, a traitor, is considered a negative point, be condemned.

The woman society, members are provided the life of the rail of belonging population, never out of the escalator, it is requested that you do not get off. Member does not come off belongs group dedicated life of rail, from the escalator, as long as you do not get off, life of the members is belonging population to guarantee. On the other hand, members have, once, got off belongs to the population of the rail, the escalator from their own, at your own risk then of life if you have graduated, belongs to the population is not involved at all, it does not help.

Kanojora is, feeling that he has been included in the affiliation group, belonging population become your mother instead, as if they prefer a feeling like you are in the womb of the mother.

Kanojora is, the point is a very strong sense of unity and belonging to the population, is a feminine personality that values ​​the sense of unity with the other party.

(VS man: They are, independently alone than to belong somewhere, self-reliance to emphasize to venture they are, avoid the constraints caused by the affiliation, prefer the free..)

(7) "importance of the settlement."

"Settlement, fixing, to focus on with the roots. Emphasizes the continuation. Emphasizes the expert. Stick to."

Women, prefer Toka land who live in the villages, the workplace of the authorities, the company Toka, settled in one place, that the take root a long period of time to fix.

Kanojora prefer indigenous.

Kanojora is to move out, dislike the outgoing person and a traitor cried. I hate to be a place to place the Toka office of the company.

Kanojora is, duckweed is not settled, to despise people like Nenashigusa.

Kanojora is, or, or repeatedly change jobs, do not trust people who do not have a steady job in one of the workplace.

Kanojora is also at work in the house, sit down in one place, cozy on the spot, to try to start immediately the nest for the purpose of Itsuku a long period of time.

Kanojora is, low center of gravity, hip heavy, not going to move from there to settle down in one place.

Kanojora is, Toka scholar, Toka actor, majoring in one of the field from the very beginning, there to sit down, rooted in, without cheating, to emphasize that the walk to continuing basis the one road of the professional .

Kanojora is, to focus on experts.

Kanojora is, continued respect the word Nari force.

Kanojora is, those who pry with a variety of interest in the outside a number of professional, does not have the professional, without credit that those who do not decide, despise.

Kanojora, we of land to live their own generation to generation and, or, are attached to their own area of ​​expertise to know anything, of course that the there is no can not answer that.

Kanojora is directed to a hundred-point scale of expertise surface.

Kanojora do not know, do not answer the question, think and embarrassed when other people can answer.

Kanojora is, have determined the narrow their answers the extent possible, be to be able to answer anything within that range, trying to maintain their high pride as an expert.

Kanojora, it knows, considered first that there is knowledge, to learn knowledge, to focus energy to memorize.

Kanojora is, intellectuals with a scholarship, respect for scholars.

Kanojora is, in the opinion of the up to now that you have put down roots, to stick, you flexible Yuzuro, not trying to change the opinion. Bring up again any number of times story.

Kanojora, once he ceded, is negative and ideas tend Once changed.

Kanojora rejects the dialogue and deliberation that triggers concessions, trying to absence from the meeting.

Kanojora is or discussion is in forever parallel lines, become dispute, repeated railroaded.

(VS man:. They are, to focus on somewhere to continue to move to more and more new ground with one person than to fix much they are, new entrants ability of new fields, emphasis on new ideas, the ability to produce the knowledge to.)

(8) "tunability, strong jealousy"

"Tunability is strong. Uniform, side by side, trendy, emphasizing the trend. Prefer the relative evaluation. Jealousy is strong."

Women, strong synchrony.

Kanojora is, epidemic, respect for cooperation.

Kanojora is sensitive to the epidemic around, it is swayed by the epidemic.

Kanojora is, Toka movies and animation, you try to follow in all the major epidemic.

Kanojora prefer the following blindly.

Kanojora is, like to move in accordance with the trend.

Kanojora, it is good mutual tension of attention-feet between each other.

Kanojora is all together, that are side by side, are forced to be the same without discrimination.

Kanojora prefer to do in class Toka all at once.

Kanojora is, hate the "No Child Left Behind" can not go about the surroundings.

Kanojora is, and profusely emphasis on coordination and attentive with the surroundings, like a "sticks out is hammered", human beings become delayed luggage, a man of self-reliance type that does not match the pace around, closer to tease gathered.

Kanojora is, freedom, essentially hate free.

Kanojora is, mutual checks and balances, jealousy is strong and hope that go to everyone tuned at the same time in the same place if go, do not allow someone to try to chipping missing only one person.

Kanojora is, the grade of the person or organization, using the deviation value, determined by the relative evaluation of the surroundings.

Kanojora is, so as not to offend the people against their own, everybody's friend to consideration equally But to anyone.

Kanojora is jealous. Kanojora is, other people can go to higher than their own, to be a good thought, and tried to stop every effort to be effortless.

Kanojora are always others, relative to compare the standing position with other companies and their own, trying to catch up desperately to others to go higher, as leapfrog, to discipline themselves to each other, to try to improve.

Such jealousy of the strength of the Kanojora has become a driving force behind the woman social improvement.

Kanojora, it others is the result to equality and myself, it is the same, disparity oriented that there is no, the unfair treatment for themselves, the "that person is jealous heart full of good treatment than their own It has received.'s discrimination. "to be charged with everything screaming. As a result, it sinks to the bottom and hit a pile a person comes out that pulled the leg, social equality, and homogenized. It is, down drag the woman who tried to go on with jealousy for others to do well, is a female nature to seek a sense of unity on each other's treatment.

(VS man:. They are, than tune with the surrounding, their strong personality, apart has its own property, to try to be able to demonstrate their abilities they created a new trend, it first and foremost ride, pour heart and soul to the creation of a lot of followers.)

(9) "importance of synchronization - senior junior system"

"Synchronous consciousness is strong. Seniority, senior junior system, prefer the escalator. Overtaking prefer. Parachute that hate the competition."

Women, all at once in accordance with the timing of the Toka group joined the Toka once a year, like to synchronize.

Kanojora is, the person who entered the same population with the timing, is regarded as the synchronization, it wants to seek the same, the treatment of equally no difference each other.

Kanojora is, the same joined the annual, synchronization of people, uniform and promotion in synchronization with each other, like to disparities in promotion does not occur.

Kanojora, as well as the ride to the escalator, according to age, job title is going to steadily promoted to the top, or, always superiors treat people of senior rating took a year than people of junior rating within the organization is is, like seniority, the senior junior system.

Kanojora the people together in a synchronous relationship, hate to meet each other in a state where gap up and down in title has occurred, lower the person of title is in the form of parachute drops to external organ, a face-to-face I like to go out to the outside of the organization so that there is no (parachute).

Kanojora may alternatively, people of senior rating went ahead in the organization, to the people of the junior price, which came into the organization later, from being overtaken by Toka promotion (people of junior-rated overtake the people of the senior rating) hate.

Kanojora is, fundamentally hate the competition with the passing.

Kanojora is, young people of junior-rated, to become the top than those who were older the senior price, dislike both as a cumbersome each other.

Kanojora is a promotion in the promotion and company at school, hate the grade-skipping, like to go sequentially climbed one by one step has been prepared stairs.

Kanojora is, hate from being demoted from once climbed status.

Such a personality, temporal set on each other's treatment, is a feminine personality to determine the integrity.

Such a personality, or, emphasis on learning of the precedent and knowledge to ensure the safety of himself, earlier admission, he joined the people, a large degree of unprecedented accumulation, think that forever becomes higher in the unconditional, feminine is a personality.

Woman having a child, to make their children of school age are the same person each other, the synchronization of mom friends, do hard the exchange of information for the children's education. By the upper and lower child's grade, senior junior system is generated between the mom friend. Mom of seniority is determined by the age of the children. Age is the same mother with each other children, even if there is a large disparity in the actual age of the mother, and the synchronization of fellow treatment. Mothers with older children in addition to the same grade of children, is also young and senior treatment. The age of the children is in the seniority of the original in Mom friend group for mothers.

(VS man: They are not particular about the synchronization Kanojora, it is obvious that a top executives than those who were old young people their case, overtaking, competition is a daily occurrence...)

(10) "imitation oriented"

"Imitation, is like copy, move it."

Women, prefer the mimicry of others, imitation, copy, is the owner of the rip-off culture.

Kanojora is, around the trend, let's with desperately to fashion, tuning, it tries to synchronize.

Kanojora does not like to walk alone another of their own in developing their surroundings, to try to align around.

Kanojora is, individuals of originality the (originality), fundamentally dislike as it is not preferable to the fact that unlike around only one person.

Kanojora is, by imitating others around, to ensure the sustainability of the sense of unity with the surroundings.

Woman society, afraid to be alone away from the surrounding, is a "convoy" society that likes to act flock together at all. It is a feminine personality that use the unusual attention to their own self-protection.

(VS man: They prefer the uniqueness of them prefer the originality based on the idea of ​​the individual..)

(11) "importance of unity."

"Unity, emphasizing a sense of unity, the empathy."

Woman society, within the population, mutual sense of unity, empathy, harmony, prefer the harmony. Society of the "sum", is a good friend club society.

Kanojora is, as good to have the same thought at the same quality each other, do not allow foreign strong self-assertion in the pieces of individual disturbing the sum of the population.

Woman society, thought projecting disturb the sum of the population, the owner of the action, will crush was beaten up and gathered by everyone, is a society that bullies trying to expel.

Kanojora is, the survival of the population itself imperceptibly self purpose of, in the population hate that crack in a fight farewell.

Kanojora of society, each other, and to the direction in which the sum of the population is kept, it is adapt their behavior "pandering", "Kobi" society.

Kanojora is, mutual body temperature, feel the warmth, without each other's sense of distance, of Affinity, prefer the interpersonal relationships that lack of privacy with respect to intimate partner.

Kanojora takes the distance between each other, objectively an opponent of interest, the scientific directions to be calmly behold, as a cold relationship with the other party, fundamentally dislike. It is a feminine personality that values ​​mutual sense of unity, a fusion feel.

Kanojora is, tend to try to Osameyo round Toka disputes, nothing happened.

Kanojora is, litigation, hate the trial, you try as much as possible reconciliation.

Kanojora is the shape of things, like circular, circular, flexible cushion.

Kanojora is amicably resolved, like the finale.

Kanojora is an unarmed structure that do not like each conflict.

Women, perpetuated by the (innate) group advocates = collectivist, a tuning advocates = conformist. Such a personality, both, in the individualistic man society is low value, is a major in the woman society. The people of Japan becomes the collective principle is a strong evidence women in the woman society.

(VS man: They are, confrontation and litigation of opinion, willing the war they are commonplace have different opinions and people..)

(12) "indifferent between a small group."

"Small groups each other apart, independent, non-cooperation, indifferent, silos, is a discord."

Women, limited individual narrow a range of friendship-held sense of unity with each other, independent of each other, a small population was closed toward the outside, circle, but factions (the Toka good friend group generated by the class high school girl) was making a lot of that.

The woman society, school, the Toka company, social groups formed by the members, small chunks, prone to break apart each other individually small.

Among a plurality of small good friends populations, together closed, exclusive, and discord.

Therefore, each independently, isolated mutual understanding between the individual small groups is insufficient as it is.

The total population, less likely to be integrated while the entire organization was only roses. The entire population, the entire organization, control can not be taken, they tend to become the state to move independent of each other.

Collection of smaller groups, precedence over collection of a larger group.

Alternatively, in political parties, factions and its own freely moving each, they tend to lack the unity of the whole party.

Sub-groups of the population, without trying to cooperate with each other, freely moving duplicate apart, compromising the population and society as a whole benefits, adverse effects of the vertical split is likely to occur.

The woman society,'ll help a period of such closed individual small groups, achieving mutual understanding, somehow to have a sense of unity with each other, making it possible to have the whole of the leadership it becomes a challenge.

Kanojora is, rather than individuals, prefer their group is said to own.

Kanojora is, individuals but do not like to project far removed from the surrounding, to project each group, there can be argued strongly, and lead to to strengthen the group image of, good because it is advantageous for self-entrenchment to.

Kanojora is different from elsewhere in the group or country, the other to not own, rejoice and are said to have a unique culture.

(VS man: for them, the group is temporary, fall apart on an individual basis, it is irrelevant they are, for the sake of their own interests, trying to cooperation in the dry interested each other..)

(13) "desire to be protected."

"I want to be protected, want to rely on, I want to cultivate, demands something, not parasitic want sentiment strong. Independence. Interdependence, mutual help psychology is strong. Self-love is strong. Authoritarian's like."

Women, strong degree to feel the anxiety in one person, it is to be protected, it is a strong feeling that I want to protect.

Kanojora is, dependent heart is strong.

Between the Kanojora, graces the heart is filled.

Kanojora is, such as the government and large companies, Iraishin to large organizations, sense of belonging, a large graces.

Kanojora is strong and a dependable is, prefer someone could protect their own authorities, the opposite sex. It is a strong person of ally.

Kanojora is an anxiety to independence alone, I want to ask to help someone.

Kanojora is, fluttering in the strong person. It attracted. Throbbing heart to the authoritarian person who will actively lead themselves. Kanojora is, overlooking the authoritarian politics in the bottom of my heart. Kanojora is, a population of authoritarian who deified called "your top", honor, obey. Keep up with the post-believe that say "you up". Kanojora is not fundamentally amenable to the masculine democracy of Western-style to claim the freedom from individuals of those in power.

Kanojora is, weak person to thoroughly cold of force, or bullying in groups, or ignored, or discrimination. Kanojora, a person weak force but hit to be a small beneficiaries (welfare recipients), the significant beneficiary of the strong (the prime minister and his private friends) to pretend not to see.

Kanojora is, wants to Have nourished by parasitic to someone. Saying "depend if Taiki of shadow" has clearly a situation of this area.

Kanojora is, when the job, wants to choose a great company to be an example of this.

Kanojora is an anxiety that is exposed to the outside alone, it Tayoro to strong men, and will let you observe.

Kanojora is, strong ones, you try to give me your spilled from some of the money, gathered guts is strong (for example, equal to'll let you Ogo' a meal from the annual income of many men).

Kanojora is, give-and-take, Getting Help interdependence of Otagaisama, to focus on helping each other. The opponent was indebted to to give back, to try to equal the relationship.

Kanojora has a strong self-love, is a self-centered. My thing is important most, is important.

Women of personality, errand attention to self protection, everything is also protected with priority, a woman nature prefer to be escorted.

(VS man: They are, my body is defend yourself they are, as a basic self-help..)

(14) "authoritarian"

"It is an authoritarian. Criticism, does not allow the rebuttal."

Women, authority, weak brand.

Kanojora is authoritarian.

Kanojora of culture, culture of flattery, is a culture of pandering.

Kanojora is, for their own self-protection, likely to have authority, even a little, people are forming the mainstream, or, university, teachers and doctors belonging to the intellectual prestigious institution such as a hospital, as a "teacher" call it, to follow then, to grovel.

Kanojora is, think if Ayume behind the person who is myself authority, is safe, and is not arrogant.

Kanojora is, or, if you heard people say that a certain authority, think okay, no doubt.

Kanojora is, safety and of himself, us to guarantee the correctness of his decision, wants to seek a greater presence of an external.

Kanojora is, against those who strength than their likely, single-mindedly sell flattery, but to grovel, that's a little weak so, out bullish on soon, and the pressing of the unpleasant work, to do the extortion imitation.

Kanojora is, authority with his own, in order to show high, it tries to acquire advanced the evaluation of the stated brand-name products.

Kanojora is, the relics of social strong man of Toka Western powers, to profusely worship as there is authority.

Kanojora is, a theory that is established theory no doubt if you believe this, faith as religion, not acknowledged that disagree to it.

Kanojora is pushing his own, waving to the mighty presence was overwhelmed, willing to stain the color.

Kanojora is, or blindly follow, make your ask.

Kanojora is, talk back to the Toka teachers and seniors, criticism, objections, impaired sense of unity of mutual, not allowed as a large scratch to say the people of prestige, to compel the absolute obedience.

Kanojora is, fundamentally vulnerable to criticism. So, for their own self-protection, it does not allow any criticism.

Kanojora is, when you Yorisugaro to authority.

(VS man: They, with shield in authority, criticism, for freedom of objections, likes to exercise.)

(15) "avoidance of risk."

"Safety, self-protection is the first. Anxiety is strong. Is unadventurous. Risk, to avoid the challenge. Originality is lacking."

Women, safety first, in self protection first, strong degree to feel the anxiety, which is unadventurous in cowardice.

Kanojora is, not adventure.

Kanojora is, hate the venture.

Kanojora is afraid of failure.

Kanojora is, can not do anything that there is no precedent.

Kanojora is, originality is lacking.

Kanojora is, for example, in the humanities and social sciences of the University, is doing just chasing after the Western theory.

Kanojora is, to overcome the existing theory, poor in spirit to try to make a new theory.

Kanojora is, with the existing theory, the power of assimilation and integrated is too strong.

Kanojora is, because the unknown in the field do not know what to what failed, scary, as, do not want to put out a hand.

Kanojora is not headed, it is safer to go after the Western pioneer, think that.

Kanojora is dangerous, risky thing and will not be of unknown new.

Kanojora is, to become guinea pigs (the bench) is unpleasant.

Kanojora hate the strongest hand of criticism more dangerous, when you go in a more safe and comfortable number two.

Kanojora, it is necessary to lead ahead of everyone, trying to be more, just need only keep up with followers are more great leader.

Kanojora is, hate the challenge in the bottom of my heart.

Woman society, and not put in a peer group in the Toka new school year, and beyond, has a mechanism that can not be easily into the population.

Science and Technology of Japan is always lags behind Europe and the United States, backwardness of the yoke, the anxiety of strength, safety-oriented, Taiei properties, such as precedent-oriented, there is a relationship with a woman of a strong evidence women in Japanese society.

(VS man: They, safety, without regard to self-protection, actively challenge to the risk they are rich in originality..)

(16) "precedent followed oriented" 

"Precedent, tradition, is a rail overemphasis. Precedent of small improvements, polished is good at. Senior junior relationship is tight."

Women, knowledge becomes a precedent, the rapid learning of know-how, digestion, they are skilled in absorption.

Japan is a woman society, Toka time of the Meiji Restoration, quickly absorb the new knowledge of Europe and the United States, to learn, there is soon track record of success to be in my things.

Kanojora is, school or cram school, in Toka prep school, knowledge becomes a precedent, which is meantime keen on learning of know-how.

In Kanojora of society, precedent to itself, up and down relationship is determined in accordance with the degree of the tradition of accumulation.

In Kanojora of society, precedent, become the top person in the middle of the group or organization is rich with a tradition in itself.

In between the Kanojora, seniority, senior junior relationship is tight. Junior does not go against the seniors.

In Kanojora of society, a group or organization, and swagger is veteran such as stations.

In Kanojora of society, newcomer bullying is carried out for granted, in any of the organization, the low status of newcomers. It is (in terms of the degree of family tradition learning, mother-in-law is a senior, daughter-in-law is junior, newcomer) daughter-in-law mother-in-law relationship in the home leads to.

In Kanojora of society, those who have the knowledge and skills to be a precedent, is a great in visceral, on the other hand, originality that are considered towards the young rookie is in the rich are not evaluated.

The safety considered first, to dispense to avoid that through the unknown of the dangerous road, it is required that is abundantly laden with precedent and become experience knowledge of the action to be taken. Experience knowledge as such a precedent, people on the seniority has more.

Kanojora is, absorb the already original precedent that someone has done in advance, to learn, the small improvement steadily piled, stacked the polished, by attaching a competitive edge, surpassing the original, Serikatsu it, They are skilled to overthrow.

Kanojora is, in life, like to advance over the fixed rail, afraid to deviate from the rail, not welcome.

Kanojora of society, twist the old customs width, it is required to inherit it from generation to generation. To change the old customs is a non. Is an iconic.

Such a personality, avoid the unknown danger, the point of going the only way of precedent, is a feminine personality.

(VS man: They are, precedent, without regard to tradition, actively destroying, criticizing, creating new knowledge in their own power, an attempt is universally spread it.)

(17) "backward, the status quo manner"

(17-1) "thinking is traditional, feudal, is the reverse manner."

(17-2) "No competition, no wind, stagnation, (of Toka vested interests) maintaining the status quo is like. Prefer the immutable."

(17-3) "will be resistance to the inflow of advanced ideas from the outside, but once it is topped to receive a Dakudaku, return to the original influx ceased."

Women, the concept is traditional, backward, a delay basis, which is feudal.

In Kanojora of society, mother-in-law, and Eraku is veteran such as stations, can not be the newcomer is more than the veteran.

Kanojora is tied to the old tradition, it emphasizes precedent and tradition, the status quo earnestly.

Kanojora is, would crush everyone considers endogenous a progressive new attempt at internal group to be in danger. This can be expressed in terms of "mother-in-law guts".

Kanojora is, newcomers hate the competition that may overtake from after the old-timer, to try to protect the existing peace order.

Kanojora hate the Namikaze that stand, prefer calm, calm, stagnation, and shalt not.

Kanojora prefer the Toka vested interests immutable, the maintenance.

Kanojora, while the resistance to the inflow of new culture of foreign, overwhelmed, when surpassed receptor unconditionally follow suit.

Kanojora is, progressive culture, institutions are wary of resistance that come from the outside. But,

Kanojora is, emergency overwhelmed by the outside culture, and is topped, as returns the palm of the hand, almost blindly follow its progressive thinking, trying to slurp.

Kanojora is dominant a hard to resistance coming from the outside, not Umidase in their own power, new and progressive way of thinking, ideas, products, unconditionally, with no criticism to follow striving to be first, Toriireyo, imitate you try, it tries to small improvements.

Bragging Kanojora is, it has taken the initiative, the result of the introduction, and with foil to the surrounding.

While the resistance to that from the outside of the (advanced) thinking enters, once it topped Dakudaku and the receptor, that slurping is similar to the fertilization relationship between the feminine ovum to the masculine sperm (eggs manner behavior).


Kanojora is, so progressive and new, to take a competitive attitude, there is a dominant new ideas from the outside, have flown, stops only while the need to deal with it has occurred.

Kanojora, when the influx of a new culture from the outside stops, return of the original windless calm state, the status quo basis, the vested interests maintain specific ethos.

Kanojora, as the emperor system, what is much more immutable, like the ones enduring.

Kanojora is, hate change. Delay of woman society, the essence of feudalism is, women who try to protect single-mindedly a safe precedent to avoid the danger and challenge, in the maternal personality.

(VS man:.. They, thinking, without being bound by tradition, is an advanced they are, competition, prefer the change they are actively welcomed from the beginning of the forward thinking from the outside, trying to development to.)

(18) "shame, appearance of importance."

"Shame, respect the appearance. To foreign to hide the internal problem. Fine skill, prefer the rhetoric."

Woman is the owner of the "culture of shame" that the very mind others of the line-of-sight and an evaluation directed against myself.

Kanojora is, he was to actively care what has been what seems around, as would appear well around, or doing a wide variety of care, or the acting.

Kanojora is everybody's friend, it is hard to give a good impression around the country.

Kanojora are either think if their own from the surrounding, can not be helped whether he is liked is in the mood.

Kanojora, as he is satisfied with the surroundings, actively or flattery, or Bukkake good boy.

Kanojora, in order to improve the impression of the surroundings of their own, or a profusely attentive, busy to or appointed an outer surface specific apparent.

Kanojora is, face, be very concerned about the body surface.

Kanojora is always the human eye can not be helped in the mood.

Kanojora is, is a strong feeling that has been seen in other people.

Kanojora performs the action of pretentious that assumes the line of sight of others. It is the "appearance of culture".

Kanojora is excessive self-conscious about how look yourself to others. Makeup and clothes check on the premise of the line of sight of the others, for women to do more.

Kanojora is, that the group of their own and their is a problem inside, try to hide desperately to the outside.

Kanojora is, trying to pretend there is no problem.

Kanojora is, to try looking good.

Kanojora is, and I will be in foreign to good child.

Kanojora is, the "flirts".

Kanojora, the spread is not good rumors about myself, fear more than anything else the fuss happens. Foreign manner he wants is seen well, and want to be accepted, it is to manipulate their own impression, such as hiding the problem, for women to do more.

Kanojora prefer sensuously beautiful pleasant rhetoric, that the use of the slogan.

Kanojora is, that to speak in which there are many, would gather everyone's attention, embarrassed to buy a laugh, the eyes of others can not speak in the mood.

Kanojora is shy.

Kanojora can say that it in a private small group.

(VS man:. They are, without worrying about the public eye, do the things that I think my and rightly ashamed also reputation even without imposing they are, although that values ​​the internal privacy for the sake of security, active in open presentation of information it is. they are, controversial and remarks that not clothed to the teeth in a public place.)

R.Benedict was cast in "Chrysanthemum and the Sword", in the context of the culture of culture and shame of sin,

Man is a "sin of sex (gender)". Kanojora, even if not seen to someone, feel the guilt as was that bad, take action of atonement. Men independently of the periphery of the trends, that feel guilty just alone, is a dry, it forms the basis of the sin of culture (manly culture).

Woman is a "shame of sex (gender)". Women, "a red light, everyone not afraid if Do not cross," as such, whether or not feel the guilt, point depends on the presence or absence and trends around the line of sight, is a wet, culture of shame (sissy culture form the basis of). Woman has a strong feeling of "being seen" in others, like the makeup, clothing and fashion is a self-appeal on the assumption the line of sight of others.

Japan became a society based on the "culture of shame" is "gender = women of shame" is, is because they dominate the foundation of society.

(19) "emphasis on attentive"

"Friendly, attentive, to focus on the refrain."

Women, emphasizing that to others around, emotional the attention to detail, attentive, the refrain.

Kanojora is, to emphasize that the contact with the warm compassion of feeling with respect to the surrounding.

Kanojora is, when you aim the realization of a society full of warmth.

Delicate attention to the surroundings is good at more of the women.

(VS man: They prefer a direct Monoi, consideration, lack of attentive they are, without the refrain, say more and more things they are, to negotiate aggressively...)

(20) "emphasis on cleanliness"

"I prefer the cleanliness. The purification ceremony, wash away, like to total replacement."

Women, their own body and mind, it is like to cleanse wash.

Kanojora is, hate dirt, the filth.

Kanojora is clean, a beautiful love.

Kanojora prefer a clear stream at Toka river.

Kanojora is, profusely noisy in one of the etiquette whether breath like myself the vomit is not or rotten to other people.

Kanojora is, their own (of others) dirty, or unclean does not turn to others (to yourself), metastasis, or not contagious, or not affect, is very concerned about.

Kanojora is, to others, not dirty, clean, a clean, in an attempt to show you my good impression, profusely like to wash their hair and body.

Kanojora is, mind and body of dirt into the clean water flow, prefer become going to have washed away the unclean to the "purification ceremony (purification ceremony)".

Kanojora is, like to take a bath.

Kanojora is, the failure or past to try to Sumaso "water into the sink in."

Kanojora of the idea, another idea there is no middle school girls and the thought is together to repeat the shower and shampoo every morning becomes excessive self-consciousness to the dirt of his body.

Kanojora is directed that in order to mutually (feminine) self defensiveness are living together with a sense of unity densely together in convoy manner.

Kanojora, therefore, contamination of the Toka (my) body of others not far away Do not stick to itself (to others), it has become sensitive or not contagious each other.

Kanojora is likely to be inspired by the new inclusions.

Kanojora is, newly came in with overwhelming force from outside, or the entire society to the culture of the emerging forces that was successful come up with innovations from the country from being easily influenced in an instant. And,

Kanojora is, what had originally supposed they had been in place until now, it would easily thrown away at dirt cheap new and a total replacement.

Kanojora, the new authority and charisma has been created, in a new force some cultural relics, each is trying to follow a desperately as not to miss your own. as a result,

In Kanojora of society, society as a whole is transfer all at once in a new cultural relics, occurs phenomenon that cast off the old shell.

Kanojora is, each is sensitive to the surrounding developments, tuned desperate and Mai become ostracized late even a little,

Kanojora also to adapt striving to be first to those with the power to attempt is made the entrenchment of myself. They are both feminine personality.




















Kanojora, at the time of failure, without trying to gracefully responsibility, like to the excuse of responsibility escaped. It is, socially, is exempted easy feminine personality to take the responsibility.

(VS man: They are, for personal behavior basic, responsibility can not be avoided they are, determined, rush to judgment they are, there is a sense of responsibility they are, real name behavior, prefer an appearance....)

(22) "importance of Natsuki"

"Cute shy, Natsuki, to focus on mercy."

Women, members have, in the deeply intruded in the population in the central, be loved by the top person, emphasizing that become emotionally attached to a higher person.

Kanojora is, if it fails, without being held accountable, in complicit in the inner ring in the fellow, cover-up, to try peacefully to Sumaseyo.

Kanojora can not truncate cold failed the person, I want to try to place a mercy.

Kanojora is, disposal is sweet leniency.

Kanojora hate the cool-headedness of, prefer the emotional response.

Kanojora, to the cute subordinates and students, to the favoritism.

(VS man: They are, and penetration of the cool-headedness of meritocracy, not pardon fail to.)

(23) "importance of pre-agreement"

"Emphasis on pre-agreement. Once agreed flow, it is difficult to change the policy. When you Susumo by inertia."

Women are, in advance, with each other stakeholders, confidentially to discuss, like to keep decided to drop office = prior agreement point.

Kanojora in advance of laying the groundwork to parties, like the rigging.

To Kanojora, in advance, without taking the pre-agreement, it will Susumeyo a new story suddenly, when you decide, rebound, be rejected.

Kanojora, the place hate the public discussion of the place of improvisation, like the negotiation and consensus building a collection of stakeholders in advance behind closed doors.

It, by previously attaching mutual agreement, favor a female nature prefer to harmony with each other.

For Kanojora, already agreed in all, the determined content, the policies and flow, be changed later, it is fundamentally difficult to overturn.

Kanojora is carried out in the rear with a favorable numbers alignment for the once-determined policy.

Kanojora is, once advance and decided the direction of flow, is also happening is a problem, when you Susumo much as it is the inertia of the force.

It is, all of a sense of unity by the once formed the agreement, it is a feminine personality scared from being destroyed artificially after a good friend state.

(VS man: They prefer a consensus by the real-time discussion They, too soon boldly carry out the policy change..)

(24) "atychiphobia"

"Pride (the degree that values ​​the good-looking) is high. Atychiphobia."

Women, pride (to try looking good in front of everyone) high.

Kanojora is to fail, fear more than anything else of their pride is hurt in front of everyone. Such a personality, is remarkable in the classroom language of Toka English.

Kanojora, in addition to fool with a total attack and see the others to fail, hit the backbiting, or Furemawa'. But,

Kanojora is, really helped yourself is scared to fail in front of the public.

Kanojora is, fail, can not be tolerated with the day-to-day things that might be anyone.

Kanojora is, the losers as the target of daily anger Harashi, earnestly urge.

Kanojora is, to avoid the repetition of failure due to trial and error, someone successful and whether there is no case earnestly looked hard, Ya viewed as found, all at once to the imitation.

Kanojora is, its success stories ultimate answer, as shalt forced faith target invade, it single-mindedly to refine improvements.

Kanojora is, those who deviate even a little from there, fly scold immediately as committed an error, a mistake. It is regarded as the existence precious important themselves, is a feminine personality reluctant to scratches even a little to his own stick.

(VS man: They are, without fear of failure they have a high pride that he's competent..)

(25) "closed, exclusive"

"Closed nature, exclusivity is strong. Inside and outside sense there is strong. Entrance examination. Prefer a blank adopted. Thought is inward. Blockage feeling strong. Inward flexibility, to try to Sumaseyo in. Its own that consideration be effective."

Women, social groups to form is a closed, exclusive.

Kanojora is, strictly distinguish between the outside and in the population, it closes the door to strangers.

Kanojora is strongly bundled in the form against other populations in the own population keeping the pure blood of ( "uchi") stretch around the yarn crony (connector) therein.

Kanojora of society is a seclusion society to firmly tie only internally without putting the outsider.

Kanojora is close, relatives that relationship on safety has been guaranteed, and will Katamaro only in the inner ring.

Kanojora is a very callous to the outsider.

Kanojora is, there is a lack of openness.

Kanojora is, the inner ring of the conversation, crazy about cozy, is thin concerned about the outside world.

Kanojora is, thought is inward. It is, middle school girls, is a good friend group of high school girls is a prototype.

Kanojora is, to appeal towards the goodness of the relationship in the inner ring to the outside. At the same time,

Kanojora, as do not know the members that are floating in the inner ring from the outside, bullying maliciously, to discrimination.

Kanojora, it is ignored by the fellow, fundamentally afraid of being ostracized.

Kanojora of society, detached from the inner ring, if it is left out, has become the social mechanisms there is no place else to go. there,

Kanojora is, everyone, desperately so that it is not removed, to consider the other group members.

In Kanojora of society, Once in the group, continue Zuttoi in it to become obsolete (not cheating) it is required.

Kanojora is, elsewhere who have different themselves and behavior, consider that it is not safe because the do not know what you're thinking. Alternatively,

Kanojora is, elsewhere who, anxiety and or not of being unabashedly that disturb the traditions and discipline of their own belongs group comes together, think that can not be peace of mind.

Kanojora, to the mid-migrant, and go to bullying, to force the same kind of humiliating treatment and newcomer. Alternatively,

Kanojora is, the first place a person coming from the outside, temporary, only partially, without touch to their organization, to try to ban. In this case, feminine concern that elsewhere's allowed to adversely affect the integrity of itself, is a factor to produce a closure specific climate.

It should be noted that the closed nature, in order to keep the unity of the internal relatives populations of their belongs, that is prevented from elsewhere who enters, like women, leading to the integral fusion feeling maintenance-oriented with others there are things.

In Kanojora of society, people, think that there is an inside and outside in all things, have the "inside and outside feel".































Kanojora is, the taxes, from their company and home, and pay to Toka country, thought that had been contributed to the jurisdiction of their own, become indifferent to the Tsukaimichi.

(VS man:... They are open they are, because you are in the open space, is not much distinction between inside and outside for them, moving out, transference is a daily occurrence they are, outsourcing , acquisitions and the sale is good at.)

(26) "passive"

"Passive resistance is strong. Actors is a non-clear. Independence seek the lack to have. Others of the lead. Victim consciousness is strong. Still, it is like the immobile state."

Women, take action is passive. It is passive.

Kanojora does not cause aggressive behavior from their own, and put off the decision-making, "reluctantly" for the first time if there is external pressure from lobbying and foreign from the surrounding taking action.

Kanojora is, thus, to make decisions in the dragged-shaped around.

Kanojora lack the autonomy.

Kanojora is a unadventurous.

Kanojora, as seen in the faith of "our immobility-san", still prefer the immobile state.

Kanojora the cause that caused the behavior is not as yourself, the responsibility escape. In men and women of love, the lead such as the approach to the proposal and sex of marriage, is that the root most male side to do the same.

Kanojora is, there is no independence.

Kanojora of culture is a culture of waiting. Not Kaware from myself. There is a need for external pressure to change.

Kanojora will not move from their own, trying do it to someone, to trying to get done.

Kanojora has a strong victim consciousness, everything be to blame others, to pass the buck. In addition, to resemble yourself to the victim, it is good at attacking other people or society.

Kanojora, in order to avoid the Who or bear an act responsibility becomes clear, does not clarify the actors.

Kanojora is expressed by omitting the subject.

Kanojora, by not clearly the principal, to appeal the strength of the integrated tuning of the surroundings, psychological calm, harmony, the comfort of the stationary state.

(VS man:... They are active they are, actors are clear, there is an independence they are, to lead advances the others they are like to move around.)

(27) "importance of mutual monitoring"

"Mutual monitoring, prefer the Tsugeguchi. Prefer to spread the rumors of others. Pry the private of others. Privacy is lacking."

Women, are in good mutual monitoring.

Kanojora is, each other, what you are doing by others around, busy to check. Not loosen the hand of scrutiny as far as fine-partner.

Kanojora is, privacy is not.

Kanojora is, for others, or spread a rumor, it is like to hit the backbiting. Alternatively,

Kanojora, to the authorities and authorities, like to the snitch (at school classroom "teacher, ○○ You have been ○○ hiding!" And Toka tell tales). And,

Kanojora is, yourself, so as not to be the target of such rumors and gossip, constantly errand attention to self-protection, and I will be in the safety zone.

(VS man: they are indifferent to or are doing what others each other they are busy in their own they are, respect for privacy...)

(28) "indirect support"

"Corresponding indirect, soft, is a roundabout."

Women, correspondence is indirect, it is insidious.

Kanojora is, mutual sense of unity, in order to maintain as much as possible harmony, even when the criticism against others, hate the direct, obvious clients representation.

Kanojora is not issued an opinion on the mouth, without plain-speaking directly to the other party, to try to convey in the tacit understanding.

Kanojora is, trying to make representation to the software, prefer the indirect roundabout expression.

Kanojora is, others unaware of the true meaning of the expression of such a beating around the bush, criticized by hitting the backbiting as dull, or ignored, or bullying gathered in various ways closer in the unlikely form of understanding to others in the shade, to mean.

Kanojora is, but soft, a sly way, such as closing the neck with puffy.

Kanojora is, without saying directly to the opponent, pulling the opponent's foot indirectly insidious manner.

(VS man: they are, it is a direct correspondence and Monoi, a hard they are, directly advised him, to criticize..)

(29) "local (local)"

"Correspondence is short-sighted, ad hoc, individual, is local."

Women, correspondence, short-sighted, is an ad hoc basis.

Kanojora is, and the familiar short-term place for me, time to attention in front of the things of the eye solely be prudent.

Kanojora is much and ahead of future, long-term to try to control the whole world scale, lacking in far-reaching plan of and perspectives.

Kanojora is, pay attention only to the trend of around where you were.

Kanojora is, his place of narrow individual cases, caught the interests, views of thing is likely to be local.

Kanojora is, "~ theory, because different from the place of their own, incorrect" discourse that is Makaritoru ( "~ of theory is not true is the whole of ○ percent, or logically - so, not correct" that less likely to Fu).

Kanojora is, can not see around a self-centered.

Kanojora is not good to judge by bird's-eye view of the whole.

Kanojora is, Toka land acquisition of the road, without considering the whole of the profits, to bulldoze the individual interests.

(VS man: They are, long-term support is planned, it is universal.)

(30) "emotional"

"Correspondence is hysterical, emotional, is a non-scientific. Emotionally react."

Women, take correspondence, emotional hysterical, it is emotional.

Kanojora is, to a stimulus from the other, can not be calmly analyzed. And

Kanojora is, involuntarily become a squeak emotionally and incensed at the total population, and there is no before and after the rampant, (Toka World War II at the time of the Pearl Harbor attack) that unexpectedly flew out to be no action.

Kanojora is, to act in the presence or absence of the sense of unity with the other party, the likes and dislikes as a guide.

Kanojora is, with respect to the other party, it is impossible to face in objectively forsake form, corresponding to bare the emotional likes and dislikes.

Kanojora is, respecting the unity of the subject, it is impossible to see things at a target and the distance, view of things is a non-objective.

Kanojora is, calmly, objectively hate the science to capture the things and situations, and it is not everything be impossible be performed in an effort to put the fighting spirit, the spirit theory, guts theory, the wielding the effort universal theory prefer.

Kanojora prefer passionate guidance of Toka teacher.

Kanojora, such as theory, subjective for the subjects to be evaluated originally calmly Tsukihanashi, emotional feelings, continue to have a strong commitment, and be criticized by others emotionally react.

(VS man: They, correspondence calm, objective, which is scientific.)

(31) "small scale"

"Scale is small. Is a high-definition."

Women, the scale of things to do is small.

Kanojora a small precision components design, such as the assembly, fine adjustment and, requires fine of nerves, matters that require high-resolution, high accuracy, exerts no person lined strengths.

Kanojora of society, such as pecking the corner of the nest of boxes, fine point of view, as required by the Toka entrance examination, has created one after another of the young people adapted to it.

Kanojora is, frail soft "cute" small, yet some of the sex appeal "Moe" exists, it is good at producing one after another in the animation and comics and the like.

Kanojora is good at writing a grand spectacle epic around came in from the top and bottom, like a haiku, prefer to writing a small world, such as the condensed small miniature garden. Cute things small, women are picky, that specializes in the produce.

(VS man: They, scale is a global, not prudent nerve is in place fine, becomes rough.)

(32) "high-density directional"

"High density, stuffing, prefer a centralized."

Women, high-density, stuffing, prefer a centralized.

Kanojora is, when you Tsumeyo as much as possible free of personal space.

Kanojora is, hate the room.

Kanojora is, think about the crowded train and obvious thing.

Kanojora prefer to pack the sushi and cooking in insignificant detail.

Kanojora is, in education, to focus on packing of knowledge to the children.

Kanojora is, over-concentration of the metropolitan area centered on Tokyo, prefer dense. More women than men, there is a prefer more overcrowding.

(VS man: They are, in a low-density, spatially margin, there is freedom, prefer that there is free they are distributed, prefer the diffusion..)

(33) "importance of rigor"

"Rigorous, is accurate."

Women, strict, strict, prefer the rigor.

Kanojora is more safety, in order to become peace of mind, I think that should be a more rigorous examination. It becomes profusely anxiety and likely there is a risk a little even. Or, I think that the inspection numerical setting was sweet, I do not want to take responsibility when the emergency risk has occurred.





















Kanojora is, fear your heart and, from scratch even a little to your belongings.

Kanojora is, smartphone Toka liquid crystal of which was bought with their own, so as not to scratch, protective case, the Toka protective sheet, thorough, trying to perfect measures.

Kanojora, the home of the Toka floor, washes shiny intact, like to raise polish.

Kanojora so as not mind scratches adhere to their own, exchanges with others that might scratch your heart, avoiding the interpersonal relationships, become withdrawal prone. It is, that hurt themselves and their important things, a woman psychological hate the act of a negative take on their own self-protection.

(VS man: They are actively heading evaluation than the advantages the shortcomings of others, is an added point principle that the attempt is made to use them, even if found difficulties, advantages to adopt it exceeds the it..)

(35) "administrative control principle"

"Integral action, like a simultaneous action. Management principle, a control principle. Checks and balances, prefer a long period of time constraints. To guilty view that the rest. Does not allow a free action."

The woman society, belongs's Toka population, is required to move together.

In Kanojora of society, not allowed free and selfish behavior of individuals in the population.

Kanojora is, at Toka education, management of members, control, tightening, it is like to carry out the tie.

Kanojora is, that the individual is trying to act freely, Kimetsuke to be a selfish, bound, an attempt to limit. Alternatively,

Kanojora is, as an individual responsibility that you have a behavior that deviates from a population, the person who acted even ask for help, Tsukihanashi cold as was the selfish behavior, does not help.

Kanojora prefer Toka school, leadership in the collective action, like to the simultaneously uniform behavior, everyone in a matching uniform, the to wear a badge.

Kanojora is, at Toka public office, free to allow the behavior of the other party, or to obtain the approval authority that can be prohibited, prefer to exercise.

Kanojora is, envy from others around behaves he wanted freedom, regulate the behavior of others, restraint, likes to try to inconvenience to restrain a long period of time. I think bad things that the rest, long working hours, to beautify the long overtime hours. To leave early to work only one person, everyone is just going home is one person to have working hard to blame as unexpected from poppy.

Kanojora is, that freedom is given, afraid as sunset on how tremendously not know what should be action. And,

Kanojora is that, be instructed to others, hoping deep inside that match the action on others is impaired. This is a slave guts.

This is the point that to cherish the sense of unity that is born between the group members by being controlled, it is a feminine personality that values ​​the sense of unity with the surroundings.

(VS man: They, like the pieces of individual behavior they are, to limit the administrative control by others they are, allow a free action...)

(36) "importance of obedience."

"I prefer the top-down. Obedience."

Women, prefer the top-down.

Kanojora is, superiors, respect the sense of unity among subordinates.

Kanojora is, superiors, detract from the sense of unity between the subordinates, hate Kotoage to superiors by subordinates.

Kanojora is, superiors, to say the superior officer, the human listening obediently to not disputed, his superiors as it is cordial instructions, loyal, a man of his in good faith, people who move to protect the superior officer of the instruction, the superiors of meaning I prefer the man to move in voluntarily drew.

Kanojora is not out of reach of his hand, it will obediently obey superiors present in the heights that does not pulling his leg, trying to be obedient.

Kanojora is attracted to strong superiors, fluttering the other hand, when you Ijimeyo weak, the subordinates.

Kanojora is, to try to protect faithfully the rules decided the superiors of Toka country. It is, superiors, point to cherish the sense of unity born between subordinates, it is a feminine personality that values ​​the sense of unity with each other.

(VS man: They are, treason, rebellion, chanting a different, prefer their own flow.)

(37) "Soka manner"

"Soka formula, prefer all-in-one, versatile, and everybody's friend."

Women, prefer the Soka formula.

Kanojora is biased and does not like to have good only in a particular plane.

Kanojora prefer anything universal is possible.

Kanojora is, prefer to have excellent Toka product, more than the average in all aspects.

Kanojora is a feature of the product is all-in-one, feature prefer to have entered evenly.

Kanojora is, everybody's friend in, I like to be liked by everyone.

Kanojora is, production of Toka pharmaceuticals, sales, directed to to hear to any symptoms, for example, manufacturing gastrointestinal drugs mixed together antacid and digestive agent with conflicting work, to sell. It is women, in the color schemes of the time to draw a picture, not biased to a particular color, it is together that and roots to try to use evenly.

Kanojora is, trying to meet all.

Kanojora is a generalist good command of anything, respect at Toka public office.

Kanojora is, hate specialist that does not work the crush.

(VS man: They, the Toka product has excellent specific function, like to not have a rival they prefer sharp judgment can be specialists..)

(38) "avoidance of projecting"

"To avoid projecting. Inconspicuous as to. Standard, to direct the ordinary."

Women, in Toka net, for others was that noticeable, immediately identify its identity, pour a passion for exposing the privacy.

Kanojora, on the contrary, their own will try to Hikaeyo as much as possible to take a noticeable action that protrudes.

Kanojora is, in doing so, avoid or made themselves easy to fit in a dangerous eyes noticeable to the outside, that the privacy of itself lead to or be exposed, or coordination with the surroundings, that disturb the harmony.

Kanojora is, usually, and I will be in the standard.

Kanojora, like the geek, hate from being special treatment, and I will be in the general population (general people).

Kanojora is, hate stand out only one person.

Kanojora is, when you want to stand out is, along with others around at Toka hidden talent of the banquet, when you Medato at the same time.

Kanojora is, and take action alone something noticeable to project something, because the hit, nothing to take action from their own, and I will be a inaction.

Kanojora is not Kaware from myself.

Kanojora is, someone else and act out the courage, to capitalize on it.

It is the female nature to fear that the float from a population by projection.



































































(17) "importance of not issued from the population" belongs populations Try not to be expelled to the outside never from (relatives populations). So as not to be ignored, Try not to neglect attention to the surrounding my daily life. Cling at all costs to belong population. Once please think the next Once issued to the outside there is no (outsider treatment, is treated group incompatibility who will not let me in anywhere in). So that it is not expelled from the affiliation group, please sell flatter around.

(18) the survival of the "continuous affiliation of emphasis on" belonging population (relatives of the population), please do my shaved himself behind the eight ball for persistence. (Alternatively, please pretend that are doing in order to improve the response to the ambient.) Keep belong much more to belong population. Belonging to the population of the prepared the life of the rail, never out of the escalator, Try not to get off. It does not come off, as long as you do not get off, life belongs population to guarantee. Once, belongs group of rail, escalator with self-responsibility is later life when I got off from their own, belonging to the population is not involved in any way, please note that does not help.

(19) "left out" those who broke the law of affiliation population (whistleblower, etc.), annoying, Try to disciplinary action in everyone who put a burden. Let ostracized. Ignore even if in trouble. Please obedience absolutely the law of belonging to the population so that they are not disciplined.

(20) please both the belonging group and destiny "belong to the population as a common destiny". Collective self-determination, please double suicide. Is an absurd Nante escape only one person.

(21) A person who a "traitor of the conditions" belonging group went out without permission on their own (nuclear accident displaced persons, etc.) because they are traitors treatment, please the resolution. Try to not leave the affiliation population. Please prepared to spend in affiliation population that are the life now.

(22) people who do not like "to deal with people who do not like" is backbiting, slander, please crushed by passing a gossip.

(23) Please tension the "honor of the importance of belonging population" appearance. Try to not be ashamed as the same woman. Try to hold on for the associated collective honor. Try not to embarrass relatives and disgraced. Try not to bother or burden to relatives.

(24) shall not disclose that of the inner ring of the affiliation group "prohibition of whistleblowers" to the outside. Do not whistleblowers. Leaked person who is the traitor. Try not to matter.

(25) Try not to trust strangers "non-credit of the outsider". Try not to put in the inner ring of the outsider. Let solidify in the relatives only.

(26) "Your deification of the above" best ruler (the Emperor's family), please God treats as your top. Please obedience absolute at any time in your top. Also please obedience absolutely officials of your top of the retainer. To yourself to get ahead is to overcome the severe competition, please with the ultimate goal of the education of the son that your top of relatives get put in the new graduates blank adopted as a high-level official.

(27) obey lower the grovel head above your "obedience to your top." Please sell flattery. To criticize your top, life and rebel against your above please do not think. Be said of your top is an absolute. Since the strong person is someone changes from moment to moment, as the delay does not, and go with from time to time of the strong.

(28) Since the stress is accumulated and grovel to "bully" you above, please aggressively bully as outlet. I do not mind at all to tease one person in a large number. The number is the very force. The population is the very force. Ignore banging messing with floating weak person, let the daily diversion.

(29) The "kickback of accepted" their stronger you up or contractor, please got to work by lowering the head. Obey silently from unavoidable in order to live be kickback. The weak subcontractors than their own, it does not matter to kickback benefits. Subcontractors please thoroughly exploitation. It is necessary in order to live.

(30) to move your upper and contractor of the "Super your use of the above" domestic, foreign, foreign (Western Europe, North America) Toka Toka of the United Nations, become Dewanokami stronger "super you up", super you Please insist on picking up the convenient theory to their own from among the authoritative theory of the above. Become relatives of the above super you, stand in a position above the domestic your top and contractor. And Torii' on super you, puppet is blown with good information their convenience, in its power, please dominated the top domestic us.

(31) When the rebellious to your top unavoidably "rebellious to you on" as ringleader do not know someone, please dispose of all of the information.

(32) In the adoption of newcomers who try to break into the belonging group of Toka extracurricular activities of the school, "the adoption of new students", in order to protege not to rebel against their own, Adopt the people of the blank slate of only young freshman possible. Old people Avoid marked with a color.

(33) to the faction of "factional strife of acceptable" belonging group please go into aggressive. Faction is what's relatives in the relatives. Try not to allow the mind to other affiliation groups and factions to be a rival for his own relatives. Rival factions and relatives united attack, please annihilate. Please Yarikaeshi When you are done. Make a purpose in life that exerts a force in the relatives show the ability's testimony. Try not to butted and everybody's friend that does not try to enter into factions.

(34) or "thorough information control" their own are losing, their affiliation group, so as not to flow is bad information convenient to be relatives of shame, please thoroughly information control. To flow only good information of convenient, please tightened to appease the people of position information to flow at dinner Toka. Make public relations only the good information convenient. Those who shed the bad information convenient, know who is, please find as many disposal. Unfortunately relatives, embarrassing the know is let through hidden on the outside until the last of the last. Turn off and incinerated.

(35) "guts theory, spirit theory" motivated, guts, if any spirit force, if the effort, can no nothing happened. It does not make sense, such as scientific guidance. Who no guts, is no withstand the force who, it is necessary to put the baked squeezes. Anyway, do not let me in to the relatives If you do not show the motivation, it will be thrown out of relatives.

(36) Please act so as not to be jealous of "jealousy of avoidance" around women. So as not to be too good-looking, so as not to stand out too much, please boast casually understated. Try not to say Toka that you are able to have in the opposite sex is popular. Otherwise, is jealousy from the periphery of the women, it will be pulled a leg or bullied at best.

(37) as much as possible victims, "the victim, of the importance weak consciousness" their own and put in the position of underdog. Their victims, if Uttaere in tears as it is weak, easily move around and society, it can dominate.

(38) so as to focus on their "pursuit of it is noted" gather, as assessed from the surroundings that it is people that you have excellent, cosmetic, not only the personal appearance of clothing, etc., intelligence and education, also judgment Brush.

Women determination test

Criteria for determining whether or not the feminine can be summarized as follows in the test format.

1. Frequently used → women the word Uchi

2. The word senior junior synchronized frequently used → Women

3. Frequently used the word gaijin → Women

4. The word teacher frequently used → Women

5. When you speak, read the air → woman

6. I like to evaluate the performance of the person in the deviation value → Women

7. Safe, that shalt of the likes → Women

8. Is the deduction principle → Women

9. The failure to think because not enough efforts of the person → Women

10. Failure of the person of patience, think that because mental strength is not enough → Women

11. Not issue the shame of relatives on the outside → Women

12. The human eye, to care about the rumors → woman

13. It is a pretentious → Women

14. Others that are doing well are jealous → Women

15. Hit the gossip of others, I like to speak ill → woman

Woman society, man social comparison Summary Table

The results of a comparison of the way of the woman society and man society, are summarized in a simple table.

Woman society

Man society

Liquid type (liquid basis)

Gas type (gas specific)

Wet, warm

Dry, cold

Mother-in-law, mother, your station


Japanese, East Asian

American, Western Europe


Self-protection preservation


Self-protection, safety-oriented

Confrontation to danger

It is their own thing most important to each other. I like to be protected by the military.
Do not run the risk, not adventure. Take attitude is unadventurous.

Important there than myself are in the other. The protect it and its mission.
In the face of danger, to confrontation.


Precedent, tradition, emphasis on memorization, maintainability, convention of

Exploration, emphasis on creativity, innovation

Okay do it in the street, precedent known to be safe, do not try only that the tradition has been established. View of things is a conservative.
Precedent, to act traditions street. To focus on to memorize meticulously existing knowledge.

Socially reverse function of the old customs that they had pressed against, to force the next generation, to the successor. View of things is iconic.

I do not know whether or not work well, to challenge the unprecedented things, while repeated failure, create a knowledge corresponding to the new precedent. View of things is innovative.


Vulnerability to deduction principle vs criticism

Additional Social vs direct drawback modification request

Minus point of the opponent, find fault with adhesively prefer to endlessly. Not praise the opponent. Forever backbiting, speak ill. It is not constructive.

Because of things alway principle interpersonal relationships is soft, delicate, criticism from others, vulnerable to the claim, immediately easy to compromise. Therefore it does not allow the criticism itself.

Actively praise the advantages of the other party. It is constructive.

The opponent of the drawbacks, straightforward directly to criticism, attack, when you are corrected, go to easily elsewhere.


Determination, avoidance of responsibility

Decision, unavoidable responsibility

To postpone the decision.
Decisions by performing in groups, to avoid the responsibility of an individual.

Do not put off the decision, to determine in real time.
In order to carry out alone in decision-making, it can not avoid responsibility.


Integrity oneness


Importance of mutual integrity

Importance of mutual independence

Become one with each other, I prefer to fusion.
Emphasize the oneness of each other. I like to make good friends group. Opponent to worry about whether or not fit to you and your skin.
Try to avoid the cracking of the opinion. I prefer unanimous.

I prefer to independent pieces to each other.
Considered natural cracking of the opinion, like the majority.


Dependent heart of strength, authoritarian Favorite


A anxiety to independence in only one person myself, think that I want someone to support around. Help around, seek asylum. They are attracted to the strong ability of the owner and authoritarian politics that will actively lead their own, fluttering.

The to independence alone yourself to an ideal, not to ask for help around. I hope that it is free from power.


Importance of inclusion, "bag" oriented, within the framework, limits-oriented

Importance of the release, openness, from jumping out of the frame, break-oriented

Wrap around the opponent, like the feeling of being wrapped in the other party. Like to being in a "bag". It stops on select inside the frame, protect the frame, prefer to limit.

It was wrapped, like to be released from where it had been trapped. I prefer the open of. Protrude from-determined frame, popping, I like to break the frame.


All human domination, subordination

Part of the rule, the remaining of freedom

As the boss henchman relationship, or to dominate wraps the opponent in all personality, all personality to prefer to subordinate.

To dominate the opponent, but instead of to dominate the whole person, in the part of the partner of the core, leaving a freedom.


Opponent of personality control

Opponent of tools, means control

Education, etc., let's with yearning opponent teacher of personality, the personality itself, try to control the personality itself of the other children, when you Shitsukeyo.
When slander others, partner of personality ( to attack the personality Toka).

Education, etc., without the hands character itself partner, effectively utilizing the opponent solely tool for effective learning, as a means, or specific instructions, trying to calm visually as an object to provide a teaching to.
When you slander others, lack of opponent's ability, objectively attack the errors of opinion.


Importance of belonging (affiliation principle)

Person individual, free, importance of freedom

When you see the people, to focus on whether the person has any population, it belongs to the organization.

When you see the person, not the person belongs, the target of the face up to the principal individual itself. Anywhere without dependent, to emphasize that it is the freedom of independence.


Connection, communication, nepotism, emphasis on connection

First meeting, farewell, socializing of cutting premise, emphasis on contract

Ties to the people, to focus on communication. When you judge a person, that person whether or not there is what led him, to focus on whether you have what kind of connection. To shut out the others without their ties in the adoption Toka. At first glance Mr. refuse.

When you judge people, emphasizing the power to create one's own abilities, interests. People who thought of ability, to adopt even if there is no connection in the first meeting. Once you have requirements, and quickly broke up, turn off the relationship. Emphasizing the contract on the assumption that the relationship is broken.


Jealousy, mutual pull of the foot, missing ran ban

Distinction - of oneself and others divisible, attacks on rival

Of you and your relationship, once in the equivalent to their own following, then or now choice than their own, jealous of that of others seeking to become, pull the legs to each other. Myself yourself, others will not be able to divide with others. Others is not permitted to the good I think only one person was chipping missing one person.

Myself yourself, others will distinguish it from the others, divisible.
And hostile to the rival to try to erode their own interests, laid standpoint, attack, try to make damage.


The proximity, the pressure-sensitive adhesive, stick

Away, a sense of distance, peeling

Human relations, a result prefer to stick close to the opponent, become a cohesive, sticky, and to those muddy.

Human relations, peeled off without sticking too greasy and the other party, the distance was kept, and those not curt was frankly.


Population group


Population, emphasis on group behavior (collectivism)

Emphasis on individual behavior (individualism)

To act in a group, like a flock of. And Tsureda' to the other party keep up with together, like Tulum's. Individual behavior is repellent, it is blamed.

I prefer to act on an individual basis. Not be blamed even by taking a different behavior and the surrounding.


Acceptable tuning, cooperation, harmony, emphasis on harmony, within a certain frame of personality

Own decision, discomfort, the opposite of tolerance, emphasis on individuality

I prefer to align the opinion in and around opponent. Things together with the partner prefer to jointly. With the emphasis on individuality, while stopped in a certain frame, it is to try to Medato maximum within that frame.

Or your own judgment an opinion without adjusting to the surroundings, is unabashedly stated the opposite opinion with the surrounding. To allow as personality.


Epidemic, the follow-up to the trend

Own way, penetration of the uniqueness

Latest everyone to follow, try to acquire state-of-the-art fashion. And let's ride from time to time of the trend. Do not have their own opinion, and yourself to nothing, desperately fit around the trend, it is integrated.

Beat it around the trend, I like to penetrate their flow.
Each person, and I myself have put in its own state-of-the-art position, remind yourself.


Ostracized, and the presence of the float, ignored, bullied

Apart, independent action

The people of the existence of floating disturb the harmony of the population, and thus in the ostracized and gathered, or ignore, tease.

Each person, without permission to take a single action in disparate directions, each other in addition to each other attack opposite to the person. Fellow is a temporary existence, it is a prerequisite to break up. Everyone is floating.


Non-competitive, convoy principle, rigging

Free competition, meritocracy, performance-based

Not like free competition, together with each other, to try to Susumo together. Competition with no seniority, senior junior system, like the rigging. Not allowed to escape ran.

In free competition with one another, and to maximize the capabilities of their own, survive by raising yourself the results, and will Otoso kick others.


Human Human , organic organic


Human-oriented, organic-oriented

Machinery, inorganic-oriented

Man, easy to interest, attention went to the interpersonal relationship itself.
Minerals machinery and rock ( the universe ) are not very interested in Toka.

Cold machine and rock ( the universe ) with an interest in Toka.
Human beings also, be observed that at the objective cold distance.


Mutual monitoring, informers, checks and balances

Importance of privacy

Go interested in whether others around are doing to each other, the thrust of the actively neck, monitoring, it tries to check.

Each other, are keen to ensure their own areas not depressed to others.


Rumor, gossip-oriented


I like to shed the backbiting and gossip of others.

The principle claims of their own rather than others, prefer to advertise towards the surroundings.


Importance of shame


And to actively care about the eyes of others around, ashamed. Yourself to care about what are thought to others.
To worry about what is seen by others.

It is indifferent to the eyes of others. Without worrying about the public eye, to move forward to what you want to do your own.


Flattery, makeup, fashion-oriented

Emphasis on self-evaluation

And it would appear well to others around. Sell ​​actively flatter around. The acting. So it looks better around, go to pay attention to makeup and clothing to decorate their own.

Rather than the others around, objectively re staring at the self-yourself, and let's to improve the self-assessment.


Relationship retention considerations, noticed

Control considerations, noticed

Each other, the other party, a sign that something I want you to focus on your (e-mail, blog, SNS writing, etc.) Distribute always nervous on whether to send against him, as soon as I have been paying attention to the other party in real time by returning the reply, to satisfy the attention desire of the other party, and tries to keep a good interpersonal relationship.

Person of interest (subordinates Toka) and goods (vehicle Toka) is, handed tool for me, to work properly so as to provide the maximum benefit to their own as a means, always nervous on whether to act, control in real time, the trajectory correction.


Condition condition


Favorable conditions, greenhouse-oriented

Acceptance of adverse conditions (hot and cold)

I like to stop in good condition greenhouse. I prefer warm water.

To receive from being thrown out in the bad place of the conditions, we will adapt somehow.


Internal-oriented, "back" oriented, inside and outside of distinction ( "film" oriented)

Representative-oriented, external exposure

It stops in a stable inside of more environment, from being in the back good (wife). Like to being in a "bag".
To distinguish between inside and outside of the group. There is a membrane that separates the inside and outside.

Representative, allowing to exposed externally.
Cold heat violent fluctuations, out to the outside of the severe environment.
Not much distinction between the inside and outside of the group.


The inner ring-oriented, closed, exclusivity

Openness, openness

Congenial close associates within, united only by relatives, take a cold attitude to the outside of the human being.
Whispering, like the inner ring story.
































男社会憲法 女社会憲法
1-1 動物的思考か植物的思考か 動物的思考の憲法(人々があちこち動き回ることが前提の社会システムに合致した憲法。動的な精子に対応。) 植物的思考の憲法(人々が一箇所に定住して動かないことが前提の社会システムに合致した憲法。静的な卵子に対応。)
1-2 牧畜か農耕か 牧畜民憲法(麦作と家畜の放牧の兼用の生活に適した憲法) 農耕民憲法(稲作農耕、畑作農耕の生活に適した憲法)
1-3 男性的か女性的か 男社会憲法(個人行動優先、責任を回避しない、リスクを取る、進歩的な人々に適した憲法。種の勢力拡張向きの精子の持ち主に対応。) 女社会憲法(集団行動優先、責任分散回避、保身第一でリスク回避、遅滞的な人々に適した憲法。種の勢力温存向きの卵子の持ち主に対応。)
1-4 父性的か母性的か 父性的憲法(対人関係の分離と個人的自由の容認) 母性的憲法(対人関係の癒着と相互一体性の優先)
1-5 気体的か液体的か 気体分子運動タイプのコンピューターシミュレーションで表示される憲法 液体分子運動タイプのコンピューターシミュレーションで表示される憲法
2-1 世界での分布地域 西欧、北米等(西洋) 東アジア、東南アジア、ロシア等(東洋)
2-2 世界での分布国の例 西欧憲法、アメリカ憲法、(アメリカの軍事的支配下で制定、運用されている)日本国憲法及び韓国憲法 中国憲法、ベトナム憲法、日本村社会のルール、伝統的韓国社会のルール、北朝鮮憲法、ロシア憲法
3-1 支配政党数 ニ党~多党支配 実質的一党支配、大政翼賛、一党独裁(頂点の単独統一権力者集団=「お上」による支配)
3-2 人々の権力者集団への態度 強者、権力者集団は自分たちの自由を侵害する、自分にとって敵となる油断ならない存在。権力者集団が自由に出来ないように監視、批判、権力者集団の社会的機能の分割を法律で明文化する。
4-1 社会統制のあり方 自由主義(社会統制の度合いが小さい。個人の自由に任せる度合いが大きい。)
4-2 公共秩序の優先度 公共秩序より個人の自由を優先する。
5-1 政策議論の開放的度合い 議院でのオープンな議論を好む
5-2 多数決導入の度合い 多数決(仲間割れを許容)
6-1 真の立法者は誰か 選挙で議員を選び、議員が立法を決定する。
6-2 法治の程度 法治主義(国の行動は法律準拠である。明文化された法律に従う。)
7-1 基本的人権の尊重 人々の基本的人権を冒すことの出来ない永久の権利として尊重する。
7-2 個人への自由、人権付与の度合い 個々人に自由と人権を与える。自由行動、個人行動が認められる。
7-3 表現、報道、信教の自由を認める度合い 人々の表現の自由、信教の自由、報道の自由を大元で保証する。
7-4 個人尊重の度合い 個人を尊重する。
7-5 プライバシー尊重の度合い 個人のプライバシーを尊重する。
7-6 個人の権利の保持 個人の権利(住居、所持品等)は侵されない。
7-7 個人の権利と義務の優先度 個人の義務より権利を優先する。
8-1 個人の平等 (選挙等個人の政治参加で)個人は平等である。(ただし実質的に社会的特権階級や貧富の差が存在し、個人が不平等の場合が多い。)自由競争がある。個人の機会の平等が確保される。
8-2 社会の公正さの確保 個人の人権は平等であり、不当な差別の回避、公正さが確保される。
8-3 国の財政資金の拠出 国の財政資金は、国以外の一般団体にそのまま拠出できない。
9-1 権力者の政治責任 最高支配者は責任を負う。 「お上」は政治責任を負わない。とかげのしっぽ切り、頭の挿げ替えをする。
9-2 公務員の罷免 公務員を人々が罷免できる。
10-1 権力分散(三権分立)の有無 立法、行政、司法の三権分立である。権力は分断され、集中を制限される。 立法、行政、司法の三権融合である。権力機関は「お上」に一体化している。権力が一極集中する。
10-2 司法と権力者との関係 司法、裁判所は権力的に独立した存在である。刑事事件を扱う裁判所が公平を重視する。
10-3 地方自治の是認の度合い 地方自治が認められている。
11-1 普遍性の程度 民主主義は人類普遍の原理。グローバルで、どこに行っても誰に対しても成立すべきと考える(グローバル民主主義)。





















These, biologically valuable sex = female behavior is also affecting those whole woman society.

That woman is a sensitive and anxiety in their own self-protection, to act in safety first, the avoidance of danger or failure in the highest priority. Himself does not cross the dangerous bridge, reluctant to venture Toka adventure.

The contents of each of the above-mentioned woman society principle list, be supported in women as a valuable sex, everyone together, if put in the population, isolated in, can not be obtained the help of others, to escape from the situation in which it is because it is safe can. Group, who each other mutual checks and balances to make the convoy is less likely to isolated Muen state of lonely. As the biologically valuable sex, it is suitable for women to stay in the heart of the safe flock.

The contents of each of the above list is, in some way, with the women, trying to protect himself, with safety first, try to avoid the danger, I'll have to protect someone, to self protection tend to try to avoid anxiety It is consistent.

For reference, man society, masculine personality is true for gas molecular motion pattern, shown as follows.

Gas molecular motion pattern (masculine, paternal. Nomads - pastoralists basis. Western Europe, North America, Jewish, Arab manner.)

If capture every single individual movements of the gas molecules motion patterns as psychological movement of people,
- individualism, liberalism. Privacy can be ensured.
·Active. Movement is faster.
· Free-standing. My thing is defend yourself (dont not a living protected). Take responsibility (to be taken).
·Aggressive. Stray bullet is dangerous flew more and more a place of their own.
Summarized as such, it can be seen close to the masculine personality.

Power exercise of woman society

The behavior of those in power is the difference in men and women, women of power exercise pattern (ideal as a boss) is, or will not because different to that of men?

The woman society, the way of the exercise of power is,

(1) it is a population principle basis. Give priority to ensuring the tuning-homogeneity

(2) to focus on personality itself (that is loved by the top user to focus on the graces, Natsuki to critical. Superiors.)

(3) A person who has won the tuning competition (of the epidemic), be promoted to the top

(4) a lot of precedent stored the elders, the veteran swagger

(5) authoritarian submission to superiors, I prefer the deification of superiors

(6) failure also be joint and several responsibility with the surrounding who committed one person

So on, it is wet.

The upper and lower disparity of power of woman society (caste) is,

(1) it is in everyone's heart> are in the neighborhood

(2) it is noted, prominent> inconspicuous, plain

(3) does not get used to the population population Najimeru have the communication skills> Communication Disorders

(4) the topic is at the forefront of the trend in the rich content of the majority for> does not speak only biased contents of the minority for the topic

(5) his or her appearance is beautiful> ugly

(6) his or her appearance is young> ate the old

(7) veteran, at the station, precedent of belonging population, leads to the tradition> of belonging population precedent, newcomer who does not know the tradition, mid-career person

(8) the opposite sex, the same sex motel> no Mote

(9) there is a sexual experience> remains of virgin

(10) is married> Single

(11) boyfriend there are>, you must not have a boyfriend

(12) boyfriend is handsome popular among> boyfriend not a handsome

(13) rich> poor

(14) he competent> yourself incompetence

(15) his title, there is a high annual income> your title, is low annual income

(16) boyfriend - husband is competent> incompetent boyfriend - husband

(17) husband of the title, there is a high annual income> husband of the title, is low annual income

(18) work may not, economically there is a surplus, career woman can not go to eat and does not work full-time homemakers> can immerse yourself in your hobby

(19) Whirlpool> without child

(20) their children competent> incompetence their own children

(21) thinks kinship, territorial, school, work destination is prestigious> come from relatives, territorial, school, place of employment is common people

(22) holds the string of household purse> grasp is not

(23) give the chaste impression> give a Bitch impression

Determined by the assessment of the relative. Confirmation of the vertical relationship of mother to each other at the Toka park, mounting is made by this evaluation.

It dropped drag the other woman, the top of the central in the belonging group, even a little, if you throw its hat crawl in the center, dank, muddy, catfight at all times in a greasy human relations, mutually jealous, mutual pull the foot, the single-mindedly struggle is a feature of the strong woman of character of power-oriented.

Japanese society as a woman society, rice farmers society

Rice farmers society such as Japan is a typical woman society.

In the process of building a rice farming society, simultaneous action, such as rice planting, mowing by the population, settlement and fixed to one place, the establishment of a close interdependence with the surrounding others in the agricultural water conservancy surface, high due to intensive agriculture density population distribution, the wet, the liquid molecules specific behavior determined such.

Dry Wet Explanations for gaseous molecular-liquid molecules behavior style, see other works of authors.

Wet, the wearing of the liquid molecules behavior style was born is a woman (the men are wearing the innate is, individualism, dry, such as liberal, gas behavior style), wet of society, the liquid of the women of the force is strong demand.

Wet of society under the strong influence of women, as a result of pushing the liquid reduction, as a side effect, feminine behavior, such as self protection and safety first is, infected strongly to men, "feminization" of male It was caused. A manner as, in such a way feminine behavior is entirely surrounded by a rice farmers society, the dominant will, composition called "rice farmers society = society with a feminine personality" has been established.

Whole rice farmers society, or if the whole country capture and personified as one of the personality, it is considered to be able to capture one woman, as a girl. Such as in the way of decision-making and diplomatic negotiations of the country as a whole,

(1) they are not themselves a clear decision-making, Toritsuzuke the ambiguous attitude, to put off a decision loose

(2) they will not take action from their own, passive, is unadventurous

(3) they are, is flowed from time to time of the atmosphere, to follow the major flow of ambient

(4) They cause hysteria (war, etc., become involuntarily Ka', such as repeating the atrocities)

(5) They are, the way of decision-making is the emotional, irrational and non-scientific, it is spiritualism basis (such as wielding the guts theory)

(6) They are, lump in the relatives only, it closes the door to elsewhere person, such as foreigners and refugees (closed, exclusive)

(7) they are either think if their own to the surrounding countries, to care profusely, take everybody's friend attitude

(8) they are, and so overtake catch up with the developed countries, their own is not headed, constantly afterward the developed countries as the number two

(9) They are, it takes external pressure, such as the United States, raising for the first time heavy waist (if there is no external pressure, does not move)

(10) they do not have a long-term point of view, be performed by the interest in short-term trends in the near term, preoccupied to ad hoc support

Such as, the entire country or society, it can be said that the act with a wet liquid woman personality. State and society of rice farmers is called a "woman society," "female society", "female superiority society".

Liquid, the wet nature of these rice farmers society, East Asia (Japan, southern China, Korea), is considered to be commonly found in Southeast Asia. Such a characteristic is common to rice farmers society belt. Rice farmers society is a woman society, Asiatic mode of production can be said to be a female mode of production.

For example, the law of Japan village society, almost of rice farmers society law, a law of the woman society.

(On the other hand, Western countries gas basis a dry pastoralists society, masculine society, is considered to be able to be regarded as a man society. Toka Constitution of the United States was introduced in Japan, almost man social law in is.)

In the rice farmers society men are also steeped in women of color. They are sensitive to their defensiveness, prefer the sticky-damp wet human relations, such as the boss henchman relationship, have a feminine contents. Psychology of men of rice farmers is, further, in addition to it, in order to assume the role to protect the woman, were planted by women, tyrants specific "strength" on the surface and the "Tsuyogari," but, together It is considered to be living together.

Men of rice farmers is, muscle strength, be regarded as a armed woman. Men of rice farmers is, will the authority of household management in the home are taken to women, or there is no raison d'etre only earn a salary as servant for the mother and child, or have held the initiative of child care to women to, is a weak presence of a position to have lost the paternity.

(On the other hand, Western countries women pastoralists society, stained to the color of the man, there was virilization, is considered can be regarded as the presence that has deteriorated as a woman.)

(Source) woman society information source list for useful women to know

Introduction statement is a quote from each web site.

· Girls Channel Girls channel

If there are topics and entertainment news you care about, you will feel free to comment. Girls channel So [complete anonymity], to would also be known not comment to anyone, it other girls of comments digits Butcha without tatemae real intention, is Admit talk are written.

· Remark Komachi (Yomiuri Shimbun)

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· MenJoy! (Shogakukan)

Overwhelming popularity from the 20's to 30's woman! Girls media for the sparkling every day. Love, Mote, and beauty, exclusive writer in susceptible context in which the diffusion and attention in the review to create an article, it arouses the topicality.

- Virgin Sugoren (Sugoren Co., Ltd.)

I love information site for men and women. Women about what, etc. are attracted to where the men, on the basis of the men and women questionnaire results was carried out on the net, it has been described with patterned.

· BizLady (Shogakukan)

Beautiful work response to women's interests!

BizLady is a web magazine for women who want to greedy even life also work. Know business information Tokusuru and, of course, beauty, health care, the life style, such as a wide range of themes, clearly, we will continue to disseminate in a timely manner.

My Navi Woman

My Navi Woman is the information media site for women to help the change of working women.

Guide "My Navi Woman" of the woman of love and happy life to work is, Mainabi operated Co., Ltd., is a woman comprehensive site.

Love and trend information of working women, also of feminine, such as marriage, pregnancy, childbirth, we'll find our suggestions for resolving the problem of the turning point of life. Provides a variety of happiness of shape right now of working women, it is the media to navigate the change to take one step before.

Nikkei Woman (Nikkei BP)

"Nikkei Woman Online" is Nikkei BP's women's magazines "Nikkei Woman," "Nikkei Health," "Nikkei health Premier" has formed a tag, to cheer the carrier and the lives of working women, is the site to resolve the problem.

(Documents) and gender differences in men and women of behavioral, related dry-wet Sato of interpersonal sense (summarized in the table)

Dry of interpersonal sense in social psychology, there is a correlation to the gas molecules behavior pattern, wet of interpersonal relationships, there is a correlation in the liquid molecular behavior patterns.
Investigated a result, all, women → wet, has become a man → dry, it ties that (the reverse of the pattern, could not be found).

In addition, the notation such as "→ B20 gather each other ....." in the table, corresponding to the description content in the table, the questionnaire items before we went on the What is a dry-wet personality, attitude shows.

[1] individualism - collectivism


Men are gather for a specific reason, women are not simply gather that there is no gather → B20 itself like / What is the purpose to gather together in order to gather

Mitchell 1981

In many workplace of female employees, as may always say, it is some of the groups. Women, in particular, prefer the population, it seems to enjoy.

Kageyama 1968

Women tend to be integrated fused to the body and mind for each person or thing, prefer the integration and amalgamation of the show easy to → A14 others the love and empathy

Mamiya 1979

Women, prefer the integration and amalgamation of the → A14 others to taste the pleasure to harmonize their own in the overall (to bury) Acts

Minamoto 1986

Use of masculine power is to focus on individual, praised the achievements of the individual, the individual against to separate from the population, use of feminine power is, to promote the relationship between happiness and the others of the population

Bakan 1966

[2] independence-oriented - interdependence-oriented


[3] Widely Distributed oriented - dense oriented

Girls, recognition of and speed, such as paying attention to the details, with respect to the excellent manual dexterity, boys, than the details, think about the things by focusing on the whole. Women, the breadth of the field of view to see the standing (as in men) to the wide field of view without the thoughtful judges, emotionally make the assertion → F22 things

Mamiya 1979

Men, the distance between the others, whereas wants to take greater than in the case of women, women, for the physical approach of a person, is the tolerance (positive) than men


Men than women a dense state feel uncomfortable → A3 distributed in a wide space

Deaux 1976

Women, it is difficult to dual opposed with (such as men) between individuals. It is not an objective view of → C3 product

Mamiya 1979

Women, do not look objectively things, replaced by the human-to-human emotions problem

Kageyama 1968

Women have a tendency to cluster to the center, men have a tendency to disperse into the surrounding → A3 distributed in a narrow space in the dense / wide space, F24 centralization / decentralization

Mitchell 1981

Men endure lonely, solitary also, as women do not feel the Tsuyo by the change of post. → E32 prefer to are separated from each other

Mamiya 1979

[4] respect for diversity - uniform directivity

Those of boys, freedom is more, less is possible to fit the type (action), hard to predict.

Mitchell 1981

Girls, compared to boys, to a small width departing from the standards of the category, to try to Hameyo in category narrow → B17 uniform frame


[5] non-human-oriented - human-oriented

Men, raw materials, object, of mechanical problems, or deprived of mind to the pursuit of the profession to deal with things like the abstract concept ... (of against) women the world, .. much exclusively of people it is the world, is very sensitive to the aspirations and expectations of others. Women, when determining the others, than men, there is a sense force. → E27 emphasis on human relations itself


Boys, directly study the things, against to operate, in the women drawn to interpersonal relationships, such as the human voice and face than the things .. language features that conform to interpersonal exchanges is well developed → E27 emphasis on human relations itself

Mamiya 1979

Motif drawn by the men whereas it is, etc ... inorganic car, airplane, main character drawn by the girls is organic. ... The female image is often anthropomorphic. → I like to handle the F42 inorganic / organic

Minamoto 1986

[6] Non nepotism oriented - nepotism Oriented


[7] liberal - regulation principle

Boss, when to pay attention to women, unilaterally rather than with you is wrong, very effect is increased if the words, such as in their own responsible. Be joint and several responsibility with the surrounding fellow in → B15 one person has committed fails

Kageyama 1968

[8] autonomy-oriented - heteronomous-oriented

Women, ego is not autonomous, is maintained by the relationship with others

Mitchell 1981

Women, there is / no autonomy to hesitate → C38 take action that decision with the independent judgment and self-confidence

Mamiya 1979

Women are more likely to depend on which is very sensitive → A23 around the opinion to the expectations and aspirations of others


Boys, whereas the degree of ego involved is high on learning activities, girls, than the success or failure of the task, (the others around, such as parents and teachers) for the performance required level or, (the surrounding) interpersonal comparison likely to be dependent on the willingness is high → A23 around the opinion that has been backed by

Mamiya 1979

[9] Anti tuned directional - the tuning-oriented

Women, from hesitation to around, or the intention was different from the true feelings, often trying to align the → B9 action to take the opposite behavior is the true feelings to the people around them

Kageyama 1968

Girls, high compatibility with the fellow, for to maintain or tuned to it even in the disharmony of (ambient and of the) decision changing the self-judgment, a friend relationship disharmony tolerated, boys, stick to their own discretion, to hard can also be tuning in the relationship of a good friend, it is also a weak point to withstand the remains of disharmony. → B9 action to be trying to align around the people / not

Mamiya 1979

Men, but honor the self-expression, while the poor interest in the coordinated expression with others, women, than self-assertion, harmony with others, feel a great value in service to others. → B9 action to be trying to align around the people / not

Minamoto 1986

Women are highly tuned as compared to men, want to be sympathetic, it was tuned to the same of easy → C34 around the strong man of influence


For that grammatical features of the language is out of the standard .. woman is likely to be much more care than a man to use.

Trudgill 1974

[10] The anti-authoritarianism - authoritarian

Towards the girls, trying to incorporate the adult authority for the sake of self-defense

Mamiya 1979

If a woman uses a form words close to the accent, which is considered to have a standard variant and prestige than the man ... authoritative rate use the pronunciation of features, also put the social class into account, woman much higher .... woman than a man is "good" than the man (right) is a high rate of use of the pronunciation of the form.

Trudgill 1974

[11] Privacy respected - anti-privacy


[12] anti-ambiguous-oriented - ambiguous-oriented

Women, compared to men, the unadventurous, does not express a clear attitude → A9 of the words are candid / roundabout

Mamiya 1979

Girls, trying to learn all subjects without evenly: Whereas (the author Note oriented to the subject is unclear), men's, to focus energy on favorite subjects, the weak-boring subject unplug the power (the author Note: oriented to the subject is clear) → B18 their own to try to clarify the future of course / not

Mamiya 1979

Man uses a primary color, but avoid neutral colors, women will try to clarify to / ambiguously Todomeyo the black-and-white of the many use → A22 things

Minamoto 1986

Man image, to focus attention on specific colors and motifs, truncate the other: whereas (author note is clear-oriented with respect to the color), colors of the women, to avoid the biased to the specific color, any color evenly used. Because with this color, if Ne also used that color, and think (the author Note: oriented with respect to the color is unclear) → B18 you to / not case is clearly their own future course

Minamoto 1986

[13] reasonable-oriented - irrational oriented


[14] dynamic-oriented - static-oriented

Women, do not like the strong self-assertion, such as the man → C14 self-assertion

Minamoto 1986

[15] Non-fixing oriented - fixing Oriented

Center girls image, often located lower than boys picture, there is a sense of stability and stout. Girl is a dilute interest in the high. → C33 concept is directed to the earth

Minamoto 1986

Girls draw a vehicle class does not move to fix the very small → A11 one place compared to boys

Minamoto 1986

[16] originality-oriented - precedent-oriented

When I met with the new tool, boys against indicate how happy shine eyes with curiosity, girls shy away shows the fear. → C22 diffusion into new fields

Minamoto 1986

If the girls show a fear response to many types of events → D37 not try to adventure

Goldstein 1959

When the girls to the time being to fail, how to solve becomes haphazard, tend to escape from the challenges scene, stand out than boys. → D37 not try to adventure

Hermatz 1962

Girls frequently to return to the previous successful challenges more than boys, boys frequency to return to the previous failed challenges not try to more than → D37 adventure girls

Crandall 1960

Boys, aggression, whereas expressed in anti-social and destructive form of behavior, girls, if social (rules to shield), non-destructive (lip service attitude only) behavior It is expressed in the form of. Women, anti-social behavior, less than men. → F30 change / ratification of the status quo

Mamiya 1979

Men whereas wants to change the status quo, women will depend on the current situation where man has changed, are reluctant to change their own status quo. → F30 change / ratification of the status quo

Minamoto 1986

Those of women to adapt to the environment, to comply with the rules → F30 status quo change / ratification

Mamiya 1979

[17] The open-oriented - a closed-oriented

Towards the girls, easy to make the exclusive closed factions

Mamiya 1979


Note ???? documents marked is the used in the literature extraction [Mamiya 1979] Because the data is omitted, in which did not know for more data.

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Source: Wet of behavior and biological valuable properties ( summarized in the table)

Wet behavior is correlated with the liquid molecules behavior pattern. In gender of entrenchment is women with biological valuable property, sexual desperate that does not have is the man.
In the following table, we went together individual = women with biological valuable property, the justification of taking the wet behavior (liquid molecular behavior).



The context of the biological valuable property



Than being alone, everyone is better to have gathered together, when the danger is imminent, and can be carried out in accordance with a force that can not be the only one, is peace of mind.



When is better that had rely on each other, which was dangerous to meet, to be able to borrow each other's power, easy to deal with.



Dispersed than that, those who had gathered at everyone in one place is, all together able to have the feeling that, there is a sense of security.



By the same action with everyone, as there is no that floats only one person in the ambient, by becoming the surroundings and the like, so susceptible assistance from the surroundings.
Everyone to take action around, because everyone is doing, probably correct wonder, when will the kit safety, in addition to the subject of imitation learning, it is possible to follow suit. A model of behavior, be placed in the hand and without labor.



By oriented yourself and the likes of human beings, help each other possibility is enhanced each other.



The human relations, is to narrow to only those that you know that it is in advance peace of mind, can be for their own self-protection, more effective use


Regulatory principle

By to take action provision of the constraints, to reduce the possibility of taking the risky behavior, it is possible to spend more safely.



By the leave around their behavior, from his own, the responsibility of when the action has failed, so it is not necessary to actively bear.



Around all (many) is better to adapt to that is, it is possible to ask the number of logic, I feel that it's safer, it can be peace of mind. Is better to match the all the action around each other, to be able to behave as a member in the bunch, is expanding ego, mood increases, feel like the courage of only confront the danger is obtained.



Everyone will follow at the surroundings, the guaranteed behavior by persons with authority the safety, himself also to follow, to try to ensure its own entrenchment.



Each other Knowing the inner workings of the opponent, makes it easier to share information that you are in trouble with the other party, it is likely to help is obtained from others.



And to obscure the fact that had to say of his own, it is that you be able to take in a variety of orientations, when fail and was responsible for the pursuit, but "of their own did not say really is so as ", to facilitate escape.



Become emotional with each other, empathy, it becomes easy to obtain a sense of unity.



If you (safety where known) was staring not move too much is, there is no fear to enter the dangerous area to move around, which is advantageous for self-protection.


The fixing-oriented

Already that continue Zuttoi to the location that you know that it is safe, prevent the occurrence of new risk associated with the move to a new location.



Already safety is to perform select only that it has been guaranteed, the unpredictable danger caused by doing things unknown, avoid.



By being together only with safety has already been guaranteed fellow, prevent outsiders from entering from the outside that may be dangerous and harmful.

(First appearance 1999 - 2000)